Steve “Hopefully the obvious targets are targeted before we are.” Vanessa “I’m banking on it!”

POV Holder: Clay Next POV July 25th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 27th
HOH Winner Team 1: Jackie HOH Winner Team 2: Vanessa
Nominations 1 : James & Liz Nominations 2: Clay & Becky
Battle of the Block Winner James and Liz Next HOH/ Next BOB July 30th / July 24th
Original Nominations: Clay and Becky
Current Nominations: Jason & Becky
Have Nots Shelli, Clay and Steve

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-28 01-16-39-704

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12am HOH room Jackie asks Vanessa how do you feel about Meg? Vanessa says fine, totally fine. People perceived Jason as a threat that’s why. People are threatened by him. Jackie asks because he knew the game so well? Vanessa says yeah. Jackie asks and not Steve? Vanessa says they’re threatened by him too but more so by Jason because he has a good social game and Steve’s all alone in the game and everyone is already against Steve. And Meg, I really like Meg. I know she is really pissed at me. And I just said everything that was the truth and I hope she understands where I was coming from. I don’t think she took it personally. I am so super open minded about her. She is going to be emotional, its going to be a hard time for her.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-28 01-26-56-628

In the kitchen – Johnny comments how Jason is leaving just before jury. It just sucks! Steve says I know its my last chance for a fall semester too. Johnny tells Steve to keep killing it. Steve tells Johnny I need you here. Last night Vanessa called me up and told me to tell you. Steve talks about how he tried to avoid everything today by sleeping in the havenot room. I was out in the backyard and in the hammock room with the door closed so it didn’t look like I was eavesdropping on the kitchen. Johnny says yeah people think you’re some kind of mastermind that you’re not. Steve says I’m aware of this. Its because I wear glasses, went to engineering school and spelled trombonist. It think a lot of it will be better now with Jason good because I think a lot of it is coming from Jason about me being a snooper. Steve says keeping your mouth shut is why people leave this game. All five of them so far is because they couldn’t keep their yap shut. Steve & Johnny play a game of chess.

12:10am Hammock – Liz asks Austin if anyone else knows about his other name Judas? Austin says just Shelli and Clay .. but their cool. Liz says that she is worried someone might use it against him later on down the line. Austin says if it gets down to just our alliance its okay. But its really nothing. It doesn’t mean anything. Austin says we’re going to stick together and not backstab each other till final 6. After what they did for me I have to believe it because they really saved me. Liz says I just feel bad that Vanessa even thought to choose that side. Like what were they saying to make her do that? Austin says well they’re good, Jason’s good! Austin says I only want to remember the good stuff this week. Liz brings up how it was so disgusting how James asked if we were into incest. Austin says I think Jason actually said it. He admitted to it later. I was like oh you both said it. Liz says after hearing that I am really worried how we’re being portrayed. Austin says its not going to be portrayed bad at all. I’ve talked about this so specifically in the DR. I understand why you’re concerned because that means you’re respectable and a good person. And people are going to know that.Julia says I am just really sick and tired and want her to come in. I haven’t really seen her in over a month. I hope you’re not worried because when she comes in we’re going to spend a lot of time together. Liz says I’m also cautious because of what was said about you trying to separate us. Austin says I never said that, Jason flipped that. That’s why I was so hurt. Liz says obviously my sister and I love you. Austin says this week was a really mess but now we can move on.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-28 01-50-43-200

1am – 1:50am HOH room – Vanessa, Liz, Austin and Steve are talking about what they think the coming HOH competition will be. Steve starts asking Austin questions. Who was HOH week 2? Who did they nominate? What was the POV called? Who played? Who hosted? etc. Austin says he thinks they would tailor the HOH comp for the twins to win it. Like an endurance comp. Steve says if this wasn’t BOB, I would be 100% confident this next HOH would be an endurance. Austin says they might go back to the original format and have an endurance and if Jason isn’t here we can nail this! I’m going to stay up there for 48 hours at least! Steve says that endurance competitions have been getting shorter recently because they’ve been making them hard. Endurance comps used to be how bad do you want it and now they’ve become how long can you physically do this for? Steve asks did we recruit Becky and Johnny Mac? Vanessa says to this side in terms of feeling comfort yes but do we have … I look at it like levels of loyalty. We have a higher level of loyalty. Steve asks so the nominees next week are going to be? Vanessa says those that are left. Steve says there’s only 3 of them. Vanessa says it might involve one of us throwing it. Liz says Jackie, Meg and James. Vanessa says and different people have different goals so it really matters who wins HOH. They continue to study past events and then talk about past seasons of Big Brother and who they liked from the seasons. Steve says he really liked Kail (BB8). Liz like Jace for (BB6). Austin likes Evel Dick and Jen (BB8). Jeff & Jordan (BB11). Steve comments that he sent Christine (BB16) an email in January about how he thought the majority of the hate she received we undeserved. He says that Christine wrote back. He says he didn’t like her game but liked her personally. Austin and Liz leave the HOH room.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-28 02-14-18-865

2am Austin and Liz talk about how they wonder how they’re going to bring in Julia in, where her HOH photo is going to go / if its going to be split with Liz’s photo and where her key would go.

1:50am HOH room – Vanessa asks Steve .. are you Ian’s brother?! Steve says no. Steve asks what happened in the HOH earlier between Jackie and Shelli / Clay. Vanessa says that essentially Jackie interrogated Shelli/Clay & myself. They had an awkward moment and then they fixed it. Steve asks so is Jackie focus now on Clelli? Vanessa says yeah, I don’t know if she is targeting them. She’s more concerned they’re targeting her. Steve says so I’ve moved off her radar? Vanessa says she hasn’t said your name all day. She actually said positive things about you. Steve tells Vanessa that he is really nervous because when we didn’t have Becky on board we had 4 people. So it would have been bam, bam noms. And it would have been a way to unit that group before we started pawning our own. Now we have to pawn one of our own to make that work Vanessa says we never made a long term deal with Becky it was just a one week deal. I think she’s trustworthy and a good person to work with. Steve says I would have liked to have had Jason on the jury. He would have made a good juror. Steve says all the house guests that were recruited were: Meg, Clay, Becky, Jackie, Liz & Julia. That’s a really heavily recruited cast. Vanessa says its a good cast. Steve says a young cast. What do you want to do after this is done. Lets assume James, Meg, Jackie are out. Vanessa says best case is that it doesn’t go all 3 in a row. So they have to make a move and hopefully it doesn’t hurt us because I don’t want to have to pick. Steve says hopefully the obvious targets are targeted before we are. Vanessa says she’s banking on it. Steve says he really liked Jace. He didn’t annoy me at all. Steve tells Vanessa that she can talk about how annoying he is behind his back like Austin does with him. Vanessa tells Steve that he isn’t a threat to anyone now that Jason is going. Steve says no one is going to want to compete against me in the final hoh. Vanessa says I do. Steve says he know he needs to win an HOH just for the simple fact people don’t think I’m trying to throw competition. Steve says I want to start thinking about after Meg, James and Jackie are gone. Steve says that Meg is mean to him. She is not attempting to pretend we’re friends. I try to pretend. Steve tells Vanessa he loves her and then says I just dropped the L bomb. Can I get one back. Vanessa says I love you Steve.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-28 02-26-36-896

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2:30am Jason says she is literally that fakest bitc*h in the world. I can’t wait to sit back and watch all this bullsh*t. I know I’m not the smartest player but I did the best I could.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-28 02-51-12-395

3:10am – 3:20am Steve is in the backyard throwing pillows / the hula hoop / oranges into the air. Steve then heads inside to take a shower.

3:30am All the house guests are in bed sleeping..

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Ok who’s in the LA area and has a megaphone?

I would die if a combination of Jackie/James/Meg won HOH, omg just the pure terror in the Sixth Sense and watch them scramble

butters dad

even if they won hoh they would be tricked into doing something stupid like put up steve and becky. they would be too stupid to put liz julia austin vanessa and save shelli clay as a back up.cause they dumb shits

Chooo chooo

Steve and Johni are totally in a closet gay showmance!! Errrooohhhhmaahh reerooo ehhhhhuummm raaarrrroorrr…..Johni’s pillow talk

Steve's Fart Face

Steve is smelling his own fart (the pic with his hands over his mouth and nose)


I was sure she was the transgender too from that picture.

Then I heard her story about getting hit by a train and I felt bad 🙁


Don’t feel sorry for Liz. I think she is a shut stores and will hang on to anyone in the house to move forward. Her game is to flirt to the end and talk bad when people commented on the twin. Yes Austin is creep but she encourages it.


The HG always claimed that Julia was the bitch,but I have seen for the past few weeks Liz being the nasty queen bitch. She has some comps under her belt & thinks because she is with the cool kids, that they will protect her ass. Jason has run his mouth about the twins/Austin b.s. but what gets me is he has been the target for saying/doing everything, I.E. making it up about Austin wanting Julia gone so he can be with Liz in jury. Can’t wait for that scuz bucket to be exposed & how stupid he will look. I really want to see a turn around of power but if not, I seriously hope the rest of sleeper cell or whatever the hell their fake ass alliance wants to call themselves this week, goes in on each other like the vipers they truly are(Van,Austin,Shelli,Clay,&Liz). That will bring me satisfaction greatly!


gotta love steve lol hope he gets to stay a lot longer.


Caught a little AD last night and Becky in a bikini is a sight to behold.

R u Judas?

Austin!!??!! How the hell did you get online?

meg's always laughing

I hope they send Vanessa’s millionaire A$$ out the door next. Then Austin next.


Steve is an f’ing idiot. Plain and simple. Sorry if people like him. I don’t. So we will have to agree to disagree.

AKA Twistin' for the win!

I have a feeling – Steve’s going to win this thing.


Best case scenario is if BB Takeover comes back on eviction night and evicts 11 houseguests all at once leaving 1 winner BOOM!! Series over. Then the same day starts BB ALL STARS Series.. Julie: First allstar to enter the house..VICTORIA! lol


Would be cool to have an all-stars made up of all 3rd place finishers. Victoria, Adam, Danielle…


I would love to see an All-Stars comprised of the runner-ups.


Don’t even speak it into being! LOL! If Victoria is cast on All-Stars, I am holding you personally responsible.


I’m hating this BOB shit. Its not fair and it sucks. I’m not even going to watch the rest of BB 17. Jason is one of the few that wanted and neeeded to be there. This is just turning into another heavily scripted reality show. I’m so dissappointed.


Considering he ‘wanted and needed to be there’….. perhaps Jason should have tried playing the game of Big Brother instead of just entertaining everyone at Summer camp. He was given copious amounts of information that he could have kept to himself and used to move further in the game, but instead, he spouted off everything he knew as soon as he could and lost all his power. He is a terrible BB player (besides socially) and deserves what he gets.

AKA Twistin' for the win!

I LOVE Jason and am sorry he is in the position he’s in but you are absolutely right. He may love the game, and is certainly a BB historian, but he isn’t a student of the game. If he were, he would have known how to PLAY and he doesn’t. He had the best opportunities with the info he had and instead chose to blab it to everyone. His blabbing cost Day her opportunity to use the info against the twin (she should have kept it to herself but she trusted him) because he yapped before she could. He never once held anything close. Had he been a “student” of the game, he would have easily identified the alliance and who was in it just by picking up on the subtle things they say, cross-say, don’t say, etc. I felt really bad for him yesterday, but today…I’m over it. He was his own worst target.

I still do, however, want to see a shift in power but at this point, I have zero hopes that even if they got power they would know what to do with it: case in point, Jackie trusting Vanessa. Shit girl, put on your listening ears. The girl is telling you there’s an alliance that you are not a part of and you refuse to hear it!!!!

I’m ready to see these pigs eat their own babies and I would like to see Shelly or Vanessa out the door first.


Also he keeps saying he was the first/only one to know about the Twins, which isn’t true…I think he has been more concerned about proving his ability to catch onto stuff and DR’ing about it. Producers didn’t correct him since Day was a goner, but that was her find.

His+Day’s (?) nicknames for them weren’t nice either, not terrible, but uhh if the Twins called him Keibler Elf instead of Julia’s Cruella, it wouldn’t fly…people would be calling them “bitches”. So I think while he is likable to many in polls, I find he actually isn’t when you list his facts on paper.


I think Jason was there for the experience versus to win the game.
He was more than content to go to jury (which probably would have made it the complete BB experience).
But Jason is only going home this week because Vanessa was too chickenshit to put up Austin, not based on his gameplay or lack thereof.

Stevie j

Jason I need u to work these hoes right now!!! He needs to not worry about campaigning against Becky because she’s in the f ing clouds about everything or just f ing scared. He needs to start campaigning for himself and remind himself of why he really need this once this stupid game is done. Big Brother is changing by the season and it seems that ppl are scared to to f ing campaign against each other now days. Shelly has poisoned everyone’s mind coming in with that playing a game of integrity bullshit. God damn Jason do something. I’m passed right now with this bs


The only thing that can come out Jason campaigning is setting up drama for next week, IF his remaining alliance members know what to do with the information.
Jason only has Meg, James and Jackie to count on for votes and that ain’t saying much.
Steve won’t vote for him and JohnnyMac will probably lay low and vote with the house.
Everyone else put him up on the block.
He isn’t as perceptive as Day was but he can put the pieces together. He needs to be schooling the remaining three (and maybe Becky) on what’s going on in that house.


Van will have her ugly ass day coming


jon macs just cruizing at this point to top8


I cannot wait for Jackie to go Kill Bill on Shelli, Clay and Vanessa’s ass!!
Let’s really show them what blood on your hands is really about!
Revenge time bitches!


Best comment I have ever read


Please oh god bring back audrey I want to see her in the house so badly. #BBAudreyBiggestFan

Lemon balls

She gave them every info of their big alliance, every indication in the house this past week just proved it. And yet, Jackie.,meg. James, becky still are doubting it… I like them all but boy they need another train to hit them all… Minus Becky… Amazing she survived really


Steve gets points in my book for playing the hardest game so far, to be alone in a crowded house must be very hard. Being attention starved can make people play poorly, but he has handled it well for the most part. There is no way he will win, but maybe when the alliances get broken up more he will have more friends in the house.

Vanessa will be fun to watch this week when she will not be in power and needs to rely upon those whom she held court over this week. She covered most of her bases, but a house meeting actually would have worked in her favor as it would have put more of a spotlight on the Clay/Shelli and Austin/Twin groupings. Still not sure why she did not go more public once lines were so called drawn, maybe the loner poker player mentality was to hard to overcome, as she likes smaller groups or one on ones, but this may hurt her in the end.


She doesn’t want to expose Shelli and Clay yet, so no house meeting. She is a waffle so she’s hedging her bets with Clelli, Austwins, Steve, Jackie (lol no dice)

She’s already starting to distrust Clelli anyway, just using Jackie as her mouthpiece,

I know she talks a LOT, it’s psychotic, but imagine being locked in a house with her, you may start hearing her words subconsciously.

I am not sure who I should root for. I don’t like Shelli and Clay at all, I don’t like the Outsiders (too lazy, suffering doesn’t mean they deserve to win), I don’t like Steve because he’s a snake in the grass and a bit lazy, so I guess it’ll either be Johnny (the good guy who had to work and shuts up appropriately), Jackie (though her poker face is weak, I like how she’s trying to do something), Julia (I like her opinions about people) or Vanessa (she works hard, but insane).

I really dislike Meg and do not get why they cast both her and Becky. I was kind of neutral with her but her vacuous gameplay pisses me off, and she is a floater who could float till top 7.

canadian Kevin

That NEEDS to happen.


I know some people are complaining but I think this is a great season. There are folks i love to hate, a lot of game talk, a fair amount of drama and honestly a smarter cast (collectively) than they’ve had in years. Thanks so much for this site!


i Cant complain. The Cast is a lot better than the last 2 years. Of course i would like to see a Shift in power to make things more interesting gamewise, but i’ll wait till all the Summer Campers are out and the power houses have to start taking out each other.


If there was no BOB, this would be an amazing season


Hopefully Jason stops complaining about Clay and Shelli cause they just went along with and tell them that Vanessa is saying Austin would be up but Shelli and Clay convinved me to put you up. All this complaing aint going to do shit cause its just going to be meg jackie and james and jackie only won hoh because james threw it. Megs not going to win a hoh unless its luck but she will be the last out of those 3 to leave. It will proably be Jackie next week then James and then i habe no clue. So jason can complain but his big mouth and going to change anything


Ok what I got from all that…

Ok miss thinkin’ she at the little princess summer camp…

And her gimp walk…

Here’s something to cry about you little self entitled twat..

U are going home soon. U have zero chance to win the game.

Steve will own the chain of coffee shops you will work at the rest of your miserable life.


Moral of story above

Steve said: “Meg is mean to me”


While listening to conversations between most of these houseguests, I’ve realized if I had been paid a nickel for every time they used the word “like”, my check would be more than the half million……, really!


I just love Steve. Can I get an “I love you” back?


back dooring Jason instead of Austin, these people really are idiots!

I am rooting for any under dog at this point.
The “cool kids” in this house need to get knocked down back to reality!


too bad they wont considering how utterly clueless the other side is.. honestly i dont even feel sorry for them anymore.. ive never seen a bigger group of idiots in my life


I don’t understand why Jason can’t get the votes to stay? why are they all just doing what Vanessa says? Can’t he get five votes? Steve, Meg, John, Jackie, James? What am I missing?


Jason talked too much bad about Steve and that bridge might be burnt. Also Steve promised Becky his vote. JM probably won’t vote for Jason since Becky is one of his closer allies. Also Jason doesn’t want to campaign against Becky.


Oh yea, I forgot about John and Becky being close. They haven’t gotten much screen time lately.


Jason talked too much bad about Steve and that bridge might be burnt. Also Steve promised Becky his vote. JM probably won’t vote for Jason since Becky is one of his closer allies. Also Jason doesn’t want to campaign against Becky.


Steve is to devoted to Vanessa, at first I thought he was smart but, all he wanted was somebody to talk to him. Vanessa is really good at using a houseguest weakness against them, I can not stand her but, she is smart in her pycho kind of way. Still think JMac is a show-in to win, his name never comes up and he’s shown he does have the ability to win a comp if he has to. Jason is gone unless he can flip Clay & Shellie it’s doubtful but, I hope he tries. It bothers me that Vanessa will make it to jury, with her mouth and ease of lying she’ll destroy a good game players chances.

A BIG Thank you to the camera crew lastnight for showing very little of Vanessa…I didn’t have to fast forward near as much…..between her and Liz’s voice I’ve been missing half the AD show’s

AKA Twistin' for the win!

The intelligence to pull it off. They know what they need to do – they have no idea how to do it. They aren’t in to independent thinking for some reason I don’t understand. Hopefully Jason has a come to “baby Jesus” today and gets his game face on and starts campaigning. If not, he just needs to leave quietly on Thursday.


He knows Johnny will vote to keep Be my because they are close. Maybe if f it were James and not Becky he would have a chance but Johnny and Becky are tight. I also think Jason knows Steve prob won’t vote for him since he barely talks to him.


Jason seems to be the only houseguest really understanding that if you were blindsided by the decision, you clearly aren’t a part of some alliance. James seems to get that but can’t figure out the alliance.

I really hope these people figure out that Vanessa, Clay, Shelli, Austin, Liz and Julia will be a 6 person alliance.
They need to figure that out this week while they still have 6 people (Steve, Jmac, Jackie, Becky, Meg, James) assuming jason is evicted. This HOH competition and week is their last chance at taking back the numbers. Otherwise it will be the sixth sense alliance making it to the end (probably 5 players in the final 6).


Agreed….if they don’t band together and win, they are going to be picked off.


Well Meg crying all day was a little much. For two people who have stayed in bed all summer, Meg demands answers? That was rich. I liked Jason, but he sat around talking about the twins, Day and everyone else, instead of playing the game. Don’t cry foul now




John and Steve aren’t going to vote for Jason. JMac is no dummy, and Jason and Meg have treated Steve like dirt. He certainly isn’t going to vote for either of them to stay


I agree. James, Meg & Jason should have tried harder to establish (and maintain) relationships with some of the other houseguests. I am not a fan of Vanessa, but she really knows how to make a person feel important. Steve isn’t even in the 6-person alliance, but I am pretty sure he would throw an HOH or VETO comp to Vanessa if she asked him to. You need to nurture your relationship with each houseguest. If it means listening to someone talk about their acne breakout….or a pet cat…or his or her plans for after the show, suck it up and endure, damn it! You need to be playing the game 24/7. If people on the outside can pretend to like a family member for 20+ years, they can pretend to like another houseguest for a couple of months.


Steve is actually growing on me.. didn’t really care for him at first. On another note, I would’ve liked to seen James leave this week, but maybe next week. Then Meg. Can’t stand either of them.


Steve is really starting to take control of his life in the Big Brother house. He is finally realizing that he cannot just sit back and wait for people to approach him. He won’t be able to break into that tight 6-person alliance, but he can increase his chances of outlasting James, Meg and Jackie. That gives him some time to figure out his next move.


Steve: “They think I’m smart because I wear glasses, go to engineering school, and spelled ‘trombonists’. ”



He is not wrong. Remember Austin has called Steve a nerd from the start and has been targeting him because of it


This is kinda mean….but I want Jason to stay! The other side of the house should start a rumour that Becky has a crush on Clay and thinks he is hot, also that Shelli is old and unattractive. They need to make sure Shelli gets wind of it and bc Shelli is so insecure and jealous she will campaign to evict Becky! What do you think?


That is a lie Audrey and I wont let you let me believe it!


You forgot the empirical evidence lol


She’s so paranoid at this point it might actually get her thinking. Worth a shot!

Team Edward

What do they mean by “recruiting houseguest?” Do they go through a talent agency? Also, who here ever put together an audition tape to go on BB. Be honest!!


I think it means those people didn’t actively try to get on the show and were approached. With some of them not knowing much about the show. Like for example, I think one of the casting people found Clay at a game . Or like Amber last year who I think went through casting but found out through her agency. She had never even watched an episode other than the ones BB gave her to watch and one was BB15 lol.I’m sure there are a lot of other examples of ones being “recruited” vs superfans or people who send it their interest.


I had a copy of the application for BB and it’s very extensive. But then I’m a 60+ year old and if they ever have a senior citizen BB, I will send it in. I’d love to see a bunch of seniors play.

No Such Luck

I would love for Julia to enter before vote. She knows Austin wants her out and when she left that was the plan. I want her to come back in and get pissed. Get all of the outsiders together and tell them EVERYTHING and flip the house.


No doubt Julia will be pissed … but she is level headed
Julia will vote the way her alliance wants
Austin is toast! Liz yelled at him to stop touching her yesterday.
This is even before Liz (already knowing the answer) Asked Austin if he had said he wanted to spit up Julia n Liz … Austin once again lies right to her face …
The twins will be with Vanessa … They are Sorority girls and need a leader to follow
Even though Shelli is a fellow cult oops sorority member they seem to gravitate towards Vanessa more

Butters Mom

With everyone protecting these twins… they seem to be off the radar completely as targets. One of them is going to win this game with this reasoning.

Mean Girl

I don’t understand why Jason was being so petty with the name calling and putting down house guests behind their back. It is juvenile. Like, why should he care if Austin eats alot? Saying he wants Austin gone because he eats all of the food in the house? Come on, there are some good reasons for targeting him, but not that.

Angela M

I honest didn’t think Jackie couldn’t be anymore dumb, then she proves me wrong. She is buying Vanessa’s story? Wow!!


I haven’t watched BB for all the seasons, just picked it up a few years ago. In the years past that I can think of there was more audience input, i.e. choosing the item of food for the have nots, America’s player, the sabatuer twist…. am I missing this, or has the show forgotten about the audience?

Butters Mom

That is how the game was played in the past. but the audience voting = production controlling the game… they have just found a new way to control the game by planting contestants that they find on tinder and the bob.

Misty Beethoven

I want Liz gone – the whiny voice is making my ears bleed, reminds me way too much of Rachel Reilly. James is on the verge of getting a clue, but will those 2 brain cells connect? Austin, please surprise us all and shave or manscape the hedge growing on your face. Meg, please put on a tank top, get a jump rope and use it in front of Clay – I want to see Shelli’s head explode. I am cranky about how this season is going down the crapper ONCE AGAIN, and it needs to have something truly epic to happen and SOON!!!


It’s scary how good Shelli is at being fake.

I’m afraid she’s going to be the next Maggie: a very good player who is so annoying and unlikable that it’s hard to respect them for their strategic and social acumen.


OMG just watched BB After Dark and Clay and Shelli have obviously caught Vanessa’s disease…..diarrhea of the mouth! Watching the two of stumble into Jason’s room trying to convince him they didnt have anything to do with him going up is cringe worthy to the extreme. They are so paranoid. jason is not least on this point. He knows they had big input in this decision. Clay is the worst liar. One sentence in and he was stumbling over his words, contadicting himself…ugh. And as far as Jason is concerned. I dont know why ppl feel sorry for him. He gives up so easy. I dont ever recall seeing him in an upright position except in comps. He made zero effort to get to know ppl from the other side that he did not like. He made it very obvious who he liked and disliked. That sort of closes down options when u are on the block.


now people are bashing steve for siding with vanesa?

seriously? I mean what do you think is Steve’s best move? going with the people who have no gameplan and sit around and cry? Jason loves to talk about all he would do. he has never done anything. I got more out of that talk Steve had about game than I have from Jason all summer game wise.

good for Steve. you Vanessa haters need to LET IT GO. everyone lies and says they don’t, its Big Brother, sheeesh


They are just mad because their side of house isn’t winning comps.


Steve’s loyalty has been up for grabs for a couple of weeks now. You snooze, you lose Don’t hate Vanessa for seizing an opportunity.

Eric CA

Simon and Dawg,
I could have sworn I just saw Clay eating chips… I thought they were on slop and popcorn as have-nots…. did they get chips too?


I do believe this would be a PERFECT week for the rewind to appear!


Not sure how much of an impact it would have. Meg, Jason, James, Jackie, or Becky would have to win the HoH’s. I’m not sure if Johnnie Mac would rock the boat yet. If two of these guys wins the HoH then it might start to even out although I think Vanessa is good enough to smooth over ruffled feathers with them and toss Austin to the wolves. Worst case for Vanessa is Shelli and Clay get left on the block. So I think she’d be ok after a rewind.


If you are worried about how you are perceived on TV, why referred to yourself as a “Ho”, Liz has called herself that name at least several times.
Austin…..”that name doesn’t mean anything.” Sorry Judas……but the name is linked to betraying. It is not a name that invokes truth, and trust. To prove my point….I am going to put on my evil hat, referred to myself as Judas and vote for Johnny Mac. Austin = Egotistical Idiot wannnabe wrestler
I think that Steve just might be playing the part of a nerd. I think he thought he could come in, act like Ian, and everyone would think it was endearing.


Although very unlikely(still holding out for hope), I want to see Van put up & scared shitless. I want her knocked off her power ridden pedestal badly. She wants to be boss bitch, yet needs her gang mentality to back her b.s. nonsense. I respect those who own their game play & not act like a punk who cowards behind This is What the House wants nonsense!
Lying is part of the BB game but making up whack excuses to secure your position is lame. Even if that is the route you choose to go, at least go for a good b.s. excuse. Van has nothing! Jackie was definitely trying to get answers but knows she must watch her back/tongue since she doesn’t have the numbers. If I were Jackie I would of kept at Van to catch her in a blatant lie(since Jackie is slow at catching people on b.s. level-didn’t believe there were twins) about herlame excuse for getting Jason out.
Van danced horribly in circles to explain to Jackie. IF I were Jackie,I would of mentioned if you are going on lies & betrayal, what better example of that then what Austin did to you. If he is a fool in love, what makes you believe it won’t happen again(Van used the b.s. excuse of Austin is a fool in love)? Part of me at times believes Jackie is not totally buying the b.s. but then she says certain things to contradict that. Come on Jackie lol! I am sure there are others that may not care about Jason leaving, I honestly wanted to see the insiders lose one for a change(austin) & not steam roll the ousiders. Grrrrr!

Have a little cheese with that whine

I want the twins to be put up so I can hear them whine in stereo “Whyyyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaah? I am an aaaaallyyyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaah?”


Im still in denial about Jason going home this week. I think what’s making it worse is that Becky is staying. I liked Becky the first two weeks but now I absolutely cannot stand her. ME, ME, ME ,Why doesn’t anybody like me, Im so great!!!—that’s Becky. Those boring stories and always crying about being out of the loop on things. Now she’s turned on Jackie just b/c Jackie showed more concern for Jason than her. Why not?? Jason was blindsided, you’re safe this week Becky and sort of in the loop on things for now ,so STFU !! And what really bothers me about her, is that Jmac is always going out of his way to support and comfort her, yet it never seems good enough for her.

You Guys Are Great

I love reading these comments! Everyone wants people who are playing the game to win. But the people who are playing the game everyone hates (Shelli, Austin, Vanessa, Twins). And cheer for the people who do nothing in the game but float (Jason, Meg, Becky, Jackie).

Vanessa has been one of the most aggressive, manipulative players in a long time. She’s an All Star already. She would do well with any cast.

Keep it up guys, keep cheering for the floaters as Vanessa picks them off one by one.

GeekSquad McGee

I disagree that she would do well with any cast. You put her in the BBCAN2 house and guys like Jon, Neda and Adel wouldn’t put up with her shit for one minute. Her psycho routine wouldn’t fly very far with that group.


its the Donny curse.