“I’m the tie-breaker and I send Joe on his way… I want to be the disruptor” **Updated**

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Big BroChella SIDE

Brochella HOH (Inside the House):  Michael
TEAM BroChella:  Brittany, Jasmine, Monte, and Taylor.
Nominees: Jasmine and Monte
POV Players:  Michael, Monte, Jasmine, Brittany, and Taylor
POV Winner: Brittany
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots:  None this week
The Situation: As it stands now Brochella won’t be using the veto and Jasmine will be sent out.

Dyre Fest SIDE

Dyre Fest HOH (Backyard):  Terrance
TEAM Dyre Fest: Alyssa, Joseph, Kyle, and Turner
Nominees: Joe and Turner
POV Players: Terrance, Alyssa, Joe, Kyle, and Turner
POV Winner:
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots:  None this week

Lock your ranks in before midnight

8:58 am Terrance and Alyssa
Terrance – after today it’ll be awkward again. But then we’ll be back getting into a rhythm. Then we’re back inside.. I’m just hoping they do what the f** they are supposed to do if I go in there and Jasmine is gone I’ll be F****ing furious. If she’s gone we have to f***ing win now.
Terrance – we know what the game is now.
Alyssa – what the heck? Why are we on this side of things?
Terrance – we caught on too late and we didn’t unify. WE were trusting people we shouldn’t have been trusting and part of it was we had two different sides manipulating us. You see what I am saying Using us numbers and not really working with us.
Alyssa – now it’s a different story. If Jasmien isn’t in there I will be so mad.
Terrance – use that energy to keep winning. We have a whole list of people in there we can knock off.
Alyssa – a very clear list
Terrance- crystal f***ing clear list. The one we’re keeping HE better line up cause we’re going to need him he better pick a side.
Terrance – we’re doing the right thing we got to get rid of him (Joe)

9:03 am Kyle and Terrance
Agreeing if Kyle wins keeps nominations the same if Turner wins put Kyle up
Kyle – the only issue is if Jowe wins
Terrance – that can’t happen and won’t happen that’s not even in the equation at this point. We have a mission and we’re going to accomplish it. That’s it that’s all.
Terrance – let’s go!
Kyle – it’s a big shot dude
Terrance – if he takes out Jasmine that will show weak.. and that’s going to exploit everything that’s about them.
Terrance – they’re thinking Turner and Joe would have persuaded me to knock you. They think everything is going to be sweet and they will still have the system they have in place.
Kyle – you can’t split the cheque 7 ways.
Terrance – I’m purely here to make sure the right person wins at this point. I want to be the disruptor

9:06 am Terrance alone on hamock
Terrance – even if Turner wins and takes himself down put up Kyle Turner votes out Kyle, and Alyssa votes Joe.
Terrance – I’m the tie-breaker and I send Joe on his way. That’s the plan of the day people
Terrance – What serendipity go from being on the block 4 times basically not placing in comps to winning the HOH and taking out a BIG target. That’s how life happens. My favorite saying in the whole wide world. Anything can happen. Anything happens all the time.

10:00 am Quiet.

(One complaint about the season is production not enforcing the no napping rule. The result is what we see now a house full of vampires)

10:18 am Kyle and Alyssa
Kyle – hopefully, Jasmine wins Veto and Monte or Taylor goes home.. Oh my god, I will lose my sh1t if both Monte and Joe are both gone.
Alyssa – Jasmine is going to have to save herself
Kyle – At this point she kinda.. He brought it on herself with how poorly she treats the house and like never does dishes. There’s a lot of things that rub me the wrong way about her.
Feeds cut.. when we’re back.
Kyle says the reason Taylor picked Alyssa to play in the veto last week was for the chance Alyssa wins it uses it on INdy giving Taylor a chance to put Kyle up.
Kyle – I think she regretted not putting you up initially. Indy called her a bitch Straight up. She at least had a personal relationship with you that she wanted to keep. Indy she had no relationship with
Kyle – Terrance was going to be the one that went up week after week, Against you against Jasmine.
Kyle – you were actually nice to her but Indy was a straight-up jerk. (To Taylor)
Kyle adds that Joe wanted Indy to stay because he could manipulate her whereas if Alyssa wins HOH she’s taking out Joe, Taylor, and Monte. “You’re taking a BIG shot”
Kyle – if you had won that (Veto) I would have probably gone home
Alyssa asks him what does he tell the other side about what they do in the have-nots.
Kyle – The know, I think Turner told them.
Alyssa – no way..
Kyle – maybe not.. I think maybe they pieced it together. I said we’re not doing anything BAD we just like our alone time (Bad?)
Feeds cut.. when we’re back.

Kyle – Joe has Jasmine under a freaking spell. She thinks she can control him and manipulate him but really it’s the exact opposite. He was getting so much information from her. That is why it’s scary He is amazing. He’s the best player in the game 1000%.


10:40 am Feeds flip to pound. Dyre Fest is having their veto competition.

1:17pm The live feeds are still blocked.

For some reason this poll is showing up blank. Here’s the link https://poll.fm/11182196
Who do you want to win the Dyre Fest Power of Veto?

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I can’t stand Tubby……he still thinks he’s running the show….just wait! Uh….Let’s GO!


Right now, he is, thanks to the luck of the draw & he ended up in the finals. But after taking out Joe or Tucker, he’ll be out real fast.


He’s out real fast no matter what. He can maybe use the showmance as a shield but if he didn’t target joe this week he was definitely going to be on the block as a “pawn” next week, and we all know how safe it is as a pawn


Terrance has a big head, he came in 2nd place, that’s why he’s the HOH.

I bet Joseph wishes he would have given 100% like Michael did, then maybe we would have had a Leftover as HOH on the outside and inside.

As for Tubby as you called him, is he crazy? When they re-enter the house, he will have Kyle and Alyssa, Turner is not going to side with Terrance, Alyssa and Kyle.

Once Turner has a chance to talk with Michael, Michael explains why he picked the people he picked, and how he knew if he did not pick Jasmine, Jasmine would have been safe due to Terrance would not evict her.

Turner I do believe will understand. I hope he. does, I also hope Turner is aware of Kyle blasting the leftovers, and playing the victim or man on the bottom of the alliance while he has been outside kissing up to Terrance.

I don’t want Kyle blaming Joe for outing the Leftovers, Terrance saying if Jasmine is gone it will be hell, and they are really going to have to go to war. He will go to war with Kyle and Alyssa as his army “The Showmance & Shrek”, oh yea, the Leftovers will be shaking in their boots.

Terrance will resume his role, 5th time as King of being on the Block, Kyle will take the passenger seat, I’ll quote the song by TLC, “No Scrubs”, Kyle is a “SCRUB” sitting in the Passenger seat.

Terrance, Kyle and Alyssa, what a great Alliance, good luck with winning comps.


Yup – I wonder though – I think they put up the showmance (bc if both aren’t up & one wins they’ll save the other). Keep Terrance as your re-nom unless you think he’s going to beast out & win 3 comps in a row (I’m thinking they won’t).

Daniel Sucks

Kyle is parroting Daniel when he got evicted. “You can’t split the check 7 ways.”


Yep, how original of him.


Kyle won’t win shit


Kyle is real loser, when he said you can’t split the check 7 ways, I thought ok Daniel !!

Alyssa has picked a real winner, it’s sad, she’s a pretty girl, but as she said she always picks the wrong guys.

Kyle is lying his ass off, telling her if she would have won the Veto, he would have been evicted ? That’s not true, if they would have took Indy down, they would have put up a Pawn, and sent Terrance to Jury.


Since when did Terrance act like he is all billy bad ass he needs to sit down winning one thing don’t make him the big dawg lmao that goes to the man inside Michael!!! Pipe down


That’s Tubby’s MO….he has always “thought” he was BB ass! lol

bleacher creature

All HOHs act like a bad ass.


Lmfao lies


I don’t really consider Terrance winning the HOH, he came in 2nd place.

That kind of makes him as Julie stated “Winner by Default” 2nd person standing.

So Terrance needs to take a seat, he really is not the big tough man making moves !!


Yea, Joe has got to GO!


I agree he and Jasmine are two of the most entitled players I’ve seen

Annette Oinenen

How the hell is Joe entitled? ? He is the most kind, considerate person there


It’s an act. How can he be kind and considerate when he’s constantly lying to people straight to their face? He reminds me of Andy, the rat from season 15, scurrying over here and over there to get little bits of into and then drop them all over. Rat.




He is not he acts like he shouldn’t be on block how dare he be on block he’s a cry baby and two faced


Exactly. Joe has kept his word, he has offered to be a pawn, basically anything his group needs. He is by far the most loyal to the Leftovers and Kyle is the most cowardly and hypocritical player. Turned on his whole alliance over a girl. A girl that is riding his coattails to the end with fake love. It’s been done a million times. Boring.

Not Jason’s Holly

Has no one else realized Joe is always trying to have Kyle be blamed for the things he’s doing?

He is constantly saying Kyle should do this and tell them this. Kyle says He’s not going to do that. Good for him. Joe is always trying to get Kyle in trouble and make himself look good.

Just something I’ve noticed lately.


Kyle, Alyssa, Terrance are dead men walking. When they rejoin the others next week, they’ll be gone: Kyle/Alyssa on the block, and Kyle out – #1traitor gone.


Agree all the information that happened and him Exploiting their game plans and what they were doing is going to be his demise


I don’t understand this logic. He would be gone this week more than likely if he didn’t. Game can change fast and you can’t win next week if he gets evicted next.


I dont think this will age well.


Lol, traitor? You mean someone who will play the game and not fall “in line”? At least he is playing the game.


so.. terrance went from 8th to 6th. how was this a bad move? i don’t think he could have positioned himself much better.


Just because Mike can win comps does not make him the front runner, he’s playing a cowardly game, hiding behind people along with pathetic Britney. I’m gonna say it now. If Karen had a face in the dictionary, it would be hers.


Awe someone pee in your cheerios They are the best players in a while Brittany is doing all the strategic planning while Michael is winning all the competitions to make sure they stay safe they are playing both sides of the house and getting in the good graces of everybody don’t hate on their game they should and deserve to be there and they deserve to be the final to get out of here with that nonsense!


I think of Michael as the cowardly lion. If they don’t get rid of a big target while they have the chance, I will have zero respect for either of their games. They both lack social skills, the only thing they do is hide behind people and win a comp here and there.

The Beef

THIS (the cowardly part)! He knows Terrance is in charge and that most likely one of the Leftovers is going home from the outside group, and probably either Joseph, Turner or Kyle. He talked big (and has been) about getting out Monte, but now when the opportunity has presented itself, he’s backstroking like Micheal Phelps, out of fear of being the biggest target in the house I assume.

Here’s a news flash for you Michael – How about not winning a comp every week, especially when you don’t need to win! You want to have things happen as they should, how about speaking up in the alliance meetings and actually saying what you want to happen, instead of waffling and saying something different than you just said to someone individually five minutes earlier! That’s chicken shit deluxe behavior right there, and while I understand trying to get people to bicker and paint targets on different folks, people WILL recognize that stuff over time, and it just may come back to bite you in the butt.


If he takes out Monte who is loyal to the Leftovers and leaves Jasmine, that will definitely hurt his game. He’s making the right move. I hope to see Michael in final two; he deserves it


BB24123 = Karen


Why is she a Karen? Just because you don’t like her? She is older, playing to her strengths whitch is the strategic game, not the flashy one. She may be boring but she and Michael ARE playing a good, smart game IMHO.


At least Kyle is making moves. You all blame him for wanting to keep Alyssa? She’s his partner in the game and knows she will have his back 100%. Why would he get rid of her to have all these backstabbers trying to get him out? Again, that’s smart gameplay. He knows what’s up and is throwing our a hail mary and I admire that. I want to see Mike & Taylor on the block next week on Thursday! That would be good TV!


Agreed. It was so petty for the group to rally around Taylor and her not getting the trip. They kept flip flopping the target, don’t blame Kyle at all for not using the veto.

Not Jason’s Holly

Exactly! If Taylor wanted to make a big move, why didn’t she take the Veto? She was too scared and would have to show her cards to the girls. “Let’s get someone else to win so I can command it be used!” And, when they don’t want to use it “for personal reasons” we all get mad at him.

I’m hoping Kyle wins, but he won’t unless he wins HOH and then is picked for veto by random draw and wins. They will back door him soon.


They’re locked in a house 24/7. Even the smallest thing can be a big deal. This has actually been made a big deal in this game several times in several seasons lol

The Beef

Agree 100%! I don’t have a problem with somebody who knows they’re on the bottom of an alliance working to improve their position in the game, when that alliance has achieved total dominance as the Leftovers have at this point. It’s time to make a move and make some changes to try and shake things up, or else he’s going to finish 7th at best, and more likely (before the info download) he could have been 9th or 10th. He still may finish 8th, but at least he gave it a shot.


I agree with you about Kyle, but not Michael. I don’t think it was a mistake to out the LO. The 7 were pretty divided last week when Taylor would not listen to her alliance and nominate Jas. Then she flipped flopped all over with targets. Kyle saw them all lining up against him and decided to fire that first shot. It was bound to come soon anyway.
I am enjoying Michael & Britt’s stealth game


Terrence calling himself “The Disruptor” is awesome and hilarious at the same time. 😀

bleacher creature

The next HOH has got to take the shot to backdoor Michael.

Amy V.

Why can’t we watch the other house guests during the dyerfest veto?! I hate how much they block the feeds.


If it is the same game that the Inside Group played then the feeds will be down for awhile

un autre nom

Here’s the reality: when they are filming a comp, it’s all hands on deck for the comp to make sure that the comp segment of the show doesn’t look completely half assed by production.
The edited show is the priority, not the feeds, therefore, taking away feedswitch control operators to be comp camera switch operators is the priority.
THAT is why we don’t watch feeds of the second group when there is a comp being played with the first group.


Over the last few seasons fans have complained about the sheep in the house, especially starting with Derrick’s season.

So now we have people willing to play their own game rather than support the final 3 or 4 strongholds. And still fans are complaining.

Kyle would have been an idiot to go along with the others’ game goals in flipping the target to Alyssa. He had every right to say no. Especially as there were other very good options for the week and she is not much of a threat at all.

The pressure they put on him is not that of an alliance that values its members right to consider their own individual games in the big picture.

I want him to make it as far as possible, just to be a thorn in the sides of the Leftovers who are trashing him.

Nothing is stupider than calling a BB player a traitor. Oh, he’s supposed to be Cory, Frankie and Zach team loyal? Soldiers for the winner!



I cannot agree more. These have to vote with the house kills me.. draw a line and own it. Used to love watching the drama surrounding trying to figure out who voted for who..

Just Me

I do not believe Kyle’s motivation for keeping Alyssa was to better game. He has been totally loyal to the LOs until Taylor’s last minute change to target. His motivation is personal. He is so romantically immature and he is falling in love. He wants his “snookems” to stay and cuddle.
And the leftovers did not respect his personal feelings and motivations.
But, Taylor is just as bad with HER OWN personal motivations. Everyone wanted Jasmine out. But Taylor had a personal reason for refusing that. The LOs didn’t get passed at her. They still respected her choice even though the rest of them were on the same page to get Jasmine out.
I am sick of Kyle & Alyssa and their whirlwind romance ? But I feel he was loyal prior to this and I think he was right to spill his game now because he knows he is going to be out of the LOs.
I think it’s a lot more interesting than seeing LOs go to final 7. These last couple weeks have been sooooooo boring. Hopefully we will see a little drama soon.


Totally agree. However, it they both get sent to the Jury house, they can have all the privacy they want to boink their brains out and it won’t be on national TV.


It’s almost as if Terrance has never watched the show before. He is so gullible, this was such a rookie mistake. Kyle played him so hard! If Kyle cared so much about Terrance why didn’t he use the veto on him this past week? Showmances go far in the BB house . Jeff& Jordan, Brenchel, the list goes on… Always break up the Showmance when you have the chance! Terrance could’ve set himself up for safety another week by getting out either Alyssa or Kyle. Let the majority know how much of a snitch Kyle was so they could’ve targeted whomever was left next week out of the duo.
It will be interesting to see how Terrance navigates next week since he can’t participate in the HOH comp.


He didn’t use the Veto because Alyssa wouldn’t very gone up, had nothing to do with Terrance.


That was *would have


Terrance’s position couldn’t get any worse than it was. He’s been on the block four times — even more than Taylor, and he isn’t really aligned with anyone. Don’t get me wrong; he’s not my favorite player, but Kyle and Alyssa offered him a team. That’s more than he has without them.


Nah. Terrance would have on the block yet another week, and gone in a week or two.

Getting out Kyle maybe could have given him an extra week or 2 as they focused then on Jasmine and Alyssa.

Terrance doesn’t expect to win. He must have known what an underdog he was from the get-go as an older player.

Now he just wants to shake things up and get back at the group of people who manipulated him and put him on the block repeatedly.

It’s really quite insightful and wise.


Stop obsessing over “showmances”! It’s just a tight pair of house-guests w/a common interest.
Aren’t Mike & Brit a tight duo…only w/o the “romance”? They’ll be the LAST pair to fracture.

Monte – absolutely NO fear of the block…unlike EVERYONE else who even senses they might
go-up. That’s a LOTTA faith in his alliance: it better not be misplaced!
Joe – compare his beaming-smile face all Summer long with that death-mask in the opening
photos on Dawg’s 8/19 post… the block’ll do that to you.
Brit – congrats on your POV (even tho sounds like Mike may have let her have it)…still remember
her pumping thighs to raise/lower Mike 25′ X 12 puzzle-pieces in their comp win.
Taylor – yeah, I also noticed the open, flowing, pageant-like HOH robe all week. LOyalty: refused
unanimous LO suggestion (Jaz); instead offered 2 LOs (Monte + Turner); could have
claimed VETO herself but kept the trip. Then got offended when it was taken – Jaz
swapped it from Alyssa; would’ve probably done so from Taylor, too.
Turner – fan fave due to laid-back, smiling style & least-shady game-plan…but MOSTLY for being
the thorn in Jaz’s side!
Jaz – JuryHouse may heal that ankle completely. Great with make-up…absolutely GORGEOUS
features on TV nights.
Terrance – been near the bottom all Summer…let him enjoy his HOH

The Beef

Exactly what you said in your first statement! Michael and Brit are a DUO, just like Kyle and Alyssa are a DUO. Monte and Joseph are also a DUO. Of the three, I’d say Kyle and Alyssa are the WEAKEST, not the strongest, when comp wins, social game, and alliance membership strength are all considered. Why isn’t anybody fired up and concerned about breaking up those other two duos?


I can’t believe that Kyle used Daniel’s stupid saying


Simon and Dawg, I have a theory as to why you are occasionally having issues with the polls and ranking: The chaotic play and thinking of the players is being reflected upon the blog as like a universal mirror 🙂 . Also there recently was a study that explains some of the players’ reasoning skills (or lack thereof); it basically said that those who go to bed after midnight don’t think as clearly


Add to causes for not thinking clearly: eating potato chips all day, every day (carbohydrate addiction)


Situations in mind:
Of course Jasmine is going to be eliminated in Brochella area.
Dyre Fest-
If Kyle doesn’t want to dig his hole even further, one of the noms saving themselves is best case scenario. Now: If Alyssa or Terrance wins POV, Alyssa and Terrance will not use it and Joe would go home. Same thing for Turner using POV, although I’m not sure if it’s going to be 2-0 or 2*-1. The worst case scenario (for me personally anyways) is if Joe wins the POV, making Turner the sacrifice, which would be disheartening to hear Turner has to suffer more in the Jury House with Jasmine 🙁


Please let anyone but Joe win the veto.

Just Me

OMG! I think he would quit the game or kill himself.


I wish they would at least show the feeds for inside the house while outside is doing the Veto.

un autre nom

The way it appears:
Kyle knows Michael will aim at Jasmine, not Monte.
Kyle wasn’t picked to live indoors.
Michael is a wuss.
Dear Kyle:
Of course Michael is going to do what makes him look loyal.
He knows your snake ass will break the seven, and he’ll look good to more people.
You are playing yourself.


I hope Turner wins the Veto, then he’s able to convince Terrance it would be a big move to evict Kyle, feed into his ego, tell him what a bad ass he will be for evicting a double threat, Showmance equals they vote the same, also Kyle has shown he is a threat when it comes to winning competitions.

Play it up as look at Joesph, not that I’m a fan of Joseph’s, but Joseph has zero comp wins “Mainly because he’s always throwing them”, leave that part out, do you think it will benefit Terrance to partner up with a Showmance, he will be #3.

Why don’t we keep Joseph, the 3 of us partner up and start kicking butt. Turner can dump Terrance as he enters the house, this is BB, you don’t have to keep your word, remember as Kyle repeated or quoted Evil Elvis, you can’t split the check. Barfing Now, Ugh!!!


Turner better save himself and then convince Terrance to set up Kyle and kick his sorry butt out of this game!


Kyle is an idiot….He tossed his game for an annoying showmance that isn’t resonating favorably with anyone watching. This is now Michael’s game to lose, thanks to the bus driver and the basement dweller.

un autre nom

Alyssa and Terrance.
She doesn’t understand that her info started the Leftovers.
She still wonders why they were on the outside of the big alliance.
It’s sort of embarrassing.
Alyssa keeps asking Kyle questions and doesn’t see that his lies are… not lining up.
He doesn’t know why they started targeting Alyssa? Because KYLE pushed Alyssa for target for a good 2 weeks.
He thinks he was the blindside target all along last week. Oooof course he does.

If he gets to final 2 his speech and answers would actually be quite delusional to most of the jury because his impression of what was going on… isn’t what was going on.

Part of me IS sort of wanting to just call Terrance ‘Token’. because…. that IS the storyline approved reason he is in that alliance. Turner? He did say his targets first to leave at 7 were Michael and Taylor, so he somewhat aligns with Kyle’s plan anyway.

So to Terrance Kyle agrees there should be a Kyle renom if a nominee wins veto.
Kyle is already pushing an Alyssa renom to Alyssa. for the narrative and the lie.

Indoors Monte and Michael already discussed that Kyle had said he was going to out the leftovers to Alyssa, they just didn’t know when. The lie will not be bought.


Kyle is just begging for his game to implode. There’s no way he is keeping track of everything he has said before when he comes up with something new. Monte, Taylor, and Michael all have the receipts.

un autre nom

Given how last week was edited:
They tried very hard to give Kyle’s perspective on the house game credibility.
They gave Michael casting a sympathy vote creepy plot twist music with a Taylor d/r that sounded like Michael would be a target.
Don’t expect that the implosion will happen immediately.
We haven’t had a LOT of ‘these are not the droids you are looking for’ d/r visits this season… but they are known to happen.


I don’t really have a favorite player. I am all about the shake up. If Monte and Joe are voted out that would reshape the rest of the season. If either of them stay the leftovers will try to stay together for at least the next week or two. Bring on the chaos!

The Beef

Michael and Brit have completely chickened out on taking out Monte. They have now decided it’s “best for their game” to remain “loyal” and have Jasmine evicted.

That probably means a split vote, as I’m not at all certain Taylor will be able to “morally” vote to evict a female POC. Not sure she’s said that this week, but she made it very clear last week.


I doubt Taylor won’t vote out JasMEAN – she said last week she could vote her out but just couldn’t be the one behind her eviction. Besides, she has to see not voting to keep Monte would impact her relationship with him — she’s been saying all week “we’re on pace to do what needs to be done in here” so if she now veered to voting out Monte she’d be demonstratively doing what she claims Kyle did last week by prioritizing a non-LO.

As for Britt & Michael – Is it chickening out OR is it what puts them in the best position next week?

Everyone was fed up with JasMEAN so getting her out will be applauded (esp by Turner). B/c Michael/Britt know how Kyle was ready to shoot & how he spirals in panic situations they have a good read he would do something rogue & it would equate to Joe or Turner leaving – with both situations better for their game.

If Joe leaves it cuts off one of Taylor’s other outlets (I mean we watched that messy HOH & at least 50% of it was tied to Joseph & her listening to his directive) and also cuts Monte’s F2. If Turner exits it cuts off one of Kyle’s outlets. Joe being the more likely evictee likely ends Monte’s desire to go to F3 with Kyle/Turner. READ: he’ll be much more open to a F4 with Britt/Michael & Taylor.

Turner will, unfortunately, be painted with a similar brush as Kyle for simply pointing out his preference to keep Ally over Indy this past week. Although, that could change depending on what he relays to the LOs when they all reconvene.

I’m waiting for this meeting Joseph wants the 3 guys to have with Terrance bc they (Joe/Turner) already picked up how Terrance’s mood shifted after he talked to Kyle so this meeting could result in Terr spilling he KNOWS about the LOs or bc he’s so transparent I could see him looking at Kyle a lot which will read suspiciously to JT esp if Kyle doesn’t push for Ally to go OTB. They plan to out Ally spilled about the Old School alliance BUT Kyle told Terr it was Ameerah who told Joe about it. WILL Terrance say that?

Ultimately, all this turmoil OUTSIDE means when they’re back inside the focus will center on Monte/Taylor being pissed at Kyle/Ally (Terrance) so BM can sit in the middle & let them fire away.

As much as I enjoy both Joe & Turner – having one of them leave is better for Michael’s game and since he sits atop my rating ladder it takes away a bit of the pain of losing Joe (assuming he goes).

The Beef

Wasn’t her first stated target last week Monte? That’s what Another Name keeps saying at least, although I thought that was a smoke screen for TOS.

As for prioritizing a non-LO, she very clearly went against the alliance wishes last week by refusing to nominate Jasmean, so she has absolutely no leg to stand on when claiming that Kyle did that. She had her reason and he had his, but the fact is she did it FIRST, just like she refused to take the veto first in that comp when she greedily took the London trip for herself and then got pissed when someone did the same thing to her.

I know you like Michael and Brit, and I love the fact Michael in particular is a competitor that wins, but the time for the Leftovers is clearly over, and now they need to make a move that takes out some competition in this game. Jasmine is NOT competition, and frankly I’ve grown weary of Michael talking about what he’s going to do, and now when he’s presented with this golden opportunity to do it, he’s just going to pass on it and cut bait? How is it better for his game to keep the people in it that have talking about getting rid of him for weeks? You know that’s true about Joe, Monte and Turner, so I just don’t get why you think it’s a good idea for Michael to keep him around – other than as a shield maybe, but given Michael has won waaaaaay too much, I doubt that strategy will work anyway.

Plus, there’s no guarantees with regard to who in the outside group might be leaving, and by that I mean the insiders don’t have any idea what’s going on out there and just how deep the hole Joseph is in right now. Even if they DID know, wouldn’t it be better to have both Joseph and Monte gone for Michael (Hell, I don’t really care what Brit thinks, since she’s not even really in the hunt right now), so that he could work with Kyle, Alyssa, Turner and Terrance to evict Jasmean and Taylor, at which point he would pretty much be favored to win over everyone except possibly Turner? Get him and Kyle next and it would be a cakewalk win for the man, would it not? He probably wins 75% of the veto’s against that crew, if not more, so I just don’t see them getting him out, Joseph has nothing to hold against him, and even Monte has to recognize it’s a good move to vote him out now, as most good players would.

It’s time to fish! We don’t need anymore bait at this point in time.


season has went downhill due to yet another broken twist. thanks production, you have done it again


When I first saw Joseph, for some reason I thought that he was a meathead. He is very smart. It turns out the meathead is Terrance , ” irony”. This is why we should never rush to judgement.


Terrence is pathetic. Most of these competitions are really nothing but luck. Kyle and Terrance both need to go now. Kyle turned on his alliance as soon as he felt a little threatened. What a coward. Joe is a lot more trustworthy than either of them. Terrance better enjoy this mistake while he can.


The village idiots should have kept wildcard Indy!

Gillis wilson

Is everyone afraid of taylor?looks like they are taylor should of been outside

un autre nom

While we’re down for veto.
I don’t expect it to be the same veto.
It should not be Stay or Fold. They said playing two different games this week when they discussed the house split.
Just saying.

East Coaster

Rumor is Terrance won the veto in the dyre fest

un autre nom

I’m not saying the rumors aren’t true. I’m just saying that the rumors started 25 minutes after feeds went down. for 3 hours. that sounds odd.
Again, not saying Terrance didn’t / couldn’t have won. Saying the first rumors have a time problem.

un autre nom

he did win veto.


only because production wanted him to…..let’s be real, he hasn’t won anything in over a month! Geeze


I hope that is just a rumor, his head will explode if he wins the Veto, he already thinks he’s the leader of his big imaginary movement.

Not Jason’s Holly

5 hours later… still blocked!

Great Week

Terrance won Veto. Shocking!


to everyone except production……this season is really starting to stink!


Big T with a POV – Joseph has now left the building !!!


For Turner’s sake I am glad that Terrence won the veto because Joseph’s overplaying was bound to get him booted sooner or later. If somehow Turner leaves instead of Joseph it will be by sheer dumb luck (and probably because Kyle did something else stupid); if that somehow happens I will be annoyed

The Beef

WhatchutalkingaboutWillis? Kyle is the one who made this move possible by giving Terrance the information he needed to know in order to make it! The only way it changes is if Joseph (or possibly Joseph and Turner) somehow gets into Terrance’s head before the veto meeting with some kind of lie, in which case he takes down Joe, puts up Kyle, and the vote is split and Terrance votes out Kyle.

I don’t see that happening, as if Terrance has any kind of thought process whatsoever, everything that Kyle told him should make perfect sense to him, and Kyle told him FIRST. Anything Joe says now will be viewed as a desperation move to save himself from eviction, and that’s exactly what it will be.


Joseph is leaving and I love it.

The Beef

And the Sweet T is coming through for the geriatrics! LOLOLOL I really don’t like these weird twists, but if it means good ol’ Joseph the “Andy clone” goes home, then I’m good with that!

Just a viewer

If Julie Chen said, the split house would play a separate game and not have interaction, why were Terrance and Micheal allowed to talk about who to put up? Terrance told Alyssa that him and Micheal discussed who to put up before they went inside. They agreed Monte and Joe. So how is that a separate game if the HOHs are making plans.

un autre nom

What Michael said: Terrance whispered something to me, I didn’t hear him.
PLUS, Terrance’s inital target WASN’T Joseph. It wasn’t until Kyle spilled the beans that the target BECAME Joe. The target was initially KYLE.


This season has been kinda lame I really felt bad for Taylor at the beginning when people lied about things she didn’t say , but as the show went on Taylor is a caddy snack that should of been voted out . The person that had a chance to win is Kyle great social game and in comps , but he’s flipping left and right to stay with his girl which I get , but won’t win him the money . So by far Michael by far is the one of best players big brother has ever had so I think he will win this game he is much smarter then anyone in this house , but if he doesn’t win turner could great social game and ok dude , anybody , but Taylor and monte is playing a shady game I hope Alyssa doesn’t break Kyles heart lol.


Kyle is a SNITCH B****! Kissing up to Tubby to save his sad showmance? She will probably vote him out in the end and I would laugh if I intended to keep watching. I don’t watch BB to see them make out with each other. Not my jam. I removed the show from my DVR. There are lots of other choices. But I think he really needs to get kicked out like the punk that he acts like.

Kyles Mom

If this is not your jam anymore why take the time to comment and shit on him? Lol. I don’t get it. Just stop watching altogether and enjoy the rest of your summer. Life is too short to be so angry.


It seems every year there is a showmance. You know this is going to happen. It is something production wants, isn’t it? Not sure if you know this but some contestants have actually got married after being in a showmance on this very show. Some have even got pregnant during their time on the show. I think showmances are here to stay. They tend to be loyal to each other.


Poor Michael,his best friend Brit is planing to stab him in the back for taylor,Joe and monty. What a bit#h.