“Aaryn and I had a coming to Jesus moment about what is going on in this house” -Helen

POV Holder: Elissa Next POV Aug 24th
POV Used POV Ceremony Aug 19th
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH: Aug 22nd
Original Nominations: Elissa and Helen
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, JUDD, Jessie
Have Nots (head cheese and habaneros) GM, Amanda, Helen and Elissa


3:00pm HOH Aaryn and Helen

Aaryn: “I’m scared of McCrae every single person in this house wants to keep him”

Aaryn says Amanda, McCrae and Andy have deals with everyone in this house and it’s scaring her.
Aaryn doesn’t make fake deals because fake deals bite you in the a$$. She doesn’t know which deals are real and which are fake.

Helen says it’s depressing to her what Amanda is doing. She kept Amanda in this game for so long and now she’s not talking game with Helen anymore. Helen says they are treating her differently.
Helen explains that Amanda is using Aaryn to take out Helen and by doing that Elissa will target Aaryn. Helen adds Amanda is trying to get everyone to make the moves so when she gets to the end she has few enemies.

Helen: ‘I am very taken back with how she’s treating me this week”
Aaryn: “I would love to see Spencer go.. I want him to go.. I do.. “
Helen: “we just have to tell people that spencer is the target and you and I didn’t come up with anything”
Helen: “You gm and I have to have a talk”
Helen says she’s worried about Aaryn’s thoughts about Andy and McCrae. Aaryn says Andy has lied to her flat out and he’s very good at pretending to be on your side when he’s not. Aaryn mentions how the first couple weeks Andy lied to her repeatedly when she thought they were tight.
Helen was watching how Andy performed on the POV she doesn’t think he fought hard enough for it.
Helen: “We need each other in this game.. We need spencer out”
Helen: “They are using us to kill each other”
Aaryn: “I know”
Helen: “Please keep it to yourself that I’m mad at Amanda.. I trusted her.. She’s been using me.. and that is why I’m worried about McCrae.. They don’t have my best interest it’s obvious.. You know.. You know.. I protected them.. You know and when I’m on the block she isn’t there to support me.. “
Helen: “I thought we were all on the same side supporting each other.. obviously they are not”
Helen says she noticed that during the POV competition Amanda, McCrae and Andy were not cheering for them.

Aaryn: “Spencer, MCCrae and Andy are going to full on gel if he stays”
Aaryn says she’s noticing the guys getting closer.

Helen: “This is the new Aaryn and Helen”
Aaryn says that Amanda and McCrae are making deals with everyone. She explains That McCrae is making side alliances with a set of people. Amanda is making side alliances with another set of people. They then have their side alliances fight while keeping each other off the radar.


3:15pm Helen, Andy and Aaryn

Helen: “Aaryn and I have been talking and her targets Spencer”
Helen: “do i have your vote “
Andy: “ya DUH “
Helen: “my worry is Amanda and McCrae will not vote to keep me “
Andy explains it doesn’t matter they have the votes.
Helen: “THey are so tight and MC does whatever Amanda wants .. Amanda has ignored me all week.. that is outside the norm for Amanda she usually talks game and strategy. “
H: “please don’t share that.. “
H: “Andy you will be the deciding vote, GM votes to keep me, ELissa votes to keep me.. “
Andy: “duh you’ve always been loyal to me.. Amanda nd McCrae will realize you are staying they will vote to keep you”
Aaryn: “I’m surprised Amanda hasn’t been talking to you.. it shocks me.”
Andy Tells her to call Amanda Out on ignoring her.
Helen: “it’s not my style.. I felt that I kept her safe these last few weeks and now she doesn’t talk to me”
Helen “You know Jessie wanted to get her out” (Amanda and McCrae)
Helen: “I noticed when Elissa won the veto nobody was excited for her.. even Amanda and MCrae.. so.. I trust you Andy to keep this to yourself..”
Helen: “the vote is 5 days away”
Andy: “Oh my god I hate waiting.. you don’t have to worry about me… I told you from the beginning of the game I don’t trust specner he had me fooled for the first 2 weeks of the game and anyone that can do that once can do it again”

Helen leaves to get Elissa
3:21pm HOH Andy and Aaryn
Aaryn: “OH mY GOD”
Aaryn: “F****”
Andy:’ Yeah”
Andy: “Ohh Helen.. she’s lying.. she was trying to get Amanda and McCrae out” (Helen was saying to Andy and Aaryn that she kept Amanda safe for all these weeks and points out that it was Jessie that wanted to get Amanda out. Everyone knows Helen is lying but she still says it when trying to build up her Loyalty resume)
Aaryn: “She is going after McCrae and Amanda now”
Andy: “Wheres your head at right now”
Aaryn: “I don’t know”
Adny: “I mean Amanda and McCrae are the ones to keep our cards with.. what do you think”
Aaryn: ‘Me to… do you think McCrae is legitimately loyal to me”
Andy: “I think Amanda and McCrae will be loyal to final 4”
Aaryn: “OK”

CBS Interactive Inc.


3:31pm HOH Andy, Aaryn, Elissa And Helen
Helen says she thinks she has GM, Andy and ELissa so they need to remind Amanda and McCrae how dangerous he is and how they want him out.
Helen looks around the room and says Spencer has no loyalties.

Helen says she trusts Aaryn, Elissa and Andy to work on McCrae and Amanda tell them the house is keeping her.
Aaryn tells Elissa it was McCrae that told her Elissa did want to sit next to her and GM during the HOH competition. Elissa says McCrae is trying to start a fight between them she didn’t say it that way. Elissa is very annoyed at McCrae.

Helen: “We all have to realize what is going on here.. they using us “
Aaryn: “Do you think Amanda threw that at me so she wouldn;t have the blood on her hands.. Like 10 seconds went by and I thought she was throwing it to me”

Helen: “Who would she have put up”
E: “Specner and GM”
Aryn: “Something is not right”
H: “Yup”
Gm rolls in
Helen says she wants to take something back that she told GM she told GM if it’s Aaryn and GM on the block she would keep GM but now she cannot give that type of promise, “I don’t want to lock myself in.. everything else I met completely”
GM says no problem she didn’t think much of it.

Helen: ‘I’m going to talk to AManda and McCrae but you guys are my base”
Elissa: “Aaryn is the tie breakers”
Helen: “There is no tie”


3:46pm HOH Elissa, Andy and Helen

Helen tells them that McCrae told Aaryn to put up Helen and Elissa because Aaryn was going to put Spencer and Elissa.
Elissa: “I think MCCrae was so mad that I wouldn’t start a fight with Aaryn.. that’s so weird.. cause in the beginning Amanda fought everyone and now she’s trying to get other people to do it”

Helen: “Aaryn and I had a coming to Jesus moment about what is going on in this house”
Elissa says voting out Helen is handing the game to McCrae and Amanda. Helen keeps telling Andy how Amanda and MCCrae are using him and he needs to vote out Spencer.
Andy: “You think I would keep Spencer over you.,.. give me some credit”
GM rolls in. Elissa asks if Amanda has been saying things about her to GM. Gm says no.

You can re-watch ever second on the feeds using the flashback feature.. It’s just like a DVR and is super easy to use. click this link for a Free Trial —> Subscribe to the Big Brother Live Feeds


4:10pm Backyard Amanda and McCrae
MC relaying his conversation with Specner where he said he doesn’t think he’ll win the first prize so he’s hoping to get to second.
Amanda says she doesn’t want Spencer to go to the final 4.
Amanda: “He was a supreme a$$hole to me for the majority of this game I won’t forget that”
Amanda: “he was a bully.. him and Howard”

MC says if they bring Spencer to final 5 he will take Aaryn out. Amanda: “Won’t he take me out” MC says Spencer will stick with them because he wants to be dragged to the end.
Aryan rolls in.

Aaryn: “Helen is campaigning hardcore to stay.. ”
Amanda: “What is she saying”
Aryan she’s saying she has a plan and she’s trying really hard, “Just want you to know”
Aryan leaves.
Amanda:” She’s digging her own grave”
MC: ‘Gm said the same thing this morning”
Amanda: “I have no problem telling Helen i’m voting her out.. she is toxic to my game”

Amanda: “Once Helen leaves she is going to tell Elissa to come after me.. That is why she has to go next week”


4:20pm Cockpit Andy and Aaryn
Andy relays his conversations with Helen. he says she has no idea what is really going on.
Andy says they really have to worry about Amanda and McCrae he want them to stay loyal as long as they can but moving forward they cannot hide from that fact that Amanda/mCrae will take each other to the end.
Andy: “You and I really need to talk to GM and tell her they need to stick together”
Andy mentions that when they get down to final 5 and he wins HOH he’ll make a move against McCrae and Amanda to ensure Aaryn, GM and him make it to final 4.
And: ‘GM listens to you..we need to talk to her.. I want to remain loyal to all of us as long as we can.. “
Andy: “I would be so excited if I get to the end with you.. oh my god.. the jury heads will explode”
Andy: “GM is our secret weapon”
Aaryn:’Elisa is Their secret weapon”
Andy: “don’t worry i will work on that Hardcore”


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Oh Helen…that girl will say anything and lie to anyone to try to get what she wants. Fortunately, it won’t work for this time.


Everyone is lying or holding back the truth…and she needs to pull all the cards that she has left (even if it is just 2) to try to stay in the game. But, she also needs to take a step back and think hard at her inner circle.

I commend her for not giving up and giving it all she got, but what she did in the past is now coming back to her. She has blood on her hands. She did Judd dirty. She could have came clean with Jessie instead of denying it knowing that Amanda and McCrae knew she was lying.

It comes a point when a liar has no where to run because the lies caught up to her.

Don’t worry Andy and Amanda….your times are coming soon. I have a bottle of wine with both your names on it just waiting for that time to come.

Bb episode Sunday

At least I can watch episodes of bb this week on tv, last week the episodes were horrible.

Helen's Zit

Yup, her game just burst like a zit on her forehead.


Again….Helen’s biggest mistake in this game is trusting Andy. If you really want to win this game, stop telling Andy stuff. I don’t get it? Why does she trust him so much.

What a dumba$$! Learn from Jessie’s mistake. It feels like deja vou.


OMG! I wish I could hit thumbs up on this comment like a million times.
Just when it seems like Helen is making sense to Arryn she brings rat ass Andy into the mix. Don’t get me wrong I don’t like what Helen has done in this game at all and I want to see her go as bad as anyone; however, I can’t stand Amanda and what Helen is saying is true about the way Amanda an MC have fake alliances with everyone and want to turn them all against each other. Someone needs to finally wake up to this fact. Arryn seemed like she was acknowledging that…until Andy comes in. Helen news flash Andy is not team Helen! Arryn went right to Amanda an told…good lord what kind of mojo does this chick have over people! That’s some powerful shit! I just want Amanda an MC out please God!


I am starting to wonder if CBS offered a financial incentive to the houseguests who never place a vote against Amanda. So strange that nobody puts that domme wannabe up for eviction. We can only hope at the end she gets 50K not the 500K…


I found it VERY amusing that Helen has said she wants to watch the entire season back with ANDY! HA! Little does she know….


Like Emmett from BBCAN’s brother told him “Watch out for the gay guy”


Déjà vu! ;-)


What is the new link for th videobrother website? Thursday it wasnt working.


How th hell is that even a thumbs down? What, does video brother piss people off too now? lol geezzz


What the actual hell @ the poll?
Why are Judd and Helen above Candy and Jess?
ZzzZzzZZZZzzZZZz I can’t believe anyone want’s Judd back in the house. He’s useless.
Candy and Jess bring dat drammaaaa ;>
plz Alison realize that judd is boring, and bring back Candice or Jessie k ;>


Yeah I don’t get it either. People have been bitching for weeks they want something to shake up the house. Now they want Amanda’s minion to come back so he can take Aaryn’s place in f4. He’ll come back Andy and McRae will be happy to have him back and Judd blames Helen so he’ll forgive the big three and nothing will really change.

Mark H

Why do people think Judd would immediately reunite with McCranda when he was unanimously evicted? He had no votes to stay, which means his allies knew of and participated in the plan to get him out. Judd may not be too bright, but I don’t think he is dumb enough to come back in and set himself up with the same people that betrayed him.


This house is full of spineless rats who go running off to tell everybody ALL information they get within seconds of having a conversation. It’s absurd !! The funny thing is Andy, that Helen actually did keep Amanda safe for a couple of weeks. She was a fool to do it and we all knew it & now the chickens are coming home to roost.


Geez I wish Aaryn and Andy would get their heads out of their butts and put skank Amanda up and send her packing. No way that imbecile would get back in on Thursday. Dislike Helen intently but cannot stand Amanda more and it would be fun to see McCrae’s and Amanda’s face. I would love that!!!!


why does amanda keep saying howard and spencer were bullies to herr? everyone in that house is a bully, including you, so get off your high house, amanda.


Always, when Amanda an accusation and points her finger at someone, she is actually pointing three fingers at herself.


The only person to really put Amanda in her place was Spencer when SHE was trying to bully him into abandoning a plan to flip the house. Remember the convo on the patio… loved that he shouted her down. Only good thing that red-headed freak did this season. Howard bullied her by not giving her what she wanted and begged for…his hot body bullied her relentlessly driving her to rape Mc’Crae nightly!


LMAO. i totally forgot spencer told amanda to shut up. she deserved it. talks way too much and tries to act all cunning and cute in the diary room sessions. we aren’t buying what you’re selling.


they didnt bully her. she’s still bitter about them wanting to get her out at the beginning. noody has ever bullied that ugly btch…she bullies others.


Everyone is a bully except Elissa, Jessie and Judd.


Good Morning Helen! Nuf said


I WANT TO SEE FIREWORKS!! Please let Amanda and Helen go at one another when they find out they are both playing each other and then see both their heads explode. I WOULD PAY TO SEE THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Me too! The reason Amanda WONT confront Helen is because Helen may reveal secrets that are buried… until Andy dug them up, revived them and scurried around the house nibbling at them and passing them on!


Well, there goes that plan. Bye Helen

Amanda: “he was a bully.. him and Howard”

How the fuck were they bullies?


Yeah, Helen finally is awake


Good morning Helen, finally woke up?




im telling yall, helen on the block is scary good!!! week 2 was her strongest campaigning. watch her go. spencer may leave….but amanda might too. (PS, amanda will be nominated next week). Helen is recruiting for next week’s numbers!!!


Helen thought she had a handle on this game, well now she is panicking. None of these morons deserve to win. Evict all of them and start over.

Big Tommy

Anyone has a good link for tonight’s live episode? Thanks in advance!

You So Funny

If you’re in the U.S., just hook up a set of rabbit ears (antenna) to your TV and watch it on CBS for free in HD surround sound.


I really want Elissa to tell them she will go after Amancrae and that she’s not the secret weapon. Need someone who isn’t crass to win this.

This Season Blows

“Need someone who isn’t crass to win this.”

Not happening this season, every single houseguest has been crass including Rachel’s Shadow.

helen is clueless

Helen is sad because Amanda is treating her differently. Hurts hey Helen. Why do yuo “need so much affirmation”?


ha ha ha ha, Helen is Clueless, good one!


Helen is just plain dumb!! I mean I am just going to lay low this week. Well keep on doing that and we will all be watching your backside as you walk out that door!! Geez, this woman is just blind to think that way. WAKE UP!!!!!

Good riddance Hell en

And what was that bitch’s reaction when Jessie was saying that Helen wasn’t looking at her or talking to her? What a two-faced piece of work. You are getting a dose of your own medicine, dictator. It will be so sweet seeing your sanctimonious dumb ass sent out the door Thursday. It can only get better if someone decides to spill the beans early (like you did for Jessie) and tell you that you are going.


Helen: ‘I am very taken back with how she’s treating me this week”

Sorta like you treated Jessie the week before?

You So Funny

They need a weekly jury house show, not just a 15-min highlight at the end of the season.

Good riddance Hell en

There is no jury house footage to show yet because Candice, Judd, and Jess have been separated until this Thursday’s comeback competition. It’s imperative to keep them apart so they don’t scheme and compare notes of what’s been happening since their respective ouster. Then again CBS has been making/changing the rules as the season has gone (depending on who is getting “unfairly” picked on) so I wouldn’t be surprised if those three have been living together and comparing notes. I think it’s bullshit that someone who has been evicted can come back in. What about the remaining HGs? Will they be able to compete later and try to come back? And CBS adding 2 more jury seats is just a PR attempt to appease all the politically correct whiners who thought poor Candy was mistreated. Such BS. If Candice would’ve been bounced sooner then there’d only be 7 jurors like the past 14 seasons.


I would watch that! Wishing McCrae gets in there and has some hot sex with Jessie and then Amanda walks in with no money,no man, and a deeply bitter soul.


Andy reminds me of Gollum from Lord of the Rings…


How dare she put Jesus into that mix!


What I don’t understand is how it is already settled that Spencer is going up!?!?! Spencer could be a VOTE to keep Helen. Why not try and convince Aaryn to put put Amanda or McCrae??? Such an idiot. Saying that Spencer is a threat is a huge part of her downfall.

Congrats to Andy – he is playing an amazing game.


you hit it right on target, helen just sealed her fate. the only way to have the numbers is with amanda on the block, and since helen already suspects amanda has her hand in the plan and that she’s toast, why not put it out there? maybe she should ask andy what he thinks…


Helen’s reasoning ability throughout this game has made no sense. She has got to be the most pathetic player this game has seen. Helen is going to hang her head in shame when she realizes that Amanda made her play a game that benefitted the bedbugs only!

Mark H

Since getting rid of Jeremy, Helen has been wrong 100% of the time on who are and are not the threats to her in the house.


NO one trusts anyone. They need to bust up the last remaining showmance! Why can’t these fools get rid of the ringleader????
This is all going to blow up and back to Helen.

Johnny (the european one!)

yeah… I think I just kinda changed my mind…
I previously disliked Amanda EVEN MORE than Helen, but I see that even now Helen doesn’t even suggest that Aaryn put up Amanda (or McCrae) as a replacement nominee.
Sorry, but that’s just plain dumb. She was very annoying and her constant lying was rather unattractive, but now she just topped it off with being painfully blind until the bitter end.
In the same conversation where she and Aaryn talk about McManda being the big enemy with all the side deals, she then talks about… friggin Spencer being the threat, and that he needs to go…
OMG! Did the veto ceremony already happen, or what?!?

VA Vet

Aha, Andy just made his first mistake. If he wins HOH at F5, he won’t be able to play for HOH at F4. That’s when the girls will send him packing if he doesn’t win veto. Winning HOH at F4 guarantees F3!

Teri B

Well, that’s it, I think. She is now talking it over with Andy…..the end is near, Helen. Geesh.

Teri B

Meant to add…….is it too soon to do it, Helen? LOL


Gina looks pretty good in that last picture.

Aunt Nezeehba

That goiter is back on Helen’s face again! It is a sign!!


I hate Helen… but if she somehow gets the house to evict Demanda it will be Demanda’s fault. She was the one boasting to Ellisa Helen is leaving. while telling everyone else to keep it chill.


McCrae looks like he smells bad (if that makes any sense). After his shower he put the same pair of socks on that he was wearing.
God his feet must stink bad. I’ve only seen him wear one pair – the blue and red knee socks. Yuck. He looks way older than 23.


I have been saying that too. If his hair was grey he would look exactly like an old man. LOL Amanda thought she was Demi and he was Ashton…..neither one of them got what they thought they were gonna get. Has anyone else noticed after that fake wedding that McCrusty and Demanda have cooled off their showmance? They dont seem to be as caring for each other as they were before, now it seems they feel they have played themselves into a corner and have to continue working with each other.


Holistic remedy to smelly men’s feet is to add 1/4 cup mouthwash to a foot bath. Kills same bacteria that invades mouths! I would shave McCrae’s head if he was my boy… : ( What a bleak thought.


Once Helen goes, Elissa will go after Arryan and Ginamaria! Amanda knew this. I hope Jessie comes back. Judd will just go back with Andy and become the new clueless Helen.


Amanda: “I have no problem telling Helen i’m voting her out.. she is toxic to my game”
What game? Oh, that’s right, just lay in bed all day, suck ass in every competition and letting stupid people carry you to 500k.. Got It!

Helen’s totally screwing that up.


Oh well Helen, you gave it a shot! But you know what they say, “You Slow, You Blow”….

For two weeks straight you had more than ample time and chances to flip the house; but no you had to evict Candice, Judd and Jessie!!!

You aligned yourself with the wrong side of the house because you thought were a King Maker, when actually you were a Pawn!!!

If you for once stopped and listened to people instead of dictating to them maybe you would have learned what was going down in the house, right in front of you (e.g. Candice and Jessie gave you the 411)!!!

Now go and practice your eviction speech for the live show on Thursday!!!


Is there a new website for videobrother.bravesites.com? Website is closed? Bummer?


New drinking game, drink everytime something thinks they can trust Andy. He doesn’t even do that good of a job hiding anything, any idiot should see that information somehow gets back to Amanda, who else could be supplying it? Judd was allied with him, and Jessie got clues from her fight with Amanda and his good-bye message. Hopefully one of them will return and let everyone know he’s a rat. Or maybe Candice was told something in jury. Or Helen could figure it out if she gets evicted and comes back. But knowing these idiots, know one will figure it out.


Amanda choking AGAIN, and then pulling a “Rachel”. I know Rachel was like, “Hey that’s my thing”.


Why vote for Judd is booooring! Andy and Mccray are going to fight for him.Never seen 2 guys cry so much for and eviction.

Pinocchio Obama

I love how Andy wants to make a ” big move” now that he is not HOH and won’t get the blood on his hands.


Would love just once that the hoh decides who’s goin up. Take a chance people and make a move already. Gina Marie and spencer in the final 2. In a nutshell that would be what this entire season has been.

This Season Blows

Back to hoping Helen leaves now. Blabbing her plan to Andy was the dumbest thing she possibly could have done.

Demanda will win this season with ease considering how fraidy-scared and just plain bad at the game everyone else is.


She totally overracted. McCrae was just telling her what was up…Hope McCrae takes notice women who act like that, ALWAYS will act like that.. Good Luck Buddy.


A rare occasion this season for me to post something on a non eviction night, but I just wanted to say I was wrong. Last Thursday I said if Aaryn won HOH it would be a boring week, but I was wrong!! She actually had the balls to put up 2 decent nominations. Elissa winning POV is good because the replacement nom will probably be Spencer. Bye Helen. I knew Aaryn would win HOH, but I’m surprised at her nominations. I predict Andy and McCrae final 2. The girls are all turning on each other now so it will be 2 dudes in the finals. See ya later skaters!

Real Scandals Phony President

The beast is a good name for Aaryn. It fits her personality.

Jessie is Fine

Elissa you need to win the veto and hit the snooze button on 3 A.M.


Couple of questions.

1. Since Elissa is coming off the block, is Spencer for sure going up as replacement?
2. Is Helen still going home?
3. Why does Helen hate Spencer and think he is so untrustworthy? Just because he was in an alliance?

You So Funny

Helen, “I don’t let a lot of things get to me” as she’s crying on the 24th consecutive episode.

Pinocchio Obama

I think it says a lot about Amanda, Helen, Andy, Aaryn, and GinaMarie that I have to root for Elissa, McCrae and Spencer. I hope nobody votes for Amanda if she makes it to the final.


As I watch the telecast I had a thought…

How coincidental is it that the one season the jury is expanding there is a player in the house who saying she won’t go once she’s evicted. Happens to be the one player who is universally believed to not actually want to be there even before this revelation.

I’m not into the conspiracy talk but that certainly doesn help.


Just to add to this point.. It’s not uncommon for players to say they will self evict or not goto jury. It is however uncommon for big brother to get that storyline any screen time and after tonight’s ep it seemed to be quite prevalent. I’m sure it’s gonna get even more attention in the next ep.

from the other side of the pond

ok volks…

race, creed and sex aside…

they’re all americans.

what does that tell you.

do you feel better about yourself?


where are you from?

good night, and good luck.

This Season Blows

Last I checked, the version of Big Brother on YOUR side of the pond has had bullying and racism scandals for years, including incidents where the N-word was used and where an Indian houseguest was savagely bullied just for her ethnicity.

Do YOU feel better about yourself? Good night, and GFY.

from the other side of the pond

@this season blows:
yes it does. but you’re making assumptions… there are many ponds, depending where you look at it…
where i am or where i come from… bb does not exist… so, i don’t know what the f you’re talkin’ about.
and again, i agree… derogatory comments, should not be accepted in ANY media. gfy? does that mean: go f*** yourself? or go masturbate?

@ex fan:
everyones talking about this-and-that-person is evil and/or said this-and-that-about-other… haters/lovers of these so-called real people, in a so-called reality show… unfortunately it is a world-wide phenomenon… i can’t help it, and neither can you. i’m sorry. nothin’ personal.


Ex Fan

Right on. I bet most folks don’t get your post. I’ve always said that this game this year is a microcosm of what America is becoming, a pharmaceutically deranged generation of misfits who will lose thier “democracy” because they are too stupid to defend it. McHanda is a dictatorship and soon our government will be a dictatorship because Americans don’t have any balls. Snowden had balls and like Amanda we went after him because he wasn’t loyal to MAMA.

from the other side of the pond

@this season blows:
yes it does. but you’re making assumptions… there are many ponds, depending where you look at it…
where i am or where i come from… bb does not exist… so, i don’t know what the f you’re talkin’ about.
and again, i agree… derogatory comments, should not be accepted in ANY media. gfy? does that mean: go f*** yourself? or go masturbate?

@ex fan:
everyones talking about this-and-that-person is evil and/or said this-and-that-about-other… haters/lovers of these so-called real people, in a so-called reality show… unfortunately it is a world-wide phenomenon… i can’t help it, and neither can you. i’m sorry. nothin’ personal.



@this season blows:
yes it does. but you’re making assumptions… there are many ponds, depending where you look at it…
where i am or where i come from… bb does not exist… so, i don’t know what the f you’re talkin’ about.
and again, i agree… derogatory comments, should not be accepted in ANY media. gfy? does that mean: go f*** yourself? or go masturbate?

@ex fan:
everyones talking about this-and-that-person is evil and/or said this-and-that-about-other… haters/lovers of these so-called real people, in a so-called reality show… unfortunately it is a world-wide phenomenon… i can’t help it, and neither can you. i’m sorry. nothin’ personal.



name = from the other side of the pond


Go f___ yourself other side of the pond!