Helen says Andy made a final 2 deal with me in the beginning and he is voting me out. What does that tell you!?

POV Holder: Elissa Next POV Aug 24th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Aug 26th
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH: Aug 22nd
Original Nominations: Elissa and Helen
Current Nominations: Helen and Spencer
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, JUDD, Jessie
Have Nots (head cheese and habaneros) GM, Amanda, Helen and Elissa


CBS Interactive Inc.

10am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. When the live feeds return – Helen, Ginamarie and Elissa are awake and getting ready for the day. Ginamarie was happy with the wake up songs and says that it was the best birthday ever! Helen starts her morning run inside the house. Elissa keeps getting in Helens path. Elissa says I’m your obstacle, jump over me! Elissa then joins Helen and they run together through the house. Amanda wakes up and heads to the bathroom. Elissa joins her and does some stretching. Elissa says I feel super good today, I am ready to see photos and a letter from my family! She asks Amanda how she is doing. Amanda says good. Elissa says I am so excited to sleep in a normal bed tonight. Amanda agrees and says she can’t wait to take a warm shower.


11:10am – 11:35am In the havenot room – Helen says if I was America I would want to give it to you Ginamarie. You are passionate and fun. The title and money would not change you unlike some people on this show. You are underestimated in this game and not seen as a threat. Ginamarie says can’t say for Aaryn but I won’t put her (Elissa) up. Helen says you and her (Elissa) should make a deal and not go after each other, there are bigger fish to fry. Helen says I was never going after Amanda, I’ve wanted Spencer out since the moving company. Helen says Amanda, McCrae and Spencer are like this! (Close together) Ginamarie says I’ve told Aaryn this too she just won’t listen. Helen says you make a deal with Aaryn and Elissa and then one of them (Amanda/McCrae) will go. They are making you go against each other when you should be working together. Then you can make deals with Andy and Spencer. If I had won HOH, I would have put up Amanda and McCrae. I am the only one in this house that is brave enough to do that. I did it with Jeremy and I would do it with them. I didn’t want to do it earlier in the game because it was too soon. Helen says she will tell Elissa to put McCrae and Amanda too if she wins. McCrae will win this game. I am praying for you, Elissa and Aaryn to win. Gina says she doesn’t think Aaryn will do it. Helen says if she doesn’t then she is working with them. Gina says why would I vote for you to leave when you aren’t against me and not coming after me. Helen says exactly. Why would I go after her when she has done so much for me, I owed her. Helen explains her moves in the game until now. Helen says she knew she didn’t have Andy when he wouldn’t put up Amanda/McCrae. Helen says I am going to tell you something – Andy made a final two deal with me in the beginning of the game and what does that tell you when he is not voting to keep me in the game. He will try and make a final three with you girls but he won’t keep it because he is with Amanda / McCrae. Amanda joins them. Helen asks if she want’s to know anything before I leave. Amanda asks is there anything I should know? Helen explains why she wanted Jessie and Howard out of the game and then tells Amanda that they can talk privately later to talk more if she wants. They talk about the HOH lock down happening soon. Amanda heads up to the HOH room and gets into the bed to go to sleep.


11:40am Big Brother calls Amanda to the diary room. Amanda asks why. Aaryn says probably for your Adderall medication. Amanda whines NO I DON’T WANNA TAKE IT YET!!!! Big Brother calls all the house guests up to the HOH room for the HOH lock down. The live feeds then switch to TRIVIA for the HOH lock down.

1pm The HOH lock down is over. All of the house guest leave the HOH room. Amanda and McCrae are the last ones to leave the HOH room. McCrae says I am sorry about Ginamarie but we have to play smarter not harder. They then both head downstairs. Meanwhile Aaryn is unpacking her things in the rainbow bedroom. In the kitchen Elissa calls Amanda “AMANder” Amanda says that’s what my dad used to call me. Elissa says that’s the twist I’m your dad! In the rainbow room – McCrae, Aaryn and Andy are talking. McCrae says that if Elissa did win HOH I don’t think she would put Amanda and I up right away. Aaryn says that’s a good thing. Andy and McCrae talk about how they really need to win it and make sure Elissa doesn’t win it. McCrae thinks that Ginamarie’s finger is going to come into play so she’ll not last as long if it’s endurance. Amanda joins them. She comments that she get weird vibes from Elissa sometimes she is nice and some times she isn’t. Amanda and McCrae leave. Aaryn asks Andy should I be worried. Andy says no you have nothing to be worried about this week. Andy says that they switch between wanting to put up Ginamarie and Spencer but you know I don’t want Ginamarie to go anywhere so I will try and make sure that doesn’t happen. Andy and Aaryn leave the room.

1:15pm – 1:20pm Andy, Spencer, Amanda and McCrae are talking about selling their BB items on ebay. Amanda wonders if she could sell her bathing suit. McCrae says yeah there are probably some perverts out there that want it. Andy comments that he wonders if there are people that beat off to watching him sleep. Aaryn joins them. Amanda says I was thinking about how her and Aaryn were scissoring last night and how there is probably photos of it all over the internet. She says that people will google her name for real estate and it will come up. Amanda says I want to put in on my business card.


1:20pm – 1:35pm McCrae says Pandora’s Box this week and Judd will be back. Andy says no, Candice will come back. McCrae says that would be awesome. Andy says it would be bullsh*t for someone to be able to come back after the last two critical weeks. Andy says he thinks were ever Ginamarie is Candice will be. Like if she wins HOH Candice will be in Pandora’s Box and if she isn’t HOH Candice will be down here. McCrae agrees. They discuss the type of clothes to wear for tonight competition just in case its a wet weather endurance competition. They tell Amanda she should wear her tanning bikini.


1:40pm The Super Friends Helen and Elissa talk in the bathroom about their business they will start when the show is over. Helen tells Elissa I think they knew you were going to be on the show so they cast me to be your friend. Elissa says yeah.


1:45pm – 1:50pm Aaryn says after this I am going to vacation with daddy war bucks! Andy says well he has to be white because daddy war bucks is not black. Aaryn and Spencer start talking about Eskimos and McCrae says that they are called Inuit, Eskimo is a racial term. Aaryn says that people need to stop being so sensitive and get a tampon shove it up their a$$es.


1:50pm – 1:55pm In the lounge room – Helen warns Elissa about how she can’t trust Andy. She tells her that she made a final two deal with him and now he is voting me out. She tells Elissa she needs to win today and if McCrae wins she needs to kiss his a$$. Helen and Elissa head to the bathroom. Helen gives Elissa something and tells her to win tonight with it. America knows it’s mine I’ve been wearing it to the diary room the last feek weeks. Ginamarie joins Helen and Elissa in the bathroom. Gina says I don’t like how Spencer isn’t even packing his sh*t. That is just rude! It’s f**king disgusting! Helen tells Gina to come together with Elissa and to mend things between Elissa and Aaryn. I wish Aaryn could see that!


Use the Big Brother Live Feeds to FLASHBACK to SEE what they can’t show you on TV:

BB15 N!p Sl!ps / N*des

CBS Interactive Inc.

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Helen, it tells you that you’ve been trusting a rat bastard all that time


I just want to ask, I’ve found that house guests are more concerned with how they are being viewed outside the house than actual game? Why is this? Their concerns aren’t of any substance either, if they would stop acting the way some of them act they would’ve been viewed as respectable. The unfortunate thing is not only does their game play suck (I’ve been in situations where I hate someone’s game play but liked someone as a person), but their personalities do as well. It’s an unfortunate thing, if they want to control how they are viewed outside of the house AT LEAST TRY to make a BIG GAME MOVE that would gain some sort of respect and people will have something to respect you for. When you go in to the big brother house you also have to be aware that your every word is caught, and game play tends to win people over even if they hate you on a personal level. If these houseguests knew that, maybe they would start doing something, but they are all so caught up in the fakeness of it. It’s never about “How do I behave” its always “How am I being portrayed?” Like come on, they can’t make you in to something you are not.


These people don’t know what a big move is. Julie even asked Andy about it last episode and he looked shocked and said they’ve been making big moves week after week. This is just a house of disgusting losers who have no idea how to play the game which is why they are following Demanda/McMinute like a bunch of Lemmings.

Dan's Mist

Bwahahahahaha Mcminute!! That’s the best one I’ve heard!


McPussy is the pizza boy that delivers in 2 minutes or less!


McMinute! Hahahahahahahahahahaha! I can’t stop laughing!

give me a break

Elissa needs to win Hoh tonight…


If the House Guests were truly CONCERNED about how thet are being perceived, then they wouldn’t exhibit such trashy and abhorrent behavior.

Amanda's Therapist

OMG! Exactly! Everytime the players make dumbass remarks/comments …all they are doing – is adding fuel to the fire!
Things that have been said/done are going to come back and bite them HARD…Can’t wait! LMFAO!!!


I think they are worried how they are portrayed because some Big Brother contestants have gained some fame outside of the bb house.


It tells you that you are not good at this game. You got rid of all your potential allies and made all your opponents stronger and emboldened…now Helen wants to target Amanda…now…lol. I think it’s a little too late now Helen. SMH.

Amanda's Therapist

Ma & Pa Kettle in Arkansas called! Need HELP (slopping the pigs!)

….the pigs are ” squealing out of control ” !!!

Personally asked for Amanda! LMFAO


Why she has been blind to this the whole time is beyond me. Andy is the biggest rat bastard there is, his mouth is non stop anytime someone tells him ANYTHING he runs it back to Amanda. I really can’t see giving anyone the 500k

pot calling kettle

Elissa is so stupid seriously she is as dumb and as scared as the rest of them. She is going to put up Aaryn and McCrae instead of Amanda. Geez has the botox seriously gotten to her brain and rotted every brain cell she has out of her brain. She is a bully and I guess protecting the bully!!! I know production will let her win tonight because she cannot win on her own abilty since she has none. She talks a good game but she is a coward. The woman cannot get over her jealousy long enough to take out the Godfather of the House out, Amanda. I guess production is protecting old duck lips and Amanda. RIGGED, RIGGED, RIGGED, RIGGED. Who is it that is in charge of networks being on the up and up and not involved in cheating scandals.


If Elissa puts up McCrae and Aaryn that would be good gameplay. Think about it. Aaryn can come to her to make a deal, and then Aaryn will fight to get the POV, and Demanda can be blindsided. No one wants Demanda in the game, they are all too afraid to do it with the exception of GM and Elissa.

If Aaryn would realize that her being the pawn would be good for her long term game, she should try and work with Elissa. Why would any of those bigots think they would work together.

Either way whomever wins HOH should make the move to get Demanda out, otherwise same thing you are not playing for $500k, you are playing to be the next evicted or 2nd place.

Just saying.

This Season Blows

If it did work out that way, I’d have to give her props and admit she finally made a good move…. but realistically, Rachelissa is too blinded by her hate and jealousy of Aaryn to realize that she needs to work with her. She’d put up Aaryn for personal reasons with the sole purpose of getting her out (and probably replace her with GM if she wins POV) and meanwhile, Demanda would skate by for yet another week.


Do you think maybe it might be that, the trouble between Aaryn and Elissa is something that is part of production so to speak? You know there is always this good vs evil thing, bad vs good…so do you think DR or production might have hyped that situation between Elissa and Aaryn in the hopes it will bring in ratings?

I mean it is very clear that Elissa and Rachel are two different people, and if Rachel had never made such the impression in our minds like she did we probably would have viewed Elissa differently. I am a fan of the game not necessarily the Reilly sister.

I have to say though……….Who the hell is Spencer to call out Rachel and Elissa’s mom out on raising psychopaths??? I dont think he even knows what the word psychopath means.

Freakin sexual deviant.

This Season Blows

I think the animosity is real. Rachelissa literally talks about Aaryn all day long. She told Aaryn to her face that she’s not a threat and all her wins were flukes. Plus she’s just judgemental in general and thinks she’s better than everyone else. She doesn’t understand that sometimes you need to suck it up and work with someone you don’t like to advance your game. If she actually is allowed to get evicted before final 2 without production stepping in, it will be because of her total lack of a social game.


Elissa is one of those people that speaks almost monotone, in other words that you cant tell by any voice inflection if she is saying something in a question or a statement. So it could be left to interpretation.


So true! either his hand is always in his pants or finger up his nose, and gross sexual comments come out his dirty mouth. yuk!


hey, Where did Julie say about a game reset. I could not find it on twitter. How awesome would it be to reset the house and jury members. The game really does need a swift kick in the butt. But they would have to clue in the jury members to what has been going on or it would just be worthless effort.


it was on instagram a couple weeks ago


You seem very upset about a story that hasn’t happened and that you have totally made up!

Team Elissa/Helen

Bravo to Helen! At least she knows her errors of not getting out amanda/mcrae sooner. Shes just not admitting her mistake, yet. Hope she returns tonite after shes evicted so she can finally do it. Also i love that she is still fighting til her last breath in the house, buttering people up and still trying things. I would too!!! Dont stop helen! Keep trying til the last second and then win that juror comp and come back for revenge and to blow this season up, turn it completely around !!!!


What I really wish can happen is that Helen comes back and Elissa or Helen wins HOH and keep everyone in the dark who they are going to. nominate or backdoor, do not make any deals, do not speak to any of the houseguest on their plans and I bet this drive Amanda 3AM and 2AM plus the other houseguest
nuts and paranoid cause they would not know who to target or evict. I would really like Andy to be backdoored. Just a thought BB Wish I could write the next segment.


I love that plan.


In the past they have given HOH to the returning player. That may save the season


In a dream scenario if Helen did manage to gain entry back into the house, and Elissa won the HOH, it would next to impossible for Helen not to get “busy” making final 2 deals with everyone. That’s just the nature of her gameplay. She’d feel exhaulted even though the power wasn’t actually hers. Elissa, as HOH, would still be Helen’s pawn, with Helen directing her as to who to put up on the block. I doubt that The Red Queen would try to strike a deal with Helen not to be put on the block (primarily because she’s so secure in the fact that no one would dare to vote her out) but I think she realizes that Helen and Elissa would buy what she was selling. McCrae, however, would approach Helen (and maybe Elissa) to make yet another final 3 deal. GinaMarie would also want that deal to somehow include Aaryn.

As for Stoolie the Toad whimpering, groveling and pleading for them not to put him on the block, ahhhhh, those of the moments one cherishes. Granted, it’s more important to get out The Red Queen and/or McCrae; but I hate the thought of that slimy Stoolie the Toad coasting by unnoticed until the finals. In a way, he is at the core of many of the problems in that house.


Opps! I meant to say “Helen and Elissa would NOT buy what she was selling.”


More like bravado Helen. I guess she knows it is a mistake when it’s right in the middle of the consequences. She’s admitting the obvious. She’s made far too many mistakes and her tactics have been about mobbing and ostracizing. She’s full of it as usual.

Am so over Hell en the desperado

Poor pathetic Helen. What a piece of work. Still throwing spaghetti at the wall and hoping something sticks. And still trying to manipulate and manage people. She lambasted Jesse for spilling secrets and for taking the attitude she did the week she was going out, now the dictator bully is doing the same.

Helen: I was never going to put up Amanda and McCrae (a lie); if I would’ve won HOH I would’ve put them up.

Helen: I made a final 2 deal with Andy in the beginning. What does that tell you? It tells me YOU are a liar because you also made a final 2 deal with Elissa. And a final 4 deal with Elissa/Amanda/McCrae.

Helen: I knew I didn’t have Andy when he wouldn’t put up Amanda and McCrae. Well he didn’t put you up either you whiney a$$hole.

Helen to GM: you need to work with Elissa and put up Amanda and McCrae. Uh, dumb ass, Elissa is the target next week. Why would GM and Aaryn work with Elissa when she told them to their face she can’t stand them? Just because YOU want Amanda and McCrae out doesn’t mean Elissa or GM does.

I love how Helen’s jealousy and hatred for Amanda is so apparent. She’s nice to Amanda’s face and says she should win but them stabs her in the back at every turn. Oh, Helen, you are no better than Andy. The real rat in your alliance. You are just pissed because you think you are so smart yet you got outplayed by your own final 4 alliance. I love it. Bye bye you obnoxious annoying asswipe!!!


Helen. Please shut up and leave already.


Please Helen, stop advising Elissa on her game going forward. You don’t have a clue. Stop with the I am going to tell Elissa to put up Amanda/McCrae. You are hurting Elissa’s game on your way out. Helen you are truly being selfish. You said you not going out like Jessie. You are right, Jessie had a lot more dignity on her way out. You are throwing gas and lighting it on Elissa’s game.

Helen, says that she and Andy had a final 2 deal and what does that say about Andy? Well it says a lot more about you. It says you were not allied with your best friends in the house Elissa and Candice. It also says you didn’t have your supporters interest in mind. Hence, that’s why you readily voted out Candice and Jessie and was willing to sacrifice Elissa to stay in the house. Yep! It pretty much says more about you Helen then Andy.

That is so laughable. Helen now wants us to believe that if she would of won HOH. She would of put up Amanda on the block. Ok, every time over the last 3 weeks, your allies asked for your support to vote out Amanda and you said not yet. LOL! Now you want me to believe that you would of went after Amanda, when you have been campaigning all week saying you were never coming after Amanda. I am confused Helen, which one is it…were you going after Amanda or not. Inquiring minds want to know. However, sounds like you are ready for politics. You are talking out of both of your mouth.

This Season Blows

Helen is delusional and trying to revise history, like she hasn’t trusted Andy the Rat Snitch this whole time until now. GTFO!

mark h

Helen has guessed wrong on who to trust all season. She has miscalculated everything since getting Jeremy out. At that point the game was wide open and Helen held a fair amount of influence. Unfortunately she pretty much did everything wrong from that point forward, and I have no idea why. For a fan who seems smart and did have her head in the game, she couldn’t have misplayed things much more than she did.

This Season Blows

I also think she miscalculated by getting Jeremy out. He could actually win competitions and I think he would have gotten Demanda out weeks ago. Then Helen would have been free to run the house and bully everyone to her heart’s content. Instead, she’s getting sent packing by Demanda with only one real ally on her side.


Amanda has definitely benefited from most of the true males being evicted. But I think they would have gotten Helen too if some of them had stayed in there and were in position at key moments.They calculated correctly in getting some of those men out as far as their game play. Kind of too bad the MVP twist screwed up some things.


I disagree. Jeremy was targeting Elissa and would have eventually taken her out, along with her ally Helen.


I beg to differ, the Moving company was targeting Elissa and Helen. They wanted Elissa,out being Rachels sister and Helen cause the only one who supported Elissa when all houseguest against Elissa. Moving company were Jeremy, Nick, Howard, Judd and Spencer target was Elissa and Helen. If Helen did not win the 2nd HOH she woukd have been gone.

Am so over Hell en the desperado

Jeremy was coming after Elissa, remember? If he stayed the dictator’s Botox buddy would have been evicted weeks ago. I remember how all the PC whiners complained when the Moving Company and the ‘mean girls’ were around and how they needed to be voted out for the sake of the game. Well, that’s what came to pass. But the pc haters aren’t satisfied. Just goes to show that no matter what happened this season there was always going to be a segment of haters who would come on this blog and complain. And I love how all the haters say that every HG hates Amanda but won’t put her up because ‘they are afraid of her’. Really? I think it’s because Amanda is entertaining and plays a great social game. The HGs obviously LIKE her, not hate her. Or she would’ve been voted out when she was on the block. (The opposite of Helen and soon to be Elissa, who have turned off every remaining HG will all the threats and fakiness). Amanda deserves to win this game. Hands down the best player in the house as far as social game.


We have to remember that we as fans can see everything that’s going on in the house, but as players they can’t see as much as we do. It’s easy for us to criticize, but we are not in there.

Pinocchio Obama

We see everything, that hardly the case. But if you are making final 2 deals. That’s ok, but you have to get to the final two first. Who were Helen’s support? It seems that based on Helen’s voting record, Amanda and McCrae were her real support. Hence, Candice, Jessie, Judd, and Elissa were never her true friends or support. You don’t have to be in the house to figure that out. Helen just got played by Amanda who she thought had her back and she can’t handle it.

Amanda's Therapist





(give me “one flew over the cuckoo’s nest” or “helter skelter”)

Acetone cocktail

Helen called herself a Superfan be said she never watched BB After Dark, or the feeds and had never heard of joker, Hamster or Online Big Brother. I don’t think she understands the game as well as she thinks.


1. The only rat/snitch in the game was Candice.

2. Everyone knows Helen had a final 2 deal with Elissa, so why should Andy keep his end of the bargain as well?

3. Elissa is an anti-social hypocrite with some serious mental issues.


Someone please explain where I can find info on Elissa being an escort. Is that a rhumor or truth?

Simple enough...

There is no evidence. Just jealous people who keep attacking my (very rich and happy) family. Being beautiful, rich and smart are three qualities Americans love to hate the most. ‘No one should have more than anyone else’ is what they believe. ‘We should all be equal’ is another belief. Get over it, take care of yourself, stay in school and work hard and you all can have what my family has. Utopia. Now, please vote Elissa out, we want her at home so we can go traveling and I can watch my honey walking beaches in her bikini.


Thought she mentioned it at some point and that is when she got pregnant with her son, or maybe Rachel had mentioned something about it . It is there somewhere I think.


she doesn’t seem to be vary happy and if she so rich why the heck is she playing a game for a mear $500,000??? i think someone is full of sh*t!;-)

Amanda's Mother

I do not believe that my Amanda is quite through with Elissa quite yet. I am sure that Punky Poo hss some interesting things to teach to that girl. (belch)


Dear Amanda’s mother: Maybe you should’ve taught your daughter some manner before letting her out in to the world.
please have her checked after she gets out of that house with the $500k (since your daughter is already pre-planned to win the game)…
p.s. on the bright side for you: at least you will have a maid in the house (MC) hahaha…


Elissa is not “Being beautiful, rich OR smart”
If you are beautiful, you don’t need plastic surgery. Rich, her husband may be rich, but we’ve also seen pictures of him. She would not be with him if he was broke. Smart? Elissa is probably the dumbest girl in the house. Nothing she says makes sense and she pauses between every sentence to think of her next dumb statement. She is also vile, repulsive, a hypocrite, selfish, mean, disgusting, anti-social, a gold digger, and admitted herself she only has 1 friend (the mother of her husband’s child) outside of the house. It’s no wonder why. People don’t like her and that’s why she acts the way she does. An anti-social hypocrite is taking it lightly, she really has some severe issues. And talk about jealous, she’d probably sell her soul to look like Aaryn. That’s why she talks about her 24/7 and Aaryn doesn’t even care about her. She’s done nothing in the game and cries to the DR for special privileges because her sister won.
Elissa is the reason for the MVP, which ruined the whole season by getting out entertaining people and leaving her in. She is also the reason Helen is leaving. She is toxic and an overall disgusting human being. DR can keep protecting her, giving her stuff she’s not supposed to have, telling her secret info, etc, but she’ll be going pretty soon. And when she does, I’ll be the happiest you’ve ever seen to get that anti-social idiot off my screen.

Amanda's Therapist

Hey dude/dudette light up another doobie! You rag on about
Elissa….give it a break! Amanda lied about her AGE by 10 (ten) fuckin years to land on a reality show! WTF!
You can’t change what is on your birth certificate!
Bc you spend thousands of $$$ on plastic surgery? No!
(Or get it free if you WHORE yourself out? Probably what Amanda did…?)
OMG! Do you really think Amanda is F R E E from botox?liposuction? nose surgery? dental implants? ETC ETC ETC ETC
AND obviously new TITS!
So you can see they have much in common….so
Please STFU!


She sells her ass every time she sleeps with her sugar daddy of a husband.


This bitch married an older guy with 3 kids to escape life. Any of you morons believe it was for love? He got himself a young piece of ass and she got herself a life of no job, no worries, just some fucking yoga. Yesterday she was bragging to Helen how much jewelry he buys her. She is completely worthless as a woman.


How confident are we that any returning Jury member (Who will be HOH upon winning tonight) will put up Amanda?


Candace wouldn’t. Jessie might. Judd wouldn’t. Helen will.

Amandas cootch smells like onions

Very confident. I also hope the returning hg has a special power like veto or something

OMG!!! love your name hahahahaha

I saw on the feeds she was making fun of MC because according to her he doesn’t shower. hahahaha yet she is so quick to go down on him. King PIG! and she is constantly sniffing his arm pits and feet. She is so gross.


ZERO confidence in that possibility. The returning HG will fall back in line with whatever Amanda demands.


Helen is just mad that she chickened out on Jessie when Amanda was on the block TWICE! It was bound to catch up with her and I hope she doesn’t come back for that reason.


Spencer sez: I named my goat Marilyn. after Marilyn Monroe, Does that mean I don’t like blondes?……North Carolina LOWEST ACT scores in the country! We’re number 50! We’re number 50! YAY!!! …..Hannah Anderson is lying.


They’re ALL bunch of chickens…”Amanda is scary” ! Blah blah blah. Fine, roll over and hand it to her you bunch of whimps!

Amandas cootch smells like onions

No kidding Aaryan thinks shes so tough and awesome with her HOH wins but shes “afraid” of Amanda, lol what a joke! Aaryan you’re no Janlle, child please.

Pinocchio Obama

It’s called leading from behind. It doesn’t work in the BB house and it doesn’t work for America. Lead for the front and show me the jobs, foreign policy in Egypt and Syria, education reform ( this got to be up there, after seeing Gina, just scrap public education and start over) and deficit spending. If I can get a candidate to do that, no matter Republican or Democrat, then she or he will have everyone’s support.


That is what Hell-en deserves after putting her trust in Rat Andy and voting out all her allies. I feel no sympathy for her. Peace out Hell-en


I want to know your opinions about this.
Thumbs up if you believe that Amanda is actually going to win the season and she is an actor who is friends with Alison Grodner.
Thumbs down if you think it’s not true.
I’m starting to feel like it’s true. She acts like she can do anything (because she knows production will have her back anyway).

This Season Blows

Rachelissa is production’s hand-picked winner. She gets everything she wants from production and the rules don’t apply to her. Any time she’s in serious danger of getting evicted, they rig the veto competition for her. She was handed a rigged twist to keep her safe the first few weeks. She gets paid a lot more than the other houseguests. Do you really think she won’t get a Pandora’s Box or DPOV if she ever wins HOH? Those Demanda rumors were probably made up to distract from the true fraud.


Blah blah blah. You sound like McCranda


rigged veto? which competitions have you been watching. she flat out won the vetos on her own. but keep up with your mindless hate for her if it makes you feel better. i’m not a fan of hers, but i’m tired of people hating on her just for the sake of hate.


They are just plan jealous of Elissa!!! She is absolutely beautiful. She should get her own Yoga show, I wish I could do 10% of the yoga she does. She doesn’t lower herself to this disgusting cast. She’s not vulgar, racist, sexual, diseased like the rest of this loser cast is. She cleans (which most do not). She cooks for them all (which most do not). She doesn’t get trashy drunk. And who gives a flying hoot who she married. So what if he’s rich, good for Elissa. If you people doen’t like your lives so much and are so jealous of what Elissa has been able to do, then get off your a*s, stop eating Cheetos and do something!!

Am so over Hell en the desperado

I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s rigged for Elissa to win. When she is on the block production probably tells her in the DR where the winning clues are hidden in the competition so she knows exactly where to run to and find it. After reading and hearing about all the preferential treatment Botox gold digger has gotten this season nothing surprises me. Too bad Elissa will have no allies left in the house after tonight, and since you can’t win HOH two weeks in a row she will be evicted no later than two weeks from tonight. (If she doesn’t walk off the set first as she’s been threatening.). Alas, like everything else about her, that was likely a fake empty “game move” she made. I seriously doubt her Grand Canyon sized ego would allow her to really do that.

Who Really Knows?

The game was rigged for Frank last year and despite his unpleasant personality in the house – his CBS edits made it possible for AG aka production to give him America’s player. I do not think that Elissa stands any chance of winning this game if she placed in the top 2 – the jury wouldn’t give it to her simply because of her sister. Could she be handed America’s vote – possibly. BB has for the last three or more years been rigged and favored certain house guests – but really, that’s what Big Brother is all about


actually Frank won America’s player last year he ended up getting 2nd place money with his weekly stipend as well as America player. because somebody with all the prizes he won, he cleared about 39k.


* he told somebody that he cleared 39k

OTEV The Beaver

Having now seen how OTEV ran, I’m very, very curious to hear how anybody feels that could have been rigged. Did you see how Elissa played? What kind of “rigging” would have enabled that, exactly?

Am so over Hell en the desperado

Elissa ran to a certain area in the backyard and returned to the same spot every time. It’s possible that there was only a limited amount of envelopes with the right answer scattered throughout the yard. For example maybe there were only 2 envelopes total with Jessie’s name on it scattered among dozens with other HGs names; if production told her that all the answers would be in a certain area (and where Jesse’s envelope could be found in my example) then it would be a piece of cake for her to survive each round. You notice that none of the comps she’s won were intellectual or pot luck (like roulette). They are where you have to find clues in the yard. Production can give her a leg up by directing her to the area she should be going to in the yard. THAT’s how it could be rigged.

OTEV The Beaver

I don’t think that’s actually possible because in each round all of the houseguests did in fact find the right answer – so obviously, there were enough of them. I think she did exactly what she said – she scoped out all of the envelopes in a specific area on the first round, and then she just kept going back there because she already knew if the name she was looking for was in that area or not.


Yap love he tackled Andy and down Andy went.


Meant Love that Elissa tackled Andy and down Andy goes.


I remember her joking about her stipend other than that I don’t know where there is any information on how much more she is supposedly getting paid. And I would venture more towards Amanda being the production favorite than Elissa. Things aren’t going well and she isn’t liked very well in the house. And Amanda’s edits seem to being making her the “star of the show” with Elissa and the rest as her pawns and sidekicks.


I just don’t see how it’s rigged for Elissa to win. Hell, last night if Helen could’ve simply climbed a bit faster up the ramp on Otev, Elissa would be the one going home tonight. Unless you think CBS asked Helen to pull herself up the ramp slowly to let Elissa run by and win. If that were the case then that would mean Helen is in on the rig too, and if this talk about Amanda is true and it’s rigged in her favor as well, than we might as well say that CBS hired all of these folks and it isn’t reality at all, just a great dramedy brought to you by CBS.

Am so over Hell en the desperado

That is quite possible How??? and I have thought about that myself. It would be easy to do. Just have an employment contract with each HG that they will be paid $x amount to vote a certain way each week. They would have license to say and do what they wanted (including what production told them). So long as each voted the way production directed each week then they would be paid their negotiated amount at the end of the game. It would be a brilliant move on CBS’s part. Of course each HG would be in on the act and would be told to create drama each week; just vote the way CBS directed. That would explain so much this season. And it’s been said by different HGs at certain points that production actually gives them cue cards to read from in the DR directing them what to say. That’s what we see on CBS when they show the quick DR comments. It’s all scripted. So nothing would surprise me. Did you know that 4 HGs are from Texas this season? (Aaryn, Candice, Jeremy, Jesse). Helen and Andy are from Chicago. David and Amanda from California (Amanda moved to Florida in March). GM and Nick from NYC (which would explain how GM can act so obsessed with Nick and get away with it). McCrae and Kaitlyn live in Minnesota. Howard and Spencer border each other in the south. And Elissa is alone but has her own special deal with CBS because of the Rachel connection. All of these “players” could have colluded ahead of time in the months leading up to the show. It’s a great way for 16 people to make good money for doing nothing for 3 months and it would be a ratings coup for CBS with all the guaranteed drama that has occurred. No HG would be able to gripe bc they would’ve signed a contact at the beginning outlining what was to be expected. None of the above probably happened but it’s a great theory.


I really disagree.
1- the person who leaked the Amanda winning info claimed Elissa was a distraction as to who the real winner would be.
2 – we CLEARLY saw her win those veto’s without any possible rigging. like yes, we know that the veto where you buzz in is rigged, but not the one’s where you have to run and find names/letters/numbers. There’s no way to rig that.

Amanda is Awful

Here is a wonderful clip of that wonderful, classy, tasteful person loved by both you and I… AMANDA!


Cooper, for the most part, I believe it really is true. Google “Amanda Zuckerman Realtor Twitter” and you will see where she lived in CA up to a year ago and her boyfriend is Justin Rider, a reality tv show producer. She also has a relative that works for CBS. I believe AG and her boyfriend wanted to help her get on BB to try to further her showbiz career, so they had her move back to her mother’s house in FL so it wouldn’t look so obvious. Guess they forgot about her old twitter account. I honestly believe she is the predetermined winner and that is why she is able to do and say the things she does and get away with it. Not to mention, have you noticed how much camera time she gets on every episode versus the rest of the house? McCrae may win, but it will only be because Amanda lets him and AG goes with it so it won’t be so obvious what she did. I don’t mind production “helping” the house guests from time to time, but to allow someone as vile and disgusting as Amanda to rule the house is pathetic. And if you remember the 2 times she was on the block, she wasn’t worried about going home, she was mad because someone had the audacity to put her on the block. That’s my theory anyway. I’m just waiting for the finale because this show has really gotten so boring and predictable. BB isn’t the show it used to be, thanks to AG and her favorites, but I hold out hope, maybe next year, if there is one, will be better and they will have real players in the game.


If that’s the case, and they are doing this to further her “showbiz career”, they are doing one sorry ass job. How in the world anyone would hire her for ANYTHING is beyond me. No one can stand her, this will only hurt her life outside of BB. She has portrayed herself as a trashy, bossy, pushy, obnoxious, moron. Who would want to hire her??


I think this was the plan of CBS, but do you really think the backlash they would get considering all the rumors out there about the show being rigged would make them carry through with Amanda winning this season? I don’t think so, I think this is Big Business & Amanda winning will cost them a shitload in court fees trying to fight lawsuits of fraud, racism, etc…not to mention hurt future seasolns of Big Brother with a tainted reputation. If Anything…They now probably want Amanda to get kickjed out so they can be like, “See America! We didn’t rig the show!” Even if this wasn’t their original intention.


Helen is a idiot she still says “I didn’t want to do it earlier in the game because it was too soon.” about putting up Mcranda. Really too soon when you had people willing to do it they just wanted you to support them. Then you help evict them and try when its obviously too late, she is her own worst enemy. She thinks she has game because she got Jeremy out, the whole damn house but a couple people wanted him out and Amanda and Andy really have more to do with Jeremy’s eviction than Helen does.


Agreed Ez, guys can you not see that if Helen would have agreed before that instead of Jessie leaving it would have been Helen exiting earlier. Helen and Elissa do not have the votes and still don!t. I think that rumors about Amanda and producer AG are friends could be true. It seems that Amanda is rigged to win the game and not fair. She said if she wins or not win still would like to travel which means this lady has money. She already has everything money and connections and her friend AG Helping her to make an extra half a million dollar. It is not fair with the other houseguest.

mark h

Not necessarily. Spencer, gm, aaryn, elissa and jessie would have been open to making a play against Amanda 2 or 3 weeks ago…..but nobody except jessie was willing to take any risk. Jessie, gm, and Spencer would have jumped at the chance to be part of a relevant alliance.


EZ…All I needed to read was “Helen is an idiot” and you already got my thumbs up.


Lol. “Too soon to get Amanda out”….. I hope Helen realizes how horrible of a player she really is. Too soon? Wasn’t it too soon to start talking about jury votes a month ago????? And I swear she said that 500k wasn’t enough money that it should be more well before that. Maybe it was too soon to start figuring how much of 500k Helen could take home.
Helen is a joke. I hope she realizes this. When u act soooo comfortable in the game, and worry about jury votes that kinda puts a target on ur back.
And Helen is going out way worse than Jessie. I watched live feeds and Jessie wasn’t anywhere near this pathetic. She was just pissed.

what the flux

you know what is the bad part all about this? its that Helen still thinks that it was “too early” to get out Mccranda when they are the ones that told Aaryn to her up


Imagine if she comes back tonight wins HOH and says it’s to early to take out Amanda.. I wouldn’t be surprised if she put up Aaryn and Spencer and made another fake final 4 with Amanda/McCrae/Elissa.


My sentiments exactly. She will realign with Mc Cranda and vote Aaryn or Spencer out and so will Judd. That’s why I prefer Candice coming back in


I wouldn’t be surprised either.


Spot On


Hey Simon/Dawg,
Do you guys know where one can watch tonight’s livestream episode? I’m on the east coast and we have the NFL playing till much later tonight.

As always, thanks for all your hard work!




Ok Simon, I love you and Dawg so much for this site!! You guys keep all of us updated on what goes on when we are unable to view the live feeds.

I am so glad you provided this link because tonight has got to be the most anticipated show of the season for me. I am already making some iced coffee, and I have dinner on the stove because Nothing is gonna come between me and my Big Brother!

I do have a question for you….I heard about this Reality Ball last night on the live feeds, have you or Dawg heard of it? Have you ever been?


Thanks hatemachine, Haven’t heard of the reality ball yet. We don’t live in the US so we’ve never gone to any Big Brother function.


I went to the web page you cited but it’s coming up “website suspended” and just has the bravesites home page. Is there another site for the live feeds? Thanks for the great updates. I can’t get enough of this show!




Best thing to happen….Helen gets voted out and then back in the game. I know many don’t want her in…..but her knowing she’s going and knowing who’s against her….she is the only one who would put up Amanda and McCrae. Candice wont….she’ll go after Aaryn and GM. Jessie won’t…..she’ll go after Aaryn and GM possibly Spencer. And Judd…..will just be Amanda’s puppet again. If anything good is going to come of this season…..Helen is the only hope to get Amanda out.


Jessie would TOTALLY put up Amanda.


Jessie was hell bent on getting Amanda out. I cant stand Helen or Amanda. I want Helen gone, Jessie to come back and KO Amanda!

candaice says to demanda...

all day everyday, i’ll put you up


Andy would get put on the block.

Roisin Dubh

Give it a rest Helen. Nobody will believe what you said until you are gone. And even then they will still talk themselves out of the truth. You should know that better than anyone else in that house. Woulda, shoulda, coulda. At least Jeremy knew he was gone and took it with class. After watching the feeds last night, I’m convinced that these people are just so withdrawn from reality that leaving the house is really gonna play with their heads for a few months. Aaryn, now that she’s comfortable again, her nasty ,true, self shines nice and bright. Spencer is just a POS, how is this judges kid gonna react when he finds out the cops investigated him over pedo comments? Gm, still crazy as ever, Andy just a little B that can’t handle pressure and knows his duplicity is gonna end real bad for him and of course the stinky couple. El is the only one that is halfway decent in that house and is smart enough to know how the viewers are judging them. Whoever comes back tonight, better come back guns blazing and have no fear about putting that house in check and start calling out people. I started watching BBCanada and it is 10 times better than this mess that’s called BBUSA. Those HGs have class.


Roisin, you had me all the way up until: (” El is the only one that is halfway decent in that house and is smart enough to know how the viewers are judging them”):o anyone who uses the words; smart & halfway decent in the same sentence to describe El must be a bit off…have you actually been listening to El speak at all??? sorry but intelligence is not a trait she possesses


Some of the greatest minds who ever lived were introverts that couldn’t carry on a normal conversation. Because Elissa isn’t a valedictorian doesn’t mean she isn’t perceptive, she seems to have a good instinct on the characters of the other house guests and she doesn’t kiss ass.



Also, it’s pretty obvious that Elissa is aware that what happens in that house will haunt you afterwards. She should be proud in how she actively chooses to not succumb to the low quality conversations these people engage in. I truly believe that the only way to stay strong is to have started off with that mindset. The others just don’t like that she won’t incriminate herself like that. Of them all, I think Elisa will have the best mental state when they leave the house.


I thought Helen would be the best to come back but wonder if she won’t fall for the same lies and tears. Jessie might be the best of the bunch… it really all depends if they were in the jury house and able to talk to if they are sequestered. Either way would they be able to watch the feeds so they are caught up with everything?


I wrote something not too long ago but apparantly it did not get printed.I wish they quit being racists on this segment as it will hurt them when they get out in public and can’t they say something in the diary room to these people to let them know its hurting their image badly?Also I wish Spencer would quit picking his nose all the time and where does he put his pickings anyway?On the subject of these racisms remarks that some of these certain houseguests are saying,don’t they realize it hurting their families as well as them?People are people no matter what color they are and these people also have feelings.
How would they feel if it came back to them if they were of different color and people said these remarks to them the same remarks they have said?
I hope I did not hurt others feelings but it is my opinion and i had to say this.I feel when they go into the diary room CBS should say something.Maybe they should tell certain ones that they no longer have jobs due to what they said concerning race color and such and maybe they will think twice on their words.Sorry if I hurt anyone but I just had to say it.


Linda from the things the HG’s have said about DR sessions they have been given a lot of hints about the racism but they just don’t care. And they can’t tell them they’ve been fired…that’s the surprise at the end of Expect the Unexpected…that’s about the only surprise this season.

Well Said

Dang, that’s a great comment!

give me a break

I don’t think production should tell them anything…..they are old enough to know that racism is wrong…..i don’t need anybody telling me that racism is wrong ……those 3 girls are just vile… point blank….

Season 2 the best

Don’t feel sorry for Helen. Did you not catch how she said she was never going after Amanda and then a couple of sentences later it was – if I had won HOH ,I would have put up Amanda and McCrae. She is just sorry she didn’t get there first.


She never was but people on the block kept coming to her to get Amanda out and when finally she said ok and made a mistake of telling her so called alliies Andy who really is not is her downfall. Like she stated that she is too trusting but she is the way she is. I really hope she can come back and her and Elissa control HOH and keeps all remaining houseguest in the dark who they will put up or backdoor. I bet that 3 and 2AM most especially Amanda will go ballistic and house crazy. How I wish this can come true and watch each of them backstab one another. As long as Helen and Eliissa do not make deals, do not
tell anyone their plans and do not say who is going up or be backdoored then it will probably be one of the most exiting week in BB. Just my thought and you guys can make yours up.


Love it how Helen claims she was never after Amanda and McCrae, then explains to GM all the people she tried to get to put them up! Guess I am unclear on the concept of ” not targeting”.


GM and ellisa need to put their differences aside and look at the bigger picture. Getting rid of eachother is only doing what amanda and mcrae want!!!! open your eyes..I just hope GM listenes to what Helen is telling… She needs to make a deal with ellisa…and they both need to fight for that hoh (even though i hate GM’s gutts)… None of that “put spencer as a pawn crap” be bold!!! put both of them!!


God PLEASE let her listen! Every time I think one of them are opening their eyes about demanda, all the sudden they switch right back and do exactly what she wants! Ugggghh it’s so frustrating how they just roll over and do her bidding!! Wake up!!


Gina Marie is not going to do anything other than follow what the rest do. It is clear that most of the people that came into this game were pretty much just looking for some fame and a place to be for the summer. Look at half of these people, being in the jury house is better than their real lives. Gina Marie has the depth of a wading pool and seems to be doing pretty much what everyone other than Amanda and Mcrae are doing, waiting for a special power to change the dynamic of the game as they clearly dont have the intestinal fortitude to do anything and seem to be doing what ever they can to avoid doing anything other than spend the days making vile comments about the other players and pretend strategizing.

I believe that Helen is aware that pretty much everything that she said in that house could blow back on her in the real world. She is one of the few in there that has a job that a comment on BB could have serious ramifications down the road. The rest of them arent aware that their behaviour could/has cost them in the real world. She is very aware that this sort of thing takes on a life of its own (as we all now see) so she is playing a game that she believes is politically sanitary. I think that Ellissa is all too aware as well the havoc this game can create in someones life outside of the BB game, so it only maked sense that she isnt all that keen to open herself up to all these people, let alone to the rest fo the world. Helen is trying to straddle the fence while Ellissa has clearly jumped off that fence and made her feelings known about her fellow house guests.

Amanda I just dont get, her profession relies on being able to create a sense of trust and integrity, not too many people want to be associated with a person of questionable character, let alone trust people with personal financial matters who have shown themselves to be less than upstanding. While most people who were cast in this game will not get too much blow back, there will be local interest in Amanda and her time in the game, so you would think she would be way more careful about how she portrays herself and how any possible clients may see her after this game ends as her reputation is crucial to her success.

Amanda, Aaryn and GM will most likely find life difficult after the BB house, but all 3 of them seem to have the personality traits that will allow them to rewrite what went down, to downplay their behaviour and their families will support them as they really have no choice. Lets be honest, no one really cares about these people after the show is done, and the funny thing is that these people have created a vision of themselves that will out last their relevancy in the big picture. I hope it was worth it….


Amanda’s job does not require her ability to “rcreate a sense of trust and integrity”. When I buy a home I want my realtor to be knowledgable on pertinent subject matter with factual evidence (eg. pointing out specific differences in architectural quality of homes, resale trends in areas of interest). And I want her cutthroat when dealing with the seller to make sure my demands are met (eg. reduced pricing, repairs, etc). So in my opinion, I’d take Amanda as a realtor until she proves she has a lack of understanding of her industry. My most recent realtor was very frank and open about her opinions which some might consider offensive but she was an awesome realtor and I got a great home out and a much better understanding of quality home buying/building.

I’m still surprised at the hate for Amanda, because when compared to some in the house she might be abrasive/aggressive in her dealings with certain people and at times emotionally insecure and prone to outbursts nothing unusual about how she acts. She’s playing an awesome game, is humorous enough without crossing the line of annoyance and if you have sensitive ears and can’t take the off-color/crass house discussions then this show is not for you.

Heck I’m more confused about the Aaryn hate early on since the recaps read a lot more negative than what actually happened when you view the lve feeds (eg. the whole bed flipping was blown out of proportion). I think her career will be fine afterwards, maybe a little slow starting up. GM will have more issues, but I feel bad for her because I think more important than her job woes are some emotional issues that need to be worked out with a therapist. It’s probably for the best that she stay at home with her mom and try to look after herself a little.


“if you have sensitive ears and can’t take the off-color/crass house discussions then this show is not for you.”

Thanks for that. Considering all the other BB seasons were bearable enough, it’s nice to know that because of Amanda being herself, other people get to decide this show is not for me


Maybe this will help you with your confusion about why people don’t like Amanda or find her acceptable.


Sorry, here’s the entire link ….. youtube.com/watch?v=LcmnVw-RQM0


Helen says if I was America I would want to give it to you Ginamarie. Thank God you are not America.


Ben, that is why I don’t want Helen to win her way back into the game. She is so clueless as to everything that has transpired this season. GM as America’s favorite, she probably is not even the favorite in Staten Island.


Dude, helen is probably just telling GM that. Im pretty sure helen is smart enough to know that american views GM as a big time floater and silly girl.
Dont take it so literal. Obviously helen is still trying til death to stay in the game or at least get amanda/mcrae out. If i were on the block, i d say anything til the very last second, tell people what they want to hear, butter them up, do whatever.. Just to keep trying. I would fight with everything in me til im told its time to go.
Bravo to helen for still trying.


It’s not just for votes. Helen told Elissa that in private too, so Helen actually believes GM will be America’s favorite.

Amanda's Therapist

GM should go back to school……complete her “kindergarten” year … AND learn how to play well with others !!!

WTF! GM said if she wins BB she will GIVE some of the $$$ to other players¿¿¿ LMFAO! LMFAO! LMFAO!
Now…she is planning on buying a DATE with little Nicky…OMG! This is one of the most pathetic – dumb ASS bleached blonde bimbo’s to come along in a LONG time! Imo


Wait is that Aaryn on the couch during the HoH lockdown while Aaryn is HoH – and Amanda in the bed? Selfish bitch.


Exactly. — She (Amanda) does it all the time, bc it’s the position of POWER in that room. She acts like she owns it! She rifled through all of Aaryn’s new stuff this week, put on one of her new blouses and didn’t take it off the rest of the evening, used her face mask, etc. etc. Sitting with her skanky underwear/bikini bottom on Aaryn’s bed. YUCK. It’s too bad that Helen and Elissa came on so strong yesterday, bc I think Aaryn has had it up to here with Amanda.


Uggghhhh WHY do they let her??? It’s almost to the point that I can’t stand watching it anymore. I’m so sick of them doing her bidding. It’s annoying as hell.


I am back again.I forgot to say also why doesn’t Spencer go and get tissue for picking his nose and why does he have to put his hands down his pants on public tv where its so gross.Even toilet paper is better to use for his nose than using his hands and then using his hands to eat out of someone else’s food in HOH.How unsanitary is that.I thought as a grown man he would have more manners.I am done now.Again sorry!


Ugh! I can’t wait for tonight! Please let a jury member with a backbone re-enter the house!!! Do you remember those days??? When people said what they thought about someone to their face and could make their own decisions about who to nominate and who to vote out? Aww, those were the days! My favorite season had to be Janelle’s first season! My favorite moment was her being carried away as she was screaming at the nerd herd and what she thought of them. Yeap, that was the good old days!


I don’t understand how production/casting is having such a hard time finding someone like Janelle???? After all these years – they cannot find anyone anything like her.

Rachel spoke her mind but she was very unliked in her first season especially…Dani spoke her mind, I guess.

Still – no one has touched Janelle as far as overall gameplay, strategy, competitiveness, etc.


It’s looks like 3am alliance will turn against each other.


So many people say Elissa looks down on everyone… she is part of a few of the HG’s who actually clean in that house. The others sit around in their own filth putting her down and never lifting a finger to help. So who looks down on whom?

The only person that can make you feel inferior is you.


:::shaking my head in disdain at the actions of some of these people::: I know there are some of you who do not like Elissa, and I get that in a way because she does not push game play super hard and prefers talking about more conservative things (which makes her and Helen an outcast compared to the consistent sex and bodily function talk everyone else harps on)… but those things that make some of you dislike her, makes me like her all the more. If she pushed the game too hard, she would be as disloyal as Helen has been to her. If she talked and acted like the rest of these people, she would be just as disgusting, and losing just as much outside of the house as most of these people have already lost.

One of the things that I do not get about the people in the house (and there are plenty of things that I do not understand) is why they act the way that they do in front of their family, friends, coworkers, etc. being at an age where they should know the consequences of those actions. Are they so socially blind that they just assume the game is like the Vegas slogan (what is done there, stays there)?

Another thing that I do not get is how many people I know saying how Amanda is the best player of all time… That, I completely do not get. When everyone around you makes decisions that benefit you, that does not mean you made those decisions, or swayed theirs. It just means you got very lucky. McCrae is a definite exception to that though. She truly has manipulated and lead him around. His actions I would attribute to her because she snaps that leash by treating him bad every time he hints at an opinion she doesn’t share, but not really think that Andy, Aaryn, or Spencer has done much of anything because she says it. I think it just so happened to have aligned with what she wants, or doesn’t go against what she wants.

I may be wrong though… I’ve been wrong before :)


Run with the scenario that Elissa joined in on the conversations… people here would be appalled that a Mom would talk that way and what a terrible role model she is for her kids, blah, blah, blah.

This Season Blows

Correction: she doesn’t play the game at all, and she only ever talks about Aaryn or her money. She’s really not likeable at all and comes across as a complete snob. And the excuses that her fans make for everything she does or says doesn’t help. Her fans talk about her like she’s the purest and greatest human being in BB history when she’s just as flawed as anyone else in the house. Maybe if they’d take the rose-colored glasses off and be objective for once, she wouldn’t be criticized as much. Otherwise, someone needs to counter the delusion!


Amanda has not done much of the dirty work herself, but she is the reason a lot of it has happened. She decides who she wants gone, Then she gets her minions to do her dirty work for her. She is smart, I will giver her that much. She had Andy do a side alliance with Helen and Ellisa, She got McCrea and Andy to do a side alliance with Spencer, they have a alliance with Aaryn (who controls GM). They had a side alliance with Judd and pretty much most of the house after they broke up “the Moving Company”. She has not had to get her hands dirty, but she is definitely the puppet master pulling the strings in the house. She tells her people who she thinks needs to go, then the minions go talk everyone else into it. I do NOT like Amanda, but I do respect her game plan.


yeah i guess you gotta give it to her. Everybody she wanted out of the house, left! But that fact has been claimed by Andy and Helen as well.

So who was behind it all, really? Was it Helen, Andy or Amanda? I know at a certain point she did take over, after all the people who would have thought for themselves had gone. So the ones left behind were the ones she really needed to carry out her game plan. Did she get lucky or did she hand pick these remaining HGs for their ability to be doughheads?


as much as i loved Judd, i hope he doesn’t come back in because he’s going to be brainwashed by Amanda once again
hopefully Elissa wins HOH and puts her up


So we are not confident a returning juror put ups Amanda. Break it down for me, who would be best to come back and who would be worst? I feel like Judd will go back in kissing ass and trying to pick up where he left off. I think Candice goes after Amanda and Spencer because she’s kinda narrow minded. I see Jessie going after Amanda and Andy, and Helen Amanda and Aaryn. Any feelings on this?

A selfish and bored viewer

I want Jessie or Candice to return mostly for the entertainment value. Of course, they may also be the only ones who would return with a vengeance and mix things up. If Candice comes back, it would be a great birthday gift for GM. While I am at it, I don’t think the house guests have a right to complain about it. It seems clear they have been given a heads up by their “friends” in the diary room, so they have time to strategize. Not to mention, the house guests think it is an unfair advantage for a returning juror because they have had time to rest. However, they don’t know whether or not they have been isolated in sequester or with the other evicted jurors. If they have been isolated, that is debilitating as well and can drive a person nuts!


Judd will come back in and follow the orders he had before he left, so no change to the game there. Candice doesn’t have anybody on her side and no way to build any kind of alliance to affect the game, so again no change there. Same for Jessie. Helen is talking a good game but I somehow suspect she would still focus on Spencer and retreat to her corner, opposite of Amanda/McCrae.

Bottom line, the returning HG will have little to no impact on the game as it is. Just a mere distraction to keep us talking about BB.


That depends though. What if Helen, Candice or Jessie come back? They could get with El, GM and possibly Aaryn. They could do some damage that way. They would just have to get Aaryn to quit being such a wussy, bc GM would follow her for sure.


Jeez people if Candice comes back and sends Aaryn out the door, that’s a much needed game move. After all, the racist is the one winning Hoh after Hoh doing what gross Amanda wants. Fact is Amanda can’t win competitions and this will be a big problem as the game furthers. Aaryn needs to go, I’m literally raging at her continued presence in the house.


I agree, no matter who comes back, if they win HOH Amanda and McCrae won’t be put up together and they would need to be put up together ti ensure one of them goes out, if they go up with anyone else that5 person will go.

The Rat is still sheeping for Amanda and McCrae so he will put up Elissa, and GM Spencer and Aaryn being the renom

Spencer might go against Amanda and McCrae, but he has to win, which I highly doubt he will if it’s endurance.

McCrae will put up Elissa and GM with his master in his ear to put up Aaryn if they get the chance

Amanda ROLMFAO who are we kidding, unless someone helps her she won’t win shit. AG herself could come out to help her and she would STILL fuck it up.

So Elissa and GM would be the only ones that will put both of them up.


Putting up with the Candice/GM would be painful, I don’t know if Helen has the courage to put up Amanda, so I am thinking Jesse might be the one who would be a good ally for Elissa.

Too,bad the house won’t turn and take out Spencer, it would be fun to see the teams somewhat equal and maybe we would have something interesting to watch!


Let’s see who gets the HOH bed during the lockdown. My money is on Amanda and McCrae, shocker!!!


They (Spencer, McCrae, Andy) were in HOH last night talking about what the HOH Endurance comp might be.

I think they should give them one like in Season 5, where Jase and Diane were the last ones standing. They had to stand with their thumb on a button. If they removed the thumb, they were out. That one was equal in ability to compete since all the “stands” were created to fit the person who would be standing there. They were the right height and arm length to button.

If they had a comp like that no one would be able to complain that their feet were too big, or was made for people who were smaller, and like McCrae said that to hand onto something for a long time it something he could do because he doesn’t have muscle mass.

Although, I guess Amanda and McCrae could complain about how that wasn’t fair to them. BB knows that they are not familiar with the state of being vertical.


I wonder if helen still thinks it was “too early” to get rid of Amanda…btw anybody found it hilarious that aaryn was complaining last night about how she has doen what amanda wanted in all of her HOH’s..lol she gives all these good reasons not to follow amanda and then turns around and does exactly what amanda wants


If I were GM, I would vote to evict Spencer and and deny it until the end but place blame on Andy unless Elissa wins HOH and then admit it. I would live to see Andy have to squirm also. I want Amanda and McCrae up so bad!!! Preferably Admanda go home. I think the only person in the house that feels truly confident is Amanda. I hate when people are that confident in this game. It’s stupid to be confident in the BB house UNLESS you are HOH or “hand picked to win”.


I miss the days of the rogue vote in the BB House! It at least made for interesting paranoia.


Helen is an idiot! She should have put pitbull Amanda out when she had the chance. Not so smart of her, now she can leave! No one that is left in that house deserves to win. Give the money to charity please.


If Helen gets voted out tonight only to come back in the house I am going to blow my freaking brain out!! I completely hate this season, and cannot wait for it to be over!!!

Here's some help

Hey buddy, you do know the season can end this second if you “can’t wait for this season to end.”, right? Just don’t turn on CBS Sun, Wed, or Thur night.
You’re welcome.


Guys not sure why you are talking about who will win the HOH. I can assure you, the winner of the JURY return will be the NEW HOH.


Helen’s mouth is on auto pilot most of the time. Also, remember she works in politics so double-speak and evasion/confusion is her best asset for that filthy field.


Hi! Hey Season Blows and Lucky lin here’s the scoop

3 hand picked ( maybe more )

Amanda = Winner. Walks away with the big $$….Works for production Co. and is AG’s buddy. Who escapes the block twice without a vote. But runs the house without a win

Andy= Mole.. Picked to protect the above bioch.. has no end game or goal just I spy for Amanda.
Elissa = Americas Favorite. Walks away with 25grand or maybe the 50grand for second place.. She already gets a bigger stipend and is spoiled by the DR, and was the damn MVP.
Andy= Mole.. Picked to protect the above bioches.. has no end game or goal.
We know that the DR tells them who not to put up (See You tube video about the DR tell Helen not to put up Howard yet)
Most of rest of the house knows they are not supposed to try to win that is why there was so much buzz about “GETTING to JURY”. No one seemed to be looking at the win but a few.
I will be holding my breath till Survivor comes back on


“Amanda asks why. Aaryn says probably for your Adderall medication. Amanda whines NO I DON’T WANNA TAKE IT YET!!!! ”

Figures she wouldn’t want to take it, it won’t make her smarter, she’ll still lose in every competition, as well as the game itself.

So much for controlling every HGs eviction, that won’t make jury vote for her, and that will be her Karma, losing BB. I just ope McCrae don’t win, not that I don’t like him, it’s that she would spend all the money on her “200k a year lifestyle”


I have worked with a lot of people who have ADD/ADHD and I have yet to see any of the typical signs in either of the girls. If they do have the disorder then they have pretty good coping skills.

Someone said in another thread that they though Elissa may be on the autism spectrum… as a mom of a son who has Aspergers, ADHD and learning disabilities I think it would be great if someone with autism or another disability won!


Ian won last year. He has Aspergers. The first winner of Big Brother Eddie was an amputee


I am not a big fan of this years House Guests. They did make some interesting moves in the beginning of the Season. People who would have been in the house up until jury went home and people who would have been the low lying fruit for quick easy pickings run the house. I a normal season (without the MVP twist) the evictions would like this.

Week One: Elissa would have been evicted instead of David. She is Rachael’s sister. Rachael is so disliked as a player she has been brought back as a punishment two times. MVP saved Elissa, the house guests understood early on that they had not achieved a fan base, but Elissa came in with the Brenchael fans. Elissa stayed because the other house guests viewed Elissa as easily manipulated and a desperate to stay Helen pulling her strings. Without MvP Elissa would have left first.

Week two: Would be the “Umm I don’t know who to pick.. Let the House decide” Week. Jessie would never have made it to jury in any other season. This week would be all about getting a Jessie or a Candice out. Never Ever a Nick.

Week Three: This the week where peoples nerves are being stretched a bit. House lines are drawn. Heroes and Villains are made. The muscular hero is targeted by the evil manipulator.. will justice and good prevail over the evil villain… Heck No.. the pawn walks this week. Bye Bye Jessie, GM or Candice. Jeremy would still be in the house.

Week Four: Kaitlyn would not have been the target, neither would Howard or Spencer. Yes this week, we would have been cursing the loss of Amanda or Mc Crae as the Showmances square off for survival and domination. Or would it be David sacrificing everything for his true love.. perhaps Nope.. Nick would not need his restraining order anymore, because this bids a do to GM.

With a few minor differences
Elissa, GM, Jessie and Candice would be gone.. not David, Nick, Jeremy or Kaitlyn

Week Five: the shake up big. This week you may see a Howard, Spencer, Jeremy or David go packing. David by this time may be viewed as the easiest manipulated muscle in the house and Nick and McCrae may decide to get rid of a member of their alliance in order to make the battle easier when they get to the final 6 people. My guess this sees the week Howard goes home. It follows the usual BB pattern. Nick and McCrae may see Howard as having a better social game and having a stronger connection with Helen, Spencer and Andy. He also may have flipped by this point.

Week Six: Double eviction Week.
Andy, all of his stuff would have come out because Helen would have kicked him under the bus
Helen the second Jury member: She would have gotten exposed earlier

Week Seven: Amanda, the alliance would need to split up McCrae and Amanda. Also this is the point where Rachael went her first time around. This is just the time of the game an Amanda type leaves. The excuse.. Peace in the House.

Now we come to current time. The house would consist of
Judd, McCrae, Nick, Aaaryn, David, Jeremy and Kaitlyn

Judd, McCrae Spencer and Nick vs Aaryn,Kaitlyn, Jeremy and David

On the block on week like this Jeremy and Kaitlyn.. PoV used by Kaitlyn
Jeremy and David go up.. Jeremy goes to Jury.

Would any of you prefer this as a Season to watch more than this one?


This is the worst season of Big Brother ever aired, both the show itself and After Dark. I too wish Spencer would quit picking his nose and Andy would quit playing with his dick….DISGUSTING. Helen screwed herself by voting out all her allies. Go home Helen and lobby the crooked people in DC. Amanda is just a bitch and a slut. Her disgusting yeast infected self needs to leave. I originally hated Ellissa but she is the only person in that house that has morals. Hold on for dear life Ellissa and be strong. I’m pulling for you!


I dont get all the MCCrae love. He has essentially done nothing other than win the first HOH, after pretty much everyone else bailed, then he sold himself for some nasty sex in the BB house even before he knew much about Amanda, then he has cruised since then. Oh Wait, I forgot about his constant shit talking about every one else when they arent in the room, that is basically his game play.

He glommed on to the one chick that took him as a showmance because no one else wanted her, and that was it. That is essentially the complete synopsis of MCCrae’s BB game, he sold himself for some ass and lucked out that the chick he hooked up with is a bully and the rest of the cast are spineless, weak players….

I dont get it, I would rather that Amanda win the money than this spineless shit talker any day, At least she hasnt hidden behind anything other than a garbage can after losing a competition. She is constantly telling people that she wants them to do things that are good for her game, and they do it! All MCcrae has done is shlepp around behind her and say Yup…


I agree with you about McCrae I don’t get it either. I think he is pretty spineless and is sounds like a little catty entitled b*tch most of the time. I can’t think of any personality traits in him that are very attractive (in the game). And his gameplay has mostly been laying on his back. Maybe if he hadn’t attached himself to Amanda early in the game and let the moving company play out he would have had more likable traits. But I’m not too sure about that either.

Amanda's Mother

Do you notice that no one who has won HOH minds that my angel uses the bed t get a little extra sleep? Isn’t my sweet baby such a princess? So very smart and considerate of people who are obviously beneath her station. I am so proud of my little girl. (scratches her crotch and exhales a plume of cigarette smoke) All these other mothers should be disgusted at the way their offspring talk about their friends and playmates behind their backs…Disgraceful!!!. My Darling has better manners than that. Isn’t Mandy’s man a hunk? I think I will do him myself. (once this onion smell goes away). He is so big and strong so athletic and smart. I bet he has a big Johnson too. My little girl always likes them big.


Yes, Amanda’s mom…you should be extremely proud of your nymphomaniac,daughter. She is definitely keeping it real for all the world to see her in all unadulterated glory.

LMAO, love your wit and depiction!!!!


i find it so disgusting that every person with long hair flinging it everywhere when cooking. i just heard on KATIE (SHOW) THAT EXTENTIONS cause you to lose your hair. al them bitc– will be bald when they leave. I said before AMANDAS play has been what most HG want for their game, just not in that order. did you hear Amanda say something about meeting that producer in a game somewhere, like softball or golf? if she comes close to F4 I WILL STOP WATCHING BB. HG kinda want her to go that far because they know they can beat her at any compettion.


Best case scenario if Hell-in comes back….she’s put BACK on the block, because she’s just a blockhead! She will continue to do the YeastBeast’s biding and we’ll have another dumb drone. If her or Elissa don’t win HOH, guess who’ll be on the block next week!!! Surprise.


LOL@yeastbeast ..

I want JUDD to comes back I found his conversations funny


Seriously Simon,

I have seen meth heads on E. 23rd Street in New York City, who are just as coherent as Judd. Also I think he could pose a serious threat, when he is not medicated. Just an observation based on his past behaviors.


Another one with the meds, Judd looked high as hell during his Chen interview.

Real Scandals Phony President

if Helen comes back knowing that Andy, McCrae, and Amanda turned on her that would be funny.

Amanda's Therapist

If ? Helen leaves the house…AND… I – was Elissa – I would go on strike! I would call a meeting and tell the pigs & the Arkansas HOG – they either clean up after themselves OR live in their ” pig-slop “!!
How gross are these players this year ¿¿¿ Yuck!!


Helen and Elissa were the only ones cleaning the house? Damn, we’re going to be seeing a lot more lockdowns because production’s housekeepers will have to help clean the house.


BB house is going to look like Joe’s Apartment with roaches everywhere.

VA Vet

Atta girl Helen. Tell Amanda everything you know. That will surely help the remaining house guests get Amanda evicted!

Helen, you are one dumb broad!!!


Im guessing whoever comes back tonight will come back as HOH? Would make sense or they would just be voted out in another boring week. If that’s the case please don’t let Helen get back in. All we need is another week of her on power trip telling everyone how much she loves them. BORING! Not a huge Candice fan but would love to see her come back in as HOH and watch GM walk around whining all week going YO YO YO I’m from staten island!!!!!


Its true that helens game has sucked lately but she did take out some big players in the first weeks. she got to cocky that always comes back to bite you in the ass in the end. Same thing in survivor if you are shown at the top of the show saying how you have control of the game, you go home that night.

Amanda's Therapist

Andy is a rat bastard prick! Sorry ! When I found out – my FRIEND had played me!! When I was evicted I would make sure he was EMBARRASSED! I would make him look like SHIT in
front of GOD and everybody!
That is no friend that is a genuine back stabber!
It is bc of “Andy the Rat” why – Amanda the Whore & McPussy the fake pizza boy.. are stll in the BB house¡¿¡

What does Elissa have that you don't?

EVERYTHING BABY! She is a sooooo hot. Never mind rich, educated and of course how can you tell? By all the haters who talk about her life. Get over it, she did the work and now is reaping the rewards. Now back on your fat as$es people and whine some more about my ultimate woman.,


This season just makes me feel gross. I’m rooting for Elissa, just because something MIGHT happen, even though I REALLY cannot stand her. Things that were funny about Rachel, (being an idiot, crying in the bushes when she didn’t win, getting crazy HOH-it is) are all completely absent in Elissa and she’s not good at talking to people or winning anything. Yet, the rest are all so fucking awful, I cannot root for any of them. Even the returning houseguests are awful, Helen: UGH. Jessie: Sucks at everything, Candace: Sucks worse than Jessie at everything, Judd: Clueless and would probably just join right back up with Aaryn and Amanda.

And yet, here I am watching this.


here is what could salvage this entire season ‘Houseguests! I told you to expect the unexpected and I meant it! Evil Dick is joining the game!, and, he’s the HOH! Enjoy!”


No chance of that happening unfortunately, He’s already stated he’ll never do the show again, unless they have a Evel Dick vs Dr. Will season.


And Dr. Will would ask for too much money, he was supposed to be one of the coaches last season, but they wouldn’t pay him what he wanted.


LMAO @ these delusional houseguests that think anyone would want to buy Demanda’s period stained onion scented bathing suit!