The Backyard Slumber Party, Jon “Are we getting Sh1t Faced”

POV Holder: Jon Next POV ?
POV Used NO POV Ceremony March 31
HOH Winner: Canada Next HOH: Apr 3
Original Nominations: Andrew and Sabrina
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots Jon and Adel

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-03-31 15-54-14-965

7:00pm Random chit chat throughout the living room and kitchen
Sabirna and Neda playing random games. They briefly argue over the spelling of the word NEWT Sabrina says it’s spelt NEUT. Andrew and Allison are snuggle in the living room. Nothing exciting going on.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-03-31 16-05-32-807

House Guests are called to sing O’Canada They run up to the HOH to get their HOH gift. They are given Pajamas and told there will be a slumber party in the backyard. They are reminded to get everything they need because they will be locked out all night.

Jon reads out the card – “House guests as HOH this week Canada wants to reward you for being such good sports. You are all invited to a Big Brother Slumber Party in the backyard.. Put on your PJ’s and get your best ghost stories ready. GRab everything you need cause you’ll be locked out all night”
Kenny and Adel get tank tops the rest get regular tops

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-03-31 16-05-41-820

7:24pm Of course the feeds are cut

8:00pm Feeds Still down
9:05pm Feeds Still down

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They’re getting a lot tighter with the Live Feeds this year. I don’t expect that we’ll get to see what’s going on tonight at all. Alcohol is sure to be involved so, with this group, I’m sure we’ll all at least HEAR them screaming and being obnoxious well into the night.

That leaves a free night for the rest of us. What will you be doing?


That’s the best part to watch .don’t quite:)


I want Andrew to go but why isn’t he campaigning? Even Ika campaigned and she had no chance but already has two votes ( Kenny and Andrew ) and he can easily convince sarah and make Arlie promise to keep him. All he needs is four to tie, he can even try to talk to heather since sabrina voted against her when she was on the block and they obviously hate each other. He actually sucks at this game he only won two games and one was because Arlie handed it to him.
Andrew seriously sucks at everything in life lol


Oops I meant Andrew already has two votes ( Kenny and ALLISON)


That is because Andrew has had ALL the work done for him by this point and he is probably just expecting “loyalty” to be paid in full by his minions. Too bad for him though Slobrina is on the block with him, had she not been- she would be breaking her back to get him the votes to stay. I can’t wait until he goes home and watches what Arlie did for him, LOL, given the huge power trip he got because of it.


There are 9 people voting this week so there won’t be a tie. Normally there would be 8 voting with HOH as tie breaker but since Canada is HOH then all 9 houseguests will vote. Andrew needs 5 votes to stay so he would need Heather and 1 other. He has some nerve being mad at Adel for not using his (fake) veto to save him after the way he has treated Adel and Adel’s friends. Such arrogance!


Noms don’t vote. Your math is off by two.


Noms don’t vote. Your math is off by two. So Allison is going to get into some sistah love with Sabrina? Like hello Allison, you are just a nothing player with no new man meat to latch onto. So disappointing she was voted to enter the house. I certainly did not vote for her. I wanted Scott, at least he would have added some colour and fun into this depressing season.


And if it ties, do we just eliminate Sabrina? Because she seems to be the one with the top votes.
I really want Andrew to campaign. Not because I like him, but I want a suspenseful episode. After all, it wouldn’t be a loss if Sabrina went out either.


Odd number means no ties.


The real reason that Andrew isn’t campaigning is because he doesn’t want to be in the house anymore. He hasn’t said it outright but it’s true. It scared the hell out of him that the entire nation – millions of viewers – want him out. And it SHOULD scare him. His whole macho bravado routine is an act that even he’s not comfortable with. Canada just gave him confirmation of it. (Purely Psychology 101.)

He knows it reflects on his character because he’s said several times that he was cast as the “douche bag.” He says that jokingly but he knows that’s actually how he acts. He doesn’t WANT to be one but he doesn’t know how (or have the maturity or skills) to change it. It used to make him “cool” and “manly” when he was younger but, now that he’s older, he sees that mature adults don’t respond to it well. It was a shock and really painful to him (and Sabrina). So, instead of 1) making excuses (like Sabrina) or 2) staying and working to change his life, he’s tucking his tail between his legs and going home.

The thing is, Canadians are lovely, forgiving people who root for the underdog. If they saw him realize his character flaw and saw him working to change it and grow up, he could win Canada’s hearts back as The Jerk Who Went on a Personal Journey and Grew Up Before Our Eyes. If he did that, SINCERELY, he would have a great chance of winning this game.

But, Andrew doesn’t want to chance making it worse by staying in the house, giving Canada more ammunition to use against him. It’s his huge insecurity making the decision to not campaign and be resolved to just go home.


Kenny is in the same boat for me too…


Lol how are they’re gonna go to bathroom incase of emergency?


i know, right? lots of alcohol & no toilet is a bad combination.


Sorry didn’t mean to thumbs down !!


Probably a port o potty

Miss Manners

Well gee have you ever heard of port-a-potty? Geez.


That was my first thought too! LOL!


I hate how they cut the feeds as if they are going to give us an amazing TV show. Sunday’s episode was so boring so I don’t know why they are blocking the feeds. So frustrating! I would gladly pay for the feeds if they Were not cut all the time.


Viola, I was just thinking the same thing! Hopefully a portable one will be set up somewhere.

Off topic to the above, last night watching After Dark, I noticed Rachelle doing something odd with her mouth and lips, twisting her mouth side to side and then taking a finger and pressing on one side. Not sure if she does this when she’s thinking, bored or if she has a mild version of tourette’s syndrome. (twitches etc)


I never thought of that! Yes hopefully they have one:)
Actually about last night I was so annoyed and frustrated watching rachelle .it’s the ugliset habit .chewing her cheeks off ugh


She has a habit of biting the inside of her mouth, no different than one biting their fingernails,

Team Adel

Adel, You are a champ, I cant wait to see your speech to a hg, that isn’t your best friend lol


The all powerful Sabrina and her bitchin girls alliance soon to be reformed. With Andrew gone, Sabrina will have Allison and Rachelle either side of her, protecting her lying arse. With Jon gone – he seems to be the next target – Neda will have no one to hang out with apart from those other dreadful women. So once again Neda will end up fully under Sabrina’s evil influence and the queen bitch becomes almost untouchable. Meanwhile, Arlie the gutless twat continues to nod his stupid head as all the other men disappear. BBC2 is fast turning into BB6.


It will be awful!! Let’s just hope your predictions wont come true;)


Funny you should mention BBUS 6 because, in another tab, I have Episode 1 of BB6 loading! (No spoilers, please!) I’m on a BB kick lately. I was going to watch BB13 but, a few minutes in, I recognized it as the season I didn’t want to watch. I tried once before but I just didn’t like anyone in their introduction videos. I wish I could find some of the earlier years of BBAU. I have great resources for all kinds of TV Shows and Movies but I still can’t find earlier seasons of BBAU.

The hard part about BBUS and BBCAN is that they only have three shows a week. BBUK and BBAU have episodes every day, which is nice. (Except AU takes one day off.)


Check out this link Has all the BBAU years. I’m a big fan of the Austrailian BB, find it much more entertaining


I wanted to ask if anyone else wonders if Allison remembers that she’s on Big Brother. I seriously don’t understand WHY she’s even in the house. From what I see, she just went into the house to hang out and have a fake showmance. The only time I’ve heard her say anything about the game was when she said she wasn’t all that into Andrew but it’s her “game plan.” All she does is just hang out like she’s at summer camp, cheating on her boyfriend. Good game plan.

Allison is literally the WORST twist of any BB of any country, any season. She’s as affective and entertaining as a firework with a wet fuse.

Personally, I voted for Nate and wished we would have gotten him. I didn’t like Scott at all but at least he would have been “entertaining” (and I use that word loosely while cringing).


Yes, Allison has forgotten what show she auditioned for and thinks she’s on the bachelor.


Yes, she plans to avenge Gordo. She has already started to go after Jon. Taking gaming tips from the soon to be dearly departed.
What a twit.


Scott would have been chewed up and spat out.
Blue-collar Nate may have fared better (which isn’t to say he would have pleased viewers necessarily).
Would he have caught RatChild’s eye ? Hung with the Boyz or a tradesman bud (Adel) ?
We’ll never know.

There’s something…sketchy…about Allison…
It’s hard to think she’s as much of a bimbo as she superficially seems (just my opinion).

I hate to say it, but she may think she sees “writing on the wall” in terms of power in there.
I don’t find her to be anything but furniture so far, but she may think she has a path forward that’s more secure than several others.
She may be right, if “that side” of the house wins HoH.

Winning a weird POV and saving herself doesn’t prove much to either “side”.

Twistos Rep

You forgot about the Twistos Twist! You never know when a good Twistos Twist is coming. And when it does, it will be as delicious as a real Twisto.


I see lots of parallels with season 6 nerd herd personalities. Andrew is the Canadian version of Cappie, Sabrina is as annoying and loud as Yvette, and she lies at least as much as April. Rachelle is a waste of space with a mean streak like Jennifer and Sarah reminds me of Maggie. Even though the outcome sucked, season 6 was a great season.


Allison is definitely one of the ‘mean girls’. Yechh.


AntonyG your read on the game is pretty bad i have to say

its like you are not even watching and just guessing as to what is happening


Well when they show this prime time we’ll see who the true BB strategist in the house. The minute the backyard opens I’d run my fat azz to that hammock as fast as I can and not move for 12 freaking hours. Me and Rip Van Winkle would have our own slumber party! πŸ˜›
Speaking of the booze thing for a minute. BB USA basically rationed it out 1 drink per person most evenings. Then the HG would get together and give 2/3 people all of it. You had a lot of sober folks to watch over those drinking. For some reason(acting) BB Can HG’s all are cheap drunks! We Canucks can drink those yanks under the table for JC sakes. I remember my 1st adult visit to the US. Florida was 18 drinking age at the time. I am truely OLD! I went to get a 6 pack of beer… at the corner store. πŸ™‚ I get it back to the condo and what do I see… 3.2!!! That folks was 3.2 alcohol by volume instead of Canada’s 5.0(and up). Bud, Bush, Coors they were all the same. This is long before “light beer” hit the market. These drunk fests are really embarrassing. And to think we gave Lala a hard time last season…. busy…. busy …. busy!

I do miss the stooges!


the current stooges are…

jon (andrew monaghan)

neda (talla)

adel (aj)

between them, jon, adel and neda are hilarious and entertaining to watch…each to their own, but i like them alot


Just watched the last episode and when the prom competition was done Heather walks out and says,’food yummy’ Guys, imagine taking this girl home to meet the folks, “oh food, yummy”. I tell you, it’s going to come out what a little rat she is. She is actually now a fat rat cause of all that ‘yummy’ food she’s been eating and hoarding.


Haha…what’s your problem with lil cutie Heather? ! πŸ™‚ why everyone including Hg’s bashing her? I see nothing wrong with her dammit .


That’s a bit harsh, isn’t it? Do you understand what it’s like in the house? The stress of being in the house is overwhelming enough but she’s surrounded by people she knows are b!tching about her behind her back. She feels alone and doesn’t know who to trust.

I think she’s a genuinely kind person who is just too nice to play this game like it needs to be played. Has she lied? Yes. But, who in the house hasn’t? Heather hasn’t hurt anyone.

And she’s not fat. For you to attack her personal appearance is bullying and says more about your (lack of) character than it does about Heather. Where’s your compassion or understanding?


Lmaooooo! a fat rat hoarding some “yummy food” funny but mean spirited πŸ˜€
Heather would be a great HG if she wasn’t such a dumb-dumb. the worst part is… ITs NOT AN ACT!!!
Can’t fault her for being herself though…


if by “rat” you mean snitch, there’s far worse in that house.
She’s really more of a Minnie Mouse.
The Goddess Of All Who Are Chipmunk-Voiced !
Better a mouse than a full-faced sow
a lazy-bones liar with two fists full of chow
with a dumb zombie pet by the name of Rachelle
a mumble-mouthed, forked-tongue, lies-her-first-choice
bag-of-psychosis spewing false noise.




He’s the devil. Andrew views himself as the exorcist.




Next HoH…7 vote, 4 to evict.

Kenny knows Sarah is shady, needy, & emotional. He struck at the right time.

Adel, Heather are obvious targets for KSSRA
Kenny an obvious target for AJNHA

If Sarah stays loyal, a Kenny-side HoH can boot Adel without Arlie, (barring a POV)
An Adel-side HoH can boot Kenny, IF they have Arlie (barring a POV)

Arlie & Sarah are well-positioned to deal.

Andrew may lay down and die, but Sab is going to be very busy poisoning hearts and minds.


was it just me or was sarah in a bad mood? trying to clean up her image must be stressful on her!


I prefer Jon with Neda.


one hundo

team neda and jon

i was just wondering who people like more jon with neda or jon with sarah?


Ooops. Replied to the wrong comment! I prefer Jon with Neda.


sarah can go f-ck off, i cannot stand her fake and annoying behavior

jon and neda f2


Why is Heather a rat?


It will be interesting to see if Sabrina changes up her game now from being on the block. And what new Allison will we get when Andrew is no longer in the house? Hopefully someone who wants to actually play the game we voted her in to! I wish she was Canada’s player and had to do whatever we told her to. Now THAT would have been fun.


Party – -epic fail


Sabrina and Alison in the WA whispering about having each others back since Sarah has Kenny and Andrew is leaving. They air kiss and say “Love you so much!” Looks like Sabrina’s already working πŸ™‚ they are be coming a sister wives