Vanessa – “next week, Some sh1t’s going down.. some people are making big moves”

POV Holder: Vanessa Next POV July 18th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 20th
HOH Winner Team 1: Liz HOH Winner Team 2: Shelli
Nominations 1 : Jackie & James Nominations 2: Jason & Johnny Mac
Battle of the Block Winner James and Jackie Next HOH/ Next BOB July 23rd / July17th
Original Nominations: Jason & Johnny Mac
Current Nominations: JohnnMAC and Audrey
Have Nots Jackie, Audrey, JohnnyMac and Becky

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-21 10-18-58-628

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Big-Brother-17 2015-07-21 15-17-43-458_jpg

3:06pm Meg, JohnnyMac, Shelli, Jason, Clay and JAckie chit chat.
Conversation goes to James Franco. Somehow they talk about Dave Franco and him being gay. Jackie and Meg tells Jason all the hot guys are gay.

JohnnyMac says swordfish was a good movie.
Clay brings up “Floating the river” “It’s all we do in the summer.. float the river”
Jason says all the rivers near him are chemically festering
Clay goes on to explain the finer points of “Floating the river” Float for most the day, Cooler full of beer, Cooler has speakers in it.
Clay – “that was our family vacation other people go to disneyland we would go to the river a float”
(I’m a big fan of floating the river personally)

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-21 15-15-51-459_jpg

3:14pm Vanessa tells Austin she’s doing ten 15 minute workouts today. She doesn’t have the attention span to for a full workout in the backyard.
Vanessa – I’m taking a page from your book

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-21 15-22-21-047_jpg

3:18pm Becky comes by you can hear her saying Production isn’t going to let them eat before the HOH competition like the Have nots go to last week. Feeds cut…

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-21 15-39-42-564_jpg

3:37pm Backyard

Jason “Boobs are looking good” Becky “Thank you.. can’t get on the show without them” Animated Gif here

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-21 15-52-38-656_jpg

4:04pm Audrey still sleeping on the floor, Jackie and JohnnyMac on the dentist chairs.
4:12pm The house is taking turns checking on Audrey to make she’s OK. Jason takes his turn.
When he comes back they start talking about Audrey being in hiding.
Jason – It’s something Serious the way they’ve talked about it
Meg doesn’t think it is with her conversation with Production.
Austin agrees says the Diary room was hinting that it’s not serious
Meg – Exactly

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-21 16-14-07-345_jpg

4:12pm The house is taking turns checking on Audrey to make she’s OK. Jason takes his turn.
When he comes back they start talking about Audrey being in hiding.
Jason – It’s something Serious the way they’ve talked about it
Meg doesn’t think it is with her conversation with Production.
Austin agrees says the Diary room was hinting that it’s not serious
Meg – Exactly

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-21 16-15-49-348_jpg

4:13pm Shelli and Vanessa comparing Audrey sighting stories.
Vanessa – I think next week is going to be..
Shelli – totally different game
Vanessa – some sh1t’s going down I can feel it.. some people are making big moves

Vanessa explains that everyone at this point is good with each other
Shelli – it’s very scary
Vanessa – it’s very important to win HOH this week.. there’s way too many deals out there’s no way someone will keep their word
Shelli – Jason told me Meg walked into the comic room and Austin was telling Julia about her date with liz..
Shelli “What can you do”
(Shelli is feeling Vanessa out seeing where she’s sitting with the twins)
Vanessa – do people want her to stay
Shelli – people don’t seem bothered by it because they don’t want someone to come back..
Vanessa thinks once Julia comes in they both Julia and Liz will be targeted.
Sheli says LIz and Julia have no idea how to play the game it was haphazard.
Vanessa is going to fight for the HOH but she needs help.
Vanessa says she knows liz is going to try to win HOH
Shelli thinks Clay will try.

Audrey comes out hiding to use the washroom. Goes to where VAnessa and Shelli are to grab something. They ask her if everything is fine. Audrey ignores them. She makes her way to the bathroom covered in blankets.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-21 16-21-16-890_jpg

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-21 16-44-18-768_jpg

4:43pm HOH Clay and Shelli
Clay says he’s been working downstairs. He was telling Meg that they are with them. He was explaining to her they don’t feel comfortable going up as pawns.
Clay – Basically saying us 5 should stick together.,
Clay saw Steve and James talking in the comic room.
Shelli has noticed they are talking a lot.

Clay says he’s was telling James him and Shelli are honest and Loyal it’s better to stick with them and work with them than work against them. Clay thinks they have nothing to worry about with James.
Clay says Meg is targeting Austin and Steve or Austin and Somebody. He’s thinking JAmes will target Austin.

Clay – I really trust Meg
Shelli – I do not.. but will she win a lot

Clay – We’re good with both side.. Meg knows about the whole Twin thing
Clay says these next couple days they have to decide which side to go with
Shelli – we have to be with Vanessa..
Shelli says Vanessa is good with James and Jason so they could bring her along.

They agree it’s a pivotal week
Shelli – after this week nobody should be putting us up.. nobody should put me up for what I did

Shelli tells him about Audrey flat out ignoring Vanessa earlier, not replying to Vanessa not even a “Grunt”. When Audrey walked away from Vanessa said Audrey had no problem talking to her when she had the POV.
They start talking about integrity and honesty and how they are honest and Audrey isn’t

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lol @ clay and shelli claiming that they are honest but saying audrey isnt. but i do hope clay is serious about them needing to pick a side

seriously though. shelli needs to get off her high horse. “no one should put me up?”.

i go back and forth between liking these 2

Shelli the horse face

Shelli plays the game personally amd same with Clay. I hope they get booed and egged when they’re evicted. Clay reminds me of Cody. They both talk Big but never do Big moves. Shelli is a stupid evil bimbo ass bitch. I hate everyone in the Sixth Sense alliance except for Julia and Liz but I like Julia better since she’s smarter than


Damn, Becky be looking tasty yo…

Shelli the horse face

Shelli plays the game personally amd same with Clay. I hope they get booed and egged when they’re evicted. Clay reminds me of Cody. They both talk Big but never do Big moves. Shelli is a stupid evil bimbo ass bitch. I hate everyone in the Sixth Sense alliance except for Julia and Liz but I like Julia better since she’s smarter than her sister


We heard you the first time there. Egged, booed, hated, yada yada yada….just as weird the second time around.

Don’t get me wrong, I would LOVE to see Shelli and Clay on the block together, campaigning against each other…

But that almost seemed like Audrey is ‘Shelli the Horse Face’, …the psycho comment…then repeating it. If there was an “empirical” in there, it was case closed.


Straight shooter Shelli is back? Really honest Shelli and Clay? The funnist thing Shelli said to Vanessa was, Clay will try and win HoH. hahah I am not a fan of these two, but they do know how to play the game, I will give them that. There is just something extremely fake about them and the things they both say to others.


Shelli is the devil


Shhhhh! Be very quiet…Audrey is nite’s her nap time again. Hers not feeling well and needs some wuv…wrap her in warm blankie and sing her a lullaby ..hush little baby don’t say a word…mama gonna buy you a mocking bird…la la la hummmm

The graduate and mrs robinson

It’s soooo uncomfortable to watch.

Clay looks lika 20 year old, attempting to look older, growing out his facial hair and all.

Shelli, on the other hand, tries to dress really young and sexy in bright young-ish colors like shocking pink, despite the fact she looks like a 40-year old, with black spots on her right cheek (thanks to bb camera for zooming in on her), her saggy boobs which she somewhat quite failed to lift, despite her uber push-up bras.

Liz would make a better looking showmance with Clay, she gave too much air-head vibes, which Clay cleverly avoided, fearing she’d be voted out pretty early in the game, dragging him along.

Shelli exudes a highly confident demeanor, with a good sounding job, giving a i’m-going-quite-far-in-this-game kinda aura, sealing it all when she won hoh.

That’s why clay is clinging on to aunty mame for his game’s sakes.

When she told clay she mentioned his entire family in her hoh blog, i was thinking : OMFG, what IS his mom gonna think?? Prolly “get the fark away from my son, mrs. Robinson!!!!”

Ewwwwww.. So all too uncomfortable to watch them together, as bad as watching cody n christine .. Eww ewww ewwwwww

Um I agree but!!

I almost forgot about horse face Christine. I agree with you but at least shelie is hot for her age. At 20 I would have banged her also!!!!

brotalk to human dictionary

Two weeks ago production advised Clay to stop shaving so much. It was mentioned on feeds.
At about the same time, Shelly started adding in more tape-on extensions, dressing in brighter clothing, and using markedly more bronzer.
I wonder if production advised that as well. No proof on that, but it’s suspicious. For lack of another showmance, Production has been trying to make it look less creepy.
Sorry, Liz/Austin/Julia isn’t a showmance, It’s the first twenty minutes of a sequel to “Fatal Attraction” or more likely “A Kiss Before Dying” (creepy guy killing one twin, marrying the other and plotting her death for the money).


its kinda ironic Audrey only cries to Vanessa when she has the Veto. And now that its used she is being a sore loser.
what a disgrace of a houseguest Audrey is. She took away the experience from someone else who is willing to play the game.

Audreys Balls

These housemates are all IDIOTS!!


Shelli, Clay, and Vanessa really anger me with the whole entitlement thing. They are SO LOYAL with all those deals where they believe nobody should be allowed to touch them as potential nominees.

I’ll believe a big move when I see it. Even my boy Johnny MAC upset me when he sold out Steve to Clay. I fully expect Meg/Jackie and Steve/Johnny to be everyone’s nominees.

Team #IncognitoDentist Johnny MAC


You folks do not understand the convos because of your hate! It’s not a sense of entitlement at all. it’s how they see themselves positioned in the house with deals on both sides….. get it? Clay and Shelli are talking about how they perceive their position it’s not hard to understand!


Was that Audrey under the blanket… or was it her twin?!?

J Edgar Hoover

Maybe it’s Jimmy Hoffa.


we sure that is really Audrey? Maybe they put someone in that looks like her to keep the houseguest thinking she is still in the house.


Honesty and Big Brother should not be used in the same sentence. Shelli and Clay are delusional.


F**ken wack job still alive wow this girls nuts


why the hell hasn’t production cut feeds, sat the house guests down, explained wtf they are doing with Audrey and put it all to rest.
They’d probably have less trouble with cutting feeds every time someone speculates what they think is happening or tries to figure out what “hints” they are getting in the DR.

I’m really curious to see how this is edited for Wednesday and Thursday’s show.

B-bad owl

Because if production told them whatever story they came up with to justify allowing Audrey to break so many rules it’s unbelievable, then everyone would make sure they didn’t say anything bad about her and be concerned about her wellbeing.
This way there is the chance that people will talk bad about her and they can edit Wednesday’s and Thursday’s episodes to show how badly she was wronged in the house and how unsympathetic they are towards her plight.

B-bad owl

Because if production told them whatever story they came up with to justify allowing Audrey to break so many rules it’s unbelievable, then everyone would make sure they didn’t say anything bad about her and be concerned about her wellbeing.
This way there is the chance that people will talk bad about her and they can edit Wednesday’s and Thursday’s episodes to show how badly she was wronged in the house and how unsympathetic they are towards her plight.

B-bad owl

Because if production told them whatever excuse they have come up with to justify allowing Audrey to break so many rules it’s unbelievable, then the players would be shocked at the “medical” reason and be understanding and sympathetic towards her. And that doesn’t make for good TV (in big brothers mind anyway).
This way there is the chance that people will be disgusted enough with her that they will say bad things about her. And those things can be edited to show just how badly Audrey was wronged by everyone in there, and how truly unsympathetic to her plight they are.
Ok, conspiracy theory part done. The real reason is that AG desperately wants to jump on the Kaitlyn Jenner bandwagon so badly, that they are willing to allow Audrey anything as long as Julie gets to have the eviction interview that shows just how “progressive” the show is.

B-bad owl

Ok, looks like I accidentally double posted the version I didn’t want to post. Sorry for annoying the hell out of everyone.

B-bad owl

Vanessa better get her ducks in a row immediately. The Shelli and Clay express is picking up steam, and she is about to be forced to shovel coal just to stay on board if she let’s them rally the house to evict Austin.


What a sire loser Audrey is… I bet if people tell her she is safe she will miraculously recovered from whatever BS she is faking


Great idea. They should do that to call her bluff. I bet she’d snap right out of it.


I don’t think in my history of watching BB have I ever seen someone throw a hissy fit like Audry is. She is acting like a spoiled, entitled, bratty child. Unbelievable! She needs to put her big girl panties and enjoy the rest of her time in the house!


Love the big girl panties! Or you could say, man up!


I seem to recall a really good Hissyfit by Gary Levy in BBC1 when he got put on slop…lol…I laughed so hard I hissed my pants…lol


I sure hope Jason and his team are just laying low until the next HOH. I hope they are not buying into the Shelli, Clay & Vaneessa group, they need to stop and think about how every time the Shelli team has power, one of them have been put on the block. I really want to see Vanessa then Austin evicted, Austin is so creepy with how he is all over Liz. He is so annoying with the way he watches Liz like a hawk, I can’t wait until he finds out the twins have been playing him the whole time. I want the other side of the house to have the power, I want to see what they will do, I sure hope they do not target their own group. I could not believe Shelli & Clay had the nerve to say they do not want to be put up as pawns, but it ok for them to put the other side of the house up, I am so over Shelli, Clay, Vanessa, Austin & Liz/Julia.

vanessa's joan jett eyeballs

Couldn’t have put it better myself. It’s long overdue for the winning side to feel some heat and start scrambling.


Clay and Shelli are the most honest people in the house!!! Oh Pleeeeeeeeeeeease, just stop now, you two lie and are so phony. At least be honest with each other.
I am hoping that a lot of the people really do see what is going on, and are just playing along with sleeper cell until they get the power, then put them on the block……….I want them to do to Vanessa, Shelli, Clay, Austin, & Liz/Julia, as they have done to the others. Put them on the block, ask them to throw BOB, promise them “your not my target, your just a pawn”. I want these people to squirm!!


audrey really does make me sick though. she’s acting like a child. she was perfectly fine until she was put on the block and now look at this. she is just a poor sport who cant accept that she played a shitty game. now she’s pouting and giving everyone the silent treatment like” how dare you put me on the block” . she should at least be socializing and just suck it up

honestly you know though she will try and paint everyone else as the villain and she was the poor victim who got bullied the whole time. this woman is a mess and NEVER should have been cast.


Audrey looks like something out of “The Omega Man”.


Hrmmmm.. Not Talking… Sunglasses and wrapped in blankets. Maybe it’s not Audrey!? Haha (I had to add the haha because some people on here take everything so seriously and to heart… I couldn’t bear putting them through a caps lock moment).


House guest.. Let’s all play nice..we have a friend who’s a little grumpy and lost her words. So let’s all be good little soldiers and make a big effort to make her feel better. Come on Audrey turn that frown upside down..


that’s why I want Austin an steve hoh
you see what im talking about with clay an shelly
nobody put them up
this the only way we could see witch deal that is made is true

Y y y y y

Honesty…in Big Brother…suuuuuure. Cmon people, I’m pretty sure EVERYONE has lied in this game. Now some are pathological about it and some really have a hard time doing it, but none are innocent.
Really looking forward to the end of Audreygate and the beginning of the real game. I think everyone realizes that the time of laying back and throwing comps is over and it’s go time. Really want to see Shelli and Clay up. Hate when a couple people are NEVER even nominated.


Alison grubworm likes to have a showmance of scumbags. amandashelli and pizzaboyclay fit the bill.


Someone said it earlier, the perfect nominations for next time is Austin, Shellie from one HOH and Clay, Liz from the other. At least we could see some squirming.


please production Austin an steve hoh save the twins twist


What twin twist? Dude there’s no twist. The entire house knew about them middle of week 2…


Vanessa has many of you really butthurt. Whining that she is winning the game. I’m sure she is scared your big bad fav Johnny Mac is gona take her out. It’s so exciting to watch him wait around and do nothing and wait for people to tell him he is going on block and his ass does whatever he is told. I’m sure she is shaking thinking of Johnny Bitchboy.

Oh is big bad Clay gona get Nessa?

Haha…sorry. It’s all in good fun.

#Nessa owns you b**ches


its not Austin an liz
its Vanessa an shelly an clay that’s doing everything
maken deals talking behind Austin an liz back get people to turn on them it is
clay an shelly an Vanessa the one that should go home


I swear to god if I hear one more house guest whinging about their ‘integrity’ and ‘honesty’ I’m going to vomit.
I love Big Brother but this season is pissing me off.
It’s weeks in and still no houseguest seem worthy of rooting for!
Vanessa: SEEMED like the female Derrick, but then she lost her sht and got all paranoid and doesn’t know when to shut the hell up and just listen sometimes. That girl needs to chill but how can she with big eyes like that?
Becky: Who is Becky, again?
James: Loyalty, honesty, blah blah blah, boring.
Shelli & Clay: ugh.
Austin: Wannabe beast mode cowboy. Gross.
Liz: Was awesome how she voted to keep Jeff but when they do the switch in DR both of them just seem annoying as hell.
Jackie: She’s ok…lacking the X factor though.
Audrey: That girl done lost her mind. She doesn’t seem stable and probably for her mental health needs to get the hell out of that house.
Steve: Did he get locked in the storage room or something? He hardly has any appearances on the show.
Meg: Lacks substance.
Jason: He’s alright. Seems like he’s trying to play, watching body language and what not, but i just don’t know.
John: His goofiness seems a bit put on and as a dentist why the hell don’t he whiten his teeth?!


Yes, why doesn’t John whiten his damn teeth.. gross! For a dentist you would think he would atleast have good teeth.


Has there really actually been a sighting of Audrey where she was completely uncovered enough to confirm it’s still really her in the house? She could have exited and CBS wanting to save “her image” (and by that I mean the shows image) may have sent in someone with similar build and look with instructions to not talk to anyone, stay covered up until you get evicted on Thursday. That would rationalize the no show for veto meeting, allowing her to eat, and probably would conclude with her no showing the live vote thus getting the unanimous eviction. Then because of the no show, they would simply get her out of the house during the live HOH competition and not do any type of interview. Conspiracy theory.

Escape from Alcatraz

I think its a mannequin and she’s laying low at In ‘N Out eating greasy burgers and slurping soda.


Soft kitty,
Warm kitty,
Little ball of fur!
Happy kitty,
Sleepy kitty,
Purr, purr, purr…






The whole house should sing this to Audrey…….it’s the best song to sing to those that are “Bat crap crazy”!

Ians Beer



Makes me think of Sheldon! Lol

Lemon balls

Soooooo f’en funny

Ira Gamagori

I wonder how BB will handle Aubrey being voted out. The house seems to think she will not come out for the eviction. She is holding up in a room by herself, breaking all the house rules, she eating pizza and etc. While suppose to be on slope. They need to remove her before she does something really stupid. This is not normal… what if she hurt herself.

Over it

someone needs to go into the DR and find out if she is really unstable or just throwing an epic pout session……If she is pouting, they need to march into the Havenot room turn on the lights, announce that she needs to suck it up buttercup and stop being a pussy. Then tell her that she is going to brush her teeth, take a shower, go to the bathroom and eat!!!!! Then she can take a nap. They need to stop babying her and make her face the other HG. I have a feeling she has playing this card her whole life and her family has enabled it. I can’t stand people who act like this………(if she is pouting)


BB would have removed her if she had a serious health issue because keeping her in the house could make them liable for any harm that may come to her or others. I suspect that they didn’t want her to leave before POV and eviction because it would really mess with their production schedule, and they didn’t want fans to think she was discriminated against, which is stupid, so they are giving her special treatment until she is evicted. Personally, I wish she would just leave before the eviction. As far as I can see, fans and HG have been very respectful of Audrey. If fans hate her, it isn’t because she is transgender, if the HG want to evict her, it isn’t because of her gender, it’s because she is an insufferable bitch that has been caught lying, manipulating and stirring the pot, outing her allies and crapping on people that saved her and could have damaged their game. I am still afraid that Vanessa will try to save her because she knows that she could well be a target once Audrey is gone.


I was initially bummed that i couldn’t get the feeds in Canada, but now I am glad that I didn’t spend any money to watch production coddle Audrey. It is completely unfair that the others still have to eat slop while Audrey gets to break all the rules. It isn’t fair for the other HG to have to delay the POV, to make Liz wait to switch, all because Audrey is a basket case in the DR. It isn’t fair that she gets to eat but the others have to wait until Wed. night. It isn’t fair that everyone else has to obey the lights on/off rule, but Audrey can turn the lights off and hide in her room. The transgender community couldn’t have a worse posterchild. These houseguests have been very considerate of her, and she can’t even say thank you when they bring her food and check up on her. They have tried to include her, but she isolates herself, then whines about being shunned.

When Chima refused to follow the rules she was expelled. When Jeff accidentally put something in his mouth when he was a HN, he was punished with more days on slop. Production has unfairly helped their favorites in the past, but nothing like they have done with Audrey. Even the favoritism that helped Rachel win the game pales in comparison.

Meanwhile, I am so sick of Barbie and Ken. They creep me out, they remind me of the Lannister twins on Game of Thrones. I have even speculated that BB planned another Cowboy/Nakomis DNA twist but canned it when these two got so flirty as soon as they entered the house, because that would be a really bad twist!! Their attitude is really getting on my nerves. They feel like it’s ok for them to make deals with everyone in the house, use them as pawns, but don’t feel comfortable being a pawn themselves. And even though they have more deals than anyone else in the house, they feel they are playing an honest game. It makes me throw up in my mouth.

I liked Vanessa at first, but not so much anymore. I wanted to like Austin, but he is just pathetic. I would rather have Jeff in the house. My best hope is for Jackie and Becky to win HOH. Put up the twin and Clay against Shelli and Austin, with Vanessa as the possible backdoor. I want to see them have to fight to stay in the game instead of holding court upstairs.

The most disappointing thing though is that the other side of the house isn’t banding together to put an end to the obvious alliance of 5, and they all know that if the other twin comes in it will be an alliance of 6. From the blog, it appears that none of them except Jackie would target any of that alliance. And for the record, I don’t think Jackie is as dumb as some people think. I would love to see her shake things up and make a big move.


Lol I felt like I was reading my own thoughts reading this. Even the part about vanessa/austin. And that DNA twist would be tooo funny.


The most recent update says that Shelli told Clay that he looks exactly like her twin brother. That really reinforces the resemblance to the Lannister twins. How can you be attracted to someone that looks like your brother?


whoop there she is. miss chloe telling it like it is. oh yeah.


Just wanted to thank everyone that works on this site love getting all my recaps from here and especially love that this sight it not bias like others I don’t want to list any of them but there is definitely some hate on other sites for a some houseguests like James for example . They all seem to love Jason and Johnny Mac but as a feed watcher I am thoroughly entertained by James and love the gifs that OBB makes of him he has so many moments of pranks heartworming talks and the most outrageous stories plus he also initiated the convo to Clay that ultimately got Jason off and Audrey on the block .


Really hope that one of the sixth sense gets the boot next. Best case scenario we see Austin and Liz sitting side by side on the block. We need to see some “Reilly” drama and I can already imagine austin bawling his eyes out knowing he or the twins will go home.


Audrey. ..get the f@#k out of here!
I was sympathic before if she truly had a mental illness. But now after hearing production telling Austin in dairy room its not that serious and her ignoring Vanessa when everyone in the house is trying to be good about this she’s just a b!+$h! She’s got no problem lieing about Jason and putting his ass up for eviction, but then has a mental breakdown before shes even put up for her 1st time? Do the show/us a favor and walk out the door.


I think production is over Audrey and just letting her do what she wants and they will show her doing exactly that. If anything I think they will show how she is acting towards the other houseguests by ignoring them and basically being rude. It is like she is trying not give production any material and they are just placating her until she leaves, meanwhile they will show what a brat she is being to avoid being blamed for her behavior. They just need her out the door on Thursday and I think that will pretty well will be the end of the Audrey saga or let’s hope anyways. I think everyone is over Audrey and he sparkling, cheerful attitude. Put a fork in her she’s done.

Chill this Town

not sure why anyone gets upset over lying in the BB House. as Will and Boogie pointed out in All Stars time and time again…you are lying to yourself if you think you can play an honest game of Big Brother.

I am just struggling with who to root for this year. there isn’t a Rachel to root for, no devious Chill Town….Johnny Mac is the only personality I find interesting. the CBS portion of BB17 is suffering. one person is providing one liners and the only other funny plot involves a super creepy wrestler and his obsession with the women in the house. and that is 100 percent unintentional. there is really no interesting gameplay to speak of. Audrey is a total bust, too many Meg’s and Jason’s who will never really have power. Can we vote Zach Rance into the house just for the chaos factor?

and this BB takeover week is just embarrassing. they couldn’t get some hack from the 90’s to tape something like Gronk did? Takeover and Battle of Block need to be put away in the BB Graveyard.


I think the big twist is that they are all LBGT .

Fruit of the Loom

I’m afraid the only big twist is in Audrey’s pantries. She seems to have them in a wad.

Misty Beethoven

You watch – Vanessa’s going to start to get very suspicious and paranoid over the next few weeks. Let the games begin!!

brotalk to human dictionary

I’m going to do something scary and try to get in the mindset of Audrey for a minute. Lets try to look at the options from her point of view.
So, I’m a somewhat paranoid heroine in my own mind. I have a character flaw about thinking I’m being persecuted. I know i’m sunk. I know the people that did me dirtiest are the people that said they were my friends and told me I was safe this week even though they’ve been isolating me for a few days. Okay. I’m channelling Audrey through all the sedatives, hormones and guano….
OPTION A: If the reality is that she’s given up and she’s just waiting out the clock to leave:
Post Celebration of House Unity and Synchronicity Committee clubhouse meeting, why would I talk to them?
What would be the point? So we can be friends after the show because it’s only a game? No thanks. They kept telling me to lay low and shut up. Fine. they can have it their way.
OPTION B: If she’s playing possum:
I’m hoping the editing department will vilify the house to return the hatchet they put in my back. They’re going to look like such mean-spirited bullies and I will be redeemed in the eyes of the public. The Viewers will have all the empirical evidence they need that I was marooned by these horrible liars and backstabbers. It will be just deserts when they are booed for what they did to me.
OPTION C: If she’s been given a scrip by the Psychologist:
I wonder if the Walking Dead is casting. mmm. Ketamine (Homer Simpson drooling noise).
OPTION D: If she wanted to walk and production asked her to stay:
I negotiated. They said I had to be here. They didn’t say I had to play or make nice.


She’s no more isolated than Donny was.

brotalk to human dictionary

I’m not the best person to make a comparison between Audrey and Donny. I have a very unpopular perspective on Donny. I’ll leave that one alone for the most part.
Yes, they both isolated themselves. (my opinion)
Audrey, in HER mind, was a member of an alliance. The alliance didn’t consider her an ally.
From HER perspective they were isolating her from alliance meetings and alliance decisions last week and at the beginning of this week. Which the alliance was in fact doing. The alliance was stringing her along until the imminent danger passed with every intention of dumping her.
If you try to look at what Audrey sees, what Audrey knows, and how Audrey thinks (pieced together by what she has said previously in feeds and how she reacts to situations as shown on the feeds) the resulting conclusion is SHE would believe she was betrayed and backstabbed by people.
Truthfully, I’m trying to get a grasp on what she’s doing by trying to get inside her head. My own opinion: she should have been evicted already or kept by her “alliance” for another week then dumped during a double eviction. Her alliance set her up this week and she took the bait. The ‘house’ meeting in a purely tactical analysis great play on the alliance’s part. On a human level: that was such cheap and dirty witch hunt. I believe Audrey deserves to be evicted for playing badly, but somewhere in that meeting things took a dirty turn imo.