Taylor “I’ll be Carrie for the season.. covered in blood!”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Jasmine
Nominees: POOCH and Taylor
POV Players: POOCH, Jasmine, Taylor, Ameerah, Terrance, Michael (Host Daniel)
POV Winner: Michael
Veto Ceremony: Veto was not used
Havenots: Terrance, Nicole, Pooch, Daniel

Lock your ranks in before midnight


7:26pm Kitchen – Terrance and Daniel.
Terrance – I know who I would put up next week. Joseph and Turner. Daniel – Ohhh.. I’m ready! Play ball! Hey, no sweat off my back! Monte joins them. Monte – I don’t know if I’m paranoid but I feel like people .. especially the guys have been talking in my ear and I’ve been noticing this week since Jasmine’s been HOH .. its like the girls have these very siloed conversations and I was talking it through in the diary room… and I was thinking am I going crazy or something? Because that’s never been done before you know what I mean? A strong female alliance kicks out all the dudes as a house. But dudes have been in my ear, like the room gets very quiet when I walk in and sh*t .. and I’m like okay that’s a red flag! Terrance – you? Monte – no other dudes in the house. They keep having these siloed meetings where all the girls are in one room. Daniel – its the second day .. girls vibing .. I will try to integrate.

Terrance – I can definitely see that because it will f**k us. Right now we have the numbers by one. I didn’t realize that until literally looking at this. We was 8 and 8. It was literally girls against guys.. I didn’t notice. Monte – Taylor was the target last week. We had established a unanimous vote to get her out.. and now I’m hearing Pooch out this week. And I am like alright.. I love Pooch from a personal perspective. From a game perspective he can be a little bit wild. I had heard that Taylor wants to make a big move as soon as she gets HOH. And I heard my name come up and I am like whoa! Terrance – the guy that’s made substantial moves in terms of the guys is Mike. Monte – right!? I don’t know how I am a bigger target than Mike. Either way I am hearing this consensus about Pooch .. like he put himself up.. he might be voted out this week. I am like alright, Taylor seems pretty comfortable. Daniel – almost like someone told her or something. Monte – yeah. Its almost like are you guys working with this chick now!? I’ve been hearing the people want Pooch out.. but is it just the girls or is it the whole house? If she (Taylor) wins HOH, its probably going to be me and you (Daniel) that goes up. I haven’t heard Pooch say my name, your name, your name or anyone I’m cool with. Would I want him out this week!? Like I am very confused about that. Did he do something incriminating? Daniel – maybe they made a deal with Taylor to do what you’re saying. Monte – is it really the whole house?! Something just don’t feel right! I just want to level with y’all. Daniel – if she stays and wins HOH .. I am very worried. Monte – we have time till Thursday. I don’t want my vote to incriminate me moving forward if for some reason the whole house does want Pooch out. But if I am being told a narrative that isn’t true.. that worries me. Daniel – once I know sh*t, I don’t mind telling you.

8:03pm Storage room. Daniel and Terrance.
Daniel – They’re going to be gun ho.. I’ll pull her (Jasmine) aside the day off to save our a$$ and be like we’re riding with you guys right now.. you got to let it be a fair game. Then we’ll pull Monte in here and be like bro everything is flipping and at that time I’ll “tell” you too. And maybe I can pull both of you in here. Terrance – just tell it to me in front of him. Daniel – like I want to be cool with you.. the house is flipping. So that we can save face with him. Terrance – and then we play the f**king game we want to play. Daniel – I don’t want to be blindsided. Now that he told me that now.. I can’t let it slide. At first I was going to be like I don’t care. Let me clear it with Jasmine.

8:15pm – 8:30pm Bedroom. Michael, Brittany and Taylor.
Michael – how are you feeling? Taylor – I feel good for this week. I mean I will talk freely with you guys.. I don’t care. The feeds are like no don’t! I am nervous about .. lets say I win HOH next week and I take out a big target like people already wanted me out of the house …Its going to be like all hands on deck get her a$$ out of the house. And I am out of here the following week. But you know.. Michael – I think it would depend on who the person was ..like depending on how the votes fall and people do vote for him (Pooch) to stay ..that’s an easy out to say you voted for him to stay. Taylor – you wanted me out. If I could get out who I want to get out pre-jury that would be wild! Brittany – you can take shots that other people can’t take but want to do. That is valuable. Taylor – people especially in this house are so afraid of getting blood on their hands. And I am like well I have nothing to lose! Brittany – and there are multiples of those shots not just one. So there is a reason that you still stay after you make one of those shots. Taylor – I’ll just be Carrie for the season, covered in blood! Michael – even if one of those shots go through .. I think that blows the whole house wide open. Taylor – like everyone can really play now. Brittany – everyone is going so safe. Taylor – middle of the house. Michael – we love that this week. Taylor – yes.

8:30pm – 8:44pm Bedroom. Indy, Alyssa, Nicole.
Indy – I either want Taylor, me or her (Nicole) as HOH. Alyssa – you really don’t think that Taylor would do something weird? Do you think she would follow through? Indy – absolutely. I bet it would be the best scenario! Nicole – or Brittany. Honestly any of us .. because I really want it bad! Alyssa – what would you do if you had it? Nicole – Turner for sure! I don’t know who else though. Alyssa – yeah. Indy – I think we could do a big move as well. Like BIG! And bye! I am sorry I am being so mean.. but I am done! Nicole – that is fine. Like I would prefer their mom to cry than mine. I swear to god. It sounds like a joke but its not. Nicole – so Turner.. and Taylor or Brittany for pawn? Indy – I would put Terrance and tell him he’s a pawn.. and Taylor and then whoever of us wins the veto takes her (Taylor) out and we put someone else in. Nicole – ahh… see I don’t want to put two of our people up. Indy – no, because if anything goes wrong .. she (Taylor) goes home. Nicole – but I don’t want to get rid of her yet. Indy – but I would do that in case one of them gets the veto. And then she goes home.. it is what it is. But one of us .. we save her and put one of them up.. GOODBYE! That is my plan, I could go home next day.. I don’t care! Nicole – no guy is going to win this sh*t we have too strong of a female cast. Strongest female cast ever on Big Brother!

9:33pm Outside the HOH room. Michael and Brittany.
Michael – I don’t know .. everyone seems to have something with most people and that makes it difficult. Brittany – that makes it difficult to be the outer ring of these groups. Some seasons that’s really beneficial but this season no. Michael – its turned into what’s going to make the least amount of waves. Brittany – yup. And even if that’s stupid getting out the easier targets or the opposite spectrums. I just need a mental comp. And of course one of us winning HOH changes everything … and I am going to be gunning for it as hard as I possibly can.. but how do we set ourselves up for success? Its so crazy because I think the girls think I am with them.. and as long as its beneficial .. let them think that. But also recognize that if there was some reality where I got to choose .. I would be the first to go. And that is not something .. I am not willing to do their dirty work. I already sense that they kind of .. kind of don’t trust.. like I am not in their inner group.

9:55pm Bedroom. Daniel, Terrance and Taylor.
Taylor – I do little jokes and jabs at you but I don’t take it seriously. Daniel – no I know. Taylor – I appreciate you being chill about last night. Daniel – oh no, it was good. Taylor – oh my god. Daniel – I think that was needed the entertainment. I do wish I was drinking but I also glad I wasn’t for many reasons. Terrance – facts. Daniel – We’ll be able to do that in October and I will be saying way too much. Taylor – that is going to be dangerous. Daniel – yeah for everyone. Or jury house. Taylor – no cameras in jury house. Daniel – I know. I am sure there’s not liquor there either. Taylor – Maybe the occasional one.

10pm HOH room. Jasmine, Alyssa, Joe, Pooch, Indy, Monte, Turner and Ameerah.

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I was really hoping that Michael would’ve used the POV to take down Taylor and had Jasmine put up Monte just for the chaos and fireworks. I don’t like Monte, he has no chill. The smart ones are right to want him out pre-jury

Just a viewer

So, Nicole thinks this is the strongest female cast BB has ever had. It shows that she’s ONLY watched 6 seasons. Idiotic statement.


They don’t trust you Britt cuz you already proved you ain’t loyal!