Liz to Austin “I feel like if you were here last season you would showmance Christine!”

POV Holder: Vanessa Next POV July 18th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 20th
HOH Winner Team 1: Liz HOH Winner Team 2: Shelli
Nominations 1 : Jackie & James Nominations 2: Jason & Johnny Mac
Battle of the Block Winner James and Jackie Next HOH/ Next BOB July 23rd / July17th
Original Nominations: Jason & Johnny Mac
Current Nominations: JohnnMAC and Audrey
Have Nots Jackie, Audrey, JohnnyMac and Becky

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-21 10-18-58-628

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10am Austin says I almost want to offer him (Jason), Meg and James safety next week. Liz asks who do we target then? Austin says we put up Jackie and Steve. We have people on to us we have to throw them off the trail. Liz says unless we tell Steve because he’s not going to win. Austin says but everyone else we have deals with. Austin says then I wanted to explain to him (Jason) my relationship status outside the house because I don’t want him to think we’re doing this showmance thing and like I’m like cheating or something. Because I don’t think he knows, yet. He can then tell the whole house. I can lead in on how every few days its tough on me. Liz says I definitely think you should talk to him. Those are good talking points. Austin says I’ll have a honest conversation with him to build trust. Liz says I can see having deep conversations with him but not James .. he just wants to get to jury and have fun. Liz says I feel like if you were here last season you would showmance Christine! Austin asks who the hell is that?!! Do you sell me that short?! Really?! Liz says no I was just thinking about her sleeve of tattoos. Austin says I don’t even like that. Liz says you don’t even remember her. Austin says no I never watched that sh*t!

10:20am Bedroom – James tells Meg and Becky that he thinks he is going to go make Audrey an omelette. Becky says she thinks that’s a good idea. She had the pizza last night and today all she’s had is water. James says that will be my good deed for the day and then I’ll terrorize all of you all day. James makes the omelette and takes it to Audrey. He says you don’t have to eat it but its there. Audrey doesn’t say a word. James leave.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-21 10-32-26-694

10:20am – 10:35am Backyard – Clay asks Johnny if Becky talks game with him. Johnny says no. Clay says I would really like to replace her and Jackie. Johnny says there’s been nothing else. If there has been any game talk, I avoid it because I don’t want to be caught in anything. I just want Thursday to come and Audrey be evicted. Johnny says Steve came at me with a final 2. Clay asks so you have influence over him a little bit. Johnny says a little bit. Clay asks does he talk game with you? Johnny says a little but he initiates it. Clay asks is he not wanting to win HOH. Johnny says he doesn’t think so, not yet. Clay says we’re building trust with him little by little. I think it would be good for us to eventually come together. Johnny says I like that. Clay says a final 4 with you, me, Shelli and Steve its a pretty good deal. Johnny agrees. Clay asks who would you take Becky or Steve? Johnny says I thought Becky up until this week but I’ve gotten a weird vibe. Johnny says you might disagree with this but I don’t like mixing business with pleasure. Becky joins them. Johnny says I don’t know what Audrey is trying to pull here. Clay says all of it is things she’s said.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-21 10-23-50-120

10:50am Backyard – Clay, Johnny Mac and Becky are on the backyard couches talking. Becky brings up how big brother told them as usually that the bedroom lights must remain on during the day but Audrey’s allowed to have the lights off in the havenot room. Big Brother blocks the feeds.

11:15am – 11:30am Comic bedroom – James and Steve are talking. James says she didn’t want to watch herself get nominated. It’s pretty much a done deal she’s going home on Thrusday. Steve wonders if she will show up to the eviction on Thursday. James wonders if she will even get ready on Thursday, like get dressed and pack her bags. Steve says well she would be shooting herself in the foot if she didn’t. Steve says that I’m sure that big brother is doing everything they can to get her the help she needs. James says everyone is being very nice to her. Steve says that’s why I do my loud talking with her. James says that Becky cooked her dinner last night and I made her breakfast. Steve says so she’s pretty much not a have not any more. James says no, there’s no point if it will make her feel better. Steve says except for being a good sport about the game but I guess that is out the window at this point. James says I think she’ll feel a lot better when she gets out of the house. I’m sure Julie will have a lot of questions for her. She did stir up a lot of stuff but was there any truth to it. Was a 100% a lie or was there 25% truth to it.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-21 11-18-28-454

11:35am Becky goes into the havenot room and then heads to the bathroom. She comments that “She (Audrey) ate half the omelette! That’s a good sign, she’s eating again. (She ate pizza last night that’s hardly worth worrying if she’s eating or not. Its a rough life being a havenot.)

12pm Austin says that he wants to make a truce with Meg, James and Jason. His veto speech touched a cord with me. I also watched since season 1 and always wanted to be on. I’m going to have a heart to heart with him. To see if I can establish some trust with him. Plus he is one of the biggest people on top of the Liz twin thing. He is always on top of when they switch. Vanessa asks how do you know? Austin says Steve told me. I think I have a way to counter act that. Big Brother blocks the feeds.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-21 12-03-22-294
Jason and Becky are talking on the backyard couches. Jason says everyone knows at this point. Vanessa is the one that brought it to me during her HOH. Becky says that Steve told them. Jason says he’s the one that leaks information. I told him yesterday to stop scampering around collecting information. Becky says I don’t think he is smart and deadly, he’s just Steve. The think is he isn’t going to try and win HOH. He’s playing a game where he doesn’t have to win HOH and just collect information. Jason says that’s why he made that deal with me not to put him up. Becky says if you don’t win HOH you have to be worried about going up on the block.

12:15pm Shelli gets the HOH camera and they start taking photos.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-21 12-29-38-068

12:20pm – 12:35pm Clay talks to Meg. Meg says we have to win. Someone has to win on our side. Clay says I know. How much do you trust Jackie? Meg says she will be fine she is going after the Austin, Vanessa, Steve. Meg says Steve isn’t really associated with anyone so he would be an easy out. Meg says I would put up Steve and Austin. I wouldn’t backdoor anyone either. I would have good reason to because Austin put me up. I also have a great speech. I would put up Austin and someone. Meg says if you guys do go up on the other side you just need to play really cool to get out of it. Clay says I think Austin needs to go first. Meg agrees. Clay says we for sure have to win double eviction. Meg says if you’re going to go up thats when it would be so you for sure have to win it. They head inside and the HOH photo time continues.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-21 12-25-52-522

12:40pm James tells Clay that Steve is very interested in people that haven’t gone up on the block yet. Clay tells James you seem kind of skeptical the last few days after talking with Audrey. James says no, this is just my week to lay low. Clay says okay good. If you have any questions just come ask us. Clay says hopefully one of us 5 wins. (Clay, Shelli, Meg, Jason, James) She (Shelli) put up Jason but hopefully he understands. James says you and Shelli don’t have anything to worry about from me.

12:45pm Backyard – Austin says at this point I have to get my moneys worth on the showmance. Johnny asks what about the situation back home. Austin says yeah I wanted to talk to people about that because I don’t want people to get the wrong idea. We left being open that I am free to do what I want to do. Johnny says if its open its open. Austin says You’re Johnny Mac you know!

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-21 12-46-38-197

They head into the havenot room to take photos. Becky says sorry Audrey we’re going to take a photo real quick! Don’t worry you won’t be in it!

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-21 12-57-59-176

1pm Meg tells Clay he looks like a lady girl in the photo they took below.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-21 13-03-27-309

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I survived last seasons BB

Those must be some strong Meds BB gave Audrey..Come on Production, You zapped Chima for even less than that.


I’m pretty sure missing a meal or four is ok. smh


Regardless of what one thinks of Audrey laying in bed and not TALKING to anyone. It benefits Austin and Venessa the most, and Clay and Shelli somewhat. It was Audrey’s TALKING about their final 2 and their foursome, that got her put up. She threatened to blow up their games, if they put her up. The best thing that could happen for them is to have Audrey muzzled for a week. And that’s just what’s happening right now, she’s NOT talking to anyone, how lucky for them.


I seriously hope Audrey is ok and hasn’t had some sort of breakdown. I don’t have the live feeds. Is she talking at all?

Eric CA

This is scam… if there was anything that was as bad as it looks she would have been pulled. I am so pissed at this move… it is a total out and out scam.


Agree! Audrey was not experiencing any medical issue when she was deceiving every hg in the house, she was perfectly fine and saviring every second of it. Out of a sudden she has the chemical BS and she can’t function, what a bullsh!tter!


People like Audrey are used to getting away with lying. And when they do get caught, they put on the health melt-down, pitty-party act because the drama is the only thing that will stop the conversation.


Newsflash for you — anybody that gets their joint cut off isn’t alright. If they tried to do that to Jeff, they’d need a chainsaw.

Eric CA

You do know that they do not cut their penis off…. they cut it in half and invert to help form the labia and and open it up to help create the vaginal walls… it is still there just reconstructed. Then there i what they do with the urethra… they cut off her testicles not her penis.
They have videos online if you are interested in seeing the process… warning it is not for the weak of heart or that manner most men.




Ain’t the way God . ..

Wannabe Slash

Austin would showmance/stalk anything that glanced his way. Then calls it love at first sight, and the beginning of a love story.


Austin is an idiot & I held back vomit when he began taking about his romantic love story with Liz. Let me break it down for you Austin, if Jeff were still there in the house she would be all about Jeff. Austin knows this,saw it with his own beedy stalking eyes, & continues to dream about it lmao! Jeff definitely got in Austin’s head-to-head love it! Austin offers Liz is protection for her & sister, & an idiot willing to jeopardize his game for her & she will run with it to advance in the game. Liz would NEVER do that for him. He is such a cocky,arrogant,insecure,troll!


Seriously bro!…nailed bro, you figgin nailed bro!….

I survived last seasons BB

My hopes for the next HOH

1) JohnnyMac..Would love to see Him flip the script on those who kept putting Him up and making Him throw Comps

2) Jason..Shelli and Clay would be up and Austin/Liz would be backdoor

3) Jackie…Payback time for Vanessa

4) Meg…Would be interested in Her targets

5) Becky..Just to actually see Her have to interract

6) James or Steve

My hope would be either ShellClay gets busted up, Vanessa gets zapped or best yet Lovesick Horndog Wimp Austin gets the boot, and as He is leaving House,Steve kisses Liz


Austin acts like such a hard badass. .. then runs off to paint his fingernails… Judas you are a bitch ass! ” NOBODY COMES BETWEEN ME AND MY TWIN” hey do you guys like my pink polish?

Canadian Kevin

It’s creepy how Austin keeps referring to the twins. His twins.

And now he’s worrying about Jeff stalking them outside of the house?

Liz and Julia better wake up; Jeff isn’t the one they should be worrying about, outside of the house.

Lemon balls

The way I see it, there is only one play next week. Take out either Austin or Liz/Julia .


Johnnymac puts up Clay & Shelli and tells them he wants them to throw the BOB, so they can backdoor (insert anyone’s name here).

I figured out today why i don’t like Clay & Shelli more than I do: they do not have loyalty to anyone, their alliances are all fake. I can’t respect someone who doesn’t stick with at least 2 other people at this stage of the game, instead of throwing names out and alliancing with every single person in the house.

Hello, isn’t that what we complained about Jeff doing & even Audrey didn’t do that.


Clay and Shelli the everything alliance. lol Look this stuff always gets caught in the end. What it does is allows a decent amount of safety early. Mission accomplished and Shelli HOH twice as well. It allows them to evaluate the other HG’s and they’re getting some info from almost the whole house. Usually teams like this pick who to go with based on the week they gotta pull the trigger. Thought Nessa was 3rd wheel but rightfully their gut tells them she has more withAustin/Twins 1st.
I see that where the line will be drawn myself. Outsiders win and gravitate to Clay/Shelli over the other 4. By the way like them(Clay/Shelli) or not their game has been pretty decent so far. The 1st 1/2 is so hard just based on wearing the wrong hat can get you targeted for eviction. hehe Early evicts every season include folks did virtually nothing wrong.

So 1st to go of the “big 4”, Clay/Shelli or Austin/Nessa? It’s really the core of the season at this point. Outsiders need an HOH week 1st off. They’ll likely split the baby on noms making an epic BOB(no tanking). Losers scramble for a backdoor plan. All that could make for a great week and shake up the house which is needed. I don’t mind the “big 6” after next week because they earned it to this point. They have JM tanking while not in the alliance that’s good stuff. They are controlling the HOH and are evicting their target weekly. It’s not a lot of fun for fans I’ll give you that. But the less likeable folks are making it happen.
If you don’t want BB 16 again get pissed at Jason, Meg, James, Johnnie, Steve, Becky and Jackie. 7 of you here can 1 just win an HOH? They have numbers still to run the vote just win for crying out loud. I want to see crumble and panic. Lets yell fire in a crowded movie theatre and get something started.
PS… not missing Audrey drama surprised by that. 🙂


I feel the same way. I’m did anticipate them to be snakes. But hey they are in the best position to flip the house right now actually. This week would be really good for Clay to pick up the HoH and send someone important home before jury.


Oh wow get this bitchy little girl out of here she makes me sick I blame the person who works to find the people to go on this show whoever that is is also a sack of shit do your job how can u cast a crazy dumb ass like this don’t u do background checks on the houseguest before you are reckons the show by being wack jobs like this on the show


You and your run on sentence!


I’ll take punctuation for 800 Alex.

The answer is… this comes between sentences and ends a sentence.

What is a period Alex.


Just to add…

You call someone out for being a bitch… yet your arguments always wreak of… wait for it… bitching.

You call someone out for being a dumb ass…. sooo, umm.. “reckon”, I’m going to take a wild stab in the dark and presume you meant to spell wreckin’? Yeah…. those dumb asses.


The word IS reckon.


LOL – thanks for posting that, “Tasty”.


This is not English Comp 101. This is a blog. No one needs English professors on here correcting grammar. Get over yourself.


Yeah okay.. the word is reckon, so it makes so much sense now. Besides reading, comprehension of words as they form a sentence works too. I reckon.


I am sure that Audrey had extensive therapy and testing before her transition. For that reason I believe she could get past BB’s testing. Besides, she is such a huge manipulator, this could be simply feel sorry for me game play. Won’t work to save her this time though. And this is also how I believe she lives in the real world. I don’t feel sorry for her at all.

Eric CA

Transgenders go through 1 year of psychological evaluation pre hormones, where commonly they have to live as the opposite gender in most cases. Before receiving the genital surgery it is required that they have 2 letters by a psychologist. Audrey fully transitioned at the age of 22, three years ago. Knowing this completely angers me when she says her stories about what she has gone through as a way to pressure people into compassion and how she is acting now.

It is a scam she is running to pressure production into giving her special treatment. It really pisses me off. I hate this… it is a misuse of compassion that the transgender community has recently finally received.


If Audrey is that depressed why don’t she just go home
it’s not worth the money to stay and jeopardize your health.


Agreed. I’m sure she recognized the fact that she was either on the verge of a mental breakdown or was already across that line. Yeah yeah, no doubt she caused it by her attempted “strategy” (because let’s face it… that was a horrible strategy if we can even call it that) but in the end, to convince her of the stipend and any bonuses for staying… pathetic on productions part if they convinced her to stay.


Wait, I’m just catching up but why is Audrey eating? I though she was a have not? Did they do away with the have not’s for the week?


Audrey is the devil


I picture Audreys house like Buffalo Bills in Silence of the Lambs. Her tucking her twig and berries pre lop off, dancing with a small dog in her arms named precious, wearing a skin suit of previous bb players , and a pit with Rachel Riely in it telling her.” It puts the lotion in the basket”


If shes the devil then what is vannessa. I dont like either but i cant stand vannessa, i hope shes gone next week i cant look at her ugly big nose face any longer. and those glasses make her look worse

I survived last seasons BB

Thanks for the clarification Dawg, In My opinion, if You cannot physically or emotionally play the game ( being a havenot included), then You should be taken out immediately


I don’t think “she was told as strategy to hide her in bed and not talk to anyone” now or earlier. If you think you know what production says to the house guests then you are lying. Yes indeed at times they suggest certain things to the players in DR but no one knows for sure what was said to Audrey.


It wasn’t production that told her to hide in her bed & not talk to anyone, it was Shelli & Vanessa who were trying to improve her image.

Big Daddy

The strategy was proposed by Vanessa.

Twistin' for the win!

freefromwhatyouare…look at you trying to call someone out as a liar and you don’t even know what the eff you are talking about. Sit your ass down somewhere before you call one of the guys responsible for this site a liar, and shut the eff up. Try to be free from what YOU are…a damn idiot.


Are you seriously trying to be a tough guy on a mesaage board?

Lmmfao. I won’t dignify your post above with any further comment.

Thanks for the laughs though:-)

Twistin' for the win!

Yea, and I put your ass on blast and in check. You know it because you did, in fact, acknowledge the comment.

Get a life…or at least some character. Calling someone a liar…what an ass you made of yourself.

The damn end.

No you didn't

Show some respect when speaking to Simon and Dawg. They work very hard to keep people informed on this site. They give up sleep and watch live feeds 24/7 as a public service so they can keep us updated on the show. Don’t get snippy with them. Not cool.


I agree Dawg!! I hate to sound insensitive but this just looks like a serious tantrum being thrown by a grown adult to me. Did she think she’s never get put up?


Wow the mob mentality against Audrey here is really gross,
For the amount of people that don’t like her, people are sure
obsessed about her. She does not deserve this kind of hate,
People have no clue what is like to be Trans, I had a close
friend of mine kill herself because she felt like an outsider
& it is not an easy experience to deal with. My speculation
is Audrey is having withdrawels to either anxiety meds that
were given to her this week. Benzo withdrawals are worse
then heroin!! If you don’t like her or her game, fine. No need
to personally attack her on such a disgusting level.
Don’t hate the player, hate the game.


We don’t hate Audrey. We hate that she’s getting special treatment because she threw a hissy fit. The only way she is having withdrawals is if she told them she doesn’t need the meds. Big Brother is not going to deny anyone any medication that is required and prescribed. If Audrey needs any type of medication such as hormones, anti-depressants, ADHD, insulin, or aspirin, production will make sure to have her medication on hand. From what I am hearing several house guests take meds and get them in the diary room.

So no withdrawals, Audrey cracked under pressure and started to pout like a 2 year old. It worked the first time but not now.


Regardless of what one thinks of Audrey laying in bed and not TALKING to anyone. It benefits Austin and Venessa the most, and Clay and Shelli somewhat. It was Audrey’s TALKING about their final 2 and their foursome, that got her put up. The best thing that could happen for them is to have Audrey muzzled for a week. And that’s just what’s happening right now, she’s NOT talking to anyone, how lucky for them.


THANK YOU! If she were truly having a mental breakdown as some of the HGs and people here/on twitter seem to think, production would have to take her out. Yes, they want her there for drama and to save face with her being the first transgender in there, but I’m sure they would have to legally cover their asses if it was to that point. She was outplayed and can’t handle it. I went in wanting to like Audrey, but I have no respect for someone who can’t take being beaten when she chose to come in and play a game. If she had fought to save herself or even just said, “You know what, I was outplayed and I’m just going to have fun these next few days” – then I think that would be so much better than just manipulating everyone’s sympathy.


Agreed. And then came right back playing same strategy only this time biting the hands that were feeding her. This is why I believe that she is playing the same way she lives day to day.

Twistin' for the win!

I just said the same thing though I wasn’t nearly as nice as you. 🙂 I should have read comments first like I usually do instead of venting first then reading…I’m just so put out by what is going on right now.


just for her, apparently she’s special…….I think it’s irresponsible of CBS to let her stay in the house, I see a law suit after she’s gone, she is going to get some lawyer that will sue them for cruel and unusual punishment…..I knew early on that Audrey had some serious mental problems, it’s all in the eyes that scary phycho look can not be faked…..if I’m wrong than Hollywood better be signing her to the next blockbuster horror movie because, she’s a show in for an award…


Oh please. She isn’t handcuffed to the bed. She knows where the exit button is. There’s no lawsuit here. She is playing her game!


shelli and clay are the new Amanda and pizza boy, only slimier.


Seriously?! No way are they slimier than Amanda and McCray at all. They are actually playing well so far.


stay tuned. clay will soon be wiping himself with peoples hats.


Cheese and pickles,
Pickles and cheese,
Gimme gimme gimme that sandwich please.


Vannessa is more like amanda. Shes running that side and shelli imo is stupid for putting audry up, that move will come back and bite her in the ass, why pit audry up when shes not gonna come after you. Sure audry is manipulater but so is vannessa shelli clay austin. They keep saying they had audrys back but thats bullshit. Every time audry told them anything about someone outside there group they would run and tell that person, that aint having her back. I hope jason and james win hoh this week and they put up clay shelli austin liz and they backdoor vannessa.

House Rules

Audrey would have been put on the block whether Shelli put her up or not. There are rules the houseguests have to follow. She threw a fit and held up production for 5 hours. She skipped the veto meeting. She ate food while being a have not. She slept on the floor instead of the have not bed. She turned off the lights to sleep during a time when the lights were supposed to be on. If Shelli had not put her on the block, production would have given Audrey a penalty nomination for breaking the rules, and put her on the block themselves. I wouldn’t be surprised if production took away a portion of Audrey’s stipend as a penalty for breaking the rules as well. When a player gets a penalty nomination while there are already two people on the block, the person with the penalty nomination becomes the 3rd person on the block this week. Shelli made things easier for production by nominating Audrey. If Audrey stays quiet and doesn’t cause any more problems, she’ll keep at least some of her stipend. If Audrey continues to be a pain in the butt and break rules, production will kick her out like they did Chima and take away her stipend.


If this is her version of a funeral like Dan to get people to feel sorry for her I hope to god it doesn’t work. But if she really has snapped, then they need to get her out of there. If she’s just feeling like a victim then she should get a grip because the other houseguests have done nothing to treat her poorly. Her behavior brought it on. So she better not spin it like little old me they are picking on me because I am transgender. In my opinion other than a few curiosity questions nobody has treated her meanly at all. Just the opposite. Audrey can’t seem to separate game from personal. I can’t stand her regardless.


So does Austin have a girlfriend outside of the house or not? He keeps mentioning how he needs to clarify things with people so they dont get the “wrong idea”. That just sounds like justifications to me. Does anyone actually know what is going on?

Just me

In his CBS interview on their site he says he is not interested in a showmance because he is definitely taken. Then earlier this week or late last week he explained that him and his girlfriend agreed to take a break over the summer to reevaluate their relationship and decide whether they will stay together. It sounds pretty slimy to me, but what do I know…


Austin’s taken, but Judas is free to get that carrot wet all summer.


ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww AND lol!


Austin’s girlfriend has been neatly folded and placed in a shoe box under his bed. When Austin returns from his BB experience he plans on blowing her up again and showing her a good time…




What a hoot!!! Thanks for the laugh!


I don’t think he does. Given the amount of stuff he’s done to Liz/Julia, like he owns them, any self respecting woman who could also use summer shopping money from TMZ/CBS would have come out. Even Christine’s husband spoke up…and he seemed like a very timid guy.

I think Austin was trying to play a different game then his desperation got the better of him. It’s funny because he was trying to play the “I am taken, I wanna be a single player alliances with others” which is Vanessa’s current game, but the other day Vanessa told Shelli that Austin is probably too rich for $365k to really change his life…..which is Vanessa’s own reality.

I do think a Vanessa-Austin blow up will be spectacular. They have very high IQ.


Totally agree. I said from the beginning he didn’t have a girlfriend but wanted to align himself with the women-be the protector against chauvinistic comments and actions of the other male house guests and take them out until it was just him and the girls left. He did this well for awhile, especially when James and Jeff were saying crazy rude things early in the game. I think he saw how Shelli and Clay are protected and thought a showmance is a better strategy (it’s not) and that he will come off as a hero defending the twins (he’s not). His stupid plan to win Jason over, claiming fans don’t like to see showmances broken up, is going to blow up in his face. The only BBshowmance I think people really liked was Jeff and Jordan. I can’t wait to see Jason respond to all these trainwreck arguments to come. Austin just lies too much–saying he watched all the seasons but he doesn’t know who Christine is…what!?! Ugh-He was an early favorite of mine but I am so ready for him to leave next week.


After all Audreys nastiness and throwing of people under the bus, I think the way everyone in the house is treating her is great. Noone has outwardly been nasty or vindictive towards her, and used compassion and generosity towards her. Taking her food and beverages and asking if they can get her anything, is met with silence. She needs to go unfortunately for her own health reasons. BB has bent over backwards for this person and I have never seen this before in any year.


It’s also unfair that people who wanted to have an alliance with her might get painted as villains under the edit. She should be shown as a player who got exposed, similar to Jeff.

Her screw overs on other people are difficult to track in a regular show; if they really wanted to show the real story then they would need a full half hour devoted to this week on her.

I think it will be really easy to make Shelli, Vanessa and Clay villains which is unfair. I don’t like that they ever told her anything, but that’s their dumb game moves that made their popularity drop.

I can’t imagine another cast who would put up with this so nicely.


She has a mental Illness, obviously. While it makes for funny TV and what not, the bashing by juvenile illiterate kids says more about yourselves than it does about her. Wonder how you would be if someone in your family or yourselves developed a mental illness. It’s becoming sad to see actually and I hope production didn’t somehow coerce or force her to stay in the game if she wanted to leave.


do you mean to say , she developed this mental illness just day before yesterday? that this is all due to her developing a mental illness over night… no one ever say that coming .


She shouldn’t have been selected to be on Big Brother in the first place if she has a serious mental illness. Period.


I was thinking the same thing. There are unresolved issues and coming out on national TV as transgender may have bleed into them. Over all, I think BB Land, meaning us, have all been respectful and accepting of her. CBS may need to shape up and reinvent their testing process to go on the show now since it may be outdated with all of the new laws popping up.


How does she obviously have a mental illness? Because she can dish it out, but can’t take it? Seriously, what mental illness does she have and why is everyone trying to excuse her behavior that way.


OMG! Stop! She brought this upon herself. It was gameplay pure and simple. She stated it twice before. She is pouting like a spoiled brat. Save the sympathy for those that deserve it. Get on with yourself. Geez!!

Eric CA

What Audrey is doing is a scam and an emotional manipulation, she has received over the top compensation that they have never done before. Other houseguests have had full and complete mental breakdowns and they were removed from the house and the only on that stayed Rachel… won her Season.

This is a heavily scripted and obvious scam. I have NO compassion for such an obvious scam and manipulation. I am absolutely livid right now as a member of the LGBT Community it lessons and insults the hard work members of our community have work hard for as a community. It is an insult and the the condescending well meaning victims that are playing into this entirely insulting manipulation that is being fabricated to make Audrey into anything other than a narcissistic entitled brat is really starting to anger me. It is the double edged sword of political correctness. It does nothing to create real equality and fair treatment and rights. As I gay man I fell it would me negligent to not state my outrage at this. It is a condescending insult and a smack on members of the LGBT Community that have worked exhaustively for Dignity… dignity is not just a pretty word that is thrown around.. it has been worked hard for. I apologize if I am rambling I am just insulted by all of this meaningless and vapid sympathy when most of the people who decry the most have never done any of the real hard work. None of them have volunteered for an AIDS organization after work, None of them have taken care of a dying friend, none of them have worked with transgender sex workers on HIV and Aids health or done any of the things that others have. They just want to judge and spew empty and meaningless words.


I agree, Audrey is holding the house hostage with emotional manipulation. She is exploiting her situation as a transgender person. Do I think she is acting this way because she is a transgender? Absolutely not! It is because she is an immature and selfish person, which anyone can be, regardless of orientation.


Hey Simon just wanted to say I heard your interview on the kill show this past week and it was awesome. Great job! It’s nice to put a voice with your name lol. I don’t comment very often but I read the site daily. Thanks for all the hard work to you and Dawg.


You’re welcome AR. Thanks for listening and reading!


Audrey needs to get a grip this is a game, if she can’t play it she should have never applied, go out with some dignity. Lots of people have been evicted over the years in this game, and handled it with way more class, yes it sucks to leave but at least you got to play the game for a little while thats better than the 500,000 people that apply.


As much as I think it’s wrong that they are allowing Audrey to eat while being a Have Not – last year they made concessions for Christine (I think she got special blankets or something) and they also made concessions for Elyssa (or however you spell her name). This is why I would never be in this house – it’s one thing to trick the fans, but to outwardly show favoritism is ridiculous! You either have have nots (and all it comes with) as a punishment or you don’t – this means EVERYONE. If you need special treatment, don’t go on Big Brother!!!


Also Frankie from last season. He was always saying he couldn’t be on slop for health reasons, so no one ever made him a have not. If Audrey can eat, then the other 3 should be able to eat.


Imagine Audrey on Survivor. It’s like giving her food, fire, shelter when she’s meant to be on redemption island. it makes no sense why BB does this when it’s already their cushyist game show.
Makes me think how much the survivor contestants actually get sometimes.


I agree totally! No concessions for anyone, ever. I actually think it would be fun to watch if there were more punishments. I would like to see them a bit more put out and uncomfortable. Only HOH gets to use the private bath and sleep there. Stuff like that.


I think you would enjoy Criminal Minds if you enjoy watching people being punished. Fun, fun, fun, nutjob.


Come on Cheese…you know what I mean….don’t get snide 🙂


okay Kelly…different strokes..personally I wish they would get rid of Havenot. childish,pointless and harmful to some HGs. tittilation for s&m type viewers. I guess we disagree. Hang in there.

Lemon balls

Is there a possibility that she doesn’t even sit and talk with Julie after the show ?


No I think the agreement is for Julie to help her image and kiss her butt during the exit interview. Kind of like how CBS says Frankie is so cool when he left but in the end America didn’t like him at all. I think the producers were assuring Audrey she’s going to come out well from this… However I don’t think Audrey is delusional about her popularity so that explains her trying to stay in the house and buy time to turn her image around.

She wasn’t ready for a show like this. Only people with thick skin who have lived in shared housing for long lengths of time should consider it.

To be honest, during truth or dare, you can tell who has had lots of experience doing this and who still has thin skin around dares (Shelli, Audrey, Steve, sorta Vanessa).


Kelly, your so right. In earlier seasons, the HOH tended to keep their door locked and only let select HG in to use the bathroom and or in their room. They kept it locked when they weren’t in it and the other HG weren’t allowed in there unless the HOH was in the room with them. What’s the perk to being HOH if everyone (including those not in your alliance) using/being in your bed room & bath room, listening to your music, and eating your treats (food and drinks)?


My perception of of Austin has changed. He seemed like a really cool dude in the beginning, spoke intelligently, didn’t get involved in all the drama, seemed chill and wanted to go with the flow. Now he has the big ego, seems genuinely clueless of his surroundings, thinks he is someone that he is not, and is a creep around Liz and Jackie. He is sealing his own fate.


That was sweet of James to make her breakfast. I can not wait to watch the show tomorrow to see how CBS portrays this drama.


The only way to fully know is for them to show part of what was going on in the Diary Room with her.

Valentina Corleone

It was a kind act on his part, and it illustrates that the HGs are concerned for her. Not that she should stay, not by any means, but as someone said in a previous thread, hate the sin, not the sinner. I am curious (like most of the viewers) how the heck are they going to accurately show what transpired?

Invisible Jackie

Clay looks like Alf.

That and....

Stifler from American Pike

Invisible Jackie

What if each of the house guests gave Audrey a sympathy vote not knowing that the other house guests were doing the same thing for him and he ended up staying


If Queen Taudry returns from the dead on Thursday with theater make up and dressed to kill, I for one would love to be in the audience to boo as loud as I could, as long as I could. This is pure attention grabbing behavior 101. I think she stayed to get her stipend because they would not let her have it if she left. So she is pouting and must do it a lot because she is good at it.

another name

uh… clay says to john keep business and pleasure separate.
john: the guy in the showmance just told you let’s not include the girl you like in our new alliance. implication: I want you on my team, but don’t want you to have a connection to anyone else so that you are dependent on me.
roll that around for a second. He wants you to enter an alliance with his showmance and a guy he thinks he’s closer to than you. guess where you stand in that alliance pawnboy Walton.
rolls eyes. some people.
so much like last night’s conversation where the not an alliance group decided that clay and shelli were more on their team than on vanessa Austin and liz’s team. yup, if you win hoh you bunch of hoh comp throwing lemmings, you better believe they’ll be your best friend. until you aren’t in power anymore. get real. the lot of them wouldn’t know bullsh!t if they were standing in a pile of dung.


Actually you have that backwards….Johnny said that to Clay. Read it again.


Yes, JMac said that to Clay…he’s downplaying his connection to Becky (I think) because it protects both of them a bit.

another name

yeah, i’m wrong about who said the business pleasure line. apologies. sorry about that.
but I stand by my assessment of the actual situation .
clay brings up becky. if i’m reading correctly this time clay says he’d like to drop becky and Jackie. Clay brings up steve. clay says what would you think of an alliance with shelli steve you and me. clay then says would you prefer becky or steve. it’s active directing of the conversation. yes john is downplaying the john becky tie. doesn’t change the fact that clay is pushing for yea steve nay becky in this conversation.
john still should realize clay is attempting to isolate him from Becky and Jackie in favor of a tie with shelli clay. and again… where does john stand in the pecking order there? it’s clay and shelli in control. and more pawn time for john.
sorry I misunderstood the business pleasure line.

another name

yes, on inspection, I misunderstood the line that got me started on my thought process.
tried to write a response earlier, but for some reason the page reset while I was typing. if it shows up sorry for the double reply.
I was wrong about who said business/pleasure. sorry.
funny that the rest of analysis is still valid. clay did directed conversation to get john to agree to the shelli clay john steve alliance ( brings up becky. says maybe we should cut becky and Jackie. brings up steve. asks about alliance with shelliclaystevejohn. then asks prefer becky or steve). reason is still the same. to give clay and shelli numbers that they can control without having to worry about not being the alphas in the group.
but again sorry I misunderstood who said the business pleasure part. on that I was definitely wrong. and yes, i’m having a hate clay day. I admit it. I don’t like him on a gut level.


Yes, I think you’re right about all that. Clay definitely would prefer Steve in the deal because Clay feels he might be more easily “managed” than Becky and less of a comp threat than Becky. And true, what Clay would ultimately like is JMac on his own (like you said, to fill the low person on the pole spot). But, I’m pretty sure JMac is too smart for that. I admire JMac’s patience and carefulness and hope he wins an HOH soon. This week I want it to be Becky or Jackie.

another name

thanks for the reassurance.
I fear I’ve lost objectivity with clay.
at this point I have an instant visceral negative reaction to him. an eyerolling, skincrawling shake my head while sneering reaction.
sorry to his fans, and i’ll try not to go overboard on the clay hate, I can’t explain it.
i just don’t like him. at all.


Once again a prime example of how almost everyone in the house is catering to Audrey, & genuinely concerned;James even made her an omlet(which she could not even thank him for making). She is capable of speaking because she was able to tell Clay to leave the room,so honestly people leaving comments on here saying the hg need to show compassion-my post is to illustrate that point.
Sorry,not buying her”break down” for one minute. I believe she feels humiliated, stupid, feels everyone hates her, knows she screwed up her game,is embarrassed that she is being put up & all this is being played out on tv. Audrey being a true narcissist that she is had her ego crushed. Audrey prides herself on being intelligent, but the fact she got played because she double crossed her alliance has put a spotlight on the chink in her armour. Her pride will not allow her to face the music like everyone else has had to do.
Audrey is a self entitled brat who hung out/slept & got royalties of an HOH because she forced herself upon others as well as played the pity card to gain the benefits. Audrey had pulled on the heartstrings of Van & Shelli, & they both fell for it & defended her. I am not even a Shelli/Van fan & can admit that. Audrey is feeling wounded but definitely milking it & CBS is abiding by it to avoid lawsuits/scandal, guarantee it. This girl did not even have to play by have not rules. I believe in compassion toward people deserving of it because as human beings we deserve to show it to those in need. I believe Audrey has issues but is also really putting hard core effort into being a defeated victim. Like she said many times: it’s just easier to lay down & play dead only this time she knows it’s a wrap(unless these idiots decide to bring her back but in her case it’s a total liability keeping her).


Around here we call those that are better then the rest of a group, and those that can break rules.”special snowflakes” Audrey is showing herself to be one special little snowflake.


I was always confused why people dont like Clay and now I get it. He just made a final 4 with jmac that included steve and shelly, meanwhile hes already in sleeper cell, sixth sense, another quasi alliance from before with meg, jason….he has a final 3 with shelli and vanessa and yet through all this criticizes audrey for spreading lies to everyone…whats he??? He was the number one person criticizing her, yet hes doing the same in a more low key way.


Can we skip to Thursday already???…two more days of Audrey lying there sulking and others just waiting to evict her is so draggy. …and we need a house so Austin, Vanessa, Liz etc gets put in their place..Austin is so gross, can’t wait for him to feel the heat. ..I hope two of either Jackie, Meg, Jason, James or Becky win HoH…I’m not so sure what John would do…

Twistin' for the win!

Audrey is a fake. I am so annoyed at her shenannigans and the fact that CBS/BB is allowing this to continue. She signed up knowing there was a chance to be evicted. I am not buying this bullshit for one second and don’t feel the least bit sorry for her. She is a grown ass woman. She had no mental breakdowns when she was effing people behind their backs and trying to ruin their games – now… all of a sudden – she is having a breakdown because she’s in the hot seat. Its bullshit and I’m not buying it. New set of rules? really??? It annoys the hell out of me when people feed in to other people’s bullshit. Evict her ass and be done with it. If you can’t handle being caught in your shit, don’t sling it. Her 5-hour diary room session, hiding out in the have not room in the dark, people cooking for her… I bet if someone went in their and told her they were going to cut JM loose instead of her and the house was in agreement, her ass would bounce right back into the spiteful, devious, lying, betraying, backstabbing, feckless bitch that she is.

She’s a effin fake. Own your shit you bitch.


This is exactly what i was thinking – if she was told that things have changed and now she’s safe – she’d bounce right back to her old self in no time. This is not mental illness, the show would never keep here there if it was. They should just kick her out early if she refuses to comply by the “HN” rules and forfeit this week’s stipend. She should never have been given the freedom to do as she pleases. She is just a class A manipulator.


Here’s hoping someone other than giggling Meg wins HOH since she’ll let Clay (who wins nothing and does nothing) control her noms. I really hope someone flips it and blindsides him and Shelli.


Yes, Austin, by all means go talk to Jason about your love life, I’m sure he’d love to hear all the heartfelt angst. (eyes stuck in roll back position.) Everyone is clearly fascinated by it (eyes still stuck). Please let Liz be setting him up here by encouraging him. If she is, then (slow clap).


PS – I’m sure BB loved hearing one of their employees (Austin) call the show ‘sh*t’.

Battle of the Blockheads.

What was classic is he said he didn’t watch that sh!t and then later says he wants to talk to Jason and his in is that he’s watched since season 1.


I heard that. Getting tied up in lies.

Austin bb16

There’s a rumor that Austin was originally supposed to be in the cast of bb16 but he couldn’t do it last minute so they brought hayden in instead. That might be why he referred to season 16 as shit and why he didn’t watch it


to me I want clay an shelly to go home more then Austin
yes Austin this an that but game wise clay an shelly or too safe in the
game nobody talking about putting them up if the twin thing going to work
Austin an liz or Julia got to win this hoh they got to Austin might be this in that
but he got people want him gone who do clay an shelly got no body want them gone
Jason talking about Austin got to go cause he put him up what about shelly she put you up too
in I hope johnny mac don’t fall for shelly clay too cause look at what they doing to him in shelly said he going up all the time if they get hoh shelly an clay should go after audrey


I’d be fine with that too. If it isn’t Austin feeling the heat, then let it be Shelli and/or Clay. I definitely want either Becky or Jackie for HOH this week.


Bye Audrey!!! Next up johnnymac win hoh to get revenge on ppl who used him.


I almost peed my pants when Liz told Austin that if he was here last season he would have showmanced Christine omg lol!!! Liz is a bit of a crass little shit, but she’s shifty smart!

Pity Party Patty

Somebody call Audrey a Wah-bulance.


Quick dial whine one one!


I want this hoh to be physical
no question no endurance
this week that way you don’t know who going to win


The picture above of the two “couples” really tells a story. Note how possessive both Austin and Shelli look. Liz looks like she wants to get far, far away. Jeeez, that’s awkward.


Did nobody else kinda get pissed over his snide “I don’t watch that sh*t” remark? Seriously, buddy, eff you…and eff CBS for recruiting wannabe superstars when there are hundreds of thousands of people who would be in their glory to be on this show. I don’t know why that infuriated me so much, but it does. And damnit, I never got into the “Da is our hero” crap, but she was one of those people. Ugh.


Can we just fast forward till Thursday it’s obvious Audrey’s gone and it’s boring it’s like the game is on hold till that happens. I think after reading the feeds Austin or James will be going next!


Can you imagine Audrey being evicted and then being greeted by Julie Chen but then Audrey ignores her and walks away (while wearing her hoodie and sunglasses and wrapped in a blanket)


She’s friggin acting and breaking rules…she’s a suck…her mouth got her into this and she’s trying a funeral type thing to get saved…she dent deserve to be there
BB should have removed her…but they are scared of the whole lbgt.whatever. Crap …
Kick the bitch out before eviction day! Bring back Jeff for some Austin nut case drama with liz..
Now I would pay $big bucks to see that!!!


Audrey will be perfectly fine Thursday. They broke all the rules for her not because she needs help but because they didn’t want her to self-evict. It would be hard to tell that story without exposing her as the poor sport she is. She’ll go out and crack jokes with Julie about how she couldn’t get past the mistake she made week one, they will show her outing the alliance and no one believing her, all of her good-bye messages will be super sweet…I think Julie will ask her, in an effort to appear like she’s asking tough questions, if Audrey thinks her being transgendered had any affect on her game…maybe mention what Day said…and Audrey will say no and she’s so grateful for the opportunity to play the game. Big cheers and positive tweets from the TV audience. Pissed off feedsters even though we all know it’s coming.


You have the whole show outline pegged. I’ve actually not watched any of the shows since the first. Just hit or miss on the feeds & of course our updates hear by the ever wonderful Simon & Dawg!