Spencer says Marilyn gave me a hall pass, I could have been rubbing lotion on her t*ts and she wouldn’t care!

POV Holder: Next POV Aug 17th
POV Used POV Ceremony Aug 19th
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH: Aug 22nd
Original Nominations: Elissa and Helen
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, JUDD, Jessie
Have Nots (head cheese and habaneros) GM, Amanda, Helen and Elissa

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1:15am Up in the HOH bathroom – Aaryn and Ginamarie are doing facial masks and start watching the fish. They notice that one of the black fish are doing well. Gina asks what is he doing flips and sh*t? Aaryn says that fish is pu$$y popping on a handstand like Candice. We are calling that fish Candice. Aaryn asks why do fish die whenever I’m HOH, I don’t get it? Meanwhile down in the havenot room, Elissa, Amanda and Helen get ready for bed. Elissa uses one of the have bed comforters and says that she hopes she doesn’t get in trouble but she couldn’t find a havenot blanket.

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1:30am – 2am In the HOH room – Aaryn and Ginamarie talk. Aaryn tell Ginamaire that whenever Elissa’s memory wall photo goes dark you will be over there all by yourself. Gina says I don’t care. Aaryn says didn’t I tell you everything was going to be okay. Back when you thought you we were going home I told you we would be okay. They head down to the kitchen. In the kitchen Spencer, McCrae, Aaryn and Ginamarie climb under the kitchen table. Aaryn says in BBCA they had $ex under the table with a sheet over it. Spencer says now we can bang, any takers? Aaryn notices the smaller table under the larger table. McCrae says whoa COOL! Aaryn says I show McCrae my vag!n@ and he says WHOA COOL! Big Brother tells them to stop that. McCrae says who wants to use this dental dam with me?! The get out and look at the memory wall. Gina starts kissing Nicks photo. Spencer says every night he wipes his a$$ with his hand and wipes it on Nick’s memory wall photo. Ginamarie looks at Nicks photo and says that she is going to stealing Spencer’s Bahamas trip. She says that she will drop Candice’s body in the ocean there. Spencer says I hope Judd is f**king the sh*t out of Jessie right now. McCrae says I know he is he is getting his full plow on right now. Ginamarie says tapping that a$$.

Gina goes to open the protein powder and says oh great now I don’t even know if this is f**king vanilla or chocolate?!!? That’s a lie, it’s vanilla! Aaryn says I don’t know what Candice is either? Ginamarie says me neither, she is a mix – a black cap and a white body! Aaryn laughs. Ginamarie then grabs the protein tub and thrusts with it. Spencer watches her and says Ginamarie I bet you’re horrible at sex. Gina says no, did you see that thrust! Aaryn says that if she sees her do that thrust one more time, I am going to self evict! Gina does it again. Aaryn says no one wants that. Spencer and McCrae head up to the HOH balcony and finger the HOH spy screen camera thinking Andy will see them. Spencer then moons the camera.


2am Up in the HOH room – Spencer, Andy, Aaryn and McCrae are talking about random things. They make fun of Candice. Aaryn sings it’s my mouth I say what I want. Andy says its actually my mouth, my words. Aaryn says that Helen said she thinks Zingbot is coming soon. Aaryn says Helen Zingbot isn’t coming for 2 or 3 weeks. Aaryn says that she wants Frank to come back and says that she’ll c*m on him. Aaryn asks do you think anyone would want to c*m on me? Spencer says yeah! Amanda joins them. They talk about Jessie. Amanda says that she doesn’t understand how someone could be attracted to someone like Jess with her personality. Spencer says he wasn’t. Amanda says that he was always staring at her a$$. Spencer says what he has at home is much better. Ginamarie says that Jessie didn’t even have a good body, she looked like a Pterodactyl. Spencer says Jessie was 6 months past her prime. Amanda says I think I looks better now than I did in my early 20’s. I am aging well. Spencer says you’re rare then. They talk about Jessie. Amanda says she was fine until 3 weeks ago. Aaryn says no she wasn’t. Aaryn says she wanted to work with Helen to get you out. They were trying to nominate you just like America was. Amanda says America didn’t nominate. Aaryn says I’m joking. Amanda says she was so mad when she was nominated the first time. Aaryn says Marilyn will get her tv debut and be asked about Spencer being nominated 19 times while he rubs Jessie’s shoulders. Spencer says I could have been rubbing lotion on her t*ts and she wouldn’t care at all! Marilyn gave me a hall pass and said if it will help your game you can. Aaryn asks what?! That’s s.. Big Brother cuts the feeds. Spencer leaves. Aaryn says that explains a lot that’s why after the first week he started talking about Marilyn. If some girl had wanted him we never would have heard about her.

3am – 4:10am Ginamarie says Nicholas, I’m going to f**k your brains out, he is going to be scared! Aaryn says I don’t want to f**k anyone scared of me. Ginamaire says that Nick got scared when I tried to do a strip tease. Aaryn says I wouldn’t want to be with anyone that was scared. Amanda asks Aaryn how big David’s pen!s is? Aaryn says I don’t know I didn’t touch it, he was here for 13 days. Amanda asks Ginamarie how much time is that in big brother time. Ginamarie says like 3 months. Aaryn says that she misses Judd. She says that he is probably railing Jessie hard now. Amanda says Judd was pissed at Jessie when he left. Amanda says that she can’t wait to f**k hard, I want to be sore like a cowboy and not be able to walk around for like four days.


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Ginamarie says that she wants to play in the POV tomorrow. She says she hasn’t played in a while. Aaryn says you played today, queer girl. Ginamarie says not POV though! McCrae says we need to figure out what we’re going to do. Amanda says anal, but you need to start out slow. Spencer says that he is going to play in the POV tomorrow and kill it. Amanda jokingly she that she will rape and kill it and c*m all over its face. Spencer says yeah! McCrae says that he plans on making Elissa walk. He says he will say are you going to let these scum send you out? That means you are lower than scum. You need to just leave before even going to the jury house! The conversation turns to talking about the POV competition tomorrow. They think it might be the punishment / luxury competition. Andy says that he will take slop for the rest of the season. They’re surprised he would be able to do that. Aaryn asks if he’d really do that to send Helen home. Andy says that he will if he has to. Aaryn says holy f**k balls, I guess I’d have to go for that too. They continue to talk about random things and then head to bed.


7am All the house guests are still sleeping..

8:25am – 8:40am Big Brother wakes up the house guests..


9:30AM GM and Aaryn HOH

GM mentions how Andy asked Elissa how old Rachel is and Elissa says she’s not sure she can say. GM: “Are you serious it’s you f*** age”. Aaryn says Rachel is older than Elissa, Aaryn thinks she’s 32.

GM: “Janelle blows Rachel away.. looks, competitions, class, everything dude”
GM: Rachel looks like a fu**ing warthog”
Aaryn: Rachel looks like a betta fish that got in a fight.. I can’t believe she use to be my favorite” Aaryn says the reason Elsisa and Rachel are so famous is because they are such jokes.. they are finny to watch. Aaryn adds that people watch them because they cannot believe people are so ridiculous.

GM: ‘You think Nick got my twitter when I tweeted him.. ”
Aaryn: “YEs”
GM doing situps.. says her body feels sore from the beds..

10:20AM TRivia


10:57pm Cockpit Helen and Andy

Andy: “Om my god pulling spencer “
Helen of course I’m the one that pulled him.. Do you think if GM wins it she will pull someone off”
Andy: “depends what Aaryn tells him”
Helen: “do you think they will pick me or Elissa”
Andy: “Everything I’ve heard is ELissa is the target but I don’t think
Andy: “You have me and Mccrae for sure… and Amanda will do what MC says”
Helen: “How loyal is McCrae”
Andy: “He’s pretty loyal I mean at this point there is still 8 people”
Andy: “At least Elissa got Houseguest choice..” (She picked Andy)
Elissa joins them, “are you glad you are playing”
Andy:” Ya”

Veto players are ELissa, Aaryn, Andy, GM, Spencer and Helen

Amanda is the host

Use the Big Brother Live Feeds to FLASHBACK to SEE what they can’t show you on TV: BB15 N!p Sl!ps / N*des

CBS Interactive Inc.

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207 thoughts on “Spencer says Marilyn gave me a hall pass, I could have been rubbing lotion on her t*ts and she wouldn’t care!

    1. I find them to be quite disturbing.

      Does this Marilyn chic really exist? If so, what do you see in Spencer?

      GM…..smh…..that girl needs help and I really do think Production/CBS needs to pay for her therapy sessions. It’s the right thing to do.

      And Amanda….well, we all know she is just plain nasty. I wonder if she ever got her onion situation taken cared of.

      1. funny thing is if half the people in America were in the situation with people they knew they probably wouldn’t see again you would have exact same results just like if it were your friends or coworkers were in the house with you after it was over you would say these people are totally different than I thought

        1. Gm has some issue’s when it come’s to Nick. It’s be rather entertaining if he showed up with a restraining order.

      2. Ok I am finally done watching this season, hopefully next season CBS might actually put in real fans instead of sidewalk casting. I really wish CBS would do something about the format of the show. Fire everyone involved in this years production, especially casting. Change the nomination and eviction format to that of BB Australia, where the houseguests nominate using a point system and the viewers decide who goes home instead of the houseguests. And seriously, what is the point of cutting the live feeds when the houseguests start talking about production, its not like the viewers dont know the production is basically guiding the houseguests to some degree.

        1. I was just thinking the same thing. These people are just a big mess. Listening to way they talk would just make someone stupider (my spellcheck didn’t come on so that must be a word) by the sentence. They are just the disgusting dregs of society and they should not have a platform for their nasty thoughts and beliefs.

          ugh. omg… i can’t watch/read any more. It was only the people on these forums that got me interested in this about 2 weeks ago (because I was so disgusted) and now I think I am over that.

        2. None of you who say you’re done with the show, actually stop watching or reading about it. Quit being so melodramatic. You can make your points about the faults of this season without the idle threats. You sound like Elissa…just because things aren’t going the way you want, you threaten to take your ball and home…

    2. I have mild form of road rage. I catch myself saying: stupid cow; fat cow; old cow; ugly cow. After awhile I have to ask myself: do I hate cows?

    3. Why the hell are they so obsessed with Candice . They haven” t gone one day without mentioning her name.
      Plus Gina-Marie is only ghetto houseguest. You can see her nasty ass hair extension and her tan. Also we need to subtitle her every time she speaks. I slowly starting to believe this more jealously than hate

      1. Aaryn & GM wake up everyday and it’s Candice this and Candice that. these racist b/tch3s are in for reality check when Julie Chen gets a hold of them.

    4. As disgusting as it sounds “pussy popping” is a rap song and it refers to a dance move. It does sound really nasty but it isn’t so I guess that is what she meant when talking about what the fish was doing. I assume they are so ignorant that they do not realize that Candice is in fact biracial or in legal terms she is black. These people are so uneducated and I assume super spoiled and just so ignorant and just so sheltered it is really sad. I mean I honestly do not think any of them have ever been around an African American person before they came on this show. I mean I know they grew up in the South but wow I had a lot of African American friends growing up and in college and still do, but then again I did not grow up in Texas,or Florida, or wherever the rest of these nutcases grew up, but wow growing up in New York and to be so stupid and ignorant it is not possible. They really need to expand their limited knowledge of cultures and races because I did not know people could be this ignorant and sheltered.

      1. For Gina Marie, she more than likely grow up in a part of Brooklyn that is really segregated. You ever hear of the Howard Beach incident, where a young black guy was chased down and killed because he was dating a young white girl. Also she then moved to Staten Island, where there is alot of known bigots that live there (not saying all Staten Islanders are); but it has a good percentage of them.

        For Aaryn, well it’s Texas, need I say more. In addition, I think she comes from an environment where being white is a privilege and comes with the whole self-entitlement culture. Hence, her hatred of Candice and all that she has and accomplished in her life.

        For Amanda, she is originally from Long Island, NY, which is a hybrid of Brooklyn (see GM above). She now lives in Florida, which has its own racial discords and way of life. The interesting thing is she claims she is not racists, but her actions and words speaks volumes to debunk her claims to the contrary. She is definitely one Jewish woman I would not see joining the Jewish Anti-Defamation League.

    5. Thank you for your recognition, I feel so alone in this tank sometimes. Whenever Aaryn is HOH, I don’t get fed, and all of the other light colored fish push me around.

      1. This may not be popular, but I remember when Brittany, Lane, Enzo, and Hayden were in the house, they talked about sex A LOT. I also can guarantee you that if any one was stuck in a confined space with no social media, internet, television, etc, etc, etc… all the worst parts of you would be coming out. Now, that being said, this group does seem to be more IGNORANT than most.

    1. Please, with someone like GM, there is no escape. She will track his a$$ all the way to the North Pole! He is better off telling her that he is gay (true or not).

      1. I hope that he has the balls to tell her he doesn’t want to date her. But judging by his interview after the show he seems kind of phoney. He’ll probably play to the cameras and act like the knight in shining armor. He seemed to want his 15 minutes of fame really badly and GM is actually helping him get that and he isn’t even on the show anymore. He seemed like GM wouldn’t be his type of woman. I don’t know how anyone could listen to the vile and ignorant things that come out of her mouth all day long. She’s crazy and needs some help. Nick would be crazy too if he decided to get into a relationship with her. For his sake I hope he has enough sense to not do that. It would hurt his chances of trying to have a career in the business if he is tied to GM given all of the horrible things she’s said. I’ve never seen a woman be so obsessed with a man before. It’s not a good look.

        1. No-one on their right mind would think hooking up with GM would improve their image or help promote them on ANY way. This is definitely the exception to there is no such thing as bad publicity

        2. I agree 106 and GM is keeping Nick relevant like no other early evection.
          I would like to see GM take home the money because she saw her home town devastated by the hurricane and doesn’t harp on it much at all.
          You get no “poor me” shit from GM.
          She owns what she is and makes no apologies.
          I just wish she wasn’t so racist other than that I like her.
          Plus I said it before and I will say it again she won the cinnamon challenge twice in a row.
          I can’t stand the rest of the house.
          BB deserves an award for finding the most vile humans across the country.

        3. I think that Nick has seen what has happened to the BB HGs by saying what is on their mind. He is smart to keep his mouth shut. If he is diplomatic then there should be no backlash for him.

        4. Guess a lot of people on here didnt watch Danielle last year….zingbot even said she was going to be served with a restraining order.

      2. The problem with the Nick and Gina’s showmance, there never was a showmance. Its all in Gina’s mind, she created this fantasy between her and Nick. Now Helen and Aaryn are saying that the finale is Gina’s moment and Nick shouldn’t take it from her. According to them, Nick should not use that moment to tell Gina the truth. Now that’s funny. Are they more concerned for Gina or more concerned that Gina might start crying and ruin the finale party for everyone? There is no more game play once the finale is over. All contestants try to go back to their mundane lives, if possible. For Nick to lead Gina on at the Finale would only feed Gina’s fantasy and have Gina following him after the show. Nick was not into her when he was in the house. Nick was not into her when he left the house. Now after seeing all this footage of a delusional Gina, Nick definitely is not into Gina now. Helen you can continue to be fake after the show, but Nick doesn’t nor should he be fake with Gina. Let CBS clean of Gina’s emotional mess. They casted Gina, knowing of her emotional issues. They watched the same footage we watched of her delusional behavior. CBS, its your mess. You deal with Gina’s emotional breakdown.

      1. What makes it so funny. Nick already had a girlfriend before he went into the BB house and is still dating her. There is a reason why Elissa and Helen didn’t hook up with anyone, they are married. There is a reason why Nick wanted Jessie and Gina for his game play and nothing more. He’s in a serious relationship with someone, in addition that he didn’t want to hurt his game. That’s great that Gina keeps giving shout outs to Nick. However, I just hope Nick brings his girlfriend to the finale, now that would be great TV. Once Gina sees his girlfriend…..wait on second thought, Nick’s girlfriend might need a security detail at the finale. I can easily see Gina going all Brooklyn and challenging that girl on live TV.

  1. Is it just me or did the past few seasons have contestants that spoke this VILE and DEGRADATING as these lowlifes? I’m getting a little tired of reading about Amanda’s potty mouth and Spencer’s disgusting sex talks. Are they that brainless that they have NOTHING better to talk about? This is a family show…Or they assume all Live Feeders are low life scum bags like themselves. Amanda needs to have her mouth washed out with soap! She is vile and the biggest racist bitch in that house.

    I can’t wait to see the look on her ugly sorry as face when she finds out that YES — AMERICA DID PUT YOUR FAT ASS UP on the BLOCK! How much weight has she gained since this show started? It looks like Macrae lost weight and transferred it unto her body! She has nerve talking about Jessie (who also gained weight) but she needs to take a look at herself.

    If the predictions are correct and she wins this season, I am going to never watch Big Brother Again.. Macrae – please grow a pair and leave this wench behind…

    1. they have been more and more vile each season. Production seems to think that they have to cast low life people to have good ratings but that’s not true. you also have to look at what kind of people would want to do a reality show….we are talking mostly about the lower levels of society do I guess the lower levels of society are now more vile than ever. Also with big brother in particular they can really only cast very narcissistic people because they are willing to be on camera 24/7 ……even in the shower, in the bathroom and while sleeping. They know by now that BB zooms the camera in on their genitals and they know that those pictures will be on the Internet forever. Some of them pretended to play dumb about that this season…said they didn’t know that but of they know.

    2. I agree with you. I can’t believe CBS has let these people from the gutter stay on the show. They don’t deserve a penney, the money should go to charity.

      1. That’s a great idea. Give the money to charity. Education. So we don’t have little kids growing up like ANY of these morons.

    3. If you are so offended by it then don’t watch. Nobody is making you read these blogs either. I’d be amazed Laura if you never gossiped or talked about another person in your life. Or never swore. So please save the sanctimonious faux outrage.



        1. Quite funny how only idiots type in caps, when what they’re saying don’t make any sense to anyone, and are just trolling to get attention. Back under your bridge.

      2. I think you miss the point. It’s not that people aren’t interested in a show like this – we want to see how people will react in these kind of situations – it can be interesting, fun, informative,… Yes, it’s inevitable that there will be a certain amount of sex, profanity, etc., and that doesn’t really bother me much. But the level of crudity in most of these HGs goes so beyond the norms of acceptability to make it just about impossible to watch without major cringing and disgust. It completely detracts from the interesting aspects of the show. I just don’t understand it. Most people would know that this would not be perceived in a favourable light and knowing you are on TV & internet so you’d think they’d at least attempt to curb it somewhat. I can only assume this is the way they are in everyday life & say I’m exceptionally disappointed in the casting. I may be naive, but I don’t believe this is normal behaviour. My kids are in the same age range as many of these HGs (20’s) and while I know my son & his friends can get a little crude at times it is so TAME compared to this that they seem like angels in comparison. As much as I dislike prissy, superior. elitist Elissa, I have to agree with her on this – these people are like no-one I know (or want to!).

        1. I agree, this cast destroyed the whole reason of Big brother for the people who actually like the show for what it WAS. I love Elissa, she is the only one who is actually worried about her reputation and how she is perceived on the show.
          Great casting job, whatever the F*k your name was, Robin Kass, whatever, you need to be fired, you are horrible at what you do and casting is not it.

          1. “WAS” is the key word. I can’t help but think that this the future of Big Brother. With the “popularity” of all the “reality” tv (the train wrecks of Jersey shore, housewives, honeey boo boo) I think BB is jumping on that bandwagon. I don’t know why they don’t see the difference though. BB is shown in prime time on a real network. Cable is completely different and caters to a much smaller portion of the population. BB is more “accessible” because of it’s being shown on CBS. And it (used to be) a game/social experiment. Why would they want to cater to the lowest common denominator? The cable companies just show shit for sake of showing shit. There is no goal or purpose except for a group of viewers to watch and feel better about themselves because, thank god, they are not like “those” people.

            It’s a sad reflection on what we have become and people bringing us entertainment don’t give us more credit than to want to show us the behavior of less than stellar people who infest our societies. Maybe it’s because the ones with the loudest voices don’t ask for more that. (like GM)

    4. Of course you are right except you forgot to mention that vile, nasty, disgusting, stomach turning McJellyfish. Just as vile and nasty as Demanda. He condones these opinions and attitudes by not objecting. He is a lowlife for having sex with that fat-assed sow on television. His daddy must be so proud of the little Pizza BOY he raised.

      1. Give McCrae some credit, he did say “no” a bunch of times before he was sexually assaulted by Amanda – time and time again! LOL

    5. Helen is on her way out of the house. First step to her returning home. I bet Mr. Helen is franticly packing the house and searching for a new city to move to. One far, far away from that creature he married. He too will be in Witness Protection with Marilyn and Nick.

      1. That is not true. Helen is not a terrible human being and although I hate the way she is playing the game and I am happy that she will (probably) be leaving this week, nothing has shown me that she is in fact, a terrible person in real life. Her lying and fake tears are all just for the sake of the game. I see nothing wrong with her and if I were her husband, I would not be ashamed.

        On the other hand, some other HGs (ahem, see: GM) are actual terrible human beings. They are the ones that were probably picked up off the street as competitors in the BB household.


    7. Me too! I have not been here in a few days hoping they would grow up, but they are gross as ever! I can’t read their comments and feel sorry for Simon and Dawg typing them out. There is a current pic of Nick online with a blond, I hope he takes her to finale!

    8. If she (aMANduh) does win, it will prove what million of people have been saying for years now hat is it fake and if the happens, I’m with you on quitting BB. Too bad we won’t be there to see her ugly face when she finds out she lost her job. If that is the case, she is going to win, AG will make sure of it to prevent a lawsuit and with aMANduh, nothing is out of the question even though she did sign a contract. If she is nasty and vile enough to have se* on national t.v, nothing can be ruled out with her.
      I hope her b*tch Mcscum is ready and wiling to deliver A LOT of pizzas to support that high maintenance pancake a88.
      That picture of humping Mcscum only proves who the b*tch is in this relationship. I can’t wait to see him get canned to the jury house and lose his dream for a little bit of disgusting pu88y. Ewwww, that serves him right. Idiot.

  2. Classy bunch these BB 15 HG’s. Spencer, GM, Aaryn and Amanda with one disparaging conversation/remark after another tonight. Starting to think more and more…that Elissa’s strategy of self evicting —if she doesn’t make it to the Final 2—to just get away from these vulgar peeps is a sane one.

    1. I want Elissa to win… I have supported her since the beginning of the season but part of me wants her to go to jury this week so she can get away from the disgusting people left in the house…she doesn’t need to be treated this way anymore.

    2. Everything about Elissa is fake: her eye lashes, her hair extensions, her puffy botoxed lips. And her holier than thou I’m-better-than-you-are attitude. She has floated this entire season. And but for CBS rigging the show at the beginning by adding the MVP Elissa would have been sent on her way by week 2. Dictator Helen and Amanda have carried her ever since, despite the deluded princess’s condescending disposition. CBS also rigged the show by adding 2 more jury spots at the last minute. Just to appease the politically correct whiners who thought Candice got a bum wrap. Regardless I like the show and will continue to watch it. If Elissa walks out then this was always the plan she had with CBS. She’s a stuck-up phony in my book. Good riddance!


        1. well, imagine if Adolf Hitler was a really hunky looking, gorgeous male.
          If you called him a sweetie pie, I’d still thumb your post down.
          Even if he’d been quiet for 14 days.

          I’ll be among the first ones to say that it’s not ok to destroy that poor girl’s life until the end of her days just to possibly get a little higher audience. But to make a 180′ and call her a sweetie pie? c’mon!

          Greetings from -not nazi anymore- Germany.

          here’s 3 Hitler Quotes for you:
          “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.”
          “Humanitarianism is the expression of stupidity and cowardice.”
          “Any alliance whose purpose is not the intention to wage war is senseless and useless.”

      2. Lol…sweetie pie…. she’s more like the pie filling from the movie”the help” lol. Here’s a pie for you miss aaryn lol

  3. “Ginamarie is looking at the protein powder and notices the tops were mixed up. Ginamaie says now I don’t know if this chocolate or vanilla. Aaryn says I don’t know what Candice is either. Ginamarie says me neither because she’s a black cap with a white body. They laugh.”

    And people wonder why Elissa hates them?

    1. Now we know who has been pooping in the toilet and now flushing it. GINA!!! She is eating so much crap, it is coming out bricks and won’t flush.


      1. Spencer said Jessi was past her prime? What is Spencer? Any girl that would give that creep and woman hater the time of day needs her head examined. He is just gross.

        1. Specer fell out of the “Ugly” tree…hit every branch on the way down…and while lying in a heap on the ground, someone took a shovel and beat in his face.

  4. Is there any end to the bigotry in this house! They are in for a shocker when they find out how hated they are and they aren’t as cute as they think!

  5. I wonder why production hasn’t clued Helen in on Andy yet…they usually drop strong hints. It is strange to me that for those houseguests that are super fans why they don’t realize that you can’t trust anyone in the game…that is what I really don’t understand about Helen. She has seen so many seasons of this game and doesn’t seem to get all the lying that is going on.

  6. Aaryn and GM are taking their racist hate of Candice to the next level… I bet production warns them daily… I

    1. oh I’m sure those are the ones that makes it on the feeds. they try to cut to fish but sometimes they’re just not on the ball. Or maybe those are less offensive ones compared to the rest. These comments still make it out of their mouths and they’re on their best behavior!

  7. Can you imagine what Marilyn is like? If she is a decent or real woman, she would dump that perverted pig, move, and go into the witness proctection along with Nick!.

    1. I’d be surprised if she even exists. He has given shout outs to everyone and their brother in his speeches on eviction night but has yet to say anything to her. I wonder if she is a figment of his imagination to try to make the house guests think that there is at least one girl on this earth who likes him. Which doesn’t say much about her if she truly exists.

      1. That is exactly what I think! There is no Marilyn. He never mentions her in his speeches. Im surprised no one has called him out on that yet. Spencer probably has a Marilyn Monroe poster at home that he jacks off to and is now claiming she is his girlfriend. He’s really creepy. He’s the one the girls should’ve been afraid of instead of Howard. Spencer is always gawking at them with those beady eyes of his. Hopefully after the show he can get a real girlfriend because he seems to have some sexual frustration built up and he needs a healthy release.

  8. I just don’t get the Candice hate, especially now that she’s gone. And I don’t want Candice to come back in the house either. I think someone might end up getting hurt.

  9. I don’t understand where all this hatred came from Elissa is not that bad! GM, Aaryn, And Amanda is so much worse. Elissa didn’t say nothing that none of us wasn’t already thinking. I wouldn’t want to sit next to someone that farts all the time or who says the most awful things ever either. I’m sure everyone is in for a big s hock when they go home. Even Mcrea he looks so weak right now and just as mean. I wish they all just do something different

      1. Rachelissa fans think she’s “pure” and everyone who dislikes her is “disgusting” or “despicable”…. seems like they can relate to her holier-than-thou stuck-up attitude.

          1. Elissa does have a stuck up holier than thou attitude. Just read back through simon and dawg’s posts. She was never willing to apologize to anyone she had a confrontation with-even when the facts show that she was in the wrong.

            She lied to Jessie’s face, and the rest of the house, about trying to get Amanda out (she lies, just like everyone else, for the sake of the game).

            She badmouthed and gossiped about the houseguests to Candice-and then proceeded to party with them minutes later the night of Amanda’s bacherlorette party. She is two-faced.

            I hate, HATE, thinking about how boring this season has been, and how Elissa’s presence in the beginning is the cause of so much of that. The stupid mvp twist was designed for her, and everyone knew it,and was so afraid to make a move because of it. If Nick had stayed over her, we might have seen a better version of the brigade-instead we got a half-a** attempt at Friendship 2.0.

    1. Elissa acts a little goofy and weird sometimes (so do I) but I rather act goofy and weird than be a Lying, Racist, Pervert, Ignorant, Whore that gives a ”BJ” to a Spineless specimen of a person that considers himself a man. If my child was on BB I would have been beating their door down either trying to pull my child out of there or telling “CBS” to clean it up or reset the button. Yes it makes for good “TV” and “Ratings” and they were probably like this before the entered into the BB House enough of them self “exploding”.

      I don’t know which is worse the Racist stuff or Whoring on live TV and what’s with this MC if he loved his women soooooooooo much he would not allow her to do these things. So can anyone blame Elissa not wanting to sit with these people? Maybe should not have said it but what the heck compared to what everyone else is saying and doing what she said is very MILD. I’m for Elissa!!!

  10. I really hope they, go after Elissa today drive her crazy and get her to leave the house, skip the JH and go home to see her family

    1. More likely this would happen since it’s actually Amanda’s HOH. Aaryn would receive the diamond power of veto, tell Amanda followed by Amanda saying lets see it well thanks Aaryn for DPOV now go make me some coffee.

    2. AAryn with BaGina standing there while Pandora’s box is opened. There is Nick and Andy embraced. Nick looks over at BaGina and says, Hey, Gurl, friend.
      BaGina curls up and dies.

  11. There you have it, CBS and BB’s worst nightmare. Amanda, McCrae, Aaryn, Gina Marie, Spencer and Andy showing their unadulterated selves. I cannot believe that these numbnuts are not fully cognizant of how they are coming cross to the viewing public. Some of things they are saying are not even for entertainment purposes. It is a competition amongst themselves to see who can provide the most controversial and outlandish comments. It is their lame attempt to promote shock value as humor; however, it shows some serious character flaws within each of their personas.

    1. I could only wish this were the case as misguided as it might be, but I don’t believe so -I think they are just truly disgusting human(?) beings.

    2. And isn’t it ironic how it gets worse with every Aryan HOH session?
      I loved the quote of how she couldn’t get any lower, she just keeps on digging. In this case, it’s ‘they.’ What a pathetic bunch of losers. So far, 4 out of the 5 lost their jobs. 4 down, 1 to go. (Is it possible for a pizza boy to lose his job?) unless andy the rat wants to join the club, I’m all up for all 6 losing their jobs. Karma, ain’t she grand?

  12. Can’t believe the degree of lowlifes still left in the house. Aaryn and gm degenerates still talking about Candice and Candice been on for 2 weeks. they’re pathetic.

    1. I was seriously trying to like Aaryn, forgiving her for her young ignorance (and upbringing).
      Unfortunately her good behavior these past few weeks was due to her fearing for her game.
      As soon as she’s comfortable again her true “colors” pop out again.
      These racial (not racist) comments are painful and sad to hear.
      She (and her family) will have a lot of explaining to do.


  13. Candice is a nice looking girl, but she must be gorgeous in person. Because they talk about her
    24/7. It’s like they are assessed with her. They think about her all the time, they look at a black fish and
    Think of her. Who does that? They say Jealousy is rotten to the bones. GM and Aaryn are not bad looking
    Girls, but their attitudes make them ugly.

    They put them down cause they not happy with themselves. All that nail polishing and face mask, $2,000.00 weave
    Jobs, etc. then here come Jessie and Candice with natural beauty (as far as I can tell, lol). They problem dream about them when
    They sleep and awake.

    Amanda is just sick and in need of intervention.

    1. You are very right. Kaitlin was also very pretty and still they are not talking about her all the time like that.

      I think it comes from the fact that not only Candice is pretty but she stands up for herself when they tried to put her down and that stung them very deeply. How dare she? …

      Same goes for Jessie, less pretty than Candice, but with a nice body shape according to Spencer and some other men of the house.

      These girls lack of confidence and are jealous of everything others have that they don’t have. Elissa is married to a rich man (apparently) and it drives GM crazy, Aaryn not so much because she is rich herself.

      They tolerate Helen because they put her down and here she came back licking their a$s.

      Anyone noticed that when Helen keep telling Aaryn that she grew to like her very much, Aaryn never says anything back to Helen?….. I would be ashamed to lick someone’s bu!t like that and receive nothing in return……

      *sorry for my bad language this morning*…

    2. It’s jealousy plain & simple. It’s very indicative of the pageant show mentality from what I can tell. Those worthless pageants should be banned – they are demeaning, abusive, and promote the worst in people. Who the hell watches them, let alone participates in them? I remember staying at a hotel with my son’s soccer team when there was a pageant going on & it was completely ridiculous. Overly made-up dolls with parent & themselves looking for affirmation of their self-worth. The boys were laughing at all the girls. When one of the promoters told my daughter (then 13) she was so pretty she should be in one she laughed her ass off – she was far more interested in horseback riding, soccer, & basketball!

  14. I’ve stop watching the show since Sunday the 11th (just to avoid giving more rankings to BB15) but I will definitely watch the next Thursday live show just to see Helen being evicted.

    It will be delightful…. (hope she won’t win the POV)

  15. i never seen one cast insult cast members the way this one does, im sure Marilyn is real, its called his hand…….

    1. For discussion : what do you guys think will really happen on the finale show?

      Many of the things that have taken place or on Live Feed, not what had been shown on
      The TV show. Will Julie bring not seen things up? I doubt it. That they lost their Jobs?
      I doubt that too.

      Will Aaryn PR person be there? Guess we will have to wait and see. But to be truthful
      I don’t expect much. The interview with Jeff and media may be more interesting.

      1. I don’t think Julie will directly comment on all the disgusting things which have been said or done in the house but rather make some veiled references which will have the hgs wondering. Believe it would also be up to employers or family members to let A & G know they are now unemployed. I do wonder if their parents will attend and what the crowd reaction might be. Would love to see the look on Spencer’s face when he discovers he has been investigated by the police for his vile paedophilic remarks. Even if the police were unable to find anything to link him to it, those remarks will follow him until his dying day.
        These people have given no thought what so ever to the consequences their disgusting actions and remarks will bring.

    2. frank and boogie were really bad last year with the negative things they said about female hg’s…they just didn’t get as much air time on the feeds.





  16. Production hasn’t clued Helen in on Andy, because Amanda is the hand picked Winner. Bestie & family friend w/Allison G. Up until this week,, Helen was # 2 in the pecking order as far as power and influence in the House, with Amanda being the only one higher in the hierarchy. There was no way Production was going to assist the only real threat to Amanda’s game, by clueing in Helen about how naive she is. Amanda could very well have already been evicted, if Helen had any common sense & knew or even sensed Andy was really a RAT. Production (Allison G & Rich) MUST protect their STAR Amanda at all cost.

  17. These people are disgusting. I don’t blame Elissa one bit for not
    Wanting to associate herself with these people.

    1. Of course Elissa shouldn’t have called them scum but they are all really triggered by it. The only way they would be triggered by it is if they know that it is true that they are scum. If you aren’t scum your will think its a bad comment but won’t be triggered by it.

  18. I have been watching Big Brother Canada for the last few days. They had a $100,000.00 first price. I figured out what they did with the other $400,000.00. They bought cameras that brought the show to viewers in the 16:9 format. A word to Alison Grodner. (We know she reads every word on this forum). If Amanda wins as you planned, give her a first prize of $100,000.00. Take the other $400.000.00 and buy some 21st century camera equipment. That way when Amanda comes back for All Stars, you will be able to get her entire ass in the picture.

  19. Ok Amanda constantly talking about sex and what she would do to mcpussy isdisgusting . Like show a LITTLE bit of class at least. And i’m really getting tired of Mcpussy’s shit talking. If you don’t have the guts to say it to their face, then don’t say anything at all.

  20. Julie Chen should just walk into the house and announce that the competition is over and that there will be no prizes. The public outrage has forced CBS to stop the show.

    1. There is one problem with your theory. Ratings are at an all time high. So CBS won’t be canceling this BB season and can definitely be assured that next season will be just as hate filled. For every viewer that says they can’t watch the hate, there are 10 viewers tuning in because of the hate. You do the math and determine who is going to have the most influence with the CBS Producers.

      1. Yes they will keep showing things like this until someone gets injured, or killed. I’m sure there are lawyers looking through the contract agreement as we speak.
        The fact that they put up the disclaimer now I’m sure came from their attorney.

        I don’t think this 9 Jury was plan. It was to keep Candice Sequestered from the media. That’s just my thoughts.
        Don’t be surprised if they brain washing Candice now. Lol. She may come out just saying oh it just a game, Aaryn is just young,
        I did not mean to call her a racist, blah blah. Yes they are reviewing that contract with Candice right now telling her what
        She can and cannot say. What shows she cannot go on.

        The truth is not out yet.

        1. I said the same thing last week on here in regards to Candice being sequestered. I agree 100%. They don’t want all the negative attention that would accrue if Candice starting doing interviews. That would surely take away from the show. Think about it…most of the super vile comments were made out of Candice’s earshot. She doesn’t know a quarter of the things that were and are being said about her.

          At first I was skeptical about The show being rigged and Amanda being the chosen winner but now I’m inclined to believe its true. I just think production under estimated the true personalities of contestants and now it’s all out of control.

        2. I think you are right about BB wanting to keep Candace sequestered from the media. I think she would have gone straight to an attorney.

  21. Amanda, Aaryn amd GM all cast on the same season…how did we get 3 such vulgar, foul mouthed, sick girls in the same season?

  22. Unless a miracle happens and one of evicted houseguests (I keep my fingers crossed for Jessie or Candice) will make it to F2 and win, I can’t imagine a happy ending for this season. This is terrible. Whoever wins, should finance a group therapy for all these players.

    1. U should root for Judd to come back. Candice and Jessie don’t know how to play the game and make it too personal..they do make they make for good tv…won’t win though. The super fans like Andy, McRae and Judd have made the season boring cause they know how to ninja step all the drama…Andy and McRae do a lot of PR for Amanda when she slips – just imagine if they let her run her mouth like Candice 24/7…Judd went on overdrive too early…put him back as underdog and his chances are much better and ratings won’t suffer either

      1. I like Judd, but he’s gullible as a child. He would go back to the alliance with Amanda and McCrae thinking it was Jessie who masterminded his eviction.

        1. FALSE. Amanda told Judd to put up Howard and Spencer. What did he do? He put up Aaryn and Kaitlin. Pissed Amanda off……conveniently accused as MVP..that wasn’t what did him in..not in the game cause he got too drunk and went off on Andy..Andy co-signs on backdooring any alliance member…Judd should have just stayed sober and kept Andy on a leash…If Production would do him a favor and tell the house he wasn’t MVP and wins the jury comp I have to like his chances vs any1 else….

  23. McCrae. Did you add Amanda to the takeout menu………………..Zing
    McCrae………the little pizza boy that could……………………………. Zing, Zing

  24. I am so glad both of those idiots lost their jobs ….. YET everyone thinks she has change only her clothes .Everytime arryn wins hoh its always about the fishes with her and gina yet she thinks she will win bb 15 if production let that happen i can imagine the headlines from TMZ ,,, bossip the racist not only send the africans out the house with flipping their beds but they win bb15 smh ……. WHY EVERYTHING HAS TO be about black and white with these 2 , black and white powder , black and white fish what does candice ethnicity has to do with these 2 … I cant wait for aaryn to start crying when amanda kick her to the curb ,,, thinking anyone in the house would carry her to final 2 with all those hoh wins they would have to be stupid ….. Cant wait for HELLEN TO BE VOTED OUT WIN THE COMPETETION COMES BACK INTO THE HOUSE AND WIN HOH ….

  25. These houseguests are digusting they should be ashamed of themselves if they act like this in the house on national tv how do they act outsife the house.

  26. Who cares what they talk about, really. These people are relateable, people talk shit all the time. They been in the house along time, what else they gonna talk about? Plus Candice was a total bitch, you all can’t see that. Oh well

    1. I do not like Elissa as a person. I believe the favouritism CBS has shown her was a major problem with this season. I love her planted comments about how great CBS, the show, production is etc. after she dissed them all. I think her talk of self-evicting from jury is low-class (you have a contract baby – you should suck it up & honour it). On the other hand I couldn’t honestly blame her for not wanting to remain in the house with these low-life’s any longer. However, if she does bail I sure hope I don’t see her in any future CBS shows. Actually, I hope I don’t see her either way – I had no idea until I started following BB15 how much nepotism there is in these CBS reality shows – very unfair to the whole viewing public & really sucks!

  27. I told my wife one of the problems that Jessie had was that all those slime balls were jealous of her. You hear them talking about her? Did you see her in that dress eviction night? My god, is that girl fine or what? She may be a little bit needy but, she is not as nasty as those three sluts.Arryn is showing McRae her vigina(not her tits because she has none) Did you see what GM look like in those glasses ( and that body ain’t all that) Amanda, what can you say about her? She says she looks better than she did in her early 20’s.(I can believe that, no tits and fat) Amanda can’t believe America does not like her. Is that fat bitc- in LA LA land or what? They talk about Jessie being 3 months pregnant, look at Amanda in the tanning booth, she has flabby a$$ and looks like she’s 7 months pregnant. Those three bitches have the nastiest personalities I’ve ever had the displeasure of witnessing. What real pieces of SHI-. Your parents must be really proud of the way you’ll turned out. Jessie & Candace have a job or can find a job. How about you pieces of SHI-? Wait until you see yourselves on the show how everyone else sees you and you will realize why America HATES you pieces of SHI-. (NO. CLASS). JESSIE YOU GO GIRL

      1. But this season’s social game was talking shit about others, using racial slurs and being mean, so it’s good for Jessie that she didn’t have any social game.

        1. Slurr-free-Chicken-George would outplay Jesse on any BB year. The chicken finished 5th in all-stars against chill town. That’s how bad Jessie’s game is.

    1. I must agree Jessie look great when she came out. We all know the puts more pounds on you then real life. I knew
      Right away she is very small with curves. Her skin is nice too.

    2. These girls keep talking about Candice and Jessie because they are catty. With nothing else to do but talk, they get even more catty.

  28. These people are so disgusting. It is ridiculous all of them except Elissa are low life scum.

    Elissa is a floater though. Hell her sister Rachael said she better grab a life vest because she is a floater and has 10 life vests and a rubber duck with her. I still want her to win over the rest of the classless people in the house with no morals that can’t get laid which is why they are always talking about sex.

    1. Elvira (Elissa) has done nothing in the game to earn a win. From what she talks about, she has also done nothing in life of value.

  29. OMG! Did amanduh really say she looks better NOW than she did in her 20s’ and that she’s aged well??? Wow and Ugh is all I can say (hate to see what she looked like then).

    ….just thinking about it made me…..dang, have to get a new keyboard now.

  30. If Marilyn really exists, than she probably did give Spencer a hall pass. Because she is probably at home packing her stuff and selling all of his and leaving his disgusting a$$. Nick should be put under a witness protection program to save himself from GinaMarie. This is definitely a Fatal Attraction. Aaryn has talked about using the money from the show to get herself bigger boobs. Aaryn will need to use that money for plastic surgery alright, but she will need to make herself unrecognizable to everyone because she will have tons of people not liking her. McCrea has no backbone and keeps letting Amanda have her way with him. Most girls want a man with a backbone, and do not want to catch whatever disease Amanda has giving him. So I predict McCrea will be lonely for a long time after this show. I hope he loses his pizza delivery job because I would not want him anywhere near my food. Helen has the right job for her personality. She as a political consultant has played this game just like most politicians would. Be nice to everyone, lie and tell them all what they want to hear. Promise them the world and never deliver, and then blame everybody else for her mistakes. No wonder are politicians behave the way they do with consultants like this pulling their strings. Everyone is saying Amanda is good friends with the producer, I do not know if that is true or not, but I am willing to bet the producer will never admit to it after the way she has been acting. Why is everyone bowing down to her. She has done nothing in this game other lay in the bed with McCrea all season and be disgusting. Since ellisa does not have MVP anymore, she has done nothing but be Helens sheep. To her credit, if Helen had listened to Elissa weeks ago and got out Amanda or McCrea, Helen would not be in the position she is in now.

  31. I can’t believe that Julie Chen will smile and congratulate the winner of big brother especially if it is AAryn, Amanda or Gina Marie. These people are the scum of the earth and do not deserve any prize money. To reward anyone of them with money just shows that CBS condones racial and vile behavior. I am so hoping they have another plan in the works. This season is a disgrace!

  32. I enjoy reading all of the online blogs and comments. I had to pop in here and comment. There are many many people in the comment section here who speak no better nor less vile than the houseguests. Of course, the HGs are inappropriate, but you can always turn off the feeds and the TV. But trashing (and that is a nice word for what some of you do) the houseguests for doing the same thing you are doing is NOT entertaining so I will pop out and move on to another blog.

    1. I do agree to some degree. However, although I did not buy the feeds, I feel sorry for those who did. Suggesting they just turn them off is not an acceptable answer to someone who paid good money to watch something entertaining. CBS should refund anyone who wants it & then they can turn them off.

    2. Thanks Captain Altar Boy for your Elissa-like commentary. Nothing like swooping in with a holier-than-thou troll line.

  33. Is it me, or do Aaryns teeth seem to be multiplying and getting BIGGER? Maybe she’s a gremlin and got some water on her. (Goes from Gizmo to Stripe)

  34. Why are people saying McCrea should dump Amanda ? Birds of a feathers flock together he is just like her nasty and disgusting. They lie in bed, have sex, don’t take showers and what kind of man would have sex knowing a lady is on her period.

  35. Is Amanda really Jew? or a fake Jew?

    According to the Torah, a man is forbidden from having sexual intercourse with a niddah, that is, a menstruating woman.

    The time of separation begins at the first sign of blood and ends in the evening of the woman’s seventh “clean day.” This separation lasts a minimum of 12 days. The Torah prohibits only sexual intercourse, but the rabbis broadened this prohibition, maintaining that a man may not even touch his wife or sleep in the same bed as her during this time. Weddings must be scheduled carefully, so that the woman is not in a state of niddah on her wedding night.

    1. It’s “Jewish,” say the whole word. Now we know you are a 12 year old Jewish boy. A Pizza-by will tap what he can, when he can. He doesn’t care if it’s kosher.

  36. GM needs to be sent to boarding school and retaught everything from manners to her a-b-cees. She’ll never survive life and get out of her crack-style house without a change.

  37. It might benefit helen being voted out because elissa can’t beat judd. Then Helen can come back, guns blazing and kick those a$$hole$ out. HELEN FOR THE WIN!!!!!! if not then elissa!

    1. If she came back, she would immediately get voted out again. Arwyn’s nominations just put her on the defensive, she doesn’t have the votes in the house anymore.

  38. It is hard to watch because there really isn’t anyone to root for. There is nobody in this game that is outstanding. I have not watched the last two episode. Hoping for a change….

  39. Beginning to think maybe McCrae would last longer than 2 min. if that was Andy instead of Amanduh-the-She-Beast! He sure is good at being catty.

  40. If Nick wasn’t running from GM before he is now after watching her talk about him obsessively all the time. I liked Nick but he seems shady he would probably sleep with GM a couple times but I think shes crazy if she thinks he wants a relationship with her!

  41. Why the hell do they keep bringing up Candice, damn! That girl is long gone and has nothing to do with their current situation…..except if she returns from the jury house and/or her vote to win…..other than that she’s a non- factor….leave her alone…jealous bitches.

    Just when you think the racist comments have subsided….here come Ginmarie and Aaryn making racial comments. And the cops need to be waiting for that pervert, Spencer, the minute he walks out the door.

    BTW….Bye Helen…..you dirty rat!

    1. the real Aaryn was the one from the first 3 weeks, she had to change to survive but now that she is in a power position again the real Aaryn has come back out …she is a terrible person

  42. First of all I diagnose GM as fucking lunatic and no can help her. And second please BB dont make it a luxury/punishment comp they dont deserve any luxuries.

  43. “Ginamarie says Nicholas, I’m going to f**k your brains out, he is going to be scared! Ginamaire says that Nick got scared when I tried to do a strip tease.”

    A man odoes that for 2 reaosn only, He’s either gay, OR he doesn’t like you. Get a hint Gutter Mouth.

  44. I can’t believe the things that come out of these peoples’ mouths. We have been so barraged by their negative, racist, slime talk that the shock value is wearing thin. I don’t see it on this site but I read that last night Gina Marie was talking about how she initially thought Howard was hot but would never have sex with a Black guy. She went on and on about other ethnic groups she wouldn’t f*** and then added that she only has sex with her “species”. Would love to know what species that is. Unbelievable the comfort level they have spewing this trash with one another. Aaryn is obviously of trying to do some damage control to her reputation (too late!), but keeps slipping back when she is in her “element” (Gina Marie, Spenser, Amanda, MC) and continues being repulsive. I think Gina Marie is right. They are a different species. Subhuman creatures that belong in some zoo. I am only hanging in because I cannot wait to see the just rewards they face when they leave the comfort of the BB house. Money or no money, they will have a whole lot of ‘splaining to do.

  45. Spencer, better watch your back because Aaryn will Backdoored you and the whole house will vote you out.

  46. So Helen has no clue inside and outside the house…She thinks Jessie is a bad person and Aaryn & GM are good people…Helen Aaryn & GM are going to have problems getting a job

  47. It’s just unbelievable how revolting, disgusting Amanda, Aaryn, Ginamarie and Spencer are. They have no morel’s, scruples or integrate. FOWL MOUTH’S, these so called women have. And once again with the derogatory remark’s made toward’s different ethnicity. What gives with you BB, allowing such talk? This is becoming a revolting show to watch, with these type of moron’s in your BB house. NO, I have stopped watching your production, I’ll jump once in a while to read your BB Live feed on the website, and even then I don’t read all the way through….It’s nothing but vulgar crap remarks etc..I sure hope that your next season of BB improves. If not, you are going to go down hill more so than this season in ratings.

  48. I don’t know why people keep using Elissa’s wealthy life as a reason to hate her. I mean, I am not rich, I don’t feel entitled, or even anywhere near as classy as Elissa is, and yet, I still wouldn’t want to sit near GM or Aaryn. Trust me, Elissa’s hate for these people has nothing to do with her being more rich than them, and it has everything to do with how ugly they are on the inside. Usually I would say this is just a game, but I honestly think that there is no saving GM Aaryn, they are just disgusting to the core.

  49. The fact that Elissa is the only one left I can kinda-sorta-reluctantly root for, pretty much says it all about this season.

  50. Aaryn and GM always thinking about Candice, too bad for them after this show they will never be beautiful inside or out. I also hope GM’s family has a mental hospital in line to commit her to when the show is over.






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