“Shelli sketches me the f**k out.. Bye b1tch I’m done”

POV Holder: Steve POV Competition Aug 8th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Aug 10th
HOH Becky Next HOH Aug 13th
Original Nominations: Shelli and Steve
After POV Nominations: Shelli and Vanessa
Have Nots Meg, James and Jackie

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-11 20-54-43-087_jpg

8:52pm Steve and Jmac Hammock
Steve says his canker sores are bothering production because it’s messing up how he talks
Jmac asks when jason left did Jackie campaigning against Becky
Steve – no
jmac – a lot of stuff has gone down
Steve- we need shelli
Talking about breaking a 8 person group they have to take out. Jmac leaves to get food says it’s not worth it to him to have just one beer.
9:10pm Steve and Jamc
Steve saying his vote doesn’t matter
Jmac – Becky is the tie breaker
Steve – shelli staying is what we need.. because of the 8 person alliance.. we need Shelli here and if my vote made a difference this would be a super easy call
Stev – You, gremlins, Becky, done.. I don’t matter
Steve – I don’t want to come across as someone that breaks their promise..

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-11 21-24-15-785_jpg

9:21pm Jackie and James
Worried about Vanessa. Jackie says Steve is freaking out she’s had enough of it “Grow up and deal with it”

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-11 21-36-13-723_jpg

9:33pm Austin and Liz
Austin says JAmes came up to him on the hammock and said he’s not sold on keeping Shelli.
Austin goes over some of the highlights of his conversation with James.
Austin says it seem slike he’s now the centre of all this everyone wants to talk to him.
Julia joins them.. “Steve is the one that blamed this whole backdooring thing

Julia wonders why Johnny Mac is always called into the diary room
Julia calls Johnny Mac a sneak
Austin – he’s a shady f***er
Julia – he’s a ghost and he blends into the wall
Meg joins them.
Vanessa joins them ‘Steve helping Shelli strategize”
Julia says Shelli asked her who she’s putting up.
Vanessa leaves, they start talking about telling Becky they are voting out Shelli.

They starts making fun of Becky’s alliance name called the generals.
Meg points out Steve and Johnny Mac were outside talking when they were all eating dinner.
Austin says Becky won 10 G’s she shouldn’t be that mad.
Austin – If Vanessa and becky go to war we’re safe
They all question what the deal is with Johnnymac
Meg has noticed Johnnymac is getting called into the DR 10 times more than when he was in every competition.
Julia and Liz have both walked in on Steve and Johnnymac talking game they are so obvious.
Meg – Steve is freaking out
Austin – he slipped..
Meg tells them Becky’s plan was to take down Shelli and put up Vanessa, “There’s something between becky and Shelli”
Twins – WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, OPOOOhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Austin – all Becky has done was bring us closer
Meg – yup, she was telling us the entire house is against James
Austin – the only person against James is shelli
Liz says becky is always saying she has a side
Meg – she told us she never trusted us last week
Austin- It’s a lot of un-thought out game play
Austin – for me Johnnymac is who I want gone
Liz/Julia – ya
Meg – we have to convince Becky Vanessa is the plan for double eviction
they agree Vanessa winning HOH is a good thing she’ll go after Johnnymac and Becky if Shelli wins HOH they are all in trouble
Meg leaves..
Liz/Austin – good talk
Julia – Shelli sketches me the f** out.. I’ve been hanging out with her and making an effort to not leave her alone.. Bye b1tch i’m done
Austin – I’m scared of Vanessa too you don’t want to be on the block with Vanessa straight up she’s too good
Austin – honestly i’m more at the point that Jackie, Meg and James are more our level of intellect, we have a better shot with them than anybody else we really do need to stick together the 6 They are down Becky has made it easier for us

They all seem to like the goblins now more than Vanessa/Steve
They are wondering why Johnnymac is in the diary room so much he doesn’t really do much. Julia says when she goes to the washroom late at night she always walks in on Jmac and Steve talking game.

Austin tells them Vanessa is still on their side she’s going to win a HOH. Tells them for now what they have with the goblins will get them through the double eviction, “WE’re in pretty good shape i’m feeling good.. not too good” .

(Wow Jmac’s game is in a nose dive)

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Big-Brother-17 2015-08-11 21-43-38-724_jpg

9:39pm Becky and Shelli
Becky says no one is willing to risk their game for Vanessa, “She did try to Backdoor Austin.. Vanessa likes to change and manipulate votes”
Shelli – I hope nobody flips I don’t want to get too comfortable

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-11 22-18-01-127_jpg

10:17pm Hammock James, Austin and the twins

They start questioning what Johnnymac is doing Julia says she hasn’t been called in the Diary room once and he’s been in the Diary room 3 times. James agrees something is fishy.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-11 22-25-06-130_jpg

10:20pm Hot tub jackie and Meg
They say the nominations are Johnnymac and Vanessa and they have the votes to get Vanessa out
Jackie thinks Austin’s side will put up Johnnymac and Steve if POV is played Vanessa goes up and we have the votes
Jackie – it’s crazy they switched like that.. WOW
Meg says she wants Steve to stay and Johnnymac to go
Jackie – if Vanessa wins she’ll put up Becky and Johnymac.. we have the votes to save becky..

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-11 22-26-50-814_jpg

10:24pm bathroom Julia and Shelli
Julia is saying Steve has been acting weird lately
Shelli feels bad she made things awkward earlier
Julia -no, Steve has been weird
Shelli – I don’t want things to be weird between us two.
Julia – I don’t know what is up with steve
Liz comes in
Julia – you’ve been sun burnt
Julia – you know Vanessa won’t have the votes we can work together.. it’s hard for us to choose.. Vanessa has done a lot for me with the whole Austin thing.. I know you aware they’re too..

Shelli tells the twins she knows they are all voting for Vanessa ‘I want to feel that I can still talk to y’all”
Austin rolls through to use the toilet..
Shelli agrees with the twins that Steve is acting weird

They agree it’s turned into ‘Scamper city” in the house

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-11 22-42-28-916_jpg

10:36pm Vanessa in a goblin circle

Vanessa pouring scorn upon Becky. The goblins seem to be Agreeing
James – Right
Meg – Legit
Jackie – you never know
Vanessa continues rehash conversations and things Becky said that was a lie. She says Hypocrisy, Calls Becky a flip flop. Says she loves Shelli isn’t going to campaign against her Vanessa is just going to state the facts.
Vanessa goes on a tirade about everything Becky negative.

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Big-Brother-17 2015-08-11 22-57-28-901_jpg

11:00pm Vanessa accuses Steve of touching her butt. Steve denies.
Vanessa – i need glass of water
Steve – you want me to get you a glass of water
Vanessa – no I can get my own water
Vanessa – go scamper Steve
Steve scampers off

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-11 23-04-14-375_jpg

10:59pm bathroom Becky, Jackie and Meg
Becky – Shelli is preparing for the worst but hoping for the best
Meg and Jackie say vanessa started talking to them today.
Becky – we need to be on our toes this is going to be closer than we like
Becky says Vanessa is always working on james
Jackie – she want’s to talk to me to
Meg – she wants to talk to everybody, honestly she has every right
Meg asks about Steve where’s he at.
becky doesn’t know tells them she’ll talk to him tonight “he stays up late”
Jackie – everyone is acting weird
Becky comments that Vanessa is all out and about being
Becky says she has a lot riding on this vote she made it pretty f***g clear her target
Jackie – we’ll get her out either way
Becky says she wants Vanessa out first and shelli out second.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-11 23-28-14-024_jpg

11:16pm Steve and Vanessa
Steve asks her if she really thinks she can stay
Steve – is Austin coming after me
Vanessa – you’re getting f***G paranoid man.. you’re scampering around you’re acting super shafy. . you’re not on the f***g block.. just relax
Vanessa tells him everyone in the house has noticed him scampering.
Vanessa – you gotta understand you got a loyal group in freaks and geeks they’re really loyal people
Steve – does he know you told me about the 1 week deal
Vanessa – no

Vanessa – how does Johnnymac and Shelli know about it
Vanessa – she’s doing a great job of playing the middle becky.. she better hope I go cause if I don’t I go for Becky and i’ll get her out
Steve – I need to talk to Austin tonight
Vanessa – I know you’re scared of going up against Johnny you have the votes
Steve – you think
Vanessa – AGAINST JOHNNY you have freaks and geeks
Vanessa says she has no final 2 deal with anyone that is current.
Steve – did you make one with Shelli after clay
Vanessa – no I give you my word
Steve says he’s in a win win spot right now
Vanesa – if I stay in this game you’re not going anywhere
Steve – you can trust me
Vanessa – can I, It’s just a f***G game bro.. it’ll be OK
Vanesa – if you’re the first 4 out you go to Jury and you get a chance to play a fun game to come back

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-11 23-34-56-127_jpg
11:36pm James, Meg and Austin
Talking about sending Shelli out. Austin says Thursday morning when they tell Becky he’s sure Shelli will find out.
Meg tells them they have to win Double Eviction
Austin – I think it’s going to be before and after

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-11 23-39-12-132_jpg

11:41pm bedroom Shelli and Vanessa
Vanessa swears the plan with Becky was for them to put Johnnymac and Shelli up they controlled the votes to get Johnnymac out.
Shelli asks if Vanessa leaves can she trust Austin and the twins

VAnessa warns her about Steve says he’s smart but he’s different than her, “He’s young, he’s hungry, Be careful there”
Vanessa starts says Becky told her that she dresses up, cooks cleans when the guys win HOH.
Vanessa – she flipped flopped twice
Vanessa about Becky – She’s not trustworthy at all and flip floppy”
Vanessa – she’s not a kind person, she turned her back on my slammed the door on my face

Vanessa says the twins are playing a great social game they could win

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-11 23-59-59-087_jpg

11:56pm Hot Tub Julia and Liz
Julia- where’s your creeper Austin
Liz – scampering
Julia says he’s the worker bee he goes out and gather information and she’s the queen bee she stays around and looks pretty
Julia – and cook
Liz – yesterday he was trying to cop a feel (see video)
Julia – ewww
Liz – I told him Austin save it for Jury

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You know what’s the worst bro….chilling under the hammock waiting for flounder grenades to go off bro…moms is gonna be so proud yo

Back Door Dentist

On the side note…. Johnny Mac’s game is in a nose dive??? When was his game ever at a high level or even mid level? He needs the Battle of the Block to return to be relevant.


Becky is a sexy powerhouse!!


What’s with Steve sniffing for grenades under the hammock yo

is it just me

about becky:
train tried to take her out
bat tried to take her out
bear tried to take her out (only once)
im curious at which point do these things cease to be coincidence and start being more like final destination type shit


Shes a powerhouse cause she is part of the transgender twist. She looks more like a tranny than Audrey.


Shelli could have been safe if she had played her cards right this week. She knows the Austwins are voting to keep Vanessa. James (and Meg/Jackie by extension) already has tension with her from last week, but she refuses to mend things over to secure their votes. And on top of that she pisses James off by taking back Clay’s shirts?! Does she think she’s safe just because Becky guaranteed her safety as a pawn? She got outplayed by Vanessa this week and deserves to go home for it.

TorontoVegan (the real one)

I am surprised that Shelli hasn’t realized that she may not have the votes to stay. Has she not noticed that Vanessa has gone from being silent and secluded to suspiciously optimistic?


Come on, only a couple more days for the news that the house has shifted so Shelli, Becky, Steve and JMac can start working their angle to bring it back to Vanessa going home.


james = productions player


I think it’s Johnny Mac, and so does the rest of the house.

Taking a Survey

Thumb up if you think Vanessa is going home Thursday. Thumb down if you think it’s Shelli.

holy moly

They could both be going home, this is DE.:)

holy moly

Where’s the Alcohol….4 beers and a bottle of wine really??? these kids are bored. they want to have a little fun…hell I’d like to see them have a little more fun..It’s more fun to watch them when they’re alittle tipsy..


They call Johnnymac into the diary room so much because he is absolutely hysterical all the time when he’s in there, and the house guests have no idea because obviously they aren’t seeing his DR sessions!


Yeah, but now it’s affecting his game. Production needs to stop.


Yeah Jmac is so screwed in this upcoming DE.


And I think it’s kind of messed up that part of it is because of how many times he’s called into the diary room. Production needs to realize how suspicious that’s making him and will probably be one of the reasons he goes home.

Vanessa with a V

If I didn’t know any better I would swear that Vince MacMahon had joined BB’S production team. Just when someone looks hopelessly down and out, they get off the mat and begin the battle anew. This has turned into a 17 person over the top rope battle royal. Fun to watch, but hard to keep track of who is winning. Johnnymac looked golden yesterday. Now he is in the cross hairs. The only fitting ending would be the twins as the final two. Would any jurist know exactly who had done what, and who they were actually voting for?


Allison Grodner > Vince McMahan. Welcome to Big Brothet USA… Where as soon as Production gets a hint of what’s going on, they attempt to flip the Script. Meg & the Goblins even sounds like Game-Players the last 48 hours with all the talking points they’ve been given. Entertaining (I guess) like Wrestling, but pretty scripted. For Gods sake…Just let the players play…Best person Wins. We will still watch. It’s so obvious, Grodner was never going to let her Star aka. Vanessa leave this week. smh

Team Edward

Don’t forget with wrestling the best wrestler is not always the champion. I can see Meg and Jackie going pretty far with the Twins. It is funny that everyone hates on Vanessa and it is well deserved, but, she has been the only one consistently playing game. The fact Shelli can’t see she is campaigning is beyond scary. WTF has Johnny Mac been?

Meg= the Brooklyn Brawler
James = Doink the Clown
Vanessa= The Miz


The goblins are doing what’s best for their game.

TorontoVegan (the real one)

I understand why the goblins want to vote out Shelli, but Vanessa is a dangerous competitor. Give her enough time, and Vanessa could convince anyone that Santa Claus is real and the earth is flat. She’s just that good. I can only imagine what she will say to the jury if she makes it to the final 2.

is it just me

dont be talking shit about santa i’ll push you off the edge of the earth


“Steve – you can trust me
Vanessa – can I, It’s just a f***G game bro.. it’ll be OK”

Soooo, today it’s “just a game” and you’re telling Steve to calm down and keep the drama, paranoia and scampering to a minimum, when yesterday your world was hit by the apocalypse because game tactics put you under the spotlight and on the chopping block? Mmmmmmkay.

And please, Steve, pick up on the obvious aura of a person who had a miracle performed on them by Saint Goblin Squad, and is far too chill right now for someone that’s definitely going to Jury this week. I refuse to believe you’re really this bad picking social queues and body language. It makes it hard to root for you, man.


Johnny MAc is just like J-U double D. Being a favorite of the season, suddenly gets kicked out in the DE then returns back and makes it all the way to top 5. By the way, they have the same shouting in DR too. Damn.

Uh huh...

Well, from this update, at least there’s an indication that maybe James will turn back to wanting Vanessa out and getting Jackie and Meg on board with it too. And then hopefully Jmac will be the 4th vote against Vanessa allowing Becky to break the tie that sends her to jury.

I know JJM are uncertain about Becky’s allegiance to them, and rightfully so. But I don’t understand why they feel the need to show her they aren’t down with what she wants this week by flipping and voting out Shelli. Simply vote Vanessa out and then beat Becky at her own game.

Do to her next week – if you get the chance – what she did to Vanessa this week. Take her by surprise rather than place an unnecessary target on your back. And by doing so, you have an extra week to evaluate whether or not Becky is really set to be a fourth member of your group or if she was only working with you in order to ensure the votes needed to get Vanessa out.

Keeping Vanessa in the game is just to big of a risk for JJM in my opinion. You already know what she’s capable of. The fact she even has your group (JJM) considering to keep her this week should imprint that upon them even more if they’re able to snap out of it and realize what she’s doing.

If you keep Vanessa she’s still in position to influence whoever finds themselves in power to target whoever she wants out. If you keep Shelli, she may want to knock someone from JJM out, but if she doesn’t win HOH herself who could win that she’s tight enough with to influence them into putting up JJM members anyhow?

I know there’s some she might be able to, but not as many or as well as Vanessa could. At this point of this week, keep it simple, vote Vanessa out.


Idk from watching the feeds it would take a miracle for James to keep shelli. I don’t think he will, and really why would he? He knows 100% she’s coming after him. And he knows Vanessa’s not. She has bigger fish to fry at this point.

Also it’s funny, but for some reason, Meg is very against keeping shelli. I don’t see her changing her mind at all. The only question mark is Jackie. And in the end, Jackie will go with whatever James and Meg do.


I agree they should be nice to Becky this week because she seems to have too much confidence in her alliances. Any time Becky gets power she creates a solo plan and assumes everyone will fall into line during the vote.

Ariana Grande licks donuts and hates Americans

Did Vanessa fanagle herself out of the hot seat and muster the votes to keep herself in the house? This just further proves that the house should get rid of Vanessa while she’s on the block, if she survives, other HGs will be too scared to nominate her knowing that she has a pretty good chance of not being evicted and then coming back and targeting the person that nominated her.

Evict Vanessa this week and Shelli during DE, w/o Clay she is like a turtle w/o its shell. James and Jackie are messing up if they don’t stick with Becky’s plan. As for Meg, her mom messed up when she popped her out of her birth canal.

James is scared because he knows Shelli is coming after him and wants her out now, but Vanessa has stated that she hates James and he is a prime target. The remaining HOH competitions will be mostly mental comps and Vanessa is a lot better than Shelli at these. Neither James nor Jackie nor Meg have the smarts to win a mental comp. Becky has a chance to win one of these. This is another reason to get rid of Vanessa now.

Meg is nothing more than a number, she doesn’t know how to play the BB game, that is why she sleeps most of the day in the BB house. Meg does nothing productive outside the BB house, that is why she sleeps most of the day outside the BB house. If there was to be an endurance competition to see which HG could sleep the longest and stay in bed without getting out of it, Meg would wing hands down, or should I say a$$ down on the mattress. If you wonder why Meg’s shorts are so baggy, it’s because she wears a diaper to bed so that if the urge occurs, she can just cut loaves and let the gold flow.

If Vanessa is not voted out this week, she has a good chance of winning the whole enchilada. She will survive DE because Autism trio will not win HOH, Steve and Jmac will throw the HOH comps continuing their strategy to lay low and float with the flow. Meg won’t win anything (unless it’s a sleeping contest). Becky can’t compete next HOH and will have to sit it out. Jackie will throw the HOH comp so that Vanessa can win and target Becky. James will be too busy having pervert thoughts to win the HOH competition. And Shelli will be in the jury house.

Hopefully Becky will catch wind of what’s going on and play the game more forcefully. She still has a lot of ammo on Vanessa that she hasn’t unloaded and can use to convince others of what a big bully and b!tch Vanessa really is. She has has her hand in everyone getting evicted that is out of the house now. It doesn’t matter if Vanessa is HOH or not, she manipulates and bullies and lies and throws under the bus and cries and raises a tantrum and makes deals she doesn’t plan to keep and threatens to get her way.

Becky is smart and knows the BB game. She is good at physical competitions as well as mental competitions as well as endurance competitions as well as crapshoots. If James, Jackie and Meg double cross her, they will be slitting their own throats. Those that call Becky a rat don’t know what they are talking about at all, they are mentally deficient. Becky played the game under the radar till now, she has now drawn a line in the sand and taken a stand against the most powerful players in the house. There is no way she can be a rat now, Becky is coming out with both guns blazing and is ready to kick HGs to the curb and take their names later. Better side with Becky or else give Vanessa the half mil now to add to her 4.5 mil she has already.

Looks like one of the Autism trio: Austin, Liz or Julia will win the 50,000 second prize, everybody is either too scared to target them because they afraid the other two left will be coming after them. Either that or they are to busy holding grudge against someone who has put them up on the block as a former HOH. What they don’t realize is that the Autism trio has to win an HOH comp for them to come after somebody and they do not have a good track record doing so. So that annuls the fictitious threat of the Autism trio.

Steve is certainly not an Ian, but with the other HGs ignoring him, he could slither his way into the last three. And don’t forget Jmac, he’s a yes man for whomever is in power and incurs favor to remain in the house by playing low and slow.

If Shelli is the one that gets voted out this week, then she probably is the one that will win her way back into the house and unless all the HGs join together (as has been done in the past) and evict her the second time as soon as they get the chance, she will make it to final two.

Vanessa is both cunning and a cvnt.

James, Jackie and Meg…..WAKE THE FRIG UP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Vanessa seems to be being quite aggressive/hostile with Steve. I’m no Steve fan, but I don’t like the way she seems to be talking to him. (Then again, I’m only reading what’s going on, so maybe it’s different in actuality).

I can’t believe the Goblins are more scared of one person (Shelli) than an alliance of 4 (Vanessa/Austwins). They are all over the place. This is a fun/entertaining move for them to flip the script on Becky, but I don’t think it’s a good longterm move.

And Austin made a very good point that the entire house (but most importantly the Goblins) needs to keep in mind: It is SCARY being on the block next to Vanessa. The girl is GOOD. Get her out while you can, or one of you guys is gonna find yourself sitting next to her and she’ll be doing the same exact thing to you that she’s doing now.

And is anyone ever gonna target the twins, or are they gonna keep on coasting? Unbelievable. They broke Shelli’s game down last week by getting Clay out…. Now break up some other couples/alliances. Stop being so shortsighted.

TorontoVegan (the real one)

It does seem like Vanessa is a little agitated when interacting with Steve. I think she’s just frustrated. Vanessa thought aligning with Steve would benefit her in some way, but I think she sees him as a hindrance to her game now. She’s probably wondering if all that time spent nurturing her relationship with Steve could have been better spent re-establishing a relationship with the goblins.

Uh huh...

I agree with the game related points you made about the players, but not a fan at all of the name calling and manner in which you chose to belittle them. Big thumbs down for that.


Things change min to min in this house! Johnny Mac better win during double eviction or his goose may be cooked! Same with Vanessa! I think it’s a bunch of lies though why would anyone take out Johnny Mac when they could get out bigger players!

TorontoVegan (the real one)

Mark my words – Johnny MAC is not going anywhere. He’s a comp threat but has no social game. I am actually finding it difficult to imagine him in the final 2, addressing the jury – rattling off reasons why he deserves to win the game.


Anyone got the folks who are throwing the DE figured out? Several idiots mentioned. If Shelli gets evicted Johnnie better compete like his life depends on it(it does)! Wednesday is moving day usually….. We’ll see who is really going home. Seems Shelli is a lock at this point. Someone suggested James is productions pet. Well it could all be production stirring the pot as usual and target Vanessa returns tomorrow night. It doesn’t feel like it.
The season has a lot of bad moves this will be among the worst for JJM. If we are lucky James throws HOH and Van sends him to jury. Won’t happen but would be funny.
Meg might be one of the worst strategy players of all time. She has no clue as to house dynamics either. A true waste of BB space. That makes her the perfect F2 candidate. So many left in the house no ones thinking that far ahead.
Vanessa stays she gets a couple free shots and she has to figure out her F4 strategy. Not sure she understands the game well enough. Austwins cannot be it either. I don’t think you can leave both twins in til F4 also. No ones got an end game at this point.


I like the twins more each day. They crack me up and these recaps kill me. Now put them with the goblins and I’m crying !! I like Vanessa so I do want her to stay over shelli for sure. But watching after dark tonight, I am loving the Austwins and the goblins getting together. Not necessarily for one of them to win. Just entertainment value. I still don’t have a clear winner I’m rooting for. Maybe as it gets closer to the end but for now, I want shelli and Becky out. And Steve is just becoming hard to watch. I’m so sad for him. It felt like a child who disappointed his mom going and laying under the hammock like that. I don’t know if he’s going to make it in the house much longer.

Gordon Ramsey

Meg and Jackie talking about who they are going to evict next…as if they have a chance at winning HOH. Fucking hopeless.


Also, can someone explain to me why Julia was so pissed that Shelli asked her who’d she put up? That seems to be quite the common question people ask in this game, so her reaction was bizarre to me. Was it just because Steve was in the room, did something happen prior to that to inform her reaction, or is she just really immature and doesn’t know how to handle game talk? I can’t figure it out, but I’m leaning towards the option threeeeeeeeeeeeee.


They think that Shelli, JMac, and Steve are going to be a “threesome” and that Shelli was fishing for information.


I think 1) Julie was thrown off by being put on the spot with this type of sudden question. 2) she felt like it could be used against her/Liz 3) Steve was included in this questioning and Julie obviously clued in that shelli/steve were both were having a private game talk which Julie walked in on. 4) Julie has been catching Steve/JMAC being schechy and having private chats who are all connected


Man these people suck (except Jmac)


vanessa playing really smart now come on guys eveybodys make a mistakes i really hope she stays she was on fire today.


I was confused about that as well. Liz told Austin but I could never catch what it was. Why would asking her who she would put up be such a horrible thing to ask.


It really is so weird.

“Ohmygoddddd….. She asked me who my targets wereeeee. She’s such a fkn b1tch like I totally loathe her for asking me thattttttt.”


So she actually did say that the question was who her targets were ? All I got was would she do the same thing as her sister. How confusing is that to say about someone you have been aligned with. So strange.

TorontoVegan (the real one)

In the Big Brother house:

Asking someone who he or she is targeting = bullying
Telling people who you are targeting while you are HOH = bullying
Asking your allies to keep you in the game, after you are put on the block…bullying.
Making a suggestion, a comment or an observation…all bullying.


It’s almost the same as Becky’s outright personal vendetta because someone DARED to put her on the block as a pawn. OH, THE TRAUMA SHE HAS SUFFERED! I think she’ll never get over it as long as she lives.

She must be an absolute GEM to have to work with.


I’m truly dumbfounded by Meg… She’s making plans for next HOH comp, who she’ll put up, who’s getting voted out, etc, when she hasn’t won anything. Not only that, she is talking about Becky with anyone that will listen…
She’s talking to Austin & Co. about how convenient it is to keep Vanessa… I just don’t get how clueless she is about how this game works. Where do they get these people from? I hope Julia wins next HOH and puts up Jackie & Meg with Meg going straight to jury. What a whack “player.”


If I am remembering Big Brother history correctly, Austin or Meg will win the DE HOH. The ones that do/win the least most of the time win that HOH


Meg seems like she’s super jealous of shelli…

The new 6

I’m kinda digging the new 6 alliance (James/Austin and their girls). Although I’m still rooting for the big V, only because I chose her as the winner from the beginning. However, since JJM are not smart in any way with their idea of who’s loyal to who, V stays this week, wins HOH–?takes out Becky. Austin wins next HOH–?takes out Johnnymac. Steve wins next HOH–?takes out James. James returns from jury, wins HOH–?takes out Steve because V wins veto. It’s the new 6 plus V….freaks and geeks steam rolls thru JJM and V gets twins to turn on Austin. Then V takes Liz to final 2. VANESSA WINS IT ALL.

Love it



Yea Meg is really bad at strategy and everything really. Whats up with shelli continuing to act butthurt and immature and not even considering her chance of going to jury sheesh…

TorontoVegan (the real one)

You need to be a master in game strategy or good in comps – one or the other. You can’t be bad at both, especially if you are in an alliance. You need to contribute, and at least pull your weight. JJM need to start treating their alliance like a sports team. When a player doesn’t perform well, the team should consider benching the player. If some time passes, and the person is still performing poorly…well…maybe its time to consider some personnel changes. Johnny Mac looks like someone who would pull his weight…just saying.


Man this week’s been going down hill & hard to watch. We wanted crazy Vanessa meltdowns, instead all we got were The Goblins going from
underdogs you could root for to people you can care less about…
Hope this season doesn’t go down the crapper like the previous ones did.
One can only pray


Oh if Vanessa stays and eventually evict Becky and Jackie. I will jump for joy. Seriously I can’t stand Jackie. Lets show some T and A and get some fans.

Steve and John are definitely going on the block soon.


These have to almost be the dumbest BB Players ever! Horrible casting with dumb and dumber this season. Boring!


Then don’t watch.


LOL looks like the dumb disease(production) took over JJM. what they dont realize is that the up coming competitions are all going to be mostly mental ones. the ones that vanessa will excel at and shelli wont. even if vanessa does NOT win HOH, she will influence it a lot more than shelli ever would. BYE JJM, when vanessa wins HOH she will take out james first 100% guaranteed.


Someone please tells me how many sides there are in this house. As fas I know:
– meg, jackie, james
– austin, liz, julia
– steve, johnny mac
– van, austwins, steve
– shelli, steve
– becky, johnny
Potentially goblins + austwins



is it just me

austin saying “we need to stick with the goblins they are more on our level of intelect”

the man speaks the truth, a hilarious truth but truth nontheless


“it’s because she wears a diaper to bed so that if the urge occurs, she can just cut loaves and let the gold flow.”

Haha I almost fell off the toilet when I read that!


Poor Steve and his canker sores, he needs to lay off the sugars! I noticed he’s been talking a little funny on AD.

nervous and excited

wow, since the week of Jason’s eviction, BB has been flipping n turning n rolling NON-STOP. First, the blindside of Jason, then James broke deal and puts up Clelli, then Clay went out instead of Shelli, now Shelli is looking to be the next one out.
I have to say, its AWSOME drama for the viewers so far. What Im nervous about is Austwins may go as far as final 3/4. Seems like the Goblins and Austwins are both targeting the floaters, which I would be happy in any other season, but how could I bear to see Jmac walks out the door? I can’t. Personal worst case scenario: Jmac gone and Austwins making it to the final weeks. I rather have Goblins, at least they’re fun to watch. besides, everyone has been on the block besides Julia and Austin, time to take a seat.

Hot in AK

Austwins and Goblins should have a spin off! Too funny!

Beast Mode Cowpie

Well I knew Vanessa was smart, but a few days ago I was sure her goose was cooked. Clearly I underestimated her. And James, Meg, and Jackie are so easy to manipulate – they will sell out anyone for one more week of safety (well, least a “promise” of safety). Nice try Becky but I’m afraid you are screwed.