Natalie “Paul is Paulie’s little b***h. He is literally up Paulie’s butth*le!”

POV Holder: Corey POV Competition July 16th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 18th
HOH Paulie Next HOH July 21st
Roadkill Competition Winner: Tiffany
Original Nominations: Tiffany, Natalie, Corey
After POV Nominations: Tiffany, Natalie, Da’Vonne
Have Nots James and Natalie

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-19 18-40-56-746

5:25pm HOH room – Nicole, Zakiyah & DaVonne Nicole says that Frank never cooks for himself and never cleans up when others cook for him. On his season he had Chef Joe cook for him every night and now he has Bridgette cooking for him every night. I’m confused he tells me to clean up and stuff. I cook and I clean up. DaVonne says I’ll never for get the day he stood at the refrigerator and let you take out the trash. That pissed me off! Z says you can tell he is very spoiled! DaVonne says I can’t want to see him be a havenot. Nicole says he calls himself a legend all the time. Z says dude don’t flatter yourself.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-19 18-43-27-804

5:45pm Havenot room – Natalie and James – James says don’t be surprised if people use you as a pawn and stuff. Like you might be on the block a few more times. If we don’t win. Natalie says it doesn’t feel good to be disposable. James says Paul is disposable too. Natalie says Paul is Paulie’s little b***h. He does everything that Paulie wants him to do. He has Paulie’s back no matter what, and I knew that. He is literally up Paulie’s butth*le. He was trying to beat me really hard so that Corey would win. Literally I’m going to take him out in a comp!

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-19 18-52-03-452
6:20pm – 7:30pm HOH room – Corey, Nicole, Z, Paulie Michelle. Z asks does Tiffany know she is leaving? Nicole asks did she (Tiff) campaign to you guys? Z says no. Nicole says see that’s what I don’t get. Z says I think she would be fine either way. Nicole says she said last week she was ready to go home.. Self evict. Paul & Frank join them. They start playing a guessing game. Day joins them. Frank says tomorrow is going to suck 2 straight days of no backyard.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-19 18-55-57-626

7:15pm – 7:35pm Tiffany and Bridgette are playing a game of chess.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-19 19-21-02-312

7:45pm Living room – Bridgette says I was a lot closer to Natalie when Bronte was here. Tiffany says it makes me paranoid when Natalie is up there and I’m not. Bridgette says we can go up there. I feel like if we do go up there .. everyone will leave.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-19 19-46-31-188

7:55pm Storage room – Corey & Paulie Corey tells Paulie that he thinks Z was upset. Paulie says no, why? Corey says I think she was wanting to kiss you. Paulie asks she wants to kiss?! Why’s everyone trying to get us to kiss? Corey says I think she wants to. I think her feelings are hurt that you haven’t. Paulie says I told her I wasn’t doing that on tv. Corey says I’m just letting you know. .. but we need to keep these girls close. Paulie agrees. Frank joins them. Paulie asks have we thought any more about Tiff or Day? Frank says you know where I stand. Paulie says I don’t want to miss another shot at Tiffany when we can take another shot at Day.

Special Spoiler

This was emailed to us from CBS today..

The feeds will be down for longer than usual later this week, but it will be worth it! Tune in to Friday’s special “Battle Back” episode at 8/7c on CBS to see which evicted Houseguest will return to the game!

No idea what this means in terms of times and dates.. gotta love CBS. I suspect the feeds will be down from Thursday until after the bonus show on Friday. Looks like we get some extra sleep on Thursday night.

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Who awoke natalie, see her knowing about Paul is why u need to talk to everyone in the game (frank needs ta know)


Someone asked why people disliked Paul so much. If Nat calls you a b!tch then somethings wrong with you! She don’t talk about anybody like that. By the way she’s right


Paul is the definition of B*tchboy.


That last picture with Nicole sandwiched between Paulie & Corey……Please tell me Z walked in on that!


Yo dawg. Don’t you think its funny that paulie has given up his HOH bed to nicole & corey?

Beatrix Kiddo

Has anyone mentioned in the picture with them in the bed, it looks like Corey is eyeing up Paulie’s side? He’s looking right past Nichole. Please tell me he was just reading *cough*his tattoo? Not like there’s anything wrong with that! 😉

Min O'Pause

No worries about needing to wash the sheets after they’ve been on them. They’ll stay pristine.


James needs a foil for his other wise terrible game play. AKA natnat.


I think that James is playing his game under the radar. Last year he made it known early that he could win comps, be loyal to his group and have the b@lls to take out big targets. He was always viewed with some concern by opponents in the house. He has some allegiance to Day, but is playing the floater game very well. I think he has his eyes and ears on the pulse of the house more than he verbalizes. Playing the floater game is much different than being out of touch with what is happening. It will be interesting to see where this strategy takes him.


You’re giving James too much credit. He’s been following Paulie just like a majority of the rest of the house that are determined to get him to the F2. He’s thrown Day, Frank, and I’m pretty sure Paul (but nobody really cares what James and Nat have to say about Paul yet lol) utb to none other than Paulie multiple times.

The actual floaters in the house are Day and Paul. Day has thrown the entire house utb to one another and told so many lies, that now people can just make up lies and pin them on Day (like Paulie did earlier with James, who fell for it hook line and sinker). She doesn’t seem to have lasting loyalty to anyone (which is fine), but has overplayed herself too early.

Paul is also floating, but it’s been evolving. At first it was the lone wolf floating where he just existed in limbo, now it’s rat floating, and one could argue that he’s just turned into a follower, but he’s still bouncing all over the house that I’ll leave him in the floater category for now. It’s messy though.

There is nobody that’s really utr. Mich could have been, but her sloppy gameplay trying to save Day (which Nic/Corey caught unto) and poorly think she’s able to play Frank (who sees through her) have put her on multiple people’s radar.

James is certainly not utr, because his relationship with Nat (who’s disliked by the girls associated with the power) has made his name come up plenty of times.


Da’Vonnes diary room commentary is hilarious. I don’t want her to leave for that alone ha. That being said I hope Tiff wins the battle back comp for the drama! Gotta love this season it has not disappointed!


Yep, she had me in tears when she said during her DR that ” Jolzea was trying to have a serious speech while wearing a dog costume, he has a bone around his neck that says Jolzea lol”. She is funny


please put zacrhary an pual on the block come on frank win hoh

Franks fumes

Dear God Natalie tell clueless Frank!


Nicole said she was not going to get involved with a guy again like she did last time. OMG, she was my favorite until she started hanging all over Corey. Does she and Z really believe that Paulie and Corey will take them to the end? I want someone to put that bug in her ear. Besides I think Cory just may like the men better than the woman. (You know what I mean). Come on Nicole get smart. This is like watching high school crushes.


It’s embarrassing how desperate she’s become.


Yea I know maybe one day women will learn to work together and play the guys the ways girl get played by dudes in this game


It’s sad, almost, because those 2 are never brought up in any conversations about strategy. Neither of them have the girls backs! Corey and Paulie are more loyal to Paul and James then these girls and the girls would sacrifice their games for the guys and they’re using that!! It makes me sick at the girls!!! The guys are scumbags too, but it is half a million dollars!! I don’t know who I want back more, Bronte or Tiff!


Natalie is a class act and very charming, she is also aware of what’s going on in the house and can sense bad vibes from people. If only she starts to play the game she will be my number #1


She`s playing the game..she started the girls alliance, and then she knew better not to trust Bridgette 100%..and she`s totatlly using James…….. She`s playing a good game.


My disliking of Nicole grows stronger day by day, hour by hour.

Mister pickles

I feel sorry for Nicole. She seems like a very lonely person.

Misty Beethoven

I understand what you’re saying and can even agree with you to a point. However, she seems to suffer what I now refer to as Taylor Swiftitis – in love with the idea of being in love.. She strikes as the type of girl who totally focuses on whatever guy is in her life, and gets caught up in the idea of a romance. I sincerely hope she watches this season to see how desperate she appears.

Min O'Pause

She whines too damn much. I want to hold her down and bitch slap a breathe right strip across her face.

Powder Puff Girls

I think Paulie would take Paul to the end over Corey. Natalie is correct with her comment of Paul. Wake up Frank!


Frank needs an airplane flying over the bb house right about now. Apparently that’s the only way he’s going to get it.


So right now, let’s say Frank figures everything out (assuming he hasn’t already). He realizes the Showmance 4 are solidly against him with Paulie leading the charge, while Paul is their rat and Michelle the psychotic attack dog. He realizes James and Nat’s only strategy is to just do as they’re told.

What exactly does this change? What exactly would he do differently that changes any of this? How does his current game change, since he can’t change what happened before Tiff flipped?

The answer is nothing and Frank knows this, he also knows that these enemies won’t come at him head on, so he has to play his best in HOH/veto because their play will be backdoor….and that’s the single most important piece of info from Tiffany because it tells him they’re afraid and that they will not only keep up the facade of being allies, but after seeing how bad playing with the vote went last week, there’s a very good shot that playing along with them will make them vote his way. Frank’s gotta know with the week ending, people’s nerves start jangling, remembering how Frank got info and moved off his last target, there’s a big chance he pushes just hard enough to either keep Tiffany or create another scenario like last week, where this time Da knows he closest allies were close to dumping her and gets mad.

But figuring out Paul is useless….that’s irrelevant….as irrelevant as Nat is in the game, along with her “insights”…

Powder Puff Girls

I want Nat to tell Frank so he can change his game. Give Paul false information, shake things up to get Da out. Frank needs to get James and Nat on his team and FRANKLY they could use the help. They will be the first ones to go on Paulies team. If Tiff comes back (if evicted) Frank, Bridgette, Natalie, James could form a strong alliance.


Sorry, but a Nat rant coming through.

Nat’s the pot calling the kettle black. She’s been latched onto James since Vic dropped her hoping she could hide behind him and miraculously make it to jury when she should have been the first boot for brining absolutely nothing to the game.

Nat and James are both increasingly unaware of how useless they’re becoming to the house, especially as a pair. They isolate themselves most of the day, while Paulie builds a side relationship with Paul and lies to James about Day.

And if Nat were nearly as self aware as she thinks, I wonder if she plans on telling feedsters how her “man” James is just as much of a “b**ch” as Paul is and has been doing it longer than Paul to boot. James has been ratting to Paulie (about Day/Frank) for a while now, and following orders as much as everyone else on that majority side.

I can’t with these HG sometimes.

Powder Puff Girls

If hooking up with James takes Natalie to the jury or the end of the game then all the power to her. You never know they could slide on by, James 1st place Natalie 2nd place winning $$$. I think James has his head in the game sitting back watching Paulie, Frank, Da, Tiffany fight it out between them.


Latching onto James, or anyone really, was always going to get Nat deep in the game b/c she’s a non game entity. If her strategy coming in was to get 2nd place then all the more power to her, but she’s never winning and more likely than not will just get Victoria’d at some point in the game.

James is not in the core plan of Paulie/Corey/Nic (Z’s just going o do what everyone else wants). And if he doesn’t make a move to better his position in the house (whether through social, strategic, or competition moves) he’s “sliding” on thin ice.

Frank, and potentially Paulie, are smart enough to realize that it does not beehive him to take a girl to the end b/c the jury is going to be predominately girls (and the girls may band their votes together if ppl are feeling particularly salty). If Frank wins HOH he’ll target Z and Day (if she’s still around). He doesn’t care about Mich and Paul yet (even if he knew the full extent of their deceptions) and would love to beast to the end w/ Paulie if he could.


Just to pile on: That people here fall for this stupid friend zone romance is bad enough, but that they’re suggesting Nat is in tune with the game is laughable and that they think her telling Frank about Paul would be meaningful is damn near laugh out loud.

Just an FYI: Frank knows Paul is a floater and will go wherever he’s safe. Telling him Paul is latched on Paulie’s a** is something he and most everybody knows….but it doesn’t matter, he’s not a player and his ratting doesn’t matter at this point.

James and Nat are irrelevant in this game and have no shot at victory without a massive competition run or James realizing he’s 7th in the pecking order of his alliance and Nat realizing eventually the pawn leaves, then both realizing they’ve “made jury” and finding a meaningful way to work with Frank is the only shot to win….which means James grasping he has to cut Da loose to keep a number for his side and that he can hedge his bet with Nic/Corey, where they play each side against the other, managing the evictions to keep the numbers close, before finally getting to a last battle between Frank and Paulie.


I honestly couldn’t agree more. And let’s not forget that Nat does NOT even like Frank to begin with, and blames him for Bronte’s eviction. Why on earth would she help him? Even if Frank wasn’t aware that Paul was floating, the real burning question is if he would care! I don’t think he would. Unless a bunch of big fish are working together, they will take each other out before coming for the little fish (Nat, Paul, Mich).

Tiff already basically gave Frank all the info he could have needed: “the whole house is against you so you’ll have to win out from here.”


OMG Nicole is acting just like Christine… In bed with 2 men? That is disgusting…

Tonight on 2020

Omg shut up if Paulie was between two girls it would even matter .get over yourself what are you some kind a prude or something they’re all friends they’re all having fun get over yourself .


Can somebody tell me they think James and Nat are voting Da out?


James knows the game starts next week with Jury. He is knocking it out of the park, hopefully Nat too. If you don’t like James then you must suck as human being.

James Fans are Delusional

I rest my case.

hr puffin good stuff

ha ha. made me laugh

tonight on 2020

Nicole has gone a little boy crazy all I can say is since she can’t have Cory for real upper butt she wants some figuratively up her butt


Eeeewwww…. Paulie is disgusting!…. enough said!

That True

Nat is going to regret that she gave James permission to put the moves on her. He’s slowly turning up the heat, but Nat Nat is an iceberg.

Poor Jimmy

The friend zone is a slow painful death.


Natalie has a lot more awareness than most people think & Frank is just as clueless as we all thought lmao


Dammit, Nic and Zak are completely out of this game. They should have gone on Are You the One if all they wanted was some D. What was Kass thinking? Two HG posts that could have gone to people who really want to play and now we’re stuck with two seventh graders who are picking out the wedding patterns for their “marriages” to the man of their dreams.


Disappointed in Nicole! Both Corey and Paulie are using the showmance girls. They both have the same game plan. Michelle is cray – crying about wanting Tiff out! Get a grip

Frank is going bald

Tiff is good influence on Bridgette. She doesn’t act like a 6 yr old around Tiff because Tiff wouldn’t put up with that sht.

The Day and James fans on this board are Tiff haters lol. I would say Day and James fans get the mosy butthurt when anyone even hints at negative comment towards their fav.

They all dropping their phones right now while trying to hit that thumbs down so fast:-)


I’m going to resuscitate you and shave off your eye brows!

Not Tiffany's Family Member, Promise

Tiffany is a model of cool rationality.


Those boys, Paulie and Corey, playing the girls, Zakeyah and Nicole…..

Wow! How low can you go?!

No respect for these guys.


Oh please, its the same thing that happens all the time. Some one is always playing some one. Its how it goes. No one said BB was a game for the weak. People have to keep their heads in the game. When they get played, that’s their problem. If you think there is a real connection, wait til after the show to really go for it. No its not easy but then again how many times will you get to have a summer playing a game you can win a huge chunk of money at the end, not too many. So far I see no real connections in the house, for now.

(side note)Jillian and Emmett broke up(BBCAN) I thought they would have been planning a wedding by now. In all seriousness.


In all seriousness, I think that Jillian most likely realized that her and Emmit had a showmance, and nothing more.
She was brave to call this made-for-tv showmance to an end. They worked well together, in bbcan, as players. Them strategizing and having talks, cuddling … It seemed right, but more as brother and sister. Huh, that sounds just like Natalie and James…


Their doing The Amazing Race Canada right now. Hope they win. Maybe he was too much of a dink and she wasn’t into being pushed around.
Wonder if Mike Boogie and Christa ever got married.?……Kidding 😛