Taylor “I thought I was out the door!” Michael “Boring season my a$$!”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Taylor
POV Players:
POV Winner:
Veto Ceremony:

Lock your ranks in before midnight

TAYLOR won the HOH Endurance Competition!

8:01pm The feed return to all the house guests in the kitchen talking about the comp. Everyone is freezing. Michael – are you going to get the new Beyonce?? Taylor – I don’t know or something I know and love …I think I’ll go for Janet Jackson. Michael – congratulations! Taylor – I thought I was out the door! Michael – Boring season my a$$! Oh he (Daniel) is going to be pissed! And I don’t feel bad at all about my goodbye message. Taylor – did you do the sandwich? Michael – you’ll have to watch. I talked to him before he left. He was like I am not going to go out with an F U type speech .. I am going to keep it classy. I wanted to say something real bad. Taylor – he only hugged one person and walked out the door. Michael – I just sat, I was like I am not getting up for you. Taylor – Kyle really tried the whole time (in the HOH comp).

In the kitchen the house guests talk about how they all made it to jury. Michael – we’re here till October.

Alyssa – Dude I am so proud of you! You really really really did amazing! Brittany – you rocked it! Taylor – thank you! Brittany – you were so solid up there. Alyssa – Daniel went home and you won HOH! What is going on! Taylor – clown show though!

8:24pm Storage room – Taylor and Brittany.
Taylor and Brittany celebrate. Brittany – you did! I don’t know if you heard me but I was saying girl this is your week! THIS IS YOUR WEEK! You couldn’t write this sh*t any better!!! Jasmine, Alyssa and Indy .. complete silence! Taylor – I know. Brittany – no hiding it anymore! No hiding it anymore! Because Nicole is out of the house, Daniel is out of the house and you’re HOH!

8:40pm Bedroom – Kyle talking to the cameras.
Kyle – I”M STAYING!! When Daniel did that I had this in the chamber ..I was going to say and here we have another childish outburst from a 35 year old cosplay player. Thanks for making this easy for me Daniel. Oh my gosh! I couldn’t do it! I didn’t have the heart! But next time I have the opportunity to be savage I am going to take it. Well I get to stay another week and I take second on the wall. Taylor won that fair and square. I was never going to throw it. Indy joins him. Indy – you guys didn’t make any deal? Kyle – I didn’t. I didn’t even think about it. Indy – I don’t think she will go after you guys. Kyle – who else is she going to go after if she is working with Michael and Monte. Indy – if she doesn’t put up Monte.. its because she’s working with him. Kyle – well then who else is she going to put up .. me and Joseph? That’s what I was hoping to avoid. Indy – or Terrance. Kyle – no way. I bet its going to be me and Terrance or me and Turner. Indy – and backdoor someone? Kyle – or backdoor me. I should have made a deal. I didn’t even think about it. I need to talk to her. Kyle – ah.. I don’t want to go up again. ..I’ll just keep my suit case packed. Na, I’m just kidding.

Bedroom – Michael and Brittany.
Michael – they just expect us to win everything and they’re going to cut us the first chance they get. We don’t need their allegiance anymore. Brittany – we don’t. Michael – I am so happy that Taylor won. I wonder what she is going to do. Brittany – at this point .. they know. Michael – they know. Brittany – and I know what you’re doing too. Michael – the other thing too is Joseph and Kyle. I am sorry but I don’t want to give them a free pass for them to be at the end and for them to be like wow look at Joseph and Kyle what great players they played the middle. You don’t get to be in an alliance and not protect the alliance. Brittany and Michael talk about how Joseph is not good for their game.

9:30pm Bathroom – Taylor and Kyle.
Kyle – you deserved it. You crushed it. I couldn’t throw it. We nodded. We said we’re good me and Joseph. I was like I can’t throw it. Taylor – no, I know. Kyle – I think it meant more that you rightfully beat everyone out there. Like I could not hold on another moment. I was like at the end of the day, any of us three win it and the fact that you won it was just the icing on the cake. Hopefully you don’t hold it against me that I didn’t throw it. Taylor – no, no, no. I will never ever ever be mad at anyone for going all the way. Kyle – we will chat about it. In the “lets get lit” comp, I threw it. Daniel went up .. it was Ameerah, Alyssa and Turner .. If Ameerah & Alyssa had won it ..I would have been done. Turner won. I had no idea that could have been the result and so I said to myself never again would I throw one. Taylor – I am proud of you for doing what you did.

Jasmine – I am just going to beg her not to put me up on my birthday week.

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I am glad that Joseph acknowledged that he didn’t throw the comp and talked about weight distribution in terms of the competition


Ugh Britney gets carried another week


A reminder that houseguests try occasionally to have a weaker player next to them in the Final 2. This season Brittany fits that bill


True so that means her or Jasmine at end


Where is Terrence? Lmao, pouting?

orwell the out of work bbad owl

Bye Daniel !!!!!!! Return To Sender back to ol’ Viva Las Vegas!!!!!!!!!!

Tom the Canuck

So she’ll put Indy and Alyssa up? Or Indy and Terrance?

The Beef

Best to wait and see how the house gets split before wasting a lot of time trying to determine who she and the 2nd HOH might put up. We don’t even know who the possibilities are yet.

Michael's Cider

Daniel is right. It is getting boring now watching the same team win every week. Like him or not. It would be more interesting if he stayed and Kyle went home.


Not true happy to see the so called underdogs take over the house


He’s just salty because every plan that he has had backfired, but I did want Kyle gone before him

Palm Oil's Meds

Next week the LO will be split apart in the new twist.

The Beef

Is that next week, or are they not doing it this week?


wall is all about having that low body mass. not much certain players can do. its gravity.

I Spy

True. That’s why Indy didn’t win. Her body mass is too high (.)(.)


What season had the longest time for the Wall comp? I seem to remember that there was a season where it seemed to last hours especially either final 2 or 3 left in the competition

un autre nom

Taylor’s game plan as of yesterday:
She told Indy and Alyssa they were safe even if Fistiebeasties was over.
She and Jasmine also made some fake women’s solidarity deal based on Joseph saying Taylor has a crush on him, he can use that to get game intel out of her.

Taylor had been pushing Monte as her (fake but not 100% fake) target along with Terrance.
She wants Terrance out but if shit happens shit happens.

Reminder: night one of Michael’s HOH Monte was repeatedly saying he’d volunteer, but maybe it’s a good idea to use Taylor’s group as pawns in case something happens, then Alyssa (or less enthusiastically Indy) could go. This was presented enough by Joe and Monte, that Taylor said she would be the pawn again if it was absolutely necessary. If Monte fights being the pawn now… what does that say?


So happy for Taylor. She need to send nasty mouth and bad attitude Terrance packing to Jury. Jasmine can go too because she really can’t compete in any of these physical competitions

un autre nom

Anyone that didn’t see Britt and Michael being salty that Kyle and Joe want the safety and game cred of being the middle spies, really???
Of course they were going to be, especially knowing that Joe pre-emptively said if he won he’d put up Michael and Britt as pawns without knowing if Festie Besties was over.
They’re thinking he’s keeping the target on them, while keeping all targeting away from himself.
They’re right. He IS keeping the target on his allies while covering his ass on all sides.

What they don’t know: he pushed Monte as a bigger target as well. He did talk the women out of going full in on Michael as target (wasn’t hard, Indy wants Joseph and Michael final 5 so does Jasmine). But his talk late night with Alyssa was not AS good.
What does Taylor do with this when they talk to her? She wants to work with her final 3, but she also wants to work with Joseph long term.
I don’t know.


Glad CBS admitted chemtrails are real. Just look up everyday and see for yourself.


Jasmine is such a hypocrite, did she not put Taylor up on the block? Now on the live feeds, she’s saying I’m going to talk with Taylor and ask her, please don’t put me up on my birthday week.

What game is Jasmine here for? Don’t make her a have not, she can’t keep going up and down the steps, but she had no problem going up when she was HOH. I hope Taylor did not make any deals saying she would not put Jasmine up.

Jasmine is the ring leader to get Taylor out, she put Taylor up, oh but please don’t put me up. If she does not put Jasmine up, and puts Monte up as a so called pawn, Taylor needs to be evicted next week. Jasmine will never be your friend, your buddy, she’s Jealous..

Taylor acts like she is still trying to get the women in the house to accept her, why I do not know. Indy has said she hates her, Jasmine ignored her the first 3 weeks, Alyssa was just along for the ride, so I don’t fault her as much.

What happened in the house between Taylor & Terrance, other than he campaigned for Nicole & Daniel to stay. I can understand Taylor being upset, but why is Terrance upset and telling Taylor to stop talking too him.

Terrance needs to shut up and stop talking about how he’s going to kick butt in the next comp. He is absolutely worthless, has a fowl mouth, MF’ers, F@#K this, I don’t give a F@#k, I’m so sick of him on the live feeds. He does not deserve to go to Jury.

I really hope Taylor does not put Monte on the block, wait until it’s just the LO’s in the house. She owes Indy and Jasmine nothing, put them on the block, you should have never made a deal saying you would not put them up, and please don’t start with I cannot put a black woman on the block, PLEASE don’t let race have anything to do with nominations.

Too use your words Taylor, you can’t put a Black woman on the block, but you can put 2 Black Men on the block? Like I said, forget about skin color, Put Jasmine & Terrance up, or put Jasmine & Indy up, do not go against the leftovers, that is just wrong!!!

Taylor needs to forget about Jasmine’s Birthday is this week, if Jasmine would have won HOH, trust me, Taylor was going on the block, this is why I really can’t take Jasmine, she feels she can do whatever, but don’t think about doing anything to her.

CBS, why are you messing up the game, first “Festie Besties, now Divide the House”, stop messing things up with these STUPID Twists.

Palm Oil's Meds

With the exception of Daniel and Paloma, the black hgs treated her worse than the white hgs. I think it’s nice that she admired the Cookout’s cause, but this season of black people in the house do not have cultural pride like the Cookout. Terrence literally said Monte and Taylor “are not real black people.” He thinks blackness is associated with his struggle as an uneducated bus driver while Monte and Taylor are middle class and educated (so they’re not black enough in his eyes). Jasmine has hinted that she wishes she was a white woman (cringe). Monte was the catalyst in getting the house to target her during the first two weeks. They hate her.

So I don’t think Taylor should be race loyal to them because they will throw her under the bus in a heartbeat. She needs to practice self-preservation instead of trying to support a tribe that wants to kick her off the island.

un autre nom

It never astounds me when the Pound gets together to determine who will be nominated and who will be evicted…. when someone ELSE is HOH. I mean, when it was Turner and Monte that makes sense. But the arrogance of… okay, i can stop there. You get my point. The alpha jumps out in Monte, while Joe and Kyle jockey for position and Turner just looks like he wants to light a blunt, say good talk, and zone out.
They did this last week with Michael as HOH.
They’ve already determined who Taylor will nominate and target?
and Taylor isn’t in the room. They’re pretty much deciding the eviction right now, and She hasn’t even got her room yet. Yes, plotting and planning is important. I think the arrogance thing is residual from the OASIS days, and what I thought of that group.

Kyle: we should continue to play both side? I dunno.
Joseph: Yeah, oh sure. We’ll have all their information.
Monte: after this week only 2 of those girls will be left, what’s the point? And hey they are going to be up your ass when one of them goes.
Kyle: they going to sell us out saying we’ve joined their alliance?
Joseph: Alyssa should go, she’s dangerous. Keep Terrance, backdoor Alyssa.
Turner: Indy lasted WAY longer than Alyssa dude. fire. bro. dope.
Monte: I’m way more concerned about Indy than Alyssa at this point when it comes to a comp.
Kyle, Monte and Turner want the spy game to be over. Joseph doesn’t.
Monte and Turner are off the Alyssa bus Joseph has been driving for 3 weeks.
SO… week done because the Pound has decided that a woman is leaving even though Taylor wants Terrence out? Oh. Sideye. Joseph going to have to try to work Taylor now to keep control? He knows she said she wasn’t nomming the girls.

Terrance is back to saying he always had Taylor’s back…. I can’t. Liabetes is real and this schmuck has it bad. As soon as he leaves Turner is saying Terrance has pushed for Taylor to be evicted for a month straight.

Kyle is telling Britt the spy life is not for him, but Joseph likes it. He wants to tell Alyssa that he can’t be around those other 2 girls anymore. I don’t know. He’s in damage control mode because his willy wanted the HOH bed and he thinks the cams turn off. Okay, sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t go to another room. Did it look like he might have been looking to turn on the Leftovers? Is that his worry?

Taylor speaks to KYLE. he didn’t throw he thought she’d like it more if she actually beat him so he didn’t throw, she just beat him, hope she’s not mad.

Jasmine is saying she caught Taylor and Britt celebrating. Yeah, run with that Jasmine. Come on, try to get the house against the HOH… PLEASE MAKE HER A HAVE NOT WITH PEOPLE THAT WILL NOT CATER TO HER 1/2 WETNAP WIPED ASS.
I mean… it’s been made clear that one or both of Taylor or Britt must be excluded at all times… but go ahead and make the new HOH celebrating an Issue. I DARE YOU. She’s going to be up in that HOH making a fool of herself in no time. I’m pouting because Taylor doesn’t want to nominate Jasmine. I’m really salty about it actually. Like i’ve got 5 or 6 gifs worth of reactions salty.
Joseph runs it back to Britt who is saying they weren’t hiding anything because Britt hasn’t been meangirling Taylor like Jasmine has.

Jasmine in the meantime, is telling everyone the con she’s gonna run on Taylor. Her word is her bond, she voted out Nicole she told Taylor she was a pawn when she nom’d her and she stayed, it’s her birthday and she refuses to be a nom while she’s injured on her birthday week….please karmic deities make her a have not.
When Kyle asks who they name as target….. gobbldegook answer.
And Kyle is already prepping his escape strategy from the swatters. Indy is cockblocking is the gyst…. Indy also offered them the bed if she won HOH. Kyle doesn’t know that.

Taylor, not wanting to evict another black woman (she said this to Britt yesterday, and has said it in cam talk) has told Jasmine she’s safe this week.


“Liabetes” – AWESOME – I had no clue what that meant & immediately stopped reading to look it up. Thanks for teaching me a new word.

Aunt Fester

What does muffin’s birthday have anything to do with being on/off the block? She’s is the most annoying freeloader this season. Let muffin spend her birthday celebrating alone in the jury house.

The Beef

Jasmean can take her birthday having fat ass, and peg leg walk it right out that front door as far as I’m concerned. Her birthday, her so-called injury, and any other lame ass excuse she can come up with to escape being nominated or being a have not, are just that – lame ass excuses – and have no place in the game. After the way she’s been milking her so-called injury, I would think every single one of them have grown weary of her couch laying, chicken wing and muffin eating, child like needs having, ass wipe assist needing laziness, and are far past the point of being ready to see her eviction walk.


Michael – I just sat, I was like I am not getting up for you.

DAAAAAMN! I wish I could have seen that in HD!

Fingers crossed for Sundays episode.

Christime Ahrens

Come on taylor, what r you doing! Quit protecting the hjrls that out her on the block plus bullying her from mucole. This is big brother. Think it went to her head.
Better watch her back shell can’t compete cuz sges outgoing as of thursdsy.