Sindy – “Willow and Zach were in my Social Media Conv.. Nobody likes a floater”

POV Holder: Zach Next POV April 24
POV Used No POV Ceremony April 19
HOH Winner Zach Next HOH April 22nd
Nominations: Godfrey and Jordan
Have Nots Godfrey, Sarah, Jordan, Bruno
POV Players Zach, Jordan, Godfrey, Sarah, Ashleigh, Pilar

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-19 16-16-25-152
7:10pm Kevin and Pilar
Pilar tells a story.. lots of Giggling.
They’re in the hot tub for over a hour. A movie of them kissing below.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-19 16-28-43-656
7:26pm Bruno and Willow
Bruno mentioning that during the POV Ceremony Godfrey told Zach he should have never had put his boy on the block.
They think that Canada is involved this week. Willow says all she’s got is the Chop shop she wants to make sure they are good. bruno says 100% they hug it out.
Bruno is worried about Jordan he doesn’t know where his head is at and he’s close with Zach, Sarah and Sindy.
Willow agrees says she loves him but Jordan talks with everybody
Willow – I dunno
Bruno- He F***g scares me .. he’s a superfan he knows his sh1t.
Willow – he’s not in the chop shop so he’ll have to go at some point.
Bruno – Exactly .. 100%

7:40pm Bobby walking on his hands

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-19 17-29-46-903

8:21pm Nothing remotely interesting going on.
and Kevin were showering While AShleigh was taking a “Poo”. Pilar asks how are things with Zach and AShleigh in the HOH. AShleigh says it’s been fine.

Poolside house guests are talking about Game of thrones, ubrew beers, uber etc..

8:44pm Bathroom Sarah and Sindy

Talking about blaming Jordan leaving on Bruno and Bobby. Zach is going to be pissed at them and not Sarah/Sindy. Sindy plans on taking some tears “Oh my JP”
Sarah says she gave Jordan the chance to fess up and be honest and he didn’t. Don’t blow smoke up my a$$

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-19 17-51-06-057

8:49pm HOh brittnee and Sindy
Before they start there talk Sindy goes to the HOH bathroom to make sure someone is not hiding in there.
Sindy says she can trust Bruno they have their “Own” relationship. She thinks Bruno talked to Bobby about getting JOrdan out because Bobby wants to talk to Sarah.
Sindy points out Brittnee is a “cuddle buddy” of Bobby so maybe she can do some convincing. Sindy really wants jordan to stay but for her game he’s got to go.
They agree Godfrey is going after Zach he made it clear during the POV ceremony. They think Godfrey has a good chance to win the HOH
Sindy – if he comes after me I’ll punch him in the f***g face
Brittnee – No I’ll punch him in the face… I won’t actually
Sindy brings up Bruno telling her about the 5 person alliance, Jordan-Zach-Asheligh-Pillar-Kevin
Brittnee about diapers alliance “They are way too powerful and Zach is way comfortable”
Sindy says she trust Brittnee and Sarah 100%, Bruno 60% and Jordan 45%. She’s going to stay close to Bruno because he’s close to the other side.
Brittnee thinks Jordan is lower than that
Sindy – I want Zach than I want Bobby.. willow pilar and Kevin.
They agree they need to break up the couples. Sindy is going to break down in tears when Jordan leaves and yell Zach saying that he put his friend up on the block how could he do that. She plans on getting closer to Jordan
Sindy – Zach needs to pick a side
Brittnee- he’s playing all sides
Sindy – “Canada doesn’t like Willow and Canada doesn’t like Zach right now
Sindy says Willow and Zach were in her Social media conversation.
Brittnee thinks Zach would be a fan favorite, “Playing the whole house”.
Sindy – Nope.. It’s how he’s playing.. Nobody likes a floater.. Like nobody likes a floater.. He’s got all these alliances.
Brittnee says Kevin is Bobby’s target.
Sindy says if Bobby agrees to keep Godfrey she’s pulling all 5 of them into a room and confirming to make sure it happens.
Sindy says only Jordan gave her a straight answer when she was being evicted. Everyone else didn’t give her one. She really wants to trust Jordan but not when he’s so close to Zach.
Brittnee – I thought he was smart .. I thought he was smarter than this.. I don’t understand what his plan is.
Sindy mentions the last two winners of Big Brother were non superfans.
Brittnee – it’s almost that they know the game too much and try to think of too many plays… instead of coming in here with a clear mind.
Sindy – Making deal with everyone..
Sindy makes it clear if she wins HOH she’ll put up Bobby/Willow and when POV is used Zach goes up.

9:10pm Bruno and Godfrey
Bruno asks him if he’s worked anything out. Godfrey thinks he has but nothing concrete yet.
Godfrey says bruno is going to do alright in this game, ‘Just stay cool’
Bruno isn’t convinced “Game’s crazy dude you never know”
Godfrey – you’ll do good.. trust me no one will come after you any time soon.. keep staying close to the girls you’ll be alright.
Bruno says it was nice when Graig was here because he was always the target.
Godfrey – whether I stay or go I still want you to win this.,.. yo and bobby are the only ones I want to win
Bruno – You and Bobby are the only ones i trust.
Godfrey saying he’s going to plant seeds to help Bruno and Bobby out after he leaves.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-19 18-35-17-730

9:36pm Backyard.. Jordan talking about Twitter haters.
Jordan talking about forum says the people are ruthless on their they will all get shredded, “Its never positive”. Says theirs old men in their basements that will never be on Big Brother and are bitter. He also brings up twitter haters saying it’s easier to send out hate so you will get more of that.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-19 18-54-27-129

9:46pm Zach, Brittnee and Sarah Hot Tub
Talking about Getting Godfrey out now. He’s much smarter than they thought. They mention how Risha was in sequester for 3 weeks and finally got out today.
According to Sindy, Naeha was silent when she walked off the stage, it was obvious she was upset. They agree Naeha went out a shitty way.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-19 19-04-56-898

10:05pm Sindy dancing in the HOH Fan feed




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SSB are rocking it to keep godfrey
but bruno and bobby are still shifty about godfrey since godfrey sold bruno and bobby under the bus
so is bruno and bobby really don’t want to keep godfrey
i see the SSB boat sinking


Sara is not on board to keep Godfrey.


You obviously have not been reading the other headlines/articles (keeping up with the feeds


Kevin, Pili, Ashleigh will definitely keep Jordan
Bruno and Bobby will keep Godfrey, I think?
I think Zach will convince Willow to keep Jordan…
Brittnee will keep Godfrey? I think Sindy will vote for Godfrey to stay
Sarah might shake things up and keep JP and blame it on Sindy

idk what will happen! but its getting entertaining ^-^ this week could go either way.


To all the people saying that BBCAN 3 is the worst season ever
Patience 🙂


I lol’d when sindy went to check the hoh bathroom.


Kevin is the one to watch. No obvious gameplay, hiding behind a showmance, not really aligned with anyone. They keep saying he’ll get put up but ends up off the block. I’m betting on the poker player long term.


SSP and Chop Shop need to work on Willow too, just in case someone flips. I am still not getting too happy, since they do not trust one another, but I am salivating in a flip. Everyone is now onto Zach and Jordan.


SSB are stupid. Sindy proves once again she cant keep her trap shut. Yo girls lay low, and wait to you have power to make the move. I do think Zach days are numbered.


Sindy’s big mistake is to trust Sara.


you are simply very wrong


If SIndy is on the block and Sara wins POV, Sara will not bother to take her off the block.

Old Man

Yah, Jordan. We are all grumpy old men in our basements, spewing hate and consumed by our unfulfilled desires of never having had the “privilege” of being on Big Brother – a reality show. I’m sorry, but an old man’s interpretation of “Big Brother” would certainly be more realistic, dystopic, and Orwellian than Endemol/CBS/Global’s reincarnation of the concept. I’m willing to bet that Jordan was a prolific Twitter and forum commentator on past seasons of BB and was the guy that perpetually called the entire cast “idiots” – rage on like a raging super-fan, Jordan! See you on the other side, as in the evicted, lost in the dust,pre-jury side. (BTW, I am neither old nor a man . . . )

Bobby the swing Vote LMAO

The distrust on both sides is preventing JP from going home for now but all it takes is one solid convo between Sarah and Bruno for JP to walk out the door.

Both Sarah and Bruno want JP gone but they are unwilling to stick their necks out cause they both feel they would get screwed over by the other. Bruno wants JP gone but is unsure Sarah would go with the plan and Sarah is unsure if Bruno would go for it. Man JP is hanging on by a thin hair one simple exchange could finish him . This move would strengthen Sarah and Bruno position Zach would be finished but I almost don’t want it to happen because it would compromise Kevin game. Right now Kevin is sitting in the best position he as of this week onward has no one targeting him immediately.

Votes to evict JP : Sarah (hesitant), Brit, Cindy, Bruno(hesitant)

Votes to evict Godfrey: Willow, Ashliegh, Pilar, Kevin

The decider : Bobby (he is the swing vote lmao it all comes down to which side he is leaning on)


Bobby will vote just the same way Bruno will.


To all the delusional Sarah lovers WTF has she done in the game. One HOH she gave to B so her lazy stinky behind gets no blood on her hands. She talks crap and backs non of it up. Useless do nothing lay about. Cindy back we’ll get a double dose of it. Oh make that a triple….

Here’s the game as I see it. Zack worst HOH in BB Can history. Still could see JP go(easily)! The shine is definitely of the apple when it comes to BB game play. Chop shop keeps chopping? Interesting dynamic here as Bobby/Bruno really considering Willows spot in terms of voting assuming Ash/Zack are one. They talk about staying with the chop shop. Think it’s how and who they realign with. Best guess is Kev/Pili if JP goes. If it’s next week SSB maybe. I think this would be a very bad decision for B/B. Those three would flat back there comp excellence then stab them in the back. SSB reminds me of the Shelly triplets(BB USA). Kev/Pili and Zack Ash are really in no mans land to many deals and targets to get split up.
Time folks start to play the freaking game. I’ll be interested to see if Cindy is the target next HOH. That 11-0 deal may actually keep her around since it was leaked. Hope JP stays love the entertainment value he’s just so arrogant it’s great. Next week I have no problem with Zack getting evicted. Talkie talkie talkie Zack was a terrible HOH and blew up his own game which a lot of HG’s were on to any way.

Final 4
Bruno- Best shot atm. He has things to fear though. Better evict Sarah asap
Willow – the Sarah thing means she could end up in jury. Bruno needs allies Sarah has to be backdoored
Pili- The perfect F2 to sit beside, enough said.
4th- so many possibilities as the house reshuffles. Just the eviction on Wednesday alone if it’s JP shakes things up. Some key players gotta stand for something sooner rather than later. Bruno has bobby as his meat shield. So many have Zack he never gets top 4 he might not make jury. Pili has Kev enough said and an F2 dream slot. SSB running the middle great writing but way to emotional to be effective. They’ll pick a side and either dominate or get trashed but should be fun to see. Their fate likely depends on whether Cindy is back out the door next. If I was betting on a 4th I’m leaning Ash if Zack gets evicted next 2 weeks.
If Pili gets to 4, gets carried to 3 and say she wins endurance then Bruno versus Willow or Ash hehehe. Bruno will stay loyal to bobby but the house will get out “the comp threat”.
Crazy but hardwood 2 in the final 4 now that would be funny. For that matter JP/Zach neither making the jury not so funny but possible.
PS don’t underestimate the bond between Willow and Ash if Sarah gets evicted sooner rather than later. They were like pees and carrots earlier this season.


Wow! I like the impetus of this post! Yet I only agree 50% with it. Good job though ! 🙂


SSB is on slippery waters indeed.
They are trying to make moves when they have neither power nor trust of the house. Bobby will never flip because he’s too comfortable in the Chop Shop alliance. IF Bobby doesnt flip, neither does Bruno.
And pretty much Godfrey trying to sell Bruno/Bobby out was the nails in his BB deathbed. ( I will miss your stories Godfrey 🙁 )
So what if SSB sells Zach out? Bruno/Bobby are hardcore Chop Shop members that they wont believe her. Zach is still seemingly loyal to his alliance. They trust Zach way more than they do SSB.

Predicting either a 6-3 or 9-0 vote for Godfrey to leave.
Most likely a 9-0 vote because Sarah is too scared to make a move like that.


Bruno has tried to convince Bobby (again) tonight to see Zach as their immediate N°1 threat, and that they should keep Godfrey, but so far he hasn’t told him about Sarah and Sindy approaching him about it.
If he does tell Bobby about it, then this info would come back to Zach: Bobby is convinced Chop Shop is the way to go.
That would mean Sarah and Brit would move from “they’re worthless, and evicting them would be a waste of an HOH” to “they’re my targets!” status for Zach, Kevin and JP. They’d be everyone’s target.
Brit is aware of that and therefore very cautious about the whole thing, but Sarah is too unaware of her status in this game to realize how unnecessary this risk is for her. Sarah doesn’t realize just how easy it would be for her to be a worthless floater, but instead she’d rather be a worthless egomaniac who WANTS TO BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY. aka getting evicted real soon.


No Cindy with an S people don’t not like Floaters, they just don’t know what they are because of Janelle wannabe I mean Rachel.

There are no Floaters this season (or any season of BBCan yet). There are only Coasters like Willow, Godfrey, and Pilar (well she’s more Coat-Tail Rider now).

Floating done right is beautiful to watch. An artful social manipulation.

People need to watch BBUS 2, BBUS 4, BBUS 13, and BBUS 15 for good examples of Floating. Dr. Will after Boogie and his showmance left, Jun and Alison, Shelly, and Andy are some of the best Floaters.


Question: Why do people like Sarah? I get the underdog motivation but aside from the slovenliness and all around strangeness, she has the worst personality, seen complaining in every episode for as long as I can remember and she thinks it’s so cool that she smokes weed that she simply must slip it into a diary session at least once a week. Newsflash you annoying hippie, smoking weed isn’t something special or exciting about you, at this point 9/10 people I know do it and don’t constantly talk about it like its a part of their entire identity.

The game talk is exciting and I’m not a Jordan fan, but I really dislike Godfrey so I’m not so excited about him being saved even though the prospect of a flip is fun to watch, but its especially worrying because then Kevin is in real danger and luck won’t save him. Bruno is the only person on the other side that I genuinely like.

I think I’m having a cynical day or the houseguests kind of suck.