“that’s a solid six… Dude I think we’re set up unless we are fools and just clueless.”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Daniel
POV Players:
POV Winner:
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots: Joe, Michael, Monte and Kyle
Nominations are today sounds like Michael and Terrance are the picks.

Lock your houseguest ranks in before midnight


11:41 am Monte and Ameerah
Monte telling her about POOCH being a wildcard, “I first thought POOCH was good but what I realized is POOCH is hard to .. you know what I’m saying”
Monte – Paloma was saying she saw him talking to Turner and she’s not sure where his head is at. They were up late last night.
Ameerah – we still ened to talk to other people we still need intel I don’t want people to see me talking to you either
Monte – I’ll say this I think what we are going to do is ride along with POOCH and
Ameerah – does he think he’s in?
Monte – I think, he thinks the four of us. Me, POOCH, Alyssa and Paloma had talked about hypothetically.. I think keeping him at bay. We have a perfect Dynamic.
Ameerah – Perfect dynamic.. Solid.
Monte – what do you think of MAMBA
Ameerah – I like it. we’ll have some haters out there and some lovers
Monte – America is going to love it everyone loves Kobe Bryant
Ameerah – do you know what Daniel is going to do?
Monte – I was pretty much going to talk to him how I empathize with him. He’s considered an alpha male to. He wants people to talk game with him.
Ameerah – I already did he said I was the first one
Monte – Damn girl you’re on it I thought I was the first one

Ameerah – are you pushing Joe and POOCH to go up
Monte – I haven’t dropped any names. I don’t want that to come back around and bite me in the a$$

11:54 am Nicole and Daniel
Daniel – it’s f**ing nominations everyone should be like YO can I talk to you
N – how are you? are you okay?
Daniel – yeah. I’m playing up the emotional side up when I talked to other people

Daniel – my strategy is still to put up weak assuming people who we can easily manipulate even while they are on the block. or like. My angle right now is going to be the people that talked the least amount of game. Everyone at some point has talked game with me umm.. I’m going to say whether it’s at the pool or in the HOH it doesn’t matter just people spitting game with me
Daniel – POOCH took the first out in the competition the only way I can do this is the person taht talked the LEAST amount of game. Does that make sense?
Nicole – that make sense.

Daniel – here’s the people I am actually considering. no one I even said names to. Michael is on my radar, Michael has admitted to me that he’s a super fan and I assume he was the way he talked. If you are a super fan you are probably doing more manipulation than I know of.

Nicole – he’s also very quiet. he’s an introvert.
Daniel – I truly want to get to know him but Terrance hasn’t talked any game with me.
Nicole – me and him vibed and I told him top come talk to you yesterday
Daniel – he came up here to hang.

Nicole says she was trying to talk game with Taylor but it didn’t really “Come out”
Daniel – the same way you think about Taylor is how I think about Ameerah. “She put out at least the thought of those have nots did that on purpose to make you think you can’t put them up anymore”
Daniel – doesn’t mean I want to put them up because they will come after me for the rest of the season I feel the same way about Taylor even though she hasn’t said shit to me.

Nicole – so Michael, Taylor, Terrance those are the three?
Daniel – those are the only three I truly have in mind. Do you have any intel?

Nicole says Indy is one person she’s not close to in the game but is “lovey Dovey” with

Nicole points out that INDY and Ameerah are close “Every night when I go into the room they are in bed together up talking”
Daniel – Ohh shit
Nicole – I’m not sure where Indy’s game is head wise.
Daniel – Indy and Taylor have not said one word of game. Terrance has said 1 minute of game.
Daniel – Alyssa hasn’t talked game either but she knows she’s safe.
Daniel says the people that are absolutely safe are POOCH, Alyssa, Paloma, Britany “because of the twist. I don’t want to put up Turner because I’m working with him. I don’t want to put up the strong males. Kyle, Monte, Joe”
Nicole – so you are left with
Daniel – Indy, Taylor, Terrance, Michael,
Nicole – Jasmine
Daniel – she’s cool as f** .. she has my back.

Daniel – my thought on Taylor she will be a little more pissed.
Nicole – home girl is going to flip the f** out. She is a strong female but she’s also a strong ally she doesn’t have relationship with anyone in this house. She’s an independent player.
Daniel – Indy’s another one that will be super fake if I put her up. We’ll get along until she puts me up. She’s fiery as f***
Daniel – the easiest for now would be Terrance and Michael.

12:13 pm Ameerah and Daniel
Ameerah – I feel strongly about the slop room. I feel those people are the threats
Daniel – yeah you bringing that up I felt stupid not thinking about it.
Ameerah – is there anything I can do now or in the future. How can we work together in the future.
Daniel – I would ask for you to not put me up.
Ameerah – lets do something I will 100% fight for you. I am 100% aligned with you.

Ameerah – the threats are over there (Have nots room)
Daniel – I’m still not sure about nominations.. not for sure.
Daniel – in the slop room Michael would be the easiest. He’s a super fan.
Ameerah – who would you put up against him?
Daniel – the slop room.. anyond in the slop room if I put any of the three phscyailly obivious people in there who are super fit and tall at least right away one of them staying FOR SURE then I’m f** for the rest of the summer
Ameerah – no you are not.
Daniel – don’t you think they will come after me thought? this early
Ameerah – we will protect you. you need to get your protecting aligned. I will rally up all the f***ing girls downstairs like. Next week also, Paloma, Alysa and Brittny.. She is so sweet and I trust her.
Ameerah – say you do Michael and Joe, Ok, Joe wins. Then you are worried Joe is coming after you okay but here are the people you can get on your side. Me, Alyssa, Paloma, Jasmine. Wait we haven’t even talked about Taylor.
Daniel – she’s kinda hard to open up..
Ameerah – she’s a super van her mom watches the feeds 24/7. I think you can get her to back you up. You have enough people to protect you..
Daniel tells her she’s 100% not going up.

12:38 pm Alyssa and Daniel
Alyssa – First HOH is HUGE you’re like setting the tone.. I know you can’t put me that’s amazing.
Alyssa are you going to go the easy route and appease the house or are you going to make a big move.
Daniel thanks her for coming to talk to him even though she is safe.
Alyssa – I like you and we came into the house together we were on the same team. I got your back
Daniel – yeah .. this girl is so dope our humour is aligned.
Daniel says the hard part is for him to find reasons to put people up. “Because the backstage thing and that POOCH took that route ohh who fell first I can’t use that”
Daniel goes on about his reason to nominate people that talked the least amount of game to me.
Daniel – who do you vibe with the most.. like who do you chill with
Alyssa – I share a room with Indy and Ameerah and I like them. We got to bed and we’re the girls.
Alyssa – guy wise I feel that Monte is cool. He’s got good energy. I feel like he will be a tough competitor when he wants it. I don’t think I can beat him at a physical comp.

Daniel – is there anyone you don’t talk to?
Alyssa – I haven’t talked to Taylor a ton
Daniel – she’s a bit closed off
Alyssa – Terrance I think he’s awesome but I have no idea where his head is at.
Daniel – he’s so sweat and makes me laugh
Daniel – he’s one that I’ve talked the least amount of game with.
They joke around a bit.

12:55 pm Alyssa leaves

Daniel – I actually love her. but I’m not stupid she’s using her looks. She’s very attractive and it’s working but I think she’s cool as F** and I do want to keep her around.

1:00 pm Jasmine and Daniel
Daniel asks her the two people she doesn’t talk game with. Jasmine says she hasn’t talked to a lot is POOCH and Taylor.
Jasmine – everyone else has been so cool and open
Jasmine brings up how hard it is to get a read on Taylor.
At one point Jasmine says she wants them to have a house dinner every night. mentions how important it is for them to step out of the game together and have a meal. After some more chit chat she leaves. On the way out.
Daniel – you have nothing to worry about.
Jasmine – I got your back
Daniel – same
Jasmine leaves.
Alone, Daniel – she’s a real one. She’s Dope.. F***. I’m so glad she likes Paloma. That’s such a good little group.
“Oh my god this is so fun”

1:28 pm Kyle and POOCH
POOCH – the four I like.. the four strong is me you turner and monte
Kyle – turner is a hommie dude.. A HOMMIE
POOCH – we’ve been trying to get this talk me, you, Turner and MOnte.
POOCH – we talked to Daniel a little bit we are trying to introduce us , Monte, Turner. If we approach him with that I don’t think he’ll say no.
Kyle – I think it’s late right before Noms.. I think we are good with noms.

Joe and Monte join them. They start broing out. Talking about how they are all good going into the nomination.
Turner joins and the broing out continues.
POOCGH points out if they team up there’s 5 people that compete in HOH next week
POOCH – I want to enjoy hanging out with y’all
Turner – yeah
Monte – these are the Hommies (Grenades!)
Joe – I got to worry about the game but But I want to worry about it with the right people. I need that right here
Monte – I want the HOH room to be a vibe

Joe – I’m not going to lie if I see any of your faces up there that’s not good.
They talk about how they complement each other in this game.
POOCH – we’re all so likable in certain ways
Joe – it’s a good bond in different ways it’s not like anyone is overlapping in personalities.
joe – It’s diverse it’s perfect ”
POOCH – we keep our relationships with the other people so if shit is going down that isn’t in this core we hear about it and we can come back. If I talk to Paloma and they said maybe Joe this week.. We come here and be like YO that is not good we do our recon and get it done.
POOCH – it’s hard to get this done because the male race is egotistical. as long as the boys are eating I’m good
Joe – Yeah the boys are eating
Joe – last season Xavier, Ky, BIGD were all about that ego is checked at the door. that is why that shit went through.
The fantasize about the HOH room perks when they win back to back Head of household Competitions. “Snacks and shit.. Wine and liqour.. music”
Joe – when I’m HOH I really get to know everybody
Monte – what I am curious about is if the the guys in the crib really bond well. I wonder if the girls
POOCH – Different girls.. we’re different guys but it worked out.

They form a classic boys alliance with spokes and cores. Alliance is minus Terrance and Michael

1:40 pm Turner and POOCH
POOCH explains there no way they can avoid bringing Joe into their bro group he’s always around them “I like joe. I like him a lot”
Turner – In our group he’s f**ing awesome
POOCH – it’s hard to get that many people in a room. What we need is next week one of us wins HOH and that’s when we tie it.
POOCH – that’s a solid six. you don’t want to get too big
Turner – Ideally one of us will win the HOH
POOCH – Dude I think we’re set up unless we are fools and just clueless.
Turner – I feel like we are aligned perfectly The Mötley Crüe always (Mötley Crüe = Daniel, Turner and pooch)
Turner – also everyone has another person they can branch out with
POOCH – keep those relationships strong.
Turner – Ideally if we can get everyone to stay up late tonight in that group.
Turner asks in their main BRO group should they bring Joe in? “Or have one with joe or one without joe”
POOCH – I think it will be hard to have it without.
Turner – there’s no reason to not have him

POOCH – Daniel was paranoid about bringing in too many people
Turner – if Joe isn’t there great if he is we can pull him in later.

1:45 pm Daniel , Turner, POOCH
Tuner – it’s going to happen any minute now.. don’t stress you guys are safe.
Turner and Pooch give him the update of forming the bros alliance in the have nots.
Pooch – we pulled Kyle, Monte, the main five and Joe, Joe is very attached to those two or three at least. it’s hard to get sh1t past him. Kyle, Monte, and us three are the main five then Joe.
Pooch – we don’t want the stereotypical all guys where there’s ego.
Pooch – With all of us right now going into HOH that puts at in a great spot our odds to win that with these strong competitors it can set us off to a great f***ing momentum through the week.
POOCH – we didn’t talk much game with them .. we said lets make it official. We don’t know what Daniel is going to do but we all feel pretty safe.
Daniel says he’ll tell the bro squad after the nominations that he showed them all his loyalty by keeping them all off the block.
POOCH – Game play we’re here (places hand in the air) unless some people are doing some crazy shit I think we’re excelling
Turner – we’re way above
Daniel – keep things low key
Pooch – We need to get them all together up here.
POOCH explains if someone other than their team wins HOH they all work on that person to keep them safe. The subsequent week “we’re back on”
They go on about needing to win HOH and move through the house.
Sounds like they call this small sub group “Mötley Crüe”


2:00 pm feeds go down to for either Nominations or some Backstage tom foolery

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