KENNY REVEALS his SECRET – He tells Sarah that he is GAY..

POV Holder: Jon Next POV ?
POV Used NO POV Ceremony March 31
HOH Winner: Canada Next HOH: Apr 3
Original Nominations: Andrew and Sabrina
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots Jon and Adel

BBCAN2-2014-03-31 12-19-19-926

3:20pm – 3:35pm Kenny and Sarah are talking out in the hot tub room. After awhile of talking game and about Andrew. Kenny comes out and tells Sarah that he is gay. He says at first I it was a strategic thing. He says that the diary room knows and so does Canada. Sarah says OH MY GOD! Sarah says now my husband won’t be worried about me with you. Kenny tells her that he was with girls up until recently. He says it was the hardest thing to hide. Sarah asks if he is going to tell anyone else. Kenny says he doesn’t know. He says I needed to tell someone or I was going to die! Kenny says that he was hiding it because his ability to woo women. Sarah asks if he always knew. Kenny says no but I was always attracted to guys. Sarah says so when you’ve said you’ve had a s*x dream .. that was about a guy? Kenny says well I did have a s*x dream about a girl in here. Kenny says that he had a little thing with a married couple awhile ago .. and soon after he says he knew he was gay. Kenny says that he’s worried about telling other people and them not trusting him. He explains that he was worried Allison would know since she knows someone he knows. Kenny tells Sarah that he needs her because he doesn’t know how to deal with this. Sarah says she doesn’t know what’s the best thing to do. Sarah starts crying says that she wanted to snuggle with him so bad but didn’t want her husband to see it as something bad. Sarah says I knew a straight boy couldn’t dance like you with all the OIL! Kenny says he knows a way he can tell the others without it hurting his game but I don’t think the time is right now .. Sarah asks if she should be as surprised as anyone else or what. Kenny says yes you should be surprised because we don’t want a bigger target on our backs. Kenny says I want to tell people but not this week. I wanted to tell Gordo but .. I’m not sure. Kenny says everything else I’ve said is true .. it was just that one thing. Sarah questions if others will think look at how far he is willing to go to win. Kenny says yeah and that’s why I am not so sure about telling people now… Jon joins them for a second and then leaves. Sarah asks so do you like JOn? Kenny says oh hell no. I like manly men!

3:50pm – 4:30pm Big Brother opens up the house and all the house guests race inside to see if anything is different. They soon realize the lock down wasn’t for them to get something. IN the storage room – Kenny and Rachelle talk game. Jon and Neda are sitting on the couch. Neda asks if anyone has ever been pregnant in the big brother house. They tell her no. Jon says “CANADA NEDA’s PREGGERS!” Neda says stop people are going to start believing it! Jon asks Allison about the Q word and what she hears it being referred to as in Newfoundland. Jon says that he’s only ever know it to mean weird. Neda is picking bits of the couch off and writing her name on Jon’s leg. Jon says stop touching my D!

4:35pm – 4:55pmIn the bedroom – Sabrina, Arlie and Adel talk about trying to think up an April fools joke to play on the other house guests. Adel says what if I give you my veto ticket Arlie. And you open up a twistos bag, put it inside and pretend to open it up in front of people yelling that you got a veto ticket! They decide not to since Andrew might get mad. Adel says we could wrap ourselves in sheets and not speak to anyone for like half an hour. Or we could barricade Sabrina in here and say they told us to leave and tell them she got pandora’s box.

5:15pm In the bedroom – Sabrina asks Andrew if he asked Jon to use the veto on him to sell her out. Andrew says f**k no! Sabrina asks so what did Adel tell you when you asked him to use his on you. Andrew says he said he wanted to leave Canada’s vote the same. So I said f**k you and walked away. Andrew says I have been accused of giving up. Sabrina asks by who. Andrew hints that it was big brother. He says that they were saying I look defeated. Andrew says he told them that he isn’t going to campaign against a friend. Sabrina says you could. Andrew says maybe it’ll be a double eviction and someone else will be following right after me. Sabrina says next week it’s goodbye Adel for sure!

BBCAN2-2014-03-31 14-15-14-704

5:30pm Neda and JOn are on the stairs. He picks her up and carries her up the stairs. He says don’t worry I have her! He gets to the top and spins her around. She says put me down! Jon says I wouldn’t say that! He pretends to almost drop her. Arlie and Neda are sitting on the chairs outside the bathroom. Neda comments on how they never talk game. Arlie says well start. Both of them laugh and Arlie says well this is weird. Arlie then runs away.

5:45pm – 6:15pm In the bedroom – Andrew and Allison are talking alone. She asks him if he actually thinks she has something with Jon. Andrew says I did, but I don’t now. Andrew says I was told that you and him were whispering together to that camera about a “Newfie” alliance. Allison says I don’t believe that happened. I would love to see the play back on that. Andrew says I believe you and it doesn’t affect my game because I am leaving. I am just being honest with you. Andrew asks was it a new “Newfie” alliance? Allison says not that I know of. Andrew tells her that if she wins HOH she should put him (Jon) up. Allison says I think I got fooled by the fact that he is nice and from Newfoundland but he’s sneaky. Andrew says he was cut by thinking she was actually working with Jon. Sarah joins them. Sarah talks about how she had to leave the living room because Rachelle was stretching in very provocative ways. She might have well ripped off her v@gin@ and thrown it at Kenny. They talk about s*x. Sarah comments on how when you have a family you have to find way to be quiet. Andrew talks about how his bed at home has straps on each bed post. Sarah gets up and says she just realized this is a conversation she shouldn’t be a part of and leaves.
BBCAN2-2014-03-31 14-49-28-404

6:25pm Andrew says “Twistos f**ked Andrew in the a$$!” Big Brother blocks the feeds. When they come back – Andrew says “I was violently f**ked in the a$$ by a crispy snack company” Big Brother blocks the feeds again. Kenny joins them and asks what they’re doing. Allison says “we were just talking about Andrew being f**ked in the a$$ by a crispy snack company.” Big Brother blocks the feeds again.

6:30pm – 6:45pm In the kitchen – Arlie, Neda, Jon, Sarah, Rachelle, Kenny and Heather talk about each their audition process.

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I wish kenny was straight forward about it from th beginning because in my opinion it did nothing for his game anyway. But i have to admit I smiled like an idiot when he told her. Soooo happy he finally did!!! No point in hiding who you are:) although it was his choice to keep it a secret it couldn’t have been easy. Definitely feeling a little more respect for him here today:)


Agreed! Is it me or is Sarah making it more about her though….ech


I get why he hid it. Even though most people will say that they don’t discriminate or judge others for being gay, people sometimes subconsciously act a certain way when they know you’re gay, your political affiliation or if you’re of a different religion, etc. If Kenny wanted to team up with the other muscle guys, he had to be careful about what he said because he didn’t know if Andrew would be the type to act differently once he knew.


Totally agree! Plus the straight people didn’t walk into the house announcing they’re straight, why should Kenny have walked in and said he was gay? The houseguests didn’t catch on and he went with that, so what odds right 🙂 people are so silly saying he’s embarrassing the LGBT community.


I don’t think its a big deal about kennys sexuality. No one was asking about it so why would he tell them. He didn’t lie to them about it he just didn’t tell them. I dont like kenny as a player but I respect his game move and I dont think other houseguests would make a big deal out of it when they find out at the end


Screw him !! 🙂


Huh.. Jon is manly more then all them m.what a joke. Just because he doesn’t feel secure enough now revealing it?! Pffff


Or maybe this guy he only manipulated the Bb producer just pretending to be a gay/Bi which is great in Sarahs case ..she don’t mind ad long as she gets some 😉

I new she liked kenny

Ok so sarah says: i wanted to snuggle you so bad but i didnt want my husband to get offended?? HELLO she basically admitted she has a “thing” for him!

I swear on myDog

Ikr.. why would married/engaged woman want to snuggle with straight/man man who is not her husband/fiance/boyfriend!!!!. Sarah is sketching me out.

I swear on myDog



Too bad sarah – not getting any from Kenny:)


I doubt it we will prob see more snuggling and touching in the future sarah can just use the exscuse that hes “gay”
And whats with her spooning with jon? Why would a married cow(moooo) be doing all this?


I wouldn’t be surprised if we see Sarah snuggling up to Jon A LOT more in the near future. Now that doing so defeats the purpose with Kenny…the purpose being to stroke her ego and make her husband jealous…Jon will be next on her radar. Expect to see her pushing for a Neda eviction real soon.


sarah is the prime example of TWO-FACED!


The funny thing is…I think it is highly possible that Kenny just messed his game up even more by admitting this to Sarah…only for the fact that she was most loyal to him because she thought they were attracted to each other. Now that he went on and on about how he has a way with women and manipulating them into liking him…she may be not only be embarrassed, but also taking offense to these statements…since he is basically talking about her. Since her huge ego MUST be bruised from all of this, her loyalty to Kenny may also be weakening. She hasn’t been completely honest with him about her talks with Arlie and Jon, and now that she knows that their little flirtmance was a sham…we shall see.


I doubt it, as I think she genuinely cares about Kenny. So this “secret” will probably only make them closer. I’m amazed at the number of people on here who think Sarah is actually interested in any of these guys romantically. It’s pretty obvious to me that she’s not serious and that it’s just friendship. And no, I don’t know her in real life, so you conspiracy theorists can relax.

Conspiracy theory

Spoken like a “true” friend!


He has a girlfriend too.


he only told her to gain her trust even more and to make it even harder for her to go against him…..

he is still using his sexuality to play this game.



Yep. He knows he’s in trouble. I was wondering what he was going to do, because he’s obviously in trouble. He thinks telling Sarah will bind her to him and make her feel that he trusts her completely, above everyone in the house. With Andrew gone, he has a void that he needs to fill.

Him bragging about being able to “woo” women should tip Sarah off, but it seems like Kenny may have misted her.



What's wrong with that?

Is he not allowed to manipulate people like that? Use whatever assets you have (sappy life story, beauty, old age etc) and take it to your advantage.
There’s a Survivor winner name Parvatti Shallow, and she used her body and sexuality to her advantage to manipulate men, and she’s been referred to as one of the greatest players to play the game.
Kenny’s playing a very similar game to Parvatti’s and I find nothing wrong with that.


Kenny takes a cheap shot at everyone in the house. He seriously is a mean person. He needs to grow up a lot. There is a difference between lying to people and then just saying things to make yourself look better! Problem is everyone sees through him as well, he is going bye bye soon. Still routing for Arlie and Jon in the Final!


i think kenny and sarah will still snuggle because he already said he’s gay …. kenny wants to snuggle with sarah too thats why he said he had a dream about someone in the house .. these two will be in the same bed no doubt because kenny have already admitted to being with women recently ….i.


I truly believe that Kenny is only NOW coming out is a strategy. He knows that Arlie is building other alliances and that since the first 5 is crumbling, he doesn’t want to lose Sarah to Arlie. He is revealing this a last ditch effort to make her feel close to him. That’s my opinion. But good for him because it must be hard hiding who you really are.
P.s if I was Sarah’s husband, I would be offended by her comments and behaviour sometimes.


Sarah’s husband will wait to see how far Sarah gets in the game to decide how he reacts. If she gets evicted soon, he could blow a gasket upon her return. If she wins the game, all past transgressions will be forgiven


If I knew Sarah’s husband I’d say he doesn’t
Give a shit what she is doing cause he is probably
Sexually harassing someone at his place of employment
Or eating there panties after along day of work .



kay w

kenny could just tell them that after jon’s “q-word” comments he felt he should be honest with them; doesn’t want it to seem as though he’s hiding it out of shame. sarah asked him about someone called #2 in his letter. did bb give them their letters afterall?


He is only coming out of the closet now because he now knows Canada is against them and think it will help him. Now he is turning his back on his alliance and staying away from Andrew…but the damage is already done buddy! As you said to Ika……Keep laughing on and smiling while you walk yourself out that door with my middle finger up! NOW PLZ put some clothes on I am getting tired of seeing you without pants and a shirt!!!!


Heather is the biggest rat besides Arlie


What Kenny describes his sexuality is bisexual. Is it not? Kenny plays games.

kenny pimply back

i think kenny duped big brother by playing the gay card to get on, never in bb do they cast the preverbial bi guy.

now that hes ‘admitted’ his fake sexuality to Whorah, expect to see thing really heat up between them.


Kenny says he identifies as gay. It’s not your place or anyone else’s to decide “what he describes.”


Does anyone else feel like Sarah could have marital issues? I’m not married so maybe some other married ppl can comment on this. I don’t think I would like to see my future wife be so touchy feely with other guys.

I understand the whole horny and thinking and talking about other guys in the house being sexy, but there’s one thing to watch and another to act upon it. I’m not being unreasonable right? Did she cross the line yet?


I don”t think she has crossed any lines. I have been married 10 years and are very happy. I can’t see him getting upset by anything she has done. If that were me my hubby would be at home laughing. I would never cheat on him and he knows it. In the Big brother house you have to get close to people to gain trust to go far. I am sure her hubby is supportive of anything she has done to win the prize. The same with Jon\s g/f. He needs Neda in this game and people are freaking out about it, but both Sarah and Jon do not seem like the type of people who cheat to me. I am sure they have secure loving partners to whom they want to bring the prize home to.


I agree with tastyjane. I bet she is in a very secure marriage and he knows she would never do anything. I have not seen her cross lines. She is a mom and the way she touches Kenny and Jon seem to be out of support for the hardships that they are going through being in that house. (Since she knows how it feels to be away from the ones she loves) I too am in a happy marriage with 2 kids. I also get along way better with guys than girls. I like her and I am glad Kenny had someone he trusted to talk to. I am not surprised he trusted the mom in the house.

Johhny (the European one!)

That was a really sweet conversation between Kenny and Sarah. 🙂
I’m SO looking forward to seeing Kenny without Andrew in this game soon.


I don’t even understand how sexuality is a ‘strategy’. How would it play into any part of his social game?


because he flirts with girls, remember when he kissed Sabrina

Shame on you

If you ask me she crossed the line a long time ago…if she sleeps in the same bed as kenny and snuggles him if i were her husband i would be outraged! Considering that kenny has said that he has been with woman up until recently to me by the way is not what i consider “gay”


I knew it. He admitted to Sarah that he is worried how Canada feels about him keeping it a secret. He is only saying something now because he is afraid that we will have more control in the future and wants to save face. And then there is Sarah, who acts relieved that she doesn’t have to worry about her husband being mad at their flirting. She had NO worries about her husband’s feelings before she knew he was gay. I LOVE how he keeps repeating that he has a way with the ladies and can make them interested in him. HA… he is talking about you, Sarah. You didn’t care that you thought you were making your husband look like a fool…but I bet you care that all of Canada knows you made yourself look like one.


Moon3k I agree with you. Kenny is very smart and realized he needs to jump ship and create a back-up plan. He knows he hung out with Andrew the most, which means he knows that he was high up on the list to be nominated by Canada.

He actually was smart in keeping it a secret because he is using as strategy NOW. He is trying to solidify his relationship with Sarah and this really gets them very close, much more than before. They’ll be spending more time together now, and since he told her such a big secret, she may feel that she needs to discuss info. with him too.

I hope she keeps her emotions out of this and if the time comes to evict Kenny (hopefully next week)…she’ll be able to do that and not say “noooo I can’t he trusted me the most ..etc. etc. .”

Pinocchio Obama

Pretty shady Kenny. I wonder if your lack of honesty is going to hurt your game when the secret comes out.


I really think Kenny still is not sure because he made that comment that he might be 70-30 Gay after he said he had a sex dream about a woman.


I feel like Sarah gets these moments with housemates when they are vulnerable, like even with IKA, but for some reason I just feel like she somehow uses it to her advantage for the game (which I guess is good game play for her??)


I 100% believe that the only reason Kenny came out was strategy. There was nothing brave or difficult for him about it, it’s just a new way for him to manipulate and build a new alliance. I think the “real” Kenny is the douche we see in his goodbye messages. He has nothing to gain by being nice to people as they leave so he lets his guard down.


I totally agree. He’s very calculating. Even the Jon comments Kenny made, he sees Sarah with Jon.

Everything he’s doing is typical mean girl shit. Spilling “secrets” to bond, hating on people and having her join in. He’s so basic.

biggy big

Very well put and 100% agree. I think Kenny is running scared and he should be. He NEVER would have come out if the final five just kept sailing along.

Dusty dinkleman

There is a married woman every season on bb and i have never seen one act the way that sarah does its deplorable!


Without being nasty, why do you think this? To me, she seems like a nice person. She was very rational about what Ika did with the letters,( reasoning through with the other houseguests when they were running around cursing and acting like crybabies) she is a beast in the competitions, she is open about her anxiety issues (good role model), she mentors Sabrina when she’s going bat shit crazy, I just don’t get why ppl are hard on her. Can someone explain this to me?


She effing after every guy in the house lol . And beg ore I forget an attention whore &horney ho.


If you’re gonna use that logic, then you must also dislike Jon, Arlie, Sabrina, Rachelle, Andrew as well, because damn well sure they are going after everyone in the house! Sleeping together, spooning, cuddling, kissing….it’s certainly not just Sarah…I just can’t understand some people’s thinking sometimes…


And you must not forget Rachelle exposing herself (flashing camera) and talking about having sex on tv, Jon and Andrew flashing their junk, etc. So I don’t know why your focus is on Sarah being a hoe…

think before you speak jjj

cause shes married dodo.


People these days get divorced quicker than some boyfriends and girlfriends break up. Anyway, if you think that cheating on a wife is worse than cheating on a girlfriend, that’s just nuts. It’s all bad. Same shit, different pile. Who pissed in your cornflakes?


I agree. I’ve watched the live feeds, and I think she genuinely cares about people (e.g. Jon) but also wants to play the game well. Time will tell if she figures out the right balance of strategy and loyalty to make it to the end and still have people vote for her. I don’t think her odds are good, because a lot of people are going to feel betrayed.

In general, I think you have to take the comments with a grain of salt here. A lot of commenters are big into hyperbole, and some are just plain vicious.


IMO it’s because Sarah is used to getting a lot of affection from her children and husband. She’s been deprived of that for a month. At this point, she just wants to cuddle and hug anything.

I don’t think it’s about sex. The way I see it, if Big Brother released a random kid in the house, Sarah would chase him to give him a hug. She always looks depressed to me.

Shut it

Its from all the ativan she takes it really slows her down poor girl(sniff sniff)


About Sarah – Watch please her intro clip. She was excitedly saying “I am free” when leaving her house for BB…. I was shocked to hear such words, they hurt me. Try to be in her kids shoes, or her husband’s , and see her acting like she is relieved from the bigger chore. You cannot even jokingly act like that. The clip will stay forever and the kids will see how happy mommy was when she got “free”… Very sad choice of words and to me, that says a lot about her character.


Come on, now. I think every parent has joked around that they are “free”. Clearly she misses her children. Geez…can’t take a joke?

Maria carvalho

I don’t like Sahara she is fake she plays all sides to a convenience

Maria carvalho

Tthe new alience shud be Jon Neda Adel Airel


“Kenny says that he was hiding it because his ability to woe women”

yeah, pathetic horny nasty women.

kenny is vile.


Game move for sure, especially when he see’s that his alliance is hated by Canada….


Kenn is my new favourite! 🙂


There is a gay website for guys and Kenny’s picture was posted on it after the hashtag challenge and a lot of the guys said they thought he was filthy, smelly and disgusting.


I just have to say this and I don’t care…

Some of you people on here are so vile. Calling the houseguests sluts, cows, vagina’s, dicks, pigs, whores, fatties. Is absolutely absurd. You are the first people to attack the houseguests for being mean to other people in the house but do you realize you are doing the EXACT same thing on here!

I love reading comments about strategy and conflict in the house. Isn’t that was this is for? I have even expressed how some people in the house drive me nuts! We can discuss and debate our favourite houseguests progress against others who we may not be rooting for and disagreements are fine (and may even get us to change our minds) but it gets me so mad when I see I comment like “Sabrina is a fat whore” or the comments lately about Sarah or “Whorah” as someone called her. You people have absolutely no clue about how words could do serious damage.

I like message boards I think it brings people together and can make the show more enjoyable. I have been on many message boards for other shows and no where else do people talk the way some of you do. This is just crazy.

Simon and Dawg I think you two are simply amazing for the hard work you put in every season to bring us all together to be a part of a great show but I wish there were two different message boards. One for people who actually want to discuss the show and another one for people who just want to act like gossiping and bullying children on the playground.


Well whora should have thought about that before she decided to be a slut on reality tv!
You is what you is baby!


How old are you?


Totally agree with you Ann. I come here to find out what bits of strategy I might have missed and to talk strategy with commenters–not to read a bunch of nasty, hateful comments from people who are hiding behind the anonymity of their keyboards.

Johhny (the European one!)

100% agree. Great post.
Some posters call other posters who root for others than who they like “douchbag” and similar things.
The behavior some posters are showing here is vile and just needs to be ignored. I just feel bad for Dawg and Simon having those posts “immortalized” on their site.
We all need to toughen up and let it be. And let THEM be.


This is a great comment!

People that write vile things about the houseguests are acting just like those houseguests they hate.


Thanks for the positive feedbacks to my post. Good to know there are other true fans out there!


Thanks Ann for your comments. I totally agree with you. I tried to express my comments a couple of days ago and got bullied for them. We should not be attacking the HGs personally esp with some of the comments I read were so disgusting. The essence should be based on the game strategy of BB and no comments should be made on weight and appearance. Glad to hear there are common sense people watching this show like yourself.

Miss Manners

So after all those paragraphs of bitching about us bitching and not talking about game strategy; not once did you or the people who posted in agreement to you, say anything about the game or strategy. In essence, you did exactly the same thing except you came here to bitch about us instead of the houseguests? See how that worked. You got sucked in. Why don’t you post about the game?
You had nothing to say about it. Johnny (the eurotrash), does the same thing – nasty man.


Nice try–trying to equate this discussion with people calling other people whores (“bitching about us bitching”). But that’s a false equivalency, and I’m sure you know it.

But since you bring up strategy – I’m wondering if Rachelle would actually start to get in the game if Sabrina left. Sabrina has such an overbearing personality that I think other people tend to get quieter around her because it’s too exhausting to do otherwise.

I don’t know if we’ll ever find out though, because I’m starting to think that people might keep Sabrina around to the end, thinking no one will ever vote for her.


I have talked game strategy on here and have every year. That particular post was to express one particular point. This isn’t my first day. I wanted to focus on one point for that one post because like you, I have the freedom to do so.


I have no problem with you expressing your opinion for starters. But and I mean a big butt OBB Canada board is light weight. Ask Simon and Dawg about BB USA at OBB. Blood is spilled on a daily basis. For some here it’s a sport of sorts. The more we get ticked off the more likely we are to rant about it. I don’t think anyone owes Sab an apology after her actions and behaviour on the show. Nor anyone else that ganged up on Heather as just 1 example in the house.
This is not a place for political correctness. Sometimes it’s strategy and predictions/discussions and sometimes it’s rants. I have no problem with both personally as long as things like bigotry aren’t apart of it.


This place is the apocalypse during BBUS.


Yeah, no doubt. And no thank you!


Definitely right Simon. I just couldn’t stand to not say anything anymore after reading pages and pages of hatred for people the posters didn’t even know. I love that some people gave me a thumbs down too. It just reiterates my point perfectly.


Great comment, It says a lot about the people around here that this comment is getting dislikes.


I agree with you 1 billion, trillion, gazillion percent, I swear this on my kids, my dogs, my house, my car (pause to pick at my nose), My exwife (actually no I will save that swear till I am Lying)…lol


Kenny is good sht and hes gonna win this game. You trolls that think Kenny told Sara for pure game play are idiots. Do you have any idea how hard it would be to live your life as a lie? Sure he went into the house thinking he could play anyway he had too, but what ppl think they can do and what they can do are sometimes 2 different things.
This week played on Kenny’s emotions big time, and after telling Sara he probably feels 1000X better and relieved, and thats not because he feels like he sunk his hooks into her and that she trusts him now, its because a big weight was lifted off his chest.


Totally agree. I couldn’t even imagine how hard that would be to do. I hope Sarah respects what he told her and doesn’t go an use it for ammunition against him later. I think Kenny is playing a good game and I think once Andrew’s gone he will do even better. Teaming up with him was a bad idea but so was forming the “First 5” and thinking they could stick it out considering they made that alliance 2 minutes after meeting each other. No way that was going to last.


Question – Andrew is sure he is going home. Is there still not a chance that Sabrina got more votes and it is her going home?


I was under the impression that the houseguests do the actual voting for who goes and who stays.


It was my understanding that it is based on the Canada Votes numbers. If Jon had used POV the houseguest with the 3rd highest numbers would have gone up.


Really? I thought the house guests would be voting. Hmm… well, even if it is up to Canada, Sabrina could be the one sent home. So yeah, there could still be a chance for Andrew to stay.


Kenny is a ” FAKE ” GAY ! LOL


Andrew: “Twisto’s, fucks Andrew in the ass” Feeds cut, lol funny


andrew is a steroid monkey with a small penis. and he picks his nose hes gross.


So what if someone pretended to be gay (if other houseguests were already ‘out’) and faked it for strategy? I think gay community would be extremely offended? This is the exact opposite and I think that’s why some people are upset about it. I think it’s super shady and the fact that he had to overdo it around Andrew was sick to watch. Kenny said some pretty vile things, gay or not. He called Ika ‘devil woman’ and dumb bitch. He’s a pig, gay or straight as far as I can tell.


Here’s some more fuel for the Kenny haters (myself included!) on here.

According to his sister on Twitter (@brain_maria) Kenny’s family didn’t know he was gay. So he’s either lying to Sarah or his sister is a liar too.

What a shady bunch!


There is literally nothing on that twitter that says anything like that.


You actually just made that up… Haha u know nothing about this guy or his family. So why even say anything at all. How about you get your facts straight. The only “shady” person or liar is you. Absolutely ridiculous. Some of you should be ashamed of how you act!! U think that you have a right to judge someone for doing or saying something. I’m sorry I forgot
All you commenters are god like and perfect… Half of you are worse then any of the people in this house


I speak the truth!

The tweet may have been deleted, but lucky for you I saved the email notification. Check out @HelenHunty for the screengrab.

“If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything.”
? Mark Twain


Everyone has a right to there own opinion good or bad and if you dont like it then dont read it and stop being a cry baby!


Exactly. We all have a right to our opinion, so if we think some commentors are being mean and nasty, we’re free to say so. And if you don’t like it, you don’t have to read our comments. See how that works?

name your lame and got no game

.i know the stuff i write is awsome but you really need to quit copying what i write!


Try again when you’ve learned how to spell.


If all you want to read is positive things about people then go make your own website!personally for me i like to read all comments good or bad!


The secret pov was unlocked! I wonder who will find it!?


Dang Andrews on the block, his main dude hasn’t told him he’s gay and his girl has got a man at home…hilarious.

Kenny's Mixed Up Brain



“Andrew talks about how his bed at home has straps on each bed post. Sarah gets up and says she just realized this is a conversation she shouldn’t be a part of and leaves.”

Andrew has straps on his bed? i guess to keep the guests from running away.

Sarah now leaves conversations that aren’t appropriate. New strategy? Clean up her image?


hmmmmmm Maybe the straps are just for Andrew to hang on to so he doesn’t fall out of bed.


Look like Sarah has suddenly remembered that her actions have consequences outside the house too.


what were Kenny and Sarah talking about- who number 2 was on his letter and told her he couldn’t say anything?


jon and neda are so endearing much more fun to watch then the actual showmance lol


jon carrying neda up the stairs and swinging her around was hilarious


Personally, I don’t care about anyone’s sexuality. I don’t go around offering up information about my intimate life, and I don’t expect anyone, gay or not to tell me about theirs. I respect that Kenny kept it secret and broke the mold of the over the top effeminate gay man that is always type cast on BB. I know gay men that are discreet, not because they are afraid to come out, not because they are hiding it, but because it’s really nobody’s business but their own. If he confessed to Sarah, that is his business too. I really don’t care. I tune in to watch game and strategy.