“you, me, Becky and possibly Meg are on the outside of something we don’t know about”

POV Holder: Clay Next POV July 25th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 27th
HOH Winner Team 1: Jackie HOH Winner Team 2: Vanessa
Nominations 1 : James & Liz Nominations 2: Clay & Becky
Battle of the Block Winner James and Liz Next HOH/ Next BOB July 30th / July 24th
Original Nominations: Clay and Becky
Current Nominations: Jason & Becky
Have Nots Shelli, Clay and Steve

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-27 20-38-55-560_jpg
8:38pm Clay, Jason, Meg
Clay – Shelli is having a rough time with it.
Clay says they weren’t the ones coming up with the idea to put Jason up.
Clay leaves
Jason – At least I can say I’m some powerhouse player that got backdoor..
Meg – Bring back the goblins
Jason – Bring back the goblins
Meg says they did a very good job at not letting this slip
Jason – My brain didn’t even compute my body just moved me to that seat
Meg – I haven’t had a surprise like that for a long time
Jason – that was the first blindside of the year.
Meg – I would pee my pants if something happened
Jason – pray for a telephone booth
Jason – I got got
Meg says if Austin wins HOH next week she’ll laugh. They think Austin will go after Jackie and James.
Meg – I don’t think he sees me as a threat
Jason jokes that James probably doesn’t have a accent he’s a businessman from New York

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-27 21-02-55-917_jpg
8:53pm Shelli and Clay
Comparing notes mostly chit chat. Clay says he’s worried about Becky.
(At one points all for cams were on these two talking about their dogs.. )

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-27 21-01-11-724_jpg
8:59pm Hot tub Liz and Austin
Chit chat.. What better Sauna or Steam room?
9:08pm Backyard Jason, Steve, Jackie and Becky
Becky says all the guys working at Abercrombie are hot straight acting gay guys
Jackie says the guy that cast her for “The Race” is now a good friend of her.
Jackie says 1% of the guys that dance are straight “And he’s very questionable”

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-27 21-21-21-905_jpg

9:20pm Bathroom JAmes and JAckie
James says Clay’s been asking about where he’s at with Jackie and Becky.
James – that’s all I got
Jackie – when they were talking to me they made it sounds like they are protecting Becky that is why they didn’t let her know.
James – you me Becky and possibly Meg are on the outside of something we don’t know about.. whether they call it an alliance or not I don’t know
James – All i know is one of us gotta win HOH,.. period

Jackie says Clay was the one that brought up the alliance. (The dark moon alliance that lasted a couple days)
They agree to stick together.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-27 22-08-48-871_jpg

10:10pm Backyard Jason and Jackie (There hasn’t been a lot going on)
Jason says they are going to keep Meg because they don’t think she can win any competitions. He warns them that Jackie and James will be that sides next targets.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-27 22-15-53-103_jpg

10:14pm Jackie and Vanessa
They are going to share some wine. Vanessa asks if the house is all a buzz and asks if Jason is campaigning. Jackie says no he hasn’t been.
Vanessa – what a day
Jackie – I don’t question you.. just my place in the house
Vanessa – I would be shocked
Jackie – Do Shelli and Clay have something
Vanessa – You got yo my word I don’t
Jackie brings up James telling her Clay/Shelli were asking James how he feels about Jackie and Becky.
Vanessa says cheers to the irony of having a easy week and turning it into ta cluster fu**

Jackie says the part that sucks is all the trust has been broken she’s tryign to decide who to work with “Whose working with who”
Vanessa – it’s a fact now whose working together
Jackie – You shelli and Clay
Vanessa – obviously ya
Jackie – where do me and Becky sit
Vanessa offers they can join Shelli and Clay.
Vanessa says there’s the twins and Austin, Meg/Jason/James, Sheli/Clay/Vanessa and JAckie/Becky/Johnnymac
Jackie says she has nothing with Jmac. She never talks game to him he was never part of darkmoon if she was close to him she would have pulled him into it.
Vanessa says they are still building trust and she’s wanting to work with her.
Jackie doesn’t want to be a target because people think she is targeting them. Jackie is worried Austin is targeting her now because he knows she was trying to backdoor him.
Vanessa – with me you have nothing to worry about Shell and Clay you need to talk to them.
Vanessa – you need to look out for them and they’ll be there for you
Jackie – I was kinda doing that this week..

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-27 22-44-22-679_jpg

10:40pm Vanessa explaining to Jackie why she didn’t trust their 8 person alliance.
Vanessa says things were found out by Shelli and Clay that really worried them. She’s not sure what it was.
Vanessa says the alliance was not loyal. Jackie says she talked to everyone before this morning and they all seemed fine with the plan. Vanessa says people were not going to stay loyal.
Jackie can’t understand why people weren’t they had a plan to get to final 8
Vanessa says he made a tough decision “I think I made the right decision”

Vanessa says being scrappy in this game is smart..

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-27 23-06-41-428_jpg

Jackie mocks Liz for all of a sudden playing the game and acting like she knows what is going on. (During one of the HOH conversations today Liz and Jackie got a little bit of attitude)
Vanessa laughs “She doesn’t even know about this group of 8″
Vanessa says nobody talked game to the twins because they’re only around 1/2 of the time.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-27 23-02-55-461_jpg
10:58pm Bedroom Liz and Austin
Austin saying they need to hangout more with Becky and as Vanessa had recommended separate from Clay and SHelli to hide they are working together.
Austin adds they need to hang out with Steve and JOhnnyMac
Liz mentions how Jackie was acting today.
Austin – she’s upstairs by herself like she has an army behind her.. Meg and James.
Liz – we have the numbers
Austin – I’m still really bitter these people had be down.
Austin says last night during the outback dinner nobody was talking to him he started sensing they were all ignoring him because they thought he was gone.
Austin – Ice cream time
liz – Ice cream Ice Cream
They head to the kitchen.
Liz says she feels bad for Jason
Austin – he tried to tear us apart
Liz – I don’t think he’s even going to campaign
Austin – he’s going to campaign he’s already started.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-27 23-18-17-871_jpg
11:17pm Bathroom Clay and Shelli
Shelli – if one of us does not win on double eviction we’re going up against each other
Clay – No
Liz joins them tells them about her conversation with JAson. Told him there was people that didn’t handle things well with her sister and she’s always going to stick with her sister.
Shelli says Jackie is the biggest threat socially and competitively.
Shelli – she’s mad at us
Liz says she coming after them.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-27 23-35-57-058_jpg

11:25pm Vanessa and Jackie still in the HOH Still talking in circles.
Vanessa telling her there was people bringing previous loyalties when they formed their final 8 so when they had two of them up there people started questioning their position on the totem pole.
Vanessa says there was so many facts put on the table from all over the house. Austin was a wounded bird he’s not good at this game. her head was “Spinning” she made the decision right before the ceremony.
They talk about James not being able to throw the BOB, Jackie mentions it’s going to be hard to hide that from Liz eventually she’ll find out. Jackie hopes she understands she was never the target it was Austin all along.
11:40pm Vanessa telling her there was people bringing previous loyalties when they formed their final 8 so when they had two of them up there people started questioning their position on the totem pole.

They start talking about the last POV competition. Vanessa thinks Becky is strong in competitions it just depends what type they get. Like the last one was more hands which favored Clay over Becky. “He does football with his hands she does football with her feet.

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Over this week

Does Vanessa EVER shut up?

What to do

Yep! I’m with ya, just got thru saying that in the previous feeds!

Tom Gun

LOL I was going to say the same thing about Jackie too. Jackie’s pissed HER plan didn’t go down. She like a pit bull she never going to lets it go. She going on and on and on about the same 8 thing.

Jackie's parents

Close your legs Jackie!!!

Guy From Canada

Are you saying you aren’t alone wanting to pull her green crown down over her face to muzzle her?

Over this week

LOLOLOL! I just keep wondering what is she hiding under that green cap? Bald spot?

Shelli"s Pony

Her Penis!


100% of the times theres has been a BOB the last 2 years the 2 hohs decide to work together. So sick of it. Play your own game. Cbs has got to realize at some point that bob is killing the fun of this show. I guess they did it bc they thought sunday episodes were boring? But i thought have not comps were fun for sunday episodes


I still don’t understand why there needs to be a comp on Sunday shows. I think the extra 10 minutes of showcasing more gaming and character development would be 10x more interesting than a have/have not or BOB

waka waka

I feel like the episodes with competitions have become so much less entertaining to watch in the recent seasons, because the games are the heavy focus of the episode, instead of the gaming and strategy


i think the best remedy would be that the hoh winners must immediately select the nominees after becoming hoh or be quarantined from talking to each other until the nominees are chosen (which would be similar to double evict episodes where the hoh gets maybe five minutes before making his or her selections so this would actually happen). cbs has tried to implement a rule that the hohs can’t state directly who they’re putting up, but they don’t really seem to enforce it and it gets so bent it might as well be broken. maybe a rule that the hohs can only be together when the whole house is present, basically anything to prevent the hohs from talking to each other which i think is the real problem.


Yes! The double evictions are so exciting they could salvage the two HOH thing if they treated it as a double eviction! Everybody scrambling to have 20 seconds with both HOH’s! Perfect! Great idea! Now, can you take a meeting with Alison Grodner, bring her donuts,and pitch this idea! Please!


I swear you people complaining about Battle of the Block don’t even pay attention to what’s really going on.

No BotB then Vanessa wins HoH, puts up Jackie and Steve and that’s the end of it. No Dark Moon alliance, no Austin backdoor plan (Jackie was a big part of that), no Liz winning the comp by herself, pretty much no drama at all this week.

This season has been pretty great from the start and BotB is a big reason for it. Just because people you hate take advantage of it doesn’t make it a bad concept.


Ummm Jackie won hoh first……


Jackie may have won HOH first, but Vanessa and Jason were still in the competition. Plus, Jackie won by default because James was wrong. A Jackie – Vanessa face-off? I think Vanessa takes it in that particular competition…


If there was one HoH, Vanessa would’ve gone up against Jackie and beat her in that comp. BotB made them work together and set the stage for all the weekend’s action.

I mean Sunday’s episode was literally wall-to-wall drama and strategy, as were the feeds all day Friday and Saturday. Why else are you watching if that’s not entertaining?

Team Edward

I am not a fan of BOB, but it adds more strategy to the game. You have to work with the other HOH and that could be dangerous if you lose. I think they should make the following tweaks:

1. Both HOHs are automatically safe. That way people can feel freer to put up who they want without reprisal that particular week. There IS too much discussion about who is going to go up, who is a pawn, who’s throwing comps, etc. Let them pick their people. Period.

2. Instead of BOB, how about on Sunday the 2 HOHs compete to keep their nominees? It can be a puzzle or counting game, maybe a physical comp, but something. Could you imagine the drama if Clay, Liz, James, and Becky were sitting hoping their HOH answered a question wrong? A lot better than throwing comps every week.


The problems with your scenario are both HoH’s are safe so they work together just like now and decide who stays HoH. They can throw it with impunity and not rely on someone else maybe not doing what they were told.

If the BotB stays, I’d like for it to work like: each HoH nominates two people, they battle whichever nominees wins comes off the block just like now except the HoH of the winning nominees stays HoH. Like the noms would be the HoH’s champions. That could be an interesting wrinkle as the nominees who lose don’t have their HoH to protect one of them and they’d have to trust yet another person if they throw it. I think fewer people would risk throwing it.

Team Edward

I honestly thought last year when they started it that the winning HOH stays in power. It would make more sense that way. The losers of the BOB would stay on but wouldn’t any variation of BOB lead to rigging?


Any competition in which they compete with other players could be rigged but the way the BotB is now HoH’s are rewarded for getting people to throw the comp. They stay in power and could save the thrower. It’s lopsided in favor of throwing the comp.


How about punishment/Reward challenge
Take their make-up, take their clothes, Tempt them with money
(Like on BBAU) Something? Anything to stir the pot abit.
I also liked Hotel week on BBAU,
Half the Houseguest were Guest and were waited on/served including meals, laundry service, drinks by the pool, and everything … 5 Star Hotel experience.
The other half of the house were the wait staff/servers.
It was great! The tension it caused in the house.
The Wait staff were not allowed to socialize with the Hotel Houseguest.
Imagine Shelli with no make-up or hair extensions having to wait on/serve Meg and Clay laying out by the pool or Liz having to wait on Jackie. It would be great.
Anyone remember the Stanford Prison Experiment?
or even Food challenge would be good
Or maybe BB could make their non-creative staff start doing their freakin job!
I think their creative department may be ran by the Live Feeds camera controller?


I’m with ya – I’m tired of the BOB. I never really got it, IMO it doesn’t really make the show any more interesting. If anything, it makes it less fun to watch. I miss the old way, One HOH for the week!

Butters Mom

wow… vanessa is completely throwing shelly and clay under the bus with jackie. she is blaming the switch from austin to jason on shelly and clay and then saying she doesnt even know why they wanted to switch… she never left the hoh… so she doesnt know what was going… TAKE SOME RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR OWN ACTIONS VANESSA! I am guessing this is going to get back to shelly and clay and they are going to flip the vote. 90%

is it just me

you mean kind of like the same way Clay and Shelly are throwing her under the bus?
They are not stupid right now they work together because they have to but they know eventually it will need to stop so each side is taking measures to be prepared for when it happens.
Vanessa is playing a chess game vs Clay/Shelly and all 3 of them know this. The rest of the house with possible exception of Steve are playing checkers while Meg is playing go fish.

Butters Mom

I literally laughed so hard at meg playing go fish. Exactly. You’re right.

What to do

Come on Jackie! You know you want to jump across the table and snatch the green beanie off Vanessa’s head!!! I know you’re pissed but you need to get over the 8 person alliance thing! Turn the page already!


Hope Meg wins HOH and sends Shelli and her ginormous chicklet teeth out the door.


Let’s be real, Meg will never win. Any time Meg is forced to play the game she either cries or gets irrationally mad. She was supposed to go on the block and throw the comp but she bitched about it and then James went up…and we all saw how that turned out.




Can everyone stop saying Julia coming into the game is gonna change anything. Whether she votes this week or when she’s officially in, nothing will change. She fully trusts Vanessa and that side of the house and is dumb like her sister, just not as worthless.


I HATE Vanessa, Jackie, Meg, Shelli, Austin, and Liz, I dislike Jason, James, Becky, and Clay. I like Johnny, Julia and Steve. Very hard to listen to Jackie and Vanessa talk makes me wanna turn the tv off. Omg these people


Jackie’s babbling is bad, but have you noticed the machine gun laughter/giggling…ear shattering and forced!

Donut Licker

Jackie, lines have been drawn! I know you can’t see em but Vanessa is on one side and you’re on the other! She’s gonna be more loyal to her green beanie than to you!


That green beanie has been pretty dependable. Through the wild hand gestures and intense conversations, that hat has been unwavering in its coverage of her scalp. Until Jackie can offer her that level of support, Jackie needs to kick rocks and find someone else to align with.

Jackie's thong

Anyone that thought Jackie was a contender needs to rethink. She’s looking for help..a hand to hold. And Vanessa is there to hold a hand out. Jackie is hanging on for dear life..the writing is on the wall..a solid and strong alliance has been running things all along…damn..like finding out God is real.

Donut Licker

Wow James, Ya think??? If you weren’t so busy making pervy comments you might’ve figured things out a lot sooner!

another name

trying to figure out how to make the botb something that can still function in the game but not make the game into a caricature of itself.
what if:
two hoh’s crowned.
each nominates 2.
six people compete in botb as individuals. both hoh, all four nominees.
all six compete. first two nominees to finish are off the block. first hoh to finish remains hoh.
no more throwing. no more security blanket. never know who is going to still be in power and who the nominees will be before pov.
might add too much chance to the game…. but would be less of a comp throwing contest and nobody would be volunteering.


How about the two winners actually have to pick the sole HOH together, and they still wouldn’t be safe.


I hope James and Jackie win the next HOH….. Well one can hope


No both of them must win. No point if only one of them wins, it will become the repeat of this week.

Fat Amy

(In an Aussie accent) You need to get Austin’s hairy arse outta there next week!!!!

Monika Wu

I’m glad the women are in control this season. So tired of years of all guy alliances or guys using and then
getting rid of the strong women and carrying girls like Victoria to the end. Regardless of who you like or don’t, it is nice to see women have more game. I’ts rather refreshing.


I don’t know, I see this probably playing out very similarly to BB15 where Helen and Amanda were in control right up to the point they were voted out.


If Clay and Austin somehow make it to the final two…wow…just…wow.


I think Steve will rear his head before those two make it that deep. Steve isn’t trying to win the comps. If he’s just throwing them now and can actually win, then he’ll be a force to contend with later.


I hope James and Jackie win HOH. I’m pretty confident that they’re toast though


And I was looking forward to seeing Jason fart in Meg’s mouth!!!


Come on Jason go up to Vanessa ask if Shelli and Clay had any input of him going up on the block. He can tell Vanessa that they are trying to put the blame on Vanessa and they had to go with the power and they had no choice. Throw Shelli and Clay under the bus and Meg can say she was a witness to what they said. Ask her to keep him and they will all go after Clay and Shelli.


Well obv the two hohs have to work together the fuck you expect them to do? Stay ignoring eachother? The only thing you can do is try n back door the other hoh……otherwise if you go behind the back of the other hoh and you lose the Bob then your ass getting backdoored (POV being used of course) that’s the flaw with bob


One good way of doing the two hoh thing would be to have a normal hoh comp. And the winner would obv be hoh, the second place finisher could be secret hoh (but would not get the hoh room and perks i guess) and put up 2 secret noms that are revealed at the nom ceremony and have those 4 do Bob and the winners would still stay off the block. And that way it would be a lot more challenging. Its not perfect but y’all get what I kinda mean ad on to it


It would stay as secret as the twins this season.

Austin's nasty!

I hope Austin and Liz are on slop next week, and get kicked out on double evict! Which I hope is next week as well!!!! I wish Liz would say to Austin that if he really loved her he would shave all his fur off! Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a hair hater, it’s just he looks like a dang Neanderthal!!!!

Donut Licker

Looks like Jason’s gonna have to get a job at Big Lots!

Ash J Williams

I think Austin is a frigging turkey. I don’t care how they treated him, he deserves it. Look how he treats Steve all the time and he doesn’t seem to give a shite about that. Poor giant screech.
I understand the statement someone made about Jason being a Huge fan and having a chance to stay over Austin. Who, didn’t participate in BB last year over a women and now that hes actually there, not giving to shites about it over another women who doesn’t even like him in that way. Jason wants to play and win and better his life where Austin wants a wife ffs. I really cant stand his creepiness.
Im glad Clay got himself off the block and I would have liked to see Shelli up there instead haha.


jackie james and meg should all take turns taking shits in the hoh room and not flushing and they should distract vanessa downstairs while james goes and drops her tooth brush in the toilet. maybe then they will realize that everything she says is shit. and fart on her pillow so she gets pink eye and has to leave the game. crater face

Mr Sketch Marker

Liz was the one I liked out of the twins. I thought she seemed sweet and bubbly and the other one was a little dry. I love how Shelli musters up some tears when Jason is crying instead of saying, Austin said you said this and that. Maybe to have Jason for the later weeks. I think its a mistake and I cant stand that that big shmuck will be staying. Its always when people were threatened to be up on the block or not liked and won veto and were safe usually that’s when they win HOH and I would have loved to see that for Jason. To back door the poor guy. Jeez man.

Jackie is the True Detective...

Vanessa: Well I guess it’s pretty obvious who’s working together in the house now.
Jackie: Totally. Painfully obvious. No doubt about it. Just so we’re clear though you mean me and you, right?
Vanessa: Ummm…no.
Jackie: You and Jace!
Vanessa: He was evicted week 1.
Jackie: Me and Derrick!
Vanessa: What? No, wrong season.
Jackie: Hmmmm. This sure is a riddle-filled, puzzle mystery. In fact, it might be unsolvable. No wait, I’ve got it! It’s you and…me?
Vanessa: For the love of God, I guess I could draw you a diagram…

It's Jeff!

So dude, I’m out here riding around in my Jetta with the top down, just wanted to say hi to all my bros! Dude, looks like Jackie isn’t any smarter than me bruh! Told her, dude, you need to work the cleavage on the bros but dude she’s not workin it hard enough! Dude I really wanted her to win it so I could have some of that 500k, but dude… Sucks bruh!!!

It's Da'

Hey Vanessa, I DID get the phone booth thing you half wit! My boy Jason don’t lie!!!

Judas has a crush on Julia

If the other side was smart they can make Vanessa, Shelli and Clay go against each other. Plant seeds that they are throwing each other under the bus which is actually happening. Take the target off of themselves and let them target each other.


Vanessa and Shay ALREADY know that there was a subtle little battle about whether Shay was in on the decision or whether they at least knew it had been made. Van not only had at least two people tell her this was happening but also watched Shelli try to play dumb about whether she was part of it in front of Jackie when Jackie asked “are you one of those people?” At one point Van even looked right at Shelli and say “you don’t support putting Jason up?” She said it in a way that was clear to Jackie and Shelli squirmed. Van also told Meg that Shay denying it right after the veto meeting was something she would keep in her back pocket. She knows and they know that she knows. Van did a beautiful job of putting it where it belongs though. She told Shay that people would try to use that to divide them but they need to stick together. Instead of getting pissed at Shay she just made sure they didn’t get away and decided that Shay was something she would have to deal with some time later.

Over this week

I propose BB takeover this week for Zach Attack to come in and snatch that horrid green cap off of Vanessa’s head.

Pimple popper

I really wanted to pop those big pimples on Vanessa’s face! They were legit bugging me!!!

Donut Licker

Jason’s only hope is to cry and plead to Vanessa that he wants to stay and can’t stand the thought of working at a store the rest of his life. Crying worked for Austin! Tho she told Jason she’d help him outside the game. But that probably meant she’d pay him to count her money!

Game Over

Jackie was looking like a little more wine and she’d be ready to throw down. Cue Pink’s song So What in the background. Nah nah nah nah nah, nah, I wanna start a fight!

Shelli's Fangs

Clay looks like a donkey with that pore strip on his nose!!!!


I hope these people wake up and get out Vanessa next week she’s lying her way to trying to control everyone. Wtf is wrong with Meg, James, Becky and Jackie if they came together and also added Steve and Johnny Mac together they could power shift it easily getting Vanessa, Clay, Austin and Shelli out. Never have I seen a season where so many players are clueless. Why let 3 people control the game and their fate!


Vanessa and Jackie together are driving me nuts!
Go away Jackie!
I have to give Jackie credit for at least trying to play the game now
At this point I hope Austin and Liz win the next HOH and Jackie goes home
Jackie should of gone this week
I noticed that Shellie or Clay never mentioned to Vanessa that Jackie was
saying that their (Van n Jackies) deal didn’t mean anything … it’s a game
Jackie said.
So Shel/Clay are playing their angle and throwing Vanessa UTB big time too
This was their plan though, but it turns out no one believes Shel/Clay.. lol
So Van has done a good job for herself and her Freaks n Geeks alliance


Watching Liz put up with Austins unwanted advances is both creepy and hilarious. It’s like watching Jessica Lange trying to get away from King Kong. He just keeps pawing her while her arms are folded across her chest. Dude learn to read body language. Now he’s totally spinning what he said about separating the twins and blaming it on Jason. Why god why??!! Why did Vanessa do this to me!!?? It’s like watching some girl who doesn’t know she’s in a snuff film. This is just gonna end badly

It's Audrey!

To Jason, TOLD YA!!!!


Big brother, please safe my JASON. Do something at least!!!


Anyone else notice how “Clay” didn’t seem to know that he and Shellie
had some sort of and Alliance with JM n Becky. … He should of known that
(Especially since they have a deal with every person in the house)
Is Clay a Twin? or is JM?
There has to be more to the twin twist than Liz n Julia
But then again cbs sucks


vanessa is not going to last. shes playing so hard way to early. even after jason’s evicted there’s still 12 ppl.


Totally agree. I think Vanessa’s fatal flaw was getting so offended by what Austin told Jason (Julia’s name, he’d rather Liz stay than Julia, wants to go to jury w Liz). Jason knew about the twins already and everyone knew he was crazy (literally – haha) over Liz and would sell anyone out to get with her. Vanessa should’ve just played it cool during this HOH and targeted someone like James, Becky, or maybe even JMac. Instead, now Austin and Liz have doubts about her, Shelli and Clay are pitted against her in the blame game, and she has Jackie gunning for her. Vanessa let the power go to her head and got a “how dare he” attitude with the Austin thing over something that she should’ve just talked to him about first.


James?? Are you really just now figuring this out??? These people!


I just had an idea….it’s kinda mean, but I want Jason to stay over Becky….the other side of the house should start a rumour that Becky has a crush on Clay and thinks Shelli is old and not pretty! Shelli freaks and campaigns to get rid of Becky. Shelli is so insecure and jealous it just might work!


ha, that would be genius!