Nomination Ceremony Results! “This was a wasted superpower! You don’t get a power this big & do this!”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

INVISIBLE Head of Household: Jag
Nominees: Blue & Felicia
POV Players:
POV Winner:
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots: ?

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The Situation: Jag won the invisible HOH. (He also gets to play next week for next weeks HOH.) He wants Blue out this week.

As HOH, Jag nominated Felicia and Blue for eviction!

4:05pm The live feeds return. Bedroom – Jag, America and Blue
Felicia was saying this is a waste of a power. I was like uh oh! I was in the comic room with them before the announcement. She was like they can’t chose me. I’m not a big move. Its got to be a big move. It would be a waste if I got nominated. I was like Felicia .. is that her campaign pitch?! She was like I’m not a big move. Jag – she is directly going against everyone in the house. America leaves. Jag – why is it you and Mama Fe?!! You can beat Mama Fe in the veto. Blue – yeah. Jag – Now we just play in the veto. Blue – why me and her? Who do you think is HOH then? Jag – I don’t know Cory? I don’t know .. one of them.

Kitchen – Felicia, Matt and Cirie
Felicia – this move was not it! I am going to get my plate and go in the room and shut the hell up for the rest of the night so that I don’t say anything else that’s stupid because I am pissed off right now. This was a wasted superpower! You cannot keep playing this game scared. This is the move that you would have made whether you had the superpower or not. This was probably the next move without the superpower. You don’t get a power this big and then do this! Matt – yeah.

4:13pm Comic Bedroom – Matt and Blue.
Matt – how are you doing? Blue – I’m good. What the f**k. Matt – I don’t know who it is. I swear to you I don’t have have a f**King clue. I wish I had it. I wish I f**King had it. Blue – but why would it be me and Felicia? Matt – That’s what I don’t get. I thought it was going to be .. like you/ Me, you/Jag. Cory and America. Its obviously not Felicia. I think there is a different plan. That’s a weird nomination. Its obviously not. Blue – Cameron said that you and Jag were going to take me out, this isn’t it right? Matt – we want to work with you. I don’t trust Cam though. We campaigned to Cam to get those two.

4:25pm Games Room – Cory and Bowie.
Cory to Bowie – This should get us through the double. Bowie – yeah.

4:28pm Comic Bedroom – Felicia and Blue
Felicia – my gut tells me its Jag. Its either Cory, America or Jag. Felicia – the nominees make sense for Cory and America. They want to keep Bowie Jane because she’s a vote for them. CIrie – there still could be a backdoor plan. Felicia – they have no idea what the veto plan is. Why would you risk these nominations on a backdoor that you don’t even know you can get. Cirie – but that is even more why you do it because you don’t know what is going to happen to your nominations. If this ain’t your real target for that reason what you just said. Felicia leaves. Blue to Cirie – I think Bowie Jane is a little snake. I think Bowie Jane is working with America and trying to work with me, Matt and Jag for intel. If I have to trust my gut on this one its to trust Matt and Jag. Cirie – Matt and Jag. Blue – yeah trust them over Cory and America. Cirie – if there is some kind of power, I got you. Blue – I would be smart for us to keep Matt and Jag. Cirie – I do too. I’m guessing Matt or Jag will win the veto anyway. If Bowie wins it.. I don’t know. Blue – if she wins it she will keep it the same.

4:30pm Backyard – Jag, Cory and Matt are playing pool.
Cory – what a waste of a power. Jag – MMmmmhmmmm. Lets chat after this.

4:45pm Hammock – Cory and Jag. Felicia walks up to them.
Felicia – You know I like being really direct… so what’s the real target me or Blue? Cory – I’m not the head of household. Felicia – I didn’t aske who is the head of household. Cory – I’ve got nothing Felicia. I don’t have a target right now. I am just really thankful its not me. Felicia to Jag – are you thankful too? Jag – yeah. Felicia – i guess I should be thankful I am on the block .. for the fifth time. Cory – is that past Cameron. Felicia – yeah. I guess that’s something. This was a wasted superpower. Cory – what do you mean, like not a big enough move basically. Felicia – yeah, this gave someone a reason to just go for .. you didn’t need a superpower to do this. Cory – this is a weird superpower though once noms go up its a process of elimination. Felicia – and they’re still hiding. Are they waiting for the veto, to go after another target and backdoor someone. Cory – that’s scary.

5:24pm Comic Bedroom – Felicia
Felicia – I am getting ready to do some sh*t this week. Yes, I am. They ain’t willing to play but I am. And if I win veto I am making a big a$$ move this week. I’m gonna jack their sh*t up! Just watch me. I just got to be quite and not piss them off to much where they decide to vote me out. If I win that veto, I am jacking their game up. Hear me when I say that. Faith of a mustard seed. Watch and see how this plays out. I ain’t going home. I am going all the way to day 100! Walking out on finale as the winner as Big Brother, Yes I am. I already saw the vision.

6:20pm Backyard – Cirie, Jag, America, Blue and Cory watching/playing pool.

6:40pm Backyard – Cory and America.
Cory – I am ready for today to just be over. I am actually excited, I really want to play in the veto tomorrow. America – yeah I like competing. I think it will be fun. Cory – I would love to win a veto. That is on my checklist. America – I want to win anything. Cory – you’re trending upwards. America – well with all the competition gone. Cory – you’ve been top five in the past two competitions. America – f**k you. Cory – its so stupid to think anyone but Jag won that competition. America – I know! I was like Felicia .. I’m an idiot! I am such a loser! I was like you guys would never know.

7:05pm Matt, Cirie and Blue cooking dinner.
Blue – I can’t believe I am cooking for some b***hes that put me up. Cirie – Mmmmhmmm..

7:40pm Dinner time… Blue – we should be ready. Do I have your votes now. Matt – no… j/k! Jag – depends, what are we having for breakfast? I like to negotiate!
(Felicia has become part of the outdoor furniture.)

7:45pm – 8:30pm Backyard – Cirie and Felicia.
Cirie – I just know, if its any consolation.. you’re not that target. I am just hoping there is a plan for a bigger target… than Blue. I mean as long as it ain’t you but its stupid. Felicia – Straight stupid. I know its Jag. He is trying to pretend like its not. He can’t sit in the room with me. Every time I get in the room he gets up and walks out within a minute. And these guys are just still comfortable being themselves. And I think they have Blue convinced that its not.. Cirie – they do. Felicia – and they have her believing that so that she will go after them (Cory/America) so that they (Jag/Matt) don’t have to. That’s exactly what they want. Its Jag all day long… and Matt and Bowie Jane know it. Cirie – MMmhhmmm. I love how Bowie can’t take the glasses off now. I am hoping this veto is something for us. Cirie – I don’t know why Blue is so blind. Felicia – blind faith. Matt/Blue join them. They sit in silence.

9:40pm Bedroom – Matt, Jag and Bowie chatting about random things.

10:20pm Comic Bedroom – Cirie and Felicia.
Cirie – She’s been chasing him since day 1. She’s been wanting to be with him since day 1. As much as we like Matt. Matt is a snake. If Matt threw anything else I would be like oh my god I can’t believe Matt did that. Blue is putting all her eggs in that basket. Felicia – their behavior hasn’t changed. Jags behaviour changed and so did Matt’s and so did Bowie’s. Cirie – So now Jags story is going to be it wasn’t me! You know it ain’t me! I took you down with the veto! If I’d have wanted you to go I would have just left you. No, No… BB switches the feeds.

10:50pm The house guests are starting to go to bed..

12am All the house guests are sleeping..

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Cameron is going to laugh if Bue comes next to the jury house Hope Bowie goes soon. Cameron for AFP.


Do y’all think America is gonna give it up to Cam first night in the JH, or make him work a little?

Spot ON

Give what up?
What is the “it” that you are referring to?


Cam got what he deserved getting the boot and he said to everybody I told you so which doesn’t make him right. It is astounding how this chat forgets or completely ignores weekend of aug 5 when reilly was hoh right after the first veto. On the feeds Cam was in the have not room with hisam exposing family style. That is betraying your alliance.


So now Felicia has clocked Jag and agrees with most of us that at least one of these nominees is incorrect. Hopefully we get to know more about the Veto twist tomorrow


Well, maybe Felicia doesn’t know that it’s Jag because of who she said to Cirie that she thought was HoH

Spot ON

By tomorrow everyone will know.

Another Dixie

Matt’s claim to not know who it is, is going to come back & bite him in the butt. It’s a long time until Thursday & the truth will be leaked to the 3 who don’t know yet by someone. My bet is America or Bowie. neither can keep quiet.

azmdw chilling in Gilbert AZ.

I hope it does leak out that Jag is the invisible HOH.

Jag will be hiding out, not making eye contact, Jag should have put Cory and Blue up. Kept his mouth shut about he won HOH, let them think Felicia was the invisible HOH.

But we all know Jag can’t help but want to appear like big man on Campus, I’m hoping this will come back and bite him in the butt.

Make things more interesting in the house, because letting Jag play in the next HOH, I don’t think that’s fair.

Spot ON

“Jag will be hiding out, not making eye contact, Jag should have put Cory and Blue up. Kept his mouth shut about he won HOH, let them think Felicia was the invisible HOH.”
He didn’t put up CORY or BLEW because he is STUPID, and a COWARD.

Spot ON

Guarantee you if CORY was the HOH, he would have take a pop at both of them (“JAG and his donkey MATT)


Jag and his donkey — hysterical.

Julie Chen

Jag and Nag

azmdw chilling in Gilbert AZ.

I agree, Cory would have taken the shot.

Jag & Matt are both cowards. But Cirie has caught onto Matt is a snake.

Just too bad Cirie can’t win comps, has no power what can she do.

Spot ON

“Just too bad Cirie can’t win comps, has no power what can she do.”

I wouldn’t give up on CIRIE not being capable of winning a comp; not yet.

What I am anticipating is for some type of freak type of LUCK to strike, and BAM, she wins an HOH. Something like FELICIA’S HOH victory. BAM!

It’s probably coming down the pipe soon when it’s going to matter the most. Hey, it’s ALL scripted it! Right??


he could secretly put up comerica thus avoiding blowback from whoever stays and the plan is to backdoor blue? like, not gonna miss blue, but how does this plan make sense? blue is on jag’s side i thought.

azmdw chilling in Gilbert AZ.

I think Jag remembers how Blue did not want to go against Jared, when Cory won HOH during the Double Eviction.

I remember Jag, Cory, Matt and America saying Blue said do not put her up next to Jared. she promised if she won the Veto, she would not save him.

Nobody believed her, so Cory put Jared and Blue both on the block. They knew Blue would save Jared if she could.

Game fan

how does it have to do with the final 8
moving into a final 7 with a couple? because of something from final 11 with a guy who isnt here ?
blue trust jag HARD and she is less of a threat than cory
cory can win mental comps

The Beef

Just like Jag would save Matt if he was OTB and Jag won the veto, and Cory would save America if she was OTB and he won veto. They’re all pairs and that’s what pairs do for each other.

Now that Jared is gone, that’s got nothing to do with what’s going on in the game now. In fact, they talked about working with Blue after Jared left, just like they talked about trying to work with America after Cory leaves, and initially when Bowie and Cam were close, they talked about working with her after Cam left. There’s absolutely no reason for Jag to hold that against her, unless he’s just trying to find an excuse for wanting her gone.

The REAL reason is he’s too scared to take the shot against Cory and America. He’s playing a game where ultimately shots have to be taken, yet he’s so obsessed with “not getting any blood on his hands” by taking out real competitors, he’s shooting bb’s at players with no real chance of winning the game, but who may control who DOES win by their jury votes. I think this lack of game play by Jag will cost him votes with the jury, and IMHO it damn well should, because I agree with Felicia that he has totally misused the power he has here, and wasted a golden opportunity to eliminate a real competitor.

I’m not at all surprised though because he’s played scared the entire game. The chicken suit is a perfect fit for him – they should make him wear it daily for however long he remains in the game.


Not trying to kick a nominated person down(yeah right it’s me the person of needless targeting remarks who am I kidding!) does ANYONE ever see Blue shower? Does soap ever touch her body? I see her in that stinky crusty Jared green sweatshirt. I have seen Bowie and Cirie and America even Bulldog Bully Momma Fe modestly dress themselves under a towel after showering so I think did I miss seeing Blue showering herself today? I mean other than her morning face slap soaping and before I stop myself I scream at tv “HARDER” I don’t see her in the shower stall at all.

Spot ON

“does ANYONE ever see Blue shower? Does soap ever touch her body?”

It’s a long-standing tradition (or habit, or just plain “yuck”) that Asians customarily shower once (MAYBE twice) A WEEK. That’s right. Once or twice a week. IMAGINE THAT!!!

And when coupled with the traditional food and spices Asians consume on a daily basis, as part of their daily diet, there is enough stink of “BO” to go around to blow out HAMAS out of their tunnels and caves quicker than they can light up the next cigarette.

The other hygiene issue in that “house” is with “JAG’s” raghair, and who cleans that mess up in the shower IF and when he ever makes it there.


Really Hamas? That’s fucked up to say.

Spot ON


SO you want HAMAS to stay in the caves and tunnels hiding indefinitely so they can keep doing what they do best?


Why don’t you read in CONTEXT?

Spot ON

Does a female dog shower without the help of the pet owner?


Yeouch Spot On some serious vitriol here. Let’s agree to disagree with terms like “rag hair” (I don’t like that. I have seen him shower practically everyday also I have long hair that clogs drains even after I clean it so I know those insults are sharp) and “female dog” (be better and creative with your thoughts people are human) and anything having to do with H*m*s that is just stomach churning and disappointing(I don’t want to hear that shit flat out.) Our differences in opinion is not a direct attack don’t take it as such. I just struggle with direct hatred. It isn’t funny.
Blue is trying to be brave to get noticed I just thought her no showering was an attention grabber. Just another needless targeting remark by me. I will try to be careful.

Spot ON

Arguably, your criticisms have merit.
I don’t take it personal. Last time I took a quarter out of my pocket it had two sides. The entire subject is too huge to debate, however, and it’s clearly beyond the scope of this forum to give it the time it deserves.

However, I will say this:

In the endless (and perhaps perverted) effort to become “politically correct” in all sectors of society, this country has become handicapped to “do” or “say” what is, arguably, factually correct and just. The paralysis and ineptitude is predicated out of fear of being “called out” (ERRONEOUSLY) by others.

For example, this notion of “nonbinary” people has now infiltrated official government forms in an effort to placate, and officially pander to the confused. Now, in many official forms, state and federal, a third category of gender classification has been created. According to a bio previously read, BOWIE considers IT as “nonbinary”. What BS. Eh?

Put it another way, I didn’t need my 10th grade biology teacher to teach that there are two sets of gender roles and gender identities, and their attributes are based on their biological sex (chromosomal and genitalia).

So how does this “fear to offend” manifest itself in “game”?

Look at how the “Cowardly lion” plays. JAG lives in FEAR of OFFENDING others in the house; EVEN WHEN it is OBVIOUSLY CLEAR that he will need to offend at some point “someone” to further his game. Strangely absurd, eh? Right?

HOPEFULLY, he will drown in his fear to offend, and his a** be kicked out the door.

Gan ainm

No one wants to hear about your personal issues.

Spot ON

Blah, blah, blah


Obviously you are the other side of the coin.

Gan ainm

I always take the side of truth and decency.

Spot ON

READ my LIPS: Blah, blah, blah

Don't Shoot the Messenger

I noticed her hair is greasy a lot! Now I know why.

Felicia’s crusty feet

Miss Gurrrl looks greasy….. wonder if she showered when Jared was in the house bc he mentioned several times that it was “ a deal breaker” for him if a girl burped or farted in front of him…… wonder what he thought of greasy & stanky?

Spot ON

Greasy = lot easier to slide in, right?
He approved.

Spot ON

“wonder what he thought of greasy & stanky”

Made him feel at home.


Who cares, shower or not, i wouldn’t want to be near “that gurl” ever!

Spot ON

Let’s ICKY have her

no mo bro

Haha. This reminds me of when Meme would go around with 2 cans of disinfectant spraying everything. Constantly complaining about the funky smells in the house. Since she has left, hardly anyone cleans anything besides dishes and no one sprays anything.

BJ was wiping the gunk from her eyes using the kitchen hand towel, then she hung it back up for others to use. LOL.

Imagine the smell in there now. LOL.

Be happy Mecole. You escaped that sh1thole.

Spot ON


Where they (casting) find these people beats the hell out of me, but WHO could live in THAT pigpen other than other piggies. The stink in that “house” is probably tenfold relative to a high school or NFL locker room after a game.


What a waist!! Jag is useless and weak!!!!!!!


Weak yes. I dint know that I ?ould say useless. Lol

azmdw chilling in Gilbert AZ.

I’m really over Jag, I’m ready to see him on the block, and not win the Veto.


1,000% correct. Unbefreekinlievable. Jag nominating two non-threats is beyond me, twist or no twist. He’s a joke, this proves it.

Spot ON



(can’t help myself, so sorry)


Its a pun

un autre nom

was on the right track. Her belief that Jag and Matt are her puppets, though, it keeps leading her back to the wrongest of reads.

Why is Jag anti-Blue? The entire week 7 we’re an alliance, but I don’t have to nom alliance targets or vote out alliance targets talk she gave to Jag. Jag also knew Blue named Jag an acceptable casualty.

Cirie cautioned Blue not to Izzy herself by trying to pit people against each other from the block, and pissing off voters.


I honestly thought Felicia knew Jag was HoH and then I heard her latest conversation with Cirie ….


Baron Vladimir Harkonnen and Bulldog Bully Momma Fe look alike


homg! I laughed out loud in a restaurant rn! Well done

Felicia’s crusty feet



Bill Duke’s sister

Mat Stan

Jag has gone from one of my favorites to almost as the same level as Jared… The disappointment in this week is immeasurable.


Definitely. Absolutely. Jag worthless. Full stop.

azmdw chilling in Gilbert AZ.

I’m sorry, but I agree with Felicia about her being nominated is a waste of a Invisible HOH.
But of course Felicia feels this way, she wants to continue floating her way to the end, sit there for Final 2, Felicia proably has a special Final 2 Robe she’s saving to wear in F2.

I also think Jag made a mistake telling Cory, America & Bowie he was the invisible HOH. Jag and Matt should have kept that to themselves, Blue would think Cory put her up.

Only way this is a good move is, if Cory or America wins the next HOH, and they put up Jag & Matt. Hopefully Cory or America win the Veto, then they get rid of Jag.

But if Jag wins the Veto, saves himself, then Cory did Jag’s dirty work and evicted Matt, so Jag does not have to back stab Matt. Jag does not want to sit next to Matt as a Final 2.

I think more people would vote Matt to win the $750k, Jag would come in 2nd place. If Matt or Jag want to win, they are going to have to stop playing the middle, playing scared, make a move.

Matt can build his resume, if he wins HOH next week, back door Jag, tell Jag just like Jag told Cam, it’s a game, and you are very good at this, I don’t think I’d win sitting next to you.
That’s a compliment to Jag LOL… Jag is hoping Cory and America get rid of Matt.

Now Blue wants to believe what Cam said, when he told her that Jag wanted her out, and that Jag & Matt were going to get her out next ! She told Matt that’s what Cam told her, and she asked Matt, this is not it is it ? You and Jag are not trying to evict me ??

Blue is sooooo damn Dumb, Cirie told her that everything Cam was saying last week was not a lie. Cam was telling them how Jag is running the house with his puppet Matt.

Blue did not believe Cam, she ran and told Jag & Matt, everything Cam Said. Noooooow Blue is asking Matt, was Cam telling the Truth, you and Jag are evicting me ?

Yea Blue, Matt is going to be honest and say yea, we are evicting you, what a idiot.

Bowie Jane should see that Cam was telling her the truth, Jag asking Bowie to be a pawn, he just showed her that he’s willing to let her be evicted. Did Bowie consider using Jag as a Pawn when she was HOH, NOPE !

This is what happens when you show you’re desperate, & eager to feel accepted, Bowie you are not part of an alliance, you are a PAWN, you are a VOTE, you’re a FOOL, Cam didn’t put you up, he had 3 chances to put you up, never did it.

Bj was HOH, put Cam up, because Jag was too scared to show his hand and make a move on Cam. Jag used you, now wants to use you as a Pawn, don’t worry Bowie, you will be used as a Pawn by Jag and Matt. Wait until next week if Jag is HOH again.


Bowie Jane is #4 after Matt#2 and Cirie#3

BB Karma

Felicia is definitely right about it being a wasted power. I would have put up blue and America and if one comes down, Cory goes up

Game fan

bad idea.. you put cory and america both up and if anything bowie should be the pawn,
cause she might keep cory

BB Karma

I think it would have been great noms if he had actually kept HOH secret

Gan ainm

While I think this is a stupid move for Jag, I’m all for it.

Felicia’s crusty feet

I’m down with fkn “ gurrrrrl” Blue leaving…. Never could stand her fake ass….. now I’m waiting for Jag & FBJ to gtfo

Spot ON

” Nomination Ceremony Results! “This was a wasted superpower! You don’t get a power this big & do this!”



It seems as if the “invisible HOH” is specifically designed to make a “big move” without anybody knowing who pulled the trigger.

But when all the worthless hamsters in the house can’t keep something to themselves for 30 seconds without spilling the beans, one cannot help but to assume that diarrhea on the mouth is a disease without a cure.


I believe they are going to have two vetos this week

un autre nom

or one veto that can remove one or both noms.

Game fan

cirie for veto – remove them BOTH – cory and america otb
blue now KNOWS its jag and matt and with the mams KEEPS CORY TO GO AT THEM


I don’t think anybody deserves to win it this year. Vacate the entire season.


Now you’re talkin’.


only one who deserves it is Cam…i am praying that Felicia or Cirie win it all, cause i cant stand Jag, Matt, Corey, and Blue…if America would have teamed up with Cam I wouldnt mind her


lets have a repeat of BBCAN8

no mo bro

I’ve already stopped watching the streams. I don’t know if I’ll watch Sundays and Tuesdays. I’ll already know the results from visiting here. I’ll probably continue to watch the live evictions on Thursdays. Not to see who wins, but to see who loses and the reactions to it. I don’t want to waste any more of my life watching any of these undeserving people win.


True totally agree


Unless Cory is a BD option, this doesn’t make any sense to me whatsoever. I need to see Jag’s Diary Room Session to see what his true thoughts really are


Felicia said it was a wasted Super Power and she’s right, but look at the coward that won HOH. Is anyone really surprised? Jag is a coward just like Cameron said. And why did Matt say ” yeah I don’t trust Cam”? He’s so used to lying, that he’s repeating himself about Cameron and Cameron’s not even there. Matt is a joke.

azmdw chilling in Gilbert AZ.

Matt is a real disappointment, Matt needs to be told what to do, how to vote, what the plan moving forward is, Matt is just playing the game as directed by Jag.

Jag is.coward, a wimp, not trustworthy, Jag eventually is going to turn on Matt. Jag does not think that he can win sitting next to Matt.

I hope and pray that everyone votes Cam as AFP, I want all of the these fools to see just how little BB Fans thought of all of them.


I am beyond frustrated with this week and it’s only one day in. I 100% agree with Mama Fe. Play the damn game! Jag gets invisible HoH and this is what you do!? I could understand doing this to deflect suspicion off yourself but you start flapping your gums 5 mins after you won. Everyone will know before veto is played. I think this is an indication of one or both of 2 things: Jag and Matt (particularly Jag)’s hubris and/or they don’t have a good read on the game right now. They must be feeling very comfortable and safe with Camerica. This is BB20 Kaitlyn level of STUPID!!!! I hope it’s the diamond power of veto and anyone but Matt, Jag or Bowie win it. And now for sure I know that I do not want Jag or Matt to go to the end. I don’t support weak a$$, cowardly players.


Jag’s social game has gotten him this far. But other than that he’s a nothing burger.

un autre nom

Dear Felicia,
Mayyyyyybe making a stink that this week’s voters should be the noms while you’re on the block is not the right move.
Fricken cuckoo clock.

un autre nom

I’d vote Felicia to the jury with a quickness just for her foolishness.
My goodbye message:
We saved your ass repeatedly, and you want us on the block to keep you safe some more? That’s your gratitude? That’s why we’re sending you to lapdance Cameron.

As I’ve said, my mouth would have me special eviicted day 2.


Thank you un autre nom….as a fellow Canadian, I’m very glad to hear your point of view. As a BB viewer, I truly appreciate your take on things.
Much appreciation (big heart ??)

un autre nom

since veto will likely be ind. timed like hoh, let’s just smile and say grod gonna grod. With yard open, the veto will likely be nether gorgon off site street setup.
Expect a result that favors blood and drama. my read of storyline and houseguest episode inclusion has 2 evictees in mind for different storyline reasons.


The veto winner will be able to replace a nominee with their choice of any HGuest even the HOH.



Remember the “superstitions” of BB: the first person in the house(America) and the winner of OTEV (Jag) never win the game?

un autre nom

you forgot lucky 7 curse. 7th to enter has never won.


Bowie is a disgrace probably worst player I’ve ever seen on big brother. I mean all the crying and wishy washy flopping back and forth truly makes me wonder who is picking the cast.


Honestly if Jag wins, it will smear Big brother’s reputation. He’s such a poor player. Frankly right now no one is left to win comps other than matt or Jag because everyone else sucks or is worse.

Just The Truth

Matt and Jag don’t realize they have now made themselves the targets by eliminating Cam for how good he was at challenges. But now by that logic they are the new targets. They will have to go on a real winning run to have a chance. I hope they can pull it off but it is not likely as many HOH comps like true or false are a lot to do with luck.

Game fan

Blue is SO blind this is painful ?


Is Jag positioned to be the first winner ever who figuratively has no balls?

Carlito's Way

Matt is suddenly always reading the bible. I don’t like to question someone’s religious intentions but looks to me like a ploy possibly to stay in the mamas favor? I don’t recall him doing this before. I do however recall him holding the bible and swearing to Cam he didn’t know what was going on and didn’t want him to go home.

no mo bro

in his mind he HAS to read the bible now, to atone for swearing on it earlier when he lied to Cam.

no mo bro

Let’s see long long his guilt lasts and what is more important to him. His soul or 750k.

Felicia's eyebrows

There’s not much to do in that house (no tv, no phones, etc) and there’s only so many cereal boxes to eat, oops , I mean read.
Maybe he’s just reading it for something to do?


Jag’s not sh#tting bricks, so of course he has it. Everyone knows that Jag is the biggest azz kisser when someone is HOH. So no, Jag would not be this calm if he didn’t have it. Cory and America have horrible poker faces and look panicked, from time to tme. Cory said he wouldn’t feel better until after the Veto Ceremony. Plus Cory talks game 24hrs a day, and every time Jag comes in a room Cory runs behind him like a desperate lap dog. They tell on themselves every time. And look at Bowie Jane, she’s back to the “lonely loser” status!


Racism? Here ? From fans of reality TV?! I never.