POOCH “I would be shaking in my boots this week if they were smart” ** updated **

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Jasmine
Nominees: POOCH and Taylor
POV Players: POOCH, Jasmine, Taylor, Ameerah, Terrance, Michael (Host Daniel)
POV Winner: Michael
Veto Ceremony: Veto was not used
Havenots: Terrance, Nicole, Pooch, Daniel

Lock your ranks in before midnight


3:35 pm Taylor alone
“I need to think of a way to get Indy, Alyssa, Jasmine Ameerah with me.”

3:48 pm Turner and Monte
Turner says he heard from Brittany that Taylor was trying yo get Monte or Kyle on the block.
POOCH joins them.
POOCH – There’s nothing F**Ing scarier than a bunch of Petty girls that is why he feels good this week. There’s petty a$$ girls they won’t change their mind
MONTE – they’ll go after each other
POOCH – they’ll let emotions take over some of the strategy
POOCH – I would be shaking in my boots this week if they were smart.
They laugh
POOCH – cause they are girls .. girls don’t like girls. you ever see that movie Mean girls? IF there’s a girl they don’t like that’s all they can think about.

3:55 pm POOCH, Kyle and Turner
POOCH lets Kyle know that Taylor was trying to get Monte on the block today.
POOCH thinks they are in a good spot. He goes over his conversation with Ameerah “She thinks we’re all sneaky”
POOCH – I don’t think Michael is totally sold on the girls..
POOCH – Clearly Taylor’s campaigning didn’t work. If I was Taylor my campaign would be cut POOCH out I’ll work with you all I’ll take a shot I’ll take out the guys (ZOMG)
POOCH – that’s how you buy yourself Even if you are bull shiting
Kyle – take the shot they want to take
POOCH – BUT because they all hare her so much and genuinely cant stand her that’s why I think I’m ok
Turner – when I asked Alyssa the two people she doesn’t want touched she said Jasmine and you (Kyle)
Kyle – really
POOCH – She’s in love with you
Turner – she told me 4 days ago
POOCH – I’m telling you. you need to use that more. I’m not telling you sleep with her..
Kyle – I like her She’s a really good girl I haven’t seen that
POOCH – she likes you
Kyle – Kinda crazy
POOCH – would you showmance ?
Kyle – MMMMMM I feel like that would put too much of a spotlight on us this early. maybe done the road.
POOCH – you have the backing of the bOYS
Kyle – YEah yeah
Kyle says if he has a showmance in the house it’ll be further down the road.

POOCH says they have to cut the head off the snake
Kyle – which is who?
Feeds cut.. when we’re back
Pooch – she won against Terrance. I could have crawled there faster.
Turner – that’s fact
Turner – I think Nicole and Ameerah
POOCH – Nicole and Ameerah we backdoor their a$$.. I could put up Indy and Terrance
Pooch- If we get the opportunity.. if one of us win the veto and we get that shot. Lets do it
Turner – lets do it
Kyle doesn’t like that Indy always talks about being on Big Brother Brazil.

4:20 pm More cooking going down.
Nicole is making some sort of Slop meal.
Kyle – POOCH! you want any slop?
Taylor comments on hearing construction in the backyard.

4:35 pm Chit chat

4:45 pm Jasmin and Alyssa (Indy listening to music)
Alyssa is saying Brittnay is sharing a story about when she almost got kidnapped.
Jasmine – how does she have so many stories
Alyssa – why don’t you come out there.

Jasmine – I’m getting nervous now.
Alyssa – the vote? You got 2 days girl don’t worry about it. Enjoy yourself
Alyssa – the foot?
Jasmine – that to. I think it’s getting better now

5:25 pm Daniel, Brittany, Ameerah, Nicole, Indy, Alyssa
Daniel says once POOCH is gone he can pull Turner in.
They want POOCH evicted they Nicole speculates the vote will be 7-6. (Her count is wrong only 12 vote)
They have a plan to pull Turner in with Daniel.
Jasmine – what if we don’t get him out because the votes so close.
Nicole – he’s going out as long as all the girls vote to get him out he’s out.
Indy – And Michael and Terrance
Nicole – either or
Indy – we need both

5:27 pm Kyle and Monte
Kyle is sounding the alarm that the girls are a solid block. Says that up until last night he always thought Alyssa was telling him the truth. He asked her if there was as girl alliance and she danced around the question
Kyle – I’ve walked into so many conversations where it dies when I walk in.. Cause all my clothes are over there
Kyle – there’s multiple times Jasmine is in there, it’s like clockwork. Indy, Alyssa, Nicole. I’m like thy are making it so obvious They’re spending the whole night toegther. I hate to say it but we’re in a bad spot right now.
Kyle – Michael is playing both
Monte – we could use Michael as a mole.
Monte says it’s hard talking to Ameerah and Nicole. They never preset him with any information.
Monte says if they girls want to rock out with an all girls alliance “Go ahead.. but when I win HOH and you win HOH we’re going for the snakes the head of the snakes”
Monte – at this point are the heads of the snakes in our alliance
Kyle – Ameerah is so smart
Monte – she’s also very deceptive too
Joe joins them.

Joe – who is up there?
Monte – all the women
Joe – They are going to try and send POOCH home.. HUGE
Monte – What makes you say that?
Joe – gut feeling
Kyle – you guys talk to Ameerah late night has she mentioned anything
Joe – Ameerah has changed her vibe with us
Kyle – really.. when?
Joe – she was more open then she shut down. She started saying I don’t know.
Joe says POOCh was telling Ameerah his targets “None of us. Which makes it obvious we’re working Together”
Joe – I know for sure they hesitated getting Michael to use the veto and putting one of us up. I think they thought that was too strong of a move. Now they are going to try and sway the house.
Joe – if they rallied every person … Michael, Terrance. Pooch will leave. That will f** us up cause that means that alliance is bigger than ours.
Joe – I have a huge feeling they are going to try this
Joe – we lose one and they gain one they gain Taylor

Joe – Taylor, Ameerah, Nicole.. We’re the jury and they make it.
Kyle – they don’t want three strong guys in Jury
joe – they’ll kick us out. even if they come to us to break up our alliance I would be the first to go. We’re outskirts now
Joe – We went from running this house to it being flipped on us

Monte – where’s Daniels head at?
Joe – there’s two people that can swing this entire thing. We really need to work on Indy. Indy is the only one I think that will abandon if there is an alliance going on.
Monte – I can already tell that Indy is rubbing Jas and Alyssa the wrong way. Indy was just in the bathroom and Indy was like If jasmine doesn’t eat that F**Ing chicken I made for her .. Alyssa was right there.
They laugh
Joe – Indy pisses off a lot of people but not the guys. If one of them wins HOH they might go for her.
Joe counts votes to save POOCH, Monte, Kyle, Turner, jo, Daniel.
Monte – are you solid with Daniel
Kyle – I think Daniel is a lot closer to Nicole.
Kyle – if one of us wins HOH.. if one of us had one the HOH this entire Dynamic would be different.
Monte says when Daniel won the HOH he wasn’t pulling parties in his room with all the guys. With Jasmine lays down and calls all the “b1tches” to her
Monte – it’s so obvious..
Monte – they’ll be damned if we win HOH, they’ll be damned. We’ll go for the head.. We have to
joe says they won’t be going for Indy or Brittany “Blood will be spilt and they’re doing it first”
Joe – when I’m HOH I’m spilling blood.
Kyle leaves. Catches Brittany on the other side of the door.

Monte tells Joe he’s seen 6 season of Big Brother and he’s never seen a strong females alliance make it far.
Monte – they are trying to do something historic here
Joe – they literally said we want to do something different. That’s something different.
Monte – they’re not be discrete about it.
Joe we have to get POOCH to stay if we can’t get POOCH to stay we have to win HOH, “Even then they can f** us up with the veto”


Ameeraha and Alyssa join them. They asks them what they were talking about.
Alyssa – working out
Ameerah – Meat
Joe – The difference between green apples and red apples. I was eating a green apple and so was Kyle and Kyle was like DUDE I didn’t like apples but joe made me eat a green apple and then we argued about it.

6:15 pm Nicole and Jasmine
Taylor rings the bell. Nicole “Hold on one second”

Nicole says that when Paloma was in the “DR” right before she left Alyssa said “I Hope she’s ok because she’s my number one or like she’s my buddy in the game”
Jasmine says her and Alyssa never talked game along it was only in a group setting.
They go on about trusting each other.
Jasmine – She’s waiting outside
Nicole – that’s ok she can wait we’re having a conversation we don’t want no one to share with anybody else.
Nicole – alright I’ll let her back in

Taylor comes in
Nicole – Sorry.. we were just having a moment.

6:25 pm 2/3 of the house is collected in the car room. Chit chat.

6:35 pm Brittany and Joe
She’s telling him that POOCH is throwing his name under the bus.
Joe – I’ll just pretend I’m doing the dishes.. What did he say
Brittany – he said he wasn’t working with you
Joe says him and Joe are friends but they aren’t working together.
Brittany – he’s not watching out for you in this game.
Brittany – you’ll find out more later

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un autre nom

This “besties” twist could really damage any momentum they have going.
Then again, I’ve not been sure this week was going to go as planned.

  • the women still isolate the less wanted women. This means either Britt or Indy can be picked up by the men.
  • Daniel: operates on fear and paranoia.
  • Nicole is trying to get cute with the vote to protect Daniel.
  • Terrance. Terrance gonna do what Terrance gonna do.
  • the women have been too obvious to the men that were already predisposed to view the game as gender based. They made the manlliance to rule the world night one and pulled in Daniel…day 3? However, to say the men never hung out in the HOH or isolated themselves? Why did Paloma have the talk with Taylor about targeting the men? Because they were all up in the HOH strategizing. That’s what caused last week’s brouhaha.

Note Joseph, after being called out by Indy for being a backstabber, is trying to include Indy because he is very concerned about his honor being questioned? Did he say Indy’s name? Yup. She called him on it. He’s the one that keeps saying clean game… as long as it’s women leaving. Men leaving: time for blood. But he’s definitely shook at having his shenanigans called out and his honor called into question.

Meanwhile, has it actually struck anyone else that the same reason Kyle and Monte are so peeved is because the alliance didn’t just wait for instructions from Monte and Kyle? Seems that way to me. Of course Alyssa feeding info to Kyle? Definitely egging it on.

While i write this anything could be happening. Who knows. But this is where i’m seeing problems to the Plan to remove Pooch.

un autre nom

I was in the diary room thinking…
okay, so d/r was doing their usual feed plotline in advance line of questioning.
Oh, the fed him men are one up on women in numbers, did they?
this is almost as good as Joe out of nowhere deciding the vote is going to flip to take out Pooch…. on a day with lots of d/r calls.


You may be correct on DR questions giving it away, but I am also seeing signs that Joe is very much aware and doing an extremely good job of playing dumb. He is a lawyer or in law school, but he’s telling everyone he is just a personal trainer. He does not appear to be telling all he must know to everyone, not even to Monte. I’ve got my eye on him, and I’m seeing some signs he’s just biding his time but seems to have the lay of it and playing it very cool. Time will tell.

un autre nom

Monte speaking to Terrance and Daniel.
Listen to what he says.
He’s thinking the majority don’t want Pooch out, it’s just a false narrative by some women.

Monte should know about false narrative:
the guy that knew Paloma was targeting Joe wanted Taylor out because she was too independently minded and spoke to the men as equals. Taylor says Paloma needs to be talked to, she’s afraid the men are ganging up to come for the women. Monte twisted that to 4 houseguests then Paloma (who ran it to EVERYONE) in order to create a justification for the men targeting Taylor the woman they considered the strongest woman that the men had already pushed Daniel to make the renom hours before.
false narrative. m’kay.

Me: Monte didn’t get to be the decision maker and Monte is pissed this week. That’s been the case since the alliance told him they wanted Pooch out, outnumbering him.

The Beef

So when exactly are the supposed to put this “besties” twist into place? The longer they wait, the more likely people will just see it as a mechanism to use like the Cookout did last year with their “side pieces/pawns”, and stick with their original alliances, especially since it would be way too obvious if a “random” pick happened to put them together with the people they are actually working with anyway.

Let’s say things stay the way they are now and Pooch gets evicted. That would leave 7 men and 7 women, and given the way they broke the teams up last season, it only makes sense the “besties” will be 7 couples of 1 of each. My guess is that Ameerah, Jasmine, Taylor and Nicole will be teamed with white men (Daniel, Kyle, Michael and Turner), and that Monte, Terrance and probably Joe will be teamed with white women (Alyssa, Brittany and Indy). The mix between those two groups of four and three could be anything, but that would be the way to mix things up between men, women, and race without having two of the same on any one couple, with the exception of possibly Joseph and his partner (I think he’s of Latin descent, but unsure honestly).

Is this a guess? You bet it is, but it’s one based on productions history of “random” assignments like this, and we all know they do things like this to get the results they want in the end game. So who are they trying to protect with this twist? I don’t really know – could be the women, since only 2 have won in the past 10 seasons of BB US, and only 7 in the previous 23 seasons in the USA. But I suspect if they implement it, it’s to protect somebody, or at least to prevent a steamroll by one group or another, or at least that’s what they hope. They’re not just doing it on a whim.


What the hell is Brittany doing, hahahaha, she’s messy as hell

un autre nom

Anyone saying anything game to Britt is an idiot at this point unless they intentionally feed her wrong information.
She decided her only worth was in picking up information. So she has to prove that and gain trust… by breaking the trust of everyone that speaks to her. Consistently.
She’s now been nailed or exposed 5 times. In a week and a half.


Since there are a handful of idiots in the house, I expect a few of the women to purposely feed her false information and maybe Turner will do that as well


People will probably disagree with me but I think of Andy from Big Brother 15 and he was much better at getting and feeding information than Brittany. It took people much longer to catch on to Andy; It will be sheer dumb luck if Brittany makes it to Jury

Just a viewer

Nicole acts like this is her HOH. She’s rude as hell.