“I really want to put Michael up but he did come talk game last night. I will backdoor the f** outta Michael that’s for sure. “

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Daniel
POV Players:
POV Winner:
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots: Joe, Michael, Monte and Kyle
Nominations are today sounds like Michael and Terrance are the picks.

Lock your day 2 ranks in before midnight


8:37 am Nicole and Daniel
Daniel says so much happened yesterday.
Daniel says he loves Paloma “She’s such a burst of energy”

Nicole – today is a very big day for you.. I have a feeling today is nominations
Daniel – No ..
He laughs

Daniel – there’s something happening back there for sure (backyard?)
Daniel wonders if it has something to do with he backstage.
Daniel – POOCH is a Hommie. you vibe with him?
Nicole – yeah I haven’t talked anything game related
Daniel – I’m getting close to him so you don’t have to worry about it.

Nicole says Joe admitted that he feels everyone in the house is feeling too comfortable.
Nicole says her and joe have a “Son/Daughter” or “Sister/Brother” relationship going

Nicole – I think we are running this house in a really weird way without us having the ownership with running the house
Nicole – nobody is playing the game
Daniel – they aren’t.. I’m going hard in here trying to figure shit out. I’m trying to not make it show.
Daniel – Turner is cool and chill
Nicole – Turner is cool as f**. He pretty much told me who is is aligned with.
D – what did he say
N – has her talked to you yet. he’s like ok I want to tell you because I’m cool with you. He was like SO.. Monte and I were thinking it would be cool for us to team up or whatever..
N – I was like Yeah yeah that sounds great. In my head I was like I f**Ing love Monte and I love you so that’s great. We had like 30 seconds to talk.
Daniel says Monte is the hardest person he’s had to “connect on another level”
N – I have connected with him a bit. we have the Puerto Rico thing
Feeds flip.. when we’re back

Daniel – I like POOCH a lot
Nicole – I like POOCH A LOT
Daniel – the backstage thing really helped straight up respect to him he said BRO me and you are like blood. I had to choose these three guirls you have to nominate two people. He’s like Both of us are the most at target for next week.
Daniel says POOCH pitched an alliance with him “He’s suave enough, he’s Beautiful”
Nicole – his eyes are mesmerizing
D – he reminds me of one of my GOOD friends back home.. I can already trust him through intuition
Daniel says while talking with Pooch, Turner walks in.
Daniel – you can tell he (Pooch) is cool with Turner.
Daniel isn’t sure POOCH and Turner had talked before meeting him. “Just so you know right now the three of us are aligning. I’m actually down with it. You are number one but I want you to know it.”
Nicole – you are totally fine.
Daniel – we need sh12t like that to happen

Daniel – Paloma came up. I love her and I really trust her
Nicole – she was talking in a way I feel like she was trying to bait Joe.. Like lets try a trio

Daniel – yo, Joe will talk game in front of anyone he doesn’t give a f***. I don’t know if he’s aware?
Nicole – I don’t think I can trust him with secrets. I love him so much but gamewise?
Daniel – I don’t trust him with secrets at all..
Nicole – He’s the one person we can convince of something
D – like along the way
Nicole – last minute like I thin we are going to vote so and so
D – yeah and if he hears that from two or three of us he’ll be like dam
Nicole – that’s the majority

Daniel – I love Kyle but I don’t anything about him. Cool as f** but I need to actually talk to him. Him and Monte are the only ones that if I don’t vibe with and they win HOH i’m afraid damn they might take this tall guy that one the first HOH out.

Nicole – is this for real.. we are already kicking ass..
Feeds Flip to Taylor working out. When we’re back Nicole and Daniel are talking about how much they VIBE with each other.

feeds go down. when we’re back Daniel is chatting with Kyle

9:16 am Kyle and Daniel
Daniel goes on about having no idea how the backstage twist
Daniel – I’m going through scenarios but ultimately it’s baring on what happens with backstage. I think something is happening today. Yesterday felt too ok.
Kyle – you’re a beast. Next week if I get HOH dude 100% you are safe.
Kyle wants to work with Daniel.
Daniel tells him anytime they need to talk pull him aside.
Daniel – I’ll never be like NO BRO.. I love vibing

Daniel – I think you are cool as F*** we’re both tall males.

9:58 am Paloma and Michael
Paloma is telling him about the Mamba alliance of 6 and everyone is cool with him being in it.
Terrance joins them and talk shifts to speculation on the backstage twist. Michael comments that the Nominations screen is up on the House TV

When Terrance leaves. Paloma tells him the MAMBA members are Paloma, Michael, Monte, Kyle, Ameerah and Alyssa.

Feeds flip when we’re back Paloma is gone from the storage room.

Michael – Absolutely not.. I’m the last one you’re bringing on board that puts me at number six. I will use this to my advantage but that’s a complete 180 from the conversation we had yesterday.. NO Absolutely not
(So much for Mamba)

10:28 am Paloma and Alyssa
Paloma going on about how solid their 6 person alliance is and the conversation earlier today with Monte/Kyle. Key point is about Bringing Michael in and kicking out the POOCH.
Paloma – MAMBA MAMBA I love it

Ameerah joins them and Paloma goes over everything again “MAMBA MAMBA”
Ameerah – I don’t trust Monte.. I trust Joe more
Paloma – POOCH is a wild card

Paloma – we need to treat this alliance like a military base we need to cover all points of the house
Alyssa – we have to be in every single room always to make sure they’re not talking
Ameerah – we need to stop talking so much because people are noticing me and you
Alyssa – this is where i’m at we’re Girl’s Girls and MAMBA we meet in the middle

“MAMBA, Kyle, Monte, Michael, us three.. 100% lock it in”
“Lock it in”

11:00 pm POOCH, Monte and Daniel
Daniel has no idea when the nominations are today so he’s going to start making his decision.
Monte says they can help him with that. Asks him where are the pain points?
Daniel – I need a reason to put people up.

Monte – if I’m safe this week and if I win HOH next week I’m not looking at your direction. With the people going on the block you have to think what is the possibility of them winning HOH
Daniel says there were people that took the initiative and came up top him to talk so he can’t put them up. The only reason he can think of is to put the people up that haven’t talked to him yet.

Daniel – my biggest fear coming out of HOH is I’m a 6/3 male. I’m healthy I’m not ripped whatever.. but fit. that whole target on my back because who we are. I don’t want that and I don’t want to do that to you guys.

Monte – you being in here helps my game.
POOCH – going into this HOH lets just say off the bat. Me, you, Kyle, I think Joe will do anything we kinda say. I love Joe he’s a strong competitor he’ll do anything we say that’s four of us. Very strong and have a good chance of winning HOH.
Daniel – good standing with one another.
POOCH – any four of us.. I’m hoping we have better odds we’re male, strong, whatever. Best case scenario any of those four won.

Monte says if he wins veto he’ll let Daniel decide if he uses it or not.
Joe comes in.

Monte – we’re trying to help our boy out.
Joe – I’m going to take a seat if you don[‘t mind
POOCH says he’ll leave so it doesn’t look too suspicious

Daniel to joe – I’m going through who to put up in this case I can’t nominate any of the three girls that are backstage. Nor POOCH.. not that I would. Like Yeah. The pool is a little smaller. my thing right now is not to go after a strong male. There’s been strategies in the past like ‘we gotta get them out’ Because i’m a 6/3 male I’m not ripped or anything I’m healthy and I won first HOH. I just don’t want that on me and I would want that on you

Joe mentions how Frenchie the clown was all about getting out the guys with muscles and the next week Frenchie was evicted.
Joe – if you have to consider the not haves
Monte – have nots
Joe – don’t do the boys I don’t even mean me directly. I was going to come in here and vouch for them Be like please bro
Mento – what a bro
Joe – we don’t have to talk game I don’t want to talk game but if you are considering on of those guys please run it through me for my perspective I’m not even going to try and save myself. I was looking at all three of them and thinkin man they’ve been through a lot.

Joe – at the end of the day if that is what’s best for your game do it. (LOL)
Joe says the reason they volunteered is they all saw the stress in Daniel’s eyes having to pick the have nots. “This is a good person here.. you asked help me out”
Joe – That’s what got my hand up. Let me help him out.

11:28 am Joe and MONTE leave.
Daniel – damn, I think I do trust them when they say they won’t put me up I think they are being honest for now.
Daniel – I really want to put Michael up but he did come talk game last night so I can’t say you were the last one to talk game with me. I f**8ed up and said no one has come up here yet. I will backdoor the f** outta Michael that’s for sure.
Daniel – lets see who else I can talk to.

11:30 am Jasmine and Ameerah
Ameerah – Nicole said I need to go talk to Daniel.. scared the sh1t out of me why do I need to talk to Daniel
Jasmine – I was talking to Daniel. he trying to make the decision but the right decision. He was asking what I thought of people. Then Taylor BUSTED in there like.. cause you know if somebody is talking you usually are like give me five minutes. She didn’t even stop to say do you need me to come back she just walked in.
Jasmine – you can tell he was uncomfortable. She just barged in. I Didn’t get to finish my CONVO with him

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un autre nom

Serious question for your consideration:
Is Mamba the new Slaughterhouse?
I think…yes.
Poochie is out. Joe was vetoed from membership, Michael is Paloma’s new choice for sixth chair…. and Kyle and Monte don’t want Michael they want a bro to bro with. Slaughterhouse.

As the bros bro and pull in Daniel until the veto ceremony is complete, let’s consider what is really going on so far.
Pooch determined that backstaging (putting at risk) three women was better for him because he didn’t feel threatened any of them could win an HOH to retaliate the way he would if he backstaged a man. He said it.
Effect: it’s already set up a gender tone for the season.
Anyone predisposed to play the game based on single gender alliances has been reinforced to play that way (bros broing and the rarely works as more than a trio women’s alliance being the examples).
Anyone that wanted to play a meatshield game is actually going to have a tough road until jury.
The only mixed gender group that’s going to have an early chance? the geeks, because in bbterms they are all gender neutral in the minds of the coolkids anyway. Even THAT will be difficult this season because some of the outsiders think they fit with the coolkids…. um. no. wait until a sacrificial lamb is required.

As much as he said easiest noms would be Michael and Terrance, noms are not decided (he hasn’t had his suggested noms d/r yet). Now that he thinks he’s a bro broing with bros… Indy and Taylor are still considerations.
Terrance wants a cookout understanding. Michael is not up for being a slaughterhouse member. Ameerah is not happy to be in this six without being asked either. Taylor is still shitlist with the women (except Nicole) but part of that DOES sit with Taylor. If anyone has watched HOW she has interacted with the other women since night one… there was definite indifference that every other woman noted. However, those women walked in with preconceived pageant bias. Has Taylor EARNED being shitlist? Not to the level that she has attained. But i’m not going to say she didn’t create part of her problem by being cold and prickly to other women while noticeably doting on the men.
What Daniel thinks Indy is doing…. is Paloma. So determined to find snakes in the grass, she started being the snake herself. By day three.


Multiple men have said that Taylor is a ticking time bomb it’s bad gameplay not jealousy.

un autre nom

I didn’t use the word jealousy when describing Taylor or the situation. The women are not jealous of Taylor, they view her as a guy’s girl that will target other women (the preconceived pageant bias).
The guys calling her a ticking timebomb? That’s a little bit of column a and a little bit of column b. Column a: these are the same men that only want to work with women that will do as their told and look good while doing it. Column b: gee a woman that expresses her opinion in a masculine syntax to men is considered volatile? Maybe if she’d said if it please your highness first? It’s another case of attaching a preconceived bias (angry black woman syndrome). She hasn’t blown up. She hasn’t been volatile. She’s spoken to the men as an equal. That’s why she’s a ticking time bomb to the men.

Alyssa Palo=Karens

Jealousy is a spectrum. It’s not always on a superficial shallow level of someone being envious of another woman’s beauty. Jealousy/envy is competitive on many levels. Taylor talking to guys makes them jealous. Taylor having her accomplishments and beauty recognized in beauty pageants can create envy especially in insecure people. Taylor being introverted can cause insecurity in omen because they interpret her behavior as ‘standoffish” or as a form of rejection. Taylor’s introverted personality has more to do about her own issues than rejecting socializing with the girls. Just because some of the female house guests are considered attractive, it doesn’t mean they don’t have insecurities. I have had people that were more attractive than me or more accomplished than me become jealous of me. It happens! Some of the most beautiful women in the world like Meghan Fox still get plastic surgery out of insecurity. Angelina Jolie has an eating disorder because of her insecurity. Life is deeper than that!


Ok, so unless something happens, when Nicole is HoH she may try to get rid of someone she thinks is a floater. I loved that she said “I don’t want anyone riding on my coattails”, lol She is a strong personality without being a Derrick


Simon or Dawg, my memory is hazy. Has the HoH room always had a doorbell and just no one used it before?


Yes it has always had it and I have seen them use it all the time.


One you go Bidet you can never go back, lol


Paloma is playing way too hard.
I don’t get the dislike among the girls towards Taylor.
Joe suggesting not to nominate the Have-nots because they’ve “been through so much” is laughable.

The Beef

Paloma is on the fast track to “Frenchieville”. Inviting someone to be in your alliance and then dis-inviting them, is just asking to have your alliance exposed. Also, alliances are best formed as a group, so that nobody feels they are the last person invited or added, and thus “at the bottom of the totem pole”, as Michael does – another person with good reason to use the alliance for awhile, but blow it up when he deems it suits him.

So I totally agree with your assessment of Paloma’s game play to this point. And while I do think Taylor has a bit of a stick up her butt, she’s not the only one with that added accessory to her anatomy IMHO. Juuuuuust a bit too much judgement going on in that house to be so early in the game, with everybody scrambling to find their comfort level.


Daniel is still one of my favorites in this game this season. He was literally matching everyone’s energy whether high energy (Taylor) or low energy (Michael)that came into the HoH to talk with him. I am glad that I wasn’t the only one who laughed at Joe’s comment


Joe sucks.

un autre nom

I’m just concerned about how production is going to try to amp up discourse this season so that they can appear to be part of the solution not part of a problem they themselves created.
I’ve been getting an odd feeling, and I don’t like it.
I’m trying TOO HARD to benefit of the doubt, and I’m starting to see ducks.
Nicole is left out of the Girl’s alliance. Not Woman enough?
Michael is left out of the Men’s alliance. Not Man enough?
Joe was there for the initial alliance talk with the men but Pooch doesn’t really consider him their kind of guy…
Taylor is being thought of as a ticking time bomb because she’s a woman that talks to men on equal footing…
WAY too many tropes all at once is what is concerning me.

NOTE: I REALLY HOPE I’M WRONG ABOUT ALL OF THESE POINTS, but I fear one or two of them might be actual biases being projected.
No, really, as someone that thinks there are 16 PEOPLE playing big brother… I WANT to be wrong, but if i say nothing i’m being disingenuous, and only keeping my mouth shut so that I don’t make waves. No waves intended. Just concerning observations that might be nothing. Stand down.

Alyssa Palo=Karens

You are not seeing things. The unfair tropes are present on this show. It’s human nature and no one is really colorblind. We all have biases about people that are not in our tribe. I even heard how some of the “bros” (which is a trope too) compare Monty to Xavier because he “speaks well.” lol Any college educated person (of any race) usually speaks well. Not sure why it’s a shock. Also, Taylor as a black woman has to be a 100% perfect robot in order to not get the “angry black woman” edit, and even then people will find the most minor flaw to attack her.

Biff Tannen

I’m vibing with all this height talk, and I could definitely be homies with all these tall vibers


Simon how do you take screenshots of the feeds?

Alyssa Palo=Karens

The BB producers should balance the amount of older people (40 and up) with the younger people. They basically set Terrence up for failure. What’s the point of casting ONE 47 year old man amongst a bunch of 20 year olds?

un autre nom

On the other side of the coin, though,
what did Terrance do to set himself up for success?
Knowing that BB considers over 35 to be one foot in the grave, Terrance didn’t rise to the challenge and make himself part of the social fabric of the house.
He sat back worried and whined that he didn’t fit.
Yeah, I hate that the oldest is considered low hanging fruit, and yup, the casting process is still ageist as hell… but
What did Terrance do to keep himself safe?
Did he go up to the HOH room to one on one? Nope. He took the night one five minute group chat, and never said another word to the HOH before noms.