Aaryn tells Andy he can tell Helen that she taught us to vote with the house so that’s what you did.

POV Holder: Next POV Aug 17th
POV Used POV Ceremony Aug 19th
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH: Aug 22nd
Original Nominations: Elissa and Helen
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, JUDD, Jessie
Have Nots (head cheese and habaneros) GM, Amanda, Helen and Elissa

CBS Interactive Inc.

POWER OF VETO PLAYERS: Aaryn, Helen, Elissa, Andy, Spencer, Ginamarie

POV HOST: Amanda

11am – 11:20am Up in the HOH room – Aaryn says she doesn’t want Andy to play in the veto because she is worried he will throw it. Amanda talks about how she is hosting. Andy joins them and talks about dropping. He says I don’t want to win so I will drop first or last. Amanda tells him don’t throw anything unless you know they are out of the competition. Andy says that Andy would be pissed if I took money instead of the veto. He says she said you are playing for $500,000 not $5000. Andy says damn it I thought I would get away without playing. Amanda says just try for it. Amanda says even if you win it you can say that Aaryn is a strong competitor and will come after me if I use it. She says that we’ll tell her that Elissa would go home any ways. They talk about how production is still building the competition in the backyard. Andy says I knew she (Helen) was going to pick me. Amanda says that she knows Spencer is going to take all the punishments. Amanda says I will take slop for the rest of the summer. I would take a luxury though, I haven’t won anything. Aaryn says my goal is to win 10 competitions this summer. Aaryn gets called to the diary room. Aaryn sings Adderall time, Adderal time.. America knows I’m a crack addict. Aaryn leaves. Andy complains that Ginamarie was asking how it feels to lie to Helen and go run and tell everyone. Amanda says well she (Helen) wouldn’t be in this position if she didn’t start turning on her alliance members. Andy says she is going to be pissed. They talk about what Andy can say and that he will probably lose Helen as a jury vote but that it’s only one vote. Aaryn returns and tells Andy that he can tell her that she taught us to vote with the house so that’s what you did. Spencer joins them and talks about he’s ripped shorts. Amanda says that this is going to be the worst week if I even think about slop I am going to throw up! Andy agrees this is the worst week to be on slop with head cheese.



11:25am Spencer asks so now that I am up here with you guys, what is the plan if it’s a luxury / punishment competition? Amanda says you are taking all the punishments. Andy says that he will take some too. Amanda tells Andy to take the money, you deserve it. She tells him to take some small punishments too, just to make it look like you tried. Amanda says that Ginamarie is going to punish it up too.

11:30am In the bedroom – Helen talks to McCrae who is just waking up that she is nervous. He tells her that she will do great. Helen says that she is going to try really hard to win it. Helen asks him to cheer her on. McCrae says he will. Helen heads into the lounge with Elissa and they start studying the events of the house.


11:35am – 11:40am Amanda complains that she needs to eat something quick or she is going to throw up. She says that the slop muffins are f**king gross! She says Elissa make something good to eat b***h! Amanda says oh my vag!n@, I have swamp vag!n@ right now! I need to go eat something sloppy! Amanda leaves. Aaryn, Spencer and Andy talk about Jessie’s attempt to terrorize the house before she left.

CBS Interactive Inc.

11:45am – 12:05pm Amanda tells Elissa in the kitchen that other people are saying that Spencer is the target he is going home no matter what. Amanda tells Elissa do not give her (Helen) the veto because you will go home if you do that. Elissa says I’m not going to do that. Amanda tells Elissa even if you stay up on the block with Helen you are safe, you aren’t going anywhere. People want to break you and her up. Amanda says it would be better if you let someone else win. Elissa says that she doesn’t think Andy would want to win it because he doesn’t want to have to use it. Amanda says he won’t use it. Amanda says yeah this is a sh*tty situation. Any couples together now people are going to be targeting. You and Helen are strong and have people that you are loyal to. Amanda says that people are now branching off on their own and they don’t want you and Elissa together anymore. Amanda says I am not going to pu$$y foot around and tell you that Helen isn’t the target. Maybe Spencer would be the target if it was Helen and Spencer on the block. The only potential way for both of you to stay is maybe if you win the veto, Spencer goes up and he might go home over her, maybe. Amanda tells Elissa I trust you more than Helen and would vote to keep you if it was between you and Helen. Swear on my life! That is why I want you to win the veto or for the nominations to stay the same because I know you are 100% safe if you are up there with her. I can convince Aaryn and Spencer to keep you. Amanda says she thought it was weird that you picked Andy instead of McCrae because he might have used it on you but Andy would probably use it on Helen. That puts you in a bad situation. Elissa says yup. Amanda tells Elissa that she has had her since the beginning and doesn’t want her gone. Having you here helps my game and having Helen here helps other peoples games. If you were up against Spencer – he is someone that will go against Helen so I would keep him here because you won’t go after Helen. Elissa is worried about not winning it and Helen winning it. Amanda tells Elissa that Helen has a 1 in 6 chance of winning the veto. Amanda says that there was truth in what Jessie said. Elissa doesn’t think so because Jessie lied to her before. Amanda says most likely one of you are going and I would rather you stay.


12:15pm – 12:30pm Up in the HOH room – Aaryn tells Andy that Aanda talks about not taking McCrae to the final two and I know its a lie. Andy says that he will go to Amanda and tell her that he will take her to the final two. Andy tells Aaryn but really I would take you. Aaryn says she has a feeling Andy and her are going to make it to final three. Aaryn brings up Helen’s 3PM package alliance and Andy says that Helen tells me everything but never told me about that. He says that he has reasons to vote Helen out. They speculate on what might happen next week. Aaryn comments that we have them fooled, just look at how Elissa picked you for house guest choice to play in the veto. Spencer joins them. He comments that it will likely be another couple hours till the veto competition.


12:35pm – 12:40pm Aayrn talks about a cancerous mole she had on the back of her thigh. She describes how they had to try and remove it three times and now she has an indent. She shows Spencer and gets him to run his finger over it. The conversation turns to talking about wanting to win the veto. Spencer says he has to win it. Aaryn says if Me, Andy, Ginamarie or you win it the nominations will stay the same. The odd are in our favour.

Meanwhile, in the kitchen Amanda tells Andy about her conversation with Elissa. She says that told her that she need to win the veto and to not let Andy win it because there might be a possibility he could use it on Helen. Andy worries that Elissa will talk to Helen about what Amanda told her. Amanda says no she won’t because I told her that I trust her and if she went back and told Helen – then I woudn’t have her back any more. Andy says okay good.


Use the Big Brother Live Feeds to FLASHBACK to SEE what they can’t show you on TV:

BB15 N!p Sl!ps / N*des

CBS Interactive Inc.

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Johnny (the european one!)

“I hope I won’t make myself look anything like a threat in this game”.
That’s what the 2 final 2’s will be thinking all the way until the finals. It’s so sad. It’s such a waste of a season.
This cast has been positively despicable and worthless.

Disappointing Season

Amanda boasts about hosting Veto Comp! ‘Well, first I’ll serve the KOOL-AID’ …..

give me a break

Amanda: ” When i walked outside, there’s a big black box. It’s big, dark, scary, and it smells; Kinda like Howard…And I can say it, cuz I’m not racists and I’m Jewish…

Wow i did not know being Jewish…gives you a license to be Racists..,,,.

Amanda is disgusting..Piece Of Shit………

delusions run rampant

Amanda: America didn’t nominate me, as long as I keep saying i’m not a racist I can make racist comments, i’m still here because I have a great social game (sorry Amanda fans, she’s here because Mcrae reels her in and Andy is loyal)

Helen: Aaryn and GM are good people, GM will win America Fave, but Jessie has horrible character, Jessie was the mean one in fight with Amanda, it’s Jessie’s fault I’m on the block, Jessie etc

Aaryn and Spencer agree he is probably the most popular engineer in America and her agency is getting a lot of work offers for her, she can’t wait
Aaryn and GM agree if Elissa wanted to set an example for her kid then she should hang out with them instead of Candice

And so on….


Did she really say that ? Where did when did she say that ?

give me a break

Yes…their discussing what production was building outside



Teri B

Totally agree.


there are reports that Allison Grodner is gonna cast Aaryn and GM in the new show for CBS this fall called AMAZING RACISTS.


After their obvious casting of bigots this season, I wouldn’t put that past CBS.

Cast racist of all ethnic backgrounds… It’ll be a hit, and they’ll make millions, because we would watch that shit.


You know production told Aayrin to say that about Helen when she went to get her med’s!!!!!!1


andy, the rat, reporting for duty. queen amanda, what else would you like. BARF.


“Aaryn sings Adderall time, Adderal time.. America knows I’m a crack addict.”

A crack addict and a racist; let’s not forget that. Reality check coming very soon, my dear. I don’t care if she wins the money or not, because an eternal hell is waiting for her on the outside of this house.

Niece johnson

I am totally sick of hearing about how racist certain people are in the big brother house. Yes, they are some really ugly things being said that are not appropriate but it is really starting get under my skin that nobody wants to comment on Candice stupid racist ass. She has said more derogatory things than anyone else. I believe that we all say things that aren’t politically correct but that doesn’t make them racist. I think we need to be dealing with the real issue. Only white people can be tagged racist and its okay for every other race it’s okay to be ugly. We all live on the same earth and should all be nicer to each other. We can’t alter what happened with our ancestry and we can’t keep using that as an excuse to feel sorry for ourselves either. We haven’t had slavery for centuries now so time to suck it up.


Candace said what she said because she became the punching bag in the house . Non stop comments directed at her . Candace is all ready out of the game . You are one stupid MUTHAF#UCKA not to know Candace has already been voted out ?

Varys Blackfyre

What did Candice say that was racist?


I’m a huge big brother fan I live in Canada and I’d like to answer this question. I have watched big brother since season 3 and recently we got our own big brother Canada. We’re casting for Season two yay!!! But I’d like to say this is the second time I’ve seen racism on big brother us. And we had some here in big brother canada as well in both times Red neck was said and in Canada a house guest was called a f … ing Red Neck and told to shut the F.. K up that was direct but yes Candice did say in her dr RED NECK aimed at Aaryn.


Niece Johnson:

It’s people like you who condone racism that make this world the way it is. The only people who make excuses for racist are racist themselves. Candace has not said anything racist towards Aaryn or Gina Marie. On the other hand, every comment these two idiots have to say about Candace is in regards to her race. You need to stop making excuses for racist, because you are showing your true colors.



As Canada pointed out Candice did call aaryn a rednek in the DR. As far as I know redneck is a slur


Candice said more racist things than anyone? Wow, what did she say? Also, every conversation dealing with racism does not have to lead back to slavery. Aaryn said a multitude of racist things about Helen and people of Asian decent.

you must be white

its only white people that say we havent had slavery for centuries. slavery was 140 years ago, and thats not long. then there was the civil rights era which really was like 50 years ago and they used to treat Black people like dirt then. What racist shit has Candice said? Anythings she’s ever said was to defend herself. these people are still picking on her and she’s not even in the house. every single day they talk shit about her. racism is still alive and well. its easy for you to say its all in the past but for PoC who still get treated as second class citizens to this day that shit still exists so go fu ck yourself


Hey Dawg,

Besides Elissa, Helen, Aaryn and Andy who else is slated to play for the POV competition? If you know, thanks!


BahahahAhahahaha, Amanda telling spencer to take all the punishment and Andy go for prizes! Thank god spencer never listens to her. That b!t€h wants to control everything and everyone.


I wish Spencer would have told that bitch to kick rocks like he did when she tried to come after him in the backyard really bitch these people are fucking jokes to listen to this bitch take the punishment


whats annoying and sad is Amanda and mcrae think there running the house I can’t wait until there evicted and if arryn and Amanda make final 2 I would arryn to win Amanda’s just a bitch man I wish there was still MVP because then Amanda would b gone


Ugly skinny legged rat pussy Andy.


If calling Candice a bad player is hating then call me a hater. When I call out Helen and said she is a fake. Am I hating or am I trying to call the game as I see it? When I say Elissa doesn’t understand how to play the game. Am I hating or trying to call the game as I see it? When Jessie apologized to all the house guests on her way out the door and I called that BS. Am I hating or trying to call the game as I see it?

So people can be critical of the other players in this game, Helen, Aaryn, Gina, Jessie …etc. However, the moment that you are critical of Candice, you have to be a hater. LOL! Ok, count me in as a hater then, because my criticism of Candice and other players are not going to stop. Candice never won a comp. Opps…hater! Candice had no influence in the house. Opps…hater! Candice made some of the silliest moves in the game. Like when she was campaigning against Kait and Gina while they were on the block. Did Candice understand that either Kait or Gina was going to remain in the house after the vote and she needlessly place a target on her back. The HOH put those two on the block. Let the HOH take the heat. All Candice had to do was lay low and pick up the pieces. Opps….hater


Candice was not a bad player. She had uncovered the truth and b!tches got mad because she was uncovering their game. Thats why they keep calling her a bad player. Helen was so far up Amanda’s ass that she couldnt hear the truth coming out of Candice’s mouth. They hate on Candice every chance they get because she was not afraid to tell the truth


Also Candice didn’t just sit quietly when they went on their racist BS. Remember Aaryn blames Candice for making her look like a racist. Candice also warned both Judd and Helen about Demanda but they didn’t listen. Personally I hope GM’s birthday present is The Return of Candice! :)


HELL YEAH!!! Bring Candice back on GM bday now that would be the most fucking awesome shit ever I can see it now Hey Boo!!!!


I apologize, saying Candice was a bad player is an awful thing to say to bad players. Candice was terrible at this game. If there is going to be a comp between the evicted house guests that are in sequester to get back into the game, then I am 99.99% certain that Candice has no shot. If the comp is an endurance test involves running or jumping then Candice will lose. The last endurance test Candice got off right after Spencer, saying that she could of won, but didn’t want to win. Ah! Candice, you do realize if you didn’t win that HOH comp that you were going on the block? If the comp to get back into the house involves answering questions, then Candice loses. In almost every comp that involves a response whether verbal or written, Candice is out after the first round. At this point if you ask Candice to state her name, she would get it wrong. So I am not going to get back on that emotional roller coaster with Candice. I am going to choose another horse.

Maybe Jessie, I really like her, she was trying to think strategic and flip the house, but it was just to late to make a move. She thought Helen was an ally and Helen kept holding her off from making a move. However, I was really disappointed in Jessie towards the end. I thought she was going to Burn the House Down on her way out, but she left in a whimper and was apologizing to everyone. I still don’t understand why she did that, it wasn’t going to save her and the rest of the hose guests just laughed behind her back or in her face during the apology. This is how Jessie apologizes went:

Jessie to Andy: I am so sorry that I told everyone you were two-faced.
Jessie to Amanda: I am so sorry for standing up for myself and calling you a despicable person.
Jessie to Helen: I am so sorry for wanting to place my game before your game. I will never do that again. You and not me deserve that half million dollars.

Jessie apologizing for telling everyone the truth about themselves is very confusing. So where do I go next. Judd? Judd can win the comp to get back into the game. However, he’s to unbalanced mentally. The dude started running in the house when Julie notified him that he was evicted. Judd where are running to? Production had to send him back in and explain you have to use the front door. Plus I think if Judd doesn’t get the right dosage or his off his meds, he could be a dangerous person to send back into the house. So I am not rooting for Judd.

So who do you root for in this group of sequestered house guests to get back into the game? None have shown metal toughness and social skills necessary to win this game. Can we get a Pandora Box where America gets to choose any past BB player irregardless ( yes I said it, shouts out to Howard…stay wrong) of which season they played back into the house? Now that would be a real twist. This BB15 was really up for grabs for the person that knew how to play BB. Should I dare say it….the person that really might of known how to play the best among this group was Nick. However, unlike Dan Gheesling, who had no qualms about using women..ie Danielle Murphree. Nick didn’t use Gina or include her in his plans. Plus Nick let Gina keep Jessie away from him, which in hindsight was the swing vote. Nick also let Jeremy dictate to him the actions of the alliance. So Nick had a few flaws in his game, but I think at least there would of been one person that would of actually placed Amanda on the block or taken steps to vote her out when America placed Amanda on the block.

Nope, send any of these three back in, Jessie, Candice, and Judd. We still are stuck with more of the same. When does BB Canada starts? I kind of already know how this script to BB 15 is ending.



Totally agree. I’ve dealt with similar nonsense on the boards this season.

It’s like people can’t understand you can separate liking someone’s personality from liking/disliking their gameplay.


Not only would some of these posters call you a hater but they would also call you a racist. You are not either one, you just understand BB. The nastiest things have not been said by the houseguests they have been said by the ones on this forum critical of them. Candice was a terrible player and if she lucks her way back in Thursday she will be even worse. She plays only with emotion and a chip on her shoulder. Some of the things said about her were terrible but she handled it poorly and her game suffered because she never used common sense and her smarts. Her emotional play and slight craziness took over and will be twice as bad if she comes back. Pulling for JUDD 100% Thursday. Btw….if someone has to tell people they are classy, then they aren’t classy.

This Season Blows

You can tell who only watches the CBS edit and who actually pays attention to the feeds really easily.

The CBS-edit crowd blindly defends Rachelissa and Candice because that’s who they’ve been told to like, and loathe Aaryn because that’s who they’ve been told to hate, all based on the edits they’ve been getting.

People who have paid attention realize that…

– Rachelissa is an extremely judgemental floater, just as complicit as anyone else in the atmosphere of bullying and personal attacks that has defined this season, and quick to melt down when things don’t go her way. Just because you all loved her sister (who was even worse than anyone on this season) doesn’t change the fact that Rachelissa is not the perfect angel she’s often described as on here.
– Candice was extremely classless throughout her time in the house, from screaming about “popping her pussy” to taking clothes out of the other women’s bags without permission and wearing them. She was not a good player and chose to pout and feel sorry for herself instead of fighting to stay in the game. It sucks that she got crapped on by the majority of the house, but she was hardly a saint herself.
– Aaryn came into the house extremely ignorant and made some bigoted comments, there’s no denying that. But she wasn’t the only one, nor was she ever the worst, like her edit portrayed her to be (that “honor” goes to Demanda and GinaMarie). She also seems to at least realize she was wrong and is toning herself down. Plus at least she’s winning competitions and actually trying to make a big move.


The only reason that Aaryn is toning down her act is because she knows she did a lot of damage and wants the votes of the jury members. Candice has been out of the house for two weeks. Why are Ginamarie and Aaryn still talking about Candice and making unnecessary comments about someone no longer in the game when they need to trying to figure out how to get to the final two. I am a firm believer in karma. Aaryn, GM, Amanda, Helen and Andy will have a lot of explaining to do when they get home to their family and friends because they may be ‘good’ game players, but their ‘poor behavior’ over shadows it all. As for Candice being a poor game player. What is so wrong with working from a point of truth instead of lying to a person. Being a good liar doesn’t necessarily get you the $500K. Just ask Dan and Ian.


Candice was a good a player as possible considering the cards she was dealt…I mean how good can a Black woman’s “social game” be in a house of white racists? How good would a Jews game be in a house full of Neo-Nazis?

Candice was very intelligent and very intuitive and she sniffed out the MC early in the game and gave Helen priceless information but being an attractive, accomplished beauty-queen and former NFL cheerleader in a house with insecure drug-addicted eating-disordered mentally iLL racist-bigoted devils she automatically had a target on her back.

You can’t expect much succes from the non-white HGs when the house is ran by people who use terms like “N*****-Insurance” & “Puerto-Rican Showers” …..when your house is being ran by people who refer to you as “Aunt Jemmima” & “Black Mamba” you can’t expect any inclusion.

BB15 is a social experiment where you throw a few minorities into a hostile racial environment and watch the turn of events and witness how people are either involved in the bigotry/racism or complicit in the bigotry/racism or against the bigotry/racism and how the game plays itself out.

As Ginnamarie said so eloquently last night on the Live-Feeds “Howard was hot but I don’t date outside my species”.

That is BB15 in a nutshell.


I enjoyed your post. You had a very good take. Thanks for sharing.


yes excellent post!

1,000 thumbs up


Thank goodnes this stupid broad Gina Marie doesn’t date outside her race. Could you imagine anyone wanting to date this broad. First of all, she is not a lady. She cusses like a sailor, she farts and burps like a hot- air balloon, she is dunce (can’t spell Chicago, or write an HOH blog), she’s 33 yrs old, but looks like a 53 yr old bag-lady, and she is delusional (the whole Nick thing). Can you imagine bringing this broad home to Momma. Hey Gina Marie, I know this is hard for you to believe, but it would actually be a few steps down for anyone, (white or not) to date someone like you.

Howard and Ginamarie

It’s sad because I don’t think Ginamarie felt that way when she got into the house she jumped into Howard’s arms the first night and howard grabbed her but and her DR entry was wow Howard he’s buff wow. It the house remember Ginamaire herself is trying to her blond haired blue eyed her self !!!!


Yea blond from the bottle and blue from contacts…

Big Sister

Best post on this subject I have read!! Thumbs up!!!!!

Varys Blackfyre

Candice’s problem was that she let her emotions take over. She knew a lot of things but couldn’t use them to her advantage. She absolutely was a bad player.


The racism inflected on that girl is enough hate. I think everyone here knows she was not a BB best player. For Aaryn GM Amanda racism hate /bad game playing hating is all rolled up into one word HATE. So for me I personally don’t want to use hate in describing anything to do with Candice. The word in her case
Is to strong. I don’t us hate for any of the Houseguest style of playing, because while I may not like it , it seems to be working for them.


Aaryn would be a fool if Amanda will stabbed her in the back.


I’m convinced that one of Helen’s kids secretly enters the house everyday while Aaryn is doing her makeup and fills in her eyebrows with a crayon….


Oh, that Spencer is such a stud muffin, oops I mean scum bucket!


Opie Cunninham finally has to show his weasel hand to Helen this week and is acting like a chicken!!! ! I’m still waiting for the real Big Brother to start!! I know we will still watch just to see who wins this but it’s hard because there is really no one left that I would be rooting for.


Sorry to inform everyone, but the big brother has started and those of you waiting for a big move well I think we may not witness it this year. I can predict every thing that will happen, sorry but we may not have a big excitement movement we usually have each summer. One of the mean girls will win this year, only because the men did not pack their balls to enter the house. Andy truly believe by reporting to HBIC “head bitch in charge” that he is making a big move. If Andy and Amanda are the last two, the only weapon he could use is ” I told you everything Amanda” and she will respond with yes you did but I actually told you and everyone else what to do and you follow my commands like the spineless sheep onion sniffers you are. GAME OVER HAND THE CHECK OVER. No big moves coming, just a bunch of scared drug induced people playing follow the leader.


Andy didn’t like that GM sees him for the little snitch he is. LOL now he is going to be afraid that she will put him up if she wins HOH..


Seriously, where did casting find these people. Why doesn’t CBS conduct some sort of IQ/EQ test before bringing them into the house. Wasnt a castmate evicted in a previous season because he was mentally unbalanced during the game? It really is sad watching these people think so high of themselves at the moment, only to realize that they have become the joke of America when they get out.


LOL, if a triple digit IQ was required to enter the BB house. this year’s cast of idiots would have lost a dozen players at the front door and been a game played by four. Come to think of it, that’s what it’s been anyway !!


Amanda is pushing Elissa too hard to win the veto and use it on herself.
More or less giving her huge clues that Helen is the target.
Shit is gonna blow up later because once Elissa reports back to Helen
about this Helen will realize she is the target….

SHUT UP AMANDA! (Says my game watching, want Helen GONE self)
KEEP TALKING AMANDA! (Says my love of watching drama self)


elissa has to put the clues together first. these people are dense as to who is the real target. if you know this is a lying game, take more precautions to not trust everything you hear.


LOL, posted too soon.
She does not even have to get the hints, Amanda just told her
Helen needs to go.
For as slick as Amanda can be, she overplays her hand every
now and then. She was going to try to keep Elissa close (so she
has her trust next week), but now the rest of the house is gonna
go apeshit because she tipped off the real target.

We may have another Jessie type situation coming soon folks!


This is exactly what Helen deserves. I still remember that dumb ass conversation she had with Judd about how if they don’t Amanda out soon she would win the game but still said its too early. Idiot


Julie Chen said something like “for the first time in Big Brother history a juror will be returning to the game.” But this has happened before, right? Brendon came back in his season and I think Jessie the body-builder did too.


When Brendan came back he was not a part of the jury.
They took the last 4 evicted (pre-jury) and had them play
for a spot to come back in the house….A twist put in place to
give Rachel back “her man”, more or less.
But to be fair he DID win the spot, lol.

Not sure about Jessie though.


Brendon played against Lawon in the finals. Lawon was going to come back with a super duper power!!!


You’re half right.

Brendon did return…but he was sequestered pre-jury, along with the first three evicted houseguests, Keith, Cassie, and Dominic.

Jessie returned to play BB11 after being on season 10. Never returned from jury (though Jessie would go on to serve as BB11’s first jury member, after being HORRIBLY, UNFAIRLY trounced by Jeff’s Coup de tat).


OriginalNoName: Yet again, you and I prove to be on the same page by responding to the same post at nearly the same time. lol.


LOL Nick *thumbs up* =)

Actually I am partially wrong also though.
I just checked the wiki, I forgot that America had a vote (as Laddie says below).
They voted for which of the 4 got to “play in”.

“Keith, Cassi, Dominic and Brendon re-entered the House through the backyard to find out which one of the four would compete to regain HouseGuest status. Brendon was chosen to return to the House after receiving 39.5% of the public vote for a chance to return. Keith, Cassi and Dominic then exited the House. Brendon and Lawon then competed in the competition That’s How We Roll. ”

*Sigh* I had forgotten about that, I wanted Dom to come back in.
Instead we had to endure more Brendon.


I wanted Dom back too! Him and Dani would have raised hell!


You’re right, if I’m not mistaken America voted on the returning HG and then they played for the HOH (I think that’s what happen), so we are not voting on the returning HG (I’m thinking they will have their own com before entering back into BB). Now, will that make the returning HG exempt for 1 to 2 weeks or maybe they will become the new HOH for 1 to 2 weeks. That’s my take since we are not voting on them.


Does anyone know if this is the typical time that Aaryn receives her Adderall or does she always get it right before comps? I could understand the complaints from others if she did get it just right before them.

Judd's granny

I lost 3 chickens this week.


I wish that the producers would mess with her time. Like instead of giving her the adderal right before competition why not give it to her hours before and see how she does. It seems like its giving her an unfair advantage.


She ALWAYS gets it before the Veto comp. Check back on the blogs you will see. It is ALWAYS a few hours before the veto and HOH comps


I want to be sad for Helen so bad but she deserves this. I still hate that Amanda is still here.

This Season Blows

“I want to be sad for Helen”

Why? That scumbag deserved to go weeks ago. Can’t wait to see her fake tears when everyone “votes with the house” to get rid of her!


I hate Aaryn’s teeth.


I hadn’t noticed if she had teeth…. Too busy looking at her backside !!


And her Camel toe, who cares if she has teeth!


Amanda is so f’n gross…


the mob mentality is so strong this season that they actually play competitions as a geoup LMAO

Power of Veto Corleone

This is the worst season ever. BB should set up another group and have a BB16 starting in February.
This time let America pick the guests. AG has lost a lot off her fastball and should screw too.

Judd's granny

Someone is stealing my chickens.


Ha! Someone has been watching AMC’s Mob week (me too!).

Leave the gun, take the cannolis……


Why are these idiots listening to amanduh bark orders at them? Having her tell them to throw everything to not go for any luxuries etc…maybe because she can’t win anything so no one else can? God I wish someone would grow a big pair and evict her but we all know she is the predetermined winner with her already letting it slip she knows someone in production. And this unanimous house vote…..where is the excitement in the live eviction if we already know how everyone is being told to vote by amanduh? IF she is ever evicted I can see the house scurrying around not knowing what to do because they have no one to tell them.


If Elissa stays and win HOH next week, she should put up Amanda and Andy; and use McCrae as replacement nominee if Andy win POV…now let see who would vote Amanda out.


Does anyone know what kind of fish are in the tank? Curious because I used to have Jack Demsey’s.

Judd's granny

I don’t know why people steal chickens.

Jimbo Smith

The thing about rats is that sooner or later they will all turn on each other. Andy, A-“man”-da, Mc”pussy” and Aryran Brotherhood. Helen was a rat but she’s going this week. GM, Spencer and Elissa are just there to make up the numbers.

Here’s what I think, if any of the floaters make it to the finale, I bet they will win. As useless as they are, I think the general hatred against all the rats will deny them from winning.


Damn, the deck is stacked against Helen and Elissa, all the comp winners are playing. I’m loving this.

Helen taught them well to always vote with the house no matter what, that stupidity is going to bit her in the ass. ROLMFAO


“Amanda tells Elissa I trust you more than Helen and would vote to keep you if it was between you and Helen. Swear on my life!” …Amanda is going to vote Helen out regardless. What she is doing here is trying to do damage control with Elissa before the damage even happens. And something tells me that Amanda is going to do whatever it takes to protect Elissa, because she knows she can win against Elissa in the end. I hate Amanda, but my god is her gameplay ever masterful compared to the others.

Judd's granny

Maybe thet’re hungry. I’d probably give them a chicken, if they asked.


Amanda is hands down the best player this season. Love her or hate her, it doesn’t change the facts.

Thank goodness “America” isn’t usually afforded the power we were this season. The majority of us vote personally and with limited information (I guarantee most BB watchers have never visited an online blog, and are clueless as to what is really going on in the house). People chose to hate on Amanda and put her up on the block twice…and the end result was Judd’s eviction, thanks to all the suspicion cast on the house that he was in fact the MVP. Stupid, stupid move. Putting her up once was understandable. Putting her up twice was obviously going to make someone “we” liked in that house a target-but the bloodthirsty masses couldn’t help themselves-so desperate to satisfy their schadenfreude.

I really hope he wins his way back in this week. It’s not his fault most Americans are willfully ignorant and short-sighted. Would love to see him reconcile with aaryn, team up with her and andy, and actually give Amanda and McCrae some real competition.


He went out thinking Helen and Elissa stabbed him in the back. Amanda has enough stooges as it is.

Jimbo Smith

FYI- Ian should not have won last year. Dan played the best game ever and should have not been penalized. Ian is only midly better then Andy the Rat.

Dan Fan

Someone finally said it…thumbs up

This Season Blows

Ian was horrible and only bothered to make an effort game-wise in the final weeks. Frank and Dan were the only good players last season.


Frank was an awesome competitor, but I wouldn’t give him credit for being a good player. Remember, the game as reset when he should’ve been walking out the door.


if i was in that comp and amanduh told me to take the penalty id give her the finger, i wouldnt let some cow bully me in playing some game.


I just REALLY hope that Helen is evicted and Jessie wins her way back in the game. That would be the most hilarious turn of the game

Dan Fan

Sadly Jessie coming back still means she gets voted off the following week…Her game is really that bad…


No it doesn’t, actually. Helen leaving shifts the house, and the outsiders are all aware that the time for Amanda/McCrae to go is soon, or now. All it takes is one HOH or timely veto. Jessie doesn’t have horrible gameplay she just had nobody loyal to her and was surrounded by Amanda minions. She was the only one ballsy enough to attempt big moves

losing patience

I knew Aaryn and GM lost their jobs but I read others did too. I was wondering if Amanda was self-employed or worked for a Real Estate Company. I could not imagine she would keep her job if she worked for someone else. Does anyone else know who lost their jobs?

Judd's granny

If Judd was here he’d keep an eye on those chickens.


In Florida you have to “House” your real estate license with a company. It seems that after all the videos of Amanda, her license has been placed on inactive. It seems Prudential doesn’t want to be associated with her. She will only have a few months to find somewhere else to House her license before it’s deactivated.

Spencer works for Union Pacific and is in a union. UP has released a statement twice saying that Spencer is officially on leave so any issues will have to be dealt with when he returns. The question is will the union back him or leave him to explain himself.


I believe Aaryn is an ignorant, spoiled brat. However, her game is not bad. She thinks ahead and is good at comps. Here’s my dream: she wins, realizes how horrid she is and donates the 500k to a charity that deals with diversity. Seeing as she is ignorant and greedy, it won’t happen but we can wish right?

Aaryn is fugly

Elissa really pales in comparison to her sister Rachael. If Rachael was in the hous she would have shown these b****es what was up.


I find it peculiar that Aaryn can’t wait to get her Adderall… I’m very familiar with this drug and usually it’s given in the morning, however it is not uncommon, should someone be on a high dose, to be given twice a day. What is strange to me, is the time of the day, that they are administering it to Aarym, conviently within an hour of competitions… Could this be the leg up on all the comps she is winning? Just a thought…


It might help during the mental comps, but she was gonna throw the last HOH to Amanda. The dummy still couldn’t win, haha.


The Jury’s still out on that one, I’m still not convince any of them have actually have ADHD, but after watching how much it’s working for Aaryn, I want me some. LOL


The more Andy talks shit about Judd, the more I genuinely want to see someone wring his scrawny arse neck.


they seem to be guessing the games. i realy hope it’s something that they haven’t thought of. these houseguests do not deserve any luxury items. again thank god for CBS and not showing any of the wedding.


They haven’t shown it YET…. There was no time to air it Thursday. I’m sure it will be shown eventually.

Losing Patience

Thanks for the update Jackie…


At 1:20 pm AA and Spenser are having a conversation where Spenser say, he is probably the most popular engineer in the country than goes on the tell AA that she must be getting tons of offers to do things. OMG … Big Brother really needs to do an after show a month after!!!


oka I have never heard swamp pussy before, WTF is wrong with these people. After reading Spencer stories, I thought, oka, you have been in there a long time and need to tell different stories. But WTF, out of Amanda, I have heard, smells like onions and now swamp pussy. These people are really below the bottom of the barrel when it comes to thinking. Wow, I am truly disgusted by what these people say and think it is ok to say these things out loud.

Shaking my head in disgust, but still can’t look away because you never know what they are going to say next.

Does this make me question my moral compass, absolutely, but I just can’t turn away.

Confused and curious at the same time.


“Amanda says it would be better if you let someone else win. ”

Why does this bitch keep asking people to throw veto while they’re on the block?


Why was it always said, even before players were chosen, that Spencer take punishments? Why not Amanda? Or McCrae? Why is it assumed that Spencer and GM will do it?!

Amanda foresees trouble

“Aaryn sings Adderall time, Adderal time.. America knows I’m a crack addict.”

I’m sure she wouldn’t sing that at a beauty pageant for fear of ridicule, etc. but decides it’s okay to sing it in front of North America. She obviously forgets there’s this thing called the “internet”.

Amanda foresees trouble

“… Amanda complains that she needs to eat something quick or she is going to throw up. She says that the slop muffins are f**king gross! She says Elissa make something good to eat b***h! Amanda says oh my vag!n@, I have swamp vag!n@ right now! …”

….and she’s terrified about what will go down when she gets out of the house. The pictures of her naked that her ex BF has is nothing compared to what she’s shown North America thus far. Who would in their right mind would list a house or condo with this degenerate ?

CBS must have really scraped the bottom of the sludge barrel to get this years level of garbage as houseguests.


Why in the world are they allowing Andy to weasel out of taking any responsibility in Helen’s eviction? Surely they realize he’s just trying to protect his jury vote from her. I’d be telling him if he throws the comp to look good to Helen he’s next to go.


Whomever returns into the house Thursday is going to ROCK this sorry ass season of Big Brother.


Is it me or does aaryn look like she has twelve extra teeth?


Screw them why should Spencer take all punishments. I really hope it’s not even that comp cause it would be to suspect for them to know all the comps before hand.