Steve “I don’t think they’ve ever made a havenot exemption before.” Liz “Does she get a penalty vote?”

POV Holder: Vanessa Next POV July 18th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 20th
HOH Winner Team 1: Liz HOH Winner Team 2: Shelli
Nominations 1 : Jackie & James Nominations 2: Jason & Johnny Mac
Battle of the Block Winner James and Jackie Next HOH/ Next BOB July 23rd / July17th
Original Nominations: Jason & Johnny Mac
Current Nominations: JohnnMAC and Audrey
Have Nots Jackie, Audrey, JohnnyMac and Becky

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1:05pm Backyard – Austin tells Vanessa that would be my openings with if I had to I would put a Steve up. Just to throw people off the track. He needs to come correct this week. If he doesn’t, he doesn’t. I need to protect us. Austin goes back to working out.

1:15pm Jason and Clay are on the backyard couches. Clay says I have these random thoughts that this experience is amazing. Jason says same with him. Clay says I can just imagine someone like you whos seen ever season from different countries. Jason talks about how he calls Julie Chen something different every time he’s in there. This week it will probably be Miss Thang! Jason says I always forget the name I’m supposed to say. Even during the fake ones I say the name that I should be saying later. Clay says me too. Jason says then one the real ones I’m like UUhhh. UUhhh.. Clay says I have to keep saying in my head okay this person, this person, this person. Jason says you don’t want to get in there and a random name pop into your head. Clay says or same the wrong one. …No NO WAIT!? Jason says they’re not even up for eviction.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-21 13-24-56-926

1:55pm Shelli says that she hashtag’d about Liztin. Jason tells that Meg walked in on Austin telling one of them that she made mash potatoes, we had dinner up there. She, She?! She is who you’re talking to. Johnny says that maybe he knows so he doesn’t care any more. Shelli says they’re pretty similar but really sweet.

2pm – 2:15pm Liz asks Steve have you checked in Audrey yet? Steve says I’m afraid to. I’m happy to support her on a personal level as much as I can. I think right now its best to just leave her alone. If the opportunity presents it self I will talk to her but at this point I think it would do more harm than good. Liz says she doesn’t think she will go up to the HOH room when they have the lock down. Steve says I don’t think she will have a choice. The reason they said its up to her is because there is stuff they don’t want us to see. Its not like she’s supposed to be somewhere else, the problem is she can’t be where she is. Liz says but they don’t do anything in the havenot room. Steve asks do you think they would have her stay in the havenot room while everyone else is in the HOH room. They let her miss the veto meeting and gave her an exemption from havenots so maybe. Steve says I don’t think they’ve ever made a have / havenot exemption before. She’s allowed to eat. Audrey is allowed to eat whatever she wants. Liz asks does she get a penalty vote? Steve says I think she was given permission. So no I don’t think she did, I think she was given permission. Austin joins them.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-21 14-08-00-520

2:20pm Jason, Shelli, Jackie, Steve and JMAC are on the backyard couches. They talk about how maybe Audrey isn’t part of a twist (America’s Player) because if she was she wouldn’t be hiding like this and be as emotionally affected.

2:35pm – 3pm Shelli asks JMAC how he feels about the Audrey situation? Johnny says if there was any week to be on the block this would be it. Shelli asks have you talked to her at all? Johnny says no, I don’t think she wants to talk to me. I asks how she was doing and she just didn’t.. Shelli says she kind of doesn’t want to talk to anyone. Johnny says she didn’t reply. She might have grunted a little bit or something. Shelli says its awful. Johnny says she can dish it out but she can’t take it. Shelli says I haven’t heard anyone say that before but its actually true. Johnny says I tried to reach out before and she started talking game immediately again you know. I know you really feel bad this time but how do I know. Even then she was going to hurt both of our games. I don’t think she knew we were working together. There was only a matter of time that she figured it out or made it up. Shelli says she was saying that I made up the alliance with you, Jackie, Becky, Jeff and Steve. Johnny asks oh she tried to put that on you? Shelli says she tried to say that I made that up. That is complete BAFFONITY! if that’s even a word! Johnny says it is now. Johnny says its good that you held that meeting. Shelli says I didn’t want to be the one to put her up but it had to be done. Johnny says if she feels its personal she has to get over that. YOu messed us up in the game so what are we supposed to do? Shelli asks I wonder if she is going to attend the eviction? Will she turn that down too? Johnny says that pisses me off! Shelli says she says its chemical so maybe its something none of us would understand. Johnny says yeah maybe. Clay joins them. Jason, Jackie and Becky join them soon after. The conversation turns to being havenots, talking about music and pets.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-21 14-36-53-519

Audrey sighting. She’s still alive.

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Amanda queefs slop

Bye Audrey! Can’t stand the heat then get out of the kitchen.


First of all, that is the best name ever! I bet that’s why McCrae never put on any weight…eating only slop queefs is not a good diet.

Audrey has been a horrible spokesman/representative of the transgender community. At first she did nothing but lie and manipulate so hard that she blew up her own game. Next she hides and pouts in an attempt to gain sympathy. Once Shelli and Vanessa threw her a life line, she became the most paranoid person in the house. Finally, her game gets exposed, and she crumbles, blaming a chemical issue. She spent 5+ hours in the DR, likely forcing production to kiss her ass and make concessions to keep her from walking out, which hey obviously do. She gets what she wants, food as a have not, and excused from the ceremony, and still can’t find the strength to show her face or talk to the other house guests. She had the perfect platform to show the world how strong, fun, intelligent, and most of all normal, transgender people are, and instead she has done the exact opposite and painter herself as an absolute weak, drama addicted, nut-job. Way to waste the opportunity of a lifetime. Any person on this forum would die to have an opportunity to be in that house, and you can’t throw it away fast enough. I have never felt more disrespected as a BB fan, than I do with Audrey right now. She doesn’t deserve this opportunity, and production should show her the exit right now out of respect for the game, it’s fans, and all the former HG’s who came before and followed the rules.


So perfectly put! Ditto! Ditto! And ditto! Hey, CBS! Take notice!

Ms Retta

I completely agree with you 100%. If she was not on the block she would not be experiencing a “chemical ” imbalance. I suffered with postpartum depression and it didn’t come on when I wanted it too. Thank you so much to Simon and Dawg for all you do. I have been a fan for a while now and plan to send in a donation on payday as appreciation for making my summers great!


You do know that Clay has controlled both of Shelli’s HOHes? Neither Day or Audrey was coming after Shelli, but Clay had issues with both of them, and he initiated the fights whill shelli was HOH, then ran up to Shelli to stir things up.

Amanda queefs slop

Shelli was also tired of Audrey’s bull shit, and the run around she gave her. I don’t feel like Clay pushed Shelli into putting up Audrey. Shelli stated many times after that ridiculous hours long conversation with Audrey that she was sick of her.

Ian's lament

I feel like clay is the Memphis of this season. Just no Dan to run him but he had Shelli take out his biggest threats. He is kinda a puss but he gets the job done.


Clay is a misogynist and is totally threaten by women. He is not even afraid of any of the other men in the house. I hope he is sent home by one of the female hg’s.

Austin's Kyfe

So fucking true!! I hate Clay. I only like Julia and Johnny Mac and I don’t mind Meg/Jason/Liz. I thought Audrey would have turned that damn have-not room into Hogwarts by now……


on the contrary, when day went up he couldn’t understand why shelli was putting her up. Everyone in the house wanted Audrey out. HE wanted Audrey out. He knew that getting out Day was only going to put a big target on their backs, him by simply being next to her. It was a dumb move that happened for no good reason. shelli could have put up audrey and been a star to all the HGs, especially becky and jason. Now neither becky nor jason could care less if she goes, in fact would put her up if she hadn’t made this one week deal with them.

which was what clay kept telling her, but she knew best, of course, and now here she is the one to finally put up audrey because it has escalated to complete meltdown and disaster, all of which could have been avoided in the first place. but vanessa is to blame as well, and neither of those other side people will hesitate a minute to put her or her allies up, because she also didn’t put up audrey.

both of them will regret that choice, but clay and austin are both the ones who are getting the targets on their backs because of those HOH choices.

Ian's lament

That’s a wonderful theory Audrey. …….. Really I mean that….. Please don’t kill me…….


The only time I remember an exception was one season someone had hypoglycemia and had a reaction and sent to the hospital and when she came back there were certain foods they allowed her to have. But if I recalled she could not eat just anything she wished


Yes she passed out and had a seizure.Pretty scarry


That was when they were still doing pb&j. The next season they intriduced slop


What is more likely: Julie interviewing Audrey without an audience or Audrey leaving without an interview?


Audrey leaving without an interview.


The problem with viewing people as categories instead of as individuals is there is no right answer for CBS in this situation. They made there bed by promoting her as a “revolutionary” contestant. Not everyone is Jackie Robinson.


Julie interviewing her without an audience. You know Audrey is going to want to go on some rant about how they all picked on her, how she was just playing the game but they didn’t like for what ever reason, and they made life for her so hard in the house. If she does not say all of this to Julie, she will say it to someone. Make herself the victim of hate..and I am not saying because she is transgender. That might come up, but I am hoping she is not going to try to make that a part of it, as that has nothing to do why they did not like her.


I think she will say they “bullied” poor little ol’ me. On Big Brother of all things. ROFL I’m a fragile TG and they were bullies. Then she can elicit some sympathy and attention when she goes. Anything for a little notoriety.

vanessa's joan jett eyeballs

It’s ironic that there is always this rhetoric about being treated fairly. Well guess what? Just because you are transgendered does not make you this “great” person. You are a part of the human race and all human beings are capable of being jerks, unkind, manipulative and self-serving (which she was in the house) Audrey has a crappy personality, I for one will barf if she plays the victim card.


Just remove her already…the handwriting is on the wall …she will continue to break the rules….remove the bitch and cancel eviction Thursday and make the HOH comp a live good endurance one that we can watch entirely! Take the disrespecting trash out today!


Didn’t even see you comment and I was complaining about no endurance comps for HOH… totally agree


All the have nots should be able eat normal food. This is a crock of shit. Penalty vote for Audrey WTF!

Eric CA

It was not Clay in either situation… that lead Shelli to think that Da’Vonne was coming after her… one of those people is in the HN Room right now pulling a scam. Do you remember Audrey’s goodbye message to Da’Vonne BTW where was the flood of compassion coming from Audrey in that situation.

In the case of Audrey… dots were put together… Audrey was backstabbing them she was lying to them… she just got caught. In that case also though Clay supported Shelli it was completely her decision. It is an untruth to say that Shelli is controlled in any way by Clay in her HoH choices. Audrey earned that nomination.


Also, Chima had to leave when she was disrespecting the game, why is Audrey still there!


We know why…


IDK maybe it’s because she didn’t do stuff like throwing a mic in the pool, flipping off the cameras, blocking the cameras with a quilt, and refusing to go to the diary room while cussing of the producers. I mean Audrey is being a poor sport, but she isn’t being anywhere near as bad as Chima was unless the fans have a short memory.


i think both production and the houseguests agree audrey has a mental issue and the best route is to quietly evict her w/o causing further problems


Love to see Austin and Clay on the block for eviction let the war begin lol


I agree but let’s up the ante to make it interesting: one HOH nominates Clay and Liz and the other HOH nominates Austin and Shelli.


It was pretty easy to see this breakdown coming.


What is with the special treatment?

It proves that they (they powers that be) will do what ever they can to make her happy. That makes me believe she may not be going this week. Even though I can not see her staying knowing how everyone feels about her. I just would not put it past the show to try whatever they can to keep her.


If she is still on the show next week im done with this show for good. I dont watch alot of reailty shows because theyre not reailty but ive watched big brother from the start because it was a show production cant mess with it too bad because of live feeds and the fans would find out the truth. Even if Audry ends up with a unanimous desicion to stay I dont think she should be allowed given all that shes gotten away in the last day.


Whatever y’all do, don’t say she might have a mental illness, cause then everyone (who is obviously in her head and knows for certain) will call her out for being immature and childish, then in their grownup and mature voice, will tell you how wrong you are and how certainly right they are. Yup… we all growed up on here.

Do the bashers and angry people even look at what they wrote and say to themselves “holy shit… I’m just as bad as the person I’m bashing”. The fact that they vent so much anger… I mean it literally spills forth onto these pages through what they write… says to me that while Audrey may or may not have a mental illness, A whole lot of ya’ do have one. Prescriptions + Empty = refill people.

Misty Beethoven

Newser, aren’t you all sanctimonious about this? People hate the sin, not the sinner. She played a shitty game that blew up on her, and shame on her for basically holding the houseguests and Production hostage while she had her breakdown, real or imagined. CBS is just as much to blame for not taking her out of the game for her own good, instead of leaving her in to the detriment of everyone else. No one is making light of her possible mental issues, so just stop with this crap.


1HUNDOTHOUSAND.% Agree…she should have been removed. Not just for her own issues but it’s not fair at all the other HGsts. Have to endure this mental strain when 7 amounts to…she’s doing this because she has no way out..if noms kept the same she would be amongst them now causing her shit! BB get her the fuck out now!


You are just Miss High and Righteous. Miss Know It All. Let me clue you in, you YOURSELF have no idea if she has some mental illness, so stop forcing your theory on everyone else. You may think that, but many people don’t. You’re actually quite the hypocrite, putting people down for their grammar, chastising people because they view the situation differently than you do. All the while bashing people yourself. Lol GTFO here with that shit.

Misty Beethoven

Who, pray tell, are you directing your vitriol towards? Because I haven’t correct anyone’s grammar, and I believe I said “possible” mental health issues. So go suck a rock, Anon.


No not you! Miss NewsFlash know-it-all.

Misty Beethoven

Thanks for clarifying. Sorry for jumping to conclusions. I’m proof you can take the girl outta Philly, but you can’t take the Philly outta the girl.


Audrey seems entitled and likes to play the victim to manipulate people (in the game). Even her lack of participation is a way for people to focus on her. She has a massive ego in there and she provokes situations making them worse for herself and others without having any socially or game intelligence to her “strategy”. Other people are smart to in different ways. So I don’t know if she thought she was going to go in there and be some sort of master manipulator. Either way, it didn’t work . I don’t know how she acts outside the house and don’t really care. She probably functions just fine though in her own life and world like most of them do. She could have dealt with the consequences just like everyone else had to do. Even Candace stayed in there after been compared to a rat by a racist and having to wear a clown suit and then getting voted out. Same with Devin who acted like a crazy fool but he took the lost and got voted out after thinking he was the Lord of the Manor. I’m sure Jace, Davonne, and Jeff hated being evicted as well but sat there in the hot seat and went home and didn’t have the rules broken for them. Anyway, I don’t think she’s needed to make the game interesting. I want to see how the game progresses with the people who are left because even though I don’t particularly like some of the people’s personalities. But even the dislike isn’t because they are intolerable or anything like that. I like the group so far. And I want to see where loyalties will fall the ext 3 or 4 weeks and how they handle a power couple/fauxmance and a set of twins coming in there possibly. With one twin being rather sort of charming and acts like a ditz but who really isn’


look if she wants to sleep all day let her
she going home anyway why whould she want to
talk to you shelly
like I said before Austin is this in this
but clay an shelly is to safe nobody put them up
im hope for a Austin steve hoh this week
reason I sill like Austin cause he will do anything to protect liz
in for the rest of them they will throw their team make that they working with under the bus for example shelly an clay

someone said...

in a perfect bb world, Austin would be evicted before jury, and to only see Liz again on finale night when she’s flirting with Jeff.


I gather the alliance of Clay/Shelli, Vanessa, Austin and Liz is not in effect anymore. So everyone in that alliance is fair game for the others. Clay/Shelli sure came out of that meeting the other day smelling like a rose. If I was Austin, Liz or Vanessa I would be going after them with a vengeance. They did not have that platform to plead their cases, and Shelli/Clay started right off the hop to replace them in an alliance. Good luck with your new alliance of James/Jason/Meg. I certainly hope Austin/Vanessa/Liz or Steve can win HOH this week, and put Clay and his mother up on the block on separate sides maybe along with Jackie and that mouthpiece Jason. That could get dicey. Clay/Shelli are onto Vanessa put not 100% sure at this point. Everyone is onboard for getting Austin or Liz out this week, but I can’t see Vanessa being up for this. She is too smart to think that Clay/Shelli have included her in on any deals they are making. She certainly hasn’t included them. Vanessa’s avoidance of them after POV is telling.


First, I want Audrey out. She is ruining this game. I think it is complete BS that CBS is bending the rules for her. I think they are at a loss because they expected her to be around the whole season, they never expected she was a complete basket case. Now they have some PR issues because Audrey was the one who went crazy and dug her own grave. Everyone accepted her for being transgender, in fact, she was protected for that very reason…so CBS can’t say that it was anyones fault BUT Audreys! All the other HGs have been extremely nice to her and all the feeders know that. I cannot imagine what the veto ceremony will look like tomorrow? Audrey won’t be there but she gets put on the block…how does CBS explain that? Will they say “medical emergency”?

In reality, if you think about it, Audrey cannot even face the other HGs right now. She will never make it to the live audience (in my opinion) if she can’t face people who have been nothing but nice to her. And CBS is probably also realizing how they will have to protect her on the outside because her feelings are so fragile. BB fans can be ruthless and if you remember even Christine had a really hard time going back to real life because of the hatred towards her with the whole Cody thing. CBS opened a can of worms with Audrey they never expected….that much is obvious.


What I think is happening with production is: The vote is a formality, Audrey is gone even if the HG’s try to save her. They let her do her thing in the have not room so will stay calm. She’s out Thursday without a scene and no lawyers get involved from either side.


I agree that production just wants her to stay until Thursday basically so the schedule remains intact, but it also has generated a lot of discussion which is good for the show (just look at the amount of comments about it on this site). They know she is gone so no harm to the game (except those other have not’s who do not get the same treatment). In reading the updates over the past few days, it seems production is asking some HG’s to discuss Audrey more. probably to get some good sound bites for Thursday. I don’t think there is any illness (mental or otherwise), or a breakdown, just a major league sulk. If she was in any immediate danger, they would have removed her for own safety. She can always leave on her own accord, which she stated she wanted to do. The contestants signed extremely detailed contracts explaining the rules and what they could face by participating. If she were in any kind of medical peril and they didn’t allow her to leave, they could face a lawsuit, so I can’t see it being that serious of a situation. Just a poor loser.


It’s sad because I believe she has a mental illness.. and instead of recognizing that and getting her out of the house, production is bending the rules to keep her around. I think this whole experience was way too much pressure and too much on her.


It’s all speculation. She might just be a huge whiner.


On a different note, going back to the twin thing. In one of your first posts, when Julie mentioned the twin twist, you (think it was Simon) wrote that Julie said “The twins will play as 1 house guest and trade off being in the house. If they manage to keep it a secret until week 5, the other twin will officially enter the house and they’ll compete as individuals.”
SECRET is the big word here.
Since Liz has shared with some of the HG that she is a twin and they know when Julia and Liz are trading places, will Julia still get to enter the game after week 5? Also most of the house knows she is a twin and frequently discuss it. To me that is not keeping it secret.
I am I wrong on that or did it get changed?


I think the reason behind keeping it a secret is to not be voted out by week 5. If Liz stays in the house past week 5 then Julia enters and they play individually.


That’s a really good question.

I imagine if they make it past the fifth eviction, production will just let them come in anyway.


I haven’t read the BB statement of contract,however,it’s still a secret because it hasn’t been publicly admitted that Liz and Julia are twins and a house meeting hasn’t been convened to discuss the issue and then taken to the production.At this point it’s just;”I know who you are,but I won’t say it out loud ” kind of situation.


They just have to survive 5 evictions. I don’t think the secret thing matters. Actually, it’s more inpressive that the other HG’s know and yet the twins STILL can survive 5 evictions.


They said, if successful at deceiving their competitors, the second twin can play.


Audrey sighting, she’s alive! End of post…..nail biting cliffhanger you guys! Aaargh! 😉


Outside the Audrey dilemma it’s really frustrating how on some level everyone is alligned with everyone.

Why can’t you go after someone if they are HOH and tell everyone but the nominee they will keep you safe? I’ve heard Jason, Becky, James, etc all say that therefore Steve and Jackie (?!?!) become targets while the Sixth Idiots (Sense) keep skating free.

Hope Audry figures her shit out on a personal level and wish her the best!

Team #IncognitoDentist Johnny MAC!!


I think the only reason she is getting any special treatment this season is because she is their token player which is total bs. If a girl became pregnant on the show would she have to leave? She has a normal imbalance going on…. It irritates the heck out of me that she is getting treated like she has by the hg and production all season because she is transgender. People keep asking to be treated fairly because of their sex, sexual orientation, religion and race. Maybe everyone should wake up and realize it goes both freaken ways.


I dont understand this at all. If somthing is soo wrong with her that shes allowed to break all the rules why is she even allowed in the house? Why dont they do the eviction now and not delay the inevitable? This looks bad in 2 ways.
1) if she needs REAL help get her out and let her get it, everyone knows shes leaving anyways.
2) game wise- are the other have-nots exempt this week now? How is this fair gameplay? If I was a havenot i’d be pissed. She breaks the rules cause theres somthing obviously wrong with her, I wouldnt even feel comfortable in the same house if theyre not letting me know wtf is going on.
It looks like production is letting her do what she want because they know they f***ed up when adding her to the show. Being transgender became this huge thing after cailtin jenner so they jumped to get her hoping it would create more ratings without probably doing a background check on her.
Do they eviction now. Let her walk out in empty studio (if she even wants that) and get on with next week. Tired of seeing everyone pussy foot around this and feeds cutting out.


So glad to see Dawg has gotten more votes then Audrey, thank you!


I don’t have the live feeds but it’s my opinion based on what little I’ve seen that Liz/Julia is a bit of a bitch. She just seems so self centered and a little wrapped up in herself. To those that have the live feeds, do ya’ll agree or am I only seeing the CBS edit?


The one you are seeing act that way is Liz. Julia is the nicer twin


I actually like the twins a lot. I don’t have the feeds either but I read all the updates and watch the show.


Thought it said updated?


If production was going to bend or break the rules. I would it rather have been they pulled her out of the game but she gets to keep the money for surviving 3 weeks and allow her to return to finally night.
Audrey needs out of that house and away from stress


think about production like drama an showmance rating for the show
step 1 Austin and liz showmance
sept 2 people want the twins an Austin out of the game
sept 3 if Austin or the twins get voted out next what they talk about
then it be borning
setp 4 if Austin an steve wins hoh it be great for the show cause
they will protect liz twin the other houseguest want
in my opinion production I think it be great for a Austin steve hoh this week’
cause then the game begin in who through who under the bus
if Jason an meg get it we know that Austin an liz will be throw under the bus in we know how the week
ago or do you want Austin an steve hoh in don’t know how the week ago I don’t know about yall I like to be suprize


Who keeps delivering those trays of food and drink? Don’t the HG’s see that?


Probably her Nanny or her Private Nursemaid. Someone needs to deliver her a new pillow and blankie cuz she Be sickie….bless her heart


Hers also needs her yittle teddy bear and comfy jammies cuz she be so sad…poor poor Audrey…hers needs another long nap


Last night Austin said he and Shelli (I think) left a tray of food for her, they just opened the door, put it down, then left


Kinda like the Fratelli’s leaving food for Sloth down in the cellar.

yo yo yo

So they actually have to rehearse going into the diary room and saying a name! And they are worried they won’t remember the name they need to say?!? Did I read that right?

Also, I was reading about psychopathic people. Is Audrey on that level? Manipulative, lacks empathy, etc. Not meaning to be mean toward Audrey – truly asking. She has so much emotional turmoil.


If Jeff was still there, he’d break Audrey off a long slice of that greasy dick the hoes are clamoring for and get her head back in the game.

Cindy Withanesse

Best comment on here! Made me spit my water out with laughter!!!!!!!


Audrey has gone way overboard she just needs chill it’s a game. It sucks but she should have fun like day and jeff when they know they are evicted. She probably is stinky for wearing the same clothes and not shower for days. All girls from past seasons took there eviction with grace even not making jury. I bet she flick everyone off when she goes or maybe self evict when they start speeches. But I think she had a panic attack due to house meeting and she was by herself. I think everyone should go in the hn apologize for that.

Twistin' for the win!

So sick of Audreygate. Pack for her!!!

Bye-bye birdie!

in the real world

If Audrey was a threat to herself or others the psychologist would have a judge sign a certificate and petition for an involuntary hold in a mental health unit for 72 hours to evaluate her CBS be dammed. My guess is they did not find her to be suicidal or unstable.


James’s personality has gotten better since Jeff left and was sweet of him to bring Audrey food.


Dawg and Simon you guys are a pimps! Thanks to you and Simon for the site and all your hard work. Interview on kill show was awesome! Looking forward to Simon’s interview.


Thanks! glad you what we do 🙂


I production is leaving her in the house like why she needs to get her ass out she’s pathetic and just a freak but I will say we she still there and Jason won’t go that is the one good thing is she is just a sad human being she needs to leave why are they letting her get away with all this crap it is so ridiculous


Allowed to stay in the house why is Audrey even there is protect its production even like going to do anything she like holding her poop and her P like it is freaking crazy like it’s insane like she needs to get out of the house or she needs to get up and start moving around they need to treat her like they do everybody else or she needs to leave if it’s that bad of a situation where she can’t be treated like everybody else then get the hell out of the house …..


does Meg represent the dumb blonde community? does Jason represent the gay nerd community? does Clay represent the neonazi cowboy community? come on people.Audrey represents Audrey. Period.

Y y y y

That bull and you know it. They made a big deal about her being TG, it is the cause de jour at the moment and BB wanted in on it. And how exactly is Clay a Neo Nazi? What the hell is wrong with you?

skeptical onlooker

Audrey thought she was a shoe in or the game. In the beginning..everyone was kpw towing to her. It went to her head. ( she already saw herself as Rita Hayworth in Gilda..being showered with confetti.
No hint of instability. Then..sulking and hard done by he first go round..sympathy…quick turn around.
( I think Shelli is extremely concerned that the public see her as nice and sweet. ) Back to her old tricks. This time..overs. And she knows it. Selects Vanessa’s bed. No good. Into DR. No doubt…goes through her whole bag of tricks.
The real deal is…she’s a sore loser. Could gloat about the other evictees..but her ego doesn’t allow her to lose.
Manipulative to the nth degree.

Austin put a shirt on

What!? and cover my lovely tattoos?


I hate that there’s no HOH endurance comps…


I agree with most of you here… Audrey should not be given special treatment under any circumstance. She, as a fan of the show, knows & understands how things go & it seems to me that she can’t handle even the most basics trials of bring a houseguest. Her housemates have been very kind to her, production obviously has made exceptions for her… Not to mention, after the blow up with Day, Shelli & Vanessa rallied around her- did not put her up, eventually sending 3 people out the door who took the nominations, backdooring, & evictions with stride. It is a game after all which has been around for a long time… If you’re not prepared & ready for the ups & downs of it, you shouldn’t bother being a houseguest. That said, Audrey should be thankful she made it on with this group if house guests… I’d love to see her just TRY to maneuver herself in the Big Brother house with the likes of Dr. Will, Evil Dick, Rachel or any of the other past houseguests who would’ve probably cut her to shreds at this point.


I dislike Audrey she is just a spoiled little brat that need to go back home.


The funny thing is people do not dislike her personally but just don’t like her in the game. Several have told her they would like to hang with her when it is over. All this pouting drama is making them feel uncomfortable about talking to her. She is bringing any dislike on herself by being reclusive. She is making it out like they are doing this her when she is making everyone in the house scared to approach her. Just get her out and call it a day. She certainly is not the warrior she made herself out to be.

Y y y y

Im thinking if I were one of the others on slop, I’d just go and grab the biggest plate of whatever the hell I wanted to and eat like a pig. Can’t really let one off without letting everyone off can you? On the other hand, it doesn’t seem to be a good idea to piss of production ….for most people anyway.


I suspect that Audrey’s mommy and daddy catered to her every whim and temper tantrum growing because the poor little guy was so bullied. That’s where sociopathic sense of entitlement came from. This is one mommy and daddy can’t fix. Hope they get her some help on the outside. The world is not going to cater to a transgendered Bruce Jenner and they are sure not going to cater to Audry. If this is in any way real and not game play on her part, I would have serious concerns about her down the road.


Without a doubt any other member that did not show up for the Veto Ceremony and can eat all they want while a Have-not would have been booted out the door by Big Brother Staff. It’s only because of Political Correctness it has not happened and that is total BS for everyone else.


Has anyone thought that the Audrey that is left in the house may be a “look-alike” and the real Audrey is already gone? I can’t imagine CBS or the producers of BB keeping someone that has so many problems still in the house. This is why she is staying in the have not room, not talking to anyone, and anytime the guests were talking about here it was going to fish. Have they now been told the truth and that’s why the fish game has ended? Just another conspiracy theory for everyone out there.

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