Kyle – “I just want to tell you I’m leaning towards not using it” **Updated**

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Taylor
Nominees: Indy and Terrance
POV Players: Taylor, Indy, Alyssa, Kyle, Terrance, Jasmine (Host is Turner)
POV Winner: Kyle
Veto Ceremony: Kyle didn’t use the veto nominations stay the same.

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The twist

Wording from the Thursday night show
For the first time ever the game will completely change as the house splits into two groups. These two groups will have no interaction and in a Big Brother first, two completely separate games of Big Brother will play out simultaneously all week long all of it culminating with a double eviction like no other”

Reward / Punishment Veto Results:

– Kyle won the veto
– Alyssa won $5000
– Jasmine won a trip to London, England
– Terrance – “Ink 182” 182 temp tattoos
– Indy has to wear a “Punkitard” for 1 week and perform concerts
– Taylor and Joseph will be chained together for 24 hours.

9:38 am Kyle and Indy
Kyle – I just want to tell you I’m leaning towards not using it. I just want you to know before the ceremony and stuff cause I know it’s important.
Indy – that’s ok honey.. don’t worry

10:00 am The houseguests that were up until 6 are having a tough time getting up.

10:02 am Kyle tells Brittany he just told Indy He’s probably not using it. ‘She seemed fine’

10:07 am Terrance and Taylor (Hard to hear)
Terrance – That’s a bigger situation than protecting somebody. They are working together.
Terrance – If they working together
Taylor – you have nothing to worry about
Terrance – we have to move strategic as hell now. Without making a big move you made a big move.. this is going to come back to bite in the a$$
Taylor – you don’t know how angry..
Taylor – I will never forget this.
Terrance – you had the opportunity to let someone make a big move and you took that off the table to protect.. (Kyle using the veto so Alyssa could go up is the big move?)
Taylor – Me.. the most vengeful bitch in this house

10:20 am Kyle and Alyssa
Kyle says he told Indy he’s leaning to not using it.
Alyssa – I would prefer you not to
Kyle – I’m not going to use it, especially when it’s the two people I talk the least amount of game with.
Kyle – Indy last night was kind of threatening she was like ‘we had the votes to keep Daniel instead of you last week’
Kyle – I was like WHaaat?
Kyle – and then she said if I stay on the block just vote me out I would rather go home than to Jury.. I would rather leave than go to Jury. She’s ready to risk the game. She was talking to THEM (production) about leaving the game. She told me all that.
Kyle – now you expect me to save you and use the veto? ummm NO
Alyssa – did you talk to Brittnay and Michael about it? They seem like they don’t want you to
Kyle – yeah exactly.. Turner doesn’t want me to. From what he said to me.
Alyssa – have you talked to Monte?
Kyle – yeah..
Alyssa – I just don’t know what to say to Indy..
Kyle – I told Terrance yesterday I’m not going to use it.
Alyssa – Brittany says every time she goes to talk to Taylor it’s something new. That doesn’t make me feel super comfortable at all.
Kyle – when we get through this week a lot can change especially if I get HOH.. just try and stay under the radar. Play up that your back is hurt. Trust me we’ll be good.
Alyssa – I trust you.. and you’re hot..
Kyle – we have to win HOH next week. Me, YOu, Turner, Michael, or Brittany. If we win HOH we’ll be in a good spot.

10:35 am Terrance and Taylor
Taylor – So I am f***ed
Terrance – I tried to talk him down.. Bro.. he’s like I think she’s mad at Alyssa for taking the trip.
Terrance – Bro everybody is fine about that. He was saying to me you’ll be good anyways.
Taylor – WOW
Terrance – He was like I checked the temperature.. no one likes Indy. Who the hell you talk to? You ain’t talking to anybody bro. You know what I’m saying.
Jasmine joins them.
Taylor says Kyle is wavering..
Jasmine – Why?
Taylor – he’s trying to protect someone else if it’s not Alyssa.
Jasmine – who?
Terrance – you got to play the game and think about week one. Who was all in the have not room?
Terrance suggests that Kyle is trying to protect Monte.
Jasmine – I don’t see that
Terrance – how can you not see that? how are you so blind?
Terrance – Him, INdy, Mother f***ing Kyle and Alyssa. You can’t see that? you can’t see them playing chess?
Jasmine – But Indy is on the block so what does that have to do with …
Terrance is adamant that Kyle is protecting someone else, not Alyssa.
Terrance – he said Alyssa is going up for something petty like a trip
Taylor – Imagine if I actually did that? You took my trip to London so now you are going home. (wasn’t that the reason?)
Jasmine – are you really upset it’s not going to work out?
Taylor – I am furious at him. Are you kidding me?
Jasmine – I didn’t know
Taylor – I’m f***ing furious this whole time I thought he was working with me to be on my side with this veto and he goes out here and it’s like Actually no I’m not going to use this veto.
jasmine – last night they were on the hammock I think Indy f***ed herself. She said.. You know Kyle you were just on the block and campaigning.. she was like everyone could have kept Daniel and you would have gone home but we didn’t
Jasmine laughs
Taylor – why would you say to the person with veto we could have sent you home but we kept you so be grateful

10:45 am Jasmine, Alyssa and Indy
Jasmine says Taylor is saying she asked Kyle to use it and he told he wasn’t
Alyssa – she asked him to use it?
Jasmine – that can mean two things Alyssa and I hope this stays between us and not Kyle. That means he’s working with Monte to protect him or he’s not really aligned with us and he only cares about you. I love you and the only reason I love him is because I love you so that’s like a slap in the face we could have kept somebody that was a number for us.
Jasmine – if he doesn’t use that veto he shows his hand.. Taylor is PISSED
Indy – you guys will be a target now as a couple
Jasmine – if he makes this move..
Alyssa – he’s making this move cause she feels she’s coming for me.
Jasmine – she said I’m not coming for Alyssa I love Alyssa.
jasmine says Taylor told her “I want him to use the veto so I can put Monte up”
Alyssa – and she seemed genuine?
Jasmine – Yes, she was almost crying. (What a powerhouse player)

10:49 am Kyle and Joe
Kyle – I just had a weird feeling. These are the two people I talk game to the least There’s no point in me taking either of them down for my game it doesn’t make sense.
Joe – I’ll back you up on it.

10:53 am Feeds go down for Veto ceremony.
(Kyle won’t be using the veto, Indy and Terrance on the block hopefully both will get evicted on Thursday)

11:56 am Feeds return Veto not used.

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Taylor needs to quit listening to Terrance. She is making herself a target. Vote Terrance out!


and this is why she is bad at the game. all of those people will not vote her to win now.


She is so sloppy. I think that will come to bite her in the ass because Kyle is already dropping bombs all over about her.


yeah, kyle showing he knows to play this game pretty well. telling indy how it is and not unnecessarily risking an ally.

Palm Oil's Meds

Kyle is just as bad at this game. He’s making himself a target over a lukewarm showmance.


plus (VERY) briefly … Terrance/JasMEAN or Indy/JasMEAN

She's a drama lover

She needs to go at this point I’m over her and she’s showed her true self now. The crap in the begining was uncalled for completely but now it’s just time for her to go. Michaels about the only one really trying to play idk what the rest are doing at this point.

The Beef

Oh I think others are playing. Joe is playing a good rat game. Turner is in pretty good position with everybody in his alliance and has played a great game to this point IMHO, winning when he needed to and not winning when he didn’t. Brittany’s game has really improved over the past two or three weeks socially, but she’s no threat to win since she’s not going to win any comps. Monte’s not too bad at comps, but is way too headstrong, and his social game is waaaaay off. I’d say Kyle is playing a good game, but he’s let his relationship with Alyssa get in the way of it, even though putting her up this week is a dumb idea driven by Joe for selfish reasons – Joe’s rat game is so good, nobody seems to see it except for Kyle and possibly Michael and Brit, who don’t seem to want to make waves about it.

Taylor, Indy, Alyssa and Jasmine are just there to be on TV, build followers and try to become famous and frankly, I don’t even know why Terrance is there.


I would feel so stupid having to wear that outfit that Indy is wearing, and she has to war it on eviction night, lol. Maybe Indy should just go home. She shouldn’t have been on the show in the first place as well as Jasmine. Both of them are so unnecessary. I keep saying year after year I wish I could do casting!

Palm Oil's Meds

Alyssa sucks too!


Why do they keep saying Alyssa took the trip???




And it’s the name of the game so I don’t get why Taylor is even mad like really???


Taylor is a petty sasshole. In that particular veto. It is fair game for the better competitor to choose the better prize. Alyssa shouldn’t have to take a punishment to please queen Taylor. Taylor-chip likes Joseph, who controls her brain. It can’t be that bad chained to him. Candice wearing a clown suit on eviction was HORRIBLE! Candice was a true victim in her entire season. Even in the game of life. Taylor has had a much more privileged opportunity than Candice. Taylor acts entitled and plays victim. It was a simple week for Taylor. Jasmine & Terrence – clearly would have been a cakewalk of a successful HOH. Taylor changing plans like you change underwear is why the house wanted her gone 1st; she can’t be trusted.


She isn’t…she’s pretending. They all discussed this and Kyle let the Leftovers know he wasn’t using it and Taylor is pretending to be mad at Kyle


Taylor has been on a power trip gunning for Alyssa.Over something so petty. She is seriously pissed about the trip and veto not being used. The one on one she had with Britt today is proof she is still bitter.

Buh Bye

Taylor isn’t furious. She’s playing it up big time to the other gals to make it look like she intended to put up Monte if Kyle used the veto, but Kyle “wouldn’t cooperate”. Because of Kyle, she couldn’t put Monte up (which she was never going to do).


Taylor is playing both sides of the house trying to be popular with the girls. She doesn’t seem to understand what that means if she’s caught by her alliance, the Leftovers. That she’s safe with her alliance and can’t trust Jasmine or Indy. Clearly Jasmine is running the other side of the house. She needs to go. Unfortunately for Taylor the alliance will figure out if they put up Jasmine, they also need to put Taylor as a pawn. Because most likely Taylor will vote against the leftovers and keep Jasmine. Probably Taylor would go to jury, not Jasmine. Taylor seems to be making game decisions based on her personal preference of gender and race. …. I think anyone who plays a race card in the game should be immediately evicted. Imagine if Alyssa or Brittany, both white women, made a claim they decided before coming into the game not to put up a white woman? OMG. They’d be called racist. All that said the game is about to change with a big time twist. Winning seems to be becoming more about luck than game play.


Exactly. Why does Taylor? get a green light? for being a racist & sexist?? If this was the other way around,??????????production would prolly step in immediately to quash such speech???So sick of double standards??It is now time ? for Miss Michigan?? to head to the jury house???



Palm Oil's Meds

Most of the BB players and winners are white, so there’s no need for a white player (honestly admit to) saving someone because they’re white.


Kyle is not one of my favorite players the season, but he has every right to NOT use the veto. He won the veto, so he decides. The approach of, “I’m using (or not using) the veto because it’s what the HOH wants” is one of the reasons that BB went downhill in recent seasons. Winning HOH doesn’t mean you dictate everything that happens the entire week; it simply means that you are safe and you pick the noms for the week. I’ve been cheering for Taylor and I hope she lets this go because it will not help her game to fixate on it.


Exactly! Never assume the Veto will play out as you think. You better pick 2 people you are okay with leaving if the Veto isn’t used. Her whole alliance wants Jaz out but for personal reasons, she is a no. So, you can’t expect someone else in your alliance to help you with her petty and horrible HOH. She promised everyone was safe and didn’t think it over. She wants to be in with the girls that want her out, why save them. Does not make sense. She wants 2 girls at the end, but I sure the hell would not want a girl that did not like me to make it. Also, she isn’t safe next week since she can’t play in the HOH and the split. At this point I would be happy with Jaz and Taylor leaving in the double. She just made crap of her HOH.

Kyle's mom



And when Turner asked where the deed took place, and Alyssa said in the have not room… he said oh how romantic! Lol he cracks me up!


AND… she was crying yesterday morning in the BR & told Turner she was emotional b/c it she just got her monthly, but also bc Kyle & her did the deed.

He, of course, responded ‘Dude – that’s great’ & then asked why she was upset & she told him some weird details about her last relationship & crying post coitus but this was bc Kyle hadn’t spoken to her ye5]t so she was feeling really insecure. She also mentioned she was just the third girl 29 year-old (Mormon – former Mormon?) Kyle had slept with.

He asked do you mind if I ask where it happened – she responded – HN room on a floatie (bwahhhhhh). They end the convo & she swears him to secrecy…

He goes to Kyle & tells him he knows Ally & him f*cked. Goes through a similar spiel of congrats. Kyle ALSO swears Turner to secrecy…


Turner is talking to Monte who is bothered that Kyle might not use the POV & so Turner ALLUDES to Kyle/Ally getting closer – like MUCH CLOSER, nudge, nudge, wink, wink. But honestly, I don’t think Monte caught on. He sure didn’t seem to have considering he was riding shotgun to Joe last night as they circled the wagons for him to use the POV/so LO could evict Ally OR option 2 still nominate but keep her (HUH?).

VERY early this morning as Turner and Joseph were in the bathroom. Both exhausted from a long night where they stood on opposing sides with Turner playing wingman to Kyle in the debate. So, basically, a guy that clearly knew Kyle & Joe were NOT vibing AND YOU GUESSED IT – HE TOLD JOE TOO!

I know Turner was cited as someone who has a loose tongue but given the subject matter is something I’m surprised he would share especially considering that he’s friends with Ally. He must have an ulterior motive (otherwise – it makes zero sense).

MAYBE – it was to stir the pot or maybe the complete opposite & hoped that information would help Joe understand why Kyle couldn’t backstab her merely days after consummating the relationship.

Anyway – what are the chances Joseph keeps that to himself – or does he tell Taylor? who in turn tells Brittany – who tells Michael – (you get the picture).


So no one notices who Kyle is trying to make his alliance outside of the leftovers? Yet you all complain about the cookout n Tayor not putting up Jasmine! It’s the same thing he just not saying the word white!

un autre nom

Everyone notices Kyle is trying to make an alliance outside of leftovers that is based in his implicit bias.
Everyone notices.
Personally, my objection to refusing the nominate Jasmine is this (beyond the fact I don’t like Jasmine): Taylor is not aligned with Jasmine. If Jasmine now gets and HOH, and two of Taylor’s allies go on the block, and one is evicted due to Taylor refusing to support her alliance, is it acceptable for that evicted houseguest to say thanks for fuqing me in the game, but at least you got to keep your principles and protect the other side? Or would that be considered culturally insensitive? It would be factual.


Maybe it has nothing to do with color and he get’s along with them the best? He has reason to trust them more? Get that nasty filth out of your mouth. Everyone just needs to stop with the “color” thing, it’s like you are all a bunch of trained sheep.

Big Brother Fan

Yup anytime white people stick together it’s racism. They are called vile and disgusting names on social media and even lose their jobs and livelihood. Anytime black people say they won’t nominate or vote out a black person and make alliances based on color it’s not racism. They are called the best players, praised for sticking together, and cheered on! As long as it’s white people getting screwed, it’s perfectly acceptable, got it.

I Spy

Funny the weird dynamic that has resulted from oppressing a race of people for over 300 years. If you haven’t been on the receiving end of that oppression you will NEVER really understand it. Therefore, the lack of understanding and all the disdain, cynicism and condemnation mean nothing to those that have been.


My question is–no one notices JOE making alliances outside the LO? THAT is more pressing to me! Joe’s Spygame has turned into another alliance for him which is why he drives the Alyssa nom, eviction. Sheesh

un autre nom

Slept. Probably more than the houseguests (like that’s a big deal this season).
The atmosphere change in the Leftovers has be shifting since Taylor’s first big idea (Turner and or Turner and Monte on the block). It’s aggravated by unwillingness to nominate a NON alliance member. It’s further aggravated by constant shifting and flipping of target.
Now suspicion reigns. Good job with Taylor’s Reign of Terrror. Eyeroll.

Monte is mad that Kyle won’t use the veto to cut his showmance.
Taylor is mad she isn’t getting some big vengeful bitch moment (her words to Terrance not my feeling about her).
Jasmine is already conspiracy theory spinning… and coming up wrong thanks to Terrance’s help.

Only thing that could even for a moment make Kyle use veto (and this is stupid): Alyssa lied to Kyle about revealing to Turner that they had sex.

Kyle was already on his bias train.
Michael and Britt are already seeing the cracks and trying to people please everyone until the break, so that they can choose the better side.
Turner is still fire homie bro dude about everything. He will remain thus until Jasmine is on the block.
Joseph, now that EVERYONE is rabidhypergamersquirrelling in the wake of his shit, is pretty much napping happily. Why is it the rabidgamersquirrels are only comfortable when there is chaos?

Okay, Someone else can check this, I’m just spitballing in my head: has the twitter fandom that (rightly) called out Kyle’s implicit bias, cheering and calling for the creation of a cookout 2.0 yet?


She is more mad at herself for her HoH run being chaotic and not having more control as per one of her conversations in the wee hours of the morning. She also stated that being HoH was harder than she had thought having watched Big Brother (we can blame that on the latter seasons. THANKS DERRICK! 🙁 )

un autre nom

I don’t dislike Taylor, I’m disappointed in her choice to keep voicing that the alliance should have essentially bullied Kyle into doing what she wanted. She wanted them to, as a group strong arm him (her words). TWO of the alliance targets are on the block. It seems like persisting at this point is petty.
She said she doesn’t want alliance fractures (it’s already fractured, and every alliance member, including her, notes the sides in the alliance), and goes out to exert her will in such a way that can ONLY strengthen those alliance fractures.


She has told several people she is “furious” at Kyle. She should be thanking him. She told the girls she wanted to backdoor Monte. By not using the veto, Kyle took the heat off of her.


I’m pretty sure that was a lie. I think she is secretly angry with herself. Not because of her constantly changing targets either. Initially she asked who everyone wanted out. The majority named JasMEAN. She deliberately kept changing targets because deep down she also wanted JasMEAN out but didn’t want to admit it. JasMEAN was the big player she wanted out. I don’t think she expected Jas’s name to be the top choice. All that crap about not putting up a woman of color was just that…crap. Taylor is vindictive. She only cares about getting rid of the ones that hurt her. JasMEAN was at the top of the list. She wants to backdoor her and also shock the whole house when she names JasMEAN. She figures that way she will not only let all of the HG’s know not to underestimate her again, she’ll also have the last laugh. Of course, she can’t tell anyone. It would let the cat out of the bag. Trying to force Kyle to use the veto only made him more adamant to not use it. Hmm not using it didn’t get her the results she wanted. Sure, she’ll still send out a member of the other side, but remember, she’s a narcissistic woman who wants that attention and spotlight.
That’s another take on it all…could it be true?


How long are they going to keep the girl who talks through her teeth,she is just weird


Joseph’s family is asking fans to refollow him again on Twitter. The original account was reported as being fake and it was not fake it was run by family to support him. A new account was created . Please follow @JosephAbdinBB24. His family would appreciate it. They are trying to get back the 10k followers that they lost


I saw why. People are idiots and didn’t realize that family members/friends manage the houseguest’s accounts while min the House. It had literally always been that way




good dont use it. unless jasmine will be the replacement. which I doubt would ever happen but it would be nice.


I was watching this conversation this morning and the other side things that Monty would’ve went up. I was hoping the conversation between Alyssa and Taylor would’ve been shown or had time for before the Veto meeting. Taylor really wanted to be totally in control this week

Mad Max

I think the show mance just destroyed itself! There is NO way the rest of the leftovers will forget this or will “let” Alyssa “join” them!


How can both be gone on Thursday Simon? They are supposed to play an entire week apart, 5 on 5, one set in the house and the others outside, which will really strange, and then a week from Thursday we will get a double eviction.

un autre nom

House standings post veto meeting.

BB24 WEEK 6A.jpg

Not a fan of Kyle at all, however, I don’t blame him for not using the POV. Luv Taylor but it was very selfish of her to ask Kyle to Use the Veto and vote his showmance out. Would Taylor vote Joseph out? Highly doubt it. Now I do believe that Alyssa would vote Kyle out lol


It would have been one thing if the alliance agreed Alyssa before the Veto but changing your mind 10 times because Alyssa who is not in my alliance, I picked to play in Veto and I told would not go up won $5K. This is all Taylors fault, she did all this on her own and messed up her own HOH.



un autre nom

Post veto ceremony.
Jasmine, who has been saying Taylor and Britt have to go for weeks… is mad that they will lose another girl this week when Indy goes. She’d better be thankful they didn’t put Alyssa up, because who else is going to come running when Jasmine wants someone to make her a sandwich, cut off the crusts, pour her some water, go back and pour colder water? Now she says they have to take out Monte or Kyle or Michael next.
Terrance is convinced that Monte and Kyle are working together (still thinks the blindside was for Monte).
Alyssa is playing up that her back is still sore to Joseph (Kyle told her to play up the pain for a few days).

Something I reiterate every season, and I feel the time is coming for it to be germane again: You know that whole best of the worst thing we all do as fans when the numbers get low and we have to reassess the remaining houseguests, forgiving their worst traits so that we have a hero to cheer for? Let’s not do that. The least covered in manure might be the cleanest, but that doesn’t make them spotlessly clean. Thanks.

un autre nom

LMAO. At least they wouldn’t be targeting each other so that they can get the segment time every week.


If they survive DE week, lol

Just a viewer

Taylor is good at this game. If people would get out of their feelings, they could see what she is doing. She showed Kyle is only loyal to Alyssa. Terrance/Indy/ Jasmine actually think she wanted Monte out and now Kyle and Alyssa are their target not her. The Pound doesn’t trust him now and The Leftovers know he will protect Alyssa over them. So she can duck as they go at each other. Taylor knew what she was doing changing her mind constantly. She knows now, who is placed with who. In their scrambling ( and that’s what she wanted) they showed their hands. She’s a fan of the show but she told them she only powered through a few different season/episodes to prepare for coming on. She’s on to Britney and Micheal as well because Britney talks too much. I’m calling it: Taylor/Turner F2. Turner is another underrated player. He knows a lot and plays slow. He’s flying super low under the radar.

un autre nom

I would require evidence that she has intentionally set out to do any of that. It wasn’t in any of her talks with either Joe or Monte or Britt (the three she talks most with). It wasn’t in any of her cam talks.
The fact that she has lucked into any positive positioning is not because of her actions as HOH but in spite of her actions as HOH. Lucking into that doesn’t make her a master of strategic theory.