Jasmine “I’m just going to beg her not to put me up on my birthday week.”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Taylor
POV Players:
POV Winner:
Veto Ceremony:

Lock your ranks in before midnight

9:30pm Bedroom – Indy, Joseph, Jasmine and Alyssa.
Jasmine – I caught her (Taylor) and Brittany in the storage room like whispering really low like jumping up and down. And then when I walked in Brittany tried to like play it off. I am like girl, please! Joseph – She invited me up to the HOH room tonight so I’ll try to see what’s her idea for tomorrow morning I guess. Alyssa – try to keep us safe. Jasmine – f**k me! Joseph – yeah you all should talk to her too. I am going to go to her last so that she can be like I am going to do this.. And Terrance just told me this too… no one knows what the f**k is going on with her. Jasmine – and now Daniel is out so who would her target be. Alyssa – and she said she wouldn’t put any of us up. Jasmine – any girls. Alyssa – and Joseph. Any of us. Jasmine – oh okay. Alyssa – or Joseph, or Turner or Kyle.. but that’s a lot of people. Joseph – I don’t know .. but who does that leave?! I don’t think she would put Turner up after that .. there is no shot. It would literally look really bad. Jasmine – when I pawned her I said what happened and I voted to keep her the other week so she said she wouldn’t. I am just doing what she told me. I just don’t know where her head is at. I mean I still think she would go for Monte. I think! Joseph – I am going to ask. Indy – she doesn’t want Monte on the block at all .. cause they have an alliance .. 100%. Jasmine – you can get that out of him.. if they have something. Alyssa – I feel like Monte is going to be like .. put up the showmance. Jasmine – why would he do that? Alyssa – what else is he going to say. So try to do damage control and if she asks .. if he tells her what I said just say I don’t think she meant it in a malicious way. When they (Taylor and Kyle) hugged I said haha that’s enough. Joseph – everyone on my side heard it and was like haha Alyssa is jealous.. and then I laughed. Jasmine – you (Joseph) and Kyle were so close. Joseph – it was demoralizing. Jasmine – well I will say its confirmed that Michael, Brittany and Taylor definitely have something because I caught them. It is what it is now. Joseph – so Michael, Brittany and Turner are not going up. That leaves me .. I don’t think she would put me up but if she wants to pull some savage tv.. Jasmine – why would she put you up, she is like in love with you. Joseph – I know but if she is like f**k it, I am going to pull some savage tv sh*t .. but I really don’t think she would. Jasmine – I put her up but she was okay with it. Its not like she didn’t know what the plan was. Kyle was so close. Alyssa – I’m excited to see her HOH. Jasmine – I am just going to beg her not to put me up on my birthday week. Alyssa – I don’t know what is going to happen with Havenots either.. I wonder if she will have to pick. Jasmine – I hope she has to pick. Joseph – I really don’t want to be a havenot this week.

10:05pm Bathroom – Michael and Taylor.
Michael – you think your letter will be from your mom? Taylor – it has to be, it has to be. Michael – and now you made the jury phase of the game. Taylor – oh my god, I didn’t think Julie was going to let us know this week.

10:35pm Bedroom – Taylor and Terrance.
Taylor – I know my mom is losing her f**king mind right now. Terrance – she supposed to. Taylor – like if someone looks at me the wrong way she will get online and blow sh*t up.. so I know this whole experience is just bbbrrbrbrbrbb for her. Terrance – now everybody is going to be like are you good with Taylor!?? And I’m like YEAHHhhh! Taylor – it was Ameerah… Nicole… Daniel.. where they at!?! Knock, knock, ding dong jury house! OH?! Its empty!? Terrance – its waiting for us.. Taylor – whether I show up at the door or not. Terrance – they had us all on that chopping block. Kyle, Turner and Alyssa join them.

11:07pm Bathroom – Alyssa and Taylor.
Alyssa – have you even thought about it or are you just going to wait to talk with everyone. Taylor – I do want to hear from everybody. I’ve just been in a position where I don’t know everything that’s been happening across the whole house so I just want to hear everything because I feel like I am always the last one to know anything. Now I kind of need to know everything. So I don’t know if Jasmine told you but you know you’re safe. Alyssa – really? Taylor – of course you’re safe.. that’s why I joined you guys to show you that I am not coming for you.. Festie Bestie ends but okay now I’m in a position of power to show you outside of just that.. Alyssa – thank you. Taylor – its done! And Jasmine is not going home during her birthday (oh thank god!) Alyssa – yeah. Taylor – its easy stuff. Alyssa – and I know people are going to pitch .. showmance .. put them up. I know that is happening. I know what else are they going to say. Taylor – even if that is happening .. I made a deal with Kyle on the wall.. like if you drop now, you’re safe. You guys aren’t going anywhere. Alyssa – I really appreciate that because what else are people going to pitch to you. Taylor – that is so lame! Alyssa – that’s why I want to have fun! LET ME HAVE SEX! Taylor – YES!!

Turner is snoring..

11:21pm Bathroom – Taylor, Brittany and Michael.
Taylor – so Alyssa was asking about protecting her showmance. I was like don’t even worry about that! I had to make a deal with Kyle if he were to beat me on the wall and I told all the girls that I am not coming for them this week and I can hold to that. No issues! I said they weren’t my targets.. I didn’t say they wouldn’t be pawns! Like they made me. Michael – were you thinking Terrance? Taylor – Mmmmhmmmm. You know he’s already come up to me saying you know you’re my day one! Good job little sis! Michael – are you serious. Brittany – After Jasmine found us celebrating in the storage room she ran back to the girls. Taylor – whatever! Its was a celebration in the storage room. Brittany – and they were acting like I was hiding something. I’m like, I am not trying to hide anything. First off, shouldn’t you be celebrating because.. Taylor – and if you’re not celebrating with me in the storage room .. what is going on? Brittany – Joseph said that they were mad. Taylor – no, I know. He told me. Brittany – and they were mad that I was happy that you won.. I don’t own them anything. God give it up. Taylor – I hope I don’t have to pick havenots. Brittany – if you do.. you can pick me. It would help me if you did pick me. Michael – it will be very curious what pitches you get.

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Michael's Cider

I hope Terrance wins America’s favorite player. He’s such a cool and chill dude. Doesn’t cause drama. He’s also playing the best game as far as the other side goes.


Lmfao! You’re completely joking, right?
Couch 2.0, insulting, no game playing, L.A.Z.Y boy chair?


Tracy… is that you? Your boy sucks.

Cam Chowder

He’s another Derek F. or Big D. He was so cocky talking into the camera about saving Daniel. HA HA! I guess he wasn’t as powerful as he thought he was….

Aunt Fester

Have you been watching 24 at all? He was so far up Dan’s behind that Dan needed an enema!

Christime Ahrens

Your joking right? He’s not playing the best game. I’d say Monte, turner and Michael playing best game.


Everyone who said she’s a floater…….kick Taylor sized rocks <3


Ehh, she’s about to do something really stupid in using a member of her alliance as a pawn for no reason. Or she just lets Michael take over her hoh


Oh Daniel idk you would get to your phone so quickly!


I’ve always loved watching BB. It wasn’t until two weeks ago that I found this site…..I really love reading all the play by plays and info that I don’t get from live feeds 🙂
Thanks for all of this!


Man I wish Turner would have won HOH, he would put Jasmine up.

Taylor is laughing and talking with Terrance, I think she just said she’s putting Monte up ?

Ok, I have no more sympathy for Taylor, she is all over the place, I don’t understand her.

Palm Oil's Meds

It doesn’t matter who she puts up. With the exception of Joseph, Turner, Michael, and Britney, the house hates her.


She just won HOH you won’t know where her head’s at until the DRs. I’m not a Taylor Stan and I don’t think she has good game play but damn sis, let the girl weigh her options. She doesn’t need to have a cam talk the moment she wins! ?

Christime Ahrens

Cuz it went to her head…
She won’t put Monte ip cuz if she did no one woukd vote him out and Michael is bigger threat. Taylor can’t be in next comp so who ever gets in Jasmine and alyssa will be up


Love love love that Taylor won!

Christime Ahrens

Shes all over the place and she shoukdnt tell ppl sge won’t put them up cuz tgey woukd out her up.


Jasmean really needs to go!


Yea, but Taylor won’t put Jasmean up. I think Taylor is trying to show the girls, she can be trusted, this will not them like her, Jasmean & Indy will smile in her face this week, and they will laugh and talk with her.

If Jasmean or Indy win HOH next week, Taylor will be on the block.

This is why I wanted Turner to win HOH, Taylor is still trying to be a girls girl, Turner would have put Jasmean up on the block.

The Beef

I don’t think it’s a smart move going to them and telling them they’re “safe”, if she intends to use them as pawns at all. If she does, she’ll be accused of lying and breaking her word to them for sure, which I know doesn’t really matter since she’s already at the bottom of Jasmean and Indy’s list, but why cement that position when you don’t really need too? She also seems to have made some inroads with Alyssa, and those could be destroyed just by the “context” of this statement being taken differently by those who hear it from the person who said it.

She thinks she’s being sly or something. All I see is her doing damage to her game.

Christime Ahrens

Indy nor Jasmine I don’t think they’d win hoh. Cuz indy on the block

un autre nom

I don’t think there’s been a have not announcement.
Are they just doing a second week without have nots because Jasmine was out first and reached the shortest distance on the balance beams last week? Is that what this is?
I’m getting disturbed.


Normally on the wall comp, aren’t the first 3 people who drop have nots ? Please correct me if I’m wrong.

I hope I’m right, because that would make Jasmean a Have Not on her Birthday Week.

Daisy may123

Enough of the Jasmine faking this injury! See her come running out to the couch caring that bandage for her foot? Yes I would have loved for Turner to have won and put Jasmine out and in her goodbye message ” yes Jasmine I ate your muffin!”

Palm Oil's Meds

Once I saw her participate in OTEV, is when I realized that someone should hide her cane instead of her muffins.

un autre nom

Taylor wants Terrance out i think.
Michael and Britt would prefer Jasmine i think.
Monte and Turner are thinking Indy i think.
Joseph prefers Alyssa i think.
Kyle? Anyone but Alyssa?
Jasmine has been promised immunity.
Alyssa has been told maybe pawn but not target but she and Kyle are safe this week.

What i’m seeing: Taylor is trying to shift back to her pre-game strategy plan. The dynamics of the house aren’t going to allow for that, and her strategic plan didn’t adapt.
Let’s face it, her pre-game plan was trying to check too many boxes.
I see what she’s doing, but here’s the problem, she’s meeting with the other side before she’s meeting with her own alliance, and making promises.
If the Leftovers agreed to the ideal of: HOH chooses target that’s what we as a unit do… this wouldn’t be a problem. Because the Leftovers is just added numbers for the POUND, that wasn’t done.

This smells like a problem.


Agree 100%, why is Taylor so desperate to be accepted by the mean girls. Why let them all know they are safe before talking with her Alliance.

Taylor has made too many promises, and I hope she does not mess herself up with her alliance, she still needs they. Taylor has not been a comp beast, so I hope she does not mess herself up this week doing something crazy.


I agree with you. Too many promises. She thinks she’s being sly by saying that she only told them that they aren’t her targets…she never promised they couldn’t be used as pawns. Why promise anything at all?
I see that vengeance filled mean girl she think she’s hiding. She’s already shot herself in the foot. What’s next? Losing the whole leg just to try to exact revenge? She’s going about it all wrong.
She knows she will play veto. In true Taylor fashion she will be gunning for that win too. Big mistake if she doesn’t throw it, I think. Then if or when she changes the noms, she’ll hopefully finally realize there’s no one to blame but herself.
Maybe when she talks to the LO’s they can try to steer her in the right direction.


I have a feeling Taylor is going to show her mean, crazy side this week. The real Taylor. I don’t like how she was treated by Nicole and Daniel, it was cruel, but something tells me she can be cruel too. I hope I’m wrong, we shall see.


Everyone has a mean side, even you and I. Should we angry mob her? No. Should we make an exception because she was bullied first? No. But I can’t really see her being mean on a personal level (name calling and ostracizing) I’d say more of a surface level for game. That’s the difference between her and Daniel/Paloma.
PS hope Paloma changed her address.

Palm Oil's Meds

It’s been 4 weeks and we have seen everyone’s bad side so if you have not see Taylor be mean yet then maybe she is not as mean as you assume.

un autre nom

With the split double happening next:
house will be 10 people.
Alliance break down might be 7 vs 3 potentially.
Depending on HOW the house is split
This could actually stop the Leftovers steamroll.
At worst there’s 5 leftovers on one side and they have to eat one of their own while the other side has the numbers in the other end of the split.
Then there is the option of 3 leftovers with 2 others… but one of the leftovers is looking for a way to break the alliance / get out a big target. Meanwhile on the other side a 4-1 split? again, what if there’s an alliance breaker in there as hoh or veto winner?
See what I mean?
With this week’s allaince talks on who they want targeted or evicted? That creates the alliance breaker paradigm big time. What happened last time Monte didn’t have final say?
He didn’t want Pooch to leave, and felt like his leadership role in the POS was being supplanted. Kyle already has is bias talk going. Britt and Mike know they aren’t the centre of the alliance, they are the pluses, and have considered breaking the alliance already.

The Beef

So this split doesn’t take place until next week then? I guess that makes sense, but when I heard Julie talking about it last night, I thought it was starting immediately.

I should have known better. They always love to promote these things to prop up ratings for next weeks show.

Palm Oil's Meds

Terrence is the worst! I can’t wait till Taylor put his fake two-faced walrus looking self on the block. lol

Just a viewer

Taylor needs to remember the Leftovers saved her a@#. Like it or not, she would have been gone two weeks ago. Don’t screw over her alliance first chance she gets. But, I have a feeling she’s putting up Monte and Terrance, thinking Monte can beat him in a Veto. Which will start the downfall of the Leftovers. She was bawling her eyes out because she heard what those women said about her and now she’s protecting them? Probably because she wants a woman to win this season. These same women will put her on the block, if any of them win HOH. Especially Indy or Jasmine. Just dumb is all I can say.


Noms should be Terence and Indy.


You may get your wish based on current talks


Sideshowbob Jasmean Jabba the fake injury queen of fake a$$ southern drawls sugar pickle muffin gate needs to GO! whew, did I miss anything?


My thoughts exactly, I’m hoping Taylor does not use any of the left overs as Pawns.

I’m hoping Taylor puts Indy up as a pawn, and Terrance up as the main Target. This might backfire, it all depends if Indy upsets people, they may vote her out.

‘Hope this twist of dividing the house does mess up the left overs. CBS comes up with the worst Twists, they do nothing but mess up the game, they need to stop trying to save their favorites.

The Beef

I don’t disagree with you, but also please remember Taylor also helped to “save” that side from the strong women’s alliance that was pretty much controlling the house, up until the Leftovers was formed (Ameerah, Nicole, Jasmine, Alyssa, Indy, along with Daniel), and it was that sides assumption that they had Brit and Taylor on strings, and that they would vote however they told them to vote, was what lead to their downfall (as well as how badly they treated them). Taylor’s fortune has done a 180 in the game, so it’s not surprising she may be “feeling her oats” a little bit, but her seeming willingness to turn a blind eye towards Jasmin, how she’s not only treated her, but also how she’s GAMED against her, simply because of her race and gender is mystifying to me.


The twist for the HOHs the week after Taylor’s reign is crazy!

It’s really interesting because it is like Final 5 is at the Final 10 and that is when people should be taking out the big threats to win.

So say one half of the house is Kyle, Alyssa, Taylor, Monte, and Joseph.

Who goes home?

Sadly it seems that Taylor will be ineligible for HOH as outgoing HOH so whatever side she ends up on that should mean they have a 1 in 4 chance of becoming HOH.

In my scenario it will really depend on who wins HOH (and Veto) of course.

I would be shocked if Kyle or Alyssa puts up one another even if Veto is used.

For instance if Kyle wins HOH he would nominate say Monte/Joseph leaving the girls safe until they play the Veto. If the Veto was won by Kyle or Alyssa the nominations would no doubt stay the same with Monte probably being the target. Of course if a nominee wins it then they will use it and Taylor would have to go up since Kyle is in love with Alyssa and wouldn’t put her up imo.

The only exception would be if the person not on the block wins Veto and takes off one of the nominees. So if Taylor won the Veto and used it on Joseph then Alyssa would be the only person left over that could be nominated.

She and Joseph could then save Monte by voting out Alyssa on Kyle’s HOH or decide that Monte is the bigger threat and vote him out. If it was a tie then Kyle would break it which would be intense.

Monte/Joseph would probably follow the same path that Kyle/Alyssa would since they are so close. Alyssa would be the target.

I really like this twist but it is very nerve-racking because I don’t want to lose players that deserve to win and that I personally like… I could see two big time players going home and useless players like JasMEAN and Ignorant Indy skating by even if they don’t win HOH/Veto during this twist week.

Like seriously imagine if Terrance goes on Taylor’s HOH then this twist takes out Monte and Michael the following week!

The girls would have the numbers advantage for sure in the house at that point (5-3) although to be fair the girls left are not that strong and the three left over men in this scenario would be Turner, Kyle, and Joseph.

I seriously can’t wait. The whole no communication thing sounds hard to implement but we’ll see!


I kind of hope the group of five you suggest plays out b/c then it would be:
Team 1: Kyle, Ally, Monte, Taylor & Joe
Team 2: Michael, Britt, Indy, JasMEAN & Turner
Team 1 offers the intense rivalry between Kyle & Joseph that’s been brewing for a while so I could see them both killing to win HOH – I think Joe would put up the showmance or maybe stay Pound loyal & put up the ladies.
Team 2 would offer Michael, Turner & Britt the advantage of facing Indy/Jas who would easily be the noms if any of the trio won.
I still think this week could end up with Monte leaving especially if the alphas in LO keep trying to force-feed Taylor on what they want (like trying to decide her noms before they even meet).
It’s one thing to have an opinion but quite another to dictate. Monte literally said ‘the order doesn’t matter” & had a few issues with Taylor being pawned over and over and over so he shouldn’t have an issue if she presents an argument this week that putting him OTB would immediately KILL the narrative Evil Elvis was pushing on his way out the door. Unlikely he appreciates that logic but hey.
I’m really anxious to learn how the two teams of five will be determined. Will they pull names out of a bag for a completely arbitrary selection? Or will they tell the hamsters at the break who is on each team? (READ: TPTB pre-select teams), OR will Taylor (outgoing HOH) pick two names from the bag and then each side alternates picks. For example, T1 Monte & T2 Joe names get pulled – they pick T1 Jas & T2 Indy who then make the next two picks etc.
I wish we had more details but this is very much in line with how TPTB do things so they can keep their options open & tailor what happens to best meet their agenda.


Also: if Britt was to win in that above Team 2 scenario how sweet would it be if she won HOH & got her revenge be nominating Jas/Indy. Her nomination speech could be used to call out being ghosted & how JasMEAN says “my word is my bond” & Ignorant Indy preaches love & acceptance but both have lied to her, ostracized her (& Taylor) & even tried to flip the Evil Elvis vote with the intention of pinning on her. That aside, she’s giving them both the opportunity to compete in the POV & if not they can use their considerable talents of showing two faces like they did with Britt saying one thing to her face & another behind her back!

Adding to my point about how the teams will be picked if they are ‘arbitrary picks’ (ie: production picks the teams) we know they’ll split the two sides to ensure the most drama but if they are picks made out of the bag the teams could get really wonky & major allies could be separated – imagine if the showmance is separated or the Pound split 2-2 or 1-3 or if one of Taylor (or Britt) lands on the opposite team as Michael & Britt (or Michael/Tay – bc I do think he’d be fine on his own) or what about JasMEAN landing on a team with 4 LO members.


While she is not a favorite of mine, I would very much like to see Britt win HOH. I want to see the mean girls scramble.


She was DEFINITELY the voice of reason in the HOH room last night. It was hilarious watching Monte/Turner keep looking back at Britt as she ended up being the one making the valid points to get Taylor to see the logic.

They were just nodding their heads & smiling.
In truth, I think Monte has developed a real kinship with Britt – b/c he respects the way she sees the game & can get the team to visualize the bigger picture. (notably – I don’t think he’s witnessed her spiral – especially lately).


Since the dynamics of the game will be changing next week, basically a reset of the game, it’s possible that Taylor would be allowed to participate in HOH comp.

Just a thought. ????




Joseph: “….I am a nice shy guy” Me: Since when has he ever been shy?



Shy guys do not twerk on social media.

Mad Max

well I’d rather be Joseph’s parents than to be that drunken, overly rated Allysa…..bet they are so proud to see her act like that on national TV!

un autre nom

At this point… Taylor is..
Royally screwing herself it appears. She’s going to need Britt to Hypnotoad behind her for real.
I said earlier making promises before meeting with the alliance was dumb. I also said with so many in the alliance wanting different targets there might be trouble. As well I said the Pound has already determined what the Pound wants, and they are not going to let Taylor have her own HOH, bank on that, buuuuuuutttt…
Taylor just said fuq it, and said too much at the wrong time to the wrong people.

She’s trying to show the girls she’s a girls girl and miss congeniality by promising them safety, and doing the noms they want her to do? Jasmine is jumping around like they gave her a bionic foot thinking she’s pulled one over on Taylor.
Taylor’s trying to get Turner to agree to be the pawn so that she can keep her promise to the girls that none of them will be the pawn.
The alliance is saying the alliance deal should be worth more than promises to three girls that hate her and WILL turn on her next week. Britt is telling her the facts of her place with the girls.
Turner was SO happy when he walked in to the HOH. He isn’t looking happy now.
I think she just completely lost him. He wants Indy Alyssa noms now.

Taylor has gone back to her pregame straegy now that her main enemies are gone. She hasn’t adapted at all to the game from her concept pregame of playing a strong feminist take out the guys game… even though the women are more against her than the men.
I said this was likely to happen from her cam talk of targeting Monte again.
In an alliance that contains all but one of the men in the house, Taylor has told alliance mates a man is her target. What if someone removes Terrance from the block?

Monte and Turner are going to be massively sideyeing Taylor now… but the biggest damage might be in her relationship with Britt because of how she is kissing up to the wicked stepsisters that have been isolating and shunning both of them for weeks. Britt is going to be piiiissed that her friend is trying to become friends with the meangirls. She’ll play nice and try to smooth things over, but this is going to stay in Britt’s head as a betrayal. Grain of salt this. I’m projecting worst scenarios of that talk.
Taylor saying she’s bad at this game to her allies is moot. She was in on the alliance talks from Monday to Thursday. She’s just… really shooting herself in the foot due to lack of adaptability from preconceived game plan. Feminist theory and the cause become strategic liability if the ones out to get her are the women and the black houseguests.

If she wants to turn on her alliance and break the alliance… don’t tell them that’s the intention. And that is essentially what she did. Michael and Kyle at least played it low key.
Taylor isn’t being NEAR lowkey enough. Let’s hope Britt smooths Monte and Turner or Taylor is going to be house target next week due to that conversation.

Britt is now smoothing over everything with Monte and Turner. If Taylor can be saved from herself and that conversation, it’s going to have to be because Britt and Michael and Joseph do major clean up. That was NOT GOOD. Turner is saying Indy threatens to throw soup in her face and she doesn’t want to put Indy up?
Taylor is now telling Michael that the initial noms will have to be Indy and Terrance.
Both Michael and Brittany are almost simultaneously asking what the group thinks of this stupid spygame alliance that covers Kyle and Joe’s asses and makes them the walking targets. Britt and Michael want Kyle and Joe to quit their part time jobs at the convenience store. Walk out. No notice.

The idea of Taylor’s reign of Terror has apparently become scaring her own alliance into ditching her ass, while kissing up to the mob that wanted her off the throne already. Monte and Turner may be playing okay right now. They aren’t okay. They won’t BE okay. They just recognize they have to play along right now. Given Monte decided a woman was leaving this week, he was not going to be okay anyway, but…. yeesh.

Joseph is flirting with Indy and letting her give him a massage. Some-bo-dy knows they’re in the safest position in the house through himboing.
Yeah, Joseph isn’t dropping this schtick until the entire alliance says drop this now… and even then he’ll try to get out of it. That’s the flaw: Joseph goes too far. He hasn’t been clocked for it yet. It’s true.

Kyle is now filled in by Monte. He’s telling Taylor about the shit the girls have been saying about her just tonight. He is hammering home that they’re playing her, and Jasmine is proud of how Taylor bought her fake shit. I paraphrase. He’s trying to get Jasmine on the block, but Taylor is no bueno. AAAAAnd of course Kyle’s willy peaks out to tell Taylor that Alyssa has never had an unkind word to say about Taylor.
Kyle goes to get HIMBO to talk to Taylor. How much he starts putting the flirt in overdrive and i bet he insinuates real feelings.
Prolonged hug. Joseph admits to having a crush on Taylor. Eyeroll. m’kay. called it. Anyone not seeing his game? eyeroll. Okay.


I’m wondering if in the real world, Taylor has struggled with “fitting in” with girl cliques and brought her emotional baggage of “just wanting to belong” into the game? Just a thought. I’m not a psychiatrist. Lol!

I do think Britt will absolutely feel betrayed, hurt. She has her own emotional baggage (we all do).

un autre nom

Leftovers minus Kyle and Michael (Michael is bonding with the girls right now… or trying to bond with them knowing his name came out of their mouths last week).
Monte is bound and determined to get a woman out this week now. He already was. Now he’s just doing what He did as a POS again… and Pooch still went home. No decision is made unless Monte stamped it is the read i feel here. How did Michael nip it in the bud? As soon as Monte tried the reverse psych of we’ll volunteer but… Michael was saying cool we have our volunteers, even though the conversation continued, Michael kept bringing it back to we have our volunteers.
Jasmine is being pushed big as a nom by the rest of the team.
NOTE: Monte and Joseph are subtly trying to save Terrance and have been all day. They don’t give a damn about what Terrance says or how he acts, he’s male. That’s enough.
Now Alyssa and Indy are being pushed as noms. The boys are not going to let this HOH be anything but a POUND HOH. What, that’s a fact. Kyle has joined at some point. I didn’t see him initially. he hasn’t’ been there long.
Monte is over this whole Joe keeps playing the spy thing. He wants the line in the sand. Joe trying to keep playing the middle? Even Kyle is calling that out… as long as Kyle’s game isn’t blown up.
Right now it seems to be Britt and Monte on one side of the debate and Joe on the other.
Joe defending the fake alliances and jury votes safety shield game… ship has sailed as far as the rest of the alliance is concerned. Remember, a few days ago he was wishing they could have brought Indy and Jasmine into the Leftovers…. remind me of mission statement again? Britt has essentially called out Kyle and Joseph trying to sway jury votes while simultaneously make the rest of the alliance targets.
Taylor is now telling Joseph and Kyle they have to take the consequences for playing this stupid spy game if they want her to go back on her word and put the girls up, the reason is going to be because the boys exposed the swatters.

Taylor called Joseph to join her on the bed when they saw her coming.


Last night on the live feeds, Jasmeany said that she thinks she’s one of Julie’s favorite people, because her exaggerated country accent and corny phrases, Jasmeany thinks she’s popular.

Mad Max

What a rude awakening reality will be to the Wing, Muffin Apple-pie Queen of the South!