Taylor “The second you get like big muscle, whipping your d*** out, we’re the alliance, you’re going home.” **updated**

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Taylor
Nominees: Indy and Terrance
POV Players: Taylor, Indy, Alyssa, Kyle, Terrance, Jasmine (Host is Turner)
POV Winner: Kyle
Veto Ceremony:

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The twist

Wording from the Thursday night show
For the first time ever the game will completely change as the house splits into two groups. These two groups will have no interaction and in a Big Brother first, two completely separate games of Big Brother will play out simultaneously all week long all of it culminating with a double eviction like no other”

Reward / Punishment Veto Results:

– Kyle won the veto
– Alyssa won $5000
– Jasmine won a trip to London, England
– Terrance – “Ink 182” 182 temp tattoos
– Indy has to wear a “Punkitard” for 1 week and perform concerts
– Taylor and Joseph will be chained together for 24 hours.

8:08pm Backyard – Kyle and Brittany.
Kyle – I don’t know what is going on. Brittany – me either and that’s why I thought we could talk to Taylor and do a check in because we hadn’t gotten everyone in the same room. I just wanted to reinforce that its still a thing. Kyle – no yeah, I agree. I hope one of us wins HOH. Brittany – me too. Kyle – I am very curious once we’re all in the same room how that conversation will go. Brittany – I know, we need to do it because we need a ra ra moment. Kyle – I know. I agree. Brittany – it concerns me that Taylor hasn’t .. like at least when Monte was HOH he was like we will all meet tonight… and with her it hasn’t. Kyle – I tried to go up and talk to her and she didn’t let me in. She hasn’t been outside at all. I am just wondering because she talked to Terrance for like an hour and then Terrance came inside and he was like hey we need to talk. So I am sure that Taylor told Terrance that she is going to try and get me to use the veto on him which puts me in a really bad spot. So maybe I will talk to him and then go to Taylor and be like you told Terrance I was going to use the veto before we even chatted about it!? Like what the heck is that?! And like that puts me in a really bad spot if I don’t use it now… and the HOH wants me to use it.. and I go against that?! I mean I am not going to use it because I am worried they might take a shot at Michael. Its just my gut. I could be completely wrong… I feel like it could have been me. And then now that I get safety they’re like ..do you think? Brittany – I don’t know. She is very easily persuaded. Kyle – just the fact that its gone from Terrance, Indy and now to Alyssa .. like I don’t buy it. I might just go talk to Terrance and see where his head is at and see what that conversation was like. Brittany – yeah.

8:13pm Bedroom – Terrance and Kyle.
(FYI – Monte the personal trainer has messed up Alyssa and Terrance’s back. They’re both in a lot of pain and can’t move much.)
Kyle – so how are you feeling? Terrance – I talked to Taylor earlier today. Kyle – what was her sentiment? How did that conversation go? Terrance – good, she said she was going to talk to you. She said that she would ask you to use it to pull me down. She said make sure you talk to Kyle as well. Kyle – I haven’t talked to her yet but I feel like every conversation I’ve had with people in the house .. its like something different is going on. At the moment I’ll be honest I am leaning towards not using it. Terrance – okay. Kyle – but I mean if that conversation changes things .. my biggest worry is she told Alyssa that she is safe, then picks Alyssa for the veto comp, and then Alyssa takes her freaking reward and then gives Taylor the freaking punishment. Terrance – well she talked about that to me and she said that she didn’t care about it. Kyle – yeah I didn’t think it was a big deal. I mean you’re in the comp, Alyssa isn’t going to keep the punishment.. like it just made sense. Alyssa is worried that she might get backdoored or something. Terrance – yeah have the conversation with her .. but I didn’t see you or her name being used in that regard. I don’t know who her big target is but I am definitely not it. Kyle – yeah I will have a conversation with her but I think it is pretty set that if the noms stay the same, then Indy goes. Terrance – okay. Kyle – Indy bosses me around and with me and Alyssa she is constantly telling Alyssa and I how bad it is to be together. She is the biggest threat to my game. If she won HOH she would probably put up me and Monte. Terrance – I am totally freaking fine I promise you that.

8:27pm HOH room – Kyle and Taylor.
Kyle – I just talked to Terrance and kind of let him know where my head was at. I talked to Joseph and Monte and most people in the alliance and I guess there is kind of an idea floating around about Alyssa? Can you maybe explain where you’re coming from? It just went from Terrance, to Indy and now Alyssa.. so catch me up kind of a deal?! Taylor – for me number one.. like this is why I said I was going to be such a bad HOH. Two its almost embarrassing to have targets moving like that so quickly but I have my personal reasons for wanting to get Terrance out of the house and then being a team player.. I had reasons to get Indy out of the house. Like she gets on my f**king nerves. And then .. and so I have to walk you through it because on the surface it seems like the pettiest reason to nominate somebody. I from Alyssa’s perspective joined the Festie Bestie group to protect her. I promised her I would not put her up this week as a nomination. I promised her I would not put her up on the block. I picked her for the veto competition so I am giving her all these reassurances and promises that her in this house matters to me .. I promised her that I would not come after you. Like I was protecting her in ways that I don’t need to be doing. Considering that I also have information that she is not doing the same for me. Kyle – has she said that she is coming after you? Taylor – no. Kyle – I am curious what do you mean outside information? Tylor – it was more the comments that she made about me. Kyle – like on the wall? Taylor – yeah. Kyle – the jealously stuff. Taylor – yeah and I get it but it still happened. And again I don’t want to go after someone for that but don’t say those things in the heat of the moment and then act differently to my face. We get to the veto comp and she swaps the punishment for the prize. Its not about a trip to London for me. I don’t give a f**k about a trip to London. For me in that decision .. my social standing in this house is so good that you with power after announcing multiple times to everyone in the house that you would consider a nomination .. my social standing is stronger than any power you have. For me and anyone that watches the show .. you always take the veto. She is really really good socially. None of us have a reason to get her out of this house. That moment not taking London but the judgement that she was trying to make in that moment that is a reason to send her. Kyle – yeah. Taylor – I hate this. She knows that was a bad decision. If we keep her she will never show a card like that again and we will never have a reason. A good reason or an easy reason to send her to the jury house.

Kyle – from the conversations I’ve had Monte said that he was indifferent between the two, Joseph I got the same vibes, Michael wants Alyssa to stay, Brittany wants Alyssa to stay, Turner would rather Alyssa to stay, I would rather Alyssa stay. And have Indy be the one that leaves this week. Taylor – oh.. so little flip flopping from some people. Kyle – that is literally the conversations I’ve had today. Taylor – I don’t like you taking the blow back. Kyle – oh I am fine with it. Do you think I am getting Indy, Terrance, Jasmines vote at the end of the game?! I don’t talk to them any more ..I don’t like even having the fake alliance. Taylor – if you were told that I was hard sold on Alyssa. Kyle – no it was never like that. What risk is it that they know we’re working together at this point. Taylor – the second you get like big muscle, whipping your d**K out, we’re the alliance, you’re going home.. that’s when things get tested. I am so afraid of taking that risk because this is so good. What if you’re HOH next week or the week after and you have to put Alyssa on the block? Kyle – I am fine with it. Taylor – that is easier than all of this? Kyle – I think so honestly to use the veto knowing that she is going to get backdoored is … when there are three other options is more difficult to me than saying listen I had this alliance that you never knew about it was either you or Terrance or whatever ..like you’re going home. That to me feels.. its just the necessity of it. Alyssa has to go at some point and I hope this doesn’t reflect that I am trying to save a showmance because its not like that. Taylor – no. Kyle – its more that the two that are on the block .. I don’t feel comfortable saving either of them and I want one of them to go home and that is Indy. Taylor – I respect that.

9:15pm HOH room – Kyle, Monte, Taylor, Joseph and Turner.
Kyle explains everything that he just explained to Taylor above. Taylor – for me the shifting targets all week was about exploring options. Joseph – Alyssa’s bad gameplay presented itself for us to entertain the option for her. There is no good reason to.. like Kyle if you get HOH next week you will just have to basically say I am in an alliance Alyssa, I need to send you home. Kyle – Well I mean at that point I feel like more people are on board with Jasmine? I don’t know. Turner puts his hand up (lol). Jasmine joins them and the conversation ends.

9:25pm Big Brother gives the house guests alcohol and birthday hats, cake, etc for Jasmines birthday in two days.

9:35pm HOH room – Michael, Brittany and Taylor.
Taylor – before they walkin .. this is going to sound really aggressive but did you guys tell Kyle that you prefer Indy to go instead of Alyssa? Turner and Monte walk in. Michael – I will say in front of everyone ..my order is Jasmine on top of everyone and between the other three the only other person that said they would put me up is Terrance. So to be honest Indy and Alyssa are my bottom two but I do note that they are the two most physical competitors that the other side has so if one of them goes this week.. Taylor – that prevents them from winning and having the opportunity of putting you up. Michael – but between them I am open either way and I told Kyle that. From my personal game I don’t see either of them as a direct threat to me. Brittany – I feel the same. Jasmine distrusts me the most and among the three others its all kind of a wash. I don’t recall talking to Kyle about that specifically, I think we talked in more general terms. Turner – for my personal game Alyssa is all the way at the bottom but that’s because I am friends with her. Taylor – do you guys feel exhausted with how I have shifted targets over the last few days. Monte – no I think the conversations have to be had because you have to consider all options. I think opportunities have presented themselves in the last few days. I think if Kyle feels that its best for his game not to use the veto and he is fine with whatever repercussions come from that as far as me not being the backdoor option or whatever.. then I am fine with it. I’m indifferent with whoever on that side goes out. Joseph talks about how pissed Terrance is if Kyle doesn’t use the veto. Joe – Terrance was like he (Kyle) is thinking with his d**k and I am quoting ..Kyle is thinking with his D**K and them damn showmance things always lead to sh*t like this. He is pissed!

9:56pm HOH room – Alyssa, Michael, Brittany, Turner, Taylor, Joseph and Jasmine are hanging out and chatting.

10:22pm – 10:45pm HOH room – Taylor and Indy. (Taylor playing dumb to protect her jury vote with Indy)
Indy – I think Kyle is afraid to use the veto. Taylor – why? Indy – do you have any … did you say anything about Alyssa for him? Taylor – no why would he think that!? Indy – I think that he is afraid that you gonna put Alyssa up. Taylor – why would I put Alyssa up?! Indy – I don’t know .. maybe because of the London thing or stuff like that. Taylor – that’s petty. Indy – if you can please tell him. Talylor – yeah, have you talked to him? Indy – yeah and he is seconds thoughts .. bla bla bla. Taylor – he told you he is having second thoughts? Indy – yeah. Taylor – when did he say that to you? Indy – right now. Taylor – okay. Indy – he came and talked to you? Taylor – yeah but not about .. he basically knows that I told Alyssa that I would protect her so I don’t know why he thinks that I would put Alyssa up. I don’t know why he wouldn’t use the veto. Well I need that veto used because I have someone I want to put up that I need to get out of this house… so if that veto isn’t used .. my HOH is f**ked!! So I will be sure that he uses that veto and as soon as I have confirmation that he is going to use it .. I will come talk to you. You said that he told you he was going to play for you and use it on you. Indy nods. Taylor – so why the f**k would .. does Alyssa think I’m going to put her up? Indy – no I don’t know. Taylor – We’ll take care of this. If noms stay .. Terrance would go. Indy – yeah I know but.. Taylor – I know, lets not put you there. One time I get HOH and I trusted Kyle.. Do you think he is working with Monte? Indy – I don’t see that. Taylor – at least this is easy to fix, I’ll fix it. Jasmine joins them. Taylor continues to play dumb. Alyssa joins them. Taylor – I don’t know why Kyle doesn’t want to use the veto. Its seems very straight forward .. Terrance was the one vote to get rid of Kyle last week. You take Indy down and put up a bigger target. Kyle can have his revenge moment and then we get the actual big target out. Alyssa – and who is the bigger target? Taylor – I am going to keep that close to the chest.. Its obviously Monte but I don’t want to be spreading and causing chaos before the veto ceremony tomorrow. Alyssa apologizes for taking the London trip and for giving Taylor a punishment. If I could do it again I wouldn’t take it. Taylor – its okay, we’ll have more than enough money to go to London after all of this.

11:10pm Backyard – Joe, Turner, Kyle, and Taylor.
Kyle – Indy gave me a huge hug. Turner – it was a good 3 minute hug. Kyle – and I’ve never hugged her before. Joe – she made a comment.. Kyle – so I am talking with Indy and Jasmine out here and just basically saying I am not dead set on it.. which is a red flag for them. And Indy throws in my face last week we had the votes to keep Daniel but we kept you. And I am like Okay that makes me feel great! And then she said if I don’t use the veto and she remains on the block she said just vote me out.. I am not going to go to the jury house. I am going home.. that’s what she said. I was visibly upset and I said do you understand how many people would die to be…. and then she started to backtrack very quickly. Joe – she threw the towel in. Taylor – it goes back to what I’ve said .. you drag that person till you don’t need them anymore. So we’re on opposing sides of this.. you said take me out.. take me out.

11:30 pm Backyard
Joe – Noms stay the same.
Kyle – is everyone cool with it?
Taylor- Cool with it
Michael – I’m okay with that

11:35pm Backyard – Monte, Joe, Kyle and Turner.
Kyle – Does he (Terrance) really think that I am going to use it (Veto) on him after he voted me out!? Joe – he literally calls me Monte brothers and Indy comes in and is like why are those two still in the house?!

12am Hammock – Michael, Taylor and Brittany.
Taylor – just use the f**king veto Kyle! Its fine I am just slightly perturbed. Its fine, I’ll be a bitter betty for 24 hours. Brittany – before the veto what was established? Did he say he was going to use it or not? Taylor – MMMMmmHhmmm Because Joseph was going to go up. Brittany – right, things have changed so much its hard to remember. Taylor – so they’ll let Joseph go up as a pawn before they’ll send Alyssa out the door!?!? Michael – I didn’t think about it like that. Brittany – man that veto really screwed up everything didn’t it.

12:39 am Kyle, Brittnay
Kyle – I just get the feeling something was up after we all got talking and were chilling over here. I asked ‘is there anything else we need to talk about as a 7?’
Kyle – there might be a double eviction coming up.. they were like NO things were good.
Kyle adds that Monte said he would put up Alyssa, Joe would put up Jasmine/Terrance.
Kyle – what was this whole charade for the last three days then?
Britt – I know.. I really think a lot of it was fueld on trying to make good TV.
Kyle – I’m telling you she had a FULL sales pitch when I was up there. FULL it took like 15 minutes and she explained it all in detail why Alyssa should go.
Kyle – did you feel like Monte, Joe, and Taylor were all on one side of that issue.
Britt – yeah..
Michael joins them. “How are you feeling?”
Kyle – fine I think we’re all on board.. it felt slike me versus the three of them.
Michael – Turner wasn’t on their side.
Kyle – I could tell that but if it’s like that moving forward. They are easily going to bully.. PUSH their agenda because there are three strong opinions Versus ME.. that is why I was tryign to include you.
Brittany says when she was talking to Taylor she said “Sides of the leftovers”
Britt – Hold on a second there are no sides.. YET.
They tal about taking Jasmine out during the double
Michael – I don’t know the double is a day after her Birthday.. she can’t go up
Kyle – my gut is saying something fishy was going on. Maybe we put Alyssa up and then take Indy out.
Michael – what was the point of all this?
Kyle – that is what I am trying to decipher. I don’t understand any of it. If I don’t understand something it means there’s probably something else going on.
Michael – expecially or Taylor’s game. Why would you want to piss off all the girls (LOL after Promising them all they weren’t going up)
Kyle – they were not happy with me not using it in that conversation. You guys go that feeling to?
Britt – I got that feeling.

12:40am – 1am Kitchen – Joe, Turner, Monte, Brittany, Michael, Taylor and Kyle are chatting and making food.

2:04 am Taylor, Kyle, Brittnay and Michael
Taylor – Indy asked Alyssa to talk to you about using it.
Kyle – I don’t think she cares if Indy goes.
Kyle – what should I say in my speech?
Michael – I’m sorry
Kyle – I’m sorry Brazil.. Indy is going to lose it. I wonder what will happen?
Brittnay – I wonder how the girls will react when she goes home?
Kyle – I think they’ll be fine honestly. Jasmine might be surprised.. Terrance isn’t going to give two shits.

2:14 am to 4:04 am Chit chat and retells in the HOH.

4:25 am They start talking about Indy. She really didn’t understand the concept of the game nor did she respect the game.
Taylor says Indy only knew about the Brazilian version of Big Brother.
Taylor – we’re all going to get some chaos tomorrow.. you me and Kyle.
Kyle – I’ll tell Indy straight up I’m not going to use it.
Kyle says Alyssa already knows the veto isn’t being used and He doesn’t think Jasmine will throw to bit of a fit.

5:03 am Taylor and Joe
Joe says Turner is coming out and he’s on the same page with Kyle.
Taylor – I’m very angry. I feel like my HOH is not a bust it’s just not what I wanted it to be. I’m f**ing furious right now.

5:04 am Taylor, Turner and Joe are still up the rest of the house is zzzzzz

5:25 am

5:34 am Turner and Joe
Joe – taylor wants Alyssa to go home but she doesn’t want to force Kyle.
Turner – it will serve Taylor well to not put Alyssa up because Alyssa thinks she’s going up.
Joe – Kyle never used the veto so she’ll never know which leaves the target on Taylor’s back.
Turner asks him if he’s in a showmance with Taylor
Joe – no… you can ask me anything you’re my boy.. you’re the only boy guy.
Turner – are you like interesting in one another?
Joe – I think she’s cute i think there is potential.. we’re doing the fauxmance thing. I don’t want the leftovers to think we’re the new Kyle and Alyssa.
J oe – she’s cute, there’s potential. we’ve never crossed any line or boundary.
Feeds cut.

5:55 am Taylor, Turner and Joe are still up chit chat..

8:00 am zzzzz. Before finally going to bed Taylor told Joe she’s going to make another attempt to get Kyle to use the veto on Terrance so she can nominated the girl he’s haveing s$x with in the house.

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I hope when they divide the house, if Jasmine is on the side of the house with Turner, please let him win HOH, put Jasmine on the block. He just needs 3 Leftovers with him.

I hope Production is not going to screw this up to purposely mess with the Leftovers. I get the feeling production is tryin to help Jasmine sometimes ?

I could be wrong, but I’m hoping however they divide the house, since it’s going to be a double eviction, I’m fine with Taylor & Jasmine being evicted, I can’t take another Taylor HOH.


taylor’s hoh was such a disaster. how can you not think through that you need to put two non-alliance members on the block? either don’t make that promise to alyssa and indy, be willing to put up jasmine, or throw the hoh comp.

No Name

Oh Taylor,so many fans had your back,and once you get power what do you do?You let production push this fake showmance and I wonder how much they are behind your can’t nominate Jas,then you let Joe pick your target.Disappointing but at least you didn’t make it boring.You showed….well just Daniel.Plus you sped up the end of the Leftovers which Production is planning for next week anyway.


Tried posting this much earlier today but for some reason, it didn’t take. Fortunately, I had a copy so let’s try this again…
The value of Brittany:

Although there are a number of polarizing hamsters this season, the one who is seemingly in that position with fans is Brittany. Many feel she is a floater who contributes nothing while others see her value.

I personally lean more to the latter and this past week demonstrated some of the reasons why I feel that way.

First, players bring different qualities to the table which require different lenses to view their importance. Every cast has standouts in different areas:

  • competition beasts (Michael and potential others who are still throwing comps)
  • social butterflies (Alyssa)
  • chameleons (Kyle -let’s face it half the house thinks he’s dumb, and Taylor bc she adapts based on her audience)
  • manipulators (Joseph)
  • hidden gems – quiet but deadly -(Turner)
  • alpha leaders (Monte – although, I’ll note he’s garnered that rep more for his appearance and quietness than his actual gameplay)
  • Coasters (Terrance and Indy)
  • bully or someone who uses personal to drive their game (JasMEAN)
  • strategists (Britt and Michael fit this bill the most)
  • floaters (in truth Joseph and Kyle are playing the biggest floater games currently as they position themselves in the middle although Joe takes the prize here until he kicks his competitive juices into second gear)

The ideal hamster has the combination of competitive, social, and strategic melded into one. Fans value certain aspects higher than other areas and subsequently pick who they are drawn to or pull for in the game.

Brittany gets IMHO a raw deal from many bc they think she’s simply tied herself to the coattails of Michael and some suggested Taylor but the truth is Britt has given far more in that latter relationship. She’s a valuable team player who frequently is the voice of reason in the room for the Leftovers and often is the perfect wing woman in convos.

Case in point. At the start of this week, it was Brittany who made Taylor see reason regarding nominations. While Taylor wildly threw out putting Turner OTB or (gasp) Turner & Monte it was Britt who pointed out the flaws in that proposal by saying what if a FS won POV & kept noms the same?

Taylor who had already offered to keep the FS girls safe bc she hadn’t thought through the logistics was sweating how to backtrack & Britt again was the one who pointed out the obvious – 1. the girls had made her PROVE her loyalty as a pawn, 2. she could position it as a back door & this would hide the FS girls & her were working together 3. it wouldn’t make it seem like she was targeting a man and most importantly 4. NONE of the FS girls would EVER give her that consideration despite any protestations.

Monte had been trying to find a way to get Taylor to see the errors of her thinking but was struggling. His issue was everything he said tended to sound self-serving but Britt adeptly spun it to show how it impacted Taylor directly.

NOTE: I’ve noticed this dynamic in a few LO discussions and find Britt is the one player who serves as the best yin to Monte’s yang. He has a tendency to almost sound preachy at times but Britt softens the message or attacks it by walking in the other person’s shoes (READ: what helps them personally). If Monte wasn’t so gung-ho for his all-male team I think Britt would’ve been someone he forged closer ties with earlier in the game bc they are a nice complement to each other.

In fact, for all of Britt’s weaknesses, that may be her greatest strength – DIPLOMACY and INTELLIGENCE. She is one of the only players in this cast that can remove her personal desires (or at least dilute them) in order to appeal to the person she’s speaking to. A telling comment yesterday occurred between JasMEAN & Indy who were discussing the POV comp & opining who they would have picked to be chained to if they were Taylor. Indy said Michael (shocker) but JasMEAN said Brittany — BECAUSE SHE’S NICE!

Yes, the Muffin Top Monster who orders everyone around, has repeatedly said mean things about Britt, finds her disposable and initiated the ghosting of Britt picking her. In a game where people are constantly searching for reasons to put targets on someone’s back & Jas is at the head of the class in that regard this spoke volumes.

As far as competitions go Brittany has two SHARED POVs to her credit. One of which she had no impact on, and the other while only needing to beat one team shouldn’t be discredited. Cruel Chef had planned on sabotaging that comp but admitted she didn’t bc Britt & Michael were so far ahead. Sure, Michael put the puzzle together but make no mistake she was the one figuring out which puzzle piece to give Michael & communicating with him from her position where that piece went. I don’t think she’s been given enough credit for her performance in that comp.

Scanning the house of the 11 players remaining four LOs have won HOH (Turner, Monte, Michael, Taylor) plus JasMEAN and only three have won POVs (Michael-4 – 2 shared w/Britt and Kyle 1). Joseph, Indy, Ally, and Terrance haven’t won any comps.

While it’s true many are throwing comps including most of the men it’s also important to note Britt hasn’t played in the types of comps where her strengths lie such as memory, puzzles, visual, luck/skills (everyone has something they’re good at) Q & A, and date related and ALL of those comps will be featured more in the jury phase.

The other part of Brittany’s game that gets overlooked is next to Turner she has spouted some of the season’s best one-liners. For example, Turner opining on his thirst to take out Muffin Monster …

Turner: I’d love that — if I could take Jasmine out. I think America would love that unless they love her, but I can’t imagine that.
Brittany: If they do, that’s some pretty great editing on CBS’s part!

Or last night in the HOH when she was explaining how she was standing in the doorway talking to Terrance & as the LOs have noted both Indy & Muffin Top are always trying to catch them doing something but she quipped – so I’m standing just having a conversation with someone whose alone & you know Jasmine ROCKS UP ON ME. The entire room burst into laughter.

So she’s not a stand-up comic, but something I’ve thoroughly enjoyed about her this season is how she takes a simple fact to clock a hamster and spits it out but her delivery makes it really funny. It’s moments like those that endear the others to a player bc they lighten the moment. I’ve been referring to these moments as Britt Bombs or Brittisms.

As for reading the house, again just IMHO, Britt has perhaps the very best read of where people align. She still hasn’t figured out the POUND but has 3 members clocked (Kyle being the lone omission – but in truth, she & Michael know that’s NOT what he wants so it’s sort of not that far off). That ability combined with timing are another strength in her game.

We got a taste of that this week as Brittany touched base several times with Taylor to reinforce their bond. At the start of the week Britt touched base to give support but also to remind Tay this was HER HOH so while it was important to do what was best for the alliance to remember to do what was best for HER game & make sure she positioned it that way. In truth, this was Britt sort of hinting to NOT do Joe’s agenda without directly saying it.

On that front, she was more overt in how she approached Taylor reiterating Joseph’s desire to pull her into the FS alliance noting when they joined the LOs the two had discussed their fears of just being numbers &/or being used. Britt made valid points that sure while Joe is pitching Monte/Turner go OTB guess who would be the re-nom in that equation? It was her subtle way of saying you’d be screwing Michael & me for an alliance you know is fake (the unspoken part again being OPEN YOUR EYES – this is ONLY HELPING JOE).

Once the ridiculous scheme for Joseph to go up as the replacement got shut down by the DR, again Britt was quick to touch base & suggest BMT work with Joe potentially to end game. It’s not a true desire for BM but they’re keeping their options open & BM also are keenly aware if Kyle doesn’t use the POV they can be sitting between KA & JT as Kyle & Joe fire at each other & they are safely nestled in the middle. The reality is BM would prefer Joseph get knocked out first and Britt especially is pulling for that so she can return to having two F2s (Taylor /Michael) both invested in taking her to the end.

Anyway, a bit of spitballing from me on the virtues of Brittany in the house. She’s not in my top 3 but she’s someone who I place far more value in than over half the house and feels she deserves the hat-tip for her efforts this week.

SIDE NOTE: I saw that the audience will be returning – I think it starts again this week – how convenient for Cruel Chef & Evil Elvis who would’ve gotten the treatment. I’m not sure if Indy would get booed but JasMEAN is in for a surprise when she exits those doors!

No Name

Britt definitely doesn’t get the credit she deserves except from Michael who said it was Britt who won that puzzle veto for them and she is a voice of reason.That week one paranoid scrambling hurt her with viewers.


Brit is a pest and is annoying. She is overzealous with her way of looking to find safety for her and Michael when in fact she could settle down and ride the waves like Alyssa. No one in the house is targeting her. She could float to the end and win 75k, but those crazy eyes cant help themselves!! Her only use is her floating vote.

No Name

Yeah,Alyssa’s a real role model.


yeah, she’s just a number, but thankfully has great shields in michael and taylor that should let her float pretty far.


Sorry – so Brittany should aspire to be in a position where her strongest ally (Michael) is forced to potentially blow up his position in the game & own safety to ensure she stays off the block & will be slated for expulsion if not this week than in any of the next three evictions?

Out of curiosity, what are your impressions of the style of game Joseph is playing where he is constantly looking to cause chaos? Is that not his way of also seeking to ensure safety via his multiple alliances? Let’s count the alliances he’s in:
F2: Monte, Terrance, JasMEAN, Indy, Taylor
F3: JasMean, Indy | I believe another with Monte/Kyle
F4: the Pound | possibly another with Taylor/Britt/Michael.
F5: Five Swatters
F6: Five Swatters plus Terrance

That’s every person in the house by the way. There is a reason he’s throwing comps b/c he can’t put anyone OTB without blowing up one of his alliances!

I’m honestly asking b/c there are 11 people in the house and NOT ONE of them has just a single alliance or single F2 deal. Every single hamster is in alliances that include people from both the two main sides of the house. Even Terrance has F2’s with almost everyone & also has at least three F3s.


Her contributions are next to nothing. zero point zero. Joe is playing an outstanding game. If he isn’t winning anything, it’s not because he can’t win. He doesn’t want to win. By winning, he will become a target like Michael, and he is choosing not to do that. Crazy eyes on the other hand can’t win and her social game stinks.

Just Sayin'

I feel like Britney is one of those people who likes to talk a lot of shit about how bad everyones HOH is, but if she was HOH….. I honestly think it would be a disaster. Britney is a lot more easily persuaded then she thinks she is, she manages to turn what other people tell her into her “own ideas”. She’s going to rub people the wrong way soon and then she’ll be gone, she should just keep quiet and get dragged to final 2

It's me

Normally I do not read long post, however, I agree with you 100 percent about Britt.
I would love Turner and Britt to be final 2!


I always love your takes, they are pretty spot!


Joe is talking with Turner & Kyle, giving all of the reasons why it’s a good reason to get rid of Alyssa this week. He’s saying look how we all are feeling now, we like Alyssa, she has great social skills, everyone loves her, keeping Alyssa is dangerous.

Every reason Joe just gave about why Alyssa needs to go, you can remove Alyssa’s name, and insert Joseph’s name. Does he not realize he has excellent social skills, all of the girls love him, the guys like him, he makes his rounds being so nice to everyone, Joe shut up, you are everything that you just said Alyssa is.

I can’t believe how Indy is being so sweet to Kyle, yea, she wants him to save her and take her off the block. Indy is so phony, I won’t miss her if she’s evicted, and Jasmine & Alyssa will forget all about her 10 minutes after she’s evicted.

Indy talked with Taylor, she loves her, we have to stick together, what did she say last week, she was all with Daniel, Jasmine, Terrance and Alyssa, she said she doesn’t like Taylor, wished they could evict her, now she loves Taylor, EVICT Indy if we can’t Evict Jasmine.

In Indy’s mind, she thinks she’s the sexy sassy lady of the house, send her home.

Just a viewer

Except Joe is putting in work and playing the game. Alyssa is using sex and flirting to get her to the end. There’s a name for that.


Yeah, no. She actually likes Kyle a lot.

un autre nom

Michael and Britt are taking some exposure.
Taylor asks in front of Monte and Turner if they told Kyle they prefer Indy going.
Michael stumbles words. Jasmine number one then Terrance as his targets, the other two are his bottom so it doesn’t matter. Britt doesn’t recall the conversation being specific…. the three others are interchangeable to her, it’s Jasmine she wants out.
Tuner outright admits for his game, Alyssa is the least threatening of the four.

Taylor is asking if all her flipflopfuqery with targeting has been exhausting. Let’s remind everyone… this is the woman whose first plans were put alliance on the block…
OH NO….. not at allllllll.

Joe, who has been prepping Terrance and feeding his testimony… comes back to say words that are summation to have to use the veto. Anybody on the other side of the court would have objected for leading the witness.
Taylor says they should probably drop the plan…. and keeps discussing why they shouldn’t drop the plan. SHE WANTS THE FLASHY TV MOMENT of being petty for renom speech.
She’s saying oh yeah, we put Alyssa up and don’t take her out. Riiiiight.
Would you buy that? I wouldn’t.
Nobody is pushing back. again… look at what i have in bold.
Note: Michael and Britt will have noted this, it was only when Joseph came back in the room shit talking that Taylor got all guns blazing gotta use veto. She had decided to accept Kyle’s reasoning before that. It was IMMEDIATE.

So, the alliance had a meeting. They agreed Kyle shouldn’t use veto. Kyle leaves. There’s another meeting where the push is for Kyle to use the veto. He’s not going to be sketched by this at all. MIND YOU… THIS IS SO TAYLOR CAN MAKE THE RENOM SPEECH MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE. TV MOMENT.
They need to see the 4 people implode? oh from Joseph’s contribution 3 people because Terrance isn’t one of them. SOOO IT”S ALL TO SEE 3 PEOPLE IMPLODE? really? no. It’s to make the petty speech. for God’s sake.

Alyssa joins the scene. Soon it’s the entire house except Terrance.
Indy had just made yet ANOTHER threat to quit jury and just go home if they evict her. Did she read one of Jasmine’s diary pages? Alyssa isn’t being comforting enough worrying about Indy on the block, ‘she’s too much worried about herself on block to think of me’
Did Indy read her contract at all? Leave jury without valid health reason, lose your money.

Indy is trying to get Taylor to tell Kyle that Alyssa won’t be renom so that he can take her off the block. Taylor continues the bigger target lie. Indy says Kyle just told her he is having second thoughts on using the veto. Right after the alliance agreed it was okay. He even told them the reason he’d use.
I think Kyle is using his get around game the moment he got that okay. He met with both noms almost immediately so that Taylor and the alliance couldn’t flip the script after giving him their blessing.
Now Jasmine has joined. She doesn’t know nothing about no renoms.. Alyssa never said a word, where is this coming from? Oh you’re little veto comp joke? piffle dee dee. Taylor blames Monte for seed planting.
These people are… So they think the HOH has power over the Veto holder? I mean, HOHITIS is going to give the feeling of omnipotence, but where do the wicked step sisters come up with make him do it? Or what? Taylor tells Alyssa, who has joined, that the bigger target is Monte. Alysssa apologizes for the third time since last night for taking the prize from Taylor in the veto comp. Taylor and Indy and Jasmine want Alyssa to convince Kyle to use the veto…. that will put Alyssa on the block. Sideye.

Monte is talking to Michael and Taylor and Britt. Michael admits he sees Kyle’s pov because of the switching, when he won veto it was Joseph as fake pawn and there was another change.
But Monte is pulling the Kyle is being too emotionally invested argument again.
Taylor is saying they will have to strong arm Kyle into doing it, but that looks bad for their collective (it’s bullying an alliance member of a group against bullying you mean?)
Monte wondering if the protect Alyssa continues if she’s on the block next week. (Will the protect Joseph’s parachute argument?) Talk goes to Kyle throwing comps, Taylor says he won’t throw anything.

Joseph is trying to schmooze Kyle who is trying to placate Joseph while Turner is fire dude bro. Monte is still Alyssa’s target, and Indy is still a bigger comp threat. Joseph tries to rebuff a little about veto performance. Joseph now pulls the if ALyssa goes you can hang with the alliance more line. (If Joseph drops the spygame, he can too). WHY THIS WEEK is Kyle’s retort (when 2 targets are already on the block). What make this Alyssa week not Indy week? Remember the put her on the block but keep her shit Taylor tried to push and Joseph is now telling Kyle? Landed about as well as expected. Thud.
TURNER is back to pushing JASMINE, and saying Taylor is the biggest foot in the door because she isn’t considering what the rest of the alliance wants. INDY TOLD KYLE THEY HAD THE VOTES TO KEEP DANIEL as part of her pity party. Why would he use veto? nevermind. because apparently it’s what ONE PERSON and the HOH they are Puppeteering want???

Realistically, Kyle not using veto saves Taylor. He gets the anger of Jasmine and Terrance instead of Taylor. Why she’s persisting at this point is stupid.
Michael chose today to rat float A LOT. Michael may have rat floated TOO MUCH.

un autre nom

Taylor is saying Kyle should use veto on INDY now. Kyle is no bueno.
Alyssa goes up. Kyle still no bueno.
Kyle and Indy repair relationship? Kyle is openly scoffing.
So the girls want the veto used? Yup.
Turner pipes in that then not using veto hides the alliance (ooh borrowing Joseph’s line for maintaining the spy game), because Kyle is acting against Taylor’s wishes. Kyle is all yeeeah on this.
If Alyssa wins and puts up Monte who goes up with her? Kyle doesn’t know.
Could Terrance be the one? Kyle says she’s not strategic so he could have input.
Monte (Alyssa’s target) thinks they have to show their cards if Alyssa wins, but Indy will just be there and be a target. *Monte trying to protect Indy again is hitting weird. Just me.
Kyle says the veto thing is his fault in part because Alyssa knew he was taking the VETO.
Kyle points out Alyssa’s game blunders are what got the LEFTOVERS TOGETHER, how good can her game be?
Michael sees pros and cons You can always depend on Michael to attempt to be the diplomat while everyone is looking. No matter who stays we have double their numbers. (*about that… split double incoming) Brittany says all 4 have to go eventually.
The messsy use the veto to put Alyssa on the block to keep Alyssa plan is being called messy openly. Got another word for it… that plan was bullshit.
They ask what reason they can use for getting rid of Alyssa in the future: Kyle says use the showmance as the reason, they’re getting too close in the game. (oh, a real reason that’s better than petty, something actually game? oh my).
JOSEPH AND TAYLOR BACK DOWN, noms stay the same.

I imagine this will be rabidgamersquirrelled to death in the next four days, but Joseph and Taylor got to make the decision.
The decision was made as soon as they changed target from Indy to Alyssa and Kyle had the veto. Well it wasn’t a sure thing. But pretty close.

Wonder how Alyssa will screw this up when she’s just been saved?
Turner called out some of the crap.
Kyle calling out Michael was intentional. He wanted a wingman and got a wingnut.
Then again, Kyle told Michael that he might be the blindside target. Gives plausible deniability.

un autre nom

What broke POS?
Ameerah and Nic disagreed with Monte and had majority backing from the alliance.
Monte did not give up trying to flip that Pooch vote back until Wed night, and then made it sound like it was HIS decision.
Old skool was irrelevant. Monte was pissed his word wasn’t law before he found out about Old skool.
What just happened?
Monte Joseph and Taylor made a decision. Kyle disagreed and pretty much forced the alliance to agree or show their hand.
Kick Kyle out of the Pound and pull in someone more agreeable? Possible.

un autre nom

Taylor’s pouting to Michael and Brittany.

Kyle hurt his standing in the alliance and now the alliance is looking at him differently she says. Every time one of the anti-bully league talks about lowering someone’s social status I get a really annoyed facial expression. It’s part grimace part sneer.
Kyle and Alyssa are going to jury because they didn’t go through with Joseph’s plan to get rid of Alyssa using Kyle and screwing his game and speech to jury and jury votes because he was a putz? I embellished because… sour grapes and pouting.
She feels like only 20 % of her HOH is hers.
No. her ENTIRE HOH is someone else’s because she has become a man’s puppet this week. No really. She dumped her HOH for showmuscles and is pouty because she doesn’t get the flashy moment renom speech.
Her original plan was Monte (secretly it really was) then Terrance, then Indy, then Alyssa.
Where did she go wrong?
She had one on ones and made promises with the enemy before talking to her own alliance.
She is holding her principles over her alliance’s head, and forcing them to accept her princples, while asking that each of them give up their principles. I’m talking Jasmine here.
She then ignored her final 3 for her fauxmance, openly. She only called them back for cover and to placate them while trying to get them to agree with Joseph’s plans.
She then tried to get the veto holder to screw their own jury vote and game after her Svengali rabidgamersquirrel changed his mind AGAIN, and doesn’t see where it all went wrong?
Taylor doesn’t like the road the alliance is on. THE WOMAN THAT WAS BULLIED AND WANTED THE ALLIANCE TO STRONGARM THE VETO HOLDER DOESN”T…. eyeroll. no. Sorry toots, the moral high road just left the building.
That statement. The strongarm statement. I’m disappointed.
Actually, i’m pissed off truth to tell. It’s going to take me a while to digest that.
I dislike Kyle. If it isn’t Jasmine on the block i don’t personally give a shit. but I lost quite a bit of respect with the force him to do our way shit.
Sorry. Don’t care. Hate on me. It really bothered me.

She’s also annoyed that nobody is saying their real opinions in full meetings of the Leftovers (this is a dig directed at the people she is speaking to, Michael and Britt). It’s a passive aggressive read, but that was a read. The thing is… with Britt knowing about Joseph’s parachute alliance plan and Taylor’s knowledge of it… does she REALLY want Britt to say her REAL opinion? I think she just wants the alliance to agree with her and make Kyle do what she wants so she can make a petty speech.

Joseph had to admit tonight that he never heard / was never told by Alyssa that she would vote out Kyle. He admitted it was Jasmine talking. There goes the grenade he kept throwing.


Brittany’s talk with Taylor may have exposed them to her. How could Brittany and Michael to some extent not think that there would be a information verification check?


I’m so with you on the Taylor situation. I was so angry I was writing a post that became a massive diatribe then noticed your trilogy and you essentially covered off the majority of what I had (but in a condensed version, lol.

My angry musings…

The most infuriating part for me about Taylor was even when she got this golden opportunity to walk away relatively unscathed after arguably the WORST HOH of the season thus far (Daniel’s HOH was cowardly – but nowhere near as messy) she doubled down on putting up Ally. WHY? Seriously wtf? I know she’s not the most strategic thinker but with her telling the girls tonight she would be pissed if Kyle didn’t use the POV & it ruined her plans to take out a big target doesn’t she realize she’d look like a moron by then putting Ally OTB instead of Monte?

Sure, sure she wants some big speech moment but are we missing something? Were her true intentions all along to actually put up Monte? Unless that’s the case (and it sure doesn’t seem to be) then why keep pushing? Frankly, putting Ally up only for her to stay wouldn’t be a BIG splashy TV moment it would make her look like a fool. Again, why?

Could it be Joseph was saying to her – just convince him & once she’s on the block we’ll flip the script & take out Ally? Hmm, I wonder.

Another annoyance was while Taylor was quick to be angered by Britt/Michael being flip-floppy what about Monte & Joe? INDIFFERENT? Since when? Monte made it clear from the jump he wanted Ally & Indy OTB and Joe’s been riding the Ally horse for so long the poor stallion has come up lame. Why was it okay for them to act like they didn’t care when talking to Kyle or in the group but BM were roasted as flip-floppy?

I had to get off Twitter tonight too bc people were going in hard on Michael & Britt calling them racists and all sorts of low-level sh*t. WHY? B/c they aren’t backing up and protecting Taylor anymore. Ummmmmm – wasn’t it Taylor who abandoned them for her fauxmance. Did I miss the part where she checked in with them before Ally, Indy & Jas were offered safety to get on the same page for who they should target this week? Oh -okay.

And for those not buying the Taylor being ALL-IN on Joseph, there is a clip of her telling Joseph she could never let him go or put him up (she says NEVER at least three times). Hey, it’s fine she’s adjusted her game feeling safer with Joseph but I don’t see anyone complaining about her tossing Michael & Brittany aside. NOPE, they should only be loyal to her but she isn’t held to the same standards?

Her HOH is being called messy, but I didn’t see one comment that said her wanting to browbeat Kyle into using the POV & threatening him that if he doesn’t use the POV would equate to disloyalty to the alliance or in direct contrast to why the alliance was supposedly created. So – her trying to tell all the ladies they’d be safe & considering putting up her own alliance and switching the target from Terrance, to Indy, to Ally and shifting her F2 from Britt & F3 with Britt/Michael AND ignoring creating a F4 with her new F2 & them for a F4 is completely okay? But they shouldn’t be adapting recognizing her dramatic shift away from them?

Correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t tonight on the hammock after the LO pool table meeting the FIRST TIME since she won HOH that she’s met with just them to talk? I’ve seen Britt talk to her and Michael briefly but prior to her winning HOH they typically spoke several times a day just the three of them.

AND let’s address the f*cking elephant in the room — Joseph is the one who has everyone on the other side RILED UP to target Taylor. Is he not telling Terrance I’m not sure if Monte is the target or if it’s me? Is he not the one stoking the Indy/Jas’ spite toward Taylor & acting like Taylor just sees him as a boy toy? Maybe I’m missing him trying to get that entire side to consider her as an ally -is there any evidence to dispute that bc I certainly haven’t seen it. I’m seriously annoyed by how one-sided the arguments are.


(if this posts twice my apologies – but I’ve been having issues posting the last day or so when I do too much editing the system doesn’t seem to like it OOPS) Anyway if you see the same post back to back just post this one. Thanks.

From my perspective, Michael & Britt are playing the middle ground and to be fair simply aren’t as masterful as Joseph at the social prowess needed to do it. In fairness, no one has his ability to mist, but as you pointed out Joe took his own share of heat & clockings on Sunday. Last week, I lost count of how many times he said ‘Ally was on board to vote out Kyle’ implying SHE TOLD HIM or said she told him. He never said JasMEAN said I can get her to do it UNTIL he was asked (by Michael) in front of the entire alliance at the pool table. It was BS as you noted – AND it was another half-truth b/c he still made it sound like Jas was saying Ally would do it when the truth was she had never discussed it with Ally at that point.

On top of that, Kyle spilled ‘how do you think the Leftovers came to be? — Like what precipitated it? He noted Britt/Michael were added after with Taylor as the last addition. No he didn’t come right out & say Monte, Joe, Turner & I are the Pound but what he said was arguably worse. The way he phrased it implied BM were an afterthought just there for numbers & would be cast aside like the FS after that four was gone or whenever they decided. Additionally, he told them Monte/Joseph VOCALIZED Michael was the first target in the seven (and did so repeatedly). If these two items coupled with Taylor clearly being all-things Joseph isn’t a strong enough reason for BM to look for alternatives then I don’t know what is.

Michael didn’t even have to do much to poke Kyle about Joe – he’s already livid knowing this mandate to target Ally came directly from Joseph (& now he suspects Monte was in on it too). But with this knowledge, it’s no wonder Michael is stoking the fires of Kyle shooting at Joe & vice versa?

Spoiler Girl who has been on the money this season with her posts was busier than usual with twitter post of spoilers yesterday too:

  • Monte now wishes he’d started a showmance with Taylor at season start and has genuine feelings for her.
  • Joseph wanted to avoid a showmance but ALSO has developed real feelings for Taylor. Not surprising if you’ve watched their interactions, Joe definitely seems to be smitten. During Monte’s HOH week the duo stayed up late every night & it was clear there was more to this situation than just them hanging out. While Joe is the master of the mist this wasn’t the same spray he was dishing out to Indy & JasMEAN.
  • TPTB are apparently not impressed with JasMEAN (guess she’s a pain in the a$$ with production too which I’m sure no one is surprised by. I’m not sure if she makes it out of next week unless Grodner is adamant they keep dragging her along.
  • TPTB had wanted Joe to drop a hinky vote last week & blame it on Ally!
  • AND apparently production was upset by the social media backlash toward Michael & Kyle over the events from Sunday that led to the people grouping Michael with Kyle as only wanting to work with white people. Twitter was lit up with people calling Michael & Brittany racists & coming at them harder than what I saw dished out (deservedly so) to Cruel Chef & Evil Elvis for their bullying, misogyny, slut shaming etc.

On the latter – last night when Britt/Michael had one of their typical strategy sessions Michael stated his ideal F3 partner would be Terrance and also noted JasMEAN as someone he’d consider but reasoned they couldn’t bc of her current status (pissing EVERYONE off). AND, he also noted he’d love to go with Taylor but that she’d be a tough competitor and the hardest for them beat in the Final HOH comps. So – HOW is he being isolated as someone only wanting to work with white people (and I’m NOT defending Kyle bc he IS that guy).

Michael also said IF Ally stayed that Kyle would move up the hit list & if Terrance stayed then Monte & Joe would move up the hit list. Sorry – but to me, that’s just Michael seeing the pairings and noting who has to be split up. Right?

The only thing Michael did (which I didn’t personally witness) is apparently asked Kyle if they could use what happened to point Jasmine in the direction of Taylor ahead of him or Britt. I can see that being viewed as shady given what people think of Jas & Taylor’s moral stance BUT I can also see that as game management — no different than getting Ally to take out Turner if she was HOH. I get it sucks for Taylor’s fans that BM isn’t as committed to the original F3 but to say they were only using Taylor bc it made them seem politically correct but now that they aren’t in the spotlight & Joe is they are racists? AGAIN – am I incorrect in my assessment that Taylor precipitated this by replacing them with Joe & distancing herself?

To be honest, the entire day (and much of this season for that matter) has felt like production has had a heavy hand in plot direction. And, I don’t just mean the showmances, I mean the constant shifting of targets, blindsides, and new pairings/alliances.

Michael looked like a ghost for much of this evening and while some thought it was bc he was caught I didn’t – he seemed to look that way after a DR session where he was likely told what was going on externally on social media. That thought was reinforced by a late night SR chat between him & Britt that began part way through with them saying “Joseph is so loyal’ (side eye) & Monte told Ally he doesn’t care about the win – so that bodes well long-term” (major side eye). It felt orchestrated and unnatural.

For all the mess of today – and knowing Michael got dirty I still don’t think he comes away with the biggest target on his back. Kyle will be easily appeased bc all Michael/Britt have to say is “you know how Joseph is about taking out Ally – he’s been pushing it forever so with Taylor now clearly working his agenda we simply agreed knowing you had the POV. Plus, he can note how he was the one to ask if Ally ever really said she’d vote him out catching Joe in his untruth.

As for Taylor, I think Britt will do the massaging with that relationship but again, this was Taylor’s choice to forge the bond with Joseph and she hasn’t shown an interest in any of the (by my count at least 4) conversations that Britt tried to create the F4 so what is BM supposed to do – beg her?

un autre nom

The flip to and from support to racist depending on a houseguest playing the game with Taylor or against Taylor has been going on all week. That’s part of what made me stop looking at twitter. I was getting whiplash.
The tone when i stopped looking was becoming ‘and i bet Turner joins the whiteys’. Not because Taylor tried to pawn him, but because racist.
That was the thread and rabbit hole that made me say okay… wait a minute.
Pre-emptively starting the cancelcall and ratioing based on something that hasn’t happened yet based on his skin color and not reaction to her big ideas as HOH? That’s pretty prejudiced.


Holy crap a few commenters this season need their own blog and server.


Got that right. As old as I am I figured out reading these comments what TLDR means. These long-ass blogs are skipped

Daisy may123

Did anyone notice when jasmine jumped of the wall both her feet were fine she didn’t even wince! I can’t stand her whinny voice and Indy to say she would go home, these are grown ass people and they act like little kids. Taylors hoh was a bust i think shes a little bit on crazy side. Kyle dont use the veto and i would like to see indy go home.


When she got mad at Turner (Balloon-Gate) she MARCHED into the house. She was almost stomping she was so pissed. So yeah, that ankle is fine. She may have slowed the recovery by not doing the exercises they suggested but it wasn’t a high ankle sprain which means it should’ve been good to go two weeks ago.

Just a viewer

Alyssa needs to go, just like Jasmine. Jasmine is a loud mouth snake while Alyssa is a creepy silent snake, who make weird faces trying to look innocent. Taylor owes Alyssa NOTHING at all. Alyssa is just as nasty and hateful as Jasmine and Indy, behind Taylor’s back.. I’m glad Kyle is showing his true color to all his alliances. They can go in the double eviction.

un autre nom

When you make nominations as an HOH, you have to be fine with either of those nominees leaving. HOH doesn’t control Veto unless HOH wins Veto.
This is something Old School big brother understood that new school herd mentality big brother doesn’t get.
At this point, I expect Joseph and Taylor to start pushing for Indy to stay, and Terrance to go. Joseph already made a comment to that effect. If it was his choice he’d get rid of Terrance.
Why? Petty.
Why else? It keeps Joe’s parachute plan together, and now that Taylor tried to get the veto used Kyle wouldn’t do it, it pulls Taylor in so that Jasmine and Indy no longer target her.
How do they achieve this? Would they be silly enough to go to a tie to give Taylor the tie breaking vote that splits the alliance?
IS IT POSSIBLE? That’s the question.
If I’m production going into the split double, I’d be smiling like Grod every time a new condemned soul enters her kingdom.

No Name

What I hate more than anything is that year after year houseguests feel they have to come up with a reason for nominating and evicting someone.The only reason is that you want to win!Stop making shit up when you don’t need an excuse.This is Big Brother not fantasy friendship land.I don’t need to like you or hate you to evict you.I just want you out of my house.Now pay me your past due rent.

It's me

Exactly. I am nominating you and you because I can and thuis is what I want.
If you want to change, you win HOH next!


Waking up and finding out the veto isn’t being used 🙂



After yet another long marathon day where someone wants to be the disembodied voice saying to them “Why aren’t you asleep yet?!”


OMG I know it’s 4:51am and they are still up!


why on earth use the veto? alyssa becomes replacement and hates you.


I can’t help but laugh at the nonsensical conversation Turner, Joseph, and Taylor are having right now. This might make it on the end of the season extra episode


Lol it’s 6am Taylor is saying she’s going to give it another try and talk to Kyle to use the veto so they can take out Alyssa.


Taylor is an attention whore, and she admits it, she has said it in the house. In other words she is a narcissist. There are other in the house, just like her such as Indy and Jasmine. Narcissism is highly linked to the desire for fame and it’s actually a mental health disorder called HPD. They have unstable emotions, a distorted self image, where they project they are something super special on the outside, when in actuality they are not, and they put it out on social media to gain attention, and demand attention. If they don’t get what they want they go into extreme psychosis. They have the need to be noticed and be the center of attention at any cost.

Mad Max

Nailed it!


I get that they are bored, but Joe…enough with the zombie talk! He really does need something to calm his mind down, he is non stop & it’s super annoying!


Alyssa needs to go now or it’s never!


Indy n Terrance are no threat to anyones game! Alyssa is in a
Showmance with kyle and they are linked to Britt n Michael! That’s a strong 4! Taylor needs to get rid of her now


I wish Jasmine was listed on the Who Do You Want Evicted poll. But then, she would definitely take the top spot, right?