Austin “Not that we’re targeting Vanessa but we don’t want to do her dirty work.”

POV Holder: ? POV Competition Aug 15th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 10th
HOH Liz Next HOH Aug 17th
Original Nominations: ? and ?
After POV Nominations: ? and ?
Have Nots Vanessa, Johnny Mac, Steve

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-14 12-42-10-526
12:07pm – 12:35pm Big Brother blocks the live feeds for an HOH lockdown. When the live feeds return the house guests are heading out of the HOH room to find the havenot extra food on the kitchen table. The havenot extra food is pork chops “Pork-Slop”. Liz says we’re going back into rotation. She then picks the havenots – Vanessa, Johnny Mac and Steve! Liz asks if Meg would eat the pork chops if she was a havenot. Meg says no. They try to get into the storage room but realize its locked and that production is stocking it with new groceries.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-14 12-50-46-988

12:50pm HOH room – Julia talks to Liz. Julia says that she is worried that Austin just wants to get out Johnny Mac because he thinks Johnny Mac will go after him. Liz asks so what to you suggest? Julia says I don’t know. I just wanted to throw that out there. Austin joins them. And says that he told Becky to come up. Meg joins them. Austin tells her they need to talk to Becky again and them after. Meg says that Steve told them he felt like he made the wrong decision (putting her and Jackie up during the double eviction.) Austin tells Meg that Becky told us stuff and earthed some things about Vanessa. Not that we’re targeting Vanessa but we don’t want to do her dirty work. Becky joins them. Austin says before we talked to you we thought you might be going up. But you changed a lot of things. Becky says brass tacks. Austin says that before the competition last night James told Johnny Mac he was good. Were James, Meg and Jackie going to follow put us up? This is before Jackie. He wasn’t going to go after them. He was either going to go after Steve or us. Becky says I didn’t know that. Johnny said that Steve told him Johnny not to use the veto. That’s all I know. Austin asks was everyone really on board with us. Becky says James didn’t speak a word last week. I’m not sure where he is at. I knew at the end of the day Meg and Jackie wanted both Vanessa and Shelli to go. Austin asks Becky if anything they say to her won’t go back to Johnny Mac. Becky says it won’t I know my life is on the line. Austin says we like you. If we were to go after you whos job are we doing and if we go after her (Vanessa) ..its not our job either. Becky tells them you guys won’t touch my block, not one of the three of you. Austin tells Becky nothing can go to JMac because it could go to Vanessa. Becky says she won’t share anything. Becky leaves. Austin says he believes Becky will keep her mouth shut. Liz says I am worried if Becky stays and wins that I will go up but at least I would stay over Vanessa.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-14 12-59-14-220

12:45pm Bedroom – Meg and James talk about how they’re not sure what Aus-twins will do. James says they probably want to get Vanessa out. Meg says their main concern is that Becky and Vanessa hate each other and don’t want to do Vanessa’s dirty work. James asks do you think they will put up Becky? Maybe as a pawn? Meg says I don’t know. James says I know one of us is going to have to be a pawn next week. We need to win HOH and if we take our John this week we have a good shot at winning. Me, Julia and Becky have a good shot at winning if its physical.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-14 12-51-30-863

1:10pm – 1:15pm Havenot room – Vanessa tells Johnny that she knows for sure you’re not Liz’s target. Johnny asks what if she misses her target? Vanessa says then there’s a backup target. Johnny says okay. Vanessa says if you go up you only need 3 votes for a tie and 4 votes to stay. You would have my vote and I’m sure you would have Steve’s vote. Vanessa asks did you tell them it was okay (you go up). Johnny says no I didn’t say anything. They asked if I knew what was going on last week and I said I didn’t know. Johnny hints at Vanessa being the one that outed the 8 person when she was talking to Clay and Shelli. Vanessa says it wasn’t me. I gave my word I wouldn’t tell anyone. Vanessa says literally, this never happened. I have no idea what you’re talking about. Johnny Mac says video tape? It’s in my brain! I’m show you when we get out. John tries to let it go and says it’s irrelevant. Vanessa says No, no, it’s very relevant. Johnny says maybe we were talking about something else and I’m just confused. Vanessa says maybe it was about a different 8 person group because there have been three 8 person groups with Shelli and Clay. Vanessa says it couldn’t have come from be because it was never an alliance and I wouldn’t have said it was. Vanessa says its not cool for you to imply it was me because I didn’t tell you. Johnny says I don’t know why you’re getting mad, I’m just telling you what I think.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-14 13-14-42-526

1:15pm HOH room – Meg joins them to talk. Austin says that Becky said all of you guys wanted to go for Vanessa and then you changed your mind. Meg says no, when we came in she had a set decision. We told her we would have her back. Austin asks were you still going to put up Johnny Mac up. Meg says yes .. we were going to put up Johnny Mac and Vanessa. Austin says obviously Becky wants us to go after Vanessa but we don’t want to do her dirty work. We want to do this brass tacks. Austin says we can’t go after Becky either. Heres the thing we bring in Becky as the 6th and Vanessa as the 6th. They never talk to each other so they will never know. Then let them go after each other. If anything gets messed up then Beck goes home. Meg says Becky knew the whole time I was pro Shelli .. I had to really convince her that you are with us. So if you do put her up she will need some convincing she is the pawn. James says we appreciate you guys looking out for us. Meg says that Vanessa swore on Mel that she wouldn’t put Me, Jackie or James up. Austin says then she threw the other one last night. Meg says she makes all these deals and throws things so she doesn’t have to go back on all her deals. Austin says that Vanessa is not f**king the bible out of no where. Meg says Putting her straight up will make her less worried. Becky is worried about her face not being up there and being backdoored. I don’t think I would do a 6 person thing with her. James says I want to know what I did to Vanessa. I never put her up and tell her things that are incriminating .. things that could get me put up.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-14 13-38-39-219

1:30pm – 1:55pm Cabana room – Vanessa talks to Steve. I will give you 1 chance to come clean before this gets out of hand. Did you tell Johnny Mac about what I told you about the 8 person thing? Steve says Becky told me last week. Johnny Mac also told me from Becky. Vanessa says he told me it came from me… so he is trying to throw it on me!? At least you can verify it with Austin and them. Johnny joins then and says hey guys how are we doing? Vanessa tells him Steve just confirmed it came from Becky. Johnny says I heard something similar in the bathroom and figured thats what we were talking about. Vanessa says this could actually hurt my game. Johnny says I didn’t tell anyone. Vanessa says you told Steve. Johnny asks don’t we trust Steve? Vanessa says we do but I don’t want that getting out because it isnt true. Johnny says okay. He then asks if he is going up? Vanessa says I don’t know. My opinion on you has always been that you’re very trustworthy. Vanessa tells Johnny its pretty safe to say you have a deal with Becky because she broke her word not putting you up. If I tell you anything will you keep it a secret? Johnny says he will. Vanessa tells him what he can do to improve his game. Johnny says it was a bad situation what was I supposed to do. Vanessa says but in doing so you threw me under the bus. Vanessa tells him he should have handled the blow up with James & Clay. Vanessa asks are we on the same page or no? Johnny says yeah. A lot has just gone on and I’m confused. I don’t like it when you cry and yell at people. Vanessa says I don’t like it when I cry either and yell at people it will never happen with you again. Vanessa then gets up and leaves the room.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-14 13-44-27-224

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1:38pm – 1:55pm HOH room – Becky joins them. Liz says what you told us about Vanessa hit me hard. Thank you for that. She (Vanessa) is scary and potentially a backdoor target. Austin says depending on how she reacts to everything. Liz tells Becky that she might have to go up as a pawn. Austin says you’re not going and Vanessa isn’t manipulating anything at this point. Someone from this 6 have to go up. We have the votes. Becky says you guys I trust. Vanessa I don’t. I know where you guys are coming from. As long as Vanessa doesn’t strike again. If she goes and says something we will all just compare notes. They agree that Shelli going home was best for all their games. Becky asks if someone else wins will someone take me down? Austin says we are all voting for you. A floater might go home this week but it won’t be you. Meg says its so different with jury now. They talk about how Johnny Mac is called to the diary room so much. Meg says he doesn’t do anything. Its not like he’s team america. Austin says maybe he is … his task is to sleep 24 hours in the house. They all laugh. Meg tells them to not make a deal with Johnny but to say you have his back. Juliz says she thinks Steve is throwing every HOH. Meg says he can also be manipulated like crazy!! Big brother blocks the feeds.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-14 13-58-03-792

1:55pm Big Brother blocks the feeds .. nominations are likely happening now.

2:50pm Still blocked..


  • Goblins/Gremlins = Jackie, James and Meg
  • Generals = anyone allied with Becky
  • SOS = Steve and Vaenssa
  • Rockstars = Steve and Jmac
  • ? = Becky, Shelli, Jmac, Steve
  • Freaks n Geeks = Austin, Twins, Steve, Vanessa
  • AUS-Twins = Austin, Julia and Liz
  • “Brass Tacks”  Gobins and Austwins
  • The new “Brass Tacks” = Aus-Twins, Meg, James + Vanessa
  • “The Scamper Squad” – Aus-Twins, Vanessa, Steve

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While the “convo” (Vanessa was starting to freak out) between John and Vanessa was happening,upstairs Austin was saying that if Vanessa blows up this week she might get nominated. Hahaha



I thought the same thing. She’s like a wind up doll and Jmac just set her off. She’ll be doing damage control to see who thinks she outted the 8.


That would be great, but Vanessa picked the right person to have this “fight/freakout” with.
Austwins don’t care about JMac, they’ll use this as an opportunity to show Vanessa that they have her back. They’d chicken out of putting Vanessa up anyway.
Watching Vanessa in action literally makes my stomach turn.

I Don't Like It When You Cry and Yell at People!

Now JMAC is showing some balls. But alas, it’s too late. He’s ignored and told Vanessa what she needs to hear 1 too many times. He’s throwing her under the bus with Clay, Shelli, Austin and Steve…Becky is safe one more week because JMAC isn’t gonna kiss Vanessa’s ass, stroke her ego or throw Becky under the bus.

Meg is a Coward, talks big in HN room then comes out and sucks butt joining forces with Vanessa rather than keep her crew covered. She’s sure she’ll pull a Victoria all the way to the end by agreeing with Vanessa. Maybe they’ll have a Sob-Off in Final 2 for the big check, while Meg says bit I was so niiiice I let you murder everyone without saying or doing a word.

After Vanessa blows up in everyone’s face Meg will screech What Did I Doooo? I’m so stupid in this game! Did I kill Becky, JMAC and Steve in one fell swoop? What happened to keeping your mouth shut? Say I don’t know like every other time. Now she and James can skate til next week. Meg loved Vanessa and Twins from beginning now? Just forgot to talk to them? She loved Clay but wanted Shelli out? Was never part of that alliance?


Settle down boys and girls. Liz is not putting Vanessa up. Vanessa is super tight with the twins. Liz won HOH because of Vanessa. Liz is not that dumb to put up someone that is absolutely not coming after her. Not only is she not coming after her, Van will help Liz get further in the game.

So keep dreaming.

Did You Call Me Bully Johnny?? Do You Have Animosity Towards Me?

She’s gonna blow! Screaming at Liz Austin to get the turncoat JMAC out and they’re tired of her blowups, forcing demands, and making it all about her game. Keep dreaming, that’s the only place she’s gonna win, in your own mind. No one left who can stand her in Jury.

Her emotional instability, inability to deal with differences of opinion, need to be authority. Who is she to say JMAC isn’t dumb he’s a doctor?? She’s got so-called credentials and everyone calls her psycho even Production! Can’t wait to see this next screamer. And even if it means the end for JMAC this week, he’ll come back in from Jury and get her.

But this would be the perfect time for Liz Austin to prove Vanessa is not running them, running their HOH or screwing up their Summer Camp with her contrived, fabricated, witch hunts. This is the kinda crap she pulls EVERY WEEK TO RUN EVERY EVICTION HER WAY. She thought Becky was disrespectful? Way to smack her down Johnny, we love you again!


These quotes are from a prior post, but I just have to comment:

“Vanessa tells them tomorrow you will make Johnny extremely comfortable and then well make a deal with him after he goes up.”

It sounds like Vanessa has experience with torture techniques, and a fairly significant cruel streak. She gives me the shivers.

Followed by: “Vanessa asks if Becky asked for a deal? Please say you said no deals? Austin and Liz tell her she didn’t ask for any deals. Vanessa leaves.”

I am SO glad Becky didn’t give her the “satisfaction” by asking for a deal. Vanessa is one vindictive twisted sister. I usually don’t dislike HGs. Amanda was an exception. Vanessa is another one…and she was my #2 fave Week 1. Yikes!


Totally agree.



GeekSquad McGee

She reminds me of Carrie Matheson from Homeland.


Why do these HGs need all those alliance names?
Just play the game and quit wasting time with silly names.

GeekSquad McGee

Wasting time? There’s nothing to do in that house! Everyone always talks about how incredibly boring it is in there. They’ve got lots of time to play the game, they’re not wasting any by coming up with silly names to amuse themselves.

Whadduhya Mean We Should Have a Strategy AND a Name??

Seriously, they spend more time on silly names than strategy, gathering real intel, plotting moves or keeping each other covered. They spend more time blowing up their own game, sleeping, or refusing to speak to each other about game, it’s too dangerous, I can’t be seen in a group! This is Summer Vacation Hook Up party, only fake boobs allowed!

They’re bored because they refuse to play the game, or use their brains. Smart people are dangerous! Playing stupid and sleeping 24 hours is how you get to Final 2, oh yeah and screaming banshee temper tantrums. They’re the most infantile cast yet! Even Vanessa with the numerous degrees and inability to function in any normal workplace. I live to play games in costumes, now I’m a hip hop mogul! You think I’m a bully? You don’t like when I cry and yell? You’re dead to me! Production better not block the feeds for her latest bug-eyed ranting raving screed at JMac, that’s the only thing that happens. And peeing pants, and talking to mommy on cameras. He’s too pale, he gets called to DR for his real job, evict him! This isn’t middle school is pre-kindergarten. Time for a diaper change! Vanessa & her diaper pants are on fire!


come on Julia, think hard and convince your sister to not listen to Austin, please.

did Jmac just attempt to confront Vanessa on her lies? when she, as usual, hypnotized herself she’s innocent and denied.


It was Bevky not Vanessa!


Okay…to clarify…Becky was the one who outed the 8-person Alliance? Last week & the week before is such a blur…thanks for the help.


Im not even sure which 8 ppl alliance it was…
the last big group i could remember was the dark moon that blindsides Jason’s eviction


wasnt vanesaa telling shelli about the 8 person alliance in the bathroom and jmac walked in and they told him too???
That’s what I remember.
I hope they show the flashback of Van telling them and air this crazy denial from Vanessa.


Julia knock some sense into your sister!!!!!! do not let her listen to Austin’s stupidity…..if you turn on Vanessa and anyone but Julia or Austin win HOH next week guess who’s on the block you idiots! Austin thinking the goblins or any other players are with them over the others is insane…wake up Sustin there only NINE people in the house, they aren’t going to put up their friends dumba&$


Austin is running Liz’s HOH. He seems to be making the decisions. Maybe the odor from his smelly hair makes Liz weak, she is just not able to think for herself.

Who cares

But it seems to me Liz is allowing Austin to run her HOH. She needs to listen to Julia, keep Jmac.

Twistin with the twins

Johnny Mac is being nessified today on the feeds. Its hilarious to watch his facial expressions as Nessy goes on and on ad nauseam about all kinds of crap. J Mc is probably gonna need therapy spending a whole week in the havenot room with Nessie.


Hilarious!!!!! Your absolutely right!

Like...I'm Jackie

I think they’ll all need therapy regarding Vanessa.
Dang! I feel like I do!


Poor JMac! He’s literally being harassed by Vanessa.
She used the term “bullying” when talking about James&co. wanting people to keep Clay over Shelli, but she’s the one clearly trying to intimidate him:
he knows what happens to people Vanessa has a public fight/disagreement with, and she’s basically telling him: “you better tell everyone that what you KNOW is true actually isn’t.”.
That’s bullying.
He’s letting her know time after time he just doesn’t want this discussion, she should just let it go. She doesn’t care.
I’m so sick of her.

Like...I'm Jackie

She has become the poster child for bullying. I don’t think she can keep her lies and truth straight so it’s easier to bully people into believing what she can remember.


I am officially fast forwarding any of these players that appear on my screen.
I understand everyone will either like or dislike ‘characters’ on BB, but regardless of how insignificant Meg has been and how James acts in the house, I can’t root for Sixth Sense. Austin and his wonky eye and relationship with Liz; I’m more disgusted by Liz than Austin. The way that the twins behave is so childish; whiny little brats. It’s clear that all three of Austwins have brains, physically they don’t appear to have strangleholds. Steve REALLY disappointed this week. He’s an Andy. Playing the middle. Which could very well win him the game, but his “I can’t talk right now” and “I completely understand” answers to every suspicious act makes me want to slap him silly. Becky and John; Yes Becky screwed up. But she’s the only other person besides James who has the balls to put REAL targets on the block. John just started playing this last week; and he’s screwed because he’s burned bridges on both sides of the house. As for Vanessa, I really don’t care how wealthy or smart she is. She’s a toddler throwing tantrums. She’s also pulling all the strings. I do not want to see Sixth Sense in the final leg of this game. I’m hoping something else swings the house the other way. No more takeovers? No more everything from all seasons thrown at them? This show went off the rails. Mentally and physically, John is the only one I’d be happy winning. But that’s just me.


Every time I see Liz this is what I think is on a loop in her head…

My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard,
And they’re like
It’s better than yours,
Damn right it’s better than yours,
I can teach you,
But I have to charge

My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard,
And they’re like
It’s better than yours,
Damn right it’s better than yours,
I can teach you,
But I have to charge

I know you want it,
The thing that makes me,
What the guys go crazy for.
They lose their minds,
The way I wind,
I think its time

La la-la la la,
Warm it up.
The boys are waiting

Austin's Wonky Eye

Thank god I’m not the only one! These players are nauseating, Vanessa DOES ENJOY TORTURE and her ego had no bounds. Someone else compared her to loathsome Frankie Grande, and that’s low. Now every other weird is, when I was in Law School, when I played poker, when I went to engineering school…but still not smart enough to stop cheating during HOH comps, POV chip selection, bullying, threats, Bible preaching, lying, character assassination, playing a mental patient. Okay she really is a mental patient.

But really? Genuine relationships & skill can’t win this game. And for all those Vanessa lovers who say she’s not in it for the money, watch her cast interview. BTW, who is she dressing as now? her latest incarnation is an LBGT hip hop dancer or record mogul now? DJ chick to keep a young Mel? Another con artist job. Did you hear that line after Becky put her up, she wanted to write a song about flip flops and backstabbers? Now that’s a subject she knows intimately. Jeeeezzzuuuussuuhh, to quote Liz.

You know Bill Cosby had that same wonky eye? Don’t know if Austins eye is twitching cuz he’s a perv too slipping Liz pills to get what he wants, he’s allergic to Liz & Julia saline boobs, or it’s because he’s lying to Vanessa & gonna take her out? Let’s hope the latter! Fast forward until then.

My favs are going up :(

YES – thank you. I feel the same way… I’d also add Meg to that list. I don’t know what it is about this season, but I really dislike so many of these houseguests. I want to throw up watching Austin and the twins… who look like sloths in the face… sorry, but they do.


I’m sad that Jackie left. I was starting to warm up to her. Despite being with the goblins, she seems to have everyone pegged. Knew exactly what they were up to. She just wasn’t with a better group that could’ve helped her.


I agree, I think she kept herself together in her exit interview, when most blubber through it. She could be the new cindy with an S!


I never saw the Scarlett Johansson comparison with Liz before but when she was wearing those glasses last night I totally got it. She looked smoking hot.

Also, my skin literally crawls when I see Vanessa on the screen. She is so jittery and skeavy that I literally have to change the channel sometimes. And her “deals”….combined with her total lack of self-awareness…just WOW. Johnny Mac is like the only one that really sees it and you can tell he is just biting his tongue. I guess Becky sees it too and Austin and now Liz are starting to catch on….lets see if someone can close the deal and get her booted already. Fun, fun, fun.


Simon, do you know if Steve can eat the HOH basket if Steve’s a havenot in the
food department?


Vanessa is a basket case! I’m not a fan at all but she’s going to make this week very interesting if she blows up further and skeeves out Austwins.

Jmac has an excellent strategy…play as if you’re not scared of going home.

And This Is Why Vanessa Should Be Gone!

Vanessa caught in her lies again! No one can speak to anyone without her permission. Everyone must cover for her lies with everyone else. Nobody better tell the truth about her. If you don’t put Vanessa’s game before your own, if you don’t take her bullet, SNAP you’re a disloyal, lying, rat, cold-hearted motherf*r, her target now. She’s creates ask the alliances and writes everyone’s script, “this is what you’re gonna say” “I have advice for you if you want to stay in the house” “your getting evicted unless you do exactly add I say”. James Meg brought her back from the dead because she’s taking them to Final 3? Sure! Shelli was going after James Megs targets, they can’t see straight or shoot straight. No one murders there own players hoping the other side week treat you better as outsiders. Brass Tacks. Meg knows “we’ve been played”.


I guess the twins want vanessa to win this game. The need to smarten up. Vanessa was already asking them which one to keep if they both went up. Vanessa needs to go and soon. So sick of her. She makes my ears bleed with all her incessant talking .


Austin doesn’t like any other males in the game. It’s obvious. He thinks he should be the center of attention. He is so fricking jealous of JMac and his DR time and probably because Austin can’t win shit.


I hate hate hate Austin. he does nothing. and james and meg keep saying how they feel stupid every week…its cause u are stupid! making stupid decisions! lol vanessa is crazy, but if she can make it to the end i’d have to give her the money cause the other dumb houseguests shoulda taken her out when they had the chance. I really want jmac to win…he’s the only one I like! the twins drive me crazy with how they drag out every word they speak! steve, I don’t really know how feel about him! I just hope jmac can pull another veto win and stay and win hoh next week cause if he gets evicted I have no one left to root for!


Vanessa keep digging ur own grave. Austwins are already starting to turn on u keep digging by invoking ur self in every conversation in the house. Vanessa had the makings of a great player but she don’t know how to let things go and she never own her shit she tries to throw blame to everybody else.even in the DR she never own her moves or own up to planting seeds to get a person out maybe if she own her gameplay in the DR maybe fans would like her more. if she makes it to the end she deserve the win she had a hand in every eviction so far. and she talked her way off the block this week. just keep it real in the DR we see what ur doing on the feeds quit caring if u look like a villain to the fans BB fans would respect ur game play if u owned it.

Less is More

I think we are missing the Austin’s Angels in the alliance lineup? They even have a “pose” for it! UUGGH!

Nasty Austin is not HOH

Why is Austin doing the talking in the HOH Room? Isn’t Liz the HOH? Shut up Austin, you didn’t win. Sit down and shut it. I hope Julia can get to Liz.
It would be nice if HOHs made their choices by themselves. These people suck. I think James has been the only one to think for himself as a HOH.


I believe Becky tried to think for herself last week. Unfortunately for her, not everyone agreed with her decision to target Vanessa.


Yes! Omg if you have the feeds and can hear him?! Bllahhh. People talk about Van being pushy and controlling others hoh’s, this guy is actually worse. The twins can’t even get a word in.


Vanessa needs to calm down and quit trying to run each and every hoh. She doesn’t stop at controlling hoh’s, she needs to control each and every move of every single hg. She’s been doing it the entire game, even when completely unnecessary. She is the biggest control freak that I’ve ever seen. Everyone is onto her and nobody likes her.
Sometimes people want to relax and not talk game for five minutes. But Vanessa can’t shut up. Instead of driving every single hg crazy, she should just lock herself into a room with Steve. But after a few days of non-stop game talk, even Steve might get sick of her?
Sixth Sense’s biggest mistake was not back dooring Austin, they have been dropping like flies ever since and now Austwins are set up to go to the end.
And Becky needs to stfu about Vanessa. She will not let it go. Has she even thought about what she’s going to do after Vanessa leaves or is she too preoccupied with being a vindictive bitch? Her non-stop rants have made everyone sick of her and nobody wants to work with her.
Becky is so focused on her vendetta against Vanessa that she ruined her own game, and she also ruined Jmac’s and sent Shelli out the door. Wasn’t that who she wanted to work with? smh? Now nobody wants to go near her much less work with her.
Now the two crazies (V&B) should just drop the bs and work together. It’s really their only long-term solution since nobody else in the house can stand them.
Their alliance name can be Crazy Town.


I have to admit…I’m starting to like this season. These people are so crazy and unpredictable, it drives me crazy. What is gonna happen next!?!? Plus, I enjoy reading this site & all the comments that come with it…Great Job everyone (especially Simon & Dawg)…although some of you do need to step back & not let Vanessa get to you…she’s crazy, but entertaining as heck.

*thumbs up*


No one else in this house keeps their mouth shut. Austin’s negging of Vanessa is so going to blow up on him. Can’t wait.


Just one question… what the hell happened to every week there will be a bb takeover???


its gone for good. Julie said it in an interview last last week.
I guess the official didn’t have the guts to announce it cause its eseentially biting their own tongues, since they originally said its going to happen every week.
But I would like to see old twist coming back


You would think that someone would realize that taking Van to F2 that maybe the could win because noone likes her.


So now let’s all have a pity party for that sniveling little rat JM. He started trying to play the game way too late and only when his ghoulish ass was on the line. He is not loyal to anyone and will lie to anyone who will actually talk to him. He is a bit player jealous of the stars.


I don’t want becky or johhny mac to go…this week will be unbearable, having to watch creepy austin and dimwit liz snuggle all day long. My only hope is that someone strong from the jury is coming back and taking down vanessa, austin and liz.

Backseat Driver

Bottom line: Someone HAS to break up the sisters and Austin. What is wrong with the rest of these knuckleheads??


Noms are over….same ol thing

here's a hopen

I can only hope that Vanessa gets secretly backdoored by her own alliance…even her own team thinks she’s freaked out..always has a deal with everyone…Come on just backdoor her. i know that it probably won’t happen but..PLEEEEEEEZZZe


Austin now is working with everyone in the house, except Jmac. What an idiot.

Less is More

Julie Chen did an interview where she said they felt the takeovers would disrupt the “pure game” that was happening in the house. I assume after the snoozefest of last season, they thought they would need to keep it interesting some other way, but these guys showed up day 1 to play. Not all of them are playing WELL IMO but it has been interesting so far.


I think if there was no “Battle of the Block” we would be watching a different show. If they were going to give up the Big Brother take over each week, they should have given up the BOB.


I can’t anymore with Vanessa. They thought Audrey was crazy? Vanessa makes Audrey seem like the poster child for sanity. I mentioned to my sister the other day that Vanessa was a lawyer or went to law school and she immediately pointed out that Vanessa has all the traits of a lawyer. She double talks people into saying something incriminating themselves and then turns around and uses it to tear them down and take the attention off of herself.

The way she talks to people is almost degrading. She treats everyone as if they have done something wrong to her and puts herself on a pedestal as the paragon of truth and loyalty. Keeping her in there was a colossal mistake. As many here pointed out before James should have put up Shelli and either Vanessa or Liz to make sure that Shelli or Vanessa left one week and Becky should have taken out Liz the following week. I can’t believe they continue to leave major players like Vanessa in there as well as that nasty 3 headed beast of Austin and his twiTs.

How sad is it that they are all so jealous at Johnny’s DR time. He is the only one in there that shows any personality and says what he is thinking. Everyone else comes across as fake and or reading terribly scripted lines/jokes/puns in their DRs. Remember a few weeks back when James said “that was more dysfunctional than Congress”. That was so bad, you know that he would never say anything like that on his own. Someone please ask James what he thinks Congress is and what his joke meant. His head might explode.


Vanessa’s behavior has gotten so unbearable its hard to even appreciate the game(while halfway sloppy), that she is playing.

I survived last seasons BB

It could get VERY interesting if Becky won POV..Imagine if Vanessa went up as replacement vs JMac

Without Austwin..Vanessa would be toast

BB %%%%%%

There’s a 50/50 shot that asstwins/vanessa will make it to the final 4…those are pretty good odds..Come on Underdogs rise up and fight back put up liz/vanessa next week if one comes down put up Julia that’s your only hope of breaking them up..they have to WIN next week ..Come on regroup and step it up…


Lets see how loyal Becky is. Will she continue to feed Jmac info? She promised to keep her mouth shut.

is it just me

jmac comes of like an idiot savant at times its hilarious
sometimes he’s so dumb its briliant like the whole “i don’t like it when you cry and yell at people” nobody had the balls to tell her that but he did. she might actually respect that and may be get a reality check from an outside perspective. or not. but its entertaining nontheless.


Twins are by themselves, they just confirmed they are not putting up Vanessa. Not until at least final 5. They said they need Vanessa to go after Austin.


I dont hate the twins but they are just trailer park trash with money


I guess I’m an outlier, but I like Vanessa.


Meg the useless needs to go .

Gordon Ramsey

Vanessa is such a bully, especially when talking to Steve. She threatens him every time they interact.


Question: where did JMac FIRST hear about the 8 person DE meeting?