Steve “Its just weird because she’s saying she will save me and Johnny Mac is admitting he won’t.”

POV Holder: ? POV Competition Aug 8th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 10th
HOH Becky Next HOH Aug 13th
Original Nominations: Shelli and Steve
After POV Nominations: ? and ?
Have Nots Meg, James and Jackie

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-08 08-40-45-799

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8:20am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Steve talks to Shelli in the bathroom. Shelli asks did you talk to Vanessa at all? Steve says she told me she would save me… but she also told you she would save you. If I picked her she would save me. If you picked her she would save you. Shelli says she told me you told her you would pick Johnny Mac. Steve says I did not tell her that. Shelli asks you didn’t? Steve says I don’t think so… I told her I didn’t know. Steve says its just weird because she’s saying she will save me and Johnny Mac is admitting he won’t. Shelli says I think she just wanted you to pick whoever you wanted. Steve says I just didn’t want to pick her, she wins it and Johnny Mac goes up. But I don’t think she would put Johnny Mac up. Shelli says I don’t think Becky would either. Who do you think she would put up? Steve says Austin or Liz. Shelli says that’s what I was thinking. Steve says maybe I should pick Vanessa, I really think Johnny Mac is safe. Shelli says I can’t imagine Becky putting him up. Steve says everyone know they’re loyal to each other, everyone! She would be pulling a James. Shelli says yes, she wouldn’t do that. Does John really think that she would. Steve says I think he is just nervous because of that meeting that wend down. Shelli says I think we’re on the same page I don’t know what else there is to say. They hug. Steve says I hope you lose. Shelli says right back at you.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-08 08-49-54-779
8:30am Cabana room – Vanessa talks to Steve and tells him she thought it through and would like him to pick her for house guest choice. I will gun for it because I am scared of being backdoored and I will take you down. And I will swear on my mothers life. Steve says okay. Vanessa says if you get the chance to pick me. I realize its complicated and that there are only 4 people she can put up. If Johnny gets picked and wins, I am 100% going up. Steve asks do you think Johnny would go up if you won it and saved me? Vanessa says yes, but he’s not going home. Steve says Shelli would. Vanessa says right but me next to her its not as clear. Steve asks do you think Becky will put Johnny up? Vanessa says there’s no choice she’s not going to do Austin and the twins. She already made a deal. Steve asks she did? Vanessa nods. Steve says okay. You’re saving me? Vanessa says I swear on my mother. I already told Shelli. Vanessa says also the twins and Austin will pick you over Shelli. We already talked about it. Steve says thanks you.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-08 08-51-03-653
9:20am – 9:55am All the house guests except for Shelli are trying to sleep until its time to pick players for the veto competition. Shelli heads to bed.

10:05am – 10:20am Big Brother calls Becky to the diary room.

10:20am – 10:45am Big Brother blocks the feeds. Time to pick players for the veto comp!!

VETO Players: Becky, Shelli, Steve, Vanessa, Meg, Austin

*** Shelli picked Vanessa for House Guest Choice!

HOH room – Meg and Becky. Becky says Vanessa winning all these HOH compettions. Meg says but if its counting Steve has a good shot too.

Bathroom – They speculate on what the Veto comp will be and if it will be the counting competition. Austin says its taking them a long time to set up a counting competition. Vanessa says she hopes its a prizes one too. I want to win some prizes. James says Audrey taught me the ways of the force that’s I knew Meg was going to get picked for the veto. That’s why I made a voodoo doll last night. I know if someone called my name right before they picked me I would think it was rigged.

10:55am Comic bedroom – Steve and Johnny are talking. Johnny says it doesn’t look good. Steve says what the f**k! Johnny asks what did Shelli.. Steve says I have no idea! Steve says Johnny you told her (Shelli) you would use it on her. Johnny nods and says you told her too right?! Steve says yeah. I guess if Vanessa wins she will take her off. That’s bad! Johnny says yeah. Steve tells Johnny well good luck hosting. Johnny says thanks.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-08 11-01-01-963

Shelli tells Johnny if I didn’t pick her she would be blowing up right now. That’s the last chip I wanted to pull. Sorry. Johnny says I understand. I have a backup plan if she wins. Its a gamble but it might pay off.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-08 11-05-04-357

11:10am Steve talks to Shelli. Steve asks what happens if Vanessa wins it? Johnny tells them they need to win it. As soon as we finished Austin and Vanessa ran into the havenot room. Shelli says she doesn’t think Austin will want to win it. Johnny leaves. Steve tells Shelli to fight her a$$ off for the veto.

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Please don’t be an idiot Steve – don’t pick Vanessa if you draw the HGC chip! UGH!

Ariana Grande stinks!

Oh sure he will do that! He’s a snake in the grass — Sssssssteve!


I can’t believe that crazy bitch is going to play in the POV comp
She’s probably going to win just f with us fans
CBS you better not rig it for ratings

Oh Hell No

Shelli picked Nessa!!!! Good god, this week is a wrap. You know there gonnawin now right….this week was all for nothing…should have put those two up from the get go…Nessa gonna win damnit….God Becky! You just can’t be sexy girl, you also gotta use your noodle


Oh my darling….how hard did that train hit you. :(….


Watch out Steve! Vanessa is trying to “mist” you!! You should know better – she is NO Dan G!


Don’t worry everybody…Meg’s got this!
Total domination at the POV comp…we got the #VoodooDoll on our side


From the Treadstone files: The Meg Identity…


Peg leg meg could win if its the funky chicken walk comp

Triangles of Love

NastyNessa has convinced both Steve and Shelli to pick her and she has promised both of them to take each one down of she wins it. AND Steve knows this and still agree’s to pick her ?

Steve needs to realize if Nasty win’s Veto, she will save Shelli because she is a bigger targetr. Nessa has simply been using Steve as a patsy vote she can easily control.


You need to reread that. Whichever one picks her for pov she will keep safe. I.e. If Steve chooses her as HG choice, she will pull him down. If Shelli picks her as hg choice then she will pull shelli down. She’s not saying if I play I will pull you down…..only whichever one picks her as hg choice. Which is smart because that gives her two more chances at being picked.


Steve dont listen to Vanessa, pick Johnny MAC!!


why would he pick John over Vanessa? He could go home. We all have seen this before. John would take Shelli off…stupid to tell Steve this. The kid is paranoid already. He likes John but really? Keeping Vanessa keeps a bigger target in the house, as he is constantly saying.

Austin's Unshaven Beard

Because first and foremost Vanessa’s got to go!


Great logic there Meg!


Vanessa is a habitual liar….please baby Jesus don’t let her get picked for POV…and if she is..please make her suck it hard at POV comp…thanx bro


Pick Johnny Mac, Vanessa needs to go!!!@@@@@


I just watched the early morning JMac/Steve convo (around 1:30 a.m.) and I have to say I can see why Steve wouldn’t buy John’s argument to pick him for POV. JM was basically saying Vanessa had a hand in all the evictions except Jace, she just picked a fight w me, and if I go up, I’m going home– JM made the argument too much about himself. And then JM says he won’t use the veto on Steve. From Steve’s POV, why would he put his fate in JM’s hands when Vanessa has been loyal to him so far.

I do wish Vanessa would go up though. Everyone says if she goes it’ll get boring, and while I agree there will be fewer blow-up fights… I think letting her stay is even more boring bc she is going to control what happens every step of the way.


JMac basically admitted he is the next biggest threat after Vanessa.
The HGs are just giving him the money at this point because the producers are surely hoping he wins if they keep on showing him in the DR.


far more interesting if vanessa goes up next to shelli, and vanessa stays. can’t imagine the scampering by the Jcrew group if that happens, with a double eviction coming up.

People think it is a counting comp, or basically a comp that anyone studying has a good shot at winning. and guess who studies a lot, enough so that she won a HOH comp based on studying? austin also studies, i imagine this would not be a comp to throw, austin, if he knows what is good for his twins lol


Steve knows Vanessa is lying about telling Shelli she won’t use it on her. She has told both Shelli and Steve she will save them. If Steve thinks about it, he will realize that Vanessa has F2 deals with both. But he needs to figure that out — and soon.


Around 2am Vanessa and Shelly spoke. Vanessa Asked her to pick her…Vanessa also told her if she wins she will take Steve off. They have enough votes to keep Shelly. Steve and Shelly will be safe.


Just pick meg.. Sure thing not to win squat.

Its always like this

Keeping the “target” in the house longer just gives that person longer time to play and more chances to win big brother. They should have put Venessa up on the block with Shelli in the first place that way one of them is sure to go.


Vanessa isn not saving STEVE, what a joke! Steve you are a fool …finally win 1 and SAVE YOURSELF!!


Then shove it up Van’s A$$!!!
Now cut the ties and late night Idiotic talks with her
And stop the Socially awkward acting….I haven’t believed it since day 1…terrible actor…
Now win that Veto


I think Steve takes the cake for most cluesless houseguest this season after Meg.


Really Steve is all I can say repeatedly?! As a BB super fan, you are truly this blind? Van, the girl who refuses to be seen with you, tells you how to vote/play,would dispose of you in a heart beat if necessary,the same chic who didn’t include/ fill you in the 8 person alliance? This is who you trust? SMH in disgust. Please stop playing her game,it truly sad & pathetic.
Win veto & take yourself down off the block. Best case scenario for ya. Van isn’t even on the block, told both you & Shelli she would save you both & this will come back to bite ya if Van is picked. Either way Van is gonna get caught lying/betraying one of them(Steve/Shelli). Then maybe your eyes will be open to the treacherous back stabber. I have heard Van yell at Audrey when she would swear on her life she was telling the truth, yet Van has used the old swear on my mom’s life routine…keeping it hypocritical as usual Van.

Oh Man...

The sad thing is, by the time Steve figures out Vanessa’s game, it’ll be too late…unless he thinks like Meg & think Vanessa & Shelli really aren’t the target, no matter how many times her alliance tells her..even walking her through it…she still doesn’t get it.

Passive aggressive johnnymac

Is a total let down.

He’s showing his true colors the last one week, especially after the clay/vanessa/him blow out.

I still can’t get over his indecent proposal to steve – pick him for veto play, once won, he’s gonna take shelli down. Total disrespect and disregards to steve.

I’m disappointed jmac is set on aligning with shelli, whom i’ve a marked dislike right from the start.

For this reason, jmac needs to gooooo.. Sooner or later i don’t care, just go.


Yeah, I don’t know why he would admit he is taking down Shelli to Steve.

And Steve should now understand and be thankful Vanessa never lets them be seen together, with her being in so much danger for the rest of her stay in the house.

Ariana Grande stinks!

Either you did not listen to the convo between Ssssteve and JM or you’re just being a d!ck.

In any case Sssssssteve remains a snake in the grass!


It’s a moot point now but this is why Steve would pick Johnny: Steve wants to work with Johnny but he has no way to prove that and make Johnny trust him. Johnny knows that Steve has been playing every side and he never wins comps, so Steve has no other way to show his loyalty.

If Steve would’ve picked JMac for the POV then it would lock in their alliance, which is what they both want going forward. Sometimes you have to take a risk in the short term to develop relationships that will help you long term.

The Stupid People

Isn’t Vanessa just the best? I like her more than Donny and Zach from last season 😛


Austin and Vanessa are the best!!! GO IVETTE AND MAGGIE

I'm with Stupid...



All I can say is IF Vanessa gets put up. I’m waiting for twists to all of the sudden magically come back to the game and will save her. I have a feeling production will do what they can to keep her in the game. Notice almost all commercials about bb17 are focused around Vanessa..she’s their pick for sure! Becky should have just done shelli and van. I don’t get it! I understand wanting to keep targets in the house. But you will get few chances to get these big targets out, why people aren’t jumping on it I don’t know. And how everyone falls for Vanessa’s bullshit she feeds them I don’t get it!! Frustrating to watch!


Welcome to Big Brother!!! HaHa…smh!!!


You can rant all you want about Vanessa going back on deals, and she has, but she has never done that to anyone in her alliance. If anything, she has repeatedly risked her own game to do what her alliance wants. Austin wants Jeff out – done. Steve wants Jason out – done. Shelli stays over Clay – done. Steve would be an idiot to pick JohnnyMac. BTW, does anyone know how the JohnnyMac is a superfan rumor started? Because he’s a bit of a dolt.


im sure vanessa played ALL of those moves to save her alliance, and not to save her own hide. just like when she threw clay/shelli under the bus, making them take full blame for getting jason out. vanessa never attacks anyone, she is 100% innocent and 1000% loyal. *rolls eyes* sigh…..


I agree, I don’t get all the Vanessa hate, she’s been loyal to her alliance and really only lies when it’s to save herself – which is just how the game is – but to me she’s been loyal and honest when it counts. she is playing the game, isn’t that what you’re supposed to do? People are afraid of her style of play, but I give her credit for playing hard.


This could go really badly for James/Jackie. If Vanessa wins and pulls Shelli off the block, Becky will have to choose between Austwins and ADC for a replacement. This is why you put up two people you want to go home, not 2 “pawns”.

It’s pretty clear that Becky wants to work with Shelli and JMac, she will flip on ADC if she thinks she can make it happen, and that is why she needs to get Vanessa out, because unless that happens, Shelli won’t work with her. Becky seems the type to want to be around pretty people. Shelli is older, more mature and I think Becky feels most comfortable with her compared to the other girls whose lives are very different from hers.

The only scenario where things will go exactly as Becky wants is if she wins it herself, Shelli wins it or JMac wins it and takes Shelli off the block. Anyone else winning and Becky has to find another nomination and make more enemies right before DE. Vanessa thinks that if she stays off the block they have the votes to save Shelli, so she might not use the veto. Johnny would be the swing vote. At this point, it is quite possible that neither Shelli or Vanessa will be on the block on Thursday.

I have a feeling that Becky hasn’t seen seasons of old school front door BB. She was recruited and I would bet that she watched seasons 15 and 16 in sequester, where MVP and BOB ruined the game and she hasn’t seen classic BB. James did the right thing last week, he just didn’t count on Clay self evicting, so he needs Shelli gone this week. Becky had a chance to make a big move, but I think the chances of failing are greater than her plan coming off without a hitch.


I agree that Shelli is unlikely to go with Becky. That’s a card she shouldn’t be playing. Shelli has them fooled that she’s alone.


What does ADC stand for???


What does ADC stand for? Are you some how referring to the Jackie, James, Meg alliance?? Not sure who the heck you are referring to.


it stands for after dark crew, not sure if that is what they still call themselves though.


JMAC Why would u do that to your buddy Steve, telling him you will use the Veto on Shelli….I’m starting not to like you!!

Chill this Town

last I checked, not only did Steve volunteer to play pawn, but he also has been told of a backdoor plan being in place.

so telling Steve he wouldn’t use POV on him was being HONEST and trying to keep his ally w/ trust. turns out Steve is an idiot who thinks one step at a time. Steve not knowing how to play Chess now makes a lot more sense.


Dude, Steve you got to win this veto! What the hell are you thinking? You’re an the block! Save you own ass.


Steve save your own ass!!! Screw the rest!


Johnny Mac knows there is a solid four to evict Vanessa. There is really only one other target that is as big as Vanessa. Putting Vanessa against Shelli is easier to sway James… to keep Vanessa and get out Shelli since Shell was his target when they voted out Clay. Lets be honest, if Vanessa is your target then keeping Shelli up with her is a bad move. Steve vs. Vanessa’s much better for getting Vanessa out. First off to get Steve out over her Vanessa would look like a total bully and it would keep the votes set to evict Vanessa solid. There is also the possibility of a twin going rogue and voting out Vanessa. Johnny Mac is a twin and having 4 sets of twins in my family I will tell you this…. nobody controls a twin other than a twin. Twins hate feeling controlled and as Liz has shown will step out of that alliance and voted to keep Jeff. Twins are unpredictable in that way. Johnny Mac knows that… he is a twin.

TBH There is a good chance that neither Shelli or Vanessa are going home and it will probably be Austin or Liz like Shelli thinks. If Becky really wanted Vanessa out she put up the wrong two players for a backdoor of Vanessa.
She needed to put up Liz and Julia…. it would secure the houseguest choice and the people playing for veto. All she had to say with Jackie, Meg, James and Johnny Mac in the room. If you pick Vanessa, I send your sister home, if you tell Vanessa anything I will send your sister home. All we need is 4 votes for a tie and I decide… do not gamble with this or I will send your sister home. I would also advise you to not pick Shelli or Steve if you get houseguest choice, because they might not use the veto so they can protect Vanessa…. and your sister will go home… or should I say Liz will go home…. have a nice night.


I said the same thing before noms-a twin must go up to increase chances of their target going home. When I heard Becky put up Steve I screamed nooooo! I can’t believe these people don’t understand the game. This veto comp is crucial & Becky gave way too much info out & put the wrong pawn up.
Grrrr…. frustrating, & gonna be anxiously awaiting the POV winner. Trying to remain hopeful that Becky,Shelli or Steve win! If Van pulls this off its going to be a wasted opportunity of an HOH & potentially a huge target on her back!

Go Home Shelli

Oh I SO want her out. I can’t stand her smug crooked smile.


Why are people always hating on the beautiful and intelligent girls? Must be highschool trauma and jealousy.


If Steve goes home, the ONLY person I’m going to hate for that is Becky! You should of been smarter than that and put up Shelli and Vanessa…SHELLI IS NOT GOING TO FURTHER YOU ALONG…thi isn’t a sorority…STOP TRYING TO BE THE POPULAR GIRL..Vanessa will go home if its those two against each other..


If Steve goes home, it will most likely be all his fault. He has 4 people that would vote to keep him, and Becky would probably keep him in a tie. Steve would have to mess up pretty badly to go home (like continuing to try to protect Vanessa).


if steve goes home, he should blame HIMSELF. who the f**k outright throws a veto and expects TO BE SAVED BY ANYONE? becky told him to win, HE SAID “NOPE IM 100% SAFE IM THROWING THE VETO. WAHH, WAHHH MOMMY SAVE ME”. bye steve, you got no one to blame for that BUT YOURSELF.


Lol welcome to bb17 with all the happy idiots what are they smoking


Does he really think Vanessa will save him after she performed a full circus all by her lonesome self to save Shelli this past week! If he really trusts her and gets evicted he will have certainly earned it. Super fan being a super fool he’s taking himself out of the game. He’s probably broken down and has quit after all the disappointment or he’s just being Steve and not being a terrible player and a floater like he’s been doing all this time. Someone better keep surveillance on him while he watches all of this back.

Johnny Mac and Steve had a discussion not too long ago about how Vanessa works in the game. So the fact that Steve is still licking Vanessa’s shoe laces is really Johnny Mac telling him how it goes between them therefore, I don’t see anything bad or different about John’s colors. He’s also probably just being flaky, it is big brother after all. For all we know Steve has passed his floater phase and is not actually trusting Vanessa but somehow I doubt this.


I freakin hate johnnymac!! Asshole


I’m team Geeks and Freaks and Shelli isn’t in that so it’s ok to me if she goes home. I’d be ok with Vanessa and Steve being final 2.


vanessa made freaks and geeks as a cover up just to make sure she has steve’s vote to evict someone. vanessa is NOT with steve at all, she’s just using him.


Vanessa has a number of alliances and will use them as necessary. I think her strongest are 6th sense and freaks geeks, She has SOS with Steve and I think had a pretty good final 2 with Austin. She needs Shelli as a meat shield.I’m disappointed she’s been a bit of a train wreck in between and got caught up on a few things she didn’t read correctly, but I still like her because she is so conciliatory–does a lot of damage control and was pretty smart about diverting attention for the Jason vote off herself.


I hate smug people. Shelli- JMac- Becky.

bitch please!

Shelli knows shes got this made in the shade. She don’t even bust out in a sweat. Same with Johnny Mac. Didn’t have to do a damn thing all summer. Just give the damn money to one of them already. Sick of this staged popularity contest bullshit.


LOL steve actually thinks vanessa would save him over shelli? the joke’s gonna be on him when he’s walking out the door to jury.


Steve or Becky needs to win. That is all folks.


Won’t Shelly take herself down if she wins?


Yes Shelli will def take herself down & that would be an open spot for Van to have to take a seat! Shelli,Steve or Becky must win this veto-only shot to send Van packing, unless production does something to save her.


Are you kidding me? Vanessa, Austin, and Meg? Those were literally the worst possible picks for veto.


Unless you (Production) want Shelli to win


Omg cant stand vanessa!!!! Get out crazy eyes u really messed up ur game for doin wat ur alliance wanted dumba$$ lol becky ur an idiot sould put up vanessa & shelli together u came to big bro to play a game & ur not good at it , meg biggest floater everr wat r u doin ???? Nothing at all jackie win something, whos steve?? havent seen him in while lol haha twins r floaters as well & dont get me started with austin they r a waste !!!!! Love johnnymac hes flyin bye & james a true bb winner in my eyes goin for big targets winning hoh & veto & killin one by one he deserves to win!!!!!!!! Go james u got this


The plan is on life support. It doesn’t look good. BUT since chiclet chose Vanessa this might show Becky that she can’t trust her. If Austin wins and keeps the noms the same, Becky might decide to vote chiclet out if the vote is a tie since she chose Vanessa. It’s a LONG shot but how bout Meg pulls out a win. She is due. Just when u think she is totally useless, she somehow wins.


Would Looove to see Meg win. Just because no one expects it not even me but it would be hysterical. And shelli picked Vanessa !! But she hasn’t told Vanessa about the plan to backdoori her. Hmmm. Going to get interesting. DE has the potential to be really fun. I want shelli gone over anyone but so afraid it will be Steve. But I will also laugh if it’s Steve because Becky was just so sure she’s this killer player and going to make such a great move. Can’t wait to see how this all pans out for her.


I hate all this backdoor shit. Becky should have just put up Vanessa and Shelli. All that backdoor planning they did was dumb. It is too damn risky. These people need to realize that they can not control who is picked for the veto comp. It also would have been fun to watch Vanessa and Shelli go at it all week.

Confused newbi

Can someone please explain to me, if Van wins & takes Shelli off can Becky now put Van up?


Sadly No


No. The winner of the veto is also safe.

I survived last seasons BB

Nope,,,Vanessa and Shelli would be safe

Not so confused newbie now

Thanks for answering folks! I love reading this site more so then watching the shows. Thanks so much Dawg & Simon Sometimes it must be like watching paint dry tracking the house guests 24/7!

I survived last seasons BB

Oh Man, It better be Becky that wins POV That is a horrible draw,,,Shelli picks Vanessa for POV,,,I knew I disliked Her for a good reason

Becky's jacked teeth

Becky wants to work with Shelli and Jmac, it is quite obvious. Only way that can happen if Van leaves. POV picks didn’t help out.

CBS knows when Van leaves, so does a lot of the drama. They will help all they can.

I am good with anyone winning BB17 but Becky. Can’t stand her.


Stupid people in this house this season! Where is all of this blind faith coming from? Becky/ Jmac: Shelli has NEVER included you in any major decissions, has always put you up when given the chance, and has never promised you any final 2 or 4 deals. Yet, you over and over again want to protect her. Steve: Vanessa only talks to you AFTER she talks to everyone else about her plans. WAKE UP SHEEPLE! You are the back-up plan! Ugh, Now you run the risk of both Shelli and Vanessa staying because you cant see what is so obviouly going on! I cant. I just cant with this stupidity anymore!


Becky, Did you take notice shelli picked vanessa , HGC for the veto???? She’s hoping Vanessa secretly wins it so you have to put up someone else! This can only not look good for Steve…Becky your plan is going to backfire on you unless you win the veto. dumditidumdumdum…Who’s Becky gonna put up if vanessa wins veto and takes shelli down, hmmm?


welp, if vanessa wins this veto, its game over. another HOH wasted on a floater.

Chill this Town

I always felt Steve was not one to trust because he isn’t just throwing comps, he gets really nervous and screws up often before he can throw it, but also because I feel like he is very easy to influence

I thought initially that it would be Julia who would get Steve on her side and he would turn on his closest guy friend in the house as a result(J-MAC). sadly it didn’t even take his “crush” to get him all twisted up.

cmon Steve, back J-MAC. he is awesome.


Did I just hear him say to Shelpi that he wants her to win the veto??? now I’ve heard everything…ugh


Why why why didn’t Becky put Vanessa up against Shelli on the block! I knew this was gonna happen! Now, with a little help from production, it’s a wrap! Oh well creepy Austin can go up as a replacement nom.


Vanessa just swore on her mother that she would save Shelli should she win veto. That’s the second swear-on-my-mom promise today for the Queen — the other being to Steve. Steve and Shelli need to have another convo prior to veto….


lol the austwins… “becky will make herself a target if she doesnt put up johnny mac.” becky’s already a target, when was she not one?

I survived last seasons BB

There are 4 who would use POV..That means Vanessa goes home

Ausrin would keep noms same

If Crapnessa wins,,,Smart play is put Liz up

THE smart play would have been Shelli vs Liz as original noms

SMH IF Vanessa gets through the week


I hear a train coming and it has Becky’s name on it. Seriously, this was a stupid move by Becky. Just watch, it will be the stay or hold counting comp. Vanessa will kill it. Shelli comes off the block and Becky has to either nominate one of the ADC or Austwins. Either way she makes 3 new enemies before DE.


what in the world is becky doing? instead of strategizing and coming up with a replacement nom should vanessa win veto, she’s talk about random chit chat with the house that isnt game related.