Bowie – that couldn’t have worked out better, Cory, Cameron, Blue sitting out **updated**

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Bowie
Nominees: Cirie and Felicia
POV Players: Bowie, Felicia, Cirie, America, Matt and Jag. Host it Cory
POV Winner:
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots: ?

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The situation Going to be a interesting week. As is stand right now if Veto is used Cameron goes up.

7:57 am Waking up for the day

8:07 am Hard to hear but sounds like Felicia is telling Jag and Matt to use the veto on them if they get picked to play. Production tells Felicia to put on her microphone but she doesn’t.

8:50 am Feeds on pound for veto player picks

9:00 am Feeds return
Matt seems to be certain it’s OTEV.
Blue – no house guest choice not one.. If Felicia had got it I think she would have chosen me. I begged her yesterday.
Cam – Cory is nervous as f***
Jag – he was excited after America got picked I don’t know if you say it.
Feeds flip

9:02 am America and Cory
America – he’s such a loser (Cam)
Cory – next week I swear
America – what is he going to do about Matt and Jag? That’s all he has.
Cory – His bigger problem is going to be trying to get Bowie to put me up instead of him. That will be his pitch. Once we have the veto that’s when Matt and Jag need to go Mask off on Cameron. Not Go off on him. Cameron you’ve been lying to everyone.
Cory wants to go to Cirie and Felicia get the entire house on board.
Cory – I’m excited to host
Cory – Bowie drew Matt, Cirie drew Jag, Felicia drew America
Cory – Bowie Chose me to host.

9:14 am Bowie and Matt
Bowie – that couldn’t have worked out better, Cory, Cameron, Blue sitting out
Bowie – we can pick our option and determine what’s best.
Matt – the only person we have to worry about is America if we want all our options
Bowie – she could be good at this
Bowie says she talked to the MOMMAs and told them this is what she wanted for veto picks.
Matt says he talked to the MOMS and they are not mad at Bowie “they just want to the veto to be used”
Matt – Me and Jag will f**ing use it.
Bowie – If we use it the mommas now will really trust us and we can bait them.
MAtt – we decide which one to take down.
Bowie – in the weeks to go they will trust us that is why it’s good putting them up.
Matt – Me and Jag will make sure you don’t go up they’ll trust us too.
Bowie goes on about how Jag, Matt and her will call private meetings’ and “Workshop” the decision once they have Veto.
Bowie – If we did Cory, America will blow sh1t up. If we do Cameron he’ll blow sh1t up.
They talk about if Cory goes America will join up with Cam and Blue. She’ll also make up lies. IF Cameron goes no one will believe his attempts to blow them up because he already did it when he was evicted last month.

9:20 am Cameron and Jag
Cameron says if Cory isn’t backdoored this week it’s a major red flag for him.

9:30 am Cory and Bowie
Cory – Izzy was talking to me about Jury votes week 2 .. how about we make it to Jury first.
Cory goes over what OTEV is about and strategizes for it.

9:42 am Cameron and Bowie
Cam – I trust you that I’m not getting. Something Crazy is going on. If he doesn’t go this week, Cool. If one of the go, Cool if it’s blue Cool. I don’t want to mess up your game.
Cam – As long as I am not a replacement I always got you
Bowie – I know
Cam – I know how quick word can go from down there in the kitchen to straight up here.

Feeds flip to America and Cirie studying dates.
When we are back
Cam – Can we keep things between me and you.
Bowie – yeah
Cam – the MEME thing has a little merit. It’s so outlandishly ridiculous that it couldn’t have been straight concocted by her.

feeds flip

9:48 am Jag telling Matt that Cameron is SUSS about Bowie
Matt – daaaaam

9:54 am Jag and America
Jag – wow
Jag – can’t let Bowie win. Bowie might even use the veto. Best case scenario honesty you winning. In my conversations with Bowie Blue and Cam are trying to Pitch Cory to go
America – I know
Jag – If you win it and use the veto it’s going to feel way too dirty for her to put up Cory. You know what i mean?
America – does she think she is in an alliance with CAm?
Jag – no. She’s literally just playing a game where that feels wrong to her morally. I don’t know why. If that is true best case you win worst case she wins.
America – If it’s at the end and you want to throw it to me somehow.
Jag – I will, I’ll talk to Matt to.
Jag – If I win it I will use it there will be people in her ear to say Put up Cory.
America says she heard cam was up there last night going on about them needing to put up Cory. “who was in there?”
Jag – Cam wants Cory gone and Blue. Both of them.
America asks if Bowie agrees to put Cory up?
Jag – right now she’s more open to Blue than Cam.
Cameron walks in and America leaves.


10:04 am Cameron and Jag
Cam – Why? WHy? Why is she being weird around me this morning. You know something tell me something.. Tell me something.. If we’re doing this thing man tell me what’s going on.
Long pauses.. Blue comes in at one point asks what’s up with America.
Cam – I got a weird Feeling buddy. I don’t like it.
Cam – the tides are changing something feels weird TODAY. Somebody knows some sh1t they ain’t supposed to know
Jag – In what way
Cam doesn’t think it’s coming from Bowie someone told America something. “She only reacts in that way when someone she trusts has told her something”
Jag – so what are you thinking?
Cam – I don’t know that’s why I come to you. I didn’t use it last week because of you. I trusted out plan I trusted us and I’m with this but there is something not right.
Cam – I don’t put to much trust in Blue and Cory going after each other. Right now that changed because of her (America) right now. That behaviour goes to Cory now cory shifts to us. He shifts his eyes from Blue. Now we’re in the crosshairs.
Cam says if they get rid of Cory Blue moves to them America is in the wind. If they get rid of Blue they have Cory and America after them.
Jag – who does Blue Target?
Cam – Felicia/Cirie someone safe. (LOL not a chance)
Jag – You think that?
Cam – who else would she target.

Cameron – I’m with you.. We made a deal. I’m with you. I am with what we are doing. You are the only person outside of Matt that I can voice my concerns to. I am the guy that wants to stick to the plan. Take it to the guy that has had plans go to shit in his life you gotta be prepared if the plan doesn’t work. Right now there’s a possibility of the plan falling apart because she knows something she’s not supposed to know.
Cam – if we let that last a week we’re f***ed

Jag – the shift before.. going so hard after Cory why the shift in plan?
Cam – no shift from me i’m trusting in the two of you. I’m trusting in the plan. I’m just telling you my concern.
Jag – I put a lot of trust in you as well.
Cam – I would hope so
Jag – I put a lot of trust in you.
Cam – I wouldn’t be sitting here talking to you if I hadn’t made you my Dude
Cam – I went all in last week I put all my chips on US
Jag – Same

10:48 am Bowie and Cory
Cory says Cam will go to her and LIE he’ll try to get Cory put up. “He’s going to do a lot”
Cory – if you want we can play bumper pool all day, Jag can play chess with you or you can go study with America.
Bowie – it couldn’t have been a better draw
Cory – best draw I’ve ever seen. So f***ing happy
Bowie – and America to top it off..
Bowie – this is why it was better for me than putting Blue and Cameron up.
Cory – 100% it was a gamble and it paid off you are 100%
Bowie – It could have been a disaster

10:52 am Awkward Chit chat

11:25 am Jag and Bowie
Jag going on about Cameron “we caught on to his bullshit. He pulled me into the bathroom told me shit about you”
Bowie – let him keep doing that
Jag – I’ll never let him throw your name under the bus so I’m defending you all the time.
Bowie – He hasn’t thrown you guys under the bus to me.
Jag – he knows..
Jag says Cory and America are VERY solid with Bowie. There is not a world where they put them up.
Jag – Cirie and Felicia have a very low chance of winning if it’s the slip n slide. I think they put up Cory and America because Blue is in their ear. The only person to worry about is blue.
Jag – This week Cam going is not only best to keep our game safe this week it’s also the fact that he’s targeting us. You know what I mean. It’s good for us even if he wasn’t targeting us (HUH)
Jag – now that he’s throwing you name under the bus.. My name, Matt’s name to cory and America. Going to cory and america talking shit about you.

Jag – Cory and America are big with us, They want, You, Me, Matt, and them as like a 5 which could be a viable option for now.
Jag says his loyalties are with Bowie and Matt, “right now it’s clear who the imminent threat is and the perfect veto draws.. you just happen to choose Matt eh person you were going to chose anyways.”
Cam joins them. Jag and Bowie start “studying dates”

11:35 am Blue, Cirie and Felicia
A mix of studying and talking in circles.
Blue says she had speeches prepared if she would have won the veto this week.
Blue – I was going to say like… Umm… what is it. … I have chosen to use the power of veto on Felicia. You stand up I crown you whatever you sit down. Then I was going to say. Felicia last week i wanted to evict you there no denying that and I never denied that. stare at Cory. Eventually the lies catch up and the truths eventually comes out”
They Laugh
Blue – I have chosen to use the power of veto on Cirie. Cirie you and I were both blindsided on Jared’s thing look at the Camera look back at you ‘THIS IS FOR JARED WHAT I DO BABY’
they laugh
Felicia- he would be hollering when he watched that… he would be like that’s what I’m talking about Baby girl

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My preference would be for Jag to with OTEV and use it on Cirie to back door Cameron.


Which show are you watching????

Game fan

That’s actually a very likely scenario


The reality one.


**Don’t forget, that this was all made possible b/c BB and that stupid power that Germ-M used to save Germ-J. If not for that power, Germ-J wouldn’t have been there. I was on the edge to abandon BB forever when that happened (on top of the favoritism for Jared and his momma)…but stayed in…Cam going b/c of the Germs and Bowie will push me over the edge. BBB (Bye Big Brother).

Not Jasons Holly

Please let her back door Blue or Corey. The only person who really will protect her is Cameron and that’s because he thinks he can win against her.

The fact that MAG (Matt/Jag) float from HOH to HOH just kills me. Can no one in the house except Felicia see they do that?


I definitely want Cam to win. He’s the only who had fight nearly since the start just to stay. While so many have been in floaters. He’s not only great at competing physically but also mentally. He’s not a stupid guy. He’s been about the most straightforward person there. He deserves to win. He had the guts to make big moves that upset the house. Cory is chicken shit. Jag is chicken shit. Their both manipulative as hell. Can’t stand either of them. Wish both of them could be evicted this week.


Unfortunately the person who usually deserves to win never does.

Game fan

how is cory is a chicken when he put jared right away otb . and he also risk his entire safe spot when he flipped on izzy.


He only did it b/c he knew it would work with the short time b/c of the dbl. If it had not been a dbl he wouldn’t have pulled the trigger.


Cam is not likeable. He has no bond with anyone in the house. What he represents: white, military, stoical, old-school alpha male, is why a large majority root for him, I guess. This is a game where social intelligence within the peer group will win out. Cam just desperately keeps trying to get with a guy, first Jared. Later, Matt and Jag. But it’s not the army. Nothing sticks.

  1. There’s nothing wrong with being white.
  2. There’s definitely nothing wrong with being military.
  3. There’s nothing wrong with being stoical; Cam is listening, and soaking in people’s comments like a sponge. He stares a lot because he is either listening or watching peoples’ action
  4. Most of the time, there’s nothing wrong with being an old-school alpha male. He has not gone overboard with that. He doesn’t like to be lied to. He rarely lies. He keeps his word. He wins competitions.

As for me, if I am behind enemy lines, I would want Cameron Hardin coming to rescue me.

Right now, if she is not careful, Bowie will be behind enemy lines. And Cameron Hardin will be the one to rescue her. If he stays.


Your post on the other hand…
I also have a short response…


I starting typing a point-by-point response but decided your post wasn’t worth the time.


Jag is such a weasel and a COWARD.


Please don’t insult the weasel family by comparing Germ-J to them.

no mo bro

I’m so disappointed in Bowie. She’s okay with backdooring Cam. The ONE person in the house who actually has her back. Cam would take her to final 2.


The only reason he would is because he considers her a nonentity and thinks that everyone would vote for him over her. If the Paul is any indication, that would never happen

no mo bro

So what. That’s perfect for bowie. The only thing better than final 2 is winning. His motivation doesn’t matter. Making final 2 does.


Cam is the only one who will take her to final 2 the rest she would be 3rd at best.


I think just because she’s number 3 on a lot of people’s list, doesn’t mean they wouldn’t consider taking her to final 2 for best chance to get the money.

BB Fangirl

It doesn’t really matter the reason. The fact remains that he would bring her to final 2, and 2nd place gets money too.

BB Karma

Exactly! If she backdoors cam, the only person who really had her back when she didn’t have any power, then Felicia and Cirie were definitely right about her smh

I’m so disappointed in bj. Going against cam
Also jag and Matt! Nasty.


I looks like the Germs and company have pulled off a Jared/Red scam. Red was a blockhead for falling for it but he did and it looks like Bowie has fallen for it too. Sigh.

Also reference my response to michele October 7, 2023 9:47 am.

no mo bro

I’m going to start refering to veto day as Felisha day from now on. It’s the one day a week that everyone wears robes in solidarity with her.

BB Fangirl

I hope Bowie wins and decides not to change noms or back doors Cory. What are they talking about when they say Cameron is lying to everyone? He’s been the MOST straightforward of any of them. They’re delusional and I really need Cam to get Bowie to see that Jag/Matt and Cory/America are each their own final two and only care about each other. She’s truly simple if she uses her week to get rid of someone who would take her to final two.

The Beef

It’s an extremely WEAK cast with very WEAK players, none of which seem to have any strategy of how to advance their games, with the possible exception of Cory and Cam, and both of them have severe weaknesses in their games (Cory is a weak physical/comp player, and Cam is weak socially). The only good real strategic move made this season was when Cam moved against Izzy, and even that move was bolstered/supported by people not necessarily on his side because they thought it helped them as well.

Everybody thinks Cirie is some kind of reality game show strategical genius because of ONE incident when she talked a single imbecile into giving up his immunity at a tribal council meeting, and she and her alliance of women voted him out. Even with all the “hero worship” here on Big Brother, what we’ve seen of her here is she’s not really all that.

A lot of these players can’t seem to win a competition, or don’t seem to want to for fear of having to make a decision or “raise their profile” a little bit. Even those that do don’t seem to want to make any real tough decisions or take out any of the so-called “tough” competitors (are there really any other than Cam?), out of fear of somebody coming after them. It’s the season of the chickenshit on BB25, with everybody hoping somebody else will “take the shot”, and it seems the best way to get somebody to do that is to lie to them about what their target has said or done.

Well, “Lying is part of the game.” is what everybody always says, and I know that, but lying about somebody you’re in an alliance with is NOT supposed to be part of the game, and not something I respect or admire. It’s just dirty game play IMHO, and exactly what I would expect to see out of the likes of CSD players like Jag, Matt and Cory, none of whom I have any respect for at all.

That’s why I’m hoping those three are the next three out of there, and frankly at this point, I don’t give a damn who wins. I think Cam has played the best, but I know he has pretty much a 0% chance of winning that game. He’s never making it to Final 2 and even if he did, there’s no way he gets the votes to win from those bitter MFer’s.


I’m voting Cam for AFP to tick the rest of them off


I’ll vote for Cam for AFP, because he deserves to win it.


I have been giving him a 5 on the this site’s daily poll since Red left and Bowie never more than a 3 and a 0 for everybody else (on occasion I gave some a 2/3 for others and I used to give Red 3/4 until he turned on Cam then it went to 0) but from today forward Cam gets a 5 and EVERYONE else gets a 0.


Exactly. It won’t be fun to watch if Cameron goes. I want America or Cory out.

no mo bro

Hey CBS. Make this week a double eviction and I’ll sign up for a free trial of Paramount+!

no mo bro

Cam is straight up stressing. While talking with Jag he says, “I can tell something is up. He (Cory) wouldn’t even look at me”. Jag just kept staring at the floor. Cam now knows “the Fugitives” were never a real thing.

BB Karma

Yes I hate he didn’t go with his gut and back door Cory or even Jag

Spot ON

CAM has a good take to read the house, but unfortunately, he has difficulty reading the bad intentions and misplaced trust on people.

I hate this. Cam saved jag twice.


I’m confused, did Jag not get evicted cause Cam put him and Blue up? Matt saved him with his power.


Yes. BUT then he saved Germ-J from then on.


AFTER BB & Germ-M did w/ that bull-power.

Spot ON

“Germ” is an acceptable metaphorical term to use, but “PARASITE” may be slightly better.


I thought originally Cam and Bowie had a final two? With all these ridiculous “groups” it’s hard to keep track.
I feel Bowie is trying too hard to fit in. Cam has not done that (other than trusting Matt/Jag/Blue) and honestly should win the game and Americas choice (us not that 27 year old with a thing for the skinny wanna be a man 20 year old).
Bowie needs to stick with Cam and tell him about Matt/Jag. They could do some damage helping each other.
And for GODS SAKE could someone get rid of Corey once and for all???!


If Matt, Jag, Corey or America win, Im not watching another season because eww I cant stand any of them. Please at least let Cameron win americas choice so I can sit back and watch their faces when he wins it.

Jag and Matt are lying to Bowie about cam talked about her.


Yep. Like Jared did with Red and Red became a Blockhead and fell for it. Now Bowie is being a Blockhead.


I had a feeling that Bowie would turn on Cameron. I’m also so sick of these floaters (Jag and Matt) who go from HOH to HOH and get up their arses. They are the worst.


Which is why they (Jag/Matt) won’t be voted America’s Favorite Houseguest.

Game fan

They would be okay one of them is probably the winner

Team Taylor

What a perfect Veto draw!

I don’t know who Bowie Jane would put up as a renom, but they’re benefits for all scenarios:

1. Cameron – BD the current comp beast for the last time. Cory/America go for Blue next, Matt/Jag go for Cory next, Cirie/Felicia go for Cory next, Blue goes for Cory next. Bowie is safe for next week.

2. Cory – BD the guy who helped flipped the house on Izzy and MeMe. Has a background in public speaking and debates which would benefit him if he gets to Final Two. Everyone else goes for Cameron or Blue next — except America. Bowie likely safe for next week.

3. Blue – the compromise pick for eviction. She gets BD and everyone else likely targets Cameron or Cory next. Bowie is safe for next week.

no mo bro

Actually Cory didn’t come up with the backdoor Meme idea. That was Cam. He just planted the idea in Cory’s head and let Cory believe it was his idea. This was clear on the live feeds, but the TV show didn’t show any of Cams work and made it appear it was all Cory, when in fact it was Cam who played the house beautifully and got himself to jury.


No…. Cirie needs to go

Carlito's Way

I had hope that Bowie had been acting dumb to stay under the radar and would make a good move of he own volition (keeping Cam). I thought she had some form of loyalty to him. But she is proving me wrong. She is buying Matt and Jag’s crap about Cam. What a pisser. Cam has been completely loyal to Matt, Cam and Bowie. But, Matt and Jag are turning into the worst. Bowie looks like she just wants to be part of the “cool kids.” This sucks. I was on team Matt, Jag, Bowie, Cam. No more. I hate what they are doing. Really dirty and I am well aware this is not the cleanest game but you don’t have to play that dirty. They are completely overplaying and I hope it bites them in their silly asses.

no mo bro

Everyone is pairing off for final two. Who does Bowie have if Cameron is sent to jury?

Spot ON

She doesn’t see that. All that techno clubbing she does every weekend when you are 45 YEARS OLD takes a great toll on the few brain cells left before dementia begins to take hold.


That is why she is a Blockhead if she puts up Cam. Then she and Red can form their own little Blockhead club.


Total dirty play I agree well if cam is put up he’s gone …… then I stop watching


I knew she wasn’t loyal to him when she threw the wall comp to Jared. She knew he was the main target then.


Yeah that had me worried but I brushed it off (and now I and release my crossed fings b/c it was for not) as she didn’t want to be HoH.


But is she? Or is she only paying them lip service

no mo bro

I don’t like the new “backstabby” Bowie.

BB Fangirl

All I can think about is how funny it’s going to be when Cameron gets People’s Choice and they all realize how idiotic they must have looked on tv hating on him constantly while every one else loved him.

no mo bro

LOL! Can I give this comment 2 thumbs up?

BB Fangirl

I mean of course not everyone loves him but it’s a majority for sure. Just look at the daily rankings. He’s been number one for such a long time.


As of today, 30 days in a row. Beats Matt’s former record of 29 days in a row.

Spot ON

What I don’t understand is why does MATT remains 1 or 2 in the ranking. Nothing but a gutless and backstabbing “COWARDLY LION”


BB needs to come up w/ a weekly vote that ends on this Wed. w/ a power and even if Cam is gone let them know exactly how many votes he got compared to them.

Hope M

I really despise Corey and america. Cam has been loyal and trustworthy and they keep gunning for him. Jag and Matt are snakes. Smh

no mo bro

I agree. I really don’t like Cory or the leech attached to him.

Spot ON



Just a thought. Play veto Use veto Cameron goes up. Cameron to jury then Matt wins HOH noms Felicia and America Play veto Use veto Felicia to jury. How Fu€king funny would that be would Cameron and Felicia ALONE in jury house and no cameras? Oh that would be production GOLD to see that sh1t! Bulldog Bully Momma Fe hiding Cirie’s bacon in her robe.


What would be better is…
If Cam goes, and IF Cory, Germ-J or Germ-M gets HoH..Bowie gets backdoored…she goes to jury house…sees Cam…Cam says…I told you so. You, Red and Jared could form a band called the SHOULDA’s! As in, we should have trusted Cam.


Bowie Jane should go with her original plan to keep noms the same. She could tell Jag, Matt and America that if they use the veto she will put their partner up. If Cirie or Felicia win, go Mad Max and take out Cameron’s backstabbing ass.

Another Dixie

Can you imagine their faces if she did that? That would maybe make watching this whole fiasco this year worth it.

BB Fangirl

Please tell us in what Cameron has been a backstabber. And if you can think of one way…tell me how it’s worse than the 5 times Jag has backstabbed just Cam alone…

Oh my

Bowie’s not backdooring Cameron. She’s getting information, left and right. Bowie knows they’re lying. If they use that Veto, Cory/Blue are going up. Maybe America if she doesn’t win Veto. Bowie already told Cameron what they are doing.

Queen Catia

Oh my I hope you’re right!

no mo bro

She told Cam? I must have missed that. ‘Whew’ I’m glad I know this now. She still has control.

BB Fangirl

I really hope you’re right!

Carlito's Way

Are you sure? I hope you are right. I did not see or hear this from the feeds. My take is that she is on board with Matt, Jag, America and Cory.

C’mon Bowie

Are you sure? All I’ve heard is Bowie agreeing with Jag & Matt.

Omega BB

We are about to see if BOWIE is really stupid or really smart.

I can’t imagine she can’t see how hard Matt & Jag are protecting Cory for a 2nd week in a row.

Game fan

They talk about if Cory goes America will join up with Cam and Blue.

thats not true. cam would be happy if cory goes and stay with matt , jag and bowie.


Felicia farting in the kitchen. NASTY A$$


We all fart.


In the kitchen? Around food? Disgusting. You can enjoy her farting hole food.

Felicia’s crusty feet

Bet it’s so pleasant sleeping next to her at nite between the farting & snoring


Bowie needs to talk to Cameron and tell him what Corey Jag and Matt are saying about him. Cameron will let her know what has been going on. He will protect her. If the veto is used she needs to put up Corey or Jag.


WTF!!!! I swear Bowie doesn’t have a brain! Cameron has protected her since day 1. Bowie is a follower and has done nothing in this game! I can not stand Jag he says he is all about integrity he is the biggest snake in that house a long with gross Cory! Even though Cameron rubs people the wrong way he is the only one that deserves to win this game! He has fought to be there since day 1 and playing the game!

no mo bro

I’m really getting sick of Corys smug ass. he says, “We don’t need to be afraid of Cam anymore. He’s going. It’s done”. He is so arrogant he thinks he is HoH and so confident he is so loved. I really hope someone uses the veto and Cory goes up.

Although Blue (the 3 who thinks she’s a 10) going home wouldn’t be so bad. But that means another week of Cory. So I’m hoping Cory


Too bad Blue can only give pretend speeches.


I must be alone in wanting Cameron gone. He stressed me out. He promised Jared he would protect Cirie and Blue, where would that leave Bowie. I watch the feeds all the time and he wants a final 3 with Jag and Matt, Bowie is 4th maybe 6th on his list. Jared voted him out and he promises Jared he’ll protect his 1 and 2, that’s pretty silly to me. Bowie is his ally when he needs her, does he seek her out just to hangout and talk, No! He’d rather stalk America and Cory instead!


Jag is a gangster. He’ll probably win.


Hoping to Cory or America to get backdoor this week and voted out. Time to break up this pair.