Shelli “Let them think we’re voting to keep Jason. That way Jackie votes out Becky.”

POV Holder: Clay Next POV July 25th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 27th
HOH Winner Team 1: Jackie HOH Winner Team 2: Vanessa
Nominations 1 : James & Liz Nominations 2: Clay & Becky
Battle of the Block Winner James and Liz Next HOH/ Next BOB July 30th / July 24th
Original Nominations: Clay and Becky
Current Nominations: Jason & Becky
Have Nots Shelli, Clay and Steve

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-29 11-06-04-001

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10am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. The house guests slowly wake up and get ready for the day.

10:45am Shelli heads up to the HOH room. Vanessa asks do you think its weird how Austin and Liz are being? Liz is completely flirting with him again. Did they sleep in the same bed. Shelli says she’s all over him. She’s in love with him. Vanessa asks wait seriously!? Shelli says well no I’m just making that assessment. Vanessa says when she thought he was going home she slept up here and the second he wasn’t going home any more she is sleeping down there again. Last night they were sitting in the hammock and her legs were draped over him. I thought she said she didn’t like him. I’m so confused. Shelli says she decided she did, I guess. I don’t know. Vanessa says she was making fun of him. Isn’t that weird. Shelli says I don’t think she would like him in the outside world.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-29 11-08-38-485

Vanessa tells Shelli that she doesn’t think they need to sweat Jackie any more. Becky came at me with what I think is a pretty good idea. I told Becky about the plan of letting Jackie think she knows what the plan is. Becky suggested that you me and Clay call up Becky and Jackie at the same time and talk about who our targets would be this week. It protects Becky and gets Jackie feeling like she is on our side. Do we do it before she wins HOH or after. Shelli says she will run down there and tell them. It is painfully obvious that she will run down there and tell them. Meg came up to me last night and basically gave me a plea to save Jason. She said don’t you think Becky is a much bigger threat than Jason. How do you know where she stands. Jason is loyal. If he gives you his word he will fight with you. She was basically saying that deals could be made. She said she is close with you, me Clay and Jason. I was confused why she said your name. Vanessa says I’m confused too. Shelli says that you and her bonded when you slept down there last week. She said that you’re very smart and someone that would be good to play the game with. Vanessa says here’s the thing we can’t undo what we’ve already done. We came into this with Becky on our side. No matter what deal we make there will always be doubt in Jason’s mind. It will be just a matter of time before Jason turns on us and he will have the reasoning to do so (Getting DaVonne out). Leaving him in the game, he can win and think unilaterally. Meg, Jason, Jackie is a strong threesome. Taking out Jason will weaken them. We’re positioning ourselves perfectly with this. I think a deal could be made with Jason. I am not worried about Austin, Liz, or Becky. It doesn’t mean we will get to the final 3 .. but the odds are in our favour. If we keep Jason .. we are picking up a Meg, Jackie. And then we have no targets left in the house. Shelli says and if we keep Jason we loose Johnny. Right now Johnny’s targets are that side of the house and if we get rid of Becky we open ourselves up to be fluffy targets. I wish Jason wasn’t as good at this game. We’re stupid if we keep him. We can pick Steve’s brain and he isn’t as good socially. We have no history with working with Jason. I think Becky does want to work with us. She has said that Jackie needs to go. Shelli says this is the perfect opportunity to let them think we are voting to keep Jason. That way Jackie votes out Becky. So that when the vote come in Becky will realize that Jackie voted for her. Vanessa says oh my god that’s perfect! Becky will then further separate herself from Jackie. Vanessa says that is so smart. Let me test that idea. I like it however if it leaks that you’re going to vote for them.. then people might swing that way because people vote with the house. Shelli says we could tell Steve and Austin. But not tell Johnny. Vanessa says that Jackie is only voting to keep Jason because of the numbers. Clay joins them. He says that Becky is flying under the radar right now and I wouldn’t mind if she won because she would target Austin and the twins. Austin is paranoid of you and will come tell you any information because he’s scared you will axe his a$$.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-29 11-13-18-521

11:15am – 11:35am Vanessa says that it is so hard to talk game with Jackie. Vanessa explains that Jason would never fully trust us and would turn on us. The cracks are already in the foundation. Shelli says that the strongest duo in the house is Johnny and Becky. She isn’t connected with anyone other than Johnny. She is flying under the radar. Johnny is the single biggest threat in the house. He’s been winning BOB’s, POV’s and hasn’t been winning HOH’s so he hasnt’ had to get any blood on his hands. He is extremely smart and really smart socially. SHelli thinks that Johnny and Steve have some type of language. Its like you and I have a look that we just know we need to talk. Vanessa says now that you mention it, I realize there is something there. Clay says I think the order to go should be: Jackie, Becky, Johnny. Vanessa questions if Johnny should go before Becky. Shelli says Becky without Johnny doesn’t do anything. Vanessa says If you get rid of Johnny it isolates Steve and Becky. Shelli asks how do you feel about Meg? Vanessa says she is someone I would bond with outside the house. But haven’t inside the house. She is very emotional. I am shocked that she said she feels close to me because am getting out her closest friend. Its dangerous to take someone that can’t win to then end because they statistically can take your or my spot. People are more likely to take her over us because she wont win. Shelli tells Vanessa that Meg will come talk to her today. Vanessa says that Meg is highly emotional. Clay says she is looking at the big picture and that she knows that her side is being picked off one by one. She is looking to find other people. I would definitely want Becky and Jackie out before her. Vanessa says that’s whats wrong with Jackie .. if she just sat back she would coast through. Vanessa says if she (Meg) comes up I will make her realize that she’s not the target. They wonder if they tell Meg their voting for Jason to stay and then don’t it will piss of Meg and piss off Jackie even more. Vanessa says there is a way to do it with the same benefit. We tell her if we decide to do this are you with us. Get that information and then use it against her later. Shelli explains that Meg is not a snake she’s a bunny rabbit and no one wants to take out the bunny rabbit.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-29 11-32-24-019

12pm – 12:20pm HOH room – Clay says Meg is a smart player and realizes she has no one. Vanessa says I almost want to say to Meg that I see your strategy is to find a strong player and ride with them. Vanessa says anything we say to Meg she will take right back to Jason. I will just make her feel comfortable. Clay says tell her we have the numbers, we have the strength. She is looking for people who she can trust. People that have the numbers. Clay says that Johnny doesn’t tell Becky that he’s targeting Jackie. Vanessa says he is the person that I just can’t read at all. I don’t know if he is acting or if he’s a mastermind. Shelli says you know how people use the term he is a Dan. If we keep him in too long people will use the term he is a John. Shelli says that Steve is the same but puts his name in peoples head whereas John does not. Clay says he is here for the money. He said he has 750,000 in loans to pay off. Vanessa says there is no way dentistry school costs that much. The most would be 450,000. Shelli says he has the lake house too. Clay says he has owes more than the prize money. Clay says we should put it in Austin’s head that we would throw it to him if it was a double eviction so that he trust us even more. Just so he wouldn’t put us up. Vanessa says he would never put us up. They end their conversation and head down stairs.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-29 12-14-50-375

12:25pm – 12:35pm In the kitchen – Shelli, Johnny, Austin, Johnny Mac and Clay talk about how the Liz hasn’t switched with Julia. Liz says she thought it would have happened by now but now they think it won’t till the live show when she comes in. She says they called her in and told her its not happening today. Liz talks about how when Julia comes in she wants to be wearing the same outfit. Clay says I can see Austin put a line of cocaine on a female and sort it. Shelli says wow!? Liz say I can absolutely see that. Austin says I would let her do that to me. Liz says if I’m not HOH next week I am making Julia be a havenot with me. Liz says she did it for 3 days and I did it for 4 days. I’ve never done it for a full week.

12:40pm – 1pm HOH room – Liz, Austin and Vanessa are talking. Liz says that Jackie and Meg are besties now. Jackie doesn’t even talk to Becky any more. Jackie is definitely someone we can work with because she is dead in the water. Austin says that Jason hasn’t asks Steve for a vote and Steve said there is no way he is getting it. Liz says I know he hasn’t asked me either. Vanessa says they are going to try and get you to turn against Clelli. Liz says that Meg came up to us and said she’s a game player. What game?! She hasn’t done anything. Vanessa says that she told Jason she appreciates that he didn’t blow up at her. He said from a game stance he understands why she did what she did. Vanessa says that they were going to target you if they had won and it just so happened that you lied to me at the exact wrong moment. Austin asks why would Jackie attach herself to the sinking ship. Of maybe we just unearthed a really tight bond they had. Austin says that he is worried about Jackie and James winning an endurance competition. Liz asks has Jackie said she wants to work with you? Vanessa says she doesn’t talk game to me. She keeps her stuff up here and tries to ask questions to feel me out. Liz says I love the way you described her being vindictive, that’s exactly how she is. Liz tells Austin if he wants motivation? If you win HOH I’ll give you a kiss. A good kiss too! Austin says more than 3 seconds, maybe around 10! Liz says that Jason only has 3 votes .. James, Jackie and Meg. Austin says and some of them might jump ship too.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-29 12-45-34-971

1:20pm Clay is playing Johnny in a game of chess while Becky and Shelli watch in silence. Meanwhile in the HOH room – Austin talks to Vanessa / Liz about how he bailed on being on big brother last season and how he didn’t go into the two week sequester this season but was called after. He said he knew when he got the call he would take a lot of heat from the producers about bailing last year. Austin starts talking about what he did in the last year and about wrestling. Vanessa leaves to watch the chess game. Austin and Liz talk about how Day wasted the biggest power of the season. Austin says I knew getting Audrey out last week was a bad idea because it made me the next target. Liz says and James I really hope you try to pull a prank on me … that sh*t does not fly with me buddy!

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-29 13-17-29-554

1:40pm – 2:15 pm Austin says that he hates Jason in the game but would love to be friends with him outside the house. Liz says that she will never talk to Jackie again. Austin says I don’t think I would talk to jeff ever again. Austin and Liz leave to watch the chess game. After a long game Clay beats Johnny Mac. Clay then plays against Vanessa. Vanessa then beats Clay in only a few moves with a “booby trap”. Shelli says okay rewind and play as if he didn’t fall for the booby trap. Vanessa says she’s never had someone not fall for the booby trap. Johnny says she did that to me yesterday. They rewind and play again .. Vanessa beats him again 5 minutes later.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-29 14-03-35-038

2:35pm – 2:55pm Johnny Mac and Austin start working out in the living room. Clay joins them to work out. Meg finally wakes up and says good morning everyone! Meg eats and then heads back to bed. James and Jason are still sleeping…

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BB17 fan

I am so sick of Clay & Shelli. Almost every picture I see of them, they are lying in bed or on a hammock. Shelli’s head is on Clay’s chest. Do they do anything else but lay around? They were even in the bathroom area lying down on cushioned benches (with her head on his chest of course). Ewww


They are locked in a very small environment with nothing to do! I’m not sure why that bothers you so much. And no one would have a problem with the age thing if he were older. I hate that doubled standard.

BB17 fan

Nothing to do?? They could do some housework, that place is dirty. After chores, there is a pool out back. They can swim and get other exercise in the back yard. There is also a pool table for entertainment.

Who said anything about their age? Their age has nothing to do with them lying around all the time in that same position. Both of them think they have it made in the house and that they are in alliances with everyone. If they only knew that Meg, Jackie and James along with others have figured them out and will target them when they get the chance. I love Big Brother..!!


The REAL double standard is that if Clay was older and Horse Teeth was younger everyone would be calling Clay creepy & gross. Face the truth…Shelli is GROSS!!! Look at her in the pic watching Clay and JM play chess….That’s how she looks all the time in real life. No wonder she’s single at 33 because a REAL GROWN MAN won’t put up with her antics & BS. She’s gross and will probably be coming to a high school near you in the Summer of 2016 looking for a “new man”. Shelli is gross!


Horse teeth!!!! LOLOLOL I said the same thing!


It’s pretty obvious Shelli reminds Clay of his Mommy.


they are not as bad as Mcranda, thank goodness.


You’re right there. Shelli won’t even let him kiss her. She’s saving him for her brother.


Oh brother….get over yourself. Who cares if she is older, this isn’t 1952. and it’s not like she’s some grandma or something. She’s a pretty young woman and he’s over 21. You act like he’s a teenager lol


I could care less about the age thing or how they hang all over each other. I just hate this sense of entitlement they both have that they can and will throw anyone under the bus or up on the block, yet nobody is allowed to put them up, even as pawns. When will these people wake up and realize the only person who has not been on the block is Shelli. Shelli is very confrontational in conversations, especially considering she has personally sent two people home with a backdoor move. The arrogance of Shlay is why people outside the house don’t like them, and I hope it is their downfall inside the house. They can’t stay in an alliance for more than 72 hours, and the people who have been loyal to them, Austin/Liz/JMac/Steve are all just their expendable meat shields. I hope one of them overhears Shlay when they talk about the twins going first, or Austin going next week, or Steve is expendable, or poor JMac being a mastermind that needs to go before Becky, because they are a “power couple”. Unbelievable bullshit spewing from their mouths constantly.


True, it does get boring when one side of the house has power week after week. But I don’t blame Clay for getting with the right people from the get go. Or Shelli for winning comps, or Vanessa for winning comps. The issue is the other side of the house. They DONT WIN. You HAVE TO WIN IN ORDER TO GET POWER. And it’s no ones fault but theirs for not playing! So I don’t blame Shelli, Clay or Van. I blame Meg, James, Jason, Becky, and Jackie. Jackie won one, but she was too stupid about it. It’s their own fault for not seeing the alliance right in front of their face!!

Frankie's a fart face

He might not be a teenager but he’s not much past! That aside, have you heard and seen how she talks to and treats him at times? That’s where most of the mom/son tag lines come in. People just poking good ole fashioned fun. Everyone needs to quit getting so defensive over other people’s comments. Let people say what they want! That’s the fun of reading the feeds we get to comment after! Btw, thanks Simon and Dawg! You guys are great!!! 🙂


Actually ‘age’ would have been ‘less’ of an issue in 1952…. my two cents. 😉


With regards to a older man/younger woman, yes. But the other way around acceptable in 1952? I highly doubt that.


Does Shelli her little plan will work? Jackie is already going to vote out Becky so it won’t matter. And Jackie can later say she’s simply giving Jason a sympathy vote. Becky is not on their side anyway. Becky is saying and doing what she has to to save herself this week. I really hope Meg and Jackie win hog and one of them put up Austin and Shellie and the other put up clay and Vanessa and let the battle begin. No one will be a pawn and no one will throw it. Regardless of who wins the battle of the block and if the third one wins POV put up one of the twins and watch that alliance fall and quickly make new deals with the other side.


Wouldn’t you like to see Meg & James win HOH and
Put up Clay & Shelli vs. Austin & Liz that would throw
A wrench in there alliance.
That would be a dream match up.

BB Drafter

Austin & Shelli vs Liz & Clay would be better. With Vanessa or Julia as the backdoor option.


Switch that up with Clay and Liz vs Shelli and Austin. That way Austin will try to throw it to save Liz and Shelli will punch him out. Either way if one comes down Van goes up.

It would be a dream come true.


if that happens, my money would be on Austin & Liz. Clelli don’t even know the game, & Clay has not been winning much of anything until the recent POV. It would result in Austin & liz being unavailable for nominating, and all it takes after that is one winning POV and one comes down.

Have to say, of all of those 5 (austin, liz, julia, shelli & clay) clay is the most expendable since he is a recruit, not a fan, & doesn’t seem to be throwing HOHs but sure is losing the comps.


I just dread the thought of having to look at Liz/Julie together. Wish last nites flip the house plan would have worked.


Can you imagine having to hear both of them say I knowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww


It’s very clear that only one person in the house, Vanessa, is really thinking. She has Shelli and Clay on the verge of agreeing to get rid of their one reliable pawn, Johnny Mac. It’s ridiculous how much blind faith they have in her intentions.


agreed. as “strong” as this alliance is, most of them are only playing to get to final 6 and not even thinking about the fact that you probably dont want to have to fight the strongest players when/if you get there.


It freaking annoys me that no ones target is Vanessa or shelli? Like fucking really? HOH- Shelli, vanessa, shelli, vanessa….
The absolutely only person I think would go after these two directly and loudly is Jason. Jackie just has a great poker face and a resting bitch face.
I also have this small hope Johny Mac is some sort of mastermind, and will attack first. And Julia will replace Jason’s spot in the fight, but I really think I am daydreaming.

Roger Goodell is the Devil

The only suspense left now is Who will Vanessa and Shelli carry to F3 with them? The last 2 winners brought stooges, Spencer and Victoria, who would not have gotten any votes. That could be James or Meg. They can’t let Clay tag along, because he would get the dumb girl vote. Steve or John could win the final HOH. Maybe Austin? I’m going with F3 Vanessa Shelli Meg.


I think Shelli and Vanessa would take Austin or even one of the twins over Meg for fear that she would “take someone’s spot” like Vanessa said. They could easily beat any of those four though so it will be interesting to see.

The Truth behind Deflate Gate

Ah, now I get it. Audrey was Tom Brady shouting where is the empirical evidence where is the empirical evidence?

Goodell is Doomed

No, you don’t get it. Mr. Kraft is Vanessa.

Tom Brady's soft balls

I got it I got it, nope I lost it.

Vanessa would be Roger Goodell imparting discipline, “you’re a liar and i’m going to suspend you from the game.”


They’ve been talking about where is Julia’s picture going to go since they’ll be 17 pics then…what if Donnie Mac comes in to make an 18th HG? That would shake things up.

Canadian Kevin

I hate them.


Well then you need to get a life. It’s just a game and a TV show. Not that deep Kevin.

Canadian Kevin

I would point out that it’s within context of the game – since that’s what we’re discussing, but i am sure you’ll still misunderstand. Willfully.

The only hope the other side has, is overhearing Clay/shelli/vanessa talking about how they’re being strung along, or for Shelli and Clay to actually start to panic.

The three have a good plan; but i hope Meg is planting seeds that will come to fruition.

But as Shelli said – the risk of voting out becky is losing Johnnymac.

I wonder if he’s actually with them, or just playing to survive until he wins. I guess we’ll only find out once he wins, where his head is actually at.


You can hate on Shelli, Vanessa, and Clay all you want…but they are making another great move. Not just getting out Jason but the way they are doing it is pretty much forcing Becky/Johnny to target Jackie and the outsiders.

The Truth

Not necessarily. What if there is another hinky vote this week? Say Julia or Steve?

If I’m Jackie, I say, “hey, I was loyal to you, Becky. Look at Shelli and Clay over there, who were close in the house with Jason.”

That would be awesome.


Some of this could backfire. Meg, James and Jackie will be even more alienated from Shelli and Clay once they realize they were lied to again, this time about voting out Becky. Vanessa isn’t directly involved, so the main heat is off of her. Being that Shelli was already paranoid about looking like the bad guy, this latest plan is totally foolhardy on her part. Even though she will have the numbers, there is still a reasonable chance that the other side will be in power at some point and take out one of her alliance members. She’s making herself more and more of a prime target.

Canadian Kevin

I agree on how it can backfire – especially if there is a double. That will be fresh in their minds.

The only issue is – THEY HAVE TO WIN SOMETHING in order to do anything about it.

I hope they do.


Before the BOB, it was inevitable that the other side would end up in power. Now with all the strong players on the Shelli/Clay side, it’s going to be much tougher. They would need a really good saboteur to throw the BOB, although the plus now is that it’s no longer critical to look like they are actually trying to win the BOB.

Mrs. Doubtfire

It’ll really be good if they do the whole let them believe we are voting with them and then Steve and Julia vote to keep Jason and Shlay get thrown under the bus for it.


It’s official my JASON has no hope :'(
If only f**king Clay and Becky had won the BOB. They can’t even do that right. I’m seriously annoyed that the mom and son duo (Clay and Shelli)is not taking the bait and faking it. Seriously, I can’t watch Vanessa anymore or I will break my screen. At least my JASON tried his best, it is way better than what Audrey did. BB please do something, I cant take it anymore. I know if Jason all hell will break loose in the house.


I wish people would get over the mom send comments about Shelly and Clay. It’s not that I like them, but I’m not sure about the obsession. Jeff is 10 years older than Jordan and when they were in the house no one was/is calling it father-daughter. Wth?


Ummm…that’s different..


Why is it different??


And how is this possibly any different?


For me its not the age difference. Its the fact that Shelli keeps saying how much Clay looks and acts like Shelli’s twin brother. She tells him this even when he’s laying on top of her. I find that VERY disturbing!


I don’t get why everyone hates Shelli and Clay so much… U cant say its because of age 10 years seems like a lot but its not that bad. And then they both are looking out for each others game.. I dont get all this hate


I don’t get it either! Also they’re nice to everyone, don’t make fun behind people’s backs etc., I’m also really sick of the age difference comments. They’re 10 yrs apart and Austin is 7 yrs older than Liz… But no one ever mentions that! Just because she is older, it’s such a double standard. People really need to find something else to hate on because that’s just getting tired and old!


I never thought about/realized that they ARE pretty nice as in not talking about folks behind their backs or laughing at others, etc. They do look like those plastic perfect, mean kids in high school but they never have anything mean/degrading/humiliating to say to others.
I could care less about the showmance, age difference, etc. I don’t like them because they are playing good games, they are winning and they are NOT aligned with the side of the house I like. Sue me.


Hate is a strong word that is just used here for emphasis … it’s not like a crime … but seriously I can’t stand Shay because they are soooooooooooooo arrogant and arrogance annoys the heck out of me. Coupled with Vanessa, they are total bullies who act like they come from somewhere.


Maybe it’s because they are always in control and it’s annoying, same goes with anyone who’s in the same spot as them and you always want to see the top players go down.


Although Meg finally took a swing at saving Jason, & made an effort to play BB(hello Meg, thanks for joining us, welcome to BB) the other side is too smart to fall for keeping Jason. I know people find him bitchy, annoying,obnoxious,it’s cool-I get it but find him humorous. Regardless, would love him to stay in the game but understand how foolish it would be because he is the brains for his crew on their side of things were people are slowly starting to catch on- maybe…

Jason is definitely going unless a production miracle/crazy game twist falls out of the sky. I seriously don’t want to watch JMac,Steve,Van play chess,Bushface & Skanktwin feel on each other, Steve continue to play minion to Van,Shelli fake laugh & look at herself in mirrors & control Clay on a leash, Becky try to fit in with the “cool kids” lol, all summer.

Not Looking forward to a huge yawn the remainder of the summer.Yes, eventually once Sleeper Cell picks off the others, they will go in on each other & that will provide me some entertainment to watch. I want to see real tears/fear in Shelli’s eyes. Welcome to the block Shelli, have a seat. Yes, that would make me happy!

Beast Mode Cowpie

I like Meg but yeah, it took her WAY too long to figure out she’d better start playing the game. With Jason gone, the only one left in that group that can win an HOH is James, and I just don’t think they have the numbers to do any damage even if he does. In the old days, you could throw Shelli and Clay (or Vanessa) on the block and guarantee that one of them would go home. One HOH could make an impact. But now with BOB, it’s too risky to put up 2 strong competitors and give them 2 chances to save themselves and be dethroned yourself. That is why you see so many “wimpy” HOH’s now, where they go for an easy target and try to minimize the blood.

I survived last seasons BB

I figured Jackie’s plan had no hope..Anything that involves Clay and Shelli is doomed..He just runs up to the HOH room like a little mindless troll and tells Vanessa everything

If the other side does not win HOH or dual HOH if its yet another STUPID BOTB week, then this season is going to be boring for several weeks..Until the Clay/Shelli vs Austin/Liz/Julia break out takes place..Let’s hope the power shifts Tomorrow night !!

Lemon balls

Jason’s only chance is he does the talking himself. And he has to try to get Julia . not sure if she will come in for Jason’s campaigning


I didn’t expect Vanessa to benefit so much from aligning with Shelli and Clay. Vanessa gets very paranoid and makes very risky decisions, but is still in a good spot since Clay and Shelli are making foolish moves. Their lies are pretty transparent, which leads people to believe they’re the head of the snake, when they’re only the body.


Shelli, Clay, and Vanessa need to take a chill pill. Just this week they have already gone after an alliance member, made another alliance with the other half of the house, tried to throw BoB and backdoor Austin, flipped, blindsided Jason and their “new” alliance, and then did a somewhat decent job of covering up (especially Vanessa). The week is over. You guys won. Now you want to set up a ruse where you end up blindsiding/pissing off the same people for the second time in a week? What’s the point? Just relax for a couple of days. Jackie, James, and Meg will never trust a thing they say ever again. This actually opens the door for Austin and the twins. Jackie and company would have never worked with Austin and the twins. They all would have literally taken each other out. Now its a possibility they join up at some point. The minute Clay, Shelli, and Vanessa turn on the Aust-twins, whoever is left will join up with Jackie/James/Meg and flip the house.

Beast Mode Cowpie

I don’t think that chill pill thing is going to happen. Those 3 are playing the game HARD and never seem to let up. It’s annoying to watch Vanessa constantly going over and over the same strategy and playing “what if” a million times a day. But that is why they are dominating the game at this point and if someone from the other side doesn’t win an HOH soon and break them up those 3 will simply run the table. Not really what I want to see happen, although seeing those 3 scratch and claw each other in the final 3 would be interesting.


I think her talking a lot actually gives people “comfort” because they think they know what she thinks. But choosing to ramble and packages the “output” differently. She slips up though.

I think her preferred people to take to finals are Austin (say she was loyal/carried him and people dislike him, don’t think he needs money) and Jackie (trying to keep Jackie and make James/Meg/Becky hate her for turning on them guarantee a few extra jury votes). Not sure how she will get rid of Clay or Shelli. Probably wait till Austin/Liz/Julia/Jackie take them out.

I am not sure what Clelli think about jury management. I actually am surprised they want to keep Vanessa around…

Meg is going to be a bone of contention between Clay and Vanessa in future weeks unless Shelli (if they haven’t gotten rid of her) steps in and makes a judgement call.

The rest I guarantee have not thought about jury management, as they are looking out at most two weeks later.


I have recently started voting for dawg in the poll above . There is no one in the house that i like and is playing the game.I don’t hate anyone although austin really creeps me out. There just is no one I can cheer for.


i feel exactly the same. let´s see if Jackie pull something, at least.


Its over for my JASON :'(
These guys are too good. It will take a miracle for him to stay. I accepted the damn truth. Hope Meg and Jackie can bring it after this.


Could this season possibly have a more worthless and weak group of males? Maybe Grodner & casting were really desparately wanting to get a female winner this summer.


Ugh….i really hate that this comment insinuates that the only way a female can win is in a house of weak males! The girls rock this season! Strong and intelligent!!


does the BoB twist being so weak, and so poorly funded….as well as very little “you are not allowed to talk about production” warnings make anyone wonder about the future of Big Brother?

Butters Mom

I agree. It almost seems like they had to make a budget cut and the button pusher for ” talking about production” and” you are not allowed to sing” got canned.


Really turning into a crummy season. I thought last year was bad. This one sucks. Wish Jason was staying and the other side “without morals” starts to win. Think I may need to ditch this show and watch something else. 🙁


Um, last year is still worse than this season. -_-

At least there’s drama this year and there have been big moves made this year with backdooring Jace, Jeff, and Audrey. What the fuck did BB16 have? Seeing Liz fighting with the trash can was more entertaining than anything we saw last year.


Any links to a live stream of the show tonight? 🙂


holy f..k did anyone see the talk today with Frankie F$!KING Grande as their guest ! Really CBS ! Quit shoving that attention whore down are throat ! Curious Dawg what your view is on this peacock is , he mentioned something about wanting to be on BB allstars. I wrote CBS and told them if he’s on I’m gonna start a petition to get people to not watch !

Chill this Town

didn’t help that in a really bad season, he turned his back on and took out Zach Rance.

then was really mean about it behind his back. not a fan of that guy at all.

Backseat Driver

Love you Dawg…..??

I Love J U D D!

A pink stripe skunk can’t change his colors. Remember on the first audience showing Frankie was on the front row (moving around to catch your eye when the camera was on-same as always) and even Jace shouted his name lots of times (wtf Jace?!) when he was eliminated.
Frankie was vile in his nastiness toward people – esp the DR, and his little nasty looks are echoed in Shelli’s face—self-entitle Poohbah!
I will sign your petition – – – BB do NOT put him on for ratings! Ugh, can you see Frankie and Amanda in the house together in all-stars?
I kinda hope they don’t do a WHOLE all-stars again!—they all had their chance


thanks ! Apparently he has some kinda dance show starting tonight , not sure of time or station as I was busy puking after seeing and hearing him on tv again !


So now I’m really confused by Liz and Austin… Wth is going on there? Lol

I am noticing that now that Austin is safe he is really taking on a bully mentality in regards to Jason , who quite frankly didn’t really do anything to get him on Vanessa’s radar. He did it himself by lying to his alliance.
And I swear if I have to hear him compare himself to a mid evil knight with Liz as his queen he must rescue from a tower… I may projectile vomit on my laptop


That’s because Austin is a bitch.


I still love Steve but I sure hope he starts playing soon instead of ratting. I’m not liking any of the others. Strong side too arrogant. Weak side too lazy. I really thought this season had potential but I find myself completely unable to watch this slaughter.


They won’t allow Steve to be anything but their bitc…snitch. Then they will send him packing.

What a tart!

Wow Vanessa! Just now picking up on the Austin/Liz thing. They just told you what you wanted to hear and now that Black Beard is safe they can pick up where they left off! He’ll definitely get some hot lovin in the jury house from Lizard! Unless he manages to get you out first, make it to the end with her by his side and win, then he’ll be gettin some hot lovin on a cruise ship with her!!!!


My dad was 22 and mom 29 when they married. She passed away at age 90 after being happily married for 61 years. No one saw the age difference.

Mr. Tickles

Most of the people who are calling it the mom/son thing are doing so out of fun because of the way she treats him and talks to him. In most cases, yeah an age difference like that is no problem but for Shelli it very well may be. Plus she has a very controlling personality. So a lot of people on here getting defensive about those comments shouldn’t take them so seriously. It’s all in good fun!


Btw, there’s a 9 year difference between me and my better half, no lie!!!! As God is my witness! 🙂


My best friend is 64 and her c/l husband is 49. They have been together more than 20 years, both are financially well off and as a couple they have numerous real estate holdings, good income and are very, very happy.

House of Morons!

Yeah cause Becky is psychic, she’ll just automatically know it was Jackie! Wow Vanessa and Shelli you two have it all figured out!!!


Encouraging a weird vote is always a bad strategy unless they think Becky is capable. But I guess they will “smoke it out” (spell it out) for her to further prove how awesome they are.


this BOB shit can go to hell for ruining this season!

take Frankie along too. His 15 minutes aren’t up yet?


Jackie has to win next HOH. only one with balls that can take a swing.


I’m so sick of people crying and calling this a crummy season just because the players they like keep getting voted out. In my opinion, this is the best season of big brother that has ever been produced, because the strongest players in the house are going to be in the house to battle it out for the money. Sorry, I don’t want to watch a season full of weak players, even if they are entertaining. I want to see the strongest players fight to win = The Vanessa vs Shelli battle will be awesome to watch. I want this season to be like a modern version of the 90’s show “American Gladiators.” The strongest survive to the end and battle for the win in exhausting endurance comps that you have you on the edge of your seat wondering what will happen. So far the comps are what is making me yawn this year. Get rid of BOB, and make all the HOH and VETO comps extremely difficult and exhausting. Give the HOH food, and make everyone else eat slop. If someone throws a comp, production needs to punish them by making them sit on the block in a chicken suit.. Make this game hard to win, so only the strongest survive to the end. Like natural selection.

um no

This season isn’t bad but lets be real it is nowhere near the best season they’ve ever had.

Honeys Undercutt

Liz wants to be a have not with Julia to get away from Austin- Liz will be ashamed of herself once JuJu see’s how her THOT sissy plays around with that meathead! This way Austin can’t continue to molest her if she’s in a dentist chair thus cushioning the blow to his ego and distracting him from the fact she is just using him!


Do you really think Austin will let her be a have not without him? Lol if it’s volunteer…he’s doing it…hundo!


Lol. Watching Vanessa not be able to just sit still and watch chess in non-interfering silence is hilarious


Calling all dumb aZZes…..
A bit of pure genius likely from production to feed us on Wednesday. I’ll do this, you do that, she’ll vote this way, it’s perfect. You own the week why complicate it with nasty. Becky nor Jackie are getting a sniff at the money. They likely don’t both make jury. Simple week roll the vote Jason out Julia in.
Your dealing with some of the stupidest BB HG’s ever to play. Why hit them over the head again? They don’t get what Audrey told them! Slay and Van are working TOGETHER! Clay/Shelli are not your friends nor your allies. Their sides been gutted and king sack of rocks James thinks Slay are best friends OMFG.
I think 6th sense are golden at this point. It’s BB 16 but production has it spiced up so we don’t say F this BS. We all know Thursday what’s going to happen. If the other side were to get 2 HOH they’ll target Steve any way. No hope for the season til they turn on each other. That’s once BOB is done and Jury has started. Lord the way it’s going could be September OMW. Likely late August I figure.
Solo HOH’s to watch……
Austin- Think he might go after Clay/Shelli.
Vanessa- Likely backdoor Shelli if she can count the votes.

I think Shelli has played the best game so far but keeps getting rid of people closer to Slay the Nessa. I give her the edge over Nessa on social games. I think Van has their trust and likely goes after Shelli before Shelli goes after her.

Shelli/Clay- won’t target Vanessa but if a backdoor becomes available maybe take a shot. I put that around 10%. I think they actually think Van will honour an F3 deal, they are dreaming. At this point she needs to get rid of Shelli and the 500K is her’s if she sits F2 and she knows it.
Liz/Julia- potential for real fun here. What if everything up to now is a rouse and they are BB gamers and not muppets? Oh the fun if they flip the house on 6th sense it would be a ragger! To bad their muppets.
No one else matters as an HOH only extends their stay a week. They’ll still target the wrong side.


You can’t blame anybody for not believing Audrey. She’s the Little Boy Who Cried Wolf. She told so many lies that when it came time to tell the truth nobody took anything she said seriously.


I really liked Shelli’s game up until last week. Her and Clay were in with everyone, until she squashed the Austin backdoor plan, exposing her. The other side now has them as a target, this wouldn’t have happened if she let Austin go. If they continue to win they may have a chance. I think the dynamics in the house will change with the other twin coming in. They will be seen as a group of 3. It is becoming way too obvious that the twin in playing Austin to further her game with the other players. It’s going to be difficult to sell you don’t like Austin but are crawling all over him. This would have been an awesome rewind week!!!


Wouldn’t it be fun if they switched the twins during the live vote and didn’t let them talk first? Julia just might vote the wrong way. lol

Shot Caller

Or even funnier they made an offer to Julia to walk away, one she couldn’t refuse and that will allow for both Jason and Becky to be safe. I find it strange that the swap hasn’t taken place, so one could hope!


The gameplay this season is a lot better than last year. Vanessa is controlling the momentum of the game, even when things go hinky, she’s quick enough to adjust. Clay and Becky screw up the BotB, Vanessa modifies the plan. She used this week to reaffirm Austin’s commitment to her.

I hate Vanessa…and until I see either Steve or Johnnie Mac start to play, I don’t think anyone will take her down. I wish the Go-Bots would step up and do something.


Why does Liz hate Jackie so much? I get the Austin and Jeff rivalry, but why Liz and Jackie?


Jackie wants to get rid of the twins and Austin. Jackie put Liz/Julia on the block in an attempt to backdoor Austin. In the beginning, Austin would have had a showmance with Jackie if she had given him the chance to. Austin is Liz’s lapdog, and she doesn’t like competition for his attention from a female he was attracted to, so Liz is jealous of her. Liz can say she doesn’t like him all she wants, but her actions speak louder than her words.

Bunny Slipper

Because she’s the only other “pretty” girl. Vanessa is gay. Shellie is with Clay. Liz’s whole game rests on her flirtations. Jackie takes attention away from that. Note “pretty” is in quotations. Not necessarily what I think.


Meg at least had one convo with Clelli. I give her some points for that. However, she, James and Jackie need to go to Nessa with a concrete plan and a list of people who will vote Becky out. Going to Clelli actually does nothing. Nessa runs this mofo and you need to come with concrete proof keeping Jason is best for her.

Becky is no threat. She thinks she a athlete but really she just wears a lot of workout clothes and is a clutz who got hit by train while walking. She only one on earth who ever said she a “comp beast”. She also is so clueless at playing the game that its laughable. Oh she will talk for a hour about nothing and try n act like she a know it all but really says nada in that hour.

I just don’t see Nessa clipping Becky right now. Jason the better cut at this point. Sorry “other side” fans but hey I promise u this..soon Vanessa will make this game even more fun to watch cuz two more weeks n she gona trip you out with her game play. She owning now but it gets better I promise you.

And to the Pats fan hating on Goodell. Tom Shady got off easy. He is a liar and a cheat. He in the NFL..not the BB house. Even playing field is needed or we lose the NFL and it becomes a joke. Tom Shady needs to admit he lied and move on.

More Bored by Deflategate Than BB16

Goodell is the Grodner of the NFL.


Mel, is that you?

Minion Bob

Shelli and Clay = Princess Fiona and Donkey
Austin and Liz = Tarzan and Jane
What else can I come up with? Hmmm……


I agree with earlier post. It is painful to watch/read. While Audrey may have brought drama, she also messed with the set up. Played too hard too early. We didn’t have a chance to get to know the players, just the paranoia. So of course there is no one to root for if you don’t like the powerhouses. Just crap


See ya Jason. You disgusting foul mouth b*tch.


Vanessa is gueen. Austin is her Knight. Steve is her wise council. Shellie is a gueen too. Her knight is clod. Jackie wants to be gueen but does not have an effective army. Maid meg. Damsel Liz. Pawn johnnymac. The rest are part of the court. With Jason as court jester.

canadian bacon

Vanessa is Rasputin


I’m starting to think Liz has succumbed to Stockholm syndrome. It’s the only explanation. Although, when they were in the hoh with nessa and he was talking about his wrestling career, Liz did call him her “best friend” which you could really tell shook Austin to his he was immediately “friend ? I’m not your friend”.. Lol

So either Liz is the new patty Hearst or she’s a Wiley tart who has the big lummox all twisted up in a figure four leg lock .


This sucks! I’m not even sure if I want to watch the new episode tonight. The only thing that is interesting about Big Brother is the HoH competition.


Part of that is everyone here knows Friday/Saturday who is on the block and who won the BotB, Sunday we know who holds the POV and Monday we know the final HG’s on the block. The only thing we don’t know Sunday night is who will definitely be on the block come Thursday. It’s one of the disadvantages of reading the spoilers as the only new things in Sunday and Wednesday’s episodes is the DR.


That’s not what I meant but ok.