James about Becky “She didn’t sell me. All I heard was me, me, me! Well you selfish bit*h!”

POV Holder: Steve POV Competition Aug 8th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Aug 10th
HOH Becky Next HOH Aug 13th
Original Nominations: Shelli and Steve
After POV Nominations: Shelli and Vanessa
Have Nots Meg, James and Jackie

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-12 00-49-07-868
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12:05am In the kitchen – Becky is talking to Meg. Becky says with Vanessa I pissed her off and she is manipulative. I want to make sure we’re focused on her leaving. For me its a big deal, a huge deal for Vanessa to go this week. Shelli is not as much as a social player as Vanessa is. She is more of a poison in the house. Meg says I don’t know I see it differently. Becky says I think that you, Jackie and James are a bit different and not in a bad way. Meg and Becky head into the havenot room to talk more. Becky says I have such a big bullseye on my head. If Vanessa doesn’t leave during the double eviction, I am done! I’m out the door. Meg says well that’s not true because she doesn’t vote. That’s the thing it doesn’t matter if one person is after you when you have the votes. Becky says I would hate to have gone the route I did to backdoor someone and the way I went about it. I went about it thinking she would be out because I was thinking our group would get her out .. that’s why I chose the steps I did and proceeded the way I did because I meant for her to leave. For me to have made her a backdoor target and to hide sh*t from her, to lie to her face and to spring it on her and then to have our group keep her would be very hard. Becky asks will James vote her out? Meg says yeah but it makes me nervous because I don’t know if the house feels that way. Becky says she doesn’t know where Steve stands and says that Vanessa is very manipulative. Becky says I know Johnny, you, Jackie, .. I’m worried for James becaues he’s got a bigger vendetta with Shelli and I’ve got a bigger Vendetta with Vanessa. If Vanessa gets Steve and James .. I would be extremely upset if… extremely upset if Vanessa stayed. Meg says yeah we just have to let her do her thing right now. Everything happens tomorrow night. I 1000% want Vanessa out and need her to go. If for any reason the group doesn’t go with it then it would be very hurtful for me because I would have liked to have heard lets focus on Shelli because then I would have gone about it differently. Meg says she thinks Austin and the twins don’t want either of them here. Becky says Austin and the twins have a closer connection with Vanessa. Meg says I think it will be fine. Becky says I’m going to feel really stupid if Vanessa stays. I put my game on the line to help the group. Today I’m getting more and more panicked. Meg says its just one person. Becky says I would sh*t myself if she were to stay. Meg says it will be a big day on Thursday. Becky says being HOH is hard.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-12 01-21-40-094

Becky talks to Shelli in bed. Becky tells Shelli that James is scared that you’ll go after him. They’re almost looking for some kind of deal for you to cut with them that if you win during double eviction you will not take them out. They’re looking for some type of safety if they vote to keep you. We don’t know where Vanessa would go but feel like Shelli would take us out so that’s the one thought that we have. Shelli says I just spoke to Jackie and Meg. Why didn’t they say anything to me about that?! Becky says I think they want it to be initiated by you. Becky leaves because she doesn’t want to get caught talking to her. Becky leaves. Shelli whispers to herself I don’t care any more.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-12 01-18-37-728

12:35am Liz talks to Vanessa on the backyard couch. Liz says a lot of things are being brought into light and other people are seeing it too. Vanessa asks about Becky? Liz says yeah and the whole situation getting you out over Shelli. Vanessa says the only reason why you would go about it that was is if you have the votes. Its better for their game because I am going for Becky and everyone knows it. If they keep Shelli in the game then there is a 3 person thing. I am telling Steve to stop scampering .. he thinks I’m telling him to protect him but its really to protect me. He thinks if I go he is the next target. Liz says I don’t consider him on our side any more. Vanessa says I always had your guys back. Liz says we don’t owe her anything. Liz says that Meg, James and Jackie are the new threesome. They are thinking why would we want to keep Shelli over Vanessa. Vanessa ask why does Becky think that they would want to keep her. Liz says tomorrow night they’re all going to go up and tell her. Liz says that’s all you needed to say was telling everyone who you were going after. Vanessa says she hasn’t even apologized to me for what she said. I had to tell them how Becky has been disloyal to then so they didn’t feel like they needed to be loyal to her.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-12 01-41-51-090
Listin horsing around…

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-12 01-26-21-304

1:05am Comic bedroom – Vanessa talks to Julia and Austin. Vanessa says you don’t try to blindside unless you have the votes. Austin says it doesn’t add up because it doesn’t make sense for James to want to keep Shelli. Vanessa says I told Steve he needs to calm down because I need him to stop talking to Shelli. I told him its because its making him look bad. But obviously its to help me. Austin says it is helping all of us because it is making them look like they’re in an alliance.Liz joins them. Vanessa says I even asked him for his vote but I don’t know if he is going to. Julia and Austin tell Vanessa you’re staying. Austin says they want us all to go up to Becky to tell her we want Shelli out. Vanessa says I am the one person that has not played every side. Austin says look who’s not sleeping (Johnny mac). Vanessa says him and Steve are playing so hard. Austin leaves. Vanessa tells Julia and Liz that Steve knows something is up because for the first time I’m not telling him anything. Vanessa tells them about how Steve told her .. he, Shelli and Johnny Mac are scared of the 8 person alliance so they’re going to work together. Steve you had your shot and you blew your loyalty. I helped him so much! Do not give him any more information. Vanessa says that Shelli doesn’t have a heart. Not warm at all she’s cold! You can see it in the way she treated Audrey before she left. Austin and James joins them. Austin says that Becky is freaking out. James says she thinks you’ve flipped me and Steve for our votes. She was like Vanessa’s got to go, she’s got to go! Vanessa says that Johnny Mac and Steve are 100% working together .. that’s why he’s not going to bed. James says that Meg wants Shelli gone. Vanessa tells James do you realize Becky was running done telling Clay and Shelli all your conversations until one of them was for sure going home then she cut ties. James says that Jackie is on board .. she is just a little hesitant. Becky’s loyalty is first and foremost to Johnny Mac and then to you guys.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-12 02-04-06-617
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1:05am Havenot room – Meg tells Jackie and James that she had a conversation with Becky in here about how she is realizing the votes could change. She is sh*tting bricks about it. I didn’t tell her we were thinking about it. I told her that one person in the house against you doesn’t mean anything. She kept saying I need to get Vanessa out. She is freaking out. She told the twins that she isn’t coming after them. She didn’t promise our safety either. She had me in here drilling me. She says if she knew that the group wanted Shelli out we should have told her. James says plans change. Meg says maybe its better to let her come to terms with it. James says I gave up 5K and took the veto. James says its probably because its f**king up her plan. Jackie says like she doesn’t want Shelli to go. Meg says I just don’t know how to deal with the Becky thing. She isn’t fighting for us at all. The whole conversation didn’t sit well with me at all. Becky joins them. Becky says I really want Vanessa to go. Jackie says me too. Shelli needs to go too. Becky says for me to lie to her and blindside her and take ownership of it … I need her to go. I would be very very very hurt if anyone in the group were to keep Vanessa over Shelli. If anyone had come to me before Monday we would have talk about it and decided the best way to go but we didn’t so please Vanessa needs to go. I risked my game for this to happen. I would have in a heart beat changed it to Shelli if anyone had said it.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-12 02-36-31-372

1:30am Meg and Jackie talk in the havenot room. Meg asks what are we supposed to tell her. Becky joins them again. Becky says I am not okay if anyone from our group votes Shelli out. I am not okay with it. Anyone could have come to me on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday morning.. and if someone had I would have totally changed what I said to Vanessa. I would have told her she is going up but she is okay, we’re sending Shelli out. Meg says we are all just trying to figure out how to get them both out. Meg says that Steve promised his vote to Shelli tonight in front of Vanessa. Becky says I know I am freaking out. Meg says if Vanessa stayed and won HOH she would put you and Johnny Mac up… and you would 100% stay. Becky says I went after a social target that manipulates people. Meg says I have made it very clear that you are protected 100%. Becky says Austin and Vanessa are close .. that’s a group of four with the twins. I see Shelli with Johnny Mac. Meg says all Austin cares about is the twins. Becky says that Austin was worried when I said I was putting up Vanessa. Meg says Austin was worried about James (by leaving Shelli in the game). Becky says we made an attack against her. Becky says I am not trying to be selfish. If we don’t know can we please just take out Vanessa. Vanessa is just as likely to win HOH she is a close with a larger group. I know I’m not convincing you guys. Can we please please please just take out Vanessa. Meg says I just feel so uncomfortable with Shelli in the house right now. Jackie says none of us are leaving on Thursday. Meg says none of us. Becky you are going to be safe. James says its inevitable to have someone mad at you when you’re HOH. I wanted Shelli out and she is still here. Becky says I will never personally take so much heat if I win HOH again. James says I’m going to vote how ever we decide to vote. James tells Becky she looks like a depressed woman that just got out of rehab. Meg tells Becky we all have your back 150%! Becky leaves.

2:30am – 2:45am James says yeah she didn’t sell me. All I heard was me, me, me! Well you selfish bit*h! Jackie says when I said one of us was going home if we keep Shelli. She didn’t say a damn thing! Vanessa joins them and says game wise I don’t understand why you wouldn’t keep me over her. Loyalty wise you owe her nothing. Vanessa tells them all the reasons Becky isn’t trustworthy. (The Generals Alliance, Becky being a rat and then cutting ties with Shelli & Clay when one of them was going) Vanessa tells James, Meg and Jackie she will not put up any of them. Not as initial nominees and not backdoored. Jackie asks who would you put up next to her? Vanessa says Johnny Mac and backdoor Steve. 100% I swear on my life. James says it sounds f**king good to me. Meg tells Vanessa this is all something we’ve been thinking about and appreciate you coming to us with this information. Vanessa tells them how its very clear that Steve, Johnny Mac and Shelli are working together.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-12 03-48-05-376

2:15am Steve heads into the backyard and talks to himself. I think no matter what we do.. Vanessa is going because of the gremlins and Johnny Mac are all going to vote out Johnny Mac. That’s four votes and that’s all you need. With Becky as the tie breaker Vanessa is gone. Do I want to make a power move and try and flop the .. Before I do that lets weight the pros and cons of each decision. Vanessa is part of SOS, she gives me a lot of information, I don’t think Austin and the twins would put me up with keeping Vanessa. Vanessa is going after Becky and I’ve wanted Becky out for weeks. Where ever I go I am at the bottom. I am at the bottom with the grimlins, I am at the bottom of the freaks and geeks, I’m at the bottom of the Shelli / Johnny trio. I have to figure out how much of the 8 person alliance I believe. Becky tells me Vanessa was the driving force in it. I wonder how true it is that Vanessa kept me safe. I don’t know how much crap Vanessa is feeding me. Becky wanted to target Vanessa for a reason. I think both Shelli and Vanessa are telling me whatever I need to hear. I need to give Vanessa my vote out of loyalty. Becky joins them.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-12 03-18-21-882

2:47am – 4:20am Havenot room – James says for the group .. if Becky did all that .. that can’t be excused. If she did all that she was not on our side. The only reason she was on our side was because I won HOH. Jackie says we know where Vanessa stands and who she is going after. She is not coming after us. When Becky said she was worried about her safety we told her we have her back 100% but when we said we were worried she said nothing, nothing! Meg says we know now that Becky is going to Shelli and tell us she won’t put us up. Jackie asks how do we know for sure Becky was revealing information about our plan? Meg says we ask Shelli. Jackie says we ask her and tell her she’s not going home if she tells us … and if she tells us she is still going home. James says OHhhn brass tacks! James says she won’t give us information she did last time and we still sent one of them home. James says Becky was damn exposing all out sh*t! Becky was being the rat. Jackie says F**K IT we’re doing what we want! For the first time! Meg says we are not keeping her (Shelli) .. Vanessa came in here immediately promised us safety. Jackie says we have to get rid of Shelli! James 100%! Meg agrees. James says when you make 1 mistake in this game that’s when all your sh*t comes out. James says it pisses me off if it was her (Becky being the rat). Every week we look stupid. I’m tired of looking stupid. Vanessa has a good chance at winning HOH this week. James says Becky will get a little mad whatever that will wipe the slate clean. They think Becky will put them up now if she wins HOH again. Meg says she was hinting at it. James asks is that bullying. James says she’s throwing us out to the wolves. Jackie says I think if Austin, the twins and us go and talk to Becky and convince her she is safe I think she’ll be okay with it. James, Meg and Jackie go to sleep..
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Becky is SO selfish!!! She is such a liar saying, “I would have done things differently, if I knew you wanted Shelli out.” THAT IS A LIE! They tried before Noms. They tried to tell her Shelli should go. Becky said, I won’t keep Shelli on the block- then Steve won!!! She was all about Shelli. Does she not remember that James also wanted Shelli Out and everyone, including Becky lied to his face!! Did James go around freaking out telling everyone he would be “Very very very veyreyvyeyryevyreerv hurt!”???? No he didn’t. He kept saying “Vote how you want.” So glad the Goblins form their circles all day long! Being a Have Not was the best thing to ever happen to the Goblins!!! James will keep the girls on track. LOVE IT!


And to go even further into this, if Shelli is better at comps, she’s more likely to come back in the game. I know that whoever comes back in is pretty much doomed to go back out, but that’s when there are higher calibur players. Let’s think out this plan… Shelli goes and Vanessa is likely to win HOH and take out Becky. Now those two are in the Jury house chumming it up and making plans for revenge against the goblins. Let’s say the plan continues and they’re joined by JMac and Vanessa. That’s 6 HOHs between 3 girls and Mr. Veto that are all going to be targeting the goblins. They team up with Austin, twins, and Steve and the goblins are once again screwed because the only true threats to the returning player are now in the jury house! That’s if everything goes according to plan! Those three have so much more to worry about than they realize.

Plus, Meg just sucks.

Is there a chance two players can come back? Has anyone done the math with the longer summer?


I agree, that at this point Jackie and Meg cannot win this game and are doomed no matter what. James, however, has been a key player this season, and I hope he will outsmart the Austwins.

However I think you assume too much. You are assuming that Austwins or Johnny mac will still be in the running and the same alliances will still be intact. Every week has been one flip after flop! YOU can see the goblins position, but the fact of the matter is, the goblins do not realize who is with them, and who is against them. Shelli and Vanessa are both pretty good at comps. They cant just make decisions on the “what if” game. They also cant wait until final 7 to start evicting key players for fear they may come back. That logic makes no sense to me. If Shelli is evicted, she will have close to a month to lose her social connections, and she is more of a social player. I would rather see her evict and come back, then never to go at all. It is in Megs and Jackies best interest to evict Van, it is James that wants Shelli gone, and that is very understandable.


Bad game play by Shelly. If she wanted to stay, she should have spent all her time diffusing the Gobblins and inspiring trust. I seem to remember her saying to someone that James needs to come to her instead of her going to James. She’s up for nomination and instead of placating, she’s talking about about how she plans to go after Gobblins. She showed her cards too early and obviously Gobblins could tell which is why they are so adamant that Shelly is coming after them. All Shelly had to do was put her tail between her legs, lie and pretend as if she wanted to work with Gobblins, and if so, Vanessa may be going home. I don’t understand how you don’t network and kiss butt harder to the 3 people who hold you fate.


Absolutely! Any time people start feeling too comfortable, they end up going. Shelli is going off of a lot of what Becky was telling her: JJM rather keep you in the house over Van. I believe Shelli may be starting to feel uncertainty a bit but not enough to allow her to swallow her pride to go talk to JJM to secure it. Plus Shelli goes & takes back Clay’s shirt from James’s bag, which she should of just been a grown up & asked for it back. Why jeopardize yourself more with childish acts when you are on the block?


Highly unlikely that two players come back in. Last year there was 97 days and this year is 98. They have 17 houseguests this year, last year they had 16, Nicole returned and a rewind week.

They’d have to add a double eviction even without having a rewind to add a second returner.

Pinocchio Obama

I love how the house flip flops with every new HOH. What a great season.

They agreed...

They all agreed to get Vanessa out and let Becky get the blood on her hands. Now she will be in there with an evil manipulator targeting her personally! Vanessa won’t stop at just the game…she’s going to make beckys life a living hell! She’s already off to great start…Becky is down to one friend at this point.


After watching BB all these years, I still don’t understand why these people just can’t be nice, or at least courteous to each other. The way Becky talked to Vanessa- like she was garbage or something. Thank God that at least this season doesn’t have a Derrick running the show b/c that was boring as shit.


1) Becky let HOH get to her head, and her saying “when I win HOH again, I won’t do it thus way”….. That’s stuff you say to yourself. Also, don’t stop talking to a person or dress them down before you know they are going home.
2) JMM owe her nothing, they wanted these two on the block and Becky said Vanessa was the backdoor plan from her very first HOH meeting with them.
3) Becky is obviously working with Shelli, John, Steve and are doing a very poor job hiding it.
These 4 have won the most HOHs and Vetos as a group of HGs. Austwins actually try and suck.
4) Vanessa may not win much HOHs from now on, she seems to suck at any physical or part physical comps.
5) I still don’t think Vanessa has the votes to win BB even if she somehow makes it through this week.


the village idiots once again don’t understand they are keeping the wrong person . vote out Vanasty and steve and john will join them for a power group . Win HOH and take out Liz break that voting block . then win HOH and take out Shilli just because her fake teeth and over bronzed cake make-up is hard to look at daily .


What if SHelli wins the next HOH? She goes after James and Meg, and takes out Jackie as a backdoor. They are cooked. There is no idiots in this game. Becky went hard at Vanessa thinking she was gone. Now that will backfire on her, lose an alliance member, and have someone going for her. You can call them idiots but unfortunately there is too much that can happen. No one saw Becky going after Vanessa before this week.


Don’t try to rationalize with a hater. They are not watching the show strategically. They just want people out they hate.


AKA Becky


There is at least one in the house, and that is Meg. Meg is an idiot.

AKA Twistin'...

Seem pretty jaded to me…


Shelli, Jmac, and Steve have already said they would partner with Austwins against the Goblins. So, this is actually a good move for the Goblins to make. They stumbled into a smart decision when Shelli got cocky and stole Clay’s shirt from James.


I’m watching the feeds this year for the first time. I’m obsessed. So much is happening. Is it typical or is this year just extra riveting? This cast is both smart and dumb at the same time. Everyone seems to have a fatal flaw.


It’s been a few years since we’ve had this much HG drama. Last year was really boring, before that it was spotty.
This is a good year, even though I have been extremely frustrated most weeks, I’m still eager to see what happens.
I like John and Steve but I wished they’d pick others to work with because I can’t stand Shelli.

Fishy, Fishy

Why do i have sneaking suspicion that production is putting a bug in JJM’s ear to keep Vanessa?

is it just me

because you don’t want to believe she is not going home because she played a better game then shelly

if production is influencing the goblins so much why is is jmac going to dr all the time?

quit blaming production its getting old

yes it is just you

No need to be so rude, someone was just expressing a reasonable opinion, Mel. No matter what, Vanessa has overplayed and will not win this game. It’s only a matter of time, Mel. When she gets back home you can discuss it with her. In the meantime, please pay attention to details. James began worrying about keeping Shelli as soon as Vanessa was put up. During that period, all Vanessa did was get emotional and then isolate herself. So either James woke up and realized that Shelli was a better target for him that Vanessa, or production gave him some reminders about his HOH last week against Shelli/Clay. Or maybe it was a combo of the two, but it had NOTHING to do with Vanessa’s game play. She’s cooked no matter what, maybe not this week but before long.


Who the hell is Mel?


Mel is Vanessa’s girlfriend.


Vanessa outed Becky for being the rat that she is. Don’t act like Vanessa did nothing. She gave the goblins a deal and Shelli has done nothing because she feels so safe. This has nothing to do with production.

yes it is just you

Try to pay attention to details and not jump to conclusions, please. Did you not understand that Vanessa was ranting and hiding during the time that James began considering a flip? Vanessa didn’t offer the deal until James approached her to feel out the situation AFTER he himself started leaning towards the flip. Vanessa did mention something about Becky after her fight rant, but it didn’t seem to particularly register with JJM. It is VERY plausible that production put a bug in James’ ear, and dismissing it outright is rather naive and/or rigidly supportive of Vanessa’s game play. She’s not all that. All the good BB greats are cool, level headed players, separating themselves from their game play without getting into issues of morality and values or emotional self-delusions. She looks the fool compared to them. Notice how Derrick and Cody didn’t have anything to say about her? They don’t respect that kind of game play.

meg's always laughing

Sure hope Jmac and Steve survive the double eviction. I want Vanessa, Austin or one of the twins gone asap.
I’m so sick of psycho Vanessa’s freak outs and Austin following Liz around like a lost puppy dog. The twins make my effing ears bleed every time they open their mouths.


Oh no-o-o-o-o-o-o-o.


James, Meg and Jackie are going to lose Becky as an ally and gain nothing, certainly not Vanessa’s loyalty.


Huh? Becky is only their ally when a they are in power. This week she is only using them to take out vanessa. Honestly, the only people Becky truly wants to be with is shelli and jmac.


James has good reason to keep Van. Jackie and Meg on the other hand follow James’ lead, but it is in their best interest to get rid of Van. Shelli at least would entertain the idia of working with them, Van wont give them the time of day.


I’m seeing this season in a new light. About time things start to juice right up


I love the Goblins and they sure are hilarious to watch!

Oh the stupidity.

These dumb fuck goblins deserve everything that’s happened to them and what’s surely to come. They’re then going to feel even stupider when they see what foolish incredibly stupid idiots they really were when they watch themselves after the show is over.

AKA Twistin'...

You should probably stop watching…it seems like it is really taking an ugly and emotional toll on you.

Not a good look.

Whackstreet for the win!

Feel bad for Becky, the goblins totally used her. They’re no better than Vanessa really, they only lacked for opportunity.


Becky used the goblins! Her agenda the entire time was to align with Shelli. Dont forget, Becky played them first!

James Dirty Laundry

Goblins only cared about Becky after she won HOH and all 3 prizes while Vanessa cheated. If Megs so broken up about Jason, how’s he gonna choke down his birthday cake Thursday while SHE VOTES TO KEEP HIS EXECUTIONER VANESSA?? She’s a lazy housewife, who knows she can’t play, and protects James as her meal ticket, only changing the Shelli eviction when James started paying his pants and fighting over his boyfriends Clays shirt. He’s a Coward who blinked first and would accept any bad info on Becky to throw her over for HIS AGENDA humiliate the hunk Clay who is a God to these women. Austin and James are cavemen. Meg is the master manipulator from her lounge chair, giggling at all James chauvinistic insults while she sends him off to war to fight her battles. And she gets off appearing sooo niiiice while she picks off the other chick’s one by one. Look at me I’m too stupid to win, I’m no threat strategy working.

James spits on himself hating Becky for not doing enough for him, WHAT’S MEG DONE FOR YOU BESIDES LAUNDRY and she won’t touch his underwear hahaha. He says Becky’s got to much dirty laundry, at least she played. He’s humiliated and jealous BECKY WON $10K and doesn’t have play HaveNot BECAUSE SHE EARNED IT. And James is jealous of Shelli BECAUSE SHE STOLE HIS BRO-MANCE CLAY. Barbarian women collector Cavemen and the submissive do-nothing girls who love them. Are they gonna win this game?

Is it just a coincidence WOMEN WITH BRAINS are evicted in favor of submissives? Flashback to the early days when James waxes poetic on why he gets a different girl everyday and he only chooses Southern girls because they know the man comes first…it’s disgusting. And he’s full of alot of SH*T that’s why Meg won’t wash his dirty underwear!


You make no sense and are in serious need of medication!

James Blows Up His Own Alliance for the Love of Meg

James is afraid of Shelli, jealous of Clay, Becky and skipped taking POV prizes because he couldn’t trust his alliances when he was HOH, hooking up with Meg who came to sleep just not with him. The point is to go after big targets not romantic rivals. He should have put up Shelli and Vanessa last week. Instead he throws a grenade, runs away, doesn’t do legwork to follow through, or backdoor Vanessa, then gets paranoid wets himself about the next HOH and v who’s after him. He’s succeeded in blowing up his own alliance this week over love triangle jealousies and Megs attraction to Clay. That’s not heroic. But compared to all the other guys who refuse to play and throw comps, I can see how you’d be mislead.

The Clay Shelli sobbing romance letting Clay self evict so Shelli Vanessa could wreak havoc and revenge was on his watch HOH & POV. Clay was a follower, didn’t win anything and was not a threat-except to his girl Meg who campaigned to keep him, rubbing her tit’s in his face to woo him. James wasn’t going to watch Meg & Clay hook up, once Shelli left. He opted to evict his romantic rival and flaunt Clay’s shirt in Shelli’s & Megs face hoping to get Meg boobs attention. Now Meg blew up her alliance to get out Shelli, because Clay chose her instead of Meg. Why blow an alliance of 8 going into eviction.

James, like Shelli, is playing The Bachelor not BB. Now he’s buddies with Austin whose got himself 2 women too. They say they are winners between the sheets by default because they got all the hunks out, direct quote. This year more sleepers coasters housewives than players casted where hiding behind someone else is the key to winning, not bravery.


Love them or hate them, the fact of the matter is, Becky got cozy w/ the goblins to rat them out to her generals. Becky took the first swing.

I do not agree it is in Megs or Jackies best interest to evict Shelli, thats in James best interest!
James is a pig, we all get it, but personality aside, he did evict Jase and Clay on his reign. That is not a coward.

“Is it just a coincidence WOMEN WITH BRAINS are evicted in favor of submissives?”
It doesnt matter what gender you are, that’s how you win the game! You cant win by taking better players with you to the end. It just doesn’t make sense.


I stopped, picked up my jaw on the floor at: Meg is a master manipulator. You sir have A wicked sense of humour, let us revel in it.


I officially went from loving J/J/M to detesting them in one week. How dumb are they this week? Especially James and Meg. I am surprised Jackie is on board with this since she wanted Vanessa to be the target last week.


I went from hating them to not hating them so much.

Steve the Cake Man

Austin is sooooooo sexay. I’m not a gay homo or anything, but i can see why drives the ladies crazy with mad desire.

Min O'Pause

Your seeing eye dog is scratching at the door and wants to go potty.


You’re funny!!! U were joking, right?


I don’t even know how to process myself with that comment you just wrote.


Wow Becky you have no ability to play this game other than physical comps! “me me me” You are so going home on DE night!


It took me a long time to get to feel this way, because I’m all about the underdog, but the goblins have GOT to go…their selfish motives and last minute plan changes are really hard to watch and they’ll soon be deemed unworkable by everyone else in the house.


There is no underdog anymore, except the people on the block. Tune in next week!


They were the underdog even through James’ HOH, since it was always pretty much the house vs their alliance. Now that the house is split into basically three factions, they’re a little stronger, and FAR cockier and more annoying!


James, every week you look stupid because you do stupid things like keep Vanessa!

I hope Johnny Mac doesn’t become a victim of production and Austin’s paranoia about him getting so many DR sessions. I hope that he wakes up when Shelli gets evicted and wins the HOH or veto on Thursday.


Yes, since James is a direct target of Shelli’s and was his number one target last week, and this week.. he should definitely keep her around, that dummy!

Dont worry, production has Johny Mac’s back!


So now this basic bitch is NO LONGER taking full responsibility for targetting Vanessa after shouting to the rooftops that she was. Becky you were TELLING everyone what you wanted to do. You never fucked asked.You never asked any real questions at all. Now it’s THEIR fault because they didn’t tell you they might want Shelli out more? YOU FUCKING PATHETIC LOSER!


You are so right. What happened to “I don’t care, I’ll take full responsibility”? Miss Black Friday. She really never did ask her “group” what THEY wanted. She just told them how it was going to be.


This must be black, black Friday. Deal with it you retail manager bit*h.


Not quite. JJM were on board with Becky’s plan, offering enthusiasm, badmouthing Vanessa and laughing along with her about it. It’s all about picking up on group social cues. It was clear that the entire group was hating on Vanessa during the HOH planning stage. Then james had a moment to think deeper and focus once Vanessa was on the block. It’s likely that production dropped some reminders to him about Shelli.


Because Jmac has always wanted Vanessa out.


OMG thank you!!! this is the second time she has done this.. during the HOH she shared with Shelli, I was so surprised that to everyone she was saying… well we gotta get Audrey out, that’s what everyone wants.. never did she stop to try to take the time and gather intel and see where people’s heads were at.. she did the same thing with Vanessa and never for a second did she try to collect dirt on people and see who would thrown whom under the bus.. instead she was volunteering info to Vanessa


James,Meg, and Jackie are legit Morons smh


Good lord.




If Vanessa stays and Jmac is evicted during the DE, I’m literally going to jump the walls of the big brother house and punch J/J/M square in mouth

is it just me

i would literally love to see that
and i wouls literally love to see a picture of you and your state appointed boyfriend after the home invasion and assault charges go through

but we know you literally are just a moron who likes to talk big online


Trying to seem big on the Internet…… You mean that exact thing your doing by insulting them right now. Dipshit


This was humour, for cryin’ in the night. HEW. MURR. Sheesh…


I will give you a boost!!


Toinks!!! Becky is getting EXPOSED!!! For the first time Goblins got it right


Altho I want Vanessa to stay I believe evicting Shelly first is better for Goblin’s game. Good one Gobs!


Becky is a brat! I’m pretty sure even if someone had come to her and said they weren’t sure about getting Van out she would still have done it…she had a plan in her head and didn’t really care what others needed/wanted. I love seeing her old “rat” like behavior going secretly to Shelli in the middle of night, priceless. Becky will start having her own meltdown when Vanessa stays!


I mean *Altho I want Vanessa to leave*


Becky doesn’t realize that Shelli can’t promise not to go after the goblins because who would she be left with to nominate!!!! She can’t put up JMac, Steve it the Autwins because she’s kinda working with them all! Becky would be the only one she could nominate LOL


Meg is dumb.

Johnny is a doufus

Why on earth do you like Johnny? Is he funny? Umm no. If you like his DR’s of him yelling and over doing his goofy voice it amazes me.

Johnny is hoping he can just walk around and sleep and slide through this game. That has been his hope since day one. You often when he talks to people that are nervous about something in the game..he says “well just sit back and see how it plays out” he thinks doing nothing is excellent strategy. It’s not when you latch onto a self entitled boring as fuck rat of a bitch like Becky. He made a huge mistake being her buttboy and he will pay dearly for it.

Johnnys do nothing plan was fine till he got himself to be associated with Becky. And those that say it’s not his fault. He was spewing the same bullshit he got from Becky. She used his ass and again he will pay.

You can like or not like whoever you want, but if you like Johnny and Becky have fun watching ’em die.

Guy From Canada

I think what you meant to say is that you don’t like the style of game Johnny Mac is playing šŸ˜‰

From watching the BBCan Live feeds for 3 seasons now, flying under the radar is huge. If you do something stupid, it could be put on the show. If you make entertaining DR’s, it could be on the show. By not making stupid moves to be edited in, and by making entertaining DR’s, he is playing a game for not only fan favourite (yes the 90% that don’t read blogs or watch feeds) he is also using production to keep him in the game. The same could be with Vanessa and how people are pushing hard to keep her now because Production need to splice a story for the 90% that only watch the show. I see Vanessa as bat sh!t crazy, but her edit on the show is that of an under dog šŸ™


Nobody is loyal to anybody. Cannot wait til Thursday.


This is what we get when they bring in a group of idiots for a few witty players to manipulate. No dog in this race for me any longer. Having said that, it’s still quiet entertaining.


If the goblins had one working brain between them they’d realize that if Becky was working against them, she could have come after them this week.

They should have come out of this with a satellite alliance with Becky and JMac and cruised to the final 5, but instead they are going to burn all their bridges and blow up their own games.



Very, very, very true !


Exactly! They’re direct targets for everyone except Vanessa after this week, and even Van will put one of them up as a backdoor option/replacement nom after Jmac and Becky. They keep trying to convince Becky that having one person in the house against you isn’t that bad, but they fail to heed their own advice with Shelli and will now make certain enemies out of Steve Becky and Jmac. Smart move goblins!


James says “When Becky was talking all I heard her say was me, me, me.”
This past week that’s also the only thing that I’ve heard everytime that Becky has entered a room and hijacked the conversation; “Me, me, me, Abercrombie, me, me, general, me, me, blah, blah, blah.”
I preferred the invisible Becky; the Becky that me and the diary room and the producers didn’t even know was in the BB house.
Hey Becky, you aren’t that important. Winning one hog doesn’t make you the most important and fascinating person in the world.


Ohhhh brass tacks. LOL James.


I think the most frustrating aspect of this whole vote flip is that the Goblins are making a mistake in believing it better to evict Vanessa over Shelli, but the fact of the matter is that the impending DE is clouding their judgement and observation. Vanessa has proven in the past that she is not trustworthy to those three specifically with her backdooring two of their closest allies in both of her HOHs. While Shelli is obviously against them, they feel it worth it to evict her right now and screw over three potential numbers for them (Jmac/Steve/Becky) when there is historic proof that Vanessa and Austwins could care less if they backstab the ADC. I know that when you’re in the house emotions are high and relationships might not be as obvious, but why in the FUCK would you trust Vanessa if you were ADC when she has evicted two of your alliance members when she was HOH both times, with one of them being a complete blindside to the entire alliance. I can’t fathom how this grudge ADC has against Shelli has stopped them from seeing the big picture and the shit cherry on top of this mess is that it will not even blow up in ADC’s face (at least not for the DE and maybe the next week) but it’s going blow up on Steve, Jmac, and Becky, three actually rootable players who have shown strategic potential this week. The fact that Jmac is the biggest target going into this DE drives me crazy and the feeds are cringeworthy to watch as a Jmac fan, especially when everyone he said about Vanessa was spot on. That being said Vanessa is hands down playing the best game in the house and I think if Jmac goes her road moving forward will be much easier. I really hope ADC gets whats coming to them because with this vote to keep Vanessa they have solidified to me at least that they are very unaware of the current relationships in the house and even though getting Shelli out is good for them for this immediate DE, it all but guarantees their losing the game unless they miraculously win the next 6 HOHs.

Way to go ADC, you fucked it up for everybody

is it just me

if you really look at it vanessa has kept every single promisse to them that she made directly on a one on one basis she didnt put up jackie or james exactly as promissed
yes she put up their friend but she never promissed anyone she was not doing that she changed her mind about targets correct but never did she actually promisse to put up austin
she uses lawyer logic and workarounds to get the same effect as breaking her word but at the same time she did not actually brake her word on any actual promisse. She might have mislead people to assume cretain things but never outright promissed.

its a fine line and it does not make it much better but im sure they realize she kept her important promisses like not putting james or jackie on the block.


Thursday can’t come soon enough!!


Keeping Vanessa, these people just handed Vanessa the check. She is the mastermind and they don’t even know it. Lol if she stays, no one from her side will vote her out. She thinks everything through and holds the info until needed. She’s good. But this is the only time they will have the option to get her out. I don’t care for Becky, but she gave them a big target to get out, and are thinking of keeping her….stupid if they want to go to the end. Shelli would be easier to get out later as she isn’t aligned with a core group. At this point, if Vanessa stays…. I’ll be a Vanessa fan since everyone else in the house is clueless. Lol


As much as I’d like to see Vanessa go, I’d like to see the drama ensue if she stays.. Becky will be PISSED!!! I’m a little turned off by Becky’s attitude this week, she’s been very full of herself being HOH.


I really wanted Vanessa to go and was so looking forward to seeing her face when she got put on the block. Now I can’t wait to see Becky’s face when Shelli walks out the door and Van wins the next HOH.
But now I’m afraid my two guys (JohnnyMac and Steve) are in big trouble.

Meg's Twig Legs

Becky made to target on Jmac twice as big. All this is her fault, as a result of her pointless emotional move. As much as she wants to say it was a game move, it wasn’t

AKA Twistin'...

I just LOVE the drama that is Big Brother!

All in for James and the Angels. I just like them and I think this is the right decision for them. Becky is a snitch – how can you trust a snitch? You can’t. Becky wants to line herself up with Shelli because she thinks they will dominate. I don’t dislike Becky but own your shit – you’re a rat and now you want the same people you ratted out to have your back. Yea…good luck with that.




Being a poker player myself I had high hopes for Vanessa in the beginning. I thought she would be able to read people well (which to some extent she does) but I also though she would be good under pressure and good at keeping her emotions in check. (I was wrong there for sure) I think she was in a very good position and didn’t need to make so many side deals and alliances.

Personally I still like her better then Shelli and her fake tears and borderline creepy brother/son fetish she has with 1/2 gay Clay. Overall to me it has been a great season with power shifts, surprise alliances, surprise targets. Maybe production did have hand in mentioning to the goblins that Shelli is more of a direct threat to them then Vanessa. (Which is true but I find it hard to believe they thought of it themselves!)

I like that we are this far into the season and we don’t have a clear cut group/alliance/person who is a clear front runner to win. Depending on how the power falls and the 3-4 groups blend it can be anyone at this point. Since I don’t know any of them personally and they are not sharing their winnings with me I don’t really care who wins. Unlike many posters I do not have a deep hate for any particular HG. I enjoy reading some of the crazy comments and love to hear the different perspectives/views of the HG and their choices. It is very entertaining. This site has the best recaps and some of the best comments/insights into the game. So thanks to Simon and Dawg for the great site and thanks to all of the regular commenters who make me laugh and make every update entertaining. One of the most enjoyable BB seasons in quite some time IMO šŸ™‚

Let’s hope they keep us entertained for the second half of the season, keep us guessing who will stay and who will go and that in the end a true deserving pair are sitting in front of the jury. I do think the HGs overlooking the Austin/twins and allowing all three to make it to the jury a big mistake. The only one that will benefit from that if she makes it to the end will be Vanessa. If not for the twins and the twist Austin would already be home. They are more of a protection for him the he is for them.


I think Van has finally gotten enough SLEEP to be able to accurately see the players at the table. The key moment was when Austin, after his convo with James ,told the twins that he liked the Goblins, and that the 6 of them, GOBTWITS, are intellectually equal. These are 6 players who want to relax ,hang out, and have some fun. At this point ,Van can bring them together, volunteer to lead & protect them to F7, say: let’s just exterminate the Scurrilous Rats, then see what happens. And all 6 would go for it. They know they would be playing for 2nd place, but at least they would get a 2 week stress reduction. Van FTW Easy.


I agree. I was surprised by how much sense Austin was making during his convo with James on the hammock. James, in his slippery smooth way, appealed to Austin on a primal level—we must protect our women! Austin said he is now fully aware of how controlling and manipulative Vanessa is and most importantly he no longer believes James or his crew are after them. That was clearly all Vanessa’s doing, creating sides and wars so that everybody would take each other out and she would be safe on the sidelines b/c she has a deal w/ everyone.
If these two alliances can stick together they have three clear targets(Becky, John, Steve) before they need to turn on each other.

Team JMac

Congrats Gremlins. You’re letting Vanessa win the game.

I survived last seasons BB

Again, I will preference this with the fact that I cannot stand Vanessa

But Shelli deserves to go..Look at the last two days of threads..Vanessa, after stepping out of a Semi_audrey state,,started campaigning,,guns blazing

WTF has Shelli done ? nothing !! That same smug sense of entitlement She had pre-Clay eviction


God I love this game!!!


I’m still not convinced that, long-term, evicting Shelli is the right move for J/J/M because of how dangerous Vanessa can be her power of manipulation.

Best scenario for them is that Jackie wins HOH — she said she would throw it though — and put up Vanessa and Steve. That’s the only way they get out Vanessa and Shelli during DE (votes to evict: James, Meg, Becky, JohnnyMac). Vanessa against anyone else — she stays, and you can’t risk putting A/L/J up for fear of reprisal.


It’s a terrible move because it destroys any trust going forward with Becky and Johnny.

So who are they going to work with? They’re putting themselves right back where they started two weeks ago when Jason was sent home.


Ohhh, but Becky, If you didn’t put up Vanessa, Shelli wouldn’t be going home! Ha


Ohh Goblins


JJM need to stay the course with Beckys’ plan. If James votes out Shelli and goes against Becky then he only achieves substituting one adversary, Shelli, for a new adversary, Becky.

James really needs to stick to the plan.


Congratulations James. You’re stupid. You are selfish and a moron. You are only pissed off because production reminded you that you gave up $5000 to try to get Sheli out and they went against you. Now Becky has $5000 and she us HOH and you want your HOH back. I hope your happy when you are sitting in jury right after Becky and Vanessa wins the $500,000.


The Goblins said they were going to tell Becky tonight, but I sure wish they would wait until Thursday or better yet not tell her at all so we could all see her reaction during live eviction.


I hate that they keep ruining the tv show by telling their secret plan before the Veto meetings and evictions.
Since production likes to interfere so much, can’t they tell these hg’s to stfu??
I want to see a split screen on Thurs night ; Shelli’s smug face on one side and The General with her Fire Marshall Bill grin on the other. Julie Chen announces “With a vote of 7/1…” smug, grin, smug, grin. “Shelli…” both nodding and smugly grinning.
“You have been evicted from the Big Brother house. I’m sorry, please say your good-byes, gather your belongings and gtfo. Quickly, please. ”
Both grins quickly melt away. Tears from Shelli as she scampers towards the door, smugly convinced that the audience will roar with applause, the loudest applause ever to be heard from the audience. While nervous panick sets in on The General followed a breakdown as she realizes that it’s DE and she cannot play for HOH. Then she is hit with flooding memories of all of the unnecessary rudeness that she lashed out at Vanessa during her glorious reign as HOH and how her arrogance and bitchiness may have completely fucked her. She nervously looks over to Vanessa, who has been staring at her this entire time. Vanessa starts to grin slyly while nodding her head, eyes still laser focused on Becky.
Julie tells the hg’s to hurry to the backyard where the before/after comp is set up. Becky is running alongside Vanessa trying to apologize and beg for deals. Vanessa glances at the former General and flatly says “I’m DONE with deals. No more deals.”
The defeated general desperately looks to her army to come to her aid, while they stare at the ground to avoid any eye contact with her.
No more army. No more General. Back to basic, boring Becky where a lifetime of plastic name tags awaits her.


Are you my separatedatbirth Twin? Uncanny how you read my twisted mind.


Great and twisted minds think alike šŸ˜‰
I’m forced to just keep running my fantasy on loop in my head because those stupid fucking goblins are upstairs spilling their guts to the general and ruining all my fun. And they’re ruining good tv.
I wish that the dr would explain to these idiots what a blindside is and how much we love watching them.


James needs to realize the house did not vote against him last week. His target was Shelli, but Clay threw in the towel and asked to be voted out. The house voted for clay because he didn’t want to stay. I don’t care for Becky, but saying they didn’t take out Shelli last week went against him is not true. I want both Shelli and Vanessa gone, but James is not seeing the full picture. Plus JJM is clueless to think Austin is not close to Vanessa. Because of that, JJM game is over by keeping Vanessa.

Min O'Pause

Just a thought….what if Jmac’s real voice sounds like James Earl Jones?!

kathie from canada

I’ve wondered all season if his speaking voice is for real. Can you imagine being one of his patients and having to listen to that? lol

Mr. Floppy

I think it sounds more like bobcat goldthwait as Mr. Floppy