CBS's Big Brother vs ABC's The Glass House
With Big Brother 14 set to première on July 12th, 2012, CBS is not happy about ABC trying to steal their ratings and viewers with their own reality TV show called “The Glass House”.

ABC’s recent unveiling of their reality TV Show “The Glass House” is causing quite the controversy as it is remarkably similar to CBS’s Big Brother reality TV Show. CBS’s lawyers have contacted ABC regarding the “classic case of copyright infringement” over their new reality show set to premiere on June 18th, 2012. CBS’s lawyers have announced that they will be pursing “all available remedies if this course of action continues”. CBS attorneys are demanding ABC stop all plans regarding their reality show “The Glass House”.

The CBS lawyers from the law firm Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP contacted ABC via letter only three days following the news release of the new reality show.

Read the official letter sent to ABC from CBS’s lawyers: Lawsuit Letter

In the news release ABC stated that their new show:

“The Glass House” would cast “14 contestants [who] will live and compete for a quarter million dollars in a totally wired, state-of-the-art house, playing not just against each other, but also playing to win over the viewing audience each week.”

CBS is outraged as ABC’s new reality show has many similarities to CBS’s reality TV show Big Brother, which is set to premiere its 14th Season on July 12th, 2012. The similarities include having 12-14 individuals living in a house full of cameras and audio equipment, competing against each other to survive eviction, in addition to having the participation of the viewing public. There is also another level to the lawsuit as ABC has hired a number of former CBS Big Brother staff and a producer that had signed a non-disclosure agreement prohibiting them from revealing the shows secrets and proprietary information.

CBS has communicated the serious of the matter and are demanding ABC retain all documents, emails, and text messages that were used in creation of the reality show. If ABC does not cease all plans regarding “The Glass House”, CBS is ready to take the matter to court and have all evidence brought forward to reveal the show is an exact rip off of CBS’s “Big Brother”.


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Frank Granda jr.

The CBS lawsuit should be fun & interesting to watch. I don’t think that CBS has a prayer of winning it, since there are already so many shows similar to Big Brother on both network TV and Cable (like MTV) ABC will claim that CBS will have to sue them ALL, IF THEY ARE SUED. I predict that the inferior ABC product “The Glass House” will go on just as scheduled, and we’ll all watch evictions taking place based on audience popularity, just like in “Dancing With The Stars”. Ho-Hum (yawn!)


I agree with Frank the Glass House will go on and IMO it’ll be a smoldering steamer based solely on the viewers voting who to stay in.

What if Glass house has a couple Big Brother Alumni in it just to build up some viewership. who would go on glass house knowing they forfeit any chance of being on Big Brother again?

James deGuzman

its not that the show is like sorta like it, its an almost EXACT replica of it, those reality show on mtv like the the real world or other types of competitions shows are for one taped and not liveish, and also ABC hired ppl from BIG brother for this show lol


Didn’t CBS rip off NBC’s talk show for The Talk?


The two shows are just following the lead of other shows.
Wife Swap and Trading Spouses were one in the same, The Talk is a direct comparison to The View.. Soooooooooooooooooooooooo




I say let it be they are just lucky that they got 13 seasons without something like this happening sooner, plus they did get it from the uk, i would say BB wont last much longer if they use crappy twists like they have lately but we all know we love to watch it either way or we wouldn’t be here or waiting. Wish it was sooner but “the glass house” will tide me over and ill have 2 similar shows to watch while BB’s 3 episodes a week isn’t much.

thanks for the info.


What is a difference? BB and TGH has similar concept but ABC and CBS can work this out.


CBS ripped off “The View” from ABC and called it “The Talk”. CBS needs to chill. It’s all about competition.


I think that CBS is just mad because this was the direction that BB was heading and ABC beat them to it, viewers voting for who gets punishment or reward, who goes home and who might come back into the house.
BB has been heading this way for awhile where the popularity contest outside the house that determines what advantage production gives you in the house.
It seems like ABC is willing to risk the lawsuit so why not go for a grand slam and copy the first season of BB.

BB King

I just want to make an Amazing Race comment. It is official BR LOST THE AR. Overall the better team won. Dave and Rachel broke a record by winning the most legs and they were better people than BR. I will give you one example to illustrate this point.

DR had a chance to uturn other players they chose not to. BR uturned Vanessa and Ralph out of personal Vengeance. Who are the better people? You tell me.


I don’t like TAR don’t know why I just never got into it.
So I can’t compare them on that show, but after having to sit through two nauseating seasons of BB I can say they are two of the worst competitors/humans I have seen, They high five and give victory yells when they win and pout, whine, complain when they loose not to mention a lot of fake crying in any near by bush.
They would lie, cheat or steal just to get an insignificant advantage the whole time telling anyone who would listen how much they deserved it and blow a gasket if someone else receives anything at all. Hopefully these two fade away just like her hair color.


Dave and Rachel TIED the record for most legs won in a competition said the host Phil