“[Showmance] were up all night talking about.. ‘I wonder if this is the love of my life’ it’s bad.. I was watching it’s horrible” -DA

POV Holder: Corey POV Competition July 16th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 18th
HOH Paulie Next HOH July 21st
Roadkill Competition Winner: Tiffany
Original Nominations: Tiffany, Natalie, Corey
After POV Nominations: Tiffany, Natalie, Da’Vonne
Have Nots James and Natalie

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Big-Brother-18 2016-07-19 14-27-52-928

10:04 Zakiyah morning head dress

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-19 14-20-03-762
10:16am Paul, Paulie make a PP sandwich for Zakiyah

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-19 14-23-19-788

10:17am In the HOH PAul and Paulie
Paul says when they were on the bench and Corey was freaking out.. “He’s was like dude I want one of the girls to go up”

Paul mentions this was in front of Zakiyah
Paulie – not smart to say in front of the girls
Paul agrees – “Saying shit like that could ..
Paulie – Backfire on us especially with the girls talking about a guys alliance.
Paulie doesn’t think Zakiyah heard him otherwise she would bring it up to him
Paul – Works case scenario Frank wins HOH and goes after Da

They agree Corey is fine now that he’s not on the block.
Paul says after this week they are down to 6-5, they go over the boots
Paulie – In a perfect world there will be 4 vs 4
Paulie wants Frank, BRidgette and Da’Vonne out. Paulie adds that Nicole would go after that

Paul questions if Corey will be down for that.
Paulie says if he wants the money he’ll have to make a choice. Paulie says he likes Zakiyah but that won’t change his plans to win. Says if you like the person inside the house and you have a connection that will be there when you get out.

Paulie thinks it’s ideal for a girl you win the next HOH so they are all free to play during the Double.
Paul thinks the girls will back down from putting Frank up.
Paul asks about James and Natalie
Paulie thinks

Paul – when will the girls raise an eyebrow
Paulie – they’ll panic at 4 -3
Paul – who will the girls go after..
Paulie – when it’s 4-3
Paul – Nicole is smart player she’ll put you and me or me and James.. She won’t put Corey up that’s for sure..
Paulie says if Corey wins the HOH and they are down to 4-3 he would put Zakiyah and Michelle up

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-19 14-32-35-005
11:08am Paul and Paulie pull a prank on Corey with shaving cream

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-19 14-36-38-400

11:51am Da’Vonne and James living room

Da saying that the showmances (Nicoel/Corey/Paulie/ZAkiyah) were up all night talking about “I wonder if this is is the love of my life.. They are never going to choose one of us over them”
Da – I’ll tell you more later
Da’Vonne – it’s bad.. I was watching it’s horrible…. Nicole gone…
Jame s- you got to win HOH
Da – i’m just trusting you got my back like I got yours
Jame s- All i can do for you this week is make sure we get Tifany out.. If I win HOH I won’t put you up or nothing.. I think you’re good..
Da – I’m not worried about this week
James- we shouldn’t be worried about next week either
Da – I’m more worried about later in the game
James is worried that people are wanting to cut the showmance and he knows him and Natalie are on that list somewhere

Da – Nobody is afraid of Natalie.. Nobody right now is afraid of you.. People fear Paulie.. People fear Nicole/Corey
James – you know we have a double eviction coming up
Da – Bridgette/Frank
Da says at one point they have to take out the showmance..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-19 14-44-58-946
12:11pm Nicole, Da and James
Nicole – I was really into man buns for awhile..
James is scared to see what the comp is like this Thursday
Da leaves – Whack whack whack..
Nicole – what is wrong with her
James- she is paranoid
Nicole – that’s not a good way to act when you are on the block.. She acts mad all the time.. Doesn’t make sense..
Nicole – I know it’s not hard not to me..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-19 14-46-40-782

1:10pm HOH pictures

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-19 14-51-09-772
1:13pm Tiffany and Frank Storage room

Tiff – I have a really good idea.. We can bait her.. We can do this really crazy thing.. You know in the safari room there’s chests.. You can be like Nicole I can prove to you now.. Day you know what I’ll make a deal with you i’ll make sure everyone votes and say you know how you were going to vote Corey out.. You would be our extra vote if you make sure to vote Corey or Nicole out next week or something like that.
Frank – she won’t talk to me like that.. She barely looks at me .. She doesn’t even talk game.. I think we’re close without it
Tiff- you think
Frank – I do
Frank – I wouldn’t worry too much.. Just keep your chin up ..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-19 14-54-43-710
1:55pm Storage room James, Zakiyah and Nicole
Zakiyah is pissed because Natalie has been flirty with Paulie. (During the HOH pictures and generally all the time)
Nicole doesn’t like how Natalie calls Corey sexy.
Zakiyah – do what’s best for you game or whatever…
Nicole thinks that James would be the one upset about this not them.
James isn’t upset – they are just taking pictures
Nicole now saying she doesn’t mind Natalie calling Corey sexy, “I take it back I find it funny”
Zakiyah says she’s not taking pictures this round..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-19 15-01-06-958

2:06pm Paul, Zakiyah and Nicole
Zakiyah still going on about Natalie taking pictures with Corey. Zakiyah is making a point not to participate in the pictures today
Paul – Ohh girls
They talk about having kids and how good of a father Paul will be. Zakiyah says her mom doesn’t want her to have kids until the mom turns 50 because she doesn’t want them to call her grandma.
Zakiyah – I gotta get a man.. I gotta get a man first.. I really want to be in a relationship again
Nicole – I have to make sure it’s the right guy this time..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-19 15-17-09-367

3:16pm bathroom Natalie and Da’Vonne (Talking about Dating etc)
Natalie is telling them the man thing she looks for in a guy is their personality. She says she’s been on dates with super hot guys and they were horrible and dates with nerdy guys and it was great.
DA’Vonne says after their daughter was born she broke up with her boyfriend 10 months after.
at 3:29pm they head upstairs to the couch near the chessboard.. more chit chat about relationships.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-19 15-45-37-969

3:43pm Tiffany and Bridgette
Talking about Natalie and Da’Vonne spending so much time talking. Tiffany says Natalie is closer to her than DA’Vonne
Bridgette says when she put Tiffany on the block last week Natalie was pissed because it was another girl
Bridgette says Da’Vonne has been going around saying how much see needs the money for her daughter.

They move over to the Storage room where Tiffany tells her about his plan to bait Da’Vonne, “I didn’t realize Frank and Da’Vonne weren’t talking.. I was just thinking out of the box stuff”
Bridgette – rsiky
Tiff – very risky.. I’m trying to be creative.. there’s so many options this house is a fun house..
Tiff is going to just talk to Nicole not game.
Bridgette agrees this is the best approach.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-19 16-24-24-684

4:12pm Zakiyah and Nicole HOH
Nicole says Frank and Bridgette are called Fridgette.. Michelle made it up.
Zakyah says she left the downstairs “Once I saw Bridgette’s little a$$ down there.. (looks at the camera) Don’t be fooled Bridgette ain’t no innocent female, She’s sneaky, She’s mischievous, She a little snake, she kinda resembles one..
Nicole laughs..
Zakiyah – I’m not a bully.. I use to get bullied like a mother.. She’s sneaky.. .
Nicole is trying to say Bridgette is mean because she told Paul she wants revenge on the girls.
Zakiyiah – Girl get outta here… she’s going home
Nicole – I want her going home soon.
Zakiyah – She’s mean.. she’s not slick.. she’s mean… she’s not the underdog.. Cannot deal.. I don’t want to deal anymore
Nicole – she’s not a underdog..
(for someone who watches the feeds this was funny to hear.)
Zakiyah is so glad she in the house with some genuine people like PAulie, Michelle, Nicole and Corey.
Nicole says Zakiyah will be in her wedding..

Nicole – do you think us 4 can go far
Zakiyah – you’re the only ones I trust
They agree the fatal 5 alliance was premature.
Nicole brings up that Da knows that Zakiyah is upset with Natalie why is she spending all this time talking to her.
Nicole says the split of the house will be – Da, Frank, Bridgette, JAmes and Natalie vs Nicole, Zakiyah, Paulie, Corey, Michelle with Paul being the swing vote.
Nicole says James is very close to Da’Vonne he’ll never vote her out. Da’Vonne is trying to pull Natalie in.
Nicole says Da’Vonne has to go

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-19 16-33-10-745

4:31pm Bridgette and Frank in the safari room
Frank says she should talk to Nicole on a personal level they are both nurses. Bridgette says she tries Nicole won’t talk about it, “She won’t share ER stories.. she won’t talk about work” (Not to yo she won’t)
Bridgette – I’m passionate about life and work
frank – and she doesn’t seem to be
Bridgette – nope… I think that intimidates her a little bit .. I thought she would be just as enthusiastic about nursing as me I mean that’s my life I f***G love it..
Frank doesn’t think Nicole will be a nurse forever she doesn’t seem to interested in it.

Bridgette says the other day when her and Nicole were doing surgery on the Giraffe. Bridgette made a joke about it and Nicole didn’t laugh, then she went inside and everyone was crowded around, Nicole used the joke and the group laughed.
Bridgette cannot undertsand why they don’t talk to her
Frank telling them they need to stop working out so much, “That’s what got you painted in this box”
Bridgette – they were all ignoring me way before that.. it was me Nat and Bronte and all those girls wanted nothing to do with us
Frank – they are now sacred of you
Bridgette – let them be scared of me.
Bridgette – they sent my friend home.. out of all the girls in the house I connected to Bronte the most
Bridgette says all the girls have turned their backs on him
Frank – when they turn their backs it means they can’t see you coming
They agree Tiffany is really funny when she gets out of her shell
Frank – Tiffany is so goofy

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-19 16-40-59-494

4:40pm Paulie and Frank Kitchen

Paulie says unless Frank has the votes he shouldn’t chance it to keep Tiffany.
Paulie says all the girls were in his HOH room.. he’s worried about a girl alliance
Paulie – they are trying to put you and I against each other..
Frank – I’m on the cups of getting it 7 to 1 unless people are bull-shiting me..
PAulie wants Da’Vonne and Tiffany out but Tiffany first, “Da’vonne next she’s starting some sh1t”

Frank goes on about Da’Vonne pulling in Natalie today, “She doesn’t even have a vote.. she’s thinking long term”
Paulie – she already has Michelle.
Frank – Paul is on-board
Frank – Tiffany is literally on the island she only talks to me and Bridgette because we’re the only ones that’ll sit in the same room as her .. nobody wants to work with her.. she’s this wounded animal
Frank says if DA’Vonne is in jury and they are in the final 2 against a girl they are going to have trouble winning.
Paulie – I want to go after Da I just don’t know if this week is the week to do it or next week is the week to do it
Frank – if a girls that’s not Bridgette wins HOH two guys are going up and we don’t have the numbers to do what we want to do

Frank says he feels 100% to Bridgette and Paulie and 99% with Corey.
Paulie says everyone that is close to Da’vonne wants Corey and Paulie to be wary of Frank, Paulie is getting more and more convinced that Da is trying to have the guys fight.
Frank – she’s trying to spread her sh1t out in case she stays Tiffany’s not.. She doesn’t have her hooks into anybody.
Frank says Tiffany is a easy person to send home.
Frank – only 2 people will be butt hurt with Zakiyah going home and that’s Zakiyah and Michelle and they won’t be winning any competitions.
Paulie says information is reaching Da’Vonne he’s trying to figure out who it is.

Frank warns that Da’Vonne in Jury is dangerous.
Frank says him and Shane won most of the competitions his season he wishes they would have worked together.
Paulie says Cody’s group won most of their competitions.

Frank now saying that Da might have her hooks into Nciole, With Da gone Zakiyah is lost will suck onto Paulie and Nicole will have Corey.
Frank says they have 4 votes for sure if what Paulie is saying about Corey is true, They need to talk to James that will give them the 5.

Frank says Tiffany is PISSED at the girls, “They stabbed her in the back”
Paulie – they saved her
Frank – they’re mean girls… Paulie.. they ignored her..
Frank goes on to explain that Da had lied to Tiffany.. Tiffany realized the rest of the girls were in on it.. they changed their minds the last minute to use her, they talked shit about her all week, Lied about her staying.. ‘They’re mean girls’

Special Spoiler

This was emailed to us from CBS today..

The feeds will be down for longer than usual later this week, but it will be worth it! Tune in to Friday’s special “Battle Back” episode at 8/7c on CBS to see which evicted Houseguest will return to the game!

No idea what this means in terms of times and dates.. gotta love CBS. I suspect the feeds will be down from Thursday until after the bonus show on Friday. Looks like we get some extra sleep on Thursday night.

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nicole sucks

damn I can not stand Nicole,or z they want a man not money

Tiffany's va**********

Nicole doesn’t want a man, she wants a yes boy. Someone who says yes to everything. “I have PTSD” Yes Nicole. “Everyone’s after me” Yes Nicole. “I have fantastic hair” Yes Nicole.


How do you know it wasn’t the guys talking, and not the girls??


Wow, this is the most dilusional, dysfunctional, group of wackos. Where on earth did they find them.

Tiffany's v****

Most of them were hanging out at Vanessa Ruosso’s home.

Depants Mode

People say this sort of thing every year. As if season 9 doesn’t exist.


I kinda liked Season 9…they were off the chain with fights, drama and sex.


Season 9 was awesome! If they didn’t like you it was out there for all the world to see. The pranking that production pulled on them with the mask behind the mirrors was the best! I still watch the youtube video of it.


I much preferred last year’s BB (with the exception of Austin), I’m trying, but I just can’t get interested in ANYbody this year – they’re all just dull…the teams thing isn’t helping, the pairing off certainly isn’t helping, but even without that, they’re all just “meh” for me. I appreciate that the voting is more interesting, but that’s about it so far.


Can Z complete a sentence?

Tiffany's v****

It will be a split vote Thurs between Da and Tiffanessa. No one will vote for to evict Natalie. Can’t wait to see Tiffany’s face when Julie breaks the news.


Your screen name is gross. Is Donald again?

Oh Please

ok i feel im speaking for the group as a whole if your gonna keep posting please change your name cause its beyond trolling and completely disgusting thank you 🙂


Your name is disgusting and demeaning to women!


I haven’t said anything but I will put my opinion out there. My brother was a Police Officer killed in the line of duty. There has been someone who uses the name F$&k the Police. I understand our Liberties and respect freedom of speech. It’s hard to stay in the BB spirit and enjoy reading posts when I read such hate:(


This site is awesome and I love Simon and Dawg. There’s always ignorant idiots who try to become relevant by being crude and overly hateful.


To you, and your family, I am extremely grateful for your brother’s service, and so sorry to know of his loss, in the line of duty.
Prayers to you all, in your loss of a great spirit.


Sorry to hear about ur Bro! It makes me sick the amount of people that have turned against the police…i hope these haters need help sometime and nobody shows up!
But the police will…because no matter what…they are everyday heroes!

Never worse then BB15

Why anyone would thumb down this is beyond vexing! Thank you to your brother and family! 1,000 thumbs up!!

Powder Puff Girls

Apologies to OG BBO I posted this comment. I do not know how my Powder Puff Girls name changed to your name. I posted a few more comments on the last post that Simon posted so please forgive.

Depants Mode

You know what I wish they would do when they have a feeds blackout? Allow us to flashback to the blackout period after the show airs. Especially the first week of feeds.


I can’t decide if Frank’s naivete is endearing, sad or just plain pathetic. Four years ago, Shane backdoored Frank and he was voted out of the house before the reset saved him. He went on to trust Shane several more times. He made sure that he and his only remaining team member, Jenn, controlled HOH and POV so he could get rid of Dan only to veto Dan and replace him otb because he trusted that Dan would honor a last minute F2. I have no doubt that when/if Tiffany gets voted out on Thursday Frank will continue to trust Paulie. What I don’t understand is why the rest of Paulie’s alliance trusts Paulie. If Frank wins HOH, and especially if Tiff wins her way back on top of a Frank HOH, I think it’s time for some of these canaries to start singing.

It’s really not hard for them to figure out what is going on, even without the benefit of knowing what the feedsters know. When everyone decided to keep Tiff last week and band together to go after Frank there was really no reason to vote different ways. Paulie didn’t cook up the 5-4 vote so Frank wouldn’t know who to blame. He did it so that he could adamantly stick to the story that he wanted her gone and he voted her out. He did that so that if Frank was in power his ass would be safe. Once again, it should be simple. If everyone wants Tiff out then everyone should vote her out. But Paulie wants to play this game of making Frank think he has the votes. And guess what, if Frank wins HOH this Thursday Paulie’s hands are once again clean because he doesn’t have a vote. He can say, ‘Hey. I wanted Da to go. They all lied to me too bro.’ Why no one in Paulie’s alliance sees this is beyond me. If the vote came down to a tie it would at least force Paulie’s hand. Tiff would still go home but guess who wouldn’t be safe if Frank won HOH? The one good thing that could happen since Paulie wants to play this little game is that Frank and Bridgette will most likely vote Da out since they have been led to believe they have the votes. If Tiff does come back she will know Frank and Bridgette were her only votes and stick with them. Then, if one of them win HOH and Paulie isn’t looking like a possibility for noms, I think the rest of the house guests need to collectively carry Paulie out to the road and throw him under the wheels of the bus. If they don’t figure out by then what Paulie’s game is they all deserve to lose.

Off topic but-on the chance that Tiff does win her way back in, I really really hope that they show her Michelle’s good-bye message. That would be so much fun.


Paulie was pretty clear in the nomination ceremony he wanted her out last week and is trying again so I don’t think a tie breaker vote would do much to force his hand. What they do see that Paulie was adamant that tiff go and could only say no to the rest of the house so many times. Unfortunately he has been proved right by Tiffany’s actions after staying. That will make Paulie stronger in his team’s eyes. Eventually folks will find him too powerful.

Powder Puff Girls

If Da’Vonne stays I can see her put Frank and Paulie on the block. (that is if she can win a comp) Telling Paulie that she needs him in there to win the veto. This is the face I want to see on Paulie.


I definitely agree that Paulie wants Tiff gone. He has wanted her gone since last season (when Vanessa played). But he cooked up the plan for the 5-4 vote last week and for his other alliance members to let Frank think he has the votes this week. He has especially encouraged Paul to go along with the charade. This way, if Frank is in power, Paul and other alliance members will be targeted and Paulie will still be safe. It might be smart game play on his part but it’s not smart game play for people like Paul, Corey and Nicole to let him get away with it.


Sorry. Didn’t mean to leave the long post about Frank/Paulie as a response to your comment. I just clicked in the wrong place. But since I’m here-I agree. I would love if they would let us go back and watch the first week. It would help us understand the house dynamics much better.



Bryn Mawr Mama

As far as I’m concerned, Nicole is neck in neck with Michelle for the biggest waste of space award this season. One’s mean, the other stupid; I’ll leave it to you all to figure out who’s who.

BB the new Dating Show

I’m a girl but swear it makes me sick how some females lose their marbles over a boy. These girls (Nicole and Zak) are playing for $500 thousand dollars and they are talking about boyfriends. Ooooo you see where Paulie said he won’t hesitate to clip Zak. That’s the way to act. Play the game but don’t let the game play you.
Natalie is flirting and using what she has …getting in these boys heads and making the stupid girls go ape shit crazy over it.
I never was a big fan of Nicole she is always oh so indecisive and confuse she is always like “omg,omg, omg I don’t know what to do or who to trust” lmao!
I like Days confidence but she needs to keep playing it cool to stay in the house.
Big Meech is kind of mental but she has her head in the game, she is one of those people that needs to know what’s going on at all times.
Corey where the fuck they find his ass at?! He is like dingy eyed Tarzan confused about his sexually.
Paulie is a smart player I don’t care for his arrogance at times
Frank is a great player he had to had taken psychology classes cause he knows how to turn people from pissed to working with him. It’s not going to work on Day cause she is steadfast. I guess she looks back at the season she got evicted and is careful, but I guess she couldn’t help herself to not take Crazy Tiff stuff animal lol.
I laughed when day and Zak laughed at tiff for freaking out over not being booted out the house and not know who to trust …lmao.
James is a floater, Paul is a floater, NatAlie is a floater, Zak is a Floater… I’m on the fence on Big Meech just because she is not afraid to talk game.
Frank seems like the most gross person. I truly believe he wanted a showmance with Day before she gave him shade for hitting her butt.
Everyone is a liar.
Sorry bout the long post… I have a two year old that dumped flour on herself plus the cat and all over the fucking floor when I was mixing a cake but left out the kitchen to answer my dayum phone. I’m still amped up from cleaning.
Have a good evening everybody


This is so great and honest


look how rachal reilly flirted and cried still won!

Powder Puff Girls

You said “I laughed when day and Zak laughed at tiff for freaking out over not being booted out the house and not know who to trust …lmao”

Was that the day when Tiffany was distressed and in tears?

If so this was not strategy, game-play… the conversation, intention was just nasty and uncalled for it just showed Da and Z as mean girls.

Girl please

What are you talking about? That was hilarious. Tiff was a train wreck, Da was right to laugh at how ridiculous she was being and to tell her to snap out of it.

Min O'Pause

Even worse the dingbats are losing their marbles over a girly man. Their gaydar is terrible. So stupid!


No. Paulie is stupid. By telling corey there will be an all boys alliance. That will move corey & nicole closer to frank. Frank has been working on corey for a while both being southerners they don’t see eye to eye with paulie. Corey has already expressed dissatisfaction with how paulie talks way too much crap. Corey sees paulie as a means to an end. Paulie gets clipped in a week. Heard it here first.

sunny dee

i saw how Paulie is listing off the order of evictions, then says ‘ and then Nicole’. didn’t even suggest Zakiyah, didn’t say ‘Nicole and Zakiyah’ like put them up together and knock them off. like paul says ‘is corey going to go for that’, might as well be asking ‘are you planning to F2 with Zak, since you didn’t mention her name there bud?”

i’ve always always wanted to like Nicole. In her season, and when she got shafted and blindsided out the door, and when she won her way back in, and when she appeared on this season. and every time i watch After Dark and her whhhhiiiinnnnnnniiiiiiinnnnnngggggg way of talking is annnnnnnnnoooooooyyyyinnnnnggggg

Operation bye bye

Ok BB enough of the showmances its ruining the game bigtime!!! Time for sum1 to shake it up and break the showmances up and get back to reality!!!


Wow, desperate man hungry woman. Can’t Nicole and Zakiyah find a man in the real world? They should have gone on a dating show instead of big brother.


BB has a history of casting girls that were originally looking to on dating shows. They end up on BB with no clue about how the game works


Agree! Why did they even come on the show? They should have applied for the bachelor. Zakiyah applied only cause her mom is a huge fan and made her do it lol. Nicole should have learned from season 16 with Hayden.
So frustrating

found this on

Let’s imagine you were approached by Big Brother producers, and given the opportunity to choose ONE thing you can change about the show. Maybe it’s something to do with the game, maybe the show structure. Maybe you want a house of little people! The options are endless.
My change is a pretty big one, perfectly pitched by Alec Beall from Big Brother Canada, but I’m going to expand on it a bit. Allow the final three to send their recorded finale speeches to the jury. Allow the houseguests to make it as long as they want, and allow the jury members to be able to watch it as many times as they want. Post the jury speeches on the website for all the viewers to see, so casuals can maybe get some insight on things that they may have missed, and so everyone can get their own opinions. Make that final three montage episode less fucking corny by making it a jury episode, where they can talk about the videos, and through that we get the flashbacks of good and bad times. On finale night, the jury can ask some actually DECENT questions to the houseguests, since the jury have a complete understanding of their journey to the final three.
To me, this is a small change to fix a huge flaw that the show has. Right now, the finale doesn’t really matter. The only reason the finale matters is to see who’s in third place. The jury members come with a predetermined decision as to who should win depending on who is sitting beside who, and no 90 second rushed speech is going to change that.
tl;dr: Little People vs Frankie Grande season!


One change…no more vets with newbees…..unless it is half/half.

and no more production manipulation…..

Min O'Pause

My fix would be to let Grodner go and hire Evel Dick and Janelle do the casting. And Dr. Wil.


Or let the super fans and live feeders decide. Give us a large gene pool to pick from!


My change has to do with the houseguests themselves. No one under 35, no one with aspirations of being a star, real people who have real jobs and real lives. No models, no actors….how about trolling the websites and taking people from the REAL FAN BASE


One change I would do is make voting numbers anonymous. No more Julie saying the vote is 5-2 or blah blah blah.
I think this would help big time in letting the house flip and vote more freely. This season has been better with voting, but many other seasons its been 10-0, basically go with the house crap.


I wonder how some houseguests would change they game or behavior if they were told there would be no AFP.
CBS should get rid of American Favorite Player and instead give more money to the winner or even to 2nd place.


If Day survives this week(in my mind I still think Tiffany will get evicted people will chicken out last minute) her last game move she can do is make a deal with Frank(not with Bridgette). A deal she should have made a long time ago..I wont hold my breath because Day is not one to think of the game on a logical level.

somebody wake up james

demon has laid out her plan to james, the same plan franks been telling everyone about, how she’s pinning everyone against each other and that fool (james) says nothing and does nothing. f&*k james get it together tell nic and frank and remove the evil from the house and evict the demon. all they need is bridgette, frank, nic, cory and james to vote demon out, screw napoleon.

Powder Puff Girls

Thanks for the update about the feeds will miss the updates. Simon and Dawg have a good nights sleep on Thursday get some well deserved rest thank you for the posts.


Dawg and Simon, best feed recaps of all bb! Thanks for what you do!!

Rob really should get you two on RHAP. How perfect would that be, with him, Taran and Alex?!

I’d love to see you two on a live broadcast with Rob and his crew. That would be too good!!


The only reason I don’t think the powers that be would allow da’vonne to be the next person evicted:
going to be a pretty anti-climactic conclusion to the battle back special if it’s a comp of Da’vonne versus anybody.


The Vancouver players out on the prowl Thursday evening 😮


Z and Nicole are so boy crazy, i think they forgot the reason they’re in the house. Oh yes, they’re in there to protect their nomances


Frank and company are never going to realize that nobody is on their side and is voting Da out! I love it one blindside wasn’t enough for them to get that they are alone! Love it!


actually Nic and Corey want day out too. And nic has been planting seeds like crazy with Z. Z must be listening because she’s not telling day a thing. But z will vote with Paulie either way. However, frank and tiff still have a shot with James.


I meant that they are voting Tiffany out not Da. Oops

Powder Puff Girls

James should be packing Da’s bags he is in a showmance. Da is a bigger threat to his, Corey and Paulie. They are tunnel visioned completely focused and scared of Frank’s gameplay. Paulie mentioned it would be good to get a girl to win HOH so they could put up soft targets with hopes to get to play in the veto to BD him. I hope Frank wins HOH next week and Tiffany comes back into the house if she leaves just to irk him more.


Someone mentioned bbgrandma the other day! oh man ive been hanging around BBO for a loooong time! Endless thanks Simon and Dawg you guys are the best!


Nicole and Z are the foulest girls ever Did anyone else see Z drink out of a jug that was for the whole house then gives it to day without her knowing she is so disgusting all they care about is getting a boyfriend no strategy just floaters who have a lot to say but hide when things come to blows


Just for fun, I would like to see some past house guests drop in unannounced.
I would love Janelle to pop into the house when Michelle, Nicole, DaVonne or Zakiyah are at risk of going on the block and say, “Bye bye bitches” like in season 6. I would love Crazy James to show up and walk around naked like he did in season 9. If Jozea’s underwear made them uncomfortable then Crazy James wearing nothing would really intimidate them because some of these boys would realize they definitely don’t measure up. Mostly, since Paulie and Little Paul like to puff out their chests and make empty threats, I would love to see Boogie and Evel Dick drop in and show them what it means to actually carry through with those threats. Paulie would try to make himself look bigger but he isn’t quick witted enough to hold his own in a war of words with Boogie or E.D. Little Paul would run away with his tail tucked between his legs.


Okay so does the battle back comp start tomorrow? Apparently it’s the battle back week leading up to the returnee going in Friday. I’m confused, Simon or anyone help , don’t be mean like Michelle lol.


So Nic and Z have officially stopped playing BB? Good to know. I was holding out hope for Z, but she’s just another Coaster going absolutely nowhere. It’s like this house has turned into BB9 with all the couples.

Despite how messily Paul is Rat Floating (it’s like Andy and Zach were fused together lol) I find it remarkable how much people spill their guts to him. If he learned to hold onto more than he gives like Andy then he’d be truly dangerous. Something I will give Paul credit for though is how close he’s managed to get to Paulie. Paulie has warned Paul multiple times when people have said something against him (like Frank), and seems to trust him more than other players (like say Day and maybe James). I think Paul would be smart to cover his bases with Frank as well, and tell Frank he’s been telling the other side he’d go after him so he could gather more info to bring back to Frank. If Frank won HOH, a lot of people could throw Paul utb, but Paul’s saving grace is that there are so many big targets left in the house. He’s also lucky that Mich has somewhat blown her cover to Nic/Corey who are wary of her connection to Day.

I’d still prefer Day to go this week, because she has a slimmer chance to win her way back in. If Tiff goes she’ll probably come right back in, and this whole week, and the BBC twist, would be a complete and utter waste. Let’s get Glenn, or Jozeasus, or Vic back to shake things up!


please somebody anybody put zakiyah on the block in see how mean she can be

grandms G

I am looking forward to the Friday night special and see all of the eliminations and who wins buy back. Interesting that they will not be competing in this weeks HOH so I wonder if they will be coming back into the house on Saturday or next Thursday. Doubtful the next week will be double elimination then.


I hope the Buy Back winner returns AFTER the Veto Ceremony next week, they would be safe from elimination for that week and STILL be able to vote during the Thursday night eviction. Could make for some interesting DRAMA, depending who the final nominations are!


Honestly I feel like the only people in here playing the game in no particular order are:


I think James and Michelle are in an awkward half playing spot in the game

I truly believe Bridgette, Corey, Paul, and Tiffany THINK they’re playing but they 10000% aren’t

and meanwhile Zakiyah and Natalie (Love her tho) are almost completely out of it

Heres mah little analogy to try understand Big Brother’s craziness –
Zakiyah is floating on Paulie’s Ship
Corey on Nicole’s Ship
Bridgette on Frank’s Ship
Day has a solo jet ski that’s traveling at full speed ahead
Natalie is floating on James’ life vest
Michelle is trying to find the shore
Paul is in the middle of the ocean thinking land is close ahead when it’s nowhere in sight
And Frank is trying is his best to keep Tiffany afloat by straight up playing her game for her


James is the biggest floater in the house

Frank's Farts Are Juicy

I agree with the exception of Nicole. In no way has she played the game. She’s won nothing. Her HOH was given to her by Corey and she got out the main person in the house who was acting like an idiot. She floats to either Pauline or Frank. Whichever is in front of her at the time. All she’s doing is chasing Corey and whining. Pauline, Frank and Da are playing!


“Day has a solo jet ski that’s traveling at full speed ahead.”

Ahhahahaha, thank you.

James she will never sleep with you. Never.

James is a bitch. He does whatever Paulie tells him to do. Dumb ass thinks Paulie will get him to F2. He is not in Paulies plans.

Plus he is still butthurt and bitter Vanessa booted his little ass out the house last season. He will never vote to keep Tiff.


Can’t tell if Frank actually wants to flip it to keep Tiffany safe.. she has seemed to straighten herself out. I think James talked to Vanessa too as I think he is using the don’t start playing til week 5 . I know he will play and start playing soon. With the house as crazy and flip floppy as it is, the best spot is to float and let everyone take each other out. Why be aggressive and go after anyone right now. The targets are clear. And clearly if you don’t have the target on your back then no reason to get the target off others and into yours. So if I’m in that house I float and let the other targets fall!!!


Oh no, he’s really trying to flip the house. He wants day gone. He doesn’t seem to have any animosity toward Tiffany at all anymore. Even behind her back lol.


I don’t care for Bridgette but at least she’s in the game. I know she followed Frank’s plan last week but her wins are not over. Michelle and Z are the worst kind of people. You don’t have to like somebody but to continue to talk about those other girls is middle school sh$t! James and Natalie I can’t even. Lazy eye Corey is a follower just like that rat Paul. Not a fan of Pauline or Da but at least they are playing the game. Nicole is the worst! A vet whose a floater. I’m sure BB was not expecting to bring back someone who would float through the game and worry about a boy who worries about boys. Frank or Pauline for the win!


If Frank were to go this season would be a total bust. He can be an ass, but he’s also a likable guy.
I would not mind if Natalie were to leave. She brings nothing to the game.
Her boob convo with James was just stupid. Guys don’t like fake shit on women. We want the real thing. Not some plastic floating device. Keep the make-up to a minimum as well. Natalie is nice to look at but she does not appear to have much substance. James needs to get his head in the game or it will be a repeat for him of last season. Paulie’s time as HOH is almost over, can’t wait for a change in regime. He’s an ass without the charm. A wannabe Derrick.




Observations: There has been a Q-tip in the safari room floor for days now. It really grosses me out. Also, is anyone else wondering how much the BB house contributes to the drought situation? When someone finally washes the dishes the water runs nonstop. Random thoughts I know but little things like that stand out to me. Lol


I agree with you. At first Day and Bronte were tidying up the kitchen and bathroom but I guess they got tired of cleaning up behind those nasty people. If the house guest are like that on national tv, can you imagine their homes? Yuck!!


This site is talked about around BB sites and circles on the net as the “hater obsessed stalker site” because so many here still are obsessed with and hate on Vanessa. And now do the same to Tiffany.

It’s sad that a small group of haters here embarrass all who come here and make this site less respected and laughed at throughout the BB community. It is true that most who come here are not Vanessa/Tiffany haters and again sad the whole site is labeled because of a obsessed stalking few.


Excuse me? Name a more respected site than this one. Best run site and 99% of the people who post are pretty respectable. Not including myself!


I’m not the least bit worried about some other group labeling me as anything.. I come here to get phenominal updates from dawg and Simon and commentery from mostly well meaning fans with a different in -site into the BB house and it’s cast..


Last year there was definitely a lot of low iq stalker-like Vanessa haters that I loved to troll, but there’s no way of knowing how many there were since you don’t have to have an account to comment and you can change your name on every post. One person can have a flame war with themselves if they wanted to and readers wouldn’t know any better.



Tonight on 2020

Hello my name is day and if you don’t play your game for me that just isn’t fair. if you don’t give me a head of household that isn’t fair if you don’t give me veto that isn’t fair so I’m gonna walk around the house mad at the world . I have a daughter in the only way I can provide for her is to win this money on a game show so it’s only fair that everybody Protect me and I can go around saying whatever I want about the big groups that do you win and nobody should be mad because I have a daughter . And it’s not OK for a man to slap me on the butt but it is OK for me to steel a stuffed animal and hide it from a grown woman because I’m a mature black woman everybody owes me in this house . So I’m going to win this game no matter how many stuffed animals I have to hide yes I know my best friends Z just had a ridiculous birthday party for her stuffed animal but do not get me wrong I will cut that thing open and stuff in the toilet .

Misty Beethoven

Nat, you have boobs. We can see you have boobs. We don’t need you to talk about your boob. And if you get larger implants, you’re going to tip over. Ok?

Never worse then BB15

Lol, no kidding!

Abou Zeid

Frank is a smart man, he understands the danger of keeping a powerful woman (personality wise) such as Day in Jury . She is quite social and can trick people to believe that she is close to them. That is a recipe for disaster for anyone who is not on Day’s side. Especially when there are a lot of sheep in the house who is good at doing what they’re told.


Nicole is talking about a wedding with Corey and Zackiyah will be in the wedding. Nicole says if not her the one who marries Corey will be the luckiest girl in the world. She was watching Corey breathing while sleeping to make sure he was okay and Frank told her to leave him alone. She is obsessed with the guy and I see a lot of red flags. She cries when he was not paying attention to her one day. She seems like the type that would be clingy and that’s because of her insecurities. Sooner or later a guy will feel smothered and will want out or used those insecurities against her.


For some reason, I can totally see Nicole becoming obsessed with a patient, sitting by his bed while he sleeps, watching him breathe, fantasizing about their future…

Butters Mom

Not a fan of Nicoles behavior when it comes to Cory but in response to what you said about her being insecure… Cory has given her reason to be insecure. He straight up said she isnt his type, he is probably holding back with her on purpose and she can feel that. He’s definitely using her and has no intentions of being with her outside of the house and he’s having a difficult time faking that so she is picking up on it… which is making her act insecure about him… the reason she is planning the wedding at the same time is because shes infatuated with him,.. she also said, she has never seen a guy so good looking and guys like Cory dont exit where she comes from.. its about physical attraction… nothing deep going on there from either of them.. they are just young, stupid and horny.


true , butt Paulie is more his type now that the PR Princess’ tight underpanted booty was sent packing week one


I know she’s nits, but I find Tiffany to be very attractive..Natalie has nice body but somethings weird with her forehead and eyebrows…I don’t get the love for Nicole and James. .James is nice guy but he has no game or strategy at all, and same thing with Nicole she just whines and us boy crazy..disappointing veterans..


You can say what you want about Tiffany and Davonne but at least they’re playing the game not looking for love I wish production would just do a couples edition so the players can focus just on game play

Backseat Driver

Do the HG’s have any idea a player is coming back in Friday??


They don’t know someone is coming back. Some of them have speculated someone might come back pre-jury or after jury starts but they don’t know for sure.


Umm Corey wasn’t even giving the right finger…