JMac “I have Vanessa in a choke hold & she has me in a choke hold. One of us is going to win!”

POV Holder: ? POV Competition Aug 8th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 10th
HOH Becky Next HOH Aug 13th
Original Nominations: Shelli and Steve
After POV Nominations: ? and ?
Have Nots Austin, Liz, Julia

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-08 01-11-54-898

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12:10am – 12:40am Bathroom – Vanessa asks Austin if Steve gets House Guests choice pick in the veto competition. Austin says she should do something random like picking Meg. Vanessa asks so she shouldn’t pick Johnny Mac? Austin says don’t do that. Vanessa asks wouldn’t Johnny Mac keep noms the same? Austin says he might do something crazy like take Shelli down for Clay .. who knows!? Tell Steve to pick Meg. Austin and Vanessa finish up in the bathroom and head to the comic bedroom. Vanessa tells Austin that we can keep her (Shelli) if Johnny Mac goes up. If Steve comes down. Austin asks do you think she would put him (Johnny Mac) up? Vanessa says sure. Why not. Even if I went up, I know I’m safe. Austin says but she wouldn’t do that or she better not do that! Aust says I just don’t want Johnny Mac to get picked to play and then win and pull Shelli down. Then we’re really f**ked!! Vanessa says then I go next to Steve. Austin says if has to be like if they put you up they’re crossing the line and we’re all coming after them. And they do not want to do that, they do not want to do that. Not with Double Eviction and it being anyones game. They want it to be a safe double eviction. Vanessa says talking strategy with them is like talking to a brick wall. Austin says he might try talking to Meg. Vanessa says she’s good. Vanessa says that Shelli said she would pick me. If I win it, I could take Shelli down and they would have to put up Johnny Mac. Liz joins them. Vanessa talks about how Becky wouldn’t make a deal with her but she did with them. Austin says maybe you are her backup plan ..then we just keep the noms the same? Vanessa says unless I win it. Becky is so two faced. She’s a flip flopper. She’s queen floater of the year. Vanessa says if it doesn’t happen I need you guys to go up there an tell her to stick to the plan or you’re not keeping her safe for double eviction. Johnny mac joins them and the conversation ends.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-08 01-23-05-499

12:30am – 1am James and Steve are playing Chess. When they finish their game they head back down to the living room. Becky talks about how her friend was driving and a bat flew in the window and hit her in the face. Julia says you have the craziest stories. Everyone thought you meant a baseball bat. Jackie says a bat and a train holy Jesus!

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-08 01-30-48-343
12:50am Bedroom – Shelli asks Johnny Mac did Becky tell you what the plan is? Johnny says I don’t know. Shelli says no one told you, yeah I have no idea either. (Lie – Shelli knows what the plan is) Johnny Mac says we’re in trouble. As far as anyone knows its you, me and Steve fighting for our lives. Shelli asks because she thinks you’re the one to be backdoored? Johnny says no. Shelli asks why would it be us 3 that are scared? Johnny says I think thats what we want her to think but I think she thinks something is up. Shelli asks why? Has she said anything? Johnny says she’s good. She said she wants to come to me with information later. Shelli says she told me that too. Johnny says I think you, me and Steve need to act like we’re alone to every single person in here. Shelli asks if I get house guest choice what am I supposed to do? Am I supposed to pick her (Vanessa)? Johnny says no. Shelli says people think I am close to her and she would think something is up if I didn’t pick her. Johnny tells Shelli that Vanessa was part of an eight person alliance that is supposed to take out the remaining Shelli/Clay and Me. Johnny says that’s how I figured out she has to go. Shelli asks is the plan to really backdoor her (Vanessa). Johnny says I think so. I want to win it. SHelli asks so do I pick you if I get house guest choice? Johnny says yeah. We’re either in a lot of trouble or we’re not. Shelli asks why do you think you’re in a lot of trouble? Johnny says because of her (Vanessa). Shelli asks if you win will you use it on me? Johnny says I will use it on you.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-08 01-40-02-781
1:10pm Cabana room – Johnny tells Steve if you get house guest choice tomorrow you have to pick me. Steve asks I saw you whispering with Shelli, is this what you were talking about? Johnny says yes. Steve asks so if you win it you’ll use it on me? Johnny says no I have to use it on Shelli. You have to be okay with that. Steve says okay. Johnny asks is that alright? Steve says I don’t know. Steve says tell me what’s up? Johnny says last week you and I were in here and Shelli & Clay were outside, you were worried and Vanessa said nothing was going on. The next morning Vanessa, Clay and Shelli were in the bathroom talking and I came in. Shelli & Clay included me in on the conversation but Vanessa didn’t want me to be a part of it. Vanessa was telling them there was a meeting with Vanessa & seven other people in the HOH room the night before. Vanessa told us the night something happened that nothing happened. There was a meeting of 8 people upstairs and the plan for those 8 people which is everyone but you, me Shelli & Clay. Steve asks am I the target? Johnny says no. Steve asks is Shelli? Johnny says I think so. I trust Shelli. Steve asks do you not trust Becky? Johnny says no. Steve and Johnny break up their conversation.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-08 02-09-36-876

1:25am – 1:45am Vanessa tells Shelli that Steve told her he is going to pick Johnny Mac (HG Choice if he gets it). If he wins and takes Steve down I go up next to you. If I tell him to pick me .. I would have to tell him if I win it I would use it on him. But if I did Johnny Mac would go up next to you. And you would 100% stay. Shelli says I wouldn’t! Vanessa asks what do you mean? Shelli says VANESSA?! Vanessa says Me, Steve, Austin, Twins (votes for Shelli to stay). You have the votes 100% you’re staying. Shelli asks who the twins and Austin are with. Vanessa says they listen to me. Shelli asks is our alliance kaput? Vanessa says with us but they’re just trying to get by till we’re in power again. You would be 1000% safe. Shelli asks do you think that’s why Austin didn’t try to win? Vanessa says because I think he felt safe. They talk about a juror returning. Vanessa heads to bed. Julia tells Vanessa about how she keeps seeing Johnny Mac talking to Steve. She says that Johnny Mac also got called to the diary room 12 million times. Austin says that Steve won’t betray us. Julia says Johnny Mac never stays up this late. Julia says Johnny Mac is scampering so much. Something is up! He’s been called 5 or 6 times to the DR today. Vanessa says no 12 times. Julia leaves. Vanessa tells Austin you’re bit*hes are freaking out! Liz laughs.

1:35am – 2:40am Steve and Johnny talk again in the bathroom. Johnny says the number one rule this week is we can’t know what is going on. If someone finds out I go home. I’m someones target. Steve asks who? Johnny says Vanessa. What it has to be is you, Shelli and I have to feel like the outsiders and that one of us is going home. Steve asks if Vanessa is the target. Johnny says we don’t know who the target is. Lets just assume if its not you, its me and if it not me its Shelli. One of the three of us are the targets. Johnny says those 8 people have a pact to come after us 3. They’re on to Vanessa too and will send her home but if Vanessa finds out you and I have information she is going home she will call out me and Becky. Becky will be forced into a spot to send one of us home or she will throw up one of the other 3. Johnny says the best thing for us to do is to feel left out. Steve says Vanessa told me if I get HG choice I should pick her. Johnny asks how many of the greyed out faces had a fight with Vanessa? Jeff, DaVonne, Audrey, Jason and Clay. Johnny says 5 of the 6. And she started a fight with me yesterday. Steve asks so if Vanessa goes up she goes home. Johnny says yes. We have to win this veto tomorrow out of self preservation. We just have to pick a side. Either you stick with us or you go with Vanessa and I’m coming after Vanessa. Johnny says its either Vanessa or me going home. Steve says he saw Vanessa talking to Shelli. Johnny says she was asking Shelli to pick her if she gets HG choice. Steve says wow this is war! Steve asks is Shelli an honorary RockStar? Johnny says no. Steve asks then why the f**k are you saving her?! Johnny says no because do you want people to be in on the RockStar? .. because she is a big target and Vanessa could take it out on any of us. Steve asks do you trust the goblins more than than Austin. Johnny says no, I don’t trust any of them. I do trust them to help with this. Once we get Vanessa in that chair she is done. Johnny says all hell is going to break loose. Who ever is up there you or Shelli. You just lay down and let her dig her grave. Johnny says Vanessa can’t win the veto, Austin / Twins can’t win .. anyone else is fine to win the veto. Johnny says I want the blood on my hands but I will throw it to one of you. I can’t make it look like it though or people will wonder why I feel so safe. Johnny says I will have to tell Becky I told you and Shelli all of this. Steve asks why? Johnny says because I like working with her. Steve asks why does she ever have to know. Johnny says because honesty is the best policy. Johnny says we’re at a point where I have Vanessa in a choke hold and she has me in a choke hold. One of us is going to win and I don’t know who. Steve talks about needing to talk to Shelli. Johnny tells him to wait till tomorrow. They hug and Johnny goes to bed.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-08 02-18-50-766

2:40am – 2:50amSteve heads into the cabana room and starts crying. He asks do I tell John about the Freaks & Geeks? Steve says this is embarrassing because I know the cameras are on me right now. Do I tell John about the Freaks & Geeks? Do I tell John about the SOS? Its what Vanessa told me. This way I can pick John and me and Vanessa are on the block for eviction. Mom I need you right now! I need you right now MOM! Its the first time in 52 days. its not but I need you right now. I need to decide if I’m winning it and if I get house guests choice? I am picking John if I get house guest choice. I’m throwing it. I’m sorry I’m throwing it! Its done! Which means I am on the block eviction night. Steve gets up and heads to the diary room and then comes out and goes to bed.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-08 03-22-23-358

3:30am All the house guests are sleeping..

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If Vanessa doesn’t get picked for Veto, she’s done! Saturday may be wonderful


Agreed. People knock Becky for not being a great gamer. But I think insisting on not have Shelli stay up may be HER best move. It’s important to note that her goal is to get Vanessa out not necessary Shelli. The key is that she believes that JMac wants Van out, so as long as Van goes up in any scenario, Van should be done. There’s no need for her not to preserve her relationship with Shelli. If she keeps Shelli up there, she makes an enemy during DE out of someone we all generally agree is a strong player. Ultimately, the best scenario is if Steve or James and his gang wins Veto and save Steve.


Ding, Ding, DING!

Bruce we have a winner!

It’s nice to see someone else is watching the GAME rather than blindly rooting for Moe, Larry and Shemp!


dunno why they keep calling Becky a floater. She’s won two hoh comps (dethroned on the first) I think she won a BOB one too (not totally sure and not going through the trouble of checking) she has stepped up her game talk a lot. I think she has good potential.
I hope Steve goes with JMac. I think he’s much safer with him then with Van. New dream crew: JMac Steve Becky Shelly Jackie. I think they would be fun to watch…. But who knows.
Still like me some James. I know people freak out about him being a “perv” or whatever. But seriously. When did we become so frickin over sensitive. Bunch of keyboard warriors on here. For the most part I either giggle or roll my eyes at what he says. I don’t get offended. His words really don’t carry that much meaning in the world. People need to relax. Have a whiskey and enjoy the show.

Anyway. Excited for POV I want to see Van scrambling so badly. Will make for epic and probably a little painful entertainment.


Can’t wait to see Van blow up and then meltdown, lol.


If Austin, the twins or Vanessa get picked to play and win the veto they will not use it. Vanessa will be safe. They then will try to get the votes to save Shelli. This week could be a disaster.

Pot Kettle Black

George, I am so ready for Vanessa to go. Sick of umm umm, like umm…


Pot– thanks for your lucid and penetrating analysis.


Austin and the twins will not use the power of veto. If they do, one of the other two will most likely go on the block. Steve will curl up in the corner during the competition. JMac is torn between Shelli and Steve, so he will throw the competition if picked. Meg couldn’t win a competition to save her life.

So, Becky, Jackie, James or Shelli need to win the competition to secure Vanessa’s departure.


Quite frankly, I hope Becky’s plan backfires. I actually think Vanessa and Shelli are both really nice people that are playing with the hearts. It’s sickening to see Meg riding on coattails of the “other side” of the house.


I don’t mind Steve going home.. he plays to the camera so much..talking to him self in front of the camera about strategy. so fake.


I have no doubt Steve is on the Spectrum somewhere. He shows all the outward signs including talking out his thoughts–to hear them and get them straight in his mind. He has 0 social skills, hates any seasonings on his food, will be walking and suddenly just stop lost in his own thoughts, etc. Math and Physics are often the subjects those on the Spectrum excel at and having a high IQ is not uncommon.

If I’m correct, then good for Steve for making it this far and I hope Crazy Train Van goes next but I don’t think is emotionally equipped to handle being in the house much longer.

Also, I think Sithe Lord Aud infected Crazy Train Van. I can’t see one difference in Aud’s game then Van’s game.


Yes, I want Steve to go to jury. When Steve talks to the camera, I wholeheartedly believe he’s playing for AFP. When he gets in his rants I always wonder where does that bitterness come from? Also, his constant “let me know because I can’t pick up on social cues” I do believe is a ruse. He’s very manipulative and he’s social game is telling everyone how awkward he is to play on other’s sympathy.

In any case, he adds absolutely nada to my viewing pleasure so OFF WITH HIS HEAD!

Free folk

DRs are scripted and fake,at least we get to see real when he talks to himself/us. Both ED and Dan did,it’s the only thing about ED I us insight the DR is suppose too but fails because it pander only to the casual viewers now. I’m glad Steve talks to feeders…that’s the real part.

It's Me

I don’t get Steve, he’s supposed to be smart, he’s not sure if he’s safe and he’s gonna throw the pov. Plain stupid. Why in the hell at this point you will not try to save yourself ??? I wish Vanessa and Shelli end up there but to be honest the way Steve is playing , if he’s gone it’s all up to him.


Steve’s biggest prob is that he is so loyal to Van because she has brain washed him so badly,he cares more about protecting her than himself. News flash Steve: you are on the block NOT Van ( yet). Worry about playing the veto & taking yourself down. Let Van worry/spaz out with her paranoia on her own. I really hope Steve doesn’t go thru with his stupid play to throw the veto!

My concern is if Autin & twins play veto, will they take down Shelli or keep noms the same because they always puss out & need Van to play their game for them. I hope they take Shelli down either way to allow Van to be told “take a seat”. Oh man, let the fire works begin when that happens. If Van,Austin,& twins win veto & don’t take down Shelli,I believe Steve is a goner. Steve is to trusting to see this & if he throws this veto,he will be sealing his own fate to be evicted. Just play the damn veto comp Steve!


Simon/Dawg, i wonder if you would be able to delete these infantile comments about Steve? There is such a thing as ignorant comments going too far. thx for listening.

re: austwins and using the veto, i think they would easily be tricked into using it by being told that Jmac would be going up, and they (excepting julia?) seem ok with him being evicted. they would think it is a great solution, then be blindsided seeing vanessa up there with steve. and steve would end up going home? what they might be told to do is take steve down, so becky can put up jmac, then it would be shelli and vanessa. but for some reason she seems like that would be a mistake to leave shelli up there? she really think she’s working with shelli for the duration?

Meg/Jackie: i think van is getting close to the twins NOW.

oh, rly? ya think they are getting closer NOW do you? amazing insight into what is going on in the house, right there. again.


I don’t mind Steve going home this week. He plays up to the camera so much, talks to himself about strategy (in front of the camera) thinks his so good where infact his strategy sucks… also a floater


Let the bloodbath begin!!!!
Vanessa dug her own grave & seeing her fall onto her sword will be a glorious and beautiful sight!


I love seeing Steve the rat trapped in his own cage finally. If he snitches his game is over!


Omg this season just keeps getting better by the second. Who knew the possible demise of Vanessa would be at the hands of Becky and John?

Triangles of Love

This will get even better IF JMAC/Becky take out Vanessa now and then align with James/Jackie/Meg along with Shelli to take out the AusTwin’s trio.


No way Nessa should win BB17. She worked harder in term of strategy & competition than anyone of lazy floaters in her alliance. If I were the other side would definitely take out the undeserving to people & work with Nessa instead

terrible plan

your idea is terrible… how and why would you work with vanessa if you were the other side?
The only part of your statement that is smart is the first sentence, and only because your improper grammar changed your message for the better. But I agree, No way vanessa should win BB17!


Hahahaha omg! ^
I do hope Steve steps away from the feelings for a minute and remembers he is actually playing BB. He knows what to do he just needs to execute it now. I like that he talks to the cameras because its interesting and better then just watching them laying in the bed or eating ect….
Come on Steve. You and Jmac!!


apparently the BB house isn’t the only place where some people can catch a bad case of the stupid.


Please, please Steve, roll with Johnny here. So know Steve wants to keep Vanessa in for his game, but please go with Gmac for now. Fingers crossed. Van out!!!!!


I don’t get why Johnny Mac is so loyal to Shelli when she has never really shown loyalty to him, just used him as a pawn. And does Johnny Mac not care about his alliance with Steve? Johnny Mac literally asked Steve to not use the veto if he wins and to stay on the block, something that he HATED when Clay asked him to do the same thing a few weeks ago. I don’t understand Johnny Mac’s game at all, even since he was so loyal to Jeff and Clelli. I never got it.


What if Johnny really isn’t loyal to Shelli, but is waiting to take her out himself. He’s wanting to give her a big F-you for putting him on the block as a pawn so many times. Revenge would be so sweet!

BB Drafter

Welcome to the game JMac!

Canadian Kevin

And THAT is why Jmac is so popular.

That and awesome DRs, of course


I honestly have no idea what is happening this week.

TorontoVegan (the real one)

I am very disappointed in Steve. He’s thinking about throwing the veto comp…when he’s on the block?! Who does that?


It’s a bad move for this week but it’s the right move long term. He has to do something build up cred with somebody in the house.

He has no comp wins and no ability to influence other voters. He has to show his allegiance and he has nothing else to offer.


I don’t understand why they always try to backdoor everybody. Like James said, “the best door is the front door”. Too many things can go wrong on a backdoor plan, especially when you only control a minority of the house. It is always best to put your two biggest targets on the block. Even if one of them wins the other one goes home.

B-bad owl

Because Becky just watched a few weeks in a row of Vanessa and Shelli backdooring people, and she wants to get in on the blindside action as well. Becky so desperately wants to be part of the cool kids club, that she completely ignores the way James played last week and instead tries to copy the queen bees.


I completely agree, you can look at how Becky smiles and acts when she is talking with Shellie. Becky is so desperate to be in the group with who she thinks are the cool kids, all of this could have been avoided if she would have just put Shellie & Vanessa on the block. One would be going home, it is too late in the game for Backdooring people.

Team Edward

No, Steve. You win that veto!!! Man, where were these players last year with Derrick?

Right on the money

Go Johnny go!


Hope nobody picks Vanessa. If they do, hope its a physical comp. Maybe the underwater puzzle one.


Not necessarily. There are still a few people that would keep noms the same. Plus Thursday is a very long ways away.


The blood that Vanessa tried to avoid getting on her hands inevidentably ends up being her own.. Karma’s a b*tch and her name is Becky!


How many times have we all been SO excited when the Underdogs have the reigns, only to be let down? You just have to know that it can’t possibly happen where Aus/Twins/Van are not picked to play in the veto. It is mathematically impossible. This is nail-biting!!!!!!!!

And, how sad and sweet, that Steve was crying for his Mom… poor thing. We are going bat crazy out here reading the feeds, but imagine being inside that house?


I don’t mind Steve going home this week. He plays up to the camera so much, talks to himself about strategy (in front of the camera) thinks his so good where infact his strategy sucks… also a floater.


LMMFAO! At you all!

Hey guess what you friggin’ clueless fucks…oh nevermind. If I have to explain you wouldn’t understand.

Go Becky! Go Johnny! Go Jackie! LMMFAO!

#Pissing my pants laughing at you all when early Friday morning Nessa still in the house. BAWHAHAHAHAHA!


Agree lol… NO respect for the game hoping the Village idiots win..why? Sweet justice will be when Vanessa stays because she actually is playing BB. Cheering underdogs on is one thing but immature entitled middle school kids….really?


Steve on the block throwing Veto. 1st to the jury unless J Mac goes up. To many deals and to many alliances a classic mistake. He better get back to reality Saturday.


The blood that Vanessa tried to avoid getting on her hands inevidentably ends up being her own.. karma’s a b**ch and her name is Becky!!

Like...I'm Jackie

The fact that Shellie has not spilled the beans to Vanessa means she’s on to Vanessa’s crap? Steve hasn’t squealed either…of course the day is still young. If he keeps his mouth shut then I can rest knowing Vanessa might me going bye bye.


No I don’t think its because shelli is on to her. Actually shelli is being very smart. She knows Vanessa would flip shit if she knew 100% (as in someone comes out and tells her YOU ARE BEING BACKDOORED.) which would then make Van go against shelli to save her own butt. Shellis probably waiting until pov to say anything at all.

Ariana Grande licks doNUTS and hates Americans

I think that the “audible slip” of James in the DR where he mentions AFP was a ruse by CBS to throw super fans off and have them talk about it to gage their reaction to it just in case they should want to use it in the future. Because since when is there a microphone malfunction where we are privy to a DR conversation? There will be no AFP used unless CBS decides later to use it to manipulate the game. CBS used a soundbyte from them making James use those words to fool us and gage our interest in that possibility.


OMG get Steve out of the house, are all these people mentally unstable this year!

Mommy to a Stephen

Steve makes me want to cry. I’m the mom of a Stephen and reading that makes me want to hug my baby boy tight and tell him it’s going to be ok. Aww.


hopefully your steven isnt a 22 year old man also, otherwise im a little scared. its really really weird to see a grown person cry out for their mommy/daddy. i could have understand it if he did it in private(bathroom where no one is looking), but to do it in front of a camera and not care? this is probably not the first time steve does that and something is definitely wrong with that, independence issues come to thought.


I knoooooowwwww!
I was like aaaawwwwwwweeeeee!
Seriously though, I do feel for him, this is a tough game even for the socially capable.

meg's always laughing

Team Jackie James and MEG all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hey guys interesting fact, this time last year Frankie was supposed to be backdoored and Caleb was supposed to sabotage Frankie in the comp, but he still won the BOB and told everyone he was Ariana’s Grande’s brother and everyone trusted him again, ugh the horrific day that was. Hopefully instead we’ll have a great August 8th day this year.

Bye Bye Jon Stewart

Ugh, the very thought of that day last year gave me shivers.

Backseat Driver

I am with you on that…….
If CBS ever brings back Frankie to Big Brother……I will not watch!

Hayden's and Nicole's Sweet Romance

Wow! the mere mention of Frankie Grande’ makes my skin crawl! His appearances on TV since he left the BB House a year ago have done nothing to alleviate my stomach turning reaction to him. Recently, he was on “The Talk” (Julie Chen’s day job) as some sort of entertainment correspondent; he couldn’t leave the show without throwing out to Julie, her other hosts and the audience that he should be on Big Brother All Stars when CBS decides to go with that plan again. He received virtually no reaction—-other than Julie raising her eyebrows! Yuck! He and his half-sis, Arianna, need to buy some donuts and lick the tops of them to their hearts’ content! He’s 33—not 23; I wish he could remember that. Grow up, Frankie and do something valuable w/your life. Your charity which focused on building schools in Africa sounds worthwhile if it’s truly legitimate. Staying out of the public eye would be a bonus to you as well as to most people.

Steve is Strange

Steve, your playing the BB Game, not your mother… What the hell is wrong with this kid? Talk about a “Norman Bates” moment…


Venessa has Steve on leash yo. This guy is dumb as fuck, why does he care about anyone else other than saving himself?? If Jonny Mac is saving shelli then he shouldn’t pick, I think he should pick meg that why he has a chance to win because she can’t win shit although I like her. But if she does he should tell her to use it on him since he picked her to play.


I dont think thats fair. He is just following peoples plans. He is socially inept, that much is fact, so he needs to have friends and build trust in this game; and in order to build trust, he needs to give trust. He needs to take great risks for great rewards. I think it is OK to take a risk right now, especially when you know a juror can return. I am a fan of Steve, especially now that he may turn on Van, when she so obviously manipulated their friendship for her benefit.

Zack attack take over

I am really hoping that Vanessa goes this week. For everyone’s sanity. Also someone needs to take a shot at Austin and the twins. They are so anoooooooying!!!!

AKA Twistin' ....

I knoooooooooowwwwwwaaaaa!


Seriously am worried about Steve at times because he is often more worried about keeping Van safe than protecting his his own game. I realize Steve is naive, doesn’t pick up on things & puts all his trust in a girl who would throw him to the wolves if necessary. Damn Steve, get it together buddy! Hope Van doesn’t play in the veto! Need JMAC to pull off a win & send Van packing.

Also,Van & Austin are acting like JJM need to stay to their word yet these scum bags never do & it’s ok. When someone doesn’t play the way they want them to, then it’s complete betrayal-spare me the hypocrisy! Nervous,yet excited about this veto comp. It will be an exciting week to watch Van scamper if she is on the block next to Steve. Let the insanity begin!


These houseguests are batcrap crazy.
Looks like whoever is on the block Thursday night, it will be a tie as far as votes.
Someone needs to use double eviction to break up Austin and the Pussycats. If it isn’t done now, they are your Final 3.


A lot of lines in the sand are going to be drawn after this veto ceremony. People are going to show their hands. I can see Shelli playing both sides (side 1# Austin and the twins side#2 secret alliance with Becky, Johnny Mac and maybe Steve) if Vanessa goes home. Shelli is in a good position, her losing Vanessa will be a blessing in disguise.Her biggest threats will only be the 3 stooges(James,Jacquie and Meg.)Who are not in trouble for double eviction is probably Meg and maybe Steve they are not threats.


You know what would be really entertaining. Liz goes home. Austin would probably self evict. Lol


Fastest way to break down the other side’s numbers lmao


Why would anyone throw anything at this point? In order to win you have to ummm, let’s see, don’t tell me….oh I know…..WIN STUFF.


What is wrong with these players and all this “throwing comps” business! Isn’t safety for the week #1 priority? Why would any player jeopardize their game and throw a comp…… some of our BB greats are cringing! Just seems to be a lot of “throwing comps” this season and I feel it goes against everything this game stands for! I don’t understand why Steve wouldn’t fight for the Veto?????


Looks like a lot of people underestimated Becky, myself included.

Meg, on the other hand…


I hope Steve goes homes he’s more annoying than Vanessa and that’s saying something. Like he might throw the pop but the problem is he couldn’t win it even if he wanted too. When Steve talks to the camera he thinks like people like it but no stop Steve go home


So if Vanessa goes on the block, who stages the fight with her?


for someone who’s supposed to be smart, steve has no brains. he falls under pressure so easily… logic has no place in this man’s head, its all panic, manic and discombobulated. it does not matter how high your IQ is if you cant control your emotions in dire situations. i think a case of the crazies finally caught up with steve.

steve's BB

I know Steve is a little on the loner side, But why wouldn’t he try to save himself????? Something is seriously wrong with him!!, and Shelli has an even better chance of coming off the block, Gawd I hope.. jackie uses the veto on Steve, and Becky would be forced to put Vanessa there, Becky is not going to put Jmac up. GOOD RIDDENS either shelli, or Vanessa, Steve is probably going to stay there..Steve PLAY THE GAME!!!


at this, point i dont think vanessa is going anywhere now. steve has entered loony ville, and his train home is ready for departure. my goodness, they are really really mental… clay went bonkers prior to leaving, audrey nuttier than a bat, steve is a schizophrenic with mommy issues, vanessa is a bully paranoid narcissit incarnate, austin multiple personality disorder creepo master, meg boobs on wheels with glasses. this cast has really surprised me.


BB figured out how to guarantee a win for the women. Cast 8 women and 8 little girls. These men(?) are pathetic!


Whether Vanessa goes or not, next week Austin and the Twins need to be targeted, they’re sitting too pretty, they need a fire lit under their asses. Everyone in that house is protecting them.


Steve if he just chills and rides Nessa all the way to final two he is golden. I think he just enjoys making thing more difficult than they need to be. He is a drama queen posing as a nerdy insecure kid. 60% chance he is gay and doesn’t even realize it himself.


If the nominations stay the same jackie, meg, james would vote out shelli…Austin, the twins, vanessa votes out steve… And JohnyMac I believe would keep shelly, even if he didn’t Becky would keep shelly…OHHHH I think Steve’s going HOME…What a waste BECKY…The only way Steve’s not going home is if veto is used and Vanessa gets backdoored…I don’t think anyone on their side is going to use the veto except Vanessa and Shelli…Johnymac is CRAZY to think that shelli is on his side!!! (Johny, What happened to all your Smarts!) NEWSFLASH : Becky, Shelly is not on your side EITHER


I’m team Freaks and Geeks, so yes, Steve, tell JMac about it. JMac is so 2 weeks ago drama. This 8 person alliance thing is all wrong.


I think that Johnny knows the 8 person alliance thing was BS because he is now working with Becky and Becky has no intentions of getting him out, but he does know that that conversation did indeed happen, so why not tell Steve that in order to lure him to the other side? I think it was a great play by Johnny but Steve is very tightly tied to Vanessa, I don’t truly think he will leave her side until she is voted out and he has no choice but to go elsewhere. I really want to believe in Steve, but he is making it very hard.