Clay “Becky said she would put up Steve.. When I heard that I was like bullsh*t no you’re not.”

POV Holder: Clay Next POV July 25th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 27th
HOH Winner Team 1: Jackie HOH Winner Team 2: Vanessa
Nominations 1 : James & Liz Nominations 2: Clay & Becky
Battle of the Block Winner James and Liz Next HOH/ Next BOB July 30th / July 24th
Original Nominations: Clay and Becky
Current Nominations: Jason & Becky
Have Nots Shelli, Clay and Steve

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-28 09-09-32-801

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9:10am – 10:30am Backyard – Clay says only a couple more days of being havenots. Shelli says that she’s not sick of the popcorn yet. Clay jokes about how he was up early thinking about their barnyard wedding. They talk about watching the season together when they get out. Shelli says that she likes how the season has been very divided getting out boys and girls. She says she likes that. They start talking about all the fast food they love. Johnny Mac joins hem. Shelli asks if he shared a bed with Becky. John says no we don’t do that. Clay and Shelli head inside to eat slop/popcorn. Steve says that he was freaking out a bit because he hadn’t eaten. He describes it being like vertigo. He says they only have 1 more full day of being havenots but figures they’ll have to still be havenots until after the HOH competition.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-28 09-31-56-560

10:30am – 11:15am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Shelli says in the beginning Jason thought Vanessa was America’s Player because she got called to the diary room so much. What if she was this whole time. Shelli says that Becky said to talk about her and Johnny as individuals.. I was like why so you & I / Austin & Liz can be the bigger targets? We brought you into this. Clay says that Becky said she would put up Steve and someone like Austin. When I heard that I was like bullsh*t no you’re not. Shelli says You’re not taking our Stevie. Shelli says that she doesn’t know Steve is close with us. She thinks it me, you, Vanessa and her, with Johnny as an extension. When it comes to a double eviction people need to remember we’re not the only pairs in here. There’s Liz & Austin, Liz & Julia, and other pairs.. Clay says he doesn’t think anyone would put us up. Meg wouldn’t. Shelli says one of us has to win that double eviction HOH because it will be so easy for someone to put us up there. When it comes to that never put the twins up. Clay says I know. The thing is no matter who they put up we have the numbers. Jason and Becky join them. Clay and Shelli head back to bed in the havenot room.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-28 11-14-41-643

11:45am Becky and Johnny Mac are the only house guests awake. Johnny’s doing the dishes while Becky suntans.

12:10pm – 12:20pm Vanessa goes to the bedroom and wakes everyone up asking them to please get up so she doesn’t have to take selfies of herself with the HOH camera.

12:25pm – 12:50pm Backyard – Vanessa talks to Johnny. Johnny says they really haven’t asked me if I knew before hand so I haven’t had to make anything up. What would you want me to say. Vanessa says it would be better if you did say you knew before hand so that way it was like a house thing and the only people that didn’t know were his 2 closest allies. Which makes sense why they wouldn’t know because that would put them in a hard position. They would have had to side with the number and sell out your friend. I knew you would be on board with this. Clay thought strongly you would be on board with it as well. Johnny says Steve and Becky told me it was happening. Vanessa says that Austin did lie but it was a foolish in love kind of a lie. Austin was the only common ground Jackie and I could come up with. She really wanted Steve but I didn’t want to do that. I’m good on HOH for awhile. Meg joins them and they continue taking photos.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-28 12-29-14-918

1pm Austin talks to Johnny Mac. Austin says that Liz is worried about how I will feel when her sister gets here and won’t be able to spend as much time with her. She thinks I’ll be weird about it. Johnny says yeah family problems. Austin says I’m excited for her to be here. I’m a big boy. I’m not 23.

1:20pm – 1:50pm Vanessa asks Liz when she is switching. Liz says I don’t know we were supposed to switch yeterday. Vanessa jokes that Liz should tell Julia that Vanessa is HOH and we’re the target. She hates us. Liz says she is going to kill me! She gets anxiety. Liz says that next week she is volunteering to be havenots with JUJU (Julia).

Backyard – Clay, Shelli, Jackie, Becky and Meg are hanging out by the pool chatting about random things like music.

2:15pm – 2:35pmBecky says yeah no take overs? Liz asks what do you think happened to the BB take over thing? It’s so weird!? Shelli says I know its so sad. Jackie says it would be weird to think that the people are like over it. Liz says that’s what I think. Big Brother blocks the feeds.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-28 14-09-27-162

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-28 14-31-41-952

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I think Shelli is a good gameplayer…and I thought I liked her on a personal level, but Im parts of her personality lately that i dont like. I dont like how she was using semantics in trying to throw vanessa under the bus to the others…and she lies and then has an excuse. Now this morning, she was snuggling with Clay, then she gets up and he puckers for a kiss in a cute way and she said no and tried to walk away. This guy is very respectful with her and she constantly snuggles, touches, flirts with him and gives him nothing, not even a kiss! Its very controlling, and a little insensitive IMO.

Canadian Kevin

I did not like how she said her side was moral, and the other side were all liars.

That kind of caught in my craw a bit – i mean, look in the mirror!

Pot Kettle Black

It always amazes me how they put others on blast for lying, when they have lied through their teeth. Vanessa says she cannot tolerate lying, she lies all the time…they all do…they all have to. It’s Big Brother. duh.


It’s all apart of Vanessa’s game. She’s good at convincing them


to be fair a lot of that is game.

now, if you are alone and talking to the cameras, or with your only true alliance member and are claiming you don’t lie…well…that I have a problem with

its like Chill Town, I loved them because they lied to you, but totally owned it in the DR AND when the two of them were together. there was no lying to themselves about it, they knew who and what they were in that house. James Rhine has made some interesting comments recently on twitter that pretty much sum up my current frustration with this game. the strategy is removed with a mob mentality.

Eric CA

I have said many times that Evil Dr Will played the most Honest game in Big Brother History. He lid to other Houseguests probably less that the Saints (Nicole and Hardy) Chilltown was up against and he was always honest about it with the cameras and the DR… but really he probably lied the least ever in the game.

Chill this Town

yes and no.

Will lied like crazy during All Stars. Seriously, they were tossing people left and right after making a deal the previous week that they wouldn’t.


I get so annoyed in people going on about how great a player Dr Will and Mike Boogie were. He was good because he played in season 2, before people figured out how to play the game. If he were to have been in any of the last several seasons he would have been out early in the game. There are players in this game that are more savvy about maneuvering other players than he ever was.


I think that Amanda had the best response to that in BB15 when she said “I don’t know what game you’re playing, but I’m playing Big Brother.”


Shelli is holding up a reality mirror to the viewers on what a fake ass she truly is. Shelli plays herself up to the viewers with all her morality/honest game playing crap hoping to convince others but more importantly,herself & Clay. Honestly don’t care about the people who are ignorant enough to not admit that regardless of the fact you may be a huge Shelli fan, there is nothing real about her. She is narcissist, shallow, control freak, beyond overly bitchy on a personal level but tries pathetically to wear the halo for the viewers. Own the fact you are a strategic bitch Shelli, stop with the moral bs!
I keep going back & fourth about who I want taken out more: Van or Slay. Can’t stand any of them but even with my anger toward that clique, I am capable of admitting & keeping it real about those vipers playing a good game so far with all their lies/schemes. Game on- please some one take them out! I desperately need to not watch another season of one side steam rolling the other-aka BB 16(Derek).


Shelli is playing a lot like Derrick- being best friends with everyone and letting others do the dirty work. A trait admired in men and condemned in women.


Don’t you think its creepy that Shelli keeps saying how much Clay looks and acts like her brother even when he’s laying on top of her? Then she talks baby talk to him. EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!


Shelli may have her Cody puppet in Clay but he pales in comparison intellectually. Nor are either believable as they are now viewed as extremely fake & the hamsters are even ready for their moves (i.e. Meg says isn’t that usually Clay’s job to placate & moments later Clay arrives).

And Ms. Entitlement is NO WHERE CLOSE to Derrick. In fact this week she individually catapulted Vanessa ahead of her while simultaneously sinking her own stock. Simply b/c she was pissed off people weren’t jumping up & down for joy that Clay won the POV she demanded a change..

Shelli suddenly wanted Austin saved and the target shifted to one of Becky, Jackie or Jason. Since Nessa wasn’t willing to go back on promises to B/J it fell squarely on Jason (who subsequently was the player at the time posing the greatest risk to Vanessa’s game)

Shelli constantly sends Clay out to make deals to keep her hands clean & then demands to the HOH who should go She thought she had the house on lock, but a closer look shows this week’s demand coupled with a smart move by Vanessa dropped Shelli precariously near the bottom (and first out of the SS alliance).

Here’s how Vanessa completely outsmarted her. Last HOH Vanessa wanted James but Shlay/Austin switched her to take out Jeff. She acquiesced and then they played like they had involvement or clue about it to Jeff/everyone.

This time Shelli wanted to switch the target again but Vanessa wisely played an open hand by telling Jason, Meg, James & Jackie everyone knew & not only agreed, but requested it. This put the spotlight squarely on Shelli/Clay who initially feigned ignorance, but couldn’t lie to Jackie in front of Vanessa who was saying that’s not true. Caught in her web of lies & multiple deals now Shelli & her puppet can’t be relied on as being those F4 coveted partners b/c no one can trust it’s their deal that is higher on the couples list.(though it appears JMac is continuing on this path for now) Rather, it pinpoints that Shlay will waft between who is in power to take each other out. This was working prior to yesterday …. not anymore: the jig is up!

So now Shelli becomes the priority boot of the SS via Jackie, James & Meg. Even Becky knows (though she won’t do it). Worse within the SS the twins will have Vanessa’s back above all others as will Steve & Austin. So for all her game play she’s only protected by Clay & the luck of SS continuing to beat the rest in HOH’s.

If any of Meg, James, Jackie, the Twins or Austin win DE look for a Shelli back door! If not she’ll be the first ousted once the others are gone.

All because of her own desire to be seen as the queen making people jump through hoops & her arrogance not allowing her to let people react to a comp win in their own way.

I’m still SMH over her stupidity in allowing her arrogance, vanity and desire to be seen as the controller forcing people’s hand only to end up biting herself in the ass. I hate seeing Vanessa in power b/c it’s Amanda 2.0 but Ive come to believe it’s part of her strategy to appear emotional & irrational b/c for the second consecutive HOH Vanessa came out in a better position in the house than prior to winning. That’s not an easy accomplishment.

AKA Twistin' for the win!

I may be totally off base here BUT I’m going to put it out there anyway: I’ve noticed Johnny Mac wearing two different hair styles (at least I don’t think it’s my imagination). I notice him be exceptionally quiet at times, especially when they are in a group conversation – outside of the fact that he is extremely nervous in the DR sessions (I figured this out when he was on the block and had to make his appeal to the group for the live vote) because of the way he is wired and sounds like he’s literally trying to hold his voice box inside his body, he seems very reserved, observant. Even when he talks – he is very tight-lipped. And then there’s Becky – first I think the two are a team sort-of…then I don’t…then I do…

All this to say, I notice little differences but it was the hair that got me thinking… what if Johnny Mac is working with his twin and that’s one of the twists that we just haven’t caught on to yet… while we are busy thinking there is NO twist? He and his brother are identical except for the way they wear their hair. I’m probably wrong… but just google him…I swear I have seen the hair where the spikes are pulled forward on the forehead…. Couldn’t it be possible that this is happening?


I’ve said this several times but not a lot of positive response …I think it’s happening. Maybe not as often or for days at a time but I think they have switched.


I’ve been saying that all along but I’ve been a lone voice in the BB wilderness…guess we’ll find out this week.

twistin with the twins

if true that would really juice this game up.

Lyndia I

I have thought the same thing, that John has a twin and the Liz Julia thing is just to throw viewers off. Hmmm. Always fun to spin theories!

Those TEETH!!!!!

The REAL Shelli will come out in the next week….some has already, but it will be overload for her. She’s already starting to show her true traits. 1) Complete Fake 2) Bossy/Bully 3) Hateful/Bitch 4) Controlling 5) Thinks shes better than everyone. She is 33 and STILL single….not because she is focused on her career, please…..its because shes a horrible phony person in real life. I believe we are starting to see the REAL Shelli now. This next week will show everyone what shes really like in real life and why she is 33 and single.


Oh shucks Wilbur!


Shelli showed a peek of who she REALLY IS in the !st week. Go back and watch…..she got mad at DA because she didn’t use the fast fwd of her and gave it to Liz instead. Watch her DR from week 1. She put DA up because she was mad about that, that’s the real reason. This girl is totally ALL ABOUT HERSELF! I agree with you, I think that is totally her real life personality and it will be exposed.


Shelli was married. I’m not sure for how long or how recently.

Shelli"s Pony

You forgot THIEF!! B!%@$ Stole my TEETH and my MANE for her fake hair she wears and only uses the HOH bathroom to take in and out. She is so disgusting and gross! She likes little boys who are just like her brother!!??!!


Well what does the other side consist of… a black woman, an asian man, a gay guy, a Latina woman and a free spirited white woman of course they have morality on their side they are all white.

*Shaking my head*


Shelli is always talking about how Clay looks and acts just like her brother. That’s probably why she doesn’t kiss him.


I really hate that they put Jason up and didn’t have the guts to get rid of Austin. I am so sick of Vanessa and her don’t lie to me then lets Austin get away with it because he’s a fool in love. Give me a break. I hate that Shelli & Clay thinks Vanessa is the best because she is already starting to talk about them behind their back. Vanessa is so two-faced because she is lying just like everyone else but everybody is to stupid to realize that. Can’t wait till the sixth sense alliance finds out once they watch it what really is going on. I’m sick of looking at Austin without a shirt. There is nothing attractive about him and Liz deserves everything she gets from him since they have all now decided to probably let Austin go to jury. Would love to be a fly on the wall in the jury house when Liz tries to get away from Austin making the moves on her.


Of course Vanessa is lying – It’s Big Brother. After this week she will have taken out two of the biggest players (Jeff & Jason) in the house and had her hand in another (Audrey). All this in three weeks! She’s playing the game and doing it well. She is trying to build other bridges because she knows she will have to split up all the pairs in the house to get to the end of the game. She is playing hard because she doesn’t care if she wins or not. Its one big poker game and she is spreading her chips around the table hoping but not caring if they all come back to her at the end.


I don’t like her either. It was fun watching er scramble when the hg came to her about knowing Jason was going up!!


Please Jackie and James need to win HOH on double eviction! Then we will see if they still have the numbers when sheli and clay, Austin and venessa are on the block.

I'm With Stupid...

Unfortunately, IF James & Jackie win HOH, they’d most likely put up someone other than the one’s you mentioned (Clay/Shelly and/or Vanessa/Austin) & it would be another waste of an HOH…


I was actually thinking that James & Jackie should put up Shelli & Liz + Clay & Julia if they win HOH. I would hate to see Shelli & Clay win BOB and secure safety for the week. Splitting them up might increase the chance that one of them goes home next week. Vanessa or Austin would make an excellent replacement nominee if the veto is used. Your suggestion is pretty good too. No more pawns. That 6-person alliance needs to be broken up.

Canadian Kevin

It would be great if there was a double, and Shelli and Vanessa got put out the door.

That would be fun to watch.

Unlike all this crap.


Vanessa needs to go home

just a fan

I do not think there will be a double eviction until after one person is in the jury house. Thinking that is how it has happen in the past.

BB Drafter

Please stop with the Shlay pics. My stomach is weak already.


What? You don’t like their matching outfits today … Pink today … Gag!
It would be great if Clay goes out first before jury

I'm With Stupid...

Tell me about it! Don’t judge, but at first I thought Clay was hot…now I’m kinda grossed out by him. A&M Douche Bag!!!


I dont think it will be boring after Jason leaves, this group of six are soo disloyal to one another, it will be fun watching them implode!

Canadian Kevin

BTW, does anyone actually now where JohnnyMac’s head is at? Is he actually with Shelli and clay, or is he just saying that to survive week to week?

I heard him say that he had stuff to tell becky – but that was before the whole veto mess (i think).

Does anyone know? I’m wondering if i missed it.


JM is either a really good or really bad player?
Only time will tell.
Or is he a Twin and laying low?


I would laugh if it was actually Johnny Mac twin coming in tonight instead of Julia the house would flip lol


i think johnnymac would love to be able to be at a point in the game where he can easily put them up side by side, or he and the other HOH talks them into going up on either side, so he can wind up knowing that one of them is sure to be still on the block.

Let them sweat a little. I can’t say he would intend for them to be evicted, but i do think he wants them to have to experience what they put him thru in the beginning.


I saw where he tried to make some type of deal with Becky and she told him it is too early. He will never get a chance to tell her anything, she will probably be gone next week, if they don’t win. Even if she was HOH, she is going to play stupid. She was talking to Jackie and said for her game she can not go after Vanessa.


This just makes me so excited about the rest of the season sans Jason, the pairs who cares. Come on Julia save this shit


if they don’t bring back Julia before the vote, I’m gonna be (even more) pissed… not that it really matters who goes between becky and jason, but I would like the HOH to realize that just cuz you put someone up doesn’t mean you get to decide who goes home and julia’s our only hope at a break in this 6 person stupidity right now

Sparkling Irma

Julia & Liz both get to play in the HOH since the deal was to avoid the 5 eviction. it will only be fare to have them play. So after eviction and before HOH, the door bell will ring allowing Julia to enter the game. Unless Liz goes in to vote and Julia & her both walk out during live show.


Julia should be coming in today, She will be pissed off but she will stick
with Vanessa n Liz. Jason will be gone on Thursday.
Austin flat out lied to Liz yesterday when she asked
him about getting her sister out. Liz already knew the answer.
Liz also yelled at Austin yesterday “Don’t touch me!”
Austin is toast! Only to be used and discarded after his usefulness has expired
Kinda like he seems to do with woman … Karma perhaps?


I really like Becky! She is playing a silent game…if she survives this, I hope she starts making big game and social moves. #TeamBecky #TeamJohnnyMac

Pot Kettle Black

To date, I’m with you Orlandor….I am a big fan of Becky and Johnny Mac. They are playing the clean game-so far. Vanessa, Austin, Clay and Shelli are all getting on my last nerve…hope Vanessa goes ASAP.


That’s all apart of Vanessa’s game play. She’s good at convincing them.


Becky is clueless when it comes to BB strategy


well she was recruited for this show on Tinder, so if you let your career and dating life be led by one single app, I don’t expect high level strategic thinking.

Plus after getting in a life or death situation I doubt she enjoys sweating the small petty stuff, so BB was never the right game for her. They should have put her in Amazing Race since they started hooking people up there.


That sentiment will change in a heart bit if/when Becky or Johnny become HOH.

I survived last seasons BB

You can thank Clay for all this mess..The real reason Austin is still around is Vanessa stayed HOH due to Clay not being able to win a thrown comp..The game would have been so much better if Jackie stayed HOH..Now the sad reality is that side, unless they win HOH Thursday,,is pretty much doomed


Alot of it was Shellie’s total paranoia
She was freaking out and telling Vanessa they needed to keep Austin
That’s when the tide turned.
Can’t wait for Shelay to be broken up. Hopefully Clay will go out first before jury.

Wowie Mandel

I agree, not unless “the other side ” starts winning full HOH and puts up the powers. This season will tank. I don’t think there is any chance of golden veto or rewind this early in game …
And get rid of BOB … What a crock of Sh1t.


Not unless the sixth sense implode on each other first because they don’t seem anywhere near as loyal as The Detonators from last year so the other side could get lucky at some point, i hope.


Please save my JASON BB, :'(
I can’t beleive the entertaining people are going, first mama day, audrey and now my JASON. Becky is boring for real and not that fun to watch, i love her on a personal level but come on now, she will only stay low and tan all day. Save my JASON for god sakes.

Chenbot sucks

You have no clue mama day was the biggest bitch known to mankind she did it to herself

Canadian Kevin

what kills me is just a few posts back, James, Jackie and Meg were finally understanding that Audry told the truth, just before she left.

But then Jackie goes up to Vanessa and says i’m loyal to you. I hope she’s lying – cause if she’s not, that’s just pathetic.

Hey, i’ll be loyal to you, until you no longer need me, then you can vote me out.

Come on people, wake up. When James has more of a clue than you do, you KNOW you’re in trouble!!


Johnny boy is a bump on a log. Do something !! Earn some respect.


I’ve always wondered since the beginning of the season if Donny and Johnny Mac have switched a few times. This could account for Johnny isolating himself at times. Maybe after the Liz and Julia twist is over BB will ramp up another twist? Maybe they don’t switch for as long…hours maybe? Just a thought????


I hope Austin and Liz makes the house and will realize she should of dump Austin when she had a perfect shot at it wow she will have fun in the house with Austin


Jmc worships money.


Never noticed the picture of Johnny Mac’s twin before, his brother Donny looks more identical to him. Julia and Liz do not look identical. John and his brother would of been a better choice. Would like to know if his brother has the same voice as him. Evel Dick does a pretty good imitation of him, someone said that he sounded like the Cookie Monster on crack!

Canadian Kevin

JMac sounds like Bobcat Goldthwait, and looks like Bryan Adams!


Bunch of chicken sh*ts

Well isn’t that sweet, Clay and Shelly talking about their barnyard wedding…oh please!


Well I must say, if I was going to marry a horse faced bitch like her I guess I would do it in a barnyard! At least her family will not have to travel. Her maid of honor will be her sister the cow And she will gallop down the isle next to her dad the sow maybe? Not a barnyard animal mainly but I am sure she has a few snakes on her side as well. Since she can’t own up to her own game and say yea I was involved in putting you up it was best for my game and DUH my alliance, she must have at least one or two chickens in the family. Yes sir a barnyard indeed!

canadian bacon

Clay is turning into George Michael. All he needs is the sunglasses.

The Truth

Wake me up, before you go go…..

Big Sister

Please do not insult George!

just a fan

Do not think there will be a double eviction until at least one person is in the jury house. I think that is how it has happen in the past.

Butters Mom

I really wanted Austin out… he is disgusting… but now, I kind of like the fact that Liz is being bothered so much by him always groping her. It serves her right for coming on to him in the first place. Now she gets to be annoyed by the monster she created. She will be begging her allies to take him out if they get HOH again.


Your so right…. Liz was given the chance to keep Austin on the block, by Van, but she said she liked him as a friend & to leave him in the game. She has been wanting to tell him she doesn’t have feelings, but Van keeps telling her to wait. Can’t wait to see that explosion when it happens.
Austin is telling her Jason lied about Austin wanting to get Julia out….wrong! Wait till she has more time to spend with Julia and finds out some of the things Austin really said!. I love how he told Liz no one really knows about the Judas thing….WRONG! Austin, your the one who told it to Jason.
Also, I don’t think she is thinking about the fact they may have to be in jury together which could be worse it she only wants to be “friends” without benefits.

Sarah Jessica Parker

You people saying Shelli looks like a horse are so wrong. I know what I’m talking about.


Too funny. SJP I always thought was one fugly gal. Shelli has you beat in the teeth dept.

AKA Twistin' for the win!

I may be totally off base here BUT I’m going to put it out there anyway: I’ve noticed Johnny Mac wearing two different hair styles (at least I don’t think it’s my imagination). I notice him be exceptionally quiet at times, especially when they are in a group conversation – outside of the fact that he is extremely nervous in the DR sessions (I figured this out when he was on the block and had to make his appeal to the group for the live vote) because of the way he is wired and sounds like he’s literally trying to hold his voice box inside his body, he seems very reserved, observant. Even when he talks – he is very tight-lipped. And then there’s Becky – first I think the two are a team sort-of…then I don’t…then I do…

All this to say, I notice little differences but it was the hair that got me thinking… what if Johnny Mac is working with his twin and that’s one of the twists that we just haven’t caught on to yet… while we are busy thinking there is NO twist? He and his brother are identical except for the way they wear their hair. I’m probably wrong… but just google him…I swear I have seen the hair where the spikes are pulled forward on the forehead…. Couldn’t it be possible that this is happening?


No it’s not— please get hold of yourself!


can’t you let the (wo)man dream of a BB world with two johnny macs?

AKA Twistin' for the win!

Sorry for the double post.

Oh…and to quote Gordon Ramsey, “piss off” George.

Beast Mode Cowpie

Clay says “The thing is no matter who they put up we have the numbers”. Umm, Clay? Hate to be a downer but if they put up you and Shelly one of you is going home. No matter what “numbers” you have.


Excellent example of Clayfus strategy. If they get put up together he’s going to cal BR549.

2 allbeef patties, lettuce, cheese

Does anybody know if Amber was ever able to escape from Caleb’s basement? I heard the cops went to the house, but one of them was Caleb’s cousin. so they just sat around talking about huntin and fishin and Ashley Judd for a while and never made it to the basement. Any updates?

Less is More

The 6th sense keep saying they have the votes, but if the “other side” wins both HOHs and put up 4 of their people and are able to keep 2 of them in the chairs at live eviction, how do they have the numbers?
Any 2 of them cannot vote and the HOH
Leaves 4 votes in the 6th sense versus Meg, James, JMac, Becky and Steve.
I guess they think they have Steve and Becky in their pocket but Steve has voted against the house before.
This is a possible tie with the HOH from the other side breaking the tie.


So johnny boy gets all the love for doing nothing. Being a spastic dork and perhaps his twin will come in. Great. Let’s just end the game and give him the money. He likes his easy money. And women want him because he’s a dentist and makes big bucks. Dentist are thieves. Put you through pain than charge you an arm and a leg for doing so.


Someone mentioned in a early post that Jason should start a rumor about Becky being interested in Clay. That would really set Shelli off. Please BB bring something into Thursday’s game to save Jason because then the game would get really interesting instead of everyone knowing what’s going to happen. Mix it up & let the other side get some revenge and make Vanessa & her peeps sweat. The best thing would be that Jason is safe with some kinda twist like Vanessa having to replace him. Wonder if she would put Austin up then. Please BB make something happen on Thursday besides bringing Julia in. Maybe like she has to vote the opposite of her sister Liz. Anything? Vanessa & Austin need to go next. What Vanessa is doing is being high & mighty & its getting really old.


If two of the three between Jackie, James, and Meg win HoH they need to put the noms like this:

First set:

Second set:

You need to have shelli and clay on the block but not with each other. And when it comes to the veto, just put up one of the twins.

Honestly, I would love to see a rewind this week… I have a feeling last week was supposed to be one but due to the Audrey-ness of last week, that was put on the back burner. Maybe this week they could do it, and that would f*ck everyone up. It means Julia won’t come into the game til next week, Austin will be pissy, Shelli and Clay will have to scramble.


Would love to see a rewind! Jackie and Jason win HOH, up go Liz w Shelli and Clay w Steve, saving Austin or Van for a BD.


Umm… Clay and Shelli, it’s *Wednesday* we wear pink.


Mean girls.. ha! love it!


OMG Austin is like a teenager. He’s not mature at all right now. What a schmuck


I have a felling this hoh comp will be endurance
I think Austin an meg will do good on it this my prediction
hoh or going to be Austin an meg I think Austin should be around her more
she could get him focus on the game in I know he like her as a friend
the person I want to go home next clay shelly or vanessa I do not trust those three


C’mon Johnny let out the snarling beast that I know you are. Quit acting goofy and let all that testosterone and male pulchritude burst forth in a torrent of he-manliness. C-mon now…….go ahead……any time……let ‘er rip…..


Ya know, i am really starting to dislike Vanessa more and more… Telling JMac to lie that he knew everything when he didn’t to make it look like a “house decision,” meanwhile she hates liars… talk about the pot calling the kettle black! I hope she is next to go!


I’m not sure the outsiders would put up all sixth sense. Too stupid.

another name

so far this week:
a non sixth sense got half the hoh power for the first time since week two.
vanessa decided to backstab Austin.
A plan was made for the botb that would see clay and becky win the battle of the block over james and liz with james throwing.
clay and becky lost the unloseable situation.
clay won his first comp. hg’s say wow, it’s like they designed that comp for clay.
Shelli has a hissyfit on clay.
Austin isn’t so much the target anymore, but they don’t know who to go after.
spin spin spin vanessa keeps spinning where the wheel stops nobody knows.
Jason ends up on the block.
okay… love it. hate it. love and hate it. whatever. can we agree this week hasn’t been boring? and they still have two days of twisting themselves in knots to stab themselves in the back while outsmarting themselves with campaigning.
Too bad production had to spend 15 minutes of the sunday episode doing flashbacks so that a plan that will be tossed aside on Wednesday makes sense. d’oh.


If I were on James or Jackie’s side of things I would be gunning for Liz and Shelli…Liz is the link in her twins/Austin threesome which frees up Julia from Austin, and Shelli is closer to Vanessa than Clay is so it essentially breaks up the sixth sense alliance almost completely…I have to say, Julia is in a great spot to make it the farthest in that alliance. I’m predicting a Julia/Becky/Steve/Jmac final four.


Shellie is all about Image. She’s very entitled.


Didn’t Steve ask both jace and Austin to b


Didn’t Steve ask Austin and jace to ignore/be mean to him in front of others. So no one would know that they were working together? Austin thinks of himself as both freak/geek.


Is there a takeover going on right now? The BB takeover is really becoming a stupid joke even worst than sabatour lol


Just watched my dvr of BB after dark ….how can that witch Shelli sit there and stare at Jason cry and not even blink. Oh my God!!! Please BB fix this. Jason always dreamed of being on BB and he gets targeted. Austin gets a stay of execution so he can spend more time chasing a girl that doesn’t even like him. He doesn’t “care about the money” he thinks he won by meeting bimbo airhead Liz. I dont think I’m gonna watch anymore. BB has to hear the true fans and just like they have done in the past ….fix this shit!!!##

Good grief eh

This loyal fan wants Jason gone. He is the most judgemental person in the house. No tears here. Buh bye Jason.


Thanks DAWG.


Vanessa never intended to put Austin up. It was just her way of fucking with him and making him bow down to her. Hello…Stockholm sydrome. He’s such an idiot. If he had stood up to her like a man then maybe Liz might have actually has an attraction to him. Dr Will would have destroyed Vanessa in a hot minute. Evel Dick would have had Vanessa looking like she had smallpox. Those are REAL BB STARS!!!


Shelli is finally realizing the “alliance” is more skewed in Vanessa’s favor. She could have kept Jason and Meg who would have been loyal to them. Vanessa has the loyalty of Steve, the twins, Austin (who will choose Van over Shelli and Clay) and I think Jmac by extension of Steve and Becky by extension of Jmac. Shelli and Clay have been exposed as liars and the smaller the numbers get in the house, the more their “couple” status will stand out. Keeping Jason would have meant a bigger target in front of them during the double extension.


Honestly I’m gonna puke if a read 1 more post about Shelli playing derricks Game.. that is blasphemous.. Derrick was able to hide in plan site because he surrounded himself with solid game players (Frank/christine) to Kevlar vests (zack/beastmode) and someone who everybody loved cody. shelli is in a showmance so she is breaking the 1ST commandment right out of the gate. a wrestler and a miami coke whore whom have zero relationships with any member not in there alliance so no info from them. Steve who could be very good if he grew a pair.. Vanessa is so far outplaying everyone else in the house if she doesn’t win it would be criminal. even her defense to other house guests on why to kep and not target us makes no logical sense. and i quote “you have 2 chances to win HOH,POV and 2 votes in jury???? really does clay know this/?? she is so selfish she clearly doesn’t realized that is the best pitch to vote someone out I have ever heard!!! I Like the other side of house but they are cowards.. someone needs to bring out there inner ZANKIE and blow them up. if i didn’t love vanessa so much i would want her to go just because Shelli wouldn’t have a clue without her.. and Derick used his 2 early hoh (cause he controlled cody) to appease the house to develop trust. she went totally against the house and they still trust her I’m dumdfounded by the other sides ignorance