“I’m trying to SHIP Joseph and Taylor.. it will piss off Indy and Jasmine.. and that will stir something else up” **updated**

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Michael
Nominees: Terrance, Monte & Joseph Kyle and Daniel
POV Players: Terrance, Monte, Joe, Brittany, Michael Jasmine and Turner; (Taylor is hosting)
POV Winner: Michael & Brittany
Veto Ceremony: Veto was used Kyle and Daniel nominated
Havenots:  None so far

Lock your ranks in before midnight


Festie Besties:

Turner & Jasmine
Joe & Monte & Terrance
Daniel & Kyle
Brittany & Michael
Alyssa & Indy & Taylor

The Situation

It’s been a slow day.. Nothing has changed Daniel still getting evicted.

1:22 pm Alyssa and Kyle
Classic showmancing..
Alyssa – I’m trying to SHIP Joe and Taylor and Joe was like no Me and Kyle are the same. When you and Kyle decide (to kiss) I’ll kiss Taylor
Kyle – in front of Taylor
Alyssa – he was like I want to take it slow I find her really pretty.. she was like what are you guys saying
Kyle – But she couldn’t hear though..
Alyssa – not really
Kyle – Just in the room
Alyssa – I want that to happen because that takes our attention Plus it will piss off Indy and Jasmine.. and that will stir something else up”
Kyle – Oh my gosh
Alyssa – I’m really trying to ship it
Kyle – you think there’s a chance they will
Alyssa – BIG TIME. Taylor pulled me aside and said thank you for saying that stuff.

3:57 pm Jasmine and Alyssa
Jasmine – baby girl it’s not looking good for Kyle
Alyssa – why?
Jasmine – they are taking over the house and if we lose Daniel we don’t have the numbers they’ll pick us off one by one once Daniel gets out. They’re going to recruit Kyle onto their side.
Alyssa – who’s telling you this Daniel? He’s making shit up
Jasmine – no not Daniel. Terrance. Joe knows now he was up there last night with them.
Jasmine – Monte, Turner, Brittnay, and Michael they’re all up there in the TIKI Room. WE look like the ones that are ODD out.
JAsmine – Kyle is like a neutral person.. I don’t know it scares me. I’m like if we kept Kyle like that’s all of our games. If we vote to keep Daniel then we finally split the house.
ALyssa – if we split the house our side will never win.
Jasmine- they’ll kill us anyway
Kyle joins them..

4:06 pm Jasmine and Kyle
Kyle explains the Monte HOH and how Daniel came to him telling him Monte doesn’t want him to use the veto because they don’t have the votes to get out Taylor.
Kyle – he talks to Monte with Nicole for an hour while I’m just chilling.
Kyle – Daniel comes down (from HOH) and tells me this whole spew about how Monte doesn’t want him to use the veto to take out Alyssa or Indy. I was like WHAT!
Kyle – I’m like the plan has been Taylor this entire time. I go up to talk to Monte for 5 minutes before we’re called into the DR and he basically said no plan is as is. I let them know some things that were said. He said I just wanted Daniel to know this information and that was it. I was never told not to use the veto I was not told any of that.
Jasmine – Daniel was like ‘you need to keep me because they are coming for you all’
Kyle – you think monte wanted Alyssa gone?
Jasmine – he wants all the girls gone. He’s coming for you next because he wants to break up the showmance. I wasn’t there to hear this Kyle
Kyle – how could he think I wouldn’t use the veto with Alyssa on the block? he must be out of his mind.

Jasmine – I don’t know who you are aligned with but I don’t want you coming after me.
Jasmine says she knows which alliance in the house is coming for them.
Jasmine – it is Monte, Turner, Brittany, Michael, and Taylor
Kyle – Joe?
Jasmine – he does not trust me I’m like this (crosses finger) with Joe.
Kyle – that’s such a random group. How can Monte and Joe not be together
Jasmine – Pay attention. you have to really pay attention
Jasmine – that’s the alliance they are trying to pick me off, Alyssa, Indy, and Terrance off.
Jasmine – you want me to be real with you. This is Big Brother. You’ve watched the game right?
Kyle -yeah
Jasmine – you’re telling me Michael has a chance at Monte to take a shot and doesn’t take it.. WHy?
Jasmine – everyone in America is wondering why. You just showed me your hand. You wanted to keep your word.. I’m sorry I don’t believe it.
Kyle – I want to work with Alyssa moving forward and you’re her number one.. we have to work together Jasmine
Kyle says he’s going to have to pull some big game moves to win this game. Right now he would lose to Monte and Michael. He thinks he could beat Brit and Taylor. Unsure about Turner.
Jasmine about Joe – I know he plays around INDY but he’s pretty close to me.

Kyle – Michael showed his cards by not keeping Monte up there.. everyone wanted him out.
Jasmine – baby this is big brother you know how it’s played. It’s too early to be like OHHH MY WORD
Kyle – I’m close with Alyssa, She’s really close with you. I want to work with you. that was my intention I will never put you up I am never coming after you. I want me and Alyssa to go to the end.
Jasmine – I’m not one of those people that will take that out on you.
Jasmine – I had a final 2 with Ameerah.
Kyle – I’m sick of being last minute left in the dark.

4:05 pm Michael and Brittnay
Michael – I know you said sometimes Monte makes jokes like WOMAN.. have any of the other girls in the house said that to you?
Britt – that’s just what I picked up on
Michael – I did notice him say that.. Do yo think if I asked Alyssa and be like Hey is that something that is making you or any of the other women uncomfortable? if it is I noticed it yesterday I didn’t notice it before. I don’t want that to get back to Monte.
Britt says if it was a problem Taylor would pick up on it the most. “I don’t think he means anything by it.. He’s a very Alpha male-dominated thing.. his way of joking”
Britt – for me it’s very.. Disconcerning.. we need him out here sooner than later in terms of leftovers..
Michael – yeah ..

4:32 pm

4:50 pm Trouble?
Indy is telling him that staying up until 5am is bad for his body.
(so hoping for some nasty love triangle to start between them)

5:09 pm Michael, Brittnay, and Kyle
Kyle warns them about Joe. “he’s all hyped about it oooh we’re going undercover. I don’t have those personal relationships with those people like he has. If I break that trust it’s like F-Kyle”
Kyle – what benefits and risk are there.. they think I am Alyss’s toy and then jasmine is like ‘I can control Joe I am his Number one’
Kyle – I’m like .. it’s insane
Michael – She’s delusional
Kyle – she’s delusional but Joe is also really good at this game. I was like Joe and Monte are so close that’s like their one and two they have MOJO she’s like NOPE not at all they are not working together he sat here with me Terrance and Daniel and told me everything how he was left out of the loop blah blah blah.
Kyle – I’m like that is a powerful thing he can do. Sit there with three people..
Brittnay – they believe him

Brittnay says Alyssa is realizing that how her side is playing is not smart “She doesn’t want to sink with that ship”
Kyle points out that Jasmine is stepping up as the ring leader of the other side maybe they can take her out instead of Alyssa.
Michael – it’s so funny, why are we so scared of the women in an ankle brace but at this point, I am full on board sending Jasmine home.
Kyle – maybe Alyssa is playing me I don’t know
Michael – at some point she won’t have the option she will need us. Once Daniel is gone and if jasmine goes next. What will she do? try to ride it out with Indy and Terrance.
They laugh
Brittnay says Alyssa has a good chance to win the wall comp. “So does Indy”
Michael – I would put my money on Indy.
Kyle points out that Turner stays up really late and is building a relationship with Taylor and Joe “really well.. I’m just thinking of the hierarchy in the seven”
Michael says Turner likes Alyssa personally if they get Alyssa on their side they can pull Turner closer.
Kyle – Joe has them completely fooled he’s in there talking to them.
Brittany – Joe loves being the secret agent.. it could blow up in his face.
Kyle – Yeah..
Kyle says it’s great that the other side is doing all this against Monte. “that gets rid of all my fears that JOe and Monte have a plan B”

5:35 pm Indy and Jasmine
Jasmine – We need numbers
Indy – we have our Final 2
Jasmine – who?
Indy – we need to make a final 2
Jasmine – with who?
Indy – me and you
Jasmine laughs
Jasmine – me and Alyssa don’t have a final 2.

Feeds cut.. when we’re back
Indy – boyfriend I didn’t come here for that..
Jasmine- I came here to bring home the money.

Indy says her man back home is a “freaking nerd” he’s writing a book.
Indy – you can be handsome and hot so what That goes away my friend. I want a badass man that can raise my kids well that is what I want.
jasmine – I just feel so bad what i told you
Indy – it is natural
jasmine – ok
Indy – we’re here.. you know.. we don’t see much. we don’t enjoy ourselves much. It’s natural. That is why I don’t pinch myself alot.

Jasmine – I know Joe won’t do anything without us. We had a good talk yesterday. He was like you and Indy are my number ones (LOL)
Indy – awwww that’s so sweet I love him
Jasmine – Michael will win this game unless we…
Indy – put him out
Jasmine – I’m not saying we do this next week. He can possibly win again. This is my thing I gave Michael my word I wouldn’t put him up. his resume is incredible. He’s been on the block he’s won every Veto except one.
Indy – someone will backdoor him?
Jasmine – they will have to
Indy – when they do he’s gone
Jasmine – he’s going to take out Daniel who was bullying someone in the house. His resume is incredible right now. He’s nice and nobody hates him
Indy – I love him
Jasmine – me too.. if he has a final two he’s got a final 2 with Brittnay
Indy – this b1tch ..
Jasmine – I hate how she tries to lie to me and I see right through it.
They both go on about how much they like Brittany as a person “She’ll make the sweetest mom but in this game”
Indy – I want to get the HOH during the double eviction I will take out everyone..
Jasmine – Taylor, and Brittany
Jasmine – it will be either this coming week or next week.

6:23 pm HOH Monte, Alyssa, Michael, Joe, Brittany, Kyle
Indy is hunting for Joe. They see her on the HOH TV. She heads up to the HOH so they all hide.
Indy comes in.. looks around “all the shoes are here”

They now hide on Jasmine
Jasmine – where is everybody
Turner – have nots..
Jasmine – why would they be there
Turner – conspiracy against us..

Taylor comes up and Jasmine tells her they are all in the have-nots. Taylor goes into the have-nots and of course, doesn’t find anyone. She goes back to the HOH and finds the group “were you all in the bathroom?”

6:38 pm All four feeds on Terrance
“reverse the block.. reverse the block”
Production calls him into the Diary room.

6:48 pm Terrance and Daniel
Daniel – I have usch a good ploy for when they go “why did you guys vote the way you did Alyssa and Indy, I saved them so they want to return the favour if they stick to their word. Yours was a sympathy vote because I did that for you. Jasmine would be I made a deal with her week one that if I don’t put her up she won’t vote me out when I’m on the block. it’s so easy.. She was like what do we say when they ask why we voted. Here I go.. Sympathy votes, we made a deal week one and you want to stick to your word. The girls want to repay the favour. It all flows.
Terrance- adn the last vote came from?
Daniel – Brittnay
Feeds cut.. when we’re back Daniel is fantasizing about staying on Thursday..

7:07 pm Daniel and Terrance
Terrance says Turner was compariing being in the big BRother’s house to being a 1940’s housewife.
Daniel – no..
Terrance – it’s like Prison
Daniel – ohh yeah tell that to a prisoner and get your ass kicked.
Terrance – so many prisoners would love what we have. I was like ahh I started entertaining him.. Ohh I guess so.. Monte was like they get an hour of daylight outside
They both know people that spent time in prison so the comparison is ridiculous to them.
Daniel – my brother use to get it once a day
Terrance – tell that to someone that lost their freedom probably over some bullshit… or whatever. You know..
Daniel – yeah tell them you got paid to be on national television.. It’s just like prison
Daniel – ohh you mean your business is more successful after doing this? ohhh
Terrance – just like prison
Daniel – they got you the food you wanted
Terrance – you get out to leave here you’re more successful.. just like a prison. Just like when people get out of prison guess what? They’re adaptive and go right back into the workforce.
Daniel – and no one judges them…

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indy's gross mammeries

ameerah was the only attractive female hg and now she’s gone. I know that statement probably got me under the wrath of the obb gods (simon and dawg) because they worship the cushions alyssa sits on. taylor has a nice body, but that face could strip paint of the walls.

Just a viewer

Ameerah looks like The Joker

Country Girl can't climb a Tree

you mean Jasmine looks like The Joker


She really has been great TV. Infuriating, annoying, cornpone suspect accent, laughable (those brows!) and ridiculous – but glorious TV watching. I mean, #MuffinGate? Glorious mess, indeed!

The Beef

I still say if she would draw on a thick mustache like he used to do, she’d like exactly like Groucho Marx. That along with the thick drawn on eyebrows and the “dyed” black hair – all she would need is a ceegar.


Are you Daniel?


Nobody cares about your boner.

Why you think anyone cares about your thoughts on strange women’s bodies is beyond me. Entitled creep.


Ugh, your name…


Can we physically analyze the male contestants as well? Or are we only allowed to demean the gals?

No good looking men at all this season. Fat, gay, frat boy, or nerdy. BB provided zero eye candy for the ladies. At least BB Can generally throws in one cutie.




I’d actually really like to hear more superficial judgment of the guys. They are all there for our entertainment. I’m going to judge their looks, personalities, their clothes, their jobs, their moms, their dads and their dogs. Its all part of the deal, have some fun.


Taylor is beautiful! She has the crown to prove it. Stop being a asshole! Amerrah wouldn’t give you a second of her time!


Do you honestly think these women want the approval of some anon named “Indy’s gross mammeries”? Do you think you’re some kind or prize? Do you expect us to believe that Taylor — the actual beauty queen — isn’t up to your standards?


Also: it’s “mammaries.”


Taylor is a beautiful Black woman


Does Jasmine have any redeeming qualities? My observations about Jasmine:

*She has terrible reads.
*She makes demands of other HGs as if they are hired help.
*She treats a hangnail like it’s a terminal illness.
*She’s lazy.
*She’s rude and condescending.
*She has an unhealthy obsession with blaming Taylor.

I’m curious if anyone has seen anything redeemable in Jasmine because as far as I’m concerned, the only three questions I have about her are: 1) How soon can she be evicted? 2) What will be the final straw to get her “noped” by Un Autre Nom, and 3) What will production do with her hidden snacks to keep her from cheating when she’s a Have-Not?

On the other hand, kudos to Joseph for playing her so well. He’s become a breakout favorite for me.


I agree! I can’t wait to see the back of Jasmine going out the door!

No Name

and those are her good qualities.


I see not a single redeeming quality! I am wondering though, is she really hiding snacks in the house?? Where is she hiding them and why?


The movie heavyweights comes to mind


I agree with everything you said, I can’t wait to see her evicted. She rides my last nerve.

Country Girl can't climb a Tree

Don’t forget her obsession with muffins


Her stupidity is entertaining. I love the way Turner deals with her.


I can think of ONE – – not that it’s necessarily ‘redeeming’ but nonetheless something positive comes from it…

She’s been the perfect set-up person for amazing Turner segments:
Whether it’s his Office-esque direct look into the camera, eating her muffin to cause her ire, shooting her down about ferrets, being part of the dogpile he referred to in his nomination speech, citing her over-the-top accent, how fake she is, how she acts like a diva, her milking the ankle injury, or whatever little comments he makes or antics he does to drive her insane.

He’s pole-vaulted to be among the leaders to win the game & is arguably the most likable hamster & much of it occurred b/c of his dislike for JasMEAN.

So at least there’s that 🙂

un autre nom

General thoughts:

  • Britt/Michael thought of Monte’s general he-man woman haters club mentality. I’m not going to check twitter, I already know just how many pearl clutchings and whatabouts are going to be tossed. B/M aren’t wrong. Monte very much has a weird disdain (not just in week one, but during his HOH, and again earlier this week). I’m going to cut off some of what I imagine is the major whatabout: but they were willing to accept Kyle’s bs. This is partial revisionist theory. Michael believed it more than Britt, who bluntly said there was no world where Jas/Indy are working with Taylor. That’s why they were calling her a queen for a day, because she kept clocking Kyle’s crap.
  • Gasmean is spilling the alliance to Kyle now? Again says I hope ur not in it… but here. She’s equated the house to neutrals vs. nerds vs. popular kids and immediately talks about being prom queen. So was Carrie White, maybe the bucket missed. She still thinks she was the mastermind behind getting out Pooch. She didn’t do shit but listen to Ameerah, but m’kay, and even had to be talked into not taking the shot at Taylor instead more than once.
  • Elvis and Crock Pot think Joseph is their golden goose. Elvis is still asking for a special power…. how about the power to disappear on Thursday you creepy asshole.
  • Alyssa is saying she wants to work with Kyle/Britt/Michael and tosses Indy/Jas under the bus a little. Michael asks the girl that regularly goes for toxic relationships if Monte’s demeaning talk bothers her…. it’s probably one of the only things she likes about Monte.
  • Dear Michael… should have thrown OTEV. sorry. Should have. four comps when he was on the block for 2 of them could have been explained. Five in five weeks isn’t a good look for anyone. The fact he doesn’t get it is ridiculous.
No Name

Does Michael winning yet another competition really matter at this point?That ship has sailed from sea to sea.He might as well keep on winning until everyone else starts trying.

un autre nom

He didn’t have to win out in comps before this veto… he could have likely done a partial fade. Taking a loss in OTEV would have helped him. Now he HAS to win out or he’s renom.

Not Jasons Holly

Terrance says he threw it to Michael! Hmmm Can’t wait to see the edit.


JasMEAN also says she threw it bwahhhhhhhhhhhhh

I agree – I already tweeted that I couldn’t wait for the receipts on the edits on both of them!


I have tried so hard to like this season, but Jazzy J makes my skin crawl. I just can’t. I have to watch it on mute when she’s on. I have nightmares of her voice.
And her foot.
Now her muffin.


What does it mean to ship someone? Yes, I’m old.




To cheer on a romantic relationship. To have a crush on someone. The Bennifer effect.


You know those punishments where they are tied/velcroed etc to another person for 24 hours… would you rather it be Todrick Hall or Jazzy J? 🙂

No Name

This season reminds me of the Looney Toons with Taylor as the Roadrunner and all the Wile E Coyotes being evicted.


Meep meep!

Just a viewer

So saying “WOMAN” is a demeaning thing now? Indy started it with “MAN” while in the kitchen cooking week one. It’s only joking banter. Micheal needs to stop. Please don’t start the “I am woman hear me roar” crap to take the focus off of him.

un autre nom

Michael’s plan won’t work, but Monte HAS exhibited a bit of a mysoginistic tone when talking to the other men in the game about women multiple times from week one to now.
It’s not banter.
Is he club in hand cave man in attitude, no. Does he use demeaning tone behind women’s backs while bonding with the guys? Yes. Is he doing it as humor? No. Is he doing it to bond the men and keep them from getting too tight with the women and taking him out? Yes, and that’s been happening for weeks.


So the fact that Kyle is in a showmance with Ally (and Monte KNOWS it) & now Turner/Joseph are getting closer to Taylor which is becoming more noticeable is that going to cause any issues for Monte?

As much as he’s always seemed to be more Pound – all men I also think he was happiest early in the game with the Mamba crew (Po’s Pack) & again now in the Leftovers & that’s bc there is a mix of men & women.

I guess I’m just not fully convinced his desires are for all male F4. I really thought his true intentions were to go with Joe but alongside Indy, JasMEAN & Terrance believing he had the stronger relationship with all three but that got blown up this week so now I wonder if Britt/Taylor will climb higher to replace those individuals in his F4/5.


I know Monte is for the men but how has he talked bad about women exactly lately?

The Beef

He hasn’t that I’m aware of. It’s just the gay guy being overly sensitive to the woman who specializes in dealing with peoples feelings (meditation and shit). It’s way over the top IMHO.

New Kid

He definitely has not. It’s just another attempt of Micheal’s in painting a larger target on Monte’s back, which is so stupid for him to do. I really don’t get why Monte is such a large target. He literally has done nothing note worthy for winning the game. I don’t think these players understand what a threat really is or else they’d stop focusing on Monte and focus on players like Michael, Turner, and Kyle who are way bigger threats due to their social game and ability to win comps. Yet no one’s even looking at them for some reason… especially Kyle which makes no sense since he’s obviously in a showmance and has even admitted it to his alliance! At this point it’s so obvious that Kyle or Michael will win the season since everyone in the house is blinded by their threat level for some reason. The only player that’s playing a really good under the radar game is definitely Joe. It would be nice to see Joe or Taylor win.

un autre nom

I’m looking at the pre-one on one meeting stuff, where Monte and Joseph were saying they’d volunteer to make points with Michael, but at the same time they should push that Indy, Alyssa and Taylor should go on the block if a pawn was required. (the it’s their place tone was very much present).
Go from that to the Leftovers meeting with Michael.
He volunteers but both he and Joseph do mention that it could be reasonable to put the women up on the block, until Taylor says if it HAS to be the women she understands.
Considering it was Monte and Joseph assuring Taylor she wouldn’t be the designated pawn and then pushing (not hard, but consistently) for Taylor to be the pawn again? It’s showing the heirarchy of the alliance in Joseph and Monte’s thoughts there.
In the boys chats that Monte had he did use woman and female with tone. That tone came into the Leftovers meeting when he learned the women he thought were his jury votes (Jas and Indy) were in on the Get Monte plot.
Is he being anywhere near as bad as he was week one and two? Oh no, not at all.
But the tone seeps back in, and I’m not sure he recognizes it.
Michael IS trying to exaggerate the issue to get the target more on Monte because Monte, Joseph, Terrance on the block, Terr goes home. Michael Britt on the block a Leftover goes home, most likely Michael.

The Beef

There’s nothing wrong with establishing a hierarchy with your #1 ride or die even within your own alliance for use further down the rode or for the purposes of using pawns. Pawning Taylor this week would have been dumb for loyalty reasons (as you pointed out days ago), but paranoia always runs deep in the game, so it’s not surprising that they would discuss it between the two of them, and that doesn’t mean they were somehow denigrating her in doing so.

I’m not disagreeing that Monte specifically wants to play with the men. He’s made that quite clear from the beginning of the game. You speak of this “tone” he uses, and then point out he used it when he learned the women he thought were his jury votes were in on the Get Monte plot. Couldn’t that tone be more directed at the people who were trying to backstab him (in his eyes) rather than just women? Maybe in that case they just happened to be women that were catching his ire because of their actions and not their gender. Just a possibility and food for thought.

Monte may be a raging misogynist, but the question ssilva872 asked was “how has he talked bad about women exactly lately?” and if the only answer is he uses this questionable tone sometimes, but hasn’t really said anything out of the way, I think the true answer is he hasn’t said anything bad about them lately – maybe not since his rants against Taylor in week 2 (although I’m not sure what he may or may not have said about Ameerah – but that could be considered game related anyway).


While Jas, Ally & Indy have all stated Michael has to go (& note via backdoor) NONE of them have said they’ll do it personally. I also think Nicole told Jas to bring Michael to the end over the rest of the alphas. Look how many times this week she’s said – not next week I promised him – or not before Monte. Wait until she learns Joe has been lying to her all along!

So in my mind as crazy as it sounds if he’s sitting beside Monte he stays & if he sits beside Britt or Taylor I think he stays as well bc Jas/Indy/Ally all like him more than the girls & he’ll be able to reinforce HE was the guy who never put a woman on the block. Then factor in Kyle who’ll get Turner on his side to keep Michael over Britt b/c he’ll believe Michael will help him take out Monte/Joe.

I just don’t see Michael going in the immediate future. Rather, I think he’s in the Tiffany position of last season where he’ll need to win at HOH at F7 (or Britt/maybe Taylor but I bet she’d put up Kyle before Joe) in order to split Monte/Joe up. If he can accomplish that then his shot at getting to the end improves.


Last night Jasmine had Joseph washing her clothes, this is the same woman who said that she has a problem with asking people to do things for her. She is a lazy, she was barking out orders on how to wash her clothes, and she told him when you put them in the dryer, make sure you use 8 sheets of the fabric softeners, she wants them to smell very fresh. Are you kidding me, 8 sheets ? That is wasteful, but what do you expect from Jasmine.

Wait until Jasmine is evicted and Julie tells her about all of the people in the Left Overs. Jasmine is going to feel like the fool she is, Joseph has played her, she’s not his #1 like she has told Kyle. Per Jasmine, she can control Joseph LOL…

When Jasmine was talking with Kyle about paying attention, I was rolling on the floor laughing. She is the last person to tell someone to pay attention, notice who’s talking with who, who’s always hanging out together.

Jasmine has a horrible read on what’s going on right in front of her face, If she would come up for air, and stop feeding her face, stop laying around the house all day, actually get out and play BB, stop wondering what’s for dinner, what can she snack on, stop being so fixed on hating Taylor and Britt, stop being so petty and Jealous.

Jasmine said Michael should make a big move, he should have kept nominations the same, and they would have voted Monte out. Jasmine was talking with Indy, and who does she say she will nominate if she is HOH, “Taylor & Brittany”.

What a big move Jasmine, you are so fixated and Jealous of Taylor, I don’t understand why Taylor is such a big target too Jasmine. Hope Turner wins HOH, put Jasmine on the block, ankle boot and all, to hell with we can’t nominate Jasmine, she would struggle competing for the Veto, so DAMN what !! Please nominate Jasmine, vote her out.

Jasmine is a lazy, mean, Jealous, entitled, greedy, all about me, annoying person. Every time I see her, she is either laying down, eating or snacking on something, all she does is think of what she can eat next, when she’s not eating, she’s bad mouthing Taylor & Britt.

I want to see her waddle her butt over to the chair where she’s on the block. I cannot wait to see her sitting on the block, seeing Taylor walk around the house care free and happy.

The whole house will vote Jasmine out, I bet they are sick of her just like we are. I’m just so sorry that she gets to go to Jury, she does not deserve it, but I’d rather she her in the Jury House instead of Evil, Dirty looking, over emotional Crazy Elvis wannabe Daniel.

The Beef

I’ll give you a standing O and a big golf clap for this rant! Guess you’re also hoping for an end to the Besties twist so that Turner can put her syrup filled mouth up on the block as well! 😉