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Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Big BroChella SIDE

Brochella HOH (Inside the House):  Michael
TEAM BroChella:  Brittany, Jasmine, Monte, and Taylor.
Nominees: Jasmine and Monte
POV Players:  Michael, Monte, Jasmine, Brittany, and Taylor
POV Winner: Brittany
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots:  None this week

Dyre Fest SIDE

Dyre Fest HOH (Backyard):  Terrance
TEAM Dyre Fest: Alyssa, Joseph, Kyle, and Turner
Nominees: Joe and Turner
POV Players: Terrance, Alyssa, Joe, Kyle, and Turner
POV Winner: Terrance
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots:  None this week

Lock your ranks in before midnight

10:17 am the feeds have returned after being blocked for 14 hours.

10:50 am Jasmine on her Birthday week making adjustments on the ankle brace.

11:02 am Brittany and Jasmine
Talking about makeup, earings and Nails.

11:09 am feeds flip to this conversation near its end. Michael is talking to Hayden.
Michael is saying that his cat Lyla’s birthday is September 23rd so remember to leave treats for her.
Michael looks at a cat picture
Michael – Ohh I miss Lyla.. ohh my Lyla cat how I miss you.. Ohh I miss those girls..

11:16 am Feeds flip back to Brittany and Jasmine talking about Makeup, Furniture etc….
Jasmine – I’m minimalist as well I can’t shit everywhere all over my house (Minimalist eyebrows)
Jasmine talks about her kitchen where her “island is all marble”

They go on and on about how they had custom-made kitchens and all the Design decisions they made. Sounds like they both went all white.
Britt – for a hot minute I wanted to be an interior designer

The conversation changes to their custom-made bathrooms. (Sounds like they both had custom houses built)
Brittany – when I was first designing the rooms and stuff I thought this might be what I use for the start of my portfolio to become a designer so steven was really letting me do everything. He really appreciated that and really liked the look I was going for.


Brittany starts to pick her nose.. Talks about becoming an interior designer. She didn’t know how she would be able to launch that career during covid.
Jasmine – I would start on Instagram and TIKTOK
Jasmine talks about her business and how her “video content” has exploded she hired a person to help her. She does all the creative work and has someone help with editing and production…

11:46 am Britt, Monte, Taylor and Michael

Brittany is saying she’s mentally preparing when it’s only this many people in the house.
Brit – Four weeks time. I don’t want to send any signal out to the universe that I don’t like this.

The state of the feeds right now

11:50 am Jasmine and her eyebrows join the group .. Chit chat..

More chit chat …
Jasmine talks about how the only thing she has in common with Turner is they are both business owners and they know how to edit videos.

12:32pm Feeds are blocked. FACTS!
1:12pm Still blocked! Gas!

2:10pm Blocked all day, all night! FIRE!

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Not Jason’s Holly

Oh my goodness! The nose picking and eyebrows are hilarious! Thanks for the laughs!


Those eyebrows are scary & hilarious at the same time!


That nose picking was gross but meme couldn’t look away to be sick HA!

Biscuits & Gravy, Y'all

Facts, Gas, Fire ???


Boring, boring days ahead. The twist wasn’t thought out very well.

Christime Ahrens

I dont care for it having 2 hoh to get rid of 2 ppl.
Tgey shoukd hadledt it alone


Jass is a total waste on BB


We get it Kkkym you hate all the Black people.

Paul Sucks

Minimalist eyebrows and nose picking…too funny!


Let’s take how boring the game is with 5 people left and give it to the fans early!!!

Rachel not Rielly

Any updates on the outside of the house? … Did Kyle take his “strategy” too far and get the boot????

Christime Ahrens

Terrance just wants to stick it to the leftovers not thinking


Wow imagine that feeds blocked AGAIN

The Beef

It’s been 5 weeks and 3 days since Jasmine’s slight ankle twist, yet she’s still milking that “injury”.

I know she claims to have a Grade 3 sprain, but I found the following on the Cleveland Clinic web site and you can decide……

What are the types of ankle sprains?There are three types of ankle sprains based on how much ligament damage occurred:

  • Grade 1 (Mild). The ligament fibers stretched slightly or there is a very small tear. Your ankle will have minor swelling and tenderness to the touch.
  • Grade 2 (Moderate). The ligament is torn, but it isn’t a complete tear. Your ankle has swelling over the injury and it hurts to move.
  • Grade 3 (Severe). The ligament is torn completely. Your ankle has significant swelling, the injury is painful and walking is difficult.

I do not believe that Jasmine’s ligaments are torn completely. Seems to me that would require surgery to repair as ligaments don’t just grow back together do they? Or maybe not, as the web site does say most sprained ankles will heal on their own without surgery.

Based on what I saw when it occurred, the minimal “turning” of the ankle, and also the very minor amount of pain she seemed to experience at the time of the injury, I’m pretty sure hers falls into the Grade 1 category, which should take no more than 2-3 weeks to heal, yet here we are in week 6, and the milk continues to flow.

I’m so sick of her and her “country fried steak” comments, it just makes me want to puke. I’d prefer a bigger move be made this week, but it won’t disappoint me to see her peg leg walking out the door on Thursday night for sure.

Paul Sucks

At the last veto you can see that see puts all her weight on her ankle when smashing the guitar.

She is totally faking and playing that ankle up.


She is totally using the cane the wrong way!!! Should be in the opposite hand!!

Christime Ahrens

My 11 year old grandaughter injured herigament in cheer she iced it went to dr for a wrap.


She was also wearing high heels at last eviction…..


Where the injury occurs is also a factor – like if it was higher up the ankle it’s more severe. Jasmine’s was NOT high on her ankle.

Typically, doing physio helps recovery as well which we all know she didn’t do b/c she was milking it.

Not that anyone is surprised – she used her desire to celebrate her birthday in the house & then once celebrated was still wanting to use it (eye roll).

The thing I find the most disturbing is the use of her deceased father as a way to gain sympathy and a reason to keep her in the house. This week she said it wasn’t about the money it was about making her deceased father proud on his favorite show so she’s hoping to make F5. Telling that to a super fan was a flawed manipulative effort since Michael knows their salary reaches another level at F5.


JasMean said my birthday month,? and threw a newspaper? at my flat screen.


Listening to her is like watching HeeHaw in The Twilight Zone!


On Sunday I noticed her accent was not NEARLY as Southern as it’s been all season. I was raised and still live in Florida. I’m north of 50 and we really resent it here when people PUT ON a Southern accent. Particularly to the extent she does.


Who thinks there is something Huge going on with production?


You forgot one Simon…FIRE! The extent of Turners vocabulary.

Wonder why no feeds on the yard. Maybe they had to move them out?


hahaha yeah fire is next!


Jasmine has absolutely no self awareness at all. She’s going to get a HUGE wake up call when she gets out.

un autre nom

If it makes anyone feel better, just pretend the last 24 hours has been a bbcan style feed block because they got booze.


I suppose you could get so use to the cameras that you might forget they’re there for a split second and get caught picking your nose or scratching your a$$ or something but…come on, she’s doing it in front of another person. IDK, Maybe it’s those eyebrows throwing her off. I mean, is it really wrong to pick your nose in the presence of a clown?

un autre nom

It brings a tear to my eye to see poor sweet Jasmine limping so much today, and limping so much worse than she did before Thursday. Imagine her courage and strength… she lost her foot in that horrible accident, and still she forges ahead limping on the stump… all while keeping her caterpillar reserve operating.
She’s an inspiration.
If only we could all learn a lesson from Jasmine’s valiant struggle. Her birth week is ruined, and she still has time to think of those poor unfortunate caterpillar.


There are few individuals throughout history who have suffered so greatly or lived as valiantly:
Mahatma Gandhi
Mother Teresa
BB24 Jasmine
May her courage inspire millions around the globe for centuries to come.


You mean you are not blaming Taylor accidentally tapping Jasmine’s foot yesterday during the workout session? Lol


Lol. You can’t fool us DAWG. Obviously arrangements are being made for the Outside team to stay….with you 🙂 Lol


haha perfect!


Do you think Jasmine thinks it creates sympathy from people in the house, when she overplays the limping around, and still milking her 5 week old injury?

I know it would not affect me, based on her past behavior when she had her mean girl servants there with her, Jasmine was straight up mean, talked crap about Brittany and Taylor, now she is being so nice to them.

I hope they don’t tell her they are not keeping her, she told Brittany she didn’t want to be Blindsided, since she made that demand, I’d make her feel safe and Blindside her.

What makes this so great is, think back to previous weeks, do you remember Jasmine saying her name had better not roll off the lips of Brittany or Taylor, if it does, they are going to see a side of her that they don’t want to see!

Well Jasmine, now the 2 votes you need to stay in the house, they’re from the people you did not want saying your name, Karma has certainly come back to bite you in the butt on the week after your “Birthday Week”.

No more I’m here to honor my dad, (Not making light of your Dad’s passing at all), no more “It’s my Birthday Week Sympathy”, Milking your Injury, Jasmine you have not really done anything in this game but lay around the house or in the backyard for 5 – 6 weeks, barked out orders and special requests.

Hide Food, Snacks that were for everyone in the house, but you deemed them as yours, being nice to Taylor and Brittany now because you need them, well it’s too late. See Ya!

I bet Indy will be happy and laughing behind your back, seeing you and Joe both walking into the Jury house. Bet you will not be pampered in the Jury House.

When Jasmine has her exit interview with Julie on the live show, it won’t shock or surprise me, when Jasmine finds a way to work her Birthday Week into the conversation.

Julie never told her Happy Birthday last Thursday. Jasmine can ask Julie to tell her 2 things she enjoys or likes about Jasmine, like she did with everyone in the house LOL….

I’ll be so happy after this week, on the live shows, I don’t have to hear your exaggerated fake Country Accent, and silly compliments you give Julie every week.

un autre nom

I just realized…. a Jasmine interview… she’s going to be using the voice.
The d/r voice. oh. the humanity.


Probably not as happy as Julie will be….finally she can stop being compared to food. Whomever in production came up with these silly sayings needs to be fired! Bless their Heart!


Will they interview both evicted together? Heaven forbid she doesn’t get the spotlight alone with peach cobbler on a biscuit!

The Beef

You know, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if Jasmine actually asked Julie that question (2 things she likes about Jas) because Jasmean is so vain, and would love to hear Julie say “I’m the one asking the questions here.” and then just move on.

Ol’ gravy sucker would have the same look on her face that she had last week when Julie announced the house was going to be split into two separate houses, with 5 HG in each – you know, that jaw on the floor look? It might go down as the second best live BB interview ever, right behind good ol’ Aaryn Gries from BB 15.


Now Jasmine is saying birthday month grrrrr?


if she stays, it will be birthday year….just like Turner said!

Daisy may123



Her bday week has now turned into her bday month….lol

un autre nom

Not my best work by far, but…
This is pretty much the deal.

bb24 turner.jpg



What’s this? Where’s Joseph?

un autre nom

Currently the basic focus is after they get rid of Jasmine and Joseph (the current plan)… what does Turner do…


Lol this twist seemed like such a good idea until you realize after veto there’s not much for only 5 people to do or talk about

Palm Oil's Meds

This would’ve been “fire” if they did it the first and second week like Survivor. But now it feels like the final 5 part of BB when it gets boring.


OMG – there is a new post blowing up on Twitter about Kyle that is from his Facebook page, from 10 years ago. It’s in his albums under PROM 2012 the picture is of a cat trapped in a plastic bag with Kyle giving the picture a thumbs up & I’m assuming his “Ivan Gorbachevz” comment is the cat’s name. Kyle’s mother comments ‘Ivan likes plastic bags & didn’t read the suffocation warning’.

The poor cat looks terrified & in the background, you see an arm (Kyles?) likely holding the back of the bag.


I wish they’d let Michael see this bc we know how much he adores his three cats.


OMG !!!


The twist was necessary. I have no problem with alliances but a super alliance made watching pointless and boring because you knew what the outcome would be… WHATEVER MONTE AND JOSEPH WANTED.