Meg “They are all such babies! I can’t get over how little they’ve done in this game!!”

POV Holder: ? POV Competition Aug 29th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 31st
HOH Vanessa Next HOH Sept 3rd
Original Nominations: Meg and James
After POV Nominations: ?and ?
Have Nots Johnny Mac, Julia, James, Meg

8:05am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. When the feeds return the house guests go back to sleeping. At 9:30am Big Brother switches the feeds to the live feed highlights.

VETO PLAYERS: Vanessa, James, Meg, Julia, Austin, Liz
Veto Host: Johnny Mac

– Vanessa got House Guest choice and picked Austin

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-29 10-12-43-948
10:10am The feeds return – The power is out in the big brother house. (The fridge, stove, microwave, etc are not working.) Steve tells Meg it was very inconsiderate for you to not pick John. Meg says I know. Meg says she is really nervous about what the veto will be.

In the bathroom – James tells John sorry you don’t get to play in this one. Johnny Mac says I know, its only my second one (that he hasn’t competed in). John tells Julia this is her first veto! Julia says no its my second! Meg joins them. She apologizes to Julia for being so noisy last night in the havenot room.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-29 10-15-12-080

10:15am – 10:35am Havenot room – James says its good, it means me, you or Vanessa. James tells Meg Maybe we need to tell Austin that. That this is your shot to get Johnny Mac or Steve our. He’ll be like I don’t want to piss Vanessa off. Meg says Vanessa put us on the block, she is terrified of me. I can tell by her looking at me. James asks do you think she is terrified of me? I’ve been pretty quiet lately. I only get crazy when people start getting crazy with me. Meg says they are all such babies! I can’t get over how little they’ve done in this game. James asks do they not realize when it get down to it they’ll have to be up on the block. If I was Liz and Austin put me up I would be pissed! Meg says I am so annoyed at everything!! James says whatever this comp is .. if I don’t win it I deserve to go home! I hope its something you get down and dirty! Meg says I don’t! James says I hope its a who wants it the most!! Meg says I hope you win it. James says I’ve only lost one veto. James says try not to let us down. At least we will have some power. James asks how many votes do we need? Meg says 3. I’m going home this week, I know it. Meg says she thinks they (Aus-twins) are worried about going up as a pawn. James asks why wouldn’t she put up Johnny or Steve… oh yeah she made a deal with them. Meg says she is trying to build her little army right now. James says Austin is really athletic. James says if we’re meant to win, we will win. Meg says I am telling you I have a feeling I’m going home. James says well you were right about us going up. Meg says the only thing that makes me not think that is that you planted the seed that you’re going after the twins.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-29 10-19-46-877

10:40am – 11:20am HOH room – Austin comes up and says that was good! (Veto player pick) Austin says he thinks they (Meg and James) have been working on Johnny Mac to use the veto or something. They’ve been working hard on him. Vanessa says that’s why I picked you because I figure you’re the only person that could beat James… whatever he’s good at. I didn’t pick Steve just in case we need to use him as a pawn. Austin says no there’s no need for them to even talk to Johnny Mac because he didn’t get picked. Vanessa says that’s why I didn’t pick Johnny because he is a bit of an x factor and what if he did get convinced to take James down. That would really f**k me. Austin says we would just put Meg out then. Vanessa says James can’t come down, its terrible, that can’t happen. If I put up Steve are we stupid not to (vote him out) compared to Meg? You see what I’m saying. Vanessa says Johnny hasn’t come up here one time since I’ve been HOH. Austin says Johnny has a grudge against me only this week. I told Meg we could figure it all out after the veto. She thinks Liz and I are really mad about it. Vanessa says Meg knows I wanted to target her this whole time now.. They feel set up. They feel like I never intended to put them up as a pawn. They think all four of us set them up. They speculate on if the veto will be the counting one. They discuss strategies to win it. Vanessa says I would be shocked if I’m terrible at this. They start counting things to see if they’re good at guessing. Vanessa says that Meg made fun of me for thinking Brass Tacks was real and then lied about doing it. They’re (James & Meg) only saving grace … is if James wins veto, Meg stays on the block and Johnny Mac or Steve really f**k up and make me want to target them. Vanessa talks to Austin about the 4 person deal with the twins. She explains how it would work and which each of them would agree to take so that it was even for all of them. Vanessa asks if the twins would agree to it? Austin says I think so if you explained it slowly. Vanessa says I think they would agree to it once they see the logic of it.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-29 10-49-09-485

10:50am Havenot room – Meg says I am pissed! James says I am pumped because I know I need to win this veto for both of us. If I lose, I let both of us down. Meg says I’m going to get my act together. James starts pulling the covers off Meg. Meg asks what are you doing. James says stripping you naked so we can go camping. Meg goes to shower. Johnny Mac comes into the havenot room to nap.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-29 10-57-23-813

11:05am – 11:20am Bedroom – Julia and Liz are whispering. Liz says I can’t wait for the veto to get played and for them to come talk to me. Julia says James doesn’t even want to play pot ball. I always say in the diary room that he is my target. He insulted me. If he had won HOH, he would have put us up. He has no mercy. They feel like they got played.. what are you talking about .. they haven’t been with us since the beginning. Liz says I don’t need to have a reason. You are a threat competitively! Thats it! Julia says I am happy Johnny Mac is here. Liz says I can’t wait till after the veto happens and I can confront James about saying he would put both of us up. Julia says we just have to make sure Johnny Mac doesn’t win (HOH). Its getting down to us needing to win or we’ll be the ones going.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-29 11-06-36-050

11:35am Austin joins Liz in the bed. Austin explains the strategy the will use if its the counting competition. Liz says that Meg was crying last night because her knees are really bad. Austin tells Liz that Vanessa is real worried about Johnny Mac now. If he goes up he might go. Which means Meg and James might stay. Johnny Mac and James are a deadly combination. We don’t know what is going to happen though. Either way those people on the block will need to make huge deals with us. Liz says James needs to go. Austin says we will need to see what happens in the veto.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-29 11-35-46-366

11:55am – 12:05pm Big Brother calls Johnny Mac to the diary room. Liz screams and jumps up. (Johnny Mac is the veto host so the POV might start soon.) The twins start getting ready in the bathroom. Austin, Steve and Vanessa join then. They talk about their strategy if its the counting competition.

12:05pm Havenot room – Meg tells James people have no social skills. Just everyone is so awkward and weird and don’t know how to handle things. James says that’s why I’m not talking to anybody. Meg says I know. I kind of want to stop too. James says theres no point in being fake! The thing about it is I don’t want to talk to anybody because all of them know the plan. That’s what’s crazy. You know everyone knows. I guarantee even Steve knows the target this week. So there’s no point in being like hey what’s up buddy! Meg says I know and then it all resets anyways. I am just thinking for one of us whoever stays here… That slop bothered me so much.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-29 12-08-31-758
12:10pm Big Brother switches the feeds to the live feed highlights … looks like its time for the power of veto competition…

1:20pm The live feeds are still blocked.

2:20pm Still blocked..

2:41pm Feeds still down yo

4:56pm NO

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  • “Goblins/Gremlins” = James and Meg
  • “The Generals” = anyone allied with Becky
  • “SOS” (Students of Sound) = Steve and Vanessa
  • Rockstars = Steve and Jmac
  • AUS-Twins = Austin, Julia and Liz
  • “Austin’s Angels” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Vanessa
  • “Brass Tacks” = Gobins and Austwins
  • The new “Brass Tacks” = Aus-Twins, Meg, James + Vanessa
  • “Freaks and Geeks” “The Scamper Squad” = Aus-Twins, Vanessa, Steve
  • “The new Freaks and Geeks minus Vanessa” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Steve, Johnny Mac
  • “The Authority” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Steve

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austwins in veto >.<


There’s 7 people left and 6 people for veto dumby

Twin Cats

Dawg, I found Austin’s comment to Vanessa hilarious (regarding the 4-way split). My question to you: do you think he told her to explain it slowly to the twins because she talks too damned fast or because the twins are slow to understand things? Either way, it’s funny! I was just wondering though…


So Steve thinks he’s the cute kid in the house and composed his speech to help him get America’s Favorite! According to Vanessa’s remark he may actually be in line for America’s Favorite Farter!

Twin Cats

Thanks for your insight, Dawg! Yeah, that Vanessa is a schemer. I have actually been wondering if she is really a lesbian or if she just plays one on t.v. She’s come a long way from being the sexiest woman on the poker circuit. It seems like she uses whatever persona will build the most trust so she can cheat her way to a win, right?

Old man

She uses NLP and she is a master of it.


Vanessa (moving hand right to left): “This is not the crazy-eyed house guest you are looking for.”


And that’s why she’s Sithe Lord Crazy Train.


Isn’t her plan against the rules?
Its going to be very boring if production lets them do it.
Plus it opens the door for any rich player to bribe the win in future BB seasons.
Frankie would of won if he knew he could just pay them off.


8 people left


Mommy please help me! I had that dream about Amy Shumer’s Ass again!


Who’s the the dummy…there is 8 people left not 7.


Count again.
Vanessa, James, Meg, Austin, Liz, Julia, Steve, John.
That’s 8.


Meg wins most ludicrous comment of the day. Gonna be hard for you to top that headline Dawg.

Nothing Personal

Meg’s game play saved a bunch of people, including Vanessa.


The goblins didn’t save Vanessa as much as vote out Shelli. Saving Vanessa was a by-product of being more scared of Shelli.

Team Dawg

I actually did a double take when I first saw it.

Member of the Ant Farm

Oh Meg, Meg, Meg…I try to like you because you’re cute and bubbly and then….you talk!!


Defiantly correct, except the cute part.


You’re exactly correct, except for the cute part.


Why does Meg hate Jmac? She is helping out Austwins. I believe she was just telling James she would save him. She has never won so that’s easy to say. She is hoping that if James wins then Jmac will be put up and the twins will save her. Does anyone know why she hates Jmac? I know people were upset that he said he would go after her but I think that’s because he wants to work with James and Meg will not let him.


I’m not sure why, but you can tell just by her facial expressions that she does not like Steve or Johnny.

Megs Mean Streak & Jealousy Lost Her the Game

Despite the goofy exterior, Meg has been gossipy, mean and jealous in cliques with Day, Jason, & Jackie over Twins, JMAC & Clay alienating Becky, Shelli, Vanessa, Austin. She’s passive agressive so her anger frustration of never having power gets directed at potential partners and enemies. She covers by being the party girl, flirting without success, and angry at girls who get the guys attention, Liz, Julia, Vanessa, Becky. She only took Jackie in after Jeff & Jason were evicted. She really isn’t a girls girl, she’s uncomfortable with competition, haves or social. She avoids direct communication until it’s too late, preferring to hide behind, ride James coattails, coast, giggle, play the dumb, innocent victim of others. It’s too bad, but she put herself where she’s at.


That was an excellent read on Meg, couldn’t agree more!


The title made me die from laughter

I survived last seasons BB

Meg and Julia are going to have a one on one comp..Someone will win about the time BB26 comes out


Double loss?


It really could happen if it’s one of those comps where they are alone and have the option to give up!


Can we get a Meg Power House like big brother 14 Joe use to have


why can’t rock stars and goblins work together and get out austwins


Don’t get your hopes up. If James wins veto, Meg goes out, no matter who the replacement is. Van keeps Steve, JMac & Austin’s testicles in her hat.


Austin doesnt have testicles, she probably has his tampon in her hat


Meg does not Like Jmac or Steve. They are not cool or hip. Read her bio what she said about herself. She has a very high a opinion. She may have a reason not to like Steve because of the Jackie thing and He is with Van but she does not have one for Jmac They do not show how rude she is to Jmac and now Steve on the TV edit. You have to watch the feeds to see her contempt for them.


Meg hates Steve because Jason hated Steve.
Sort of puts a monkey wrench into working with Steve when she doesn’t even hide her contempt for him. Watch the two interact. It barely happens. He enters, she walks away.



I survived last seasons BB

It’s about as bad a draw for Meg/James as can be,,but no draws were really good anyway

but umm Meg, what exactly have You done ? besides open Your mouth and insert foot. You helped keep Vanessa in the game. You cost Becky her HOH and Her game as well..

If somehow James won POV….then Vanessa better put the beanie on that provides rational thought and backdoor a twin


What in the world? So now “they” havent done “anything” and Vanessa is “scared” of her? Oh Meg. Bless her heart.


???????????? “oh Meg, bless her heart.” ????????


Bless your heart too. Lol


That’s southern speak for Dumba$$ LOL


Im in the North, and it means naive.

Chill this Town

I hate that its almost impossible for Meg to go this week. How dare you pass up MAC ATTACK for veto. If MAC goes home because he can’t play in POV, its more of MEG’s season as unofficial BB17 Saboteur.

hopefully James wins the Veto and we Vanessa will be forced to show her hand.


It was Vanessa who drew house guests choice not Meg…Steve was talking about her chip she drew not being Johnnies

freud's cigar

she starts to speak and i immediately hear Peter Griffin: SHUT UP MEG!
Even Day’vonne is probably getting on twitter and having to admit Chillle get yo life.
The pot and the kettle have left the building, even they don’t want any part of what she’s saying.

Jake K.

Pardon my language, but are you fucking kidding. ALL THREE got picked -____- The producers must even be hating this. They know the popularity polls. I hope they somehow the austwins get knocked down, and then steve james and jmac slay vanessa. And they battle it out

O My Goodness

If everything I’ve been reading is true about the House guest and their problems, why would production cast them. What ever happen to the good old Players like, Janell, Brendan, Rachel (cry baby) that played a good game. Janell didn’t care about nothing she was pretty and all in your face. These people here have personal problems and taking meds. and everyone walking on eggs shells cause they don’t want to get someone else psssst. BB you need to re-group and have good players like you did in the pass.

I survived last seasons BB

– Vanessa got House Guest choice and picked Austin

That should tell You that Vanessa has no intention of a backdoor, at least not yet, if so She wouldve picked Steve or JMac


Her alliance with Steve and Jmac is supposed to be secret.
How secret is it if she announces it with her houseguest choice for veto?
She and Jmac are supposed to be playing up that they aren’t liking each other much, that he’s alone still.
She and Steve are supposed to be playing like he’s kissing up to her but she hasn’t completely forgiven him yet.
How suspicious is it to the house if she picks either? Just confirms the goblin suspicion.


Vanessa will not be the one to take the first shot at Austin and the twins. That’s why she’s cultivating Steve and John and why she wants James out.

Big sexy 40

I mean I uhh .. Yea.. Umm I jus read that Meg line correct … Ok .. Um yea…. So ahh .. Great … I’m jus Guna umm … Sure . Really, the whole show, go fuck yourself . Take your veto, and your slop, your beanies, stupid glasses, shine em up and literally fuck your own face . Ruined a really dope show, with such a cool premise with these clown bags.

Meg's gusband

Meg is a powerhouse and a strategist, she is the only houseguest that actually deserves to win!


And: Up is down, down is up, right is left, negative is positive, white is black and if you say something enough times it becomes the truth.

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the new reality!


Smart move for Vanessa would be to tell Austwins they need to win the POV or she has to use one of them as a pawn since they all played. Then she can put one up and have the hiuse decide, and then when one of Austwins goes home, no blood on her hands. That would be smart but she’s trying to go with a split the money 4 ways. Sure Vanessa I’ll tell you I agree but once it’s 4, you can go and I’ll take 1st. Sorry not Sorry!!!


Do you not pay attention? Look at who she is talking to when she is making these f4 strategies- AUSTWINS. She has absolutely no intention of going to f4 with Austwins. She wants them to think that is her plan, because then they would never vote her out if she is on the block. You want to see where her head really is at? Look at her convos with steve. She has an alliance with Steve and Jmac too. She is using them to take out Austwins for her, because if she were to do it, she would be dead in the water. She has it set up so she is the last to be targeted on each side. Just because she tells the Austwins she plans on going to f4 with them means nothing.


If Austwins agree to the final 4 split, they truelly are as stupid as I see them on TV. Split 4 ways is not that much once you pay taxes. Vanessa can gamble and could double:triple her amount, but with the brain cells of Austwins, the money would be spent on a car then it’s gone. Back to square one working in the gym for min wage. You came on here to win, not split it, I don’t care for those 4, but at least be smart and know you can knock Vanessa out and possibly get 1st.


Hey guys. The 3 relies under big sexy 40 look like we are responding to them when in fact I think and hope you removed an earlier post re meg that was awful. Looks like we are van supporters but no way! Ok with flow is if you remove it.


??????? not sure what you or big sexy 40 is saying? explain ? cuz rite now just looks like drunk rant or jibberish. no offence meant.


Van is controlling this game because they are all scared of her. Austin said he didn’t her up because he could not deal with her game talk, whining, and crying all week. That would mess up his “cuddling also known as sex time” with Liz. Has anyone noticed that once she got HOH, the atmosphere of the house has changed for the worse. They are all depressed. Downer Debbie has no idea of how they really feel about her. Van is one big hot mess!


No I didn’t notice that at all. Steve is acting much happier this week. Jmac is 1000x’s happier. Austwins are the same as always.

Obviously the ones down are James and Meg. And Meg way more than James. She’s a wreck and honestly he’s normal James, other than trying to console her.


“Austin says I think so if you explained it slowly.”

I survived last seasons BB

Dawg…..Austin is so slow it takes Him an hour and a half to watch 60 Minutes


Meg is a loser.


Kick a twin or meg out . what the heck have they done?


the gerbil in Austin’s head is already trying to figure out a way to continue keeping James and Meg. Because he can have fun with them.
Part of me hopes he tries to screw Vanessa. Austin saves a Goblin, Austin loses a twin. And it’s Austin’s own damn fault for betraying Vanessa. Not the way everyone wanted it, but the effect is the same as what everyone has been whining for two days about. Even better in my books, Liz or Julia wins, Austin browbeats her into saving a goblin, Vanessa gets all Vanespsycho about it and nominates Austin. His own backstabbing causes his eviction.

You're our last hope, James...

The only way this game gets interesting is if James wins the POV. He should take himself off the block (Meg is a lot cause) and then wins the next HOH. During the eviction nomination ceremony he should say this:

‘Liz and Venessa take a seat. I’m nominating you two because you’re both part of the two big voting blocks left in the house. Liz is with Austin, Julia, and Vanessa, and Vanessa is also with JMac and Steve. If either of you come down, the one that goes up will also be from one of those alliances. No matter what, one of the alliances will be chipped away at and two or three new groups will form. I’d like to be a part of a new group that forms – a group that can win comps and go to the end. If you think you have a scenario like this, come see me. If not, think carefully whether you want to win or use the veto given what I intend to do. I like you all as people, so this isn’t personal, it’s just business, and it needs to be done for my game.’

James’ only hope is to win the POV and HOH and do something like this. He should give them the info about his backup plans generally, but not specifically. It’s best if he leaves Julia, Austin, Steve and JMac nervous about what the status of their alliance, especially now that they know (or at least need to consider) that Vanessa is playing both sides. They will have to wonder if it’s in their best interest to use the veto. James can put maximum pressure on them this way, look like a straight shooter, and gain the most information. Steve and JMac will immediately think to reform an alliance with James, and be happy the wild card Vanessa is gone. Here’s the voting scenarios that matter, imo:

1. If Vanessa wins POV, she’ll take herself down, and James should put up Austin against Liz. Either way, that group is whittled to three.

2. If Liz wins POV, she’ll take herself down, and James should put up Julia against Vanessa. Again that group is whittled down to three.

3. If the POV isn’t used, Julia and Austin will vote for Liz to stay. Now knowing that Vanessa was playing both sides against each other, JMac and Steve might be willing to send Vanessa home, and try to recruit James so that it’s still three against three, but perhaps with their group better able to win comps. Even if Steve and JMac vote to keep Vanessa, James will be the tie-breaker and probably send the biggest threat home – Vanessa.

You're our last hope, James...

And even if Vanessa gets the POV and saves herself, she’ll be damaged by the info James’ discloses publicly about her playing both sides against each other. None of the folks she’s currently in an alliance with will trust her, which means she really truly alone in the house now.


“Julia says I am happy Johnny Mac is here”. Wasn’t it just two days ago she hated his guts and couldn’t say enough bad things about him?


That was two days ago, she’s taken a dump and changed her mind.

oh my

Vanessa wants to make a deal to split the prize money? It’s a game, wouldn’t that be cheating? It would be like a boxer taking a dive for money or a bribe. Let me win and i’ll split the money. Should’t that be against the rules? Can you do that in poker?


Julia and Liz said the same thing. If either of them win they are splitting it.


thats different by a million %….they are family and twins and came into game together….they have every rite to split $ between them….
she needs to be be removed or BB should give james a
coup de tas! if vanessa isnt gone by that…then she deserves everything and be the winner….


I’m not defending Vanessa BUT how is that any different at all? They are two separate players playing big brother, saying they will split the winnings.

It’s completely irrelevant if they are related. A rule is a rule, if that is in fact the rule. And if it is a rule, I highly doubt it would say *This rule is null and void if two houseguest are related”…..


i kinda agree…then BB/CBS…should do something starting with Van…because it 100% is effecting the natural course of the game….nobody was allowed to talk like this and use it in any other season…it was stopped and people were warned!
if van wasnt a millionare she wouldnt be doing this. ITS EFFECTING THE GAME! thus it isnt fair or right!
if james was millionaire he could buy his way off the block then? is that fair? come on cbs!

is it just me

what i would love to see is them split the prize and give it to vanessa to gamble and then she loses it all and says well thats why its called gambling

Vanessa's Accountant

Legally speaking, the Twins entered their BB contract together, were recruited as a pair having been dumped by the VH1 Twinning Gane show, are renumerated together, and can split whatever prizes they get under that contract or most likely at home outside of BB authority.

Vanessa on the other hand, has specifically requested BB write contracts between she and various cast members, within or in addendum to the existing rules, for the following:
1. Splitting cash prizes
2. Staking claims on winnings
3. Trips to Vegas to multiply winnings
4. New car for Julia with our without winning cash prizes
5. Sound Production deal for DJ Twins
6. Gambling instruction including counting cards teams for Austin
7. Recording contract for Students of Sound with Steve
8. Housing in Vegas for the Twins

And those are only the deals picked up by Feeds. After taxes, accounting, legal fees and FCC fines for fixing bets on game shows, Vanessa will owe CBS.

You're our last hope, James...

Yes, you can do that in poker – it’s called a chop. For example, if the last five players in a poker tournament will get paid, it’s in an ascending scale, perhaps like this:

1st place – $1000
2nd place – $650
3rd place – $450
4th place – $300
5th place – $200

Let’s say the 5th and 4th place players go out and get paid their prize money of $200 and $300 respectively, and let’s say that the last three players remaining have close to the same amount of chips left and are really uncertain of who will place 1st, 2nd or 3rd. They could agree (it’s got to be unanimous) to chop the rest of the prize pool equally rather than risk going out in third. They would each then be paid $700 – that’s a bit more than 2nd place. (1000 + 650 + 450)/3 = $700. Or let’s say two had about the same number of chips while one had more. That player could say, ‘okay, I’ll chop, but only if you two each give me an extra $100. If the two agree, they’ll get $600 each, and the third one will get $900.

People chop depending on whether or not it’s risky to continue (they’re all uncertain if they could actually go to the end), or if the prize pool is small and it’s not worth playing it down to the end for another hour or two, and for other reasons as well. Also all five of the cash position players could agree to chop.

So Vanessa’s deal is that there’s two prizes; $50,000 and $500,000, and rather than two of the four winning these amounts, the final four would chop the $550,000 four ways, giving them each ~$137,000.

In poker, even if the players that reach the cash level chop evenly, the one with the biggest chip stack left at the point of the chop is declared the winner, the second biggest chip stack is the runner up, etc. If you were playing for a bracelet, ring, or other trophy, you could chop before the end, and still play it down for the trophy, or just give the trophy to the biggest chip stack player at the point of the chop. Or you could agree to chop for part of the money, and play for the rest, as a way to minimize your risk.


Only one person wins 500k once the net win money is issued to the person. The show nor anyone else can dictate how you spend the money.

So Right

Yes, you are so right but here’s the kicker if she promise anyone any money especially on live TV she’s probably going to have to pay up. I think that is “Law School 101” Be careful what and where you say things.

is it just me

you are probably right but here’s the kicker, vanessa’s lawyers are guaranteed to be much better then the ones the austwins can afford and at the end of the day right or wrong the guy with the best lawyer wins just look at oj

Backseat Driver

I know it’s definitely in the “Survivor” rules… splitting prize money…..not sure about BB.


Just get the dead weight, non- game playing people out.


Don’t hurt a poor puppy in your hate. It really is just a game.


ya why would someone even think of kicking a puppy unless they have???!!!! im telling…lol


please please James, WIN THE VETO!!!!!


The Fuck? Meg had a choice of picking Jmac and she chose not to? Or did she not get HG Choice?


would be great if James won and it was Diamond Power of veto and put Liz up…and then talked to Jmac and Steve and the 3 of them voted Liz out…talk about scampering he he he he


Dreams, beautiful dreams…


Meg has a problem with everyone except herself and James.

When Jason was in the house it was only he and James she didnt have a prob with.

She is miserable person.

Everyone is nice or cordial to her and she talks shit about everyone.

Vile person.


If you pick your favorites in the game and they end up sucking at the game, blaming the people playing better isn’t going to fix it.
Pick new favorites and your problem’s solved.


I cant and never will respect a cheater.

Straight Shooter

C’moooooooonn James. You winning veto is the only way the week stays interesting.


Ya. Maybe with an extra week we can finally determine how a foul-mouthed sexist cretin making date rape jokes, calling women b@@@@ and c@@@ and hitting on the post op transexual not because he likes her but because she can’t get pregnant while breaking every deal he’s made in the game became a hero of the season.

A BB prayer

Please BB gods….I want to see van and the austwins scrambling for once. And while you’re at it, please knock the Rango twins down a notch or two…they lack humility and a hot rock to sun themselves on.

Waiting for veto results.

Twist for future seasons… NO ONE is allowed to say who they are voting out. This would make it hard on production to monitor all talk.. The live feed subscribers could help out 😉 and maybe instead of have nots, a penalty vote for whoever says they are voting out. but…I think this would cure a lot of the boredom of the show and the boredom of the live feeds. CBs you would profit lol!!!!!!!!!

Waiting for veto results.

Thought.. No one is allowed to say who they are voting out. Hard to monitor but possible with all the live feeders 😉 penalty vote for all who fail. Do away with useless have nots. Makes the game WAY more interesting.


ON the flip side they should bring back have not competitions and make have nots twice as difficult.


I want liz to go to jury next then Julia then venssa


why is vanessa keeping Austin and the idiots? they have been in multiple plans to get rid of her. i thought she hated back stabbers.

Julia the Twit

“James won’t even play Pot Ball- I want him out.”


Cant stand watching when the douchebags control the game. I would just like to see their faces when they find out what the outside really thinks about them….


Does anybody think there is a chance that they will have an endurance veto today that lasts longer than 15 min since they have little footage of the hoh for Sunday? Maybe they will show the start of the veto on Sunday? Or is that highly unlikely?


I only like the twins when they are talking trash about Austin. Hope we get to see more of that soon.

Bunny Slipper

Does anyone else find it odd that Liz and Julia both have an evil twin?



backdoor Frankie

Ugh I cant understand how Vanessa thinks she has any chance of winning with Liz around. HELLO Liz is 3 votes!


Almost five hours. Wow!


Anon- you are the biggest fucking troll on this site . Telling people to get a life /You need a fucking life . Your posts suck and are contradictory . Slob


As it stands, everyone in Jury hates Vanessa. If she thinks that Austin and Liz won’t hold a grudge when they’re evicted she’s mistaken. As we saw the in buy back, the evicted house guests did not have the same fight they had before they were evicted, and John did. Whoever get’s evicted that close to the end is going to be bitter. As it stands, the only person Vanessa could win with the jury is Julia. Everyone else hates her. And Meg, looks like she’s going home this week. It could be Johnny though. And then she could take Meg, and win there. I doubt though. I still hate her, either way. I hope she’s gone before then.