“It’s hard feeling like the house has their mind made up even though we don’t know what is happening with us” **Updated**

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Daniel
Nominees: Michael Taylor & Terrance
POV Players: Daniel, Michael, Terrance, Indy, Ameerah and Turner. Kyle is hosting
POV Winner: Michael
Veto Ceremony: Veto used. Taylor nominated
Havenots: Joe, Michael, Monte and Kyle

Lock your ranks in before midnight


8:35 am Joe and Monte
Joe says Nicole and Taylor are best friends. The reason Taylor kept it together during the nominations is Taylor told her she was going up.
Joe – I see them talking a lot.

Joe- It’s become very obvious that POOCH and Turner in terms of strategy. Everyone knows they are a thing even game play because they make it so obvious. They went into the every room with people. The good thing is they are making friends with people outside of OASIS
Joe – me and you should be doing the same thing. Two strong players.. Two honest players. We’re not lying.

Monte – whenever two people are aligned it causes a red flag.
Joe – if I don’t win this money. I’m not lying to you I hope it’s you
MOnte – Appreciate that. Vice Versa. We share similar goals in life and we’ll probably be working together at some point in the future (Meet and greets?)
Joe – Lets play a man’s game. I came in here and was like that’s my boy
Monte – same here BRO.
Joe – I’m hoping it me you and someone else.
Feeds flip.. When we’re back Joe is finishing up telling a story about why he’s in the game and “why I want to help people”
Joe goes on about helping his mon who has health problems, “maybe there’s a doctor out there that can help her vision. Maybe help with the shelling in the brain”.
Joe – her functionality is very low.
Monte – how long has she’s been like that
Joe – ever since I can remember. When I mentioned my parents got divorced it was part of the divorce. She’s sick so she’s on medication. The medication will numb her. It’s sad watching someone kinda.. wait day by day.

Monte appreciates him opening up about his Family. Says he’s got Joe’s back.
Monte starts to talk about his family and beings to cry
Joe – You good my boy you good

Monte says his parents had them when they were young and dumb running around on the streets but they turned their lives around when they had him. “When I hear stories about what my dad was doing. I didn’t know how this man survived, getting arrested or killed”
Monte shares a story about his mom taking him to Delaware to live. His father took it hard, “All my life I grew up with him at a distance and that is something that hurt him to his core”
Monte – he didn’t feel he was doing the best job he could do as a father. Two years after I graduated from College he came by to Delaware. He takes me to this apartment complex and I see his wife. I was like Dad what’s going on. He said We’re moving to Delaware.
Monte cries.
Monte – that meant a lot bro.

Feeds cut to snoring Terrance. When we’re back

Monte – she’s (Alyssa) down with Casual sex she was talking about it in the HOH room.
Joe – she’s down for a good time. she’s just waiting.
Monte – you think her and Kyle
Joe – hmmm
Monte – you don’t think so?
Joe – her and Kyle would be a good one I don’t see it. .. I could see her and Kyle. I just don’t think Kyle is her type
Monte – who is her type?
Joe – super gym asshole. no offense bro. she’s a gym girl.
Joe says her and Kyle might hook up
Monte – that’s a deep routed issue being attracted to assholes.
Joe thinks she’s just continuing a pattern.

Monte says dating can be like psychological warfare.
Monte asks him who Joe would be drawn to based on physical appearance
Joe – it would be .. that’s actually hard. Bro I think Jasmine is beautiful
Monte – Jasmine is beautiful
Joe – I like her type.. Ahh my god bro I am trying to remove personalities.. I’m trying to remember when I walked in who was the first person I was the most attracted to.
Joe – Paloma is beautiful
Monte – She has real nice lips..
Joe – I would say Paloma is more like my type but Alyssa is probably maybe. I also think Indy is cute. But Indy is cute.
Joe – Nicole
Monte – Nicole.. wait what?
They laugh
Taylor walks in.

Feeds cut. When we’re back the house starts getting up.

11:18 am Monte and Brittnay chit chat (Loving those glasses)

NOON Indy, Taylor and Alyssa
Alyssa – how are you feeling
Taylor – the suite case made it feel ARGH. It’s hard feeling like the house has their mind made up even though we don’t know what is happening with us. It is tough feeling like I’m in that position. There’s still conversation I want to have with the both of you

Taylor – Yesterday what we talked about how I made you and other people feel like I don’t want to be around those girls because their my social competition like there can only be one pretty girl I don’t want to be around another one. That’s something I clearly maintained over a couple days.
Indy – we’re good.

12:04 pm Taylor and Terrance
Taylor – you’re cool with Nicole? You trust Nicole?
Terrance- yeah I do
Taylor – have you talked to Brittany?
Terrance – a little bit
Taylor – I remember what you were telling me that she hadn’t engaged with you.
Terrance – she engaged just a touch .. she was like Hey I hadn’t really talked to you how you feeling
Terrance- how are you feeling?
Taylor – I know Nicole tried to explain it to you last night. What I think is going to happen.. I think it’s going to be (Backstage). with the whole house or just the 5 or six of us. I think there is going to be a physical pass. A backstage pass. It’s going to start with POOCH. He hands it to somebody that person hands it to somebody the last person to hold onto the pass is on the block.
Terrance – or not on the block
Taylor – on the block cause when you are passing it around it’s to who you want on the block
Terrance – like hot potato.
Taylor – there’s a scenario where you come down and Brittany gets on the block. There is no way POOCH is going to take Alyssa or Paloma out.
Terrance – only our bags were in the storage room
Taylor – double eviction happen all the time and they don’t give out 5 bags.

Taylor – there’s only two scenarios where I could stay is if Brittany is next to me or Brittany is next to you.
Terrance- at the end of the day Brittany has to be sitting next to one of us.
Terrance – They key is we have to get Brittany up to keep us safe.
Taylor – anyone next to you is going home
Terrance – I can’t sit next to Paloma or Alyssa. I don’t have the numbers. The boys love Alyssa.. you know what I’m saying
Taylor – Paloma has another week and a half at least. noone is going to vote her out right now.
Taylor – the people that told you they will keep you here. Tell them you want Brittany.

12:25 pm Mike and Brittany
Brittany – I’m in a much better head space. I’m going to act like I’m safe like everybody else. I’m going to pretend I’m one of those people. I guess not talk game.
Mike – I guess it’s ok to talk game if you feel comfortable with someone and talking about who you might put up next week. That could be incentive to keep you.
Brittany – maybe it’s not who I target it’s about who I keep safe. Be like HEY you are not on my radar next week. I won’t tell you who is but it’s not you.
Brittany – I’m going to be social butterfly Brittany today and not look desperate.
Brittany – do you think Taylor is doing too good of job being nice now. are people still?
Mike – I think so
Brittany – she’s been on her best behavior. It’s done.

1:17 pm Taylor
“This is going to suck if its a third nominee. I have to campaign against Brittany and be an asset to the girls and now the guys will gun for me and we’ll be one girl down ”

2:32 pm Alyssa and Taylor
Speculating about the backstage
Alyssa – if she (Brittany) was next to you I think she’ll go home
Taylor – I hope so, I don’t know. I want to play with the girls I want to get back in all your good graces and be the girls girl I wanted to be from the jump. If that means going on slop next week that means I’ll do it. I want to be in this game fight for you, for us.
Alyssa – I need more people on my side. Nobody really talks game to me.
Alyssa says if she has any say in it tomorrow she’ll protect Taylor.
They HUG

3:18 pm Yoga and BB maths

3:59 pm Taylor and Kyle
Speculation about the Backstage twist.
Taylor – I’ve I’m next to Terrance I go home. If I’m next to Paloma or Alyssa I go home. If I’m next to Brittany I think she goes. Personally I would prefer Brittany is next to Terrance
Taylor asks him if there’s a vote would he be will to take her down and put Brittany up
Kyle – I haven’t thought about that. Brittany is rubbing people the wrong way
Kyle wonders if POOCH has to decide what would happen.
Taylor thinks he gets a to decide if the nominations stay the same.

4:17 pm POOCH and Joe
POOCH – He (Kyle) knows about our group, he knows how strong we are even if he does go after us. If we have to take him out quick we will
Joe – I don’t think he will (Come after Oasis)
POOCH – he’s such a good guy he won’t
POOCH – when we get down to the six we know who to go after first.
Joe – we need to sit down and figure the order we’re booting out of this house.

4:27 pm


5:08pm Michael and Daniel
Michael is bringing up the conversation he had with Terrance where he mentioned wanting to get the older people together like himself, Daniel and Nicole.
Daniel – he’s mentioned it to me separately. Props to him I didn’t think of that. I’m a youthful soul I don’t think about the number.
Daniel says he like level headed people like Michael, Nicole and Terrance.
Daniel – I’m super down with looking after each other and moving forward with that. that’d be sick.
Michael says if he gets HOH he can show Daniel he’s trustworthy.

5:16 pm Kyle and Daniel
Kyle thinks him for sticking to his word and not putting him up
Kyle – I think we are on the same page with Taylor I just wanted to check in with you
Daniel – nothing has changed with me.

Daniel says he’s been asking people in passing all day and the plan is still to get Taylor out.
Kyle brings up Taylor asking him if it comes down to it and there’s an option to the house to flip the nominations and put Brittnay up and take her down would he do that for her.
Kyle – Chill that’s a little abrupt I haven’t spoken game with you. I figure that’s what she’s doing right now. If it’s her and Terrance she’s going home but if there’s an off chance would you guy’s help her out.
Kyle – I don’t think anyone is willing to
Daniel – she’s too powerful. She said the wrong name when she tried to through Paloma under the bus because she is not eligible for replacement.
Daniel goes on about how powerful Taylor is compared to Terrance “girls up working out at 8 am killing it she looks in shape and she’s goign to have fire. Terrance is just Chilling”
Kyle – Terrance is the hommie.

5:48 pm Nicole and Ameerah
Nicole – your mom is American and your dad is Jamaican?
Ameerah – My step dad is Jamaican and regular.. my biological dad is African American. I grew up in the Jamaican culture.
Nicole – Jamaican culture and food is one of my favorites. The food is so good.
Ameerah – have you been to Jamacian
Nicole – YES like 5 times.
Ameerah – I’ve been there three times. I love the people
Nicole – one of my best friends and I use to go to Hedonism
Ameerah – whats’ that?
Nicole – it’s a nude resort. Things happen there like swingers and all that stuff.
Nicole – the first time we were there Jerry Springer was filming on site at the resort. There was tattooed little people running around everywhere.
Nicole – there as a nude side or a prude side. I only went to the nude side once. It was too much for me. We went as a group there was 7 of us. The stories I heard about them hooking up. Me and Ben were like Mmmmm .. we’re just going to go hang out

6:05 pm Guided meditation

6:30 pm Jasmine, Ameerah, Michael and Brittany
Brittnay says tensions can run a little high so the meditation helps.
Jamsin – was Paloma out ther with you
Brittnay – No I think she’s still in the DR.
jasmine gives a look
the feeds cut.

6:50 pm Kyle and Ameerah
Ameerah says her birthday is on the 18th. “it might be in the Jury house cause I’m making it to Jury”
Kyle – I think we have a very clear shot
Ameerah – I think it’s obvious and I think people are lost. I think people have no idea
Kyle – There’s a couple people like Indy and Brittany that could go up but what if one of us wins BAckstage boss and has to put up three people
Ameerah – don’t put up people in our group
Kyle – three people that aren’t on the block
Ameerah – what we should do is put up the three people that did the worst in the comp and we need to make sure we did not do the worst. That would be the
Kyle – easiest to explain
Ameerah – I hope Paloma stays in this game cause I need her
Kyle – Ohh my gosh I was thinking about. They (Production) were having a conversation with her then..
Feeds cut..

7:08 pm Indy, Jasmine and Alyssa
Alyssa – after what he said last night.. were you their?
Alyssa – he said what would you say if I sent you home
Jasmine – He AXED me who would I want to save. I said Alyssa and Ameerah. he said okay I’m good. Like don’t play with me.
Jasmine whispers “we can get POOOCH out.. backdoor ”

Alyssa – last night we was like how mad would you be if I put you on the block and got you out as the first houseguest. He said that last night
Jasmine – I don’t like that. HE has to be a backdoor cause he will GUN for that veto
Indy – what is backdoor
Jasmine – what happened to Taylor
Jasmine – I don’t want it to be GIRL GIRL GIRL I’m tired of that so we get POOCH out
Alyssa – they’ll pick us off.

Big Brother 24 Swimsuit pictures dropped today.

Girl’s Girls (Paloma, Jasmine, Alyssa, Ameerah, Indy, Brittany)
Motley Crew (POOCH, Turner, Daniel)
The Oasis (POOCH, Turner, Daniel, Kyle, Monte, Joe)
MAMBA (Paloma, ALyssa, Ameerah, Monte, Kyle, Michael)
Burner (Turner, Brittany)
TOOCH (Turner and Pooch)
PSL (Paloma, ALyssa)
Rouge Rats (Nicole, Daniel)
Smurfs (Jasmine, Paloma, Kyle, Monte)

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*sigh* I think I overestimated Joe by a lot. Now I see him leaving very soon


Having just watched the POV comp, it was indeed a good one!


Ok, I saw the full episode and while Paloma got an edit that made her look better than she was I am glad that I now know that it is what Daniel said in his replacement nom speech that led to the truth about everything to come out

No Name

Usually there is someone each season that stands out as a gamer to me but this cast is just blah.It’s only the first week so maybe someone will step it up but based on first impressions I’m not expecting anything. I want to like Michael but even if he can come up with a strategy, I don’t think he has the social ability to pull it off.I’m afraid Monte will group thing his way to the finale which will be sooo boring and depressing to watch.Or we could watch Grod puppet Paloma to the win,that will be crazy.


I agree! This cast is not exciting and can’t believe they this obtuse! I’m rooting for Michael and Nicole at this point. Everyone else can kick rocks!


Ok, Indy has got to be playing people. There’s no way that she has to practice “I vote to evict” that many times. Meanwhile, I forget if they would do a multi-hour endurance HOH competition this early in the game

un autre nom

I still feel like week one sets a tone for the season.
Usually it’s about targeting.
21 was ‘who stands out’ in a crowd of white faces… any more watermelon?
22 was because of 21 we can’t put up 2 poc, but we can put up 1 every single week as ‘pawns’ until they’re gone. Which one does Cody want?
23 was ‘won’t put up a poc’ and then he did… and for the rest of the season it was bad to put up a poc. Make sure Xavier is okay with it.
This season seems to be ‘who can we call a liar’ or who does the group hate? Let’s ask Monte.
If they are following post 20 standard storyline practice…. you see what I’m seeing?


Why does it ALWAYS have to be through the lens of race

un autre nom

it doesn’t, and this season it isn’t., in my opinion.
21-23 were a a three part story arc adressing past issues setting up a new storyline edit in my opinion.
This season i don’t think it’s about race. It’s about ‘or everyone witll gang up against you.’

I’m of the opinion that there are 16 people playing big brother. I don’t like seasons that start off 15 against 1, with the house guests actually verbalizing ‘you have to, or they’ll gang up on you next’ mutliple times.


You’ve been here with us for a while but I think you need to see your doctor and re-evaluate the meds you take

un autre nom

personal insult?
If i wanted to challenge you, demean you and be dismissive of your opinion without any personal background about you, I could go off on a privilege diatribe.
For example, I could just rattle off an opinion without basis in fact because i have no personal experience or knowledge about you and say:
The only reason you are so upset about things being equated to race is because you yourself have blinders on and don’t want to deal with that fact that race and racial inequalities are systemic.
I’d wager to guess, with the same level of certainty that you seem to possess about my mental health, that you yourself don’t want to deal with it, because given your position in the hierarchy, it doesn’t affect you until someone calls race and your unwillingness to accept that their is racial disparity into question.
I’ve just jumped to a lot of conclusions about your character with no basis in fact or personal knowledge about you. Did that feel fair or right?
No. No it did not. so don’t do that to me.

Girl's Girls=Karens

The only difference is that white alliances tend to move in silence and more on code while black alliances are usually very vocal and obvious but both end up with the same result – exclusion.

un autre nom

Why i feel this season isn’t more about race than follow the leader and gender:
the Backstage Pass picks combined with night one and two gender based aliancing.
That isn’t to say that some houseguests may or may not have bias and prejudice, but it’s more to say that the storyline this season isn’t going to centre on that, it’s more likely to centre on gender.

un autre nom

We’ve got Palomawatch happening with production trying to encourage her to stay. With a twist in progress? suspect.
We’ve got the hypnotherapist hypnotizing the room the night before eviction one. suspect, like trying to get her big ‘thing’ out there so she gets her moment.

I’m Denmark smells of fish right now.

No Name

Production needs to cut its losses and stop casting mentally unstable people.But then I guess there wouldn’t be a show.Though you’d think a large corporation like CBS would have health and safety standards,I’d also include ethical standards but yeah right that would be silly.


Of course two black folks are on the block first! SMH