Steve “I will f**King win HOH the next week & backdoor your a$$ if you make me a havenot!”

POV Holder: Liz POV Competition Aug 15th
POV Used No POV Ceremony Aug 10th
HOH Liz Next HOH Aug 20th
Original Nominations: Johnny Mac and Becky
After POV Nominations: Johnny Mac and Becky
Have Nots Vanessa, Johnny Mac, Steve

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-19 02-39-10-762

12:05am Backyard – Steve tells Johnny that he is heading to bed. He missed his nap on purpose so that it would force him to go to bed early. Johnny says that he is going hangout with Becky tonight. He says that she is handling it well. She pretty much knew that she was going home when the plan went down. Johnny says if I win HOH, I pretty much have to put up one of ours to ensure that it (Vanessa goes) happens. If they win they will probably take out James. Steve says probably. Johnny asks if you win would you take out James? Or are you just going to let me win? Steve says honest to god answer I don’t know. Are you going to be up for awhile? Johnny says with her (Becky). Steve says because I have a really good plan about Vanessa to make her feel like no one is coming after her. Johnny asks we have to make her feel like no one is coming after her? Steve says of course, did you not see how much time I’ve been spending with her? Johnny asks does she feel like? Steve says that’s what I’m trying to make her feel. I think she is going to throw the HOH. Johnny says I’ll go to her her with a deal. Steve says she does like deals, she’s a big fan of deals. Or you could go to her an try being a decent person. Johnny says yes sir! Steve says for her you could try being a decent person. Steve heads inside.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-19 03-15-13-824
12:08am Havenot room – Steve talks to Vanessa about how a part of him is just done. Part of me is stoked to be her but part of me is just done. Vanessa asks are people scampering? Steve says no because everyone knows what’s going on. It’s pretty cut and dry at this point. I’m just hoping for a Scamper Squad to win. Vanessa says Austin.. I think he throws HOH’s. Steve asks did he throw the emoji? Vanessa says yeah. I don’t think we can count on him to win.
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Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-19 02-52-11-304

12:05am HOH room – Meg talks to Liz, Julia and Austin. She says that she talked to Steve and said that she feels like no one really feels like they’re going home this week. Steve said that’s weird because Beck came and told me that she knows that she’s the target. Austin asks she’s going around telling everyone she’s the target because she thinks she’s not the target? Meg says yes. Austin says great! Meg says I said to Steve that seems like a funny game play because wouldn’t that mean that you would just vote her out? (Voting with the majority) And he was like yeah that’s why I thought it was kind of like weird that she was so okay with it. I tried to make it seem like she just thinks if she goes out she will come back. But what she is doing, which is dumb is she is going around telling people that she’s the target, that she is going home. When .. she is the target now. Austin says its hysterical. So do we tell her that she’s not or do we blind side her? Meg says I am going to have to tell her the day of that I’m voting her out. Austin wonders if she has any compelling evidence about Johnny Mac. Meg says I dont think she does. Austin asks how do we tell her. We could be like Johnny Mac finally came and talked game and presented some compelling reasons why he should stay in the house. So you need to give us compelling reasons to stay here. Meg says and just add that it was nothing about you (Becky). Liz asks why does she believe she is a pawn? Austin says because we told her she was a pawn. Liz says but why doesn’t she realize she is a big competitor. They talk about Becky’s speech and how it wasn’t a good idea what she said. Meg says I would be a little careful with Johnny Mac. Liz asks have you promised him your vote? Meg says no, he told me I should probably vote for Becky. And I was like what are you pulling a Clay?! Austin says I guess he truly believes me and Julia are going to vote for him and he knows he has Steve. Meg says I guess. Austin asks is he trying to set you up to be on the losing end of the stick. So he can go after you. I need him to be truthful that he is going after her (Vanessa) next week. Meg says they’re playing a very good game with her because they’re spending a lot of time together. Austin says this is why I don’t like not winning HOH. You never know what is going to happen. Meg says we just need to win HOH. Who is Vanessa saying is her target? Austin says she is going after Johnny Mac but she only asks us who our target is and doesn’t give us information any more. Meg says we need to get Steve out. He is going to be good at the questions.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-19 02-59-01-854

12:50am HOH room – Julia tells Steve I am really concerned for your health. You really need to start cooking your pork chops more. Austin says yeah its risky. You can get food poisoning. Steve says I can do that. Only 2 more days (being a havenot). And then YOU’RE TURN!! Austin says unless I get HOH. Liz says then you’re turn again. Steve says I’m not .. NO! I will f**King win HOH the next week and backdoor your a$$ if you make me havenot next week if you’re HOH. Austin says good enough. Liz says I love feisty Steve! Steve says I will go after you like nobody’s business if you make me havenot again. Austin says I won’t. Steve says you know what I won’t target you… I will find you at night and cut your pony tail off. Austin says that could be ground for expulsion. Steve says also grounds for a thank you. Austin says okay Zing Bot! Liz asks on who’s end? Steve says Liz is nodding in agreement with me. Steve says you against 3 to 1 here. Austin says but I’m not on the block. Steve says but your beard is. Austin asks are you going to ask Rich (Rich Meehan Executive Producer) to go and .. on Thursday? Big Brother blocks the feeds. Julia and Steve leave. Liz says we need to talk to Julia to be careful. She keeps making comments in front of Meg about Steve and she has no idea we’re working with Steve. Julia comes back and Liz warns her about being careful about what she says. Julia says oh sh*t I forgot.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-19 04-01-08-695

12:20am Backyard – Johnny Mac and Becky play a game of pool. Johnny says if we pair up with James and Meg we’re the strongest two and we’re the first to go. Becky says James is strong but he is really good at being quiet. Johnny says I don’t think there is anyway we can win if we go with them. Becky says you have two friends that will fight for each other (James & Meg) and 3 people that will fight for each other (Aus-Twins). No matter who you pick, you and Steve haven’t been with them since the beginning so it super hard. Its almost like 1 of each group needs to go to the end to the final 3. Finals are creeping up quick. Johnny asks if its endurance and one of you, Jackie are up there I could throw it to one of you. And you can let Jackie know that. Becky doesn’t think it will be endurance. Becky says I don’t know where Steve’s head is at. He doesn’t talk game. Johnny says he comes with me information but he doesn’t have an accurate view of what’s going on in the house. Becky says I don’t think anyone is coming after him but Jackie. Becky says I definitely learned my HOH. You can put people up but the house decides. Johnny says that’s Vanessa has lost all credibility in the house. Becky asks really? I think everyone else will go after her but won’t. Becky says Julia or Meg will 100% be in the final 3. I think James will get plucked off. Johnny says that’s why I can’t work with him. It makes no sense to make a deal with him because of that. Johnny says I need to work myself in some where. Everyone I’ve been working with has been picked off one by one. Johnny says Steve or I will try to win this HOH. Becky says he won’t try. Becky says I will go talk to them one more time and asks them to confirm or deny if I am going home. I know they won’t do it. She’s so scared to do it.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-19 03-28-26-678

1:30am Bedroom – Meg tells James she doesn’t think Steve will do that to us again. (Go after them like how he put Meg / Jackie up during the double eviction) James asks what about Johnny Mac? Meg says I don’t know. James says that’s the question mark. Maybe he could be saying he would throw Vanessa up but he could throw me up. Meg says it is what it is. James says it sucks because if I win this week, then I can’t play next week. Meg says but if its endurance you know its not going to be next week after that. James says true. Meg says and you’re the guy for that. James thinks Austin would be good at endurance too. Meg disagrees.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-19 04-21-56-430

1:45am Steve and Vanessa play a game of chess. Steve tells Vanessa that it doesn’t seem right that Becky isn’t doing anything. If she does go with anything she won’t come to me since she knows I’m a vote to keep Johnny. Vanessa brings up how she asked Becky to give her words last week. Which I find very laughable. Steve says he thinks Becky is lying about being found on Tinder.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-19 04-45-48-660
2:15am Meg and Johnny Mac head over to the hammock. They talk about Brittney Haynes (BB12) and the Brigade Alliance. Johnny tells Becky I will smooth things over this week so don’t come back in with a chip on your shoulder. Come in and try and win HOH. Don’t come in with a game plan in mind. Becky says I won’t, I’ll be humble. Johnny says one thing about the HOH room. If I get it, I don’t want to be up there. It feels awkward and I don’t want to be a part of that. Becky says I just want Thursday to happen. I’m sick of waiting. If they could just tell me hey, we’re voting you out. Just the waiting draws it out. Johnny says when I talked to them I just pretty much knew I was going up on the block. Becky says no one is talking game to me. Not from James, not from Meg, it has shut off. I want them to tell me by 5pm. Johnny says they had to put me and you up. They think we’re more likely to win then anyone that’s left. Becky says if I was in the game and you left, I wouldn’t have the man power. Johnny says I would still have Steve but we’re still a target. Johnny Mac talks about his  calling Vanessa out for telling him about the 8 person alliance.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-19 05-03-52-696

2:55am – 3:40am Steve and Vanessa join Becky and Johnny by the hammock. Vanessa comments that she uses quick books to do her income/expenses. She says she taught herself how to use it after she got audited. Becky asks why did you get audited? Vanessa says 2 reasons .. one its random and two my accountant reversed 2 number gross income and gross receipts. Vanessa says I went through a lot of work to fix it and at the end they ended up owing me money. Johnny comments that how they cap the student loan interest deduction to $2500 a year but that he pays $15,000 a year in just interest. Why would you cap it off so low!? I probably put $40,000 a year into student loans and $15,000 is just interest. Vanessa tells him he should consolidate all his loans to get a lower interest rate. Vanessa heads to bed. Johnny, Steve and Becky talk about past events of the season. Johnny asks where did all that dental dams go? Steve says James and the wackshack.
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Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-19 05-13-06-363

4:10am – 5amSteve asks Becky if Jackie were to come back and I were to be open with her about what happened and the way everything went down it would seem like I’m just trying to cover my a$$. Becky says I would just start with her and say that Meg and Becky talked to me after and I really realized that things were different than I perceived them and I would really like to tell you what was going through my mind when I made it. Not to cover my a$$ but to just let you know. Becky says proceed with caution because less is more. Little things can open pandora’s box. Steve says kind of like James opening pandora’s box? Because he’s a little thing opening pandora’s box. Becky says that’s actually funny. Steve says I’m just always worried about coming across fake. Johnny says you’re never fake. The conversation turns to talking about jobs other house guests said and if they’re telling the truth. Vanessa going to Duke, has an Economics / Political Sciences Degree, went to law school, poker player and a DJ. James never talks about his job and Meg doesn’t like talking about her job. Becky comments on her toe is really bad and that she’s really feeling it. They talk about it being infected. Becky heads inside. Steve asks Johnny to be blunt with him… Do you want me to go inside so you can hang out with Becky? Johnny tells him yes. Steve says okay and heads inside.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-19 05-22-59-134

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-19 05-37-10-136

5am Becky comes back out to join Johnny on the hammock. They talk about how becky will get medical attention for he toe just like Steve got it for his tooth/canker sores. Johnny asks have you ever felt stressed in here. Becky sarcastically says never once. They head inside to go to bed. Becky gets an ice pack, climbs in bed puts in on her foot.


  • “Goblins/Gremlins” = James and Meg
  • “The Generals” = anyone allied with Becky
  • “SOS” (Students of Sound) = Steve and Vanessa
  • Rockstars = Steve and Jmac
  • AUS-Twins = Austin, Julia and Liz
  • “Austin’s Angels” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Vanessa
  • “Brass Tacks” = Gobins and Austwins
  • The new “Brass Tacks” = Aus-Twins, Meg, James + Vanessa
  • “Freaks and Geeks” “The Scamper Squad” = Aus-Twins, Vanessa, Steve
  • “The new Freeks and Geeks minus Vanessa” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Steve, Johnny Mac

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Couldn’t agree with you more.

harsh much

Sure he may play a bad game, but for real though, people inside of the big brother house are waaaaaay different than people outside.

Vanessa's Diagnosis & Cheating

Vanessa diagnoses Steve with Asburgers Autism, he says no. She’s self diagnosed Bi-polar OCD introvert. Steve says his creepy ob sessions got him kicked out of his frat they even rewrote the bi-laws to get him out. Now in the house he’s fixated on Julia. Is that why he wants James out, no competition. Julia flirts with both for Plan C if Austwins or Vanessa F2 doesn’t pan out. Audrey isn’t the only player who needs psychologist & heavy sedation.

JMAC days he picks Meg every POV which confirms CBS condones cheating, still using engraved chips to change select players. No such thing as random draw. Staged plants like con artist detectives & gamblers versus horny slacker recruits who throw every comp in between soft porn tapings in HOH and pool. Gross. No fun summer games anymore, its like watching animals in a zoo feed on each other.


Please don’t use OCD as f’n adjective. It stands for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and shouldn’t be thrown around like it’s nothing. It’s a serious illness. I happen to be properly diagnosed with it and ignorant usages of the acronym piss me right off and probably thousands of others.

Otherwise good comment.


haha people like dawg more than austin 😀
thats how it should be!


Student loan’s are a evil scam. Education should be free they are our future after all.


Student loans are an evil scam? The price of a decent education is the the fucking scam. Here, you are paying $550 to take a beginner course about fucking Facebook! True story, every Saturday for 8 weeks, 20 people learn how to navigate through social media. This is obviously just a hobby course or “continuing education” they call it, put on by the college. $11000 though? Really? Scam.

Quebec has got 1 thing right. They even hear a whisper of tuition rising, they riot.


It’s called capitalism. Concentration of wealth on the top until you have a two tier society, unless there are social programs and regulations in place. But keep on voting Republican or skewering the Democrats for trying to help the average man, America. Can’t have it both ways, but people think it’s possible bc they have absolutely no understanding of basic political/economic theory.

Canadian Kevin

Meg might mess things up for JMac; she’s observant, always seeing Steve, Jmac and Vanessa together – it’s just too bad, as usual, she’s clueless. Her theory is wrong – but it might still burn Jmac


Yeah you guys keep worrying about Vanessa. Meanwhile there will be 5 votes next week and a solid block of three players in the house that act as one and have good relationships with everyone in the house. Don’t worry about splitting them up or anything though.


When you say “you guys” you obviously mean JMac.
The time to take out the twins, was before they even entered, and that ship has sailed.
The austwins seem that they have turned their backs on Van while in power, but they will change their tune once in danger. If Liz goes, Austin and Julia will latch onto Van… If Austin goes, Julia and Liz will latch onto Van..
And Julia (she would turn her back on Austin before van), she has the same chance as Meg to be evicted.
You take a weak gamer trio, to a strong trio.

What if Jmac doesnt take out van, then he pisses of the remaining 2. The goblins are obviously riding the fence and would drop him in a sec. And Steve, he would never draw that kind of heat towards himself to take any of them out. JMac is fighting a losing battle, and needs to get Van, to make everyone think hes with them too. He has no other choice. It is not up to Jmac to take out the Austwins. He cant do it by himself, without forfeiting the game.


JMac is just going with the easy target Vanessa. He sees where the real power lies — with the 3 Muskyteers. And is simply trying to align with them by targeting their target. He’s been playing a weak game from the beginning. I have no idea why he’s called into the DR so much. One of the twins said he is the most boring player there. He is trying hard to not have a dominant personality.


Sounds like he’ll have to convince others of the necessity of splitting them up. They are outnumbered for now but that only matters if the rest of the house understands that. Anyone who seriously wants to ride to final 5 with them needs to know that at that point it is likely too late. James for example. Does he think he can break that wall of players with only Meg at his side? The next HoH needs to take care of this immediately. This isn’t the kind of group that you can convince to betray each other.


Wow how does no one see the twins as the biggest problem in the house!!!! The strong 3 person alliance needs to go but you are too stuck on Vanessa!? WTF


After this season’s Twin Twist I’m not sure if I ever want to see another Twin Twist ever.


Agree. If Jmac wasnt so hellbent on getting Vanessa out he could use the information he has (Austwins wanting him to take out Vanessa for them) and work with her & Steve. They could fill in Goblins, put up Vanessa & Austin (or liz if Johnny Mac wins) keep telling Austwins you’re sticking with the plan and have Goblins vote out 1 of the Austwins. And next week you claim Goblins did what they did to Beckys HOH. But i have a feeling Goblins would mess it up again and vote out Vanessa.


You have a pipe dream there. Van is not trustworthy, how can JMac work with someone that he cant give information to? Why dont you whine that the goblins should work with Van? You evem think the goblins are trustworthy enough to vote how they want. The goblins love the Austwins. It will never work.

Instead of people complaining about JMacs vendetta against van, they can realize he is alone in this game, and understand his position. He does not have the goblins, because they are the reason Becky is going home. He does not have Steve (completely anyways). He can NOT afford to piss off the Austwins for his game. Any move he makes, the house guests have final say, and they may not vote how he wants. Its not on JMacs shoulders that the Austwins be separated. He needs to go after Van, and not target the austwins.


At a certain point in the game, self preservation trumps trust. Everyone outside of that group of three must understand that they are about to run into an impenetrable wall. James is exactly the kind of guy who you can convince of the danger of leaving Austwins in the game together. Love them or not, they stand in his way of 500k. It’s an EASY argument to make. You just have to know it needs to be made.


My point exactly… Self preservation trumps ANYTHING. He cant go to James to work with him… Becky tried, and look where she is going! Everybody seems to think its up to Jmac to head this gang of misfits, when the misfits themselves are sitting on a fence, and are an impenetrable wall themselves. Everybody in essence is in the way of $500K. He is on his own, and it isn’t on Jmacs shoulders to get the austwins out. I truly think he would be out the door if he tried. He is doing what everybody respects the Austwins for doing… Not getting their blood on his hands.


JMac’s only goal is to get Becky back in the game. He has no real plan after that. He thinks people won’t see them as a couple, so they won’t be targets. Think again.


So does John have a crush on Becky do you think? He seems to like to stick around her a bit.

Meg's bio

Meg was growing on me until I read her biography on CBS – she says her favorite former HG is (hell I can barely bring myself to type the name) ……. Frankie Grande. BLEUGCH!!!


Meg makes me grow


I’m confused…. do we up vote that or no…..?


Meg…smh. I did like you. Bad judgement is not cute or becoming, kinda like your grandpa glasses. Yuck


Meg talks about Frankie all the time. She’s a partier, bottle girl waitress, and wannabe blogger, who dreams about jumping on Frankie at the Finale show. Looking for job no doubt since she won’t be winning any prizes. Maybe Vanessa will find her a job like she promised Jason when she booted his a$$. No one will take Meg to finals, she’d win since the rest are so unlikable.


Why does Johnny Mack keep telling Steve he will most likely put him up? Even if it’s as a “pawn”? I don’t think that is sitting too well with Steve. And jmack doesn’t see that Steve keeps trying to steer him away from targeting Vanessa, and keeps trying to get him to bury the hatchet?


Really? I think it’s rather refreshing that Jmac and Steve can talk honestly without hurting feelings. They really have the open communication down. Johny would never blindside him, at least steve knows that.


I’m not sure if you’re kidding or not, because really I hope you’re kidding. The entire notion of putting your alliance member on the block this week, with another alliance of 3 controlling that person’s fate at the vote, is insane. JMac is just a really bad player, and his fans should own up to that. Nice guy, but really bad at this game.


What the heck? Is this your first season of big brother?? Since when is it a good idea to say the things jmack is saying to Steve especially at this stage of the game? It’s stupid! You think Steve is just going to go along with that? Would you? I would be like well ok then you’re my next target lol


No I am not kidding, and yah, it would be easy for Steve to make him go home Thursday… They are playing their own very different game. Steve showed him on DE that he does not have his back. JMac is only in the alliance freaks and geeks (for what, 2 days?), he has no deals with Steve.
Mind you, I never said it was a good idea, but it is refreshing. Personally, I think JMac said it to gauge his reaction, or to find out if info is getting leaked. I have never seen a relationship quite like theirs. Agree or not, there is no need to be so snarky Anonymous, if that is your real name?

If You Believe That...Vanessa Has Deal For You Too!

Steve doesn’t trust JMac, doesn’t tell him anything, and is only trying to protect Vanessa and HIS own crappy game starting with playing stupid about taking out Jackie, what did I dooooo? you’re really surprising me right now, I had no ideaaa.

JMAC needs to get out of bed & DR more often and listen to Steve’s nightly soliloquy into the cameras. He’s not a stooge he’s pathological, and Vanessa knows how dangerous he is, that’s why she pretends to be his friend. They’re not taking each other to Finals. He’s playing village idiot while he gets everyone’s targets and uses it against them. He’s got to take Julia who hasn’t done anything to win. While he uses JMAC as his pawn and assassin. But he’s a dentist, he likes dirty work, he’s just not gonna get paid in the BB House.


I dunno, I think Jmac does see that Steve keeps trying to steer him away from Vanessa as a target. I think he sees a lot of things but he just isn’t being hugely vocal about it. And perhaps telling Steve he may be putting him up as a pawn isn’t the best thing to do, but it’s better than not telling him, and he explained the reasons behind doing it. Fact is at this point, chances need to be taken by everyone because there’s too few people left and the job getting to the end is made harder by the fact that nobody has taken out the twins or Vanessa. Woof.


You can try to sugar coat it till the sun comes up. It won’t change the fact that as of right now, jmack has no one (with Becky going home). I mean I pray to God jmack isn’t stupid enough to think austwins would really be loyal to him. Or even Meg and James. He would be at the bottom of both of those groups. So he has Steve or Vanessa left that are pretty much alone. One of those two he says he’s targeting and is his arch nemesis in his mind (lol), the other he is telling and/or actually considering putting on the block. Why would you even do that?? If I’m in his position I’m thinking screw it! I’m throwing up 2 members of one of those groups. (Austwins, James/Meg)


Game over…Twins win…What a bunch of Dumbasses…Steve&JMac suck soooooo hard

June Bug

Steve’s persona has changed quite a bit. He seems more bold than he use to be.There is more of a darker side to him then before. I don’t know if it was his strategy to play the meek person. Also confused who he is loyal to the Austwins, Johnny Mac or Vanessa.


Steve doesn’t want to be perceived as fake but he is fake. I think he’d turn on all and any of them and will before he’s done, starting next week with jmac.


What’s up with Steve? All of the sudden he is everywhere. Part of every conver


Conversation. Usually it takes forever for my comment to be posted. This time it was posted while I was still typing. What’s up with that. My phone is not only smart it is getting a mind of its own. I better post this before my unlimited data drops me again and I have to start all over.


Ha…loved Steve giving Creepy McGropesAlot crap about the pubic dreadlock growing from his chin. I want to root for JMac…but his relentless hell-bent need to get Vanessa out is frustrating me. He is so focused on that fight with her, James and Clay…which was more Clay’s instigating and Vanessa reacting…that his tunnel-vision is affecting his game play. It is obvious that Vanessa is alone in this game. Why waste your time, energy, and an HOH on her right now. He said himself, that he can’t rely on James and Meg to help his game..and he is stupid if he thinks that the trio of twit will absord him into their slimy mass of hair, air and scare.

He should get past being butt hurt by Vanessa and focus on what’s more important…breaking up “Jiz in The Hand“. (Pardon my crudeness…but it is no where near as disgusting as watching the HOH live feeds this week.)
Anyway, instead of gunning for Vanessa, he and Steve should scoop her up. Tell her what her “alliance” has been saying and planning and let her go after them. Then they can sit back…while all hell breaks loose…then pull in whomever is left standing. Vanessa is his best shot at breaking those three up…and if he was smart, he would use her instead of lose her. And if she kept her mouth shut, no one in the house would expect them to be working together.


JMAC, why oh why did have to tell Steve you are thinking of putting him up? Nobody likes to hear they are going to be put up, even as a pawn! SMH


Johnny Mac just isn’t playing an objective strategic game. He is so stuck on Vanessa it’s blinding him to the real threat and that’s Austin and the twins. Everyone wants V out and they should but just not immediately. V is by far the smartest person left, JM and Steve should pull James in and tell V what’s going on with Austin and twins. Get Austin out or Liz…the other two won’t function without the 3rd. It’s so obvious I just don’t understand (facepalm) at this rate lazy undeserving players (Julia/Meg) will float to the end.


Dear Simon and Dawg,

I am sorry. I’m sorry that you have to suffer thru this, the boredom, the monotony, the STEVE. (Just kidding. I mean, the Vanessa)

I’m sorry that Liz, Austin and this HOH is so d*** boring that I can’t even bring myself to read your headlines anymore. It’s THEM, not you!! I promise.

I have always watched BBAD and read your website, but MY LORD!!!! Unless Jmac, James, Steve do something…… I mean, how much more should we have to take?

PS: did Vanessa drop the green beanie?? Whats up? Maybe the comic book name Mad Hatter clued her in? Ugh


He’s always been everywhere…just lurking in the background; under the hammock; ear against the HOH door.


First off I do not like Steve at all. I find him a whiny little creeper. I think right now he is in more danger of losing it than Vanessa. He is becoming nasty and I think starting to doubt JMac as well. He personally really likes Vanessa, and JMac (as far as I am concerned) has no game at all, just like Austin and the twins. Actually when you think of it, the only one with game is Vanessa. Why would JMac tell Steve he would put him on the block? Is this guy nuts? JMac will never be a person anyone could trust because he has himself ONLY in mind when he makes decisions. Like telling Steve to throw Veto to him but he would take Shelli off the block. WTF!!! He has no personality in that house. If I was Steve I would be worried. JMac talks about Steve as if he is just another player and not a partner in the house. Why is James also not going to Austin and Liz and voicing his distrust of JMac. He and Meg have discussed this and the things going on in the house. Also add to the fact my dismay at JMac`s standings on the rating chart. What the heck am I missing here. What has this guy done that makes him so damn popular with people. Every time I watch the feeds he is either sleeping, or off by himself. He barely speaks to people at all, and when he does he speaks like he has a mouthful of marbles. I hope though that Steve wins the HOH and decides to keep Vanessa the extra week so anyone returning has a target for the following week. JMac can`t see the forest for the trees and just wants to take Vanessa out without looking at the big picture.


Absolutely agree. Never got the JohnnyFake hype, people are so gullible, rooting for production’s player, who is obviously fed all his lines in dr and is unbearably boring on live feeds. Also don’t like Becky and wonder what he sees in this boring one-upper.


I don’t think Jackie is coming back most likely Shelli or Becky is they vote her out this week.

Becky's Big Toe

Becky’s boo boo is gonna affect how she plays any physical comp she plays, and she’s says she bag at mental games. No kidding, she can’t stop pissing people off with her incessant chatter. She probably cut her big toe getting it stuck up Vanessa’s anus. She should be making deals now, pricing she can lie-work with Vanessa Austwins WHILE SHE’S STILL IN THE HOUSE, instead of planning how she’ll get people to like her when she gets back in.

Tied for 2nd loudmouth ruining their game is Vanessa & Austin & Steve who have also killed any chances of endorsements or entertainment biz. Yuk. Lizlia are on Vivid’s speed-dial now. Steve’s creepy by his own short girl friends standards, and his mean/sick personality slips out often. His monologs to the camera are overplayed, he’s not as smart as he thinks he is. He’s playing the gaps so much, he’s gonna get squished and fall down the glory hole. Only if…

So Shelli or Jackie are coming back, or James or JMAC bouncing back in to be bounced back out.

Annoyed with Steve

Has anyone ever notice much c-blocking Steve does when Becky and John are together and Becky is leaving Steve can’t let those 2 have talk together alone on there final hours together.


What’s up with all of the headbands this year? The other night on BBAD every single woman had a bandana on.


I think Vanessa was really thinking of working with Steve and JM that is why she tried to talk to him but got shut down. She sees the big picture and realizes that Austin and twins need to be taken out now. I think she was hoping to work with S / JM to get out at least one of the 3. I can see her doing this using JM / S to breakup the 3 some. Once that is complete Vanessa will than jump ship from them and work with who is ever left. JM understands this. So all this talk about JM gunning for Vanessa is spot on. He understands how she works. Interesting JM / S are worried about Shelli coming back and working with Vanessa, didn’t she say she would work with S / JM??? Whoever comes back needs to get rid of the 3 some. Austin truly is playing for 3rd, which is sad. The twins going up together in near future is best for everyone’s game.

I knowwwww

Dawgaaaa, you’re hilarious. Thanks for the great summaries!


So while everyone else in the house is scrambling, Liz is so comfortable that she’s literally getting finger-banged and stroking dick. She knows that no one is coming after her, which is insane considering the position she’s in.


Doesn’t anyone else in the house see that asstwits are running everything, not once have any of the others said twins as a week…UGH…Steve might as well be an astwin, because he’s always on their side and even Johnymac, James or meg doesn’t even know it. Even though he directly got rid of Jackie. Their just the elephants in the room and no one is talking about getting rid of them..The only way I see James staying next week is if he’s the HOH., or wins the veto. All this talk about Vanessa and she’s still going to be there next week, cause if the Asstwits are not put up, they control the VOTES! Gawd these people are soo dumb…Jmac get a grip,, be smarter, don’t listen to Steve anymore! Someone PUT THE TWINS UP!!!! I want to JUMP in the tv and ring their necks!! JAMES PLEEEZZZ win HOH and put the twins up!!!

Smart Guy

This is the floatiest post that has ever been written on this site. The level of cluelessness stupidity is through the stratosphere! They’re just sitting their with their thumbs in their ass talking about teaming up with so and so as if one of them isn’t leaving this week. Not a single campaign for a vote or a single clue about this game. They think when someone tells them something, that’s that and they can go on floating and everything will turn out the way they were told it would turn out. Not quite, dense fools! If you want something to work you have to make it work. Making short-term deals is a part of the game. Proposing plans is part of the game. Doing something is part of the game. Hold that against Vanessa all you want, you’re just showing those of us in the real world how dense you are. PLAY THE GAME, FLOATERS, OR GTFO!

Follow the Leader

EVERYONE DID do what Vanessa did, formed alliances and Final 2,3,4,5,6,8, and short term deals with EVERYONE ELSE. That’s the same thing as having NONE, and these idiots, including Vanessa have to start all over again.

In between throwing comps, using pawns, and playing fake characters, the staged games don’t involve any randomness or strategy other than chaos. This show is now designed for saline floaters, idiot playing coasters and the mentally unstable type A’s who pretend they’re in control but can’t remember who’s side they’re on.

We don’t need luxury comps or twists or takeovers, some people consider this entertainment, and CBS saves money on props.

Smart Guy

After reading this post I now see that JMac is orders of magnitude more clueless and useless than I already knew he was. He reminds me of when I was 8 and I was over at my friend’s house and we found this long, round, off white thing with a switch on the end. We had no idea what it was, but several years later I found out what it was. Unfortunately for JMac, Big Brother seasons don’t last several years. He needs to clue in, now. He doesn’t have time for someone to tell him that the thing on the back of his arm isn’t where he poops. He needs to clue in, NOW! Stop floating, space man. Either get a clue or GTFO!


Johnnymac says everyone he has been working with has been picked off one by one. No you fool, Becky is the first and only one!!! He still thinks he worked with Jeff who had deals with the whole house. Everyone realized this very quickly, except for Johnnymac of course, because he didn’t bother talking to people. He also still believes he was working with Shelli and Clay because they used him as a pawn and asked him to throw veto lol. His naivity and stupidity blow my mind.
Then this idiot has the nerve to say that Steve doesn’t have an accurate view of what’s going on in the house. That really bugs me, that he always thinks he is more intelligent than the rest of the house. Truth is if it weren’t for production, Becky and Steve giving him clues or Meg talking to Austin for him, he would look even more idiotic and would be gone this week.