“I’m just going to beg them, like pick me if you really want to get off the block because there is a different plan.”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Bowie
Nominees: Felicia & Cirie
POV Players:
POV Winner:
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots: ?

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The situation

4:25pm – 5:16pm The live feeds were blocked for the nomination ceremony. As head of household Bowie Jane nominated Felicia and Cirie for eviction.

Bathroom – America and Matt.
America – All I told Cirie and Felicia just to let you know .. like how are you feeling? Yeah I know, that’s how she’s leaning between me you and Cory I am trying to make that not happen. She was like can you get Matt. I was like I know Matt, Jag was still up there. I will try to get Matt to push for you guys but I don’t know. I just know that me and Cory have been vouching for you. And they were like oh yeah I trust Matt. Matt is good with Bowie and probably if he says something it will happen. I was like I don’t know how good or close they are. Matt – they’re not going to change it. I’m going last, the decision was already made. America – and that’s what I told them. I will try to talk to Matt and see what will happen. That was pretty much it.. we didn’t talk about Jag. Then we started talking about Cam and they were like Cam has to go up … Cam .. this is the only opportunity. And I was like YUP YUP YUP! And I didn’t mention Blue’s name. I didn’t mention what noms we were pushing. All I said was I was just up there trying to get you guys not to be put up. They were like you don’t have to say names we know who the pair is, we see it too.. so they’re safe. Cirie said that. Matt – Cirie is nervous. We just have to make sure we get the veto. America – I talked to them about it, they said they’re going to pick Matt and Jag (HG choice for veto pick). Matt – I am just going to beg them, like pick me if you really want to get off the block because there is a different plan. Its not you two who go home. America – they trust that. Matt – who do you want? Cam or Blue? America – yeah and if not Blue. Matt – we just have to make sure Bowie doesn’t pick Cam. Its best if she just gets a random person… but if she gets house guest choice.. she is going to feel pressure and then he is going to know right away if she doesn’t pick him. America – she is really going to feel the pressure. Matt – and if she doesn’t pick him, he is going to know right away and he will know exactly what the plan is. America – I know, do you think you can talk to her and try and get her to pick you or Jag? Matt – I can. America – I talked to Cam today .. and this is all paraphrasing but he basically said he doesn’t want to got to the end with a duo. He basically said I can’t go to the end with you and Cory because I’ll get third. Like you guys are a pair. Matt – I know, that’s what I am saying. He is going to make a move against you and Cory and Me and Jag soon. America – so he is like prepping for that. He was saying that you guys can’t trust me because I spread information around the house. Matt – he is the one saying that. All he does is go around and tell everyone everything. America – he said that you’re the ones going to him telling him all this information and that all he is doing is nodding. Matt – I knew it. That makes me so mad. You should tell Jag that. I’m going to tell Jag that.

5:35pm Bathroom – Jag, Matt and Cam.
Jag – we’ll see if she (Felicia) holds her sh*t together. Cam – I know what I want to happen and we all know what’s right. This isn’t fun. Jag – honestly I am hoping its OTEV. It will either be this week or next week.

5:40pm HOH room – Bowie and Cory.
Cory – so whoever you put up as the replacement is going home. Bowie – yeah. Cory – because the votes are Me, America, Matt and Jag. So whoever you want to go is going and the reality is there is no one safe to put up anymore. So if you put up Cameron and Cameron stays.. Cameron is going to go after you. If you put up Blue and Blue stays Blue is going to go after you. Bowie – yeah. Cory – and I wouldn’t be worried about it because whoever the replacement nom is .. they’re going to be gone. And the nice thing is .. whoever you don’t put up you can go to them .. like Blue I didn’t put you up as a replacement nom. Like obviously we’re good. Bowie – yeah. The downside of being HOH is having to do that but the upside is being able to prove your loyalty. Cory – but also I proved my loyalty to Felicia and to Meme and how did that work out for me? Bowie – yeah.

6:10pm – 6:33pm Kitchen – Matt, Blue, Cirie and Felicia are chatting / cooking in the kitchen. Meanwhile upstairs, Cory and Bowie are playing chess while Jag watches and Cam plays bumper pool

6:37pm Games Room – Cory, Bowie and Jag.
Bowie – well this will be a bloody stupid veto now. Cory – we’re going to know the situation after tomorrow .. there is a decent chance the veto draw would be like legit Felicia, Cirie, you (Bowie), you (Jag), Matt and me. Bowie – or it could be… Cory – the benefit of these noms are that it gives us the chance at an easy veto. Bowie – yeah. And if it doesn’t work out its still fine. As long as we got house guest choice locked up. Jag – yeah house guest choice, if you (Bowie) get house guest choice who are you choosing. Bowie – I don’t know yet. You (Jag)? Cory – yeah. Jag – I’m down! Cory – I was thinking if its Otev, my bet would be you. Probably a little quicker with the answers but Matt is fast. Bowie – and I’ll say because he said you really wanted to play. Can I say that? Jag – you can just say my name, you don’t have to say anything. I think we can get either Felicia or Cirie to pick Matt. And then we’re cooking. Cory – and I think if Blue wins we can get her to use the veto for sure. Whoever your replacement nom is, is going home. And who ever isn’t is in debt to you. Cory leaves. Bowie to Jag – getting Blue out might be a good option. Jag – yeah. Bowie – The other option is .. I don’t know if I feel very comfortable doing the Cameron thing. I feel like its a bit dirty. Jag – we can talk more. Bowie – because he hasn’t done anything to me, its everyone else that’s got the issue. Jag – yeah. Bowie – I mean I know he’s a problem but.. Jag – we can talk more about it because eventually… Blue calls from them to come down for dinner.

6:50pm Dinner time..

7:24pm 7:51pm HOH room – Cameron and Bowie Jane.
Bowie – Now everyone is panicking about you and Blue. Cam – who? Bowie – everyone. Cam – what the f**k guys! Bowie – I was like is this a joke!? I was like I don’t know if there is anything to worry about there. Cam – who did you tell that to? Bowie – everyone. Cam – who is everyone? Matt and Jag said that? Bowie – no. Cam – oh okay, well I don’t give a sh*t about everyone else. Bowie – its mostly Cory. Cam – yeah that’s because he is trying to angle me. Bowie – he is pushing very hard just so you know. Cam – for me? or for Blue? Bowie – oh just for sh*t to be turned upside down. Why do I have to make those moves.. this is not good for my game so … I want noms to stay the same. Why should I make a move? Really, its blood on my hands. Cam – it wouldn’t be yours. If I was going to backdoor anybody it would be Cory. In fact I want him backdoored this week. Bowie – yeah.. Cam – but its whatever you want to do. I don’t want to backdoor anyone. That’s just not how I play. Cam – not yet. He is going to f**k us up. Bowie – yeah, I’ll tell you what.. don’t say I said this but he told .. he said that you said to America that you didn’t want to be in a three with a pair. In a final 3 with a pair. Cam – WHO does?! Bowie – but then he then tells everyone that right. Cam – yeah. Bowie – so this just doesn’t look good. Matt and Jag are a pair and Cory is pressing that. Cam – yeah Cory is going to look for any angle. I want Cory to leave this week but I would never pressure you to do that. Matt, Jag, we all agree its exactly what needs to happen this week. Bowie – yeah. Cam – but its up to you .. if you want things to stay the same .. cool we’ll do whatever you want. But I will tell you right now if you wanted to make this move .. we have all the votes. It could happen today. Blue joins them.

8:08apm HOH room – Cam and Bowie.
Bowie – I didn’t want this job. I was quite happy to make big votes and this is like the worst time to be HOH ever. Cam – you’re not in danger Bowie. I know it feels that way and there is no way I can make you feel good. Bowie – I don’t care about winning, I just want to get through a few more week so that I can just make it. Cam – you will this is how. Bowie – HUH?! I would not say those things to you. We’ll talk to Matt and Jag and we’ll talk it all through. If all you wan to do this week is let Felicia go home. Cool, you’re going to have the same people running their same mouths come Friday morning next week. The exact same ones. We’ll just be doing them a favour. Bowie – but then next week, athletic .. we win and Cory goes home. Cam – I can’t bank on that. One day we will wake up and this was the perfect time to get it done because next week he doesn’t go after Blue. Bowie – if he goes home this week, next week who do you put up? Cam – Blue! That is between me and you. I don’t know what Matt and Jag would want to do. I know what I would want to do but we would do what is best for the group. Bowie – and put up Blue and.. Cam – Felicia, Cirie, I don’t give a sh*t.. they all got to go. I just want to start with him.

8:50pm HOH room – Matt and Bowie.
Bowie tells Matt about how Cam was pushing for Cory to go up. Bowie – he was like if he wins next week.. he is going to bust things up .. you watch. That’s what Cam is saying Cory will do. Matt – Cam is saying that because he is thinking that. Bowie – so I was like if Cory goes .. who does Blue put up? Who does America put up? Who is everyone putting up? Matt – they’re not going to put up Felicia and Cirie. Bowie – no they’re not. Matt – I think if Cam wins another HOH it could be Cory and America, Me and Jag.. but the chances of Cory and America winning HOH is less likely. I just know everyone, I’ve talked to everyone.. and everyone wants Cam gone. Bowie – Yeah, and also where is Cirie, Felicia and Blue going to sit in the house.. Cam goes and then.. Matt – we pick them off. Bowie – its then 5 against 3. Matt – that’s not bad. Bowie – who does Blue want gone? Cory right? Matt – for the whole month she’s wanted Cameron and then for the past couple days she has said nothing bad about Cam now. Bowie – wow! Matt – I said to Cameron yeah they’ll probably pitch something against you and Cam told Blue and Blue was like why didn’t you tell me? And I was like why did Cam tell you that? They’re working together. Bowie – wow. Matt – so now I can’t tell Cam anything. Bowie – this is going to be the worst Jury ever. That is why I don’t want to go to the jury house until the last minute. I wish there would be a big blow up and that way it would be easy to put him up.

9:35pm – 9:50pm HOH room – Matt, America, Jag, Bowie and Cory.
Matt – Bowie is on 3 red bulls. Bowie – to keep my mind going and I’ll have one before the comp tomorrow. So what do I need to know for this comp, quick?! America – I mean we were going over the weeks. Cory – yeah what is most important is know who played in the veto competitions. Cory and America leave to play bumper pool so that it doesn’t look suspicious that they’re all in the HOH room if Cam comes back. They tell Jag what Matt and Bowie were talking about. Jag – I am not even sh*tting you .. I am 100% in on this. I am deada$$.. I wanted us to meet because we’re working together .. we’re saying we’re a three but I wanted us to meet. And honestly give it a name. I am not scared to give it a name. I trust ya’ll fully with my life. Bowie – I am going to go down with this ship. Jag – me too. Matt – if we get ahead of this .. this ship won’t f**king sink. Jag – its seems like ya’ll are down as well. Bowie – down. Jag – I wanted to talk about what it looks like as a team. I love both of you. I want to work with both of you so bad. I am personally a huge team player. Bowie – yeah me too. Jag – everything that I do from this point onward is about us as a team. If at any point someone is targeting you or you .. we need to get them out. That is my number one priority. A big thing for me is I am not going to be selfish. I am committing to moving through this game with this team. Bowie – same. Jag – I will sink with this ship. Bowie – I’ve got a name “Sinking Ship”. Just kidding. Jag – I am not going to decide something and go rogue. We do everything to protect each other. At no point am I going to turn my back on you guys. Blue joins them.

10:15pm Comic Bedroom – Matt, Jag, Cririe, Felicia talk about strategies for possible Veto comps. Cam joins them and they study together.

10:43pm Bedroom – Cory and America are studying past events of the season in preparation for the veto comp.

11pm HOH room – Cameron, Bowie, Blue, Jag and Matt are chatting about what the veto might be. They wonder about when Zinbot will be and what each of their Zing will be.

11:34pm – 11:40pm Comic Bedroom – Felicia, Cory and America.
Cory – the person / people (Cam & Blue) that I want evicted this week are not on the block right now. Which means I don’t think I am a good person for house guest choice because there are other stronger faster people but if I get in a position and I win the veto. And that is not even a conversation we need to have, that is going to happen. And maybe it isn’t OTEV, maybe its something totally random. But they’ve been building for quite a bit so I bet its OTEV. Like OTEV is about speed but it also isn’t. Felicia – but is Bowie Jane on board with that? Cory – if someone comes off the block she has to put up someone else. I don’t think it would be us two, I think it would have to be like you know. And honestly I think there is a decent chance that every single person will use the veto this week. We might not all be on the same page of who might go up as the replacement but that doesn’t matter for you and it doesn’t matter for Cirie. Even worst case scenario if he (Cam) wins it he still might use it because he’s got some bigger plan. Wouldn’t it be nice if you just won the veto tomorrow? Or Cirie won or I won? America – best case is you or Cirie win because that is the only way to guarantee it is used. Cory – good luck tomorrow.

11:50pm – 12am Comic Bedroom – Felicia and Cirie.
Cirie – they’re going after each other already. Those motherf**kers .. and they’re using us. Felicia – why are they putting us on the block? Cirie – because they don’t want to punch like this (in the front).. they want to punch like this (in the back). That’s why. They’re too scared to just square up. They want to stab (in the back). Felicia – they said whoever wins the veto is going to use it. Cirie – this sh*t is about to erupt! And they going after each other.. good thing we weren’t up in no BS! Let them, its perfect! Its actually perfect. Felicia – they’re going to attack each other. Blue wants Cory. Cirie – Blue and Cam. Felicia – Blue and Cam want cory. Jag, Matt, America and Cory want Cameron. Now if they can’t get to Cam, they’ll take Cory.

12:30 am – 6:50 am Zzzzz

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I’m confused. I thought Bowie Jane won HoH! So why is everyone deciding for her who’s going home, off the block, on the block and whatever. She should be deciding and not talked about behind her back.


the hoh doesn’t vote. this is how it should always be. the hoh has no say in who goes home. people shouldn’t pretend s/he does.


You couldnt be more wrong. The HOH puts up the 2 noms. HoH 100% decides who goes home.


nah, hoh puts up two noms then doesn’t vote. rest of the house decides which of the two is better for their game. sometimes that person is the same person the hoh wants, sometimes it isn’t. the hoh’s power isn’t nominating people it’s keeping the non-nominees safe. people who understand this go far in the game. while people who don’t get hohitis and find themselves on the block shortly after their reign.

The Beef

Obviously you’re right about the votes, but she’s being lied to about what Cam wants to do and why, by Matt, Jag, Cory and America, and it doesn’t seem like Bowie is either able to figure that out or strong enough to resist the pressure they’re applying to her to put Cam up.

Yes, Cam wants Cory out, but he does NOT yet want to go after Jag and Matt, and for them to outright say he does is nothing but a lie or a figment of their very fertile little chicken minds. The ONLY reason he wants Cory out is because Cory wants HIM out, so that’s strictly a survivalist move which I don’t blame him for pushing.

Jag and Matt are afraid of Cam because, if Cory leaves, they don’t think they’ll be able to beat him 2 on 1 to get him out – that’s the long and short of it. Is anybody surprised the 2 guys who have played the “scared” game the whole season would be afraid of the guy who’s won the most in the house? All 3 of them have been ratting information all season, so it’s also not surprising they would lie and backstab the guy who kept them all safe just one week ago.

Okay, maybe not Cory with the safety, since Cam wanted to put him up last week, but he’s been nothing but above board with Matt and Jag, fully trusting and working with them. He deserves better from those two.

Gan ainm

Her game is going along with what everyone says but I don’t see her going along with their plans and will put up Blue if the veto is used but would prefer the noms stay the same and Cirie is voted out however none of her allies are listening to her.


Bowie is a lost sheep. She’s going to fall in line, and team up with Jag & Matt. So she will do what she told to do, doesn’t Bowie realize as soon as her HOH is over, she goes back to being odd person out.

Matt & Jag are a duo, Corey & America are a duo, Blue is with Cirie, Cam has had Bowie’s back, but she will gladly be the 3rd wheel for Jag & Matt.

Bowie should have never signed up for BB, she’s to nice, desperate to fit in, she really just floats from person to person, she thinks Jag & Matt have her back, watch how much she can depend on Matt & Jag when she has no power.

Bowie needs to realize, Jag & Matt are a team, she’s the 3rd wheel, a vote, same with Corey & America, Bowie needs to wake up and work with Cam.

Queen Catia

Well, this is where the rubber meets the road…either Bowie will play her own game or she will play Matt/Jag/Cory/America’s game. Right now she is playing her game but the Veto will be very telling…
I was actually hoping for the final 3 to be Cameron/Bowie/Matt but Matt has lost his credibility with me after all these inane conversations last night and today. Now I am actually hoping it’s Cameron and Bowie with Cirie. I never expected to want to see Cirie make it to final 3 but here we are…


bowie put herself in a pretty safe spot with the noms. so long as blue doesn’t win veto, she pretty much gets through this hoh with no blood on her hands. i think she should still gun for the veto and should probably keep the noms the same, but should the veto get used as long as she can put blue up bowie remains in the clear (if she gets convinced to put someone up other than blue or blue uses the veto bowie could get herself in trouble though).

Game fan

if she gets cam out. no one beside of him (who would def be out ) would be mad.
if she bd cory, only america can get mad at she would still be more upset with matt and jag, i think.

Game fan

I’m not saying she is necessary need to take cam out . I’m saying if she does – who would be upset?
And if she does cory – only America is upset.
She can make a deal with fe and cirie as well no not come after her if she puts cam/cory.


Bowie seems pretty smart hopefully she sees through America, Corey, Jag and Matt’s BS. They want her to get rid of Cameron for them. Big mistake. Hope she does what she wants.


Is she a lawyer? For some reason, I thought so. You would think a lawyer would be the first one to figure out when they’re being had! Someone secretly is but I can’t remember


Yes, she’s a lawyer and a DJ. She’s also a singer/songwriter. Google “Busted” by Bowie Jane. She performed that original song on the show SWAT on CBS. It also charted in the US and UK.

Not Jasons Holly

She was a barrister in Australia. I would 5ink she can see through the lies she’s being told. But who really knows. I really do hope she keeps Cam safe.


Cameron is smart, telling BJ that getting rid of one of these two is best for HER game. I don’t get the feeling like he’s being all too pushy on her like Cory, America, Matt, and Jag. They’ve been acting almost desperate to have her put up cam or blue. But, the night is early. I’m certain he will be up there pushing Cory, but those others, just matter of factly telling her they are using the veto and whoever she replaces with is going home. If I were BJ, I’d flip out and tell them be careful what you wish for, it may be your partner who is replacement.
Those four are really making me hate them. She’s NEVER been an insider with any of them!

Queen Catia

I feel the same way…I am so over how pushy the 4 of them are playing. It’s like Jag/Matt/Cory/America have become a hive mind! If BB25 ends up with these 4 as the final 4 it will be so disappointing. That being noted it will also be interesting seeing them cannibalize each other as they crawl all over each other to get to the top with no truth, integrity, or common decency left amongst them.


i’m impatiently waiting for them to take shots at each other. they can’t play the float game forever and they’re all clearly anxious about losing to each other in comps.

Gan ainm

She can’t push back very hard because she would then become a problem,that’s the problem with the go along strategy.

The Beef

I don’t know if I would threaten them directly. I would more or less threaten indirectly as in “You never know who might end up OTB, if you use that Veto.”, if I didn’t want it used.

They might say “What do you mean by that?”, to which I would reply “I mean I don’t want you to use the veto! Just leave the nominations the same and be done with it.”

Carlito's Way

I was all for the Cam, Matt, Jag and Bowie alliance but now I am done with Matt and Jag. They talk out of five sides of their mouth. They were so set on getting rid of Bathrobe Baby Moustache Cory and now they are set on Cam, bad-mouthing him to Bowie. They know it’s Cory and America spreading all the lies and yet they have suddenly changed and are lying about him. Cam intended on being loyal and they would have had an opportunity to get him out later. He is a threat. But I don’t like this move. I especially do not like the way Cory and Jag are telling Bowie what to do and completely showing no respect that it is HER HOH. Bowie wants to keep Cam. I hope she outs Jag and Matt to Cam and tells him how disloyal they are. I also keep hoping that Bowie has been playing dumb and scared but will finagle a way to keep Cam and start upping the ante.


I agree 100%. I’ve been saying over and over, Jag & Matt are scum. They always kiss up to Cam when he’s HOH, say they will protect him the next week, that’s a lie.

Jag & Matt are wimps, they do this every time Cam is not HOH, they turn on him, Jag is the leader, Matt follows and does whatever Jag tells him to do.

I’m hoping Bowie tells Cam, stop trusting Jag & Matt, they are also the main ones trying to get her to back door Cam. She needs to tell Cam straight up, Cam can be so naive when it comes to trusting people.

I don’t understand how Cam does not see how Jag & Matt don’t come around, and hang out with him when he’s not the HOH. When Cam is HOH, they are all smiles, kissing up to him, and telling him he’s safe next week, they have his back, Cam is so naive.

Look how many times America had to tell Cam, over and over, Jared was not his buddy. Jared wanted Cam out, America had to tell many times, Cam has been the target since the 2nd week in the House.

Finally Cam saw that America was telling him the truth, Cam realized Jared, Cirie, Felicia, Jag & Matt wanted him out. Cam made a deal with Jag, kept him safe, not once but twice.
Cam has been HOH 3 times, jag has lied, said they are cool, and he will return the favor and keep Cam safe the next week, when Cam has no power, Jag has no time for Cam.

Bowie needs to tell Cam, Jag, Matt, Corey & America, they are all pressuring her to back door Cam. Cam needs to be told more than once, because Cam thinks Matt & Jag are on his side, Bowie needs to let Cam know, Jag & Matt are not to he trusted, they want Cam out.

I hope Bowie sticks to what she wants to do, don’t let Jag, Matt, Corey or America take over her HOH. Tell them if the Veto is used, she’s not putting Cam up, Cam is not an option, Bowie can use Jags words, tell him “It’s too early to make a big move like that”.

Please Bowie, don’t do their dirty work, Cam has always been cool with you, don’t stab Cam in the back, this is your HOH. Let the Floating Duo’s Jag, Matt, Corey & America do their own dirty work, tell them win HOH, then you can make some big moves !!!

Tell the FLOATING Duo’s, they are treating you just like Cirie & Felicia, bossing you !!!

The Beef

The only thing that bothers me about Bowie is she DIDN’T tell Cam that Matt and Jag were pushing for him to go OTB! That tells me she’s considering it, and that makes me nervous.

I hope I’m wrong, but if Blue somehow wins the Veto, it’s going to be a nervous couple of days.

Gan ainm

Cam and Cory share the same blind spot.Matt.


So happy Bowie f***ing Jane won HOH.


She tried to lose in the end, but Fe said… hold my beer

Team Taylor

Surprisingly, this is actually a good move on Bowie Jane’s part. She stuck to her guns with the Cirie/Felicia noms while everyone else wants her to target other people.

And Cam is giving her space to run the HOH how she pleases, which is something Hisam never did with Felicia.


Good move. Yeah ok. Lol

Just The Truth

Hoping noms stay same.


Cory was such a nice guy. Now I need him and America gone. They are both arrogant. And does he know America is using him. Although I understand why Bowie put the Golden girls up, if she wants to win there were bigger threats that could have gone up. No one is thinking of jury and making sure that they are good with everyone.


Cory is. He has a good relationship with everyone there now with the exception of Felicia. He’s been making sure to keep all the bases covered.


Right, and Cam is ALSO arrogant and Jag is getting very cocky, Blue is a little too confident being that she hasn’t won anything but she runs around bragging. You don’t think Felicia is arrogant? I could go on… Just saying, Cory is no worse than half the house

Omega BB

All these moves happening are great & all but we all know this season is going to end with CIRIE in F2 winning against that moron MATT who wants to bring her to the end. BOWIE at least seems to know CIRIE is a threat to win, and that’s only based on her survivor reputation.

Gan ainm

Well if they’d listen to F’nBowieJane Cirie would go this week.

Felicia’s crusty feet

Hate to say it , but Cirie has a point about. “ them” eating each other alive while Cirie coasts to the F2 chair & wins…….UGH

Daisy may123

Oh please back door Cory, he’s a snake in tall grass! Then America will have to find someone to buddy up with and they should give her the cold shoulder. Felicia and cirie are not going to win anything so they can go anytime. Cory this week America next week than the ladies. I would like to see a final 3 cam bj and matt or jag. I like cam he plays a loyal game with only certain players. When he gets out he should go for a haircut!

Don't Shoot the Messenger

Yeah, he’s got the worst hair in the world, including that widow’s peak! Hair like that needs to be as short as possible.


A family member said Cam grew it out for his audition after seeing a pic of his father with a fro in his school yearbook. He had auditioned for years with his normal hair and never cast. He’s actually quite handsome without the fro. Matt needs a new do as well.

un autre nom

As Cirie and Felicia diatribe together about an alliance targeting an alliance member as a dirty gutless backstab move…
Anyone else see the pot and kettle?
Hisam says hi. Red says hi.

As they talk about maybe saving the renom… one of them will still be on the block.

What they’re missing. Most of the house did pitch other noms.
The reason they’re on the block? Complete mismanagement of a game relationship. They decided Bowie was shit and treated her as such.

Bowie Jane is walking out of that house to find she’s now a social media joke behind her back because two old enough to know better bullies gathered their little mob of just as nasty little assholes, and spent a month trashing her friendliness and her appearance, again, behind her back… and bbtwitter, also being full of nasty little assholes clipped, posted, reposted, edited the insults into songs, remixed the songs… and tagged her.

Moral indignation from Cirie and Felicia? Fuckthat.
Whining from bbtwitter about the current noms? Alsofuckthat.

Coffee is still brewing. Should I have waited to type anything until after a few sips? Probably.


Why does Bowie not tell Cam that Matt and Jag are pushing to backdoor him?? She knows that Cam trusts Matt and Jag a lot and it doesn’t make sense to me why she’d lie to him when he asked if Matt/Jag were throwing him under the bus.

un autre nom

Bowie believes she’s final 3 with Jag/Matt.


So she’s completely comfortable playing for second place?

un autre nom

she’s telling everyone she’s comfortable with 4th.


Everyone should watch the YouTube interview of Taylor interviewing MeMe. It is great!!!

The Beef

The clueless interviewing the clueless? I’m sure they were congratulating each other on their mutual greatness, no?

The worst winner of all time interviews possibly the worst contestant of all time. I’m sure it’s riveting.


I watched the interview and was impressed with what Meme had to say. I don’t know that I’m ever impressed with Taylor.


Bowie thinks her Jag and Matt are final three? Isn’t that what Cameron Jag and Matt were suppose to be and now Jag and Matt trying to backdoor Cameron. Bowie should maybe think about that. She should tell Cameron and work with him.

no mo bro

Why is everyone up so early today?

no mo bro

Wow Matt’s face is really swollen up. I can’t tell if it’s from his compulsive non stop eating, or from his allergies. Starting his day with a large glass of chocolate milk ain’t gonna help his allergies.



un autre nom

Let’s all remember why Fe and Cirie are a bad tactical combination. They hermit themselves in the foutte room (same room in the house that ends up the hermit room), and stoke each other’s paranoid delusions.
Matt and Jag are fumbling the ball by not telling Fe/Cirie they are after Cam.
Fe yapattacks to the house loudly as soon as she has info.
Cirie took Matt’s last download directly to America for confirmation.
The bullhorn and the fact checker game is antithetical to cowardly lion and ostrich head in sand strategy.


I love the chessboard and pieces in the Corey, Jag, Bowie picture. They’re really cool.


I wish Bowie had put Cirie and Matt on the block and said, “Cirie and Matt, you are the only houseguests who have not been on the block, and part of the Big Brother experience is being on the block.”

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she would than give a reason to do it to HER as she wasnt otb either.

un autre nom

Bowie chose Matt
Cirie chose Jag
Felicia chose America

no HG CHOICE CHIPS were drawn for the first time this season.
Cory will host.

Game fan

perfect time to get out cam actually.

Game fan

what. this is excactly what their HG choice would have been for cirie and bowie