“He makes me laugh more than anyone has made me laugh ever”

POV Holder: Steve POV Competition Aug 8th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 10th
HOH Becky Next HOH Aug 13th
Original Nominations: Shelli and Steve
After POV Nominations: ? and ?
Have Nots Meg, James and Jackie

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-08 20-29-25-109_jpg

8:27pm Twins
Conducting an information exchange

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-08 20-38-18-119_jpg

8:30pm HOH James, Becky, Austin, Meg and Jackie
Talking about how dangerous Steve is in the game. Jackie points out that every time steve has been on the block he’s gotten himself off “Like that” (Snaps her fingers)

They go on and on about Steve winning the POV in 13 minutes and spelling trombonist.

Austin starts bringing up the floaters how the season where a floater wins are the worst. Austin hates floaters.
Meg mentions that no floaters have gone yet.

Steve comes up. They jokes around with steve that he’s set up competitions in his backyard to practice .
Steve – Christine beat me last year.. 12 minutes
Austin – well she’s not here
Steve mentions that the rules had a error in it “They had the wrong type of your”
Austin jokes that is why they were delayed an hour
Steve explains he had trouble saying it aloud.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-08 20-58-38-815_jpg

8:56pm Vanessa and Jmac
Vanessa is talking to him about dubstep. Jmac says he likes “Klaypex”
Vanessa – you know Bass NEctar
Jmac – ya

At one point in the conversation she alludes to owning a house.
Mac – you own a house
Vanessa – no I rent

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-08 21-25-04-908_jpg

9:20pm Steve, Becky. Jackie and Meg
Becky talking about taking a train to the face in Germany. They bring up her comic during the POV had a train in it.
Becky starts talking about working at abercrombie and fitch
Steve tells him about Jace campaigning to him “He told me the house was against me and my nickname was Geek Squad Mickey”
Everyone Laughs

Meg – Geek Squad mickey
Steve – that’s what he told me.. I know it’s BS

Becky leaves..
Meg says these comps have been beating me up
Steve – not today you did well
Meg – I’m tired
Steve says if it’s double eviction the competition have to be done quick.
Meg leaves
Steve – thank you by the way
Jacke – for what
Steve- the support.. I feel like i’ve been outcast a lot
Jackie – I’m just trying to hang in there
Steve – I need to win HOH
Jackie – I trust you more than certain people ACTUALLY
Jackie – I have one question, someone made something that I campaigned to you the week Jason was on the block to keep Jason.. I never did that
Steve- you never did that, you’re with Becky

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Big-Brother-17 2015-08-08 21-43-32-867_jpg
9:39pm Johnnymac and Becky
jamc saying shelli is good with them. He’s told Steve and Shelli about the plan this week.
Becky – I know my talk when I put Vanessa up will be perfect.. It’s my personal decision
Becky – I pretty much told James, Jackie and Meg
Jmac tells him Steve wants Vanessa out.

Becky says you have to get your hands dirty when you’re HOH but it’s not as hard as being on the block.
Becky – It’s kinda nice to be on the offense side
Someone opens the sliding door and you hear the twins screaming something
Becky – The twins are so funny
Jmac – RWAw ahahaRWAHAh A
Jmac says Austin will be the only one to retaliate Vanessa going home. He’s going to try to get Shelli and Steve to target Austin.
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Big-Brother-17 2015-08-08 22-06-02-553_jpg

10:00pm Backyard open
Austin max bench in the house is 305 hits it tonight.

It came out that Liz hates Austin’s beard. Austin goes on and on about how important it is.
Shelli comes out to join them. they talk about Liz and his beard. He sends Shelli inside to tell Liz he’s willing to cut /trim his beard but wants to know what Liz is willing to do. What her level of commitment.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-08 22-09-55-922_jpg
Shelli Goes inside to ask Liz.
liz – Chop the pony
Liz ultimately tries to avoid the question “I don’t know what level of commitment he’s looking for here”
Shelli – you don’t have the answer.. .He doesn’t have have to shave the beard until you have an answer
Liz – good tell him that

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-08 22-11-06-927_jpg

Austin and JAmes have a laugh outside

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-08 22-13-59-994_jpg

10:13pm Bedroom Steve and Vanessa
Steve tells her they are targeting her next week
Vanessa – taht is so two faced.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-08 22-15-55-987_jpg

10:13pm Shelli tells Austin
Shelli tells him Liz is open to growing the relationship but isn’t sure enough to get to the point to tell him to shave the beard.
Austin – I’m willing to trim up
Shelli – you should It might make it come closer
Austin says he won’t cut off the pony tail
Shelli – Stand your ground
Shelli runs off the to relay back to liz
James says “that’s not the brass tacks”
Austin – Shelli not giving me the brass tacks give me the brass tacks
JAmes heard Liz say in the kitchen, “What girl would like a guy with a pony tailed beard”

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-08 22-17-48-988_jpg
Austin goes into the Bathroom confronts Liz
Austin – You liked me enough to kiss me what the f***

(Everyone Laughing as this drama is made up)

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-08 22-25-32-257_jpg

10:20pm Shelli delivers a message
Shelli has gone back and forth a couple times at one point she asks Austin what his ex girlfriend thought of his beard.
Liz doesn’t like the beard and her and Austin are having a Fake fight about it. Shelli and Jmac were acting as messenger

Liz – I like his muscles..
Julia – to counter the beard say you like his muscles
Liz – keep up the good work
Shelli brings up Asking Austin about his girlfriend.
Shelli – He said, well she didn’t like it either
Shelli – then he said he told her I’m going to do whatever the hell I want to do and it really doesn’t matter
Shelli adds that Austin says him even considering dealing with the for Liz means he has a high level of feelings for her.
LIz – see even the girlfriend didn’t like it seriously.. can you blame me

Liz Says “It’s Showmance I’m 23 I’m young as sh1t he’s like 30”
Liz – I don’t want to settle down
Julia – he just wants to know ..
Shelli – He’s not asking you to get married
Liz – commitment scares me
Julia – no it doesn’t liz
Shell – is he someone you would have a relationship with outside the bIg brother house or is it the companionship right now
Liz – At first I was so attracted to his personality he makes me laugh more than anyone has made me laugh ever. I love his muscles.. his look isn’t what I go for.. the tattoos… I don’t like tattoos
Julia – she does like that tall dark and handsome.. He’s colorful
Liz – I’m not Sure but I do like his personality
Julia – It’s not all about looks you have to have the chemistry .
Liz – the only road block we have here is the ponytail beard

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10:38pm Austin and Liz decide to have a hammock date in a hour where she will tell him to cut off his beard for their Showmance. She’s sending Austin a “signal” in the images above.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-08 22-56-03-863_jpg

10:50pm Hot Tub Meg, Twins, Jackie, Shelli and Steve
Giving Meg a debrief from all the Austin Beard drama

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-08 22-56-46-868_jpg

10:54pm Bedroom Austin and James
James – OK Austin I just want you to know seriously I want to get out all the guys and leave just you me and Johnnymac
Austin – I would not be opposed to that
James – we’ll have a sweet a$$ time in eh jury house
Austin – Twoface plan
James – Just us 8 girls
Austin – 8 Girls, 2 guys brass tacks
JAme s- Great Summer Brass tacks

11:14pm Austin and Liz Hammock date
She says he smells nice not like what the comics portrayed him
Austin – so whats been going on
liz laughs.. “There’s been a issue
Austin – would you like to talk about it
Liz – I admire the olive branch.. and i’m will to compromise
Steve delivers drinks
Liz tells him she likes his personality
Liz – the beard isn’t the final say

Austin will trim his beard and if he wins HOH Liz will kiss him.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-08 23-23-19-504_jpg

11:19pm Vanessa and James
Vanessa wants to build up trust to make it through double eviction. Says that’s an easy final 8.
Vanessa – we all sat around here and gave our word I don’t know what this is a discussion
Vanessa says if they got back on their word it’s going to break the trust they between her, Austin twins and them.
Vanessa calls James out for lying to her about Becky’s plan tonight.
James says he wants to stick with the plan like vanessa.
Vanessa says the original plan was for Shelli and Jmac to go up

Vanessa – If it’s not going to Johnnymac it’s going to be me I’m not stupid

James says he “really doesn’t think she will” put her up
James’s- I’m paranoid to
Vanessa- Are you insane she told me flat out you Meg, Jackie and Becky are working together. She said she was so happy to be in a open 4 person group and you are in that group
Vanessa- should I have a conversation with her
James – you should
James Becky is closer to Jackie and Meg..

Vanessa says if Becky breaks her word with her she’s not going to be a happy Jury member.
11:50pm James tells her if she get nominated she has his vote over Shelli.
Vanessa – I can be worked with and I know you can be too
Vanessa – you can’t work with everyone in this game (Zoing)
James go talk to Becky get a good feel see what’s going on I’m going up there myself.. get a sense whats going on
Vanessa – thanks for the honest heads up.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-08 23-41-31-490_jpg

11:34pm HOH Becky and Shelli

Becky is pissed how Vanessa has been playing the game, “She plays for herself and herself only.. there’s a lot that I have more than that.. She bothers in this game a lot.. YA .. I have more than the vote i need to see her go“
Becky is going to be putting Vanessa up as the replacement.
Shelli – you know how this happens.
Becky says Vanessa has burnt too many people people will be voting her out.

Becky says James told them all “I trust Shelli more than Vanessa”
Becky- her deals freak people out.. she’ll come at people they don’t like that
Shelli – she’s worried
Becky – she worried the house is after her because she does too much to the house
Shelli – Sometimes I don’t know where her heads at
Becky says she’s in the dark with the twins and Austin everyone else she knows the way they are going to vote.
Becky – My three people, Steve, Jonnymac , I got Five.

(Becky wants to make certain everyone knows she’s in a group of 4 and she has 5 votes)

[envira-gallery id=”127102″]

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-08 23-59-04-994_jpg

11:54pm HOH Vanessa and Becky
Vanessa- look i’m no dumbing I know Johnny mac is a friend of yours and that’s why he didn’t go up in the first place like we agreed upon..
Vanessa says she thinks she’s going up .
Becky – No.. this week is easy I only need four votes
Vanessa – when I was HOH i got so much blood on my hands to protect you
Becky says they have a group, ‘Feel the vibe”
Vanessa says this is an opportunity for them to build a foundation of trust and get through the double eviction.
Vanessa says if she put up JohnnyMac she will vote with the house.
Becky tells her she’s not telling Johnnymac he’s going up until Sunday night.
Shelli – you would have the votes he’s not going home.

Vanessa says if she put Vanessa up the vote will be shaky Shelli may stay
Becky – every week you’re paranoid
Becky – I don’t get paranoid I’m not emotional.. I don’t know I’m just me.. I won when I walk through the door.. I’m not going to get PAranoid.. I’m going to make the move I’m going to make Big, Small, scarey.. I’ll play the way I want to play..
Vanessa – have no regrets
Becky – ya have no regrets
Vanessa going back to their original plan to get Shelli out and not target each other through double eviction.
Vanessa says her word is good she will make sure Austin and the twins stick with it. She will stick with it.

12:21am talking about todys competition.

11:58pm Have nots Jackie and James
James relays his conversation with Vanessa.
They have a laugh because James was bullshitting Vanessa.

12:21am Austin has joined Meg and JAckie in the have nots. Austin says he got 21 minutes in the HOH. (Steve finished in 13)
They have a laugh that Becky’s comic said Trainiac and getting hit in the face by a train.
Johnnymac’s comic was scary “Dr Drill”
Meg says production told her they thought they didn’t acknowledge Audrey’s final week enough.
Austin disagrees.. they have a laugh at Audrey wrapping herself in blankets and living in the Have nots.
Austin – “dressed in a blanket eating a omelet with sunglasses on”

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0 to 100 real quick

Steve irritates me, he is a huge fan of the show, even watched the live feeds but is being played by vanessa


He is doing fine though and he is starting to be social. I don’t think she had that much effect on him. I think she ultimately got played by herself wanting to protect the Twins+Austin. She actually was very loyal to Sixth Sense but was the 2nd to go.


but more like james and shelli are played by van!


Watch Steve not use the veto— so he can go home and see his Mommy!


Errr, he’d be in the jury house actually. Do try to keep up.


Can someone explain Steve to me? Is he with Vanessa? Do they have the votes to evict Vanessa ?

Team Dawg

From what I can tell from following along on this site (Simon and Dawg can’t receive enough credit for what they do) Steve has been close with Vanessa since Week 1, they even made a Final 2 deal. At this point he knows about the backdoor plan and hasn’t told her yet, so we can assume he’s letting her go in the game. And yes, if Meg/James/Jackie evict her along with JMac then even if Steve and the Austwins vote to evict Shelli it’s 4-4 and Becky breaks the tie to evict Vanessa. Hence why Vanessa is pushing for JohnnyMac to go up, because then her side will control the votes.


Hi Marie!

I think he’s starting to turn on her. He told her she was being targeted next week (unless that was a typo by Simon), so that sounds like the first lie he’s ever told her.

And yes there are enough votes to evict Vanessa. There are 11 people left. Becky as HOH, and the two nominees: Shelli and (hopefully) Vanessa can’t vote. That leaves eight voters. Jmac/James/Jackie/Meg want Vanessa gone. 4 is all you need to tie, and Becky can break the tie sending Vanessa home.


Yeah I wouldn’t be surprised if Steve evicts Vanessa if he knows shell leave in the tie anyway. Has there been any more news about the americas player return because at this point that’s vanessas only chance


I’m not sure Tico.

Dawg and Simon had a post a day or two ago about James getting called to the DR, and talking about America’s Player, but that’s about it. I haven’t noticed him doing any secret missions. Hopefully we’ll find out more about it this week. Possibly after the Veto has been used.


Looks like I might have called it: JMac, Becky, Shelli and Steve target Austin next week.


Tonight was a good night on BBAD. The Liz and Austin fake fight, and the back and forth messaging with James/Shelli/John had me rolling. It’s was nice to have a light moment that most (expect Vanessa) of the house could enjoy.

Meanwhile, Vanessa’s black cloud seems to be getting bigger (and Steve finally lied to her! He told her she’s the target next week instead of this week).

Maybe Liz is reevaluating how she feels about Austin after seeing the comic production made of her. Basically she was portrayed as the evil Twin who “will steal your heart, and your wallet”. Production threw her so much shade today, they basically alluded to her being a GD for Austin.


What does GD mean? Honest question, thanks.




Vanessa, officer Dishrag ready to catch those fiends leaving dishes in the sink. Is that really necessary or wise, with an eminent BD in your future?


ROFL it’s this sort of behaviour I will miss laughing at her for, I think her eccentricities made her social game weak. That and the flip flop (gross) waving when she was the HOH flip flopper this season.

I still don’t really want her to go, but her death in the game was as I predicted to be during DE after she kept angering people.


Lmao! That flip flop talk was hilarious!!! Vanessa: “What is this?” *holds up flip flop* Austin: “A scandal?”

I think you’re right though Morning. Her eccentric nature and paranoia will be definitely missed, and have added wonderful drama to the house this year. It’s what I found so entertaining about Audrey as well (It’s like you can’t take your eyes away from a train wreck) . This is probably the most fun I’ve had with a Big Brother season so far. I love the casting this year.

Big Jim

Not a backdoor Vanessa played in POV


You’re right Big Jim. From a technical point of view this isn’t a BD. But production changed the rules because Nakomis figured out how to do the Six Finger Plan now called Backdoor. Now you have to pick players from the bag, instead of just excluding the person you don’t want to play in Veto.

But it’s impossible to control who gets picked for veto (unless you’re cheating by trying to feel out HG Choice), so I can see why the HG and fans still use the term BD for what’s about to happen to Vanessa.

Big Jim

Yes you are correct. Because of all ?that cheating from Season 14


She has no power this week but she feels psychologically compelled to try to exert control over something, anything, even if it is sink cop..

Member of the Ant Farm

Tonights BBAD actually made me chuckle…the back and forth with Liz and Austin with Shelli and James as middlemen/women reminded me of high school and having my best friend tell her that I was into her!! Brought back memories.




Things are going to start getting boring reeaal fast.


James manages to completely turn the house around! His HOH win followed by Becky’s changed the flow of the game. If Vanessa goes out the door even if Austwin wins HOH, i feel like James and his crew are safe from them. This is really one of the best season so far, at one point you root for a certain character and then next time you hate them. I just hope that no certain twist changes the direction at this point. 😀


haha van busted james again come on james you cant see it yet~

Yo Yo Yo

Steve wants to fit in so badly with someone that he’s willing to still give Vanessa information. Oy.


So James gave Shelli one of Clay’s shirts just now, and Shelli is thrilled. GM 2.0 much?

Hamsterwatch: “Austin brought candy, Julia threw a towel over Liz’s bikini, Liz said “you just put M&Ms in my walnuts” #bb17″

Hamsterwatch: “meanwhile Vanessa “we all gave our words, I don’t know what kind of discussion needs to be had” #bb17 ” Is she being forreal right now?

BBUpdates: “Vanessa to James- Johnny Mac is not going home and we all know that. It is a no risk play (to nominate John). #BB17”

BBUpdates: “Vanessa to James- We all sat around and gave our word. There should be no discussion. It will cause a tremendous amount of distrust #BB17”

BBUpdates: “Vanessa- She (Becky) hasnt said “I’m sticking to it”? James- She hasnt talked to me. Vanessa- Dont bullshit me #BB17″ Hahaahahahaaha!

Found a pic of Austin before the tattoos, and facial hair, and he’s actually not bad under all that mess: https://twitter.com/BB17Mike/status/630263087015284736/photo/1


I’m still a better looking specimen of masculinity.


Of course you are Chewbacca, but come on! That’s a give.

I was shocked when I found that picture of him on Twitter though. People are oooohing and awwwwing over it already ;D . I think if Liz knew that is what he looks like underneath that beard, she would take him more seriously.

A nice shave, and a hair cut would do Austin wonders.


Austin doesn’t look bad in that earlier photo – he is actually pretty nice looking.


You can’t say you watched big brother and compare GM and Shelli. If clay was there he would give her his shirt. Tbh, I think he was more into her than she is to him. Not the same at all.

Van the loyal

Van talks like her word is golden. She has broken her word more then anyone is the house.

Bored Man

Because there are 8 floaters in the house.

Bored Man

She kept her word with her alliance, which are the only people she needs to keep her word with unless they don’t keep their word with her. Floaters are not owed favors because they feel entitled to them.

Jay Jay

She did not keep her word to the Dark Moon alliance.

Bored Man

Once you give your loyalty to your original alliance, fake alliances don’t count. That’s how loyalty works. Duh.


She swore on it and made a point of shaking everyone’s hand. Break that and it tends to make people mad and more than a little vengeful.

B-bad owl

I hope everyone realizes that if Vanessa and Shelli are both knocked out after DE, that Jackie becomes the dominant force in the house. JACKIE!!
Hate Van and Shelli all you want, but a season where Jackie becomes queen bee is just……a wasted summer.


There is nothing fun about Van, totally dull. She has never been fun on this show. Yes she scrambles,scams,cons,flip flops,lies& manipulates but it’s no fun Dan G style. Instead she is a total Debbie downer, spazzes out,badgers the hell out of people by cornering them like a house bully. No thanks that unstable,back stabbing spaz can go…bye Van! Shelli should go during DE but I wouldn’t go counting on that 100%.Too many people like or want to work with her(twins,JMAC,Becky,Steve,& Austin). The goal this week is Van & I can’t wait to hear those fantastic words spoken to her: Take a seat Vanessa!


If by dominant you mean who has promised to put the most dicks in her mouth, Jackie won a couple of weeks ago. Otherwise, not so much.


I thought tonight was funny too.


Never judge a book by its cover. That’s what my dad always told me.


Any ideas as to why they would stage the whole Liz / Austin stuff tonight. I actually did enjoy it. Thought it was a nice change from all the drama and bashing everyone. I’ve actually thought that Liz really did have feelings for him even if it was just a good friendship. Even tho she at first was saying how she couldn’t stand him and was only using him as a shield. There were a few times I felt she had some type of connection with him. But just wondering if it was just something fun to do or are they trying to get people to believe Liz may in fact like him and possibly stop the creepy stalker comments. I saw a clip tonight during AD where clay was asked about Austin being creepy and he said. Uhh no. He’s actually a fun guy and something. But he said he’s not creepy. Then they showed all of this tonight.


Austin stopped maturing around the age of 11 years old…he loves Clay Aiken,wrestling,The Princess Bride,and he looks like a big fool mooning around over a very young 23 year old who is light on maturity too!
The junior high school messaging through intermediaries was quite silly because Austin was taking the whole thing seriously! I feel bad for him but he is hopeless! If you look up “A Fool For Love” there is a picture of big dumb Austin with his hipster eyeglasses,dumb tattoos with a fawning look on his face as he gazes at Liz! Revolting!


Austin actually likes Judas priest. Good old fashioned ROCK AND ROLL!!!

bla bla bla

Negative Nancy!


Old school.


Shake it off. Haters got to hate. Feel bad for you bra.

Bored Man

‘Meg mentions that no floaters have gone yet.’ She’s not as clueless as I thought she was, but you don’t have to be too smart to notice 8 floaters out of a house of 11.


Someone’s obsessed with Austin. Otherwise, why go on and on with your hate filled rants? Diatribes??

Bored Man

Yes ladies and gentleman, the next 5 weeks of feeds will be dick jokes and beard drama. Farts, Dicks, and beards is all the floaters can hold in their minds at one time. Sigh.

Just me

I honestly like Austin and Liz, they are two of my favorites. Neither one of them are the sharpest tool in the shed but they are funny to watch and are kind of entertaining. At least they don’t walk around like self righteous jerks who get on a huge power kick because they have won HOH or their buddy has won it. I think Austin got a huge wake up call when he realized his buddy Vanessa was going to put him up and that was over the dumbest reason ever!! Also, why is it necessary for Meg to constantly wear lipstick? Seriously, is she that vain? She is just as bad as Becky and Jackie and their holier-than-thou attitudes!! BTW, why doesn’t Jackie wash her damn hair?!! That is too gross to me!!


Way gross! Jackie reminds me of Victoria in that way.

Lane's Mom

BB12 Lane bench pressed 325 for 3 reps. That was 85 pounds under his max when he was in college.


Vanessa wants Becky to honor a “deal” but which “deal” is Vanessa talking about…. the “deal” she made to get rid of Austin which she shook everyone’s hand and backdoored Jason instead… or the “deal” to not target the 8 and vote out Shelli then go to Austin a say screw the deal we’re voting out Clay… or the deal she made up in her head after Becky told her “no more deals”

Bored Man

It probably wasn’t the deal she made with some floaters to break her loyalty to her alliance to remove someone the floaters didn’t like, and it probably wasn’t the deal to save a disloyal alliance member that was targeting her, so it must have been the one that was made before the most recent floater came into power that would get out one of the other floaters during double eviction and leave the people who have participated in the game and tried to win something at least once this season.


Vanessa could have gone farther if she would have just eliminated Austin. That change her game and the mistrust from the other side began.

Bored Man

Being loyal to her alliance is what got her in the situation she’s in. Lying to some floaters that aren’t in your alliance about getting out one of your alliance members is what it takes to be loyal, but loyalty doesn’t mean anything in the Big Brother house. She should have known.


Oh no Liz is starting to get Stockholm syndrome :0


i like Vanessa but the game will still be fun to watch without her.


Vanessa started this game looking like a real player. And she has been but her mistake was making too many deals. The time has to come when you break one when you promise everybody everything. Vanessa drew the line when she broke her deal to put up Austin and blindsided Jason. Now she is facing the repercussions from that. I admire that Becky was up front in telling her no deals. Becky didn’t lie to her. This game changes on a dime and James needs to win hoh for the double eviction this week or he will be in trouble. Austin,Liz or Julia is going to eventually win an hoh and it will be bad for Becky and James. Because she is a weak player I am ready to see Meg in danger but don’t see it soon.
As far as mean girls go, they are just celebrating their power and I am okay with that. The six was just as mean in their arrogance, gloating and isolating. Everybody was excited to get to the six turning on each other, well, here you go. They will have to choose one this week.
Still no clear favorite for me but I am glad this hasn’t been another year of the sheep.

Bored Man

You’re ok with floaters talking big and being extremely hateful when they’ve done nothing in the game but go on the block as pawns because they were so unthreatening that they stood little chance of being evicted? Where I come from you have to work for something before you can start talking. Floating requires no work. Floating keeps you in the dark and makes you cry when the people playing the game don’t hand everything to you on a silver platter.


Just like Vanessa, so in the dark, one foot already out the door.


I agree, the 6 were mean and rude, and they were on the sneak attack, while befriending them. The girls are enjoying retribution from the obvious snake attack, of course they would say stuff like that. I read the entire diolog, and everything they said was true anyways. The meanest thing they called her was a bitch. Very tame in my opinion.

non-vanessa fan

Geez… Does Vanessa EVER talk about ANYTHING but game?? Even when she isn’t on block she never quits talking about it.a

Bored Man

People that don’t talk game 6 weeks in are known as floaters. What Vanessa is doing is the same as what past house guests did half way through the game, but unlike the previous seasons, this house is now 80% floaters. Floaters think showing up qualifies as playing the game, so when there’s only one person engaged and the rest are talking about dicks and farts, it makes her look like she’s going crazy. She’s really only playing the game, the rest are on summer break.


And she’s on speed.


It offends you that someone is there to play the game and not sleep all day, and pretend they are at summer camp?


“Vanessa – I can be worked with and I know you can be too
Vanessa – you can’t work with everyone in this game (Zoing)”
LOL talking contradiction, poor vanessa, she just doesnt know what to say any more.

Smart Guy

Making 2 week deals for safety isn’t the same as working with someone in an alliance. Vanessa’s loyalty has been with her alliance not some floaters that wanted her to do their dirty work at the expense of her alliance.


“Vanessa’s loyalty”. RWAw ahahaRWAHAh A!