“Taylor very much wants to be in a showmance on this show just as much as she wanted to be a mean girl”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Michael
Nominees: Terrance, Monte & Joseph Kyle and Daniel
POV Players: Terrance, Monte, Joe, Brittany, Michael Jasmine and Turner; (Taylor is hosting)
POV Winner: Michael & Brittany
Veto Ceremony: Veto was used Kyle and Daniel nominated
Havenots:  None so far

Lock your ranks in before midnight


Festie Besties:

Turner & Jasmine
Joe & Monte & Terrance
Daniel & Kyle
Brittany & Michael
Alyssa & Indy & Taylor

7:15pm Bedroom – Daniel & Terrance.
Terrance – I am still a little shocked that it was passed up (That Michael passed up taking out Monte). Daniel – right!? As a fan of the show, as a player of the game.. Terrance – I just can’t get passed that part. Daniel – its not even about my safety.. I am already out. I don’t even have numbers to be a threat. Its so crazy to me. Week 6 and 7 are crucial in this game and that double eviction is going to bite him in the a$$ I think. Terrance – yeah. Daniel – especially if he is an outgoing HOH at that time. Terrance – they keep trimming the fat, they’ll get rid of someone like me… or.. Daniel – BUT why!? Terrance – just cause. Daniel – isn’t that dumb!? I guess if they’re a massive alliance .. you have to do that. I’ll learn more when I watch it back. Terrance – there has to be a massive alliance bro. Daniel – it has to be 6 or 8. Terrance – I am thinking it is.. I think it has to be.. Daniel – Its everyone that we already assume .. Monte, Joseph, Turner, Taylor, Brittany and Michael. I think Kyle is involved. And the rest is whoever we thought we had. Terrance – who’s on the outside.. Me, Jasmine, Indy and Alyssa. Daniel – but Alyssa is basically with Kyle.. so really .. NO. Terrance – they got three more options before me. And she already said maybe we should get Kyle out next. Daniel – who said that? Terrance – Taylor. Like after you. Daniel – why?! He’s aligned with the group. So you think it will be you, Jasmine and Indy next? Terrance – MmmmHMmm. Daniel – and probably in that order too because they want Indy for the food and for the love. They don’t want to deal with drama. The only people I would be happen that had the money would be you and Jasmine at this point. Terrance – I would have no where near the numbers though. I will never get close to it. Daniel – at this point I hope Indy just takes over. Indy for the win. Oh and Joseph, I do like him even though he’s a part of this mass alliance.. But he needs to start winning. I know he’s throwing comps and sh*t. He better be throwing comps because that would be bad.

Backyard. Alyssa and Kyle.
Kyle – Do you think Jasmine and Joseph would vote me out? Alyssa – no. But I think its worth being like .. like I want to solidify something moving forward. Kyle – I can’t think of why they would want Daniel over me. Alyssa – Jasmine would want Daniel to stay because he would take shots at Monte. Kyle – yeah. Alyssa – that we don’t or can’t. Kyle – yeah. I guess that makes sense. Alyssa – at least that’s her theory on it. They head up to the upper level outside. Kyle says they could have a date night up there whenever they make their showmance official. Alyssa – we already did that. Kyle – publicly though. To the house. Alyssa – okay, the house next week. Kyle – alright, deal. Can you just win HOH already.

8:30pm – 9:05pm Hammock – Brittany and Michael
Brittany – have you heard about this faux-mance thing with Joseph and Taylor? Michael – faux? .. like she is pretending? Brittany – they’re like both pretending to be in a showmance. Michael – why? Brittany – well I guess because Joseph is getting too much flack about hanging with Taylor now from the rest of the girls… so they’re pretending they’re in a showmance. Michael – that’s not going to make it any better but okay. Brittany – they’re pretending they’re in a showmance so that any time he is hanging with her they think its personal and flirty and not game. Taylor is like… I am surprised she hasn’t told you all about this… its every conversation I have with her now. She is heavily invested. Taylor very much wants to be in a showmance on this show just as much as she wanted to be a mean girl in the beginning but that did not work out. I am just like.. if you’re having fun that’s fine but ..it scares me. Michael – Everyone thinks and knows.. like showmances play the game together, they talk, they strategize.. its not just flirting. I am not going to to tolerate that.. if they want to go ahead. Brittany – yeah its fine as long as they aren’t strategizing. There will come a time when they might have a stronger relationship and they’re targeting us. Michael – I could see Indy getting jealous about the faux-mance.. not that she wants Joseph but they have a very good connection.. and Indy does not like Taylor. Taylor joins them. Michael – I don’t want to be too cocky or confident but I’m feeling good (about Daniel going home). Taylor – yeah its going to be a good week in the house. Michael – how satisfying is it going to be to go in the DR (and vote out Daniel)? Taylor – I think they’re probably going to make me the vote that decides it. Michael – I think so, I hope so. And he will definitely see your goodbye message. Taylor – I have to figure out what I am going to say. He’s a good sport, he’ll be good about it. Michael – you’re not going to have to pack. Taylor – you have no idea how happy I am about that.

9:13pm – 9:30pm Living room – Joseph, Jasmine, Terrance and Daniel.
Terrance – pay attention to how close Taylor and Monte are. What’s going to end up happening is.. Jasmine – Michael and Brittany they’re all together.. Terrance – all of them. Jasmine – How they’ve been hanging out lately. I mean hopefully you’re not in it because we’re talking about it. Joseph – not every time we’re chilling we’re just clowning. And then I just clear it and come sit with you guys. Jasmine – you better not be lying to me! Joseph – no, I’m not. If I make sure you’re good and you’re good then y’all got to be honest with me. Terrance – this is the last honest thing that I will tell both of you .. Daniel already knows it. I wanted that shot taken. I GAVE Michael that shot. When it was me and him at the top of OTEV, I told him to win it. I threw the sh*t to him and he still didn’t take the f**king shot. Joseph – OH that’s wild then!! I threw it because he was going to take the shot and save Daniel. Joseph – oh that’s wild! Joseph – do you think Indy is working with or involved in the Monte stuff. Daniel – Not working with but he has his hand on her. I will give you any information I’ve got. I’m going home so it doesn’t matter. Joseph – what you’re saying is exactly what Nicole would tell me. If you don’t play.. you’re nice but you will just get chopped later. Daniel – well I’ll be rooting for you three (Jasmine, Terrance and Joseph) when I get home. Jasmine – well thank you Daniel. Joseph – I appreciate it.

10:05pm Bedroom – Jasmine and Alyssa.
Jasmine – Daniel told me everything cuz he was like I know I’m going home so I’m going to blow up peoples games. He said that Kyle is going to join Michael and Brittany so that way Michael protects Kyle and Kyle protects Michael. Alyssa – I just asked Kyle who he was going to pick and he said he was going to talk to you and see if it would benefit you because you’re hurt and f**king Turner just hurt his knee.. but he was like if Jasmine wouldn’t want that he said he wouldn’t do it. He also said that he had no idea what he was going to do. Jasmine – all I know is that Taylor is probably going to be final five. She is f**king protected! Alyssa – Michael, Brittany, Monte, Taylor, Turner.. Jasmine – why didn’t Turner put up Taylor? He put it on what? Daniel. That wasn’t the reason, its because they had a f**king alliance together. Taylor was talking so bad about Brittany .. that she doesn’t have a brain for herself. Anything Michael does he knows she’s going to do because she knows he’s good. He (Daniel) said if we don’t take Michael out he has 5 competitions that he’s won which is basically every week… I am not too concerned about Michael right now but.. (lol same as everyone else) Alyssa – Daniel should blow up people’s games .. let him do it! I hope his speech when its him. Tell him to go down in history. Jasmine – and this is why I have to vote him out .. he was like if you don’t get the showmance out .. they’re always going to have two votes. I said Daniel, you know I am not jeopardizing that. He said I know but I know I am going home so I can say that. I was like Okay, that’s valid. He was like that’s all I have to campaign is the showmance.

10:23pm Hot tub

11:40pm Backyard – Alyssa and Kyle.
Alyssa tells Kyle about how Jasmine said that Daniel said when he does his speech on eviction night he is going to call out the showmance because they’re two votes. Alyssa – even though we don’t vote the same. Kyle – that is his only play right now. Alyssa – its not going to be anything. Kyle – I don’t know who is going to be persuaded by that logic. Do you think my game is perfect or do you think I could do better? Alyssa – date me? Kyle – date you publicly .. that would help our game? Alyssa – you’re not even dating me in secret. A showmance is not dating. Kyle – I mean pretty much, what do you mean? Alyssa – there is no pretty much.. we’re in the talking stage. Kyle – like getting to know each other stage. Alyssa – so we’re talking.. that’s what people in florida call it. Kyle – what do they call dating.. we basically just kissed a lot. Do you do that with people you’re talking with? Alyssa – no.

12:15am Bedroom – Jasmine, Terrance and Daniel.
Terrance – we would have enough votes to keep him and to vote Kyle out. Jasmine – I thought about this already.. me, you (Terrance), Joseph, Alyssa, Indy. Terrance – that’s the plan. Daniel – that’s the only way to do this. Joseph is worried that things are going to get out. I’m going to tell him. Don’t tell him yet. Blame it on Brittany. Brittany told me she would vote for me. Step number one, we have to get Alyssa on board. If she is not on board, there is no point in doing any of this. And I don’t want to f**k you guys game up with Indy or Joseph. So unlike the Nicole situation.. I want to go step by step. Tomorrow morning we need to get Alyssa. Jasmine – they will have Turner, Taylor, Brittany… Daniel – they’ll have four. If we can’t get her (Alyssa) there is no point. Jasmine – I don’t think she is going to vote Kyle out. I mean I can try. Daniel – my only thing is .. he didn’t tell her anything about the Ameerah vote. She was pissed about that. He would not have voted with her if she voted for Nicole. Jasmine – if I do this for you .. and it goes well… you have to go after the targets that need to be gone after. Daniel – I’m going after Monte. Jasmine – and if this doesn’t work out .. your speech needs to be motherf**king iconic! Daniel – oh I am throwing people.. I am throwing Michael under the bus, I don’t even give a f**k. Jasmine – you need to throw Michael and Monte under the bus so everyone goes after them. Daniel – Michael had 5 competitions .. that’s one a week… just give him the money.

1:47am – 2am Outside the HOH room. Michael, Kyle, Monte and Brittany chatting / playing bumper pool.

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indy's gross mammeries

Hey Taylor, I’m sure Terrance will have a showmance with you if you asked him. Who would Jasmine have a showmance with? Maybe Lawon. Did Turner get his antibiotics shot from eating Jasmine’s muffins?

indy's gross mammeries

Did anybody notice that on Jasmine’s side she has tattoed a quick recipe for double stuffed chocolate eclairs?


Was hard to miss especially the eclairs are duck taped there!

Daniel Sucks

So the guy who used the veto to get his fellow RoadRat nominated and evicted is now critiquing others’ gameplay?

The Beef

I know, right? He’s so on top of things – knows all the vote counts – knows who’s working with who – reads the house like Nostradamus!

EE is a BB genius, and will go down in history as one of the games greats, alongside Marcellus, Dawon, and so many others known for making great strategic moves.

Biscuits & Gravy, Y'all

He’s a tool. Going out pre-jury is never iconic. His social game has sucked and he’s been surprised eviction night a few times. Rock Star made it further than EE.


1). Big Brother, please end the Festie Bestie crap.

2). Turner, win HOH, Turner will put Jasmine and Terrance on the block.

3). Turner wins the POV, keeps nominations the same.

4). The house votes out Jasmine, they find all kinds of snacks hidden by her bed;-).

Hilarious, Daniel just said he will be cheering on Joseph, Terrance and Jasmine when he gets home. When Daniel gets home and he will he told Joseph everything, and Joseph is in the big alliance Daniel has been trying to figure out.

Daniel you are so blind, you said you are a super fan, right now you look like a Super Clown, you call all of the other houseguests Clowns, but that’s your title.

Live Feed Update:
Jasmine is asking production to get them some meat, they need groceries, Does Jasmine do anything other than search for food, lay around and snack, complain about food that is prepared by other people, bark out orders, I’m so sick of Jasmine.

Jasmine is soooooo annoying, and what’s so funny, her country accent sounds normal on the live feeds, totally different and not exaggerated like the Live TV Shows.

Not Jasons Holly

She wants to be like a commentator or on a soap opera after this!

I’m from the south, born & raised in Louisiana! Her fake accent drives me crazy! And, the stupid little sayings you does in the DR and during the vote makes my skin crawl.

Mad Max

She’s ridiculous!


Won’t it be funny if JazMean plays in ” hide the veto” Jaz goes inside and she doesn’t come out!! Everyone wonders??? Did she hurt herself?? Again?? They all go inside and find her sitting in a corner with chocolate all over her face!!! As she tries to cry stating ” I twisted my booted ankle”!! Dun dun dun dun!

Game fan

he knows joe is in the alliance and still roots for him. joe social game is that good.

Mad Max

If Jazzy compares Julie Chen to a muffin…..watch out!

un autre nom

Daniel: everyone is in an alliance against me. Lists names to Terrance. Includes Joe.
Terrance and Jasmine 10 minutes later: spill everything to Joe and even say ‘i hope you aren’t in it with them’… like what’s Joe gonna say? Stop telling me all your shit?

So Terrance, still mad that his Get Monte plan didn’t go through, admits he threw veto.
He names Monte and Taylor as working together and Jasmine adds Mike and Britt.
Terrance says they’re after Kyle after they get out Daniel, they have no intention of going after Monte.
Purpose: He’s back to hating Taylor, He’s been told Monte and Michael are going to win the game more by Elvis. He thinks he’s gathering numbers so he isn’t next out.
Jasmine? She thinks she’s Joe’s top top top number one in the game…

How much laughter is going to ensue when Joe is finished his shift at the convenience store and goes home to a leftover dinner to talk about his day?


Did you see when Terrance went & sat on backyard coaches with Taylor & he says I always tell everyone you are my first attachment & I hope I’m still your first followed by his typical MF punctuation point. But Taylor starts laughing as soon as he asks her. She couldn’t even pretend – time stamp is 8:23 in the backyard & “Jocelyn Small” has the video clip on Twitter.

To your point perhaps that was the source of his renewed ire b/c he knows that she is NO LONGER FOOLED by his BS. She’d protected him & felt a kinship to him the entire game but discovered he was the main reason behind trying to get the house flip to keep Cruel Chef. It was one of several bombs she’d had dropped on her about Terrance.

She knows he’s been trash-talking her now – even from him as he said “you know how I roll & you’ll see some stuff when you get outta here – but it was just me playing the game”. His back stab out of everyone including all those mean girls & EE was the one that brought her to tears. However, just like people go through 5 stages of grief when someone dies – I think the hotbed of emotions in the BB house is similar. What was hurt & sadness initially has shifted to anger & disgust! He’s her NUMBER 1 target now!

The major bash session where JasMEAN, Terrance & Daniel provided Joe with all this so-called dirt occurred later in the evening (after the couch session). Terrance elected at that point to imply that Taylor just TOLD HIM all her game info. The Leftovers laugh about it b/c this Delusional Dummies group is so bad with the lies and the more overt they are & nasty the more they reveal their true character.

Mind-boggling how Taylor still LIVES in all their heads b/c she’s typically who they seems to pin their lies on while Britt also gets her fair share (like how they told Joe he can still vote out Kyle & then blame it on Britt). The good part for Brit especially is she did get labeled early as someone who couldn’t be trusted so if she’s smart she can use that to say – see I was never lying (which isn’t true – but it does give her more credibility with the LOs).

While the HOH crew were laughing it was clear the trio of Michael, Britt & Taylor were definitely the most affected by Joe’s report. At one point, Taylor said ‘I’m so mad right now’ or something to that effect & when Joe asked why – she explained she’s livid over the Dan/Ter BS rhetoric. I missed part of that retell but I think they are implying she’s doing what Ally is TRYING to do by using her feminine wiles.

Britt once again gets ostracized by the women but is also their favorite dumping ground to blame anything nasty they do on (“pin your vote on Britt” – said to Joe). She didn’t spiral as bad as I’d expect & instead seemed to use this news (and anger) to motivate her. She intends to hypnotize herself on the wall so she won’t feel the pain or the cold water (dying to see how this turns out). AND fwiw despite having received six stitches at the area where the knee bends she’s committed to doing what needs to be done & told Michael – if I rip the stitches out whatever it is what it is. Quite a contrast to Butterbean Muffin top.

While Michael didn’t say much & seemed to roll with the flow it was clear tension in his body was building & his face gave off something different. He’s always so under control, laid back & chill but I think that look in his eyes was ANGER.

Evil can’t keep his name out of his mouth & intends to attack him in his speech on Thursday to ensure the National audience gets to hear him trashing the other super fan (you know that guy he wanted out of the house on week one?). Although JasMEAN is trying REALLY HARD to get him to include Monte in his speech, I don’t have a strong belief he’ll go after anyone except Michael b/c he’s so furious Michael used his own words on him in the POV speech & for the umpteenth time this season outsmarted him. It was also clear any strides Michael made with Jasmine/Indy & Ally this week appeared (based on Joe’s report) to have been erased by this constant vitriol of Daniel that Terrance is stoking.

He did have the line of the night which in fairness needs to be viewed to appreciate the full snark of the retort that occurred once everyone left the HOH room: “I can be fake & manipulative too b*tches, you watch out.”

To be fair, I’d be a little worried if I was any of the four on the other side b/c I don’t think Michael is playing – he’s pissed & sure looked like he’s about to show them what READING someone is about. I’m sure a good night’s sleep will calm him down which is a good thing. B/c I bet he could knock out someone’s legs in a sarcastic, biting way that would cut so deep they wouldn’t know what hit them (but that might not be wise for his game). Although, I definitely think it would be appreciated by those of us who know what EE, Terr & JasMEAN are all about.


You’re always spot on!


Butterbean muffin top……..:)


You always seem to say what I’m thinking!


Correction to previous post:

Hilarious, Daniel just said he will be cheering on Joseph, Terrance and Jasmine when he gets home. When Daniel gets home and see’s that he told Joseph everything, and Joseph is in the big alliance Daniel has been trying to figure out.

Daniel is going to feel like a fool.


I’m pretty sure he knows about Joseph being in the alliance. At this point he is resorting to throwing feces at everyone because he is butt hurt and is a sore loser.


I doubt he ever feels like a fool – it’s either elation or victim there is no in between. Just like he refused to properly apologize to Taylor about verbally accosting her.

He kept repeating “I’m not the bully” “you’re not the bully” (to Cruel Chef), “we’re not the bully” — SHE IS (Taylor).


The whole world us against him. Wah!


He will realize he’s been a fool since day 2, what an idiot! Wait till he realizes he’s worse than Marcelle and Dewan!

un autre nom

Jasmine tells Daniel she wants to be the last girl standing this season…..

She stands for a total of ten minutes a day. Maybe aim for the last woman reclining.

Palm Oil's Meds



Why does big brother keep getting all of these houseguests who are trying to get people to follow them on twitter etc…

Watching the live feeds, they keep interrupting and putting up the “ We’ll Be Right Back” screen, because Terrance the Floater keeps doing “Shout Outs”. He’s such a wannabe !!

Between Terrance, Indy, Kyle, they are forever talking to the camera or doing shout outs.


Why do you think they recruit them!? They want more viewers. They’re hoping their followers would tune in to see how they do…

Daniel Sucks

I don’t watch the feeds, so I can only imagine. But they should have some kind of penalty if they do shout-outs during the live eviction. They have gone overboard with it.


Still waiting for a houseguest to shout out Simon and dawg


Sigh the closest we came was BB13 with our good bud Adam Poch. Who I might add still reads this blog. Matt Hoffman BB12 also was a reader back in the day.

Palm Oil's Meds

Britney is so happy the “cool” girls have accepted her into their clique. This is a very insecure cast.


Daniel is a sore loser, a douche, and a clown! Yeah, go ahead and blow up people’s game. You’re still going home and so are Terrance and Jasmine.

un autre nom

Reminding myself once again of Leftovers timeline.
Drunk Alyssa tells Kyle about Girls Girls and Oldskool. Says oldskool is after Monte and Kyle but she won’t let them go after Kyle.
Kyle runs to OASIS boys, reveals Oldskool. Self Preservation.
Guys form the Pound.
Guys decide to bring in Michael, begrudgingly Britt, and Taylor specifically for this vote on a contingency basis to turn the tide away from Oldskool.
Leftovers is formed under the false premise of fighting back against Bullying.
Production loves the anti-bullying premise because it will be good for press and media.
Turner believes in the cause of fighting back against bullying.
Kyle and Monte say they can throw Taylor away any time.
Kyle rarely, if ever, has any more intel from Alyssa. Nor does he ask.
Joseph starts gathering intel, and playing Tyler’s level 6 role from week 1 to 5.
Joseph is still trying to get Alyssa out.
Kyle talks Pound with Turner, pushes a final 2 with Turner.
Michael Britt and Taylor continue bonding.
Turner and Taylor bond.
Kyle keeps pushing his final 2 with Michael.
Kyle, worrying the group is gelling too well and isn’t ONLY following the KEEP KYLE SAFE agenda, starts his bias shit. He admits the real reason for the Leftovers was just to protect him against Ameerah’s agenda to Michael.
Kyle is pushing for Michael to break the alliance and send Monte or Joe home.
Monte is vocalizing that Michael needs to go at 7.
Joe starts his fauxmance with Taylor. Taylor tells Britt.
Michael decides to play loyal and not break the alliance.
Kyle goes on the block, Monte is safe.
Monte is back to vocalizing Michael probably has to go at 7.
Kyle is still trying to plot the Kyle and Alyssa safety alliance.
Britt tells Michael she’s worried about the fauxmance.
Kyle then camtalks he can’t make that safety alliance after a d/r call.
Joseph gets all the dirt on the other side’s plan.
Jasmine tells Alyssa Kyle is next and there’s a big alliance.
Alyssa wants Monte or Michael out next.

THERE. That’s where we are and what has been happening.


I’ve lost all interest in this show. I just came to tell OBB thanks for the updates and I’ll check back next season??

un autre nom

Terrance and Daniel (probably the Fester and Elvessie of the season) are confident they can get Alyssa to flip and vote out Kyle. Ol Fester thinks they have Joe, Jasmine, Himself, Indy and can get Alyssa. Fester says he’s smarter than those damn kids…. damn, i’m going to have to do a Scooby Doo image again. I already did that one for bbcan 10 with the gummy bear.
But First,
Alyssa is telling Kyle about Jasmine’s alliance plot and that Daniel plans to throw the showmance under the bus. Which showmance? Is she thinking Alyssa Kyle or the supposed hot and heavy Monte Taylor showmance that Jasmine and Terrance decided exists. She isn’t telling him EVERYTHING, but she’s saying enough.

Keep in mind, Fester has actually been a little creative in his sourcing. I don’t recall Taylor saying nearly 1/4 of the stuff he says she told him this week.

Part of me thinks the HOH can’t be the wall unless they lower it to a walk off level or increase the padding by at least 4 times the usual amount. Knee with stitches? landing could tear that back open. Dislocated knee could happen again and require months of physical therapy. Plus… Jasmine. I mean… come on. she’s going to milk that.

BTW, Jasmine saying she threw OTEV? Who is she TRYING TO KID? Did she just yell for someone else to search for the answer for her, or did production put it in her pocket like the red envelope? What. Did any of you see her open the envelope on camera? I didn’t. And did the ramp have a Stair lift in otev? or did they give her an ACME rocket powered roller boot and a taser tipped cane to take out the others?

Oh good, Cousin It is out of the D/R and has joined Fester and Elvessie to plot getting even with those darn kids. They have a three part plot… convince everyone Britt is going to vote out Kyle is in there somewhere, and get Alyssa on board.
Cousin It doesn’t think they get Alyssa, but Elvessie should have an iconic speech ready.
He plans to call out Michael and throw him under the bus. What does he have on Michael? That Michael didn’t save him????


Q: Did Ally tell Kyle she wants to target Monte/Michael next or just Jasmine?

As for Evil Elvis I’m not surprised by this at all – in his first one-on-one with Michael in the HOH room EE didn’t even bother to give him the courtesy of listening to him. He got up & walked into the bathroom. Michael made several overtures to speak to him & EE just kept ignoring him until Mike finally caught him to talk. EE cut him off less than 5 mins into the conversation. He did a DR saying there’s only room for ONE super fan in this house & that’s me! In his nomination speech he said Michael never talked game to him (uh – yeah a$$hole bc he’s not a stalker which is the only way he could’ve talked to you).

As the game progressed Evil had a very similar response to Michael as he did with Taylor in that anything remotely tied to Michael was an annoyance for him. Taylor became the person he blamed for Paloma’s exit b/c as he’s wont to do he NEEDS to blame someone for his misfortunes.

When Cruel Chef told him about Po’s Pack & who was in it he was so offended he just kept calling that alliance a f*cking joke & was FURIOUS that Michael was part of it.

Despite all of his outward ire toward Michael & constantly stating he would target him Michael gave him the grace of listening & kept an open mind about the potential to keep him this week in his one-on-one. Much more than Evil ever gave to him. EE kept citing how they were the two best competitors when the reality was he won a comp making a drum kit (um – he’s in a band) & the POV which Kyle had to guess on four out of the five questions.

And while he spouts off about “all those clowns” the fact is if he truly was a super fan he would’ve had his side lined up ready to be stealth in their approach post POV regarding how he could stay in the game. Hey – how about you tell Terrance & Jasmine to chill. I’ll tell you why b/c HE’S THE EGOMANIAC CLOWN that he claims everyone else is.

In that initial pitch he claimed I’m dangerous b/c I owe no one anything so I can target anyone and I’ll keep you (& Britt) safe until the end of the FB twist. In the secondary meeting Britt called him out on what happens if the twist ends this week & he quickly shifted to one week safety — no — two weeks safety.(AND he ADMITTED he wasn’t going to offer anything past the twist — READ: he was expecting the twist to end this week & would go back on his deal). Then this morning in a panic he’s throwing everything at the wall looking frenzied & desperate (& read like he was lying & just saying anything to stay).

He would’ve been much wiser to tell Michael – look I’m a very loyal partner. I lost the one person I would’ve done anything for when Nicole left & my second closest person (Ameerah) left the week prior. He should’ve been genuine & told him I messed up in the first HOH thinking b/c I was a super fan when you said you were too I thought I needed to target you -that was a mistake.

I’m sure you understand if you have people you can talk strategy to & how hard the game would be if you didn’t have that person(s). So while you owe me nothing I’m pledging my loyalty to you. If you keep me safe you will be my priority & number 1 in this game. You’ll never go OTB, I will fight to save you. I’d love to help out any way I can in bridging gaps in relationships or deflecting targets to others with people who don’t seem as close to you or Britt if you think that would be useful & if I win HOH I will sit with you to determine what is best for both of us to move forward.

But no, this guy who claims to be a super fan who says he only has respect for people PLAYING the game plans to trash the guy PLAYING arguably the hardest. He’ll call out Michael in order to paint a huge target on his back with the other players he calls clowns. His goal is to get Michael sent out the door next. In his delusional mind, Michael should’ve forgiven him for constantly calling him his target & just have let that go trusting he wouldn’t do it again & b/c Michael has an alliance he’s staying loyal to he wants to not just punish him but ruin his game. You know the same guy who wouldn’t give Michael 5 mins in his first HOH now wants to ruin his game frankly to punish him for his OWN MISTAKES. Yeah – sounds about typical for this man-child who is the REAL CLOWN in this equation.

un autre nom

He didn’t dislike Taylor until Paloma went to HOH to say Taylor lied on her name.
He just caved to pressure from the alphaboys.
Michael he disliked. Britt Nic disliked.
No, I didn’t hear Aly say that because to Jasmine she said Kyle wanted her to work with those people so she had to be careful. And they didn’t add one plus one.


How hilarious it is that Evil Elvis felt it was totally warranted to treat Taylor like dirt – to say she needed to use her time on the block to apologize to everyone. But Michael READ HIM for all the crap he’s done using the same line in his speech which actually IS WARRANTED b/c he talked smack about Taylor, Britt, Michael, Indy, etc and was a bully & misogynistic a$$hole – – but he can’t accept that reality. It would mean owning his crap & what a shallow person he is.

So he’s SEETHING & wants to trash Michael in his eviction speech. The delusional FOUTTE 2.0 actually are buying that Joe will vote with them & Ally will turn on Kyle in order for Dan to stay in the house.

The only sad part of this equation is how much crap Michael is going to take & now Ally & Jas both want him & Monte to be the next targets. HOPEFULLY, it backfires & only serves to make Monte realize he needs Michael to STAY in the game.

As much as I dislike Evil Elvis, I’m really out on Tactless Terrance who arbitrarily decides who he wants to spew bile about to try to paint targets on them. Umm – it’s not really that surprising in truth b/c he thinks Joe/Kyle are dumb (that’s how dumb he is – he buys their “gosh, I’m an idiot act”.

I wonder if Joe will throw the comp or if they get exposed on Thursday when Evil Elvis leaves if that will draw a line in the sand.

I mean they’ve drawn that line TWICE but these Delusional Dummies keep believing they are masterminds week after week. I swear the DR staff are working overtime by riling up the Delusional Dummies side to buy their own hype. It’s insanity.


I agree! Terrence is sooo annoying! His family and friends have to be so embarrassed by him and his ignorant game play



FOUTTE (Five Of Us Til The End) became FOUITJ (Five Of Us In The Jury), but the 2.0 Version won’t even make it that far. They have some of the worst reads in BB history.


I’ve been a BB fan and a fan of this site (Simon and Dawg rock!) for many years and Season 20 was one of my favorites because of the FOUTTE alliance and how they toppled like bowling pins week after week, and each clueless what was happening! Such fun! I wish I could muster up a little bit of sympathy for Daniel for his predicament this week but he’s just not that great of a person (he’s told you, believe him), and he’s a really bad BB player. Just because you’re a self called Super Fan, doesn’t equate to being good at the game. I’m a Cardinals super fan but I definitely couldn’t hit a fast ball. Go home Daniel and perhaps think about cleaning up your mediocre personality. In just a couple of weeks or so, people will say “Daniel who?”

un autre nom

Joe has been sent by the convenience store (oldskool) to spy on the house (leftovers) to see if they are plotting.
Joe reveals the blame Britt plot, that they think they have Joe and Alyssa’s vote…
and that Kyle was intended to be the spy that brought everything to them, so Joe is on a probationary placement.
Kyle says if he can convince Jas to keep him, then the alliance remains hidden (no, the alliance doesn’t remain hidden, Joe and Kyle remain hidden and he can keep stringing Alysssa).
Joe says he hates the blame Britt part of their plan. Their execution sucks.
(I still don’t buy Joe’s lying skills… but the convenience store does).

What is missing: I’m not sure if Kyle or Joe know this (it’s late and I can’t actually recall at the moment)… they don’t know Jas and Terr say Kyle is the next target.
I think Terr made this up hoping to cause strife so he isn’t the next target.
What makes no sense: If Dan leaves Jas/Terr think they can still get Kyle to take their shots for them after they vote to evict him. Not everyone has a Terrance level memory.
Scary thing is, Kyle would consider taking those shots if this plan didn’t exist. Knowing they are trying to vote him out might change his mind.

What I smell: d/rgremlins. We’ve got Elvis pouting that he’s not going to campaign. called to D/R. Comes out and commiserates with Terrrance who is called to D/R. We’ve got Terrance fresh from D/R going to Jasmine and Daniel. Daniel called to D/R again and Jasmine and Terrance call in Joe. Daniel out of D/r is now plotting with Terrance while Jasmine is in D/R, and we’ve got Jasmine joining the plot to keep Elvis renewed when she leaves D/R. Check it out in terms of D/R calls and plots.


What is so scary about trusting Kyle, Kyle seems to sway or believe crap that is fed to him very easily. Now with that being said, I can’t believe Jasmine thinks that she can try and get Alyssa to vote Kyle out, keep Daniel, Alyssa has always said she doesn’t like Daniel.

Kyle makes me very nervous, he just does not seem to have a strong backbone and can step up, take charge and make a big move. Kyle just seems like a follower, that’s the vibe I get from Kyle, he is the mild version of Evil Elvis when it come to being paranoid.


Great observation on the D/R intervention after Elvis declared he won’t campaign. Elvis is one of the sorest losers (not to mention all-around unlikeable HGs) in modern BB. I’ve been MIA much of this season, so I missed it, but I’m assuming Elvis has been noped?

un autre nom

Yup. Elvis and CopChef got noped.
Terrrance, Jabba the Nut and Kyle are in the red zone. If I cared enough about Indy’s opinions to listen to her, she’d likely join them.


Worst ‘expect the…….’ this season is the festie bestie! What a crock OS!


I’m a BB fan and love this site, but I have never commented before. However, the “Taylor Just Wants to be in a Showmance” made me laugh and prompted me to comment. I do not understand the love for this girl and why she continues to rank so high on the ranking grid. Yes, I get that she was bullied, but some of the remarks made in comments here would be considered bullying if they were said on the show. She started the show prancing in her red swimsuit with the guys at the pool table. If this was not a failed attempt to get into a showmance, what else was it? She has made no big game moves, she’s a FLOATER and floaters are usually viewed negatively here. In addition, she’s getting a great edit from CBS. When she was put on the block last week, Julie told viewers she was “totally blindsided” which was not true. CBS pushing for her to be fan favorite? From my perspective she’s hanging on for dear life just as Brittany has been forced to do since the beginning, yet Brittany is constantly criticized while Taylor gets the love fest. “I was Miss Congeniality. . .” BB is not a pageant. Ugh!


And the other girls were clearly all wearing baggy sweatpants. Your argument makes absolutely no sense. Who cares if Taylor was a pageant girl and who cares what she wears? I think you’re just highlighting your own insecurities because you couldn’t friends around in a red bathing suit and look as good as Taylor does.


My point was her one game move-an attempt to get into a showmance didn’t work and she’s been a floater ever since. Floaters don’t usually get a lovefest on this site, so I don’t understand why she ranks above other players who are at least making an effort to play the game. Not sure what you mean by “couldn’t friends around in a red bathing suit” but if it’s a shot at how I look or my “insecurities” as you suggest, you might want to refrain from making remarks about people who you have never met.


“you might want to refrain from making remarks about people who you have never met.”

To be clear, when did you meet Taylor?


Boo hiss


We all met Taylor July 6th and we’ve seen her 2 or 3 times a week since then.


I’m not interested in your petty remarks.


Most are here to post about houseguests. It’s ok. Oh, and…..we haven’t met them. We judge by actions, silent talks to the camera and behavior. If houseguests are nasty, pig stys, attention whores, deplorable or just plain idiots we can call them out as we like. All opinions are welcome. Don’t like the opinion……scroll on by with your self righteous self.


At the start of every season, HG’s personalities are over the top in DR sessions and for show. I’m pretty sure it is encouraged by TPTB. That is why, for me, it’s hard to pick a favorite right off the bat. Some people cool it on the exaggeration and some just can’t quit (Jasmine’s accent. Ugh)! Of course others, show their true selves. I would not be surprised if production jumped on Taylor’s pageant history. The mean girls were petty from the start and ostracized her. She wasn’t lying when she told Monte he was being discussed as a target.

The mean girls went above and beyond to turn the whole house against Taylor. When nominated, Evil Elvis gave a very cruel, condescending speech which was cringe worthy and humiliating for Taylor. That was just the beginning. The overreaction Nicole had when Taylor was only trying to be supportive and the retelling to Dan and others leading to his explosion ? What was Taylor doing? Praying for Nicole’s mother. She also shared with Monte a very personal struggle.

So yeah, there are many sympathetic people that don’t care for the way she was treated/bullied and are rooting for her. Plus, throughout all of the BS, I think she handled herself pretty well. She is contributing to her alliance. She did willingly go on the block … again.

Tasha Angelle

It’s not that serious love and just because she hung out with the guys doesn’t mean u have to judge her as such…because for me I know alot of women have more male friends then female friends for the same reason here..jealousy. Paloma had this for Taylor since the jump and the other females followed along. It’s said to see anyone get mistreated, bullied etc even in the limelight of Brittany. I hate the mean girl thing but Paloma pulled everyone under her wings against Taylor from the jump. So that’s why u see the love for this gurl here.

Buh Bye

Well, Taylor was on the block from the beginning on some trumped up charges while being constantly bullied, yelled at and ostracized, so “big game moves” haven’t really been available to her. I will say that her jumping on the chance to join the LO alliance WAS a good move on her part. As far as the dressing in a red swimsuit to attempt a showmance, I’ll just say to never underestimate productions hand in forcing these showmances. For some reason, Grod thinks we all want to watch Love Island and not Big Brother. That being said, Taylor appears to be a confident woman in real life. That can be VERY intimidating to insecure women like Jasmine. All that being said, it’s time for her to step up and win something.


While she hasn’t won any comps I’d argue her social game within the Leftovers is arguably the best of the group especially considering where she started from.

She was ostracized by the house and that situation got more pronounced in Week 1 b/c Monte spun a tale that he never bothered to fact-check until after he was two hours into digging Taylor’s grave.

The reality was Monte was so concerned this cast would be hyper-sensitive to the Cookout winning last season that it would put an immediate target on his back since he was the closest in semblance to Xavier (an intelligent, physically fit, likable alpha male).

Eventually, Monte woke up Paloma and presented her with what Taylor had relayed to him regarding keeping an eye on the 4 alphas in the HN room. He spun the tale to be more aggressive like they had to be targeted & the truth was Pal DID say that. Getting exposed caused Paloma to turn up the heat on Taylor as she/Monte hit the HOH room to push Evil Elvis to put her OTB.

While some have suggested she got saved by Paloma’s exit that IS NOT TRUE. In fact, if the week had progressed as planned then Brittany would’ve been safe & one of Paloma or (likely) Alyssa would’ve had to compete against Taylor to determine the first evictee. Based on the comp (the one where Butterbean Muffin Top sprained her ankle) Taylor would’ve beaten either of them.

The person Taylor initially bonded with was Michael who was the only person that stayed in rooms with her. Everyone else would ghost her & leave the second she arrived. Michael spoke about this in his late-night rant recently. B/c he’s tight with Britt & she also was feeling ostracized this trio forged a bond & F3.

At the time Po’s Pack was the strongest alliance in the house but due to Paloma leaving Monte/Ameerah decided her position needed to be filled & landed on Nicole. This is pivotal to Taylor’s story bc of how Nic/Amee responded to Monte preferring Pooch stay/Taylor leave argument as they got (Nic esp) aggressive with Monte. That encounter combined with how Amee was all over the house led to the formation of The Leftovers.

Taylor’s bonds to Michael/Britt directly aided in her inclusion with the LOs bc Michael & Kyle spent much of the week prior game talking & created a F2 plus a F3 with Britt (the Outsiders). Both spoke very highly of Taylor to Kyle. When the Pound formed & they recognized the need to add more people to take down the other side Joe/Turner initially pushed for Terrance & even Daniel but Kyle pushed for Michael/Britt/Tay knowing he was close to two of them & Monte who had grown to really like Michael agreed.

So Ameerah is blindsided & the Leftovers celebrate – Monte wins HOH & during this past week Taylor is frequently up late with Joe and/or Turner which has strengthened those bonds. In addition, she talks frequently to Monte who is now over what happened in week 1 and has gained a great deal of respect for Taylor.

Bottom line – if you took a poll of the seven, the person who would rank the highest cumulatively would be Taylor. Sure, she hasn’t won anything (yet) but I don’t know how she could be titled a “floater”. If anything Kyle & Joe have played more of a floater game even though I definitely wouldn’t call Joe a floater – Kyle I’m iffy on giving that title.

Of the 12 in the house, Indy & Terrance are playing the biggest ‘floater’ game b/c neither is winning comps & kiss a$$ to whoever is in power. Granted Terrance THINKS he’s playing & strategizing based on a false belief that his campaigning was the reason Ameerah left.

Anyway, it’s just my opinion but the Leftovers have control of the house – are the stronger players & Taylor is positioned in the middle of the group & other than with Kyle she has the best relationships with the majority of the group (Turner IMO would be a close second). That is a strong skill set & as long as the non-Leftovers don’t win HOH will get her far. If LO were to reach F7 intact I’d be surprised if she was the first or even second target.

Considering the poor girl was confined to her bed b/c of how the house treated her in week one – that’s a major accomplishment & one that mixed with some luck & timely comp win(s) could find her sitting in a F2 seat.

So, I wouldn’t call her the best player in the house and I wouldn’t rank her ahead of Joe, Michael or Turner — however, having a great mix of social, strategic & competitive ability isn’t always enough to win Big Brother.

It’s called a social game for a reason & while I doubt the bitter Betty’s/Terrance would ever give her the victory (unless she sat beside Britt, Jas or Indy) I still think her chances of reaching a F2 chair are higher than almost anyone other than Turner & that’s b/c of her social skills.

In my view, a floater is someone who floats to power, makes little to no effort to win, isn’t considered a must-have addition to alliances & isn’t sought out for their strategic council. Taylor isn’t that ^^^. As for Brittany, I’ve been on an island as someone who likes her & sees her strengths more than others. She has some of the best one-liners in the house (often just by speaking the truth) for example this exchange between her & Turner:

Turner:I would love that if I could take Jasmine out. I think America would love that unless they love her, but I cant imagine that’.
Brittany: ‘If they do, that’s some pretty great editing on CBS’s part!’

Anyway, I thought I’d offer my two cents b/c I’m impressed with Taylor’s social game & how she’s deftly entrenched herself in the LOs. We’ll see how far she gets but I’m hoping for a F5 of Michael, Taylor, Britt, Turner & Joe. I think they offer the most interesting mix of skills, & since they all enjoy each other the feeds should be entertaining late into the season with the least amount of that vile negativity the non-LOs bring to the table.


Perfect time for Alyssa to gain some trust from the Leftovers. She should tell them about the plan to get Kyle out.


Ok, this may be cruel but I know the way that I want Zingbot to appear….By waking them up with loud noises….I am usually up and either working or ready for the day by this time in the morning


Waking them up with loud noises, then walking straight to Jasmine’s stash of stolen snacks and proceeding to take them away from her one by one. Cue the Jasmine Zing.


OMG! There is so much material when it comes to Zingbot. Too bad Daniel won’t be there to get his.


Do these people even know the game of BB?? Why are they tolerating showmances?? Use to be one would be a target because they are 2 votes. And they believe Kyle and Alyssa vote on their own?? I’m usually patient and give the cast some time to settle in and play but I can’t with these idiots!


eh, showmances can be numbers, some times i think people are too quick to vote them out.


My husband said if he hears the phrase “Festie Bestie” on the TV one more time he’s going to smash it…..lol


My husband doesn’t watch and always calls the show “Big Bother”, but he doesn’t mind that I’m a fan. He just finds something else to do while I watch!


Please ask him if I hear TAYLOR one more time will he come and smash my tv ??


These convenience store people have got to be the dumbest Hg in BB History!!!

They gave all spent their entire game trying to get Taylor out and when it did not happen 3 times it never occurred to them until recently there is a big alliance

1. Alassy still thinks this is love island and has no strategy other than her showmance.

2. Indy came into the house thinking she would be the hottest girl there and since she is not her only strategy is to hate on Taylor.

3.jasmine only strategy is to lay around eat food boss people around talk in her fake accent and of course hate on Taylor
4. EE has spent all his time playing Paloma Ammerah and CC game decided early on not to bond with the masculine men in the house and his big move has been to try to get Taylor out of the house his new strategy is keep me I have no one it makes no sense trying to get me out. Yet Taylor was in the same position he is in now there times and he never said that about her
5. Terrance I really don’t no what to say about him. I really just think he is the dumbest he was in the best position of them all and threw it away for the people that voted him out
I predict that EE will do a Paloma and pooch and say in his exit interviews that Taylor was a problem he was protecting his friend I think Paloma and CC will dump him to save themselves


Ok, this explains a lot hearing Daniel talk to Terrence right now


I hate to nit pick but Jasmine has the worst eating manners! Eats with 2 hands, utensil in one, uses bare fingers to push food on utensil, all the time! She doesn’t lick her fingers or use a napkin to wipe. So gross. Rant over.


So much more you can say about her hygiene and piglike behavior. Forever searching for attention. So so over her.


Dear TPTB,
Jasmine’s voice is like nails on a chalkboard, very annoying. After they get rid of Dirty Evil Elvis, can a double eviction take place to get rid of Jasmine and Terrence? Pretty please…

Thanks in advance!


you didn’t say anything about Donny’s voice, you just don’t like Jasmine because she’s black(ish)

Rachel not Rielly

I dont think it has anything to do with that. Donny was just himself same with sam where as jasmine plays up the accent. I also find it so annoying.

un autre nom

Michael eating his feelings early this morning after learning that Terrance and Jasmine want his head on a pike.
“you want good tv? IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT? I’ll give you good fuc*ing tv. Not good for you.”
So Michael knows bbcan2. Far cry from being the Sabrina of the cast…. but he knows at least the season moments.
Of course his actual base level personality won’t let him actually go off on a Sabrina tear.
He’s already back to play nice mode today.
Remember when I said he was HOH cocooning? Well now he doesn’t know what’s been going on in the house because people didn’t come to him, and he’s relying on intel from Joseph.

Britt is still worried the outside world fanbase is going to be mad at her for playing against other women. What the outside world shakes their head at is consistently running to spill every drop of information she has to exactly the wrong person because she thinks giving everyone everything will make them like her and keep her safe. She shoots herself in the foot. That’s where I see people getting annoyed and rolling their eyes.

Daniel is mad Turner laughed when he was put on the block with his own words ‘take the opportunity to apologize for what you’ve done.’ Gee, add it to Turner’s speech about dogpiling/bullying and Turner makes perfect sense laughing… but Daniel’s skewed perception twisted Taylor into the bully (she caused Paloma’s breakdown).

A prodonote that slipped a while ago that i never mentioned: Taylor thinks she was cast as the meangirl bitch role, but things went awry (her intro supports that belief).
A prodonote2: house guests said the ramp wasn’t as steep this season in OTEV.
A side note: hair growth patters would lead me to believe that Jasmine should have a half inch of roots since they’ve been in sequester or in the house for at least 6 weeks. She says she dyed her hair black over her natural blonde. anyone seeing a 1/2 inch of blonde roots?

un autre nom

How long before Elvis tells Alyssa that Kyle is against her because he hasn’t had sex with her yet, and she needs a real man like Elvis?
His creepy leering and general philosophy wouldn’t make this a stretch.
He’s fresh from YET another D/R visit and itching to campaign.
Where’s the sewer grate and the red balloon when you need them?