Steve “I’ll be honest I was kind of trying to play for America’s Favorite with that speech”

POV Holder: ? POV Competition Aug 29th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 31st
HOH Vanessa Next HOH Sept 3rd
Original Nominations: Meg and James
After POV Nominations: ?and ?
Have Nots Johnny Mac, Julia, James, Meg

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-29 02-54-28-864
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12:30am – 12:42pm HOH room – Steve says I am pretty sure every scenario we have the veto is advantageous. Vanessa pauses for a while and then says MMMMMHHhhmm. I just realized something. She pauses again and then says you might have information I need. Steve says Okay, how can I help? Vanessa says but I might not need it and I don’t want to put you in the position of asking you for it unless I need it. So remind me of this question if either you or I win the veto. Steve says this week, Okay! Vanessa says just ask me what is that question you need to ask me to remind you of what you might need? Steve says you don’t… Vanessa says don’t guess mister impatience. You have no patience. Steve says not much. Steve says I would love to win HOH next week. Vanessa asks because you’re scared? Steve says yes just safety in general because everything gets so dicey. Steve says lets win veto. I’ll be totally honest I was kind of trying to play for America’s Favourite with that speech. Vanessa says do you think that stuff works? Steve says no idea. Vanessa says can’t hurt. Steve says I am a cute and adorable kid in this cast. I am sick and tired of people in real life telling me they will tell me when I get older .. for people that are younger than me. Vanessa asks Steve if Meg and James have talked to him at all? Very little at all. Vanessa asks what about outside? Steve says that’s when Meg told me she felt played. So I told her I didn’t know if I was supposed to come talk to her or leave her alone. I can’t tell because I don’t have the people skill to tell. Vanessa asks so she didn’t elaborate? She just said feels played period. Steve says yes. Vanessa asks do you think she got played? Out played? Steve says out played yes. Her and James should never have offered the information on you. Just like last night they told me they would go after 2 of Austin and the twins. Vanessa tells Steve we have to win HOH once we get down to final 5. If we don’t one of us will go home. They feel the same way or one of them go home. Essentially its you and me against Austin and Liz. I have a feeling Austin hasn’t been trying his hardest, if he hasn’t been then they have the edge. If he has then we’re even. Vanessa asks how Steve feels about the 5. Steve says numbers.. 2 vs 3. Vanessa asks but the final 6 with Johnny you like? Steve says better. Steve leaves.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-29 02-57-11-266

12:45am – 1:20am Bathroom – Julia tells Vanessa that James has 2 different personalities. He has one where it is hyper 20 year old guy and then its the mature 30 year old man. Today he was the 30 year old man. Isn’t that weird? He knows he f**ked himself saying what he said. Vanessa says and he knows I have good credibility and he knows I’m telling the truth. Julia says they are probably going to want to be in a room with you and say it didn’t happen. Vanessa says if you, Austin or Liz would like to verify it we can pull people in a room and I would be more than happy to and I will quickly checkmate them! Julia says no we believe you. I am just pissed I have to go in the room with them. I feel like John is kind of on their side now. He’s been spending a lot of time with them. Vanessa says interesting but if James wins the veto then he would go up. Julia comments on how Meg lied for James. She asks how do you tell when someone is lying. Vanessa talks about the signs she looks for to tell if someone is lying. Vanessa talks about how she was 1 semester away from getting her law degree. I knew I didn’t want to be a lawyer so I stopped. Vanessa asks so Johnny is starting to pull more towards them? Julia says she thinks he is pulling more towards them. Vanessa says I bet they would pick Johnny Mac for house guest choice and he would take James off. Who would I put up? Julia says oh f**k. Vanessa says I would have to put up Steve. Steve joins them. Liz joins them and Vanessa leaves. They head out of the bathroom. Julia tries to scare Austin but fails.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-29 03-28-45-974

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-29 04-01-31-137

1:20am – 1:30am Julia makes a tin foil mask to scare Austin. She then gets Steve to put a blanket over her head and then goes to scare Austin. Liz screams. Austin yells oh sH*t! Tomorrow is the f**king veto! Seriously!! God! Respect. Steve says sorry, he’s right. I’ll go to bed. Liz says its not you Steve it’s Julia. Austin says what the hell is she going to do .. she is going to break someone’s leg and then be out of the game.

8:05am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. When the feeds return the house guests go back to sleeping. At 9:30am Big Brother switches the feeds to the live feed highlights.

9:55am The feeds are still blocked. Its likely time for the picking of the veto players..

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  • “Goblins/Gremlins” = James and Meg
  • “The Generals” = anyone allied with Becky
  • “SOS” (Students of Sound) = Steve and Vanessa
  • Rockstars = Steve and Jmac
  • AUS-Twins = Austin, Julia and Liz
  • “Austin’s Angels” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Vanessa
  • “Brass Tacks” = Gobins and Austwins
  • The new “Brass Tacks” = Aus-Twins, Meg, James + Vanessa
  • “Freaks and Geeks” “The Scamper Squad” = Aus-Twins, Vanessa, Steve
  • “The new Freaks and Geeks minus Vanessa” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Steve, Johnny Mac
  • “The Authority” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Steve

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Beanie Baby

Good credibility she says. My @$$!!! I haven’t hated someone on BB this much for a long, long, long time. Okay, maybe Amanda and Aaryn from 15.


I haven’t watched or read a blog post and I won’t until I feel something positive happens for the good guys. Obviously a very biased view and I hope this doesn’t mean I won’t read or watch an episode for the rest of season.


She is right up there but for different reasons. They were ugly human beings on the show…Vanessa is just completlely annoying. I dont know how the other hgs stand living with her. She pounces on every word they say and tries to make something huge out of it spinning it to her advantage. I wonder what would happen if they all told her she needs to calm down! I guess when u have a bunch of wimpy hgs this is what happens. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why people love Jmac so much. He can see right through her manipulations and despite not having the numbers has figured out a way to use this annoying trait to his advantage.

Ariana Grande licks donuts and hates Americans

How about stupid a$$, lazy Meg the Sloth or rat turd, mommy’s boy Steve or smelly Autism or Broadway and Hyde street hookers Liz and Julia or diminutive James with his miniature pee pee and giant sized pervert mouth or high pitched, laughing gas addict Jmac? (the US Dentist’s assoc. should look into him abusing his own meds meant for prescribing)


I’m at the point where I can’t stand reading the summaries or looking at the pictures. I just go straight to the comments to find out what’s going on. Only a suicide bomber could save this season.

Ms. Beanie & Mr. Bean

Jeez-Steve JMAC says Julia looks like Mr. Bean with no make up on. Julia says Vanessa is scary looking with her sunken eyes and makeup. Julia trades on hatred since she had no other power or skill, throwing out scathing insults on everyone, labeling everyone a traitor, playing into Vanessa’s paranoia schizophrenia. JMAC can’t show James or Meg compassion for their plight without Julia telling Vanessa he’s playing for their side? Now Steve better win POV or Austwits will get him out if a renom is necessary. Vanessa and her minions, controlled by her anger, fear and humiliation. Her brand of crazy, no one wants to confront.

What’s THE REASON Vanessa quit law school in the final semester? Can’t she be honest about herself and her flaws for once? She’s so quick to judge & psychoanalyze others but goes way overboard describing her infallibility, her superintelligence and excessive hatred for others who merely defend themselves. What terrible secret is she hiding, what is she overcompensating for? Maybe serious mental illness, that’s why the focus on meds, fish every time she goes off her rocker, why she and Mel need money to pay bills, why she moves every two months. She assassinates everyone else’s character, then offers to save them if they can prove themselves. Unnecessary mental torture & humiliation to make deals. She had flashes of humanity when she plays super victim but quickly recovers to her real twisted interior. She’s is this season’s twisty twisted twist.


I bet she got caught cheating and was told she could pay a fine and quit or get kicked out as a cheater.


She really is delusional, isn’t she? She has such potential to be a good player that people can root for because she IS thinking about the game, but the whole “I’m the victim” thing makes it impossible for me to like her or believe she is as good as she really is. If the crying thing was an act, and she went in the DR and said that, then she’d get props. But she really is just a crazy, delusional trainwreck that is good at manipulating people – well dumb people. JMAC and Steve are the ones who have been onto her, and that is why they are more expendable than the twins and Lord Douche Bag.

Speaking of those idiots, Vanessa is playing scared. Who cares if they are 3 votes? She would get so much respect from the rest of the jury breaking those three up that those votes wouldn’t even matter. Put up Liz this week, take her out, and drag Julia to final 2. She’d win hands down. Sticking with those 3 this week, and not taking out Liz will come back to bite her.

Nikki Grahams Rant

I’m finding most of the remaining HG;s, with the exception of James, delusional.
Steve thinks he has a chance at America;s Favorite,
Austin with his alter ego Judas (and thinks people like it).
A and J comparing themselves to Rachel and Brandel.
The twins thinking the public does’;t like players like JMac
Meg thinking she can win an HoH
And Vanessa who constantly states her word is her bond and she never breaks it but constantly finds ways to justify in her mind that she can break it and it still remain honorable.
And list could go on.


From the outside looking in……
Think she wants to ride Austwins til 4/5 then go after Austin and work with the twins or heaven help us Meg still in the house. She appears to be setting up Austin when she is alone with the twins and makes negative comments. If Steve can scamper he might enter the mix also.
They take each other so she must plan on winning 7 questions and taking Julia. Where the heck she gets the votes? Only by putting useless next to her. You’ll also here in her speech she is broke and lost all her money. I’ll cry like it was Dan’s funeral……NOT


My husband and I used to watch poker and were rooting for Vanessa just because it’s nice to see a woman do well in something dominated by men (including Big Brother, usually). I still can’t really help but root for her, but I wish Shelli, Jackie or Becky had re-entered the game so I could root for a woman who has a decent chance of winning and isn’t THIS difficult to like. Meg has no chance, the twins are mean, and Vanessa really is delusional. I don’t think she’s quite as mean-spirited as some people, but the way she can criticize someone else or feel victimized for things she does all the time is just infuriating.

Psycho Babble

James has 2 personalities? That puts him in the middle between Vanessa’s busload and Austwin’s zero.


Steve you are 22 not six. Omg he is so fucking sick. He thinks he is the “cute kid” of the cast. No you are the slimey creepy 22 yr old who still wishes he could curl up and suck his mommas nipple.

When he votes and gives Julie that gay boy fake voice I want to grab him and beat the crap out of him. I’m nearly sure he likes to wear a diaper and have his mother change him for his weekend fun. That family is sick. His mother is just as at fault for Steve as he is.

Grow the fuck up you sick creepy pathetic mommas boy wana be.

Doctors Agree: Serious Mental Illness

This season is rife with recruits who have clear mental illness diagnoses. Not the congenital kind either, except for Vanessa who is paranoid schizophrenic in which case a chemical imbalance is triggered by environmental factors. Audrey admitted her transgender related psycho sexual medical emotional hormonal meds issues. Steve Austin Twins Jason Clay were all recruited out of mothers basements, displaying measurable arrested development, personality disorders. Enmeshed co-dependent parent-child relationships breed all kinds of coping, social & mood disorders ie. entitlement, delusions of grandeur, narcissism, unemployability, sociopathy. Steve is on meds too. Megs disease has a serious impact on her mental health. James sex addiction causes serious medical conditions ie. his active Herpes. Jace was clearly having mental break type episodes which caused his early eviction. That makes at least 10. If that’s why it looks crazy, it actually is crazy. Producers are crazy for choosing crazy people, or only crazy people would apply? That’s a chicken egg question.


People who try to diagnose people they have never even spoken to are worse than people that self diagnose. Why do you think a pyschiatrist sees you directly because looking from the outside in you have no idea what any of these people are thinking. I’d really love to see how you act after being in the same house for going on 60 some odd days. You are a sick piece of shit


Perhaps they are taking a page out of Vanessa’s playbook. She has diagnosed every single person in that house that has dared to oppose her with some sort of disorder.

Really! There are Medical Reasons You Are Acting an Ahole!

Summarizing real diagnoses focus on medical rationale for observed behavior rather than calling houseguests and commenters sick pieces of shit like you do, or crazy little motherf*ckers like Vanessa does. Vanessa reported her mental illnesses as have half the cast who are were medicated under the BB doctors care. JMac, a doctor went into great detail about the BB dispensory. Vanessa said she is OCD, manic and bi-polar. She said Production mixed up all her different meds and would not give her sedatives for fear of overtdose. Austin helps her with med dosing when she spirals. Steve discussed his ADHD meds, Audrey, her multiple med & hormone therapy complications and James uses his Herpes pills to flip to choose who to evict. You are seriously sociopathic if you are not listening to their detailed confessions and bio-feedback group therapy sessions over 100 days that is BB. And as everyone reports Vanessa is a genius and has diagnosed them all to their face as mood disordered, developmentally delayed etc. If you’d rather use scatalogical terms to describe your environment, one can only chalk it up you your lack of education and compassion for the houseguests that must endure these conditions housed with such crazy self determined assholes


Fully agree its like they didn’t even try to find good people they just had a list of things they wanted like twins, gay, transgender, cute guy and then picked the first one they could find.

Americas favorite?

Oh dear Steve you’re not going to be Americas favorite.
You are correct about America hating the side that says they are the good guys. You are aligned with the side that insists they are the good guys. Vanessa and the austwits are just horrible..horrible people…


Ok one of the reasons people love this show is it gives them a chance to hate new people each season.

You all say oh god this is horrible I’m going to stop watching…bullshit. You watch because you love to hate these people and can’t look away.

Keep in mind though. Vanessa is locked in a house playing a game to win 500,000 dollars. She isn’t there to please you or worried about her real life morals. This is a game. You play to win the game at all costs.

Canadian Kevin

You’re right; but that also doesn’t excuse her (or any of them) from natural consequences outside of work.

Spencer Clawson comes to mind.

As does Amanda. And Gina Marie.

You’re playing for 500k – but you still have to deal with the people who are watching you in a fishtank. And if you’re an ugly, nasty person – there are real life consequences.

At All Costs

To the douche who says sick gameplay is none of our business: Get a grip! If Vanessa and the other houseguests don’t want opinions, they need to stop bringing up what America thinks of them, and if they’re popular enough to springboard into All Stars, Amazing Race, Bold and Beautiful, wrestling contracts, airtime, DJ exposure, Instagram businesses, and America’s Favorite Player, If they “really aren’t on TV, playing to masses appeal” why are they constantly talking to cameras, feeders, primping and strutting? Jury members who determine their fate don’t see or hear that crap. Stop defending sick individuals who take our advertising dollars to destroy each other for some prize they’ll never see after taxes and fights home and rehab. And of course once Vanessa’s finished paying off all her bribes, she’ll owe CBS, that’s why she says she’s gotta do 2 more Game Shows.

Don’t get it twisted! We know the money they win comes from OUR POCKETS, paid in retail and cable advertising dollars.We have a stake and a dog in this fight. We pay for feeds, Pop TV, CBS and Julie’s wardrobe. We don’t like it, we tell the Producers of the crap to change it through free press and ratings.

You probably don’t vote in elections either. Because the richest guys with the richest corporate backers and the richest lawyers who rewrite laws and buy judges are going to win at all costs? Stop insulting and intimidating people who have a right to an opinion about entertainment they purchased. The houseguests are paid entertainers, who agreed to entertain on camera and if they aren’t entertaining enough, their fellow houseguests won’t vote for them to get the money we donated. And if they offend the masses they won’t keep their entertainment jobs in DJ, Poker or Wrestling either. This season isn’t what most of us thought we paid for, cheating, staged votes, and mentality ill players sobbing crying screaming sexually harassing prostituting & bullying each other isn’t entertainment.

vanessas Mom

Go girl go! Kick out Jams then Meg, Steve, JMAC and stick with Austwins, What an amazing final 4. Without doubt this will go down as the longest most strategic alliance EVER!

I have never been more prouder of my ‘Nessa.

Sit back, make some popcorn peeps and respect the greatest show on tv.

Wow! Vanessa Has 6 Fans! Vanessa for President

Don’t worry, the most hated people in America can still make money writing books on why they’re the most hated. She’d get more airtime on CNN and Wendy Williams saying lots more hateful things while people shake their heads laughing at a crazy person. Or she could run for president saying hateful things about everyone. She could be his speech writer, his REASONS don’t make any sense either.

O My

Hush Mel, one sickie with another sickie equals PROBLEMS!!!!


If she wins it will be a empty win because she paid for it. But that wont bother her she’s been doing it for years

Bored Silly

No one will question a mother’s love. Good for you to support your baby. But even you must be concerned about her mental health. I hope this is her game play and not her everyday
life.My mother loves me but I know she would be embaressed and ashamed of this season
if I was pushing everyone around. Passive aggresive my name is VANESSA..


Still hate the twins more. I know Vanessa is playing the game where those 2 are just the Mean Girls from high school.


For people questioning why Vanessa didn’t put the Austwins up this week, it’s really simple math. If I were her, I would’ve put James and Meg up too. I’ll try and illustrate how the numbers work:

Austwins – 3 (biggest threat)
James, Meg – 2
J.Mac, Steve – 2
Vanessa – 1 (2nd biggest threat)

If Vanessa took out an Austwin this week, then the remaining Austwins would become less of a threat by becoming a pair like J/M and J/S, and Vanessa then becomes an easy target for next week (all remaining 6 HGs have wanted her out at some point), especially if it’s a DE, because she’s already seen as a mastermind, and she knows it.

Why take out J/M and not J/S then? Simple. This week, Vanessa became closer to John. She already roped in Steve as F2 a long time ago, and John is Steve’s current best friend in the house. On the other hand, J/M hardly talk any game with her. Why would she choose them over J/S? Additionally, J/M are closer to the Austwins, and Vanessa knows this (it was evident when Austin refused to even put them on the block as pawns, and asked Vanessa or Steve to go up with J.Mac instead). Taking one of J/M out also means cutting a possible number for the Austwins. Watching the live feeds, we know that J/M were thinking of going after the Austwins instead of Vanessa, but we have to remember that while we know everything, the HGs do not, and we have to try and see how it looks from their perspective.

Why not bring J/M and J/S together for a F5 against Austwins? Because Vanessa knows it wouldn’t last. The minute an Austwin is gone, she becomes the biggest threat as explained above. Even if they stick together and take out 2 of the Austwins (assuming Liz and Austin because Julia is seen as weaker), they wouldn’t take out the last Austwin over Vanessa because that Austwin is no longer a real threat, while Vanessa is (even if not seen as a mastermind, she’s won 3 HoHs and 2 PoVs). Even assuming that J/M and J/S remain loyal to her until F5 (which is highly unlikely), the minute they reach F5, she once again is at the bottom of the totem pole between 2 duos, and they will want her out as they always have. That is a chance she cannot take. Better F6 with the Austwins and J/S where it’s 3 vs 3, then F5 with J/M and J/S where it’s 4 vs 1. Basic math.

On top of all of that, the most logical reason why J/S and Vanessa don’t want to take out the Austwins this week is because of a probable upcoming DE next week or the week after, and that’s the time to get the Austwins out, because you can get out 2 instead of 1, especially when there isn’t much time to discuss strategy inbetween. The remaining Austwin will be very vulnerable after and unless that Austwin wins HoH, he/she will not be a threat to that trio. And at the end of that DE, Vanessa technically would be able to rope in that remaining Austwin, especially if it’s Julia.

Vanessa might be paranoid, emotional, and frustrating to listen to, but don’t for one second think she doesn’t know what she’s doing. She graduated from Duke under 3 years, and she’s one of the highest-ranked female poker players globally. She’s incredibly smart and strategic. You might not like her, but she’s playing the game, and played it hard from the start. She’s not in there to gain popularity or be liked – she’s in there to win it. And that’s why she’s still in there and everyone’s favourites keep getting evicted. While the rest of the HGs have been treating it like summer camp or some holiday vacation, she’s been treating it like a battlefield.

I’ve also noticed a lot of comments about how people would like her better if her DRs owned up to her game or at least explained it. Here’s the thing – people need to realize that the DRs are heavily edited for the live shows and production is the one driving the questions. If you really want to know what’s going on in her brain and in the house, then watch and analyze the live feeds. She’s said it all there. For example, just this week, she mentioned she hasn’t really cared about being entertaining or being well-liked, because she’s 100% fixated on playing and winning the game.


Problem is, this is the DE week. So unless James wins POV and she puts up a twin, she will have screwed up her game.

Nothing Personal

Nothing personal, but if I’d wanted to have all that explanation I would get live feed and listen to Vanessa go on and on.


They’re just answering the same old questions that come up every single post. Of course you dont want the answers because you just want to blindly dislike a houseguest without even having the first clue as to what is really going on.

Furless Bat

Yes, excellent analysis. We’re just viewers out here, we should be able to put our emotions aside a look at this game objectively.
Another thing I want to say about Vanessa is that she does seem to have anxiety from the stress in there and is emotional, but she still manages to put that aside and make the strategic move, and position herself correctly in the house. Derrick was a trained liar, he would’ve been tested to make sure he could do so in dangerous and stressful situations. So, the BB house was a cakewalk for him. I’ve always thought that Dr. Will and possibly Dan fall somewhere on the sociopathic spectrum. They weren’t effected by stress or empathy in their games. This non-emotional robot player has somehow become the only accepted definition of a great game player. I disagree, it’s easier for them to see clearly the correct choice and make difficult moves cause they are not affected by the emotions of the game. Vanessa has to manage her own anxiety and emotions, as well as use the limited info she has in there to make the right choices. She has done this time and time again. Her game has been imperfect, and messy, and brilliant -all of those things. She is the best player this season, and deserve the win at final two.
Also I think a reason that turns ppl against Vanessa is that she is a social awkward person. She doesn’t have a great sense of humour, she’s said herself she’s a serious person. These combined are not traits that tend to attract fans. I also think social awkward men, like Ian and Steve are more accepted generally because they are a character type that ppl are familiar with at this point, while a woman who is like that is unusual on tv, especially on a show full of models, and wannabe actresses, etc.


Speaking of DRs, those HGs spend sometimes hours daily in the DR yet they only air 10-15 seconds segments from only a couple of HG each episode. So we don’t really know what is all truly said in those DRs, only what production chooses to air to fit the storyline they are trying to sell us.

Wrong Wrong Wrong

Wait up! Hold on! Lots of inaccuracies and false assumptions in your lengthy argument. WordiNess is what made the aspiring actor recruits in the house space out, but not us. Your falacious reasoning includes but is not limited to the following. In the interest of simplicity, they are thusly enumerated:
1. Vanessa did not rope in John, he’s playing her.
2. Steve’s best friend is Vanessa not John, he’s left his integrity at the door
3. Steve is not a pair with John never was, all false, he’s betrayed him often
4. Vanessa is a pair with Austin and Steve both in her F2 deals and in plotting intimidate strategy details
5. Austin votes with Vanessa, Liz dictates nothing.
6. James & Meg much more easily led than Austwits & Steve
7. Vanessa cannot read people, decrease others defenses or obtain accurate information
8. Vanessa took the most difficult path to eliminate her biggest threat and now has to win every comp.
9. Vanessa made herself the target by renegging on unnecessary deals, personal attacks, inquisition tactics, alienate potential partners deals
10. Vanessa didn’t win comps they were thrown by houseguests to avoid targeting and Production to enhance her image
11. Bribes like counting cards is not necessary to win, only if your primary strategies fail, last ditch effort reduces prize and reputation
12. Unlikability, dirty play, character assassination creates enemies who will not vote for her in Jury, unless scripted by Production.
13. Vanessa is absolutely 100% concerned with how she looks, she obsesses and is paranoid to the point of needing medication, spiraling manicly to manufacture slanderous REASONS to reneg on false integrity and attack members of her own alliance, and browbeat them to tears, and then make apologetic bribes. Her self induced bi-polar episodes, sobbing fits would not be accepted if she eye male, but she blames her period, her girlfriend and Production switching her meds to convince people she is right. Why not say simply I’m the smartest, this is the best move?
14. If she could rely on her spastic incomplete degrees, that never amounted to a real job, why then the Bible ranting, Book of Job lectures and self isolation, victimization? Why lie so often so unnecessarily, if she and you aren’t trying to convince us she’s not bat-shit crazy, with or without her meds.
15. Most houseguests dont benefit from PR Reps and Business Agents like you to win their game of popular appeal. Please get her a real gig, Price is Right, Lets Bribe a Deal or hey, why not finish Law School and apply to be the next Judge Judy and get paid real money for screaming & berating people. At least update her Wikipedia profile for accuracy. She’s a semi-professional con woman. Own it.

I play poker

That’s all good, but you count cards in blackjack… not poker. 🙂


Why hasn’t anyone had the brains to ask Vanessa why she is playing so hard if she has money and such a great life outside the house? And, if it’s just a game to her why is everything personal? There must be people that know her that read this blog .What’s the real story? Is she a rich DJ? Or still a degenerate gambler? Didn’t she say she did one year of law school? One semester away? DJ is more lucrative? More rewarding? Or more drugs? She is way too desperate for the fairy tales she spins…not buying it.


I think it is a combo of competition and exposure for Vanessa.
She is already quite accomplished and outsmarting 15 other people would add to that list.
The exposure would give her the attention she craves.


Just a simple google:

Since 2005 she has made over $3.5 MILLION playing poker (more than most of us will earn in a lifetime of working).
So she is probably able to DJ because that is something she enjoys doing and getting paid well to do it when she’s not playing poker.

Nikki Grahams Rant

However, her winnings do not take into account her losses. WSOP games can cost $10,000 or more to enter and there a numerous games in the tourny. A lot of the top poker players have gone broke a number of times’ They go to the casinos numerous times a week to play and often lose $10,000’s at a time.


1 semester of Law school left. Then decided, meh, it wasnt for her. Only about 1% of people can do that, that is a lot of money. So, she flipped and wanted to be a rockstar gambler instead…. Those are 2 VERY SHADY careers. Then she continuously applies to BB…
In real life, she is a fucking weasel through and through. Entitled much..


I’m not a Vanessa fan but these comments bother me. She is playing a game people become someone else when they play. Will Kirby? Even Shannon who he dates from season two said after they left the house they didn’t work because he was actually quiet reserved and shy. But that’s not how he was on the show. The game brings our aides of people.


Seriously? Lol jealous much??


I thought I hated Frankie last season with a passion but Vanessa, man she gets under my skin in the worst possible way. I F’KIN hate her & can’t wait for the reality check she gets when she leaves the show and realizes what the world really thinks of her. She’s such a nasty piece of work!


I’m sure she would lose a ton of sleep over you “hating” her. It’s just a game get a grip.


Worse that Frankie???? NO way! Frankie was the most vile, corrupt creature ever on BB. Even the thought of him makes me want to puke.


Twitchy McTweeksAlot has the nerve to accuse Steve of having no patience. After ignoring James’ advice on giving Meg some time and space to recover from her blindside…and just gets immediately in her face with non-stop verbal assault. Yes, she is the poster child of patience.

It aggravates me so much that she is going after everyone else for targeting her…but Jizz Hands. I was actually rooting for her to avoid being backdoored and for JMac to pull out of his tunnel vision of getting her out…so that they could work together to get Asstain, Tweedle-dumb or Tweedle-dumber out.

And now that has happened, she knows they betrayed her and were gunning for her, and has this HOH…and doesn’t target them. W…t…f? This is the perfect opportunity to get one of them out while they have the numbers and no one is returning. But, no. She doesn’t want to lose their votes, so someone else has to do it.

Everyone is afraid of losing Jizz Hands’ votes. First of all, Julia is very likely to be a final 2 goat…if Meg doesn’t sleep her way there…so there might only be two jury votes to piss off. More importantly, even if all three are in jury and pissed…it is only three votes. The rest of them will most likely give her their vote…solely on the fact that she had the balls to go against Jizz Hands and take them out before they did it to Tweeky McGee.

We say goodbye to the Delusional Austwits and Vanessa, forever...

…In 25 days, patience people.


Vanessa won’t win Big Brother. The jury is going to be very bitter. Shelli doesn’t even want to have anything to fo with her anymore. James and Meg won’t vote for her. I wish that she will go in the DE so that I can try to tolerate the next 4 weeks of BB. Not a fan of Johnny Mac or Steve, but if James goes, I hope that they are in the F2


Not true! Shelli said herself from the jury house that Vanessa is playing a good game. Also Jackie and Becky said it. I don’t want Vanessa to win, but the 3 in jury are not bitter with Vanessa and they will vote for her.


Steve thinks he could be America’s favorite. What a joke…he’s gonna be in for a surprise when he gets out and reads what our perception of him is. Stupid whiny mammas boy. What can I do for you? Is the only thing he ever says.


Poor Steve, thinks he can be Americas Faborite! Lol


I loved Amanda, partly because she knew who and what she was, no apologies. I hate Vanessa because of her endless, unnecessary scheming and serial dishonesty to everyone in the game, including herself. Every word, gesture, or imagined slight is met with a torrent of tedious, self-righteous denunciations and self-aggrandizing psychobabble to highlight her superior intellect, and tear-stained self-pitying imprecations in a bid for sympathy.


I also question Vanessa’s credibility. If she puts up Jmac or Steve as a pawn when she promised them she wouldn’t then she loses credibility. She had a convo with them about who would be best and I thought they were leaning towards Julia. Now she tells Julia that it will have to be Steve. She is just praying the noms stay the same so her double dealing won’t be exposed. She constantly jerks Steve around and tries to “school” him in life lessons all the while using him as her lacky pawn. He is probably a lot smarter than he lets on and I’ll bet his blood bolls when she does this. No wonder he would take Jmac over Van. I hope he gets his chance to “school” her for underestimating him.


Curious as to why Van’s radar did not go off when she suggested bringing Austwins and Goblins together to expose the Goblins’ “lies” and Julia backed off that idea quickly.
That jumped out at me immediately and thought it would be a red flag to Vanessa.


When I click on the gifs they never work anymore.


Same here, the animated gifs are no longer animated when I am using Chrome on my desktop, and see this as a problem. When viewing from my Galaxy S6 they do work, and I am using Chrome on my Galaxy S6.

Nothing Personal

Same here. Dawg? Simon?


There’s was a glitch in some of the code we were pasting in the posts.. I believe it’s been fixed now. Thanks for letting us know.


it astounds me that people get worked up by Vanessa repeatedly saying she has integrity and credibility.
What’s she going to say? I’m a liar and i’ll cut anybody that gets in my way?
In what way would that make any sense? That’s social game suicide.
I realize she’s not liked because she’s been pulling strings for weeks.
It’s funny. When there was a glimmer of a thought that she might jump to an alliance with Jmac, Meg and James, suddenly it wasn’t so bad to be in an alliance with Vanessa. When she won hoh and people deluded themselves into thinking she’d nominate Austin and the twins, again, she wasn’t so bad.
So she’s redeemable but only if she abandons her strategy and saves people she isn’t aligned with? She’s only going to be cut a break if she helps someone liked more get further in the game because they don’t seem to be doing much to save themselves? Until they evict her to everyone’s cheers, and then it will be a case of she deserved it she crossed her own alliance, she deserves what she gets.
She gives me a headache. She takes paranoia to another quantum level. She’s also playing the game about 100x harder than everyone else.
She picks a target, she goes about creating justification beyond just saying it’s time for you to go. She knocks off her target. Them she tries to sink under the radar by saying everyone else in the game is a pair and she’s all alone to appear weak while plotting the next move.
The season hero James picks a target, makes a deal with said target, breaks his word, and gets rid of them. Then he sinks under the radar playing the good ole boy practical joker to appear foolish, while trying to bond with the people he’s going to turn on next.
She’s condemned. He’s cheered. for essentially wearing the same hats.
I think they both play dirty. But hating her and loving him for doing the same thing is ridiculous. When looking at how both of them play the game when they have power and how they play the game when they don’t have power, they both play a villain’s game.


It’s not that she lies and tells people she’s credible, it’s that she REALLY believes that shit that makes her unlikable. I can’t figure out her reasoning…does she think that viewers don’t see her lying and manipulating people? And, again, there’s nothing wrong with that – it’s Big Brother. But OWN that shit in the dairy room like Dr. Will, Boogie, and Dan did; if she did that, she wouldn’t be hated on so much. Instead she constantly plays the victim card in the house and in the DR. I’ve always said, play the HG, not the viewers; it pisses us off.


Correct me if i’m wrong ( i could be wrong), but at what point in d/r did she say she had integrity and credibility? At what point did she have a soliloquy a la Steve where she said she was credible and had integrity?
She says it to her competitors in the game.
She’s well aware she’s shining everyone on. She had sixth sense. inside sixth sense she had one alliance with shelli and clay, and another with austin and the twins. She knew she was shining both on to believe they were her priority. on the side she had Steve.
Within Freaks and Geeks she had the twins and Austin. She had Steve.
She is well aware that she is double dealing. Admitting she’s double dealing is stupid.

brotalk to human dictionary

There’s a problem with your analysis of Vanessa’s d/r commentary. Viewers see what the writers want viewers to see.
The commentary is led by the fairies.
The commentary is edited by the fairies.
The fairies love nothing more than creating a good versus evil struggle.
The fairies and writers know what will push viewers’ buttons.
We don’t see what they edit in and edit out of what is said in diary.
She could very well be delusionally believing her own heroic virtues. She could very well be cognizant that she’s conning everyone. Viewers don’t know for sure because they are only shown what the powers that be throw into the episodes to further the storyline agenda they are pushing.


I think if she was crying and getting emotional for game, they would show it. Why wouldn’t they? It’s good game play? Why would they do it for the likes of Danielle Reyes, Dr. Will, Boogie, and Dan, but not for Vanessa; I’m not saying those players used the same strategies as Vanessa, but the DR showed why they did what they did because they KNEW what they were doing was for strategic purposes.

Vanessa REALLY thinks that Steve is two-faced or that Becky is a liar because she goes into the DR and makes those comments like she has never been two-faced or lied in the game which is stupid because it’s Big Brother. It’s perfectly okay for her to do and delude herself into thinking she’s not lying because she manipulates words, but when someone else does it, it’s the end of the world. That is what is not respectable about aspects of her game.

brotalk to human dictionary

The episodes only started showing her get emotional with the crying two weeks ago.
Before that it was a feed only phenomena because it didn’t fit the storyline.
If they are downplaying the emotional volatility in the episodes, they wouldn’t very well be able to show any acknowledgement of emotional volatility real or strategy in the d/r. until then. Asking her about that now when it’s been going on for weeks would be unusual.
Again, taking diary (which hasn’t actually been confessional but production led question and answer for years) as gospel is a slippery slope. Viewers see ten second snips of 1/2 hour interviews. It’s been acknowledged many times that they are asked to repeat what they’ve said in different tones, and that the fairies lead the interviews in d/r in such a way that hg’s think they are being given storyline clues.
The d/r is a production storyline tool. It hasn’t had anything to do with the camera is on start talking in years. So anything given in d/r is suspect. The early season people you mention, they were from the confessional style d/r era.


sorry guys, im out….just cant take it anymore….these people are making me physically ill. maybe survivor will be good this year?


If there is a BB God, James win POV, Vanessa replaces with Juliaaaaaaaaahhhh and James/JMac/Steve make 2 week deal, flip and take out an annoying twin. Next week…James/JMac/Steve/Meg put up Austin/Liz and force Vanessa’s hand. JMac/Steve can then decide…stay with Vanessa & follow F3 or go F4 with James/Meg and create 2 vs. 1 against James (they can’t design a comp that Meg can win!). Whatever…just get the Austwins outta there…we’ve suffered enough!

Fan fiction

It is all fiction and fantasy. Would have, could have, should have and van believing her own bull. I’m honestly flabbergasted that not one of them has the balls to stand up to her



JKJK you fucking suck lol.


I’m so sick of Vanessa telling everyone how honest she is, her integrity is everything, you’re kidding me right? I realize this is a game but there’s no integrity with her and I don’t know who’s crazier Vanessa because she is constantly saying that about herself or for the other house guest who believe her. It’s crazy. I’d like to see her and Liz be the next to leave. Liz is such a mean nasty person. Hoping James stays this week!!! Go James and JohnnyMac!!

Nothing Personal

Simon or Dawg, or live watchers, is Jmac really talking more with James and Meg or is he trying to get Julia’s attention by talking? My take is Julia has never liked James, and barely likes Meg, so whatever she sees in havenots she’s aiming to have James look bad.

Bunny Slipper

Why do they have to pull everyone into a room? Is it just Nessa being efficient, so she can mist them all at the same time? She must be the most exhausting person to live with. I’m tiered just watching her.
I’ve never liked someone who apologizes for everything. I get Steve is socially behind, but every time he turns around, it’s oh I’m sorry. Even when it’s someone else doing the deed. I know he’s a minion and encourages them to abuse him. But, I can’t help but feel the Vanaustwits are really taking advantage of his personality quirks. Of course, he may also be exaggerating those characteristics to make himself seem more pitiful than he really is. Overall I do pity Steve, but then I’m sickened by my own weakness for pitying a person who really doesn’t deserve it.


I’ll vote for you Stevie. America LOVES you! (insert video of JohnnyMac gagging here)


It boggles the mind how they have so little understanding of who’s popular with the viewers. One of the twins wondered out loud why the audience went crazy for JohnnyMac when he exited the house and it was obvious they have no idea that people like him and hate them. Steve playing for America’s favorite is nuts, but if there was a vote for Vanessa’s sucker he’d win hands down.




I have a suspicion that if Austin or a twin does not win the veto, Vanessa is considering taking down meg or James down and put up Austin. I think her mid has done the math and it does not look good down the road for a solid three in the house. My guess is that she does not want to make the mistake of saying something before the veto is played that can hurt her.

If Austin go’s up she has the votes to evict. Meg or James depending on who came off is going to vote to keep the other goblin. Steve and Johnny Mac will vote to evict Austin…. possibly Julia might vote to evict Austin because he is working the twins last nerve recently.

So after this week with two nominees and an HoH is will only take 2 votes.

so say on the block is Vanessa and Austin is on the block and James/ Meg is HoH
Vanessa: Liz Julia
Austin: Steve JMac
evict Vanessa

Now if you get out Austin… that becomes a duo and only one vote… two is if they are both off the block. Which is unlikely because they would be the logical targets or at least move into the pawn zone.

I am not 100% sure if Vanessa would realize that the numbers is bad if she does not get an Austwin out this week. I don’t think she fully realizes that she is not one of them anymore unless she is the HoH or Veto Holder. The house makes people crazy and stupid at this point in the game and they focus on the most petty details they miss the bigger picture all together… You know the old saying “You can’t see the forest through the bars of the Mental Institution.”

Twins share a brain

Two personalities is better than none. Funny how she says this to a woman with obvious mental disorder and apparent drug problems.


in my dreams

Vanessa takes out Meg
James takes out Liz
Steve takes out Vanessa
JMac takes out Austin
One the guys takes out Julia
Leaving the three guys of which I would like to see one of them Win
Jmac Steve James…


Getting interesting now. I could see the twins being caught lying about the past two weeks. Right now Steve and John are safe so if James win veto, who does Vanessa put up?

Basically Vanessa is doing same thing as Austin did the last two weeks, only smarter. Getting protection from all sides of the house. Only problem he made is put both John and Steve as pawns, voted John out and then the John comes back.

So if Austin gets caught, he could go home. But James has to win veto that to happen.


Steve says “I am a cute and adorable kid in this cast.”



As soon as I find out who wins the POV I will be taking a break from reading the spoilers. Then I will check back to see if POV is used. Sorry Simon and Dawg, love you guys but just can’t read any more of the garbage these HGs are spewing. I know you think this is a great season but it’s just the same crap over and over. Can’t wait till this season is over and I can get my life back.

Judd's Granny

Simon is enjoying this season because he is a Calico Cat. I’ve seen the photos. Cats love to watch vermin scurrying around. No big mystery.


Vanessa is making a major mistake not taking out a twin now when she has a chance if the veto is used put up Liz and vote her out then down to Austwit and Julia who can’t win anything what the heck is she thinking going to five with them and Steve she’s out if anyone if them win at that point!


Steve is such a creepy, little shit. No one thinks you’re cute dude. I wish the twins were going.can’t stand those dead weight bitches.


Van is desperate. She is broke! She is not wealthy as she would have everyone believe. Her poker money is long gone. Has anyone noticed how long it takes for her to answer or ask a question? It’s like she is drugged. Why is she getting away with trying to bribe the others with “gifts” if she wins? She has real problems that all money in the world will not fix. She is CRAzY!


I don’t freaking care who the hell that bitch gets out this week. I will hope and pray that the whole house groups up to get that fucking gambling addicted bitch Vanessa out. Hopefully they get out her little dog steve out too. Steve is no Ian terry. He’s not cute… Just really creepy. Who the fuck took a weed Wacker and chopped his hair? Makes him look deranged.


Steve looks like a young bin laden


Julie Chen confirmed in an interview two weeks ago that they ended the weekly BB Takeover twist as there was already some good pure game happening and they didn’t want to mess things up with the artificial takeover.

I would be curious to find out what they did have planned and who were the guest takeover announcers were. I still think having a little background paranoia would have made things more interesting.


Dawg, what is the BB Takeover? Many posters have mentioned it before but I have never heard of it. I’ve seen Golden Power of Veto and Pandora’s Box but never BB Takover.


DUHHH!!! How quickly the mind forgets.


The only thing that can save this week is for James to get a coup d’état and veto both himself and Meg and then have the power to put up his own two nominations. There are more fans watching that want those twins and Austin out of here. I would have more respect for Vanessa if she did get rid of the twins – hell they never saw the show until sequester. Only super fans should be able to compete on this show. I’m getting so tired of this season. Hopefully James can pull a Dan’s funeral or something to get himself through this week. I don’t know what kind of veto it will be but he can’t win anything but endurance it seems.. Ugh..


Vanessa has a deal in place with Austin before Liz. Vanessa is thinking about getting rid of Julia. She can put Julia up, Johnny Mac and Steve will vote with Meg or James, Julia is gone, Vanessa, will throw a fit and cry. “She doesn’t know what happened they swore she was safe.” Now Austin will be happy, the twins are broken up.{ I believe Austin and Vanessa have talked about this}. Vanessa is weighing in her mind {she fears James, and she did not honor her deal with him. Does she remember this, or has James mentioned the deal to her.}, who can she beat in final 2. What Vanessa doesn’t realize… one wants to be in final 2 with her. If they get her up, and she does not win she is gone.

Steve's Mommy

I hate Steve, what a jerk.

You're our last hope, James...

The only way this game gets interesting is if James wins the POV. He should take himself off the block (Meg is a lot cause) and during the eviction nomination ceremony he should say this:

‘Liz and Venessa take a seat. I’m nominating you two because you’re both part of the two big voting blocks left in the house. Liz is with Austin, Julia, and Venessa, and Venessa is with JMac and Steve. If either of you come down, the one that goes up will also be from one of those alliances. No matter what, one of the alliances will be chipped away at and two or three new groups will form. I’d like to be a part of a new group that forms – a group that can win comps and go to the end. If you think you have a scenario like this, come see me. If not, think carefully whether you want to win or use the veto given what I intend to do. I like you all as people, so this isn’t personal, it’s just business, and it needs to be done for my game.’

1. If Vanessa wins POV, she’ll take herself down, and James should put up Austin against Liz. Either way, that group is whittled to three.

2. If Liz wins POV, she’ll take herself down, and James should put up Julia against Vanessa. Again that group is whittled down to three.

3. If the POV isn’t used, Julia and Austin will vote for Liz to stay. Now knowing that Vanessa was playing both sides against each other, JMac and Steve might be willing to send Vanessa home, and try to recruit James so that it’s still three against three, but perhaps with their group better able to win comps.

James’ only hope is to win the POV and do something like this. He should give them the info about his backup plans generally, but not specifically. It’s best if he leaves Julia, Austin, Steve and JMac nervous about what the status of their alliance will be if they use the veto. He’ll put maximum pressure on them this way, look like a straight shooter, and gain the most information. Steve and JMac will immediately think to reform with James, and be happy the wild card Vanessa was gone.

You're our last hope, James...

Argh, I meant James has to win POV, take himself off the block, then win HOH for all that to happen. That’s a lot of variables, but the crew is thinning, so it’s possible.


Go Austin! Everybody will forgive you for having a showmance even though you have a girlfriend! Right?


ROFL Steve thinks he’s a cute and adorable kid in this cast. The world in his head must be so fun.