Jackie “Lets f**king flip back on them! We can’t sit here with their di*ks in our mouths”

POV Holder: Clay Next POV July 25th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 27th
HOH Winner Team 1: Jackie HOH Winner Team 2: Vanessa
Nominations 1 : James & Liz Nominations 2: Clay & Becky
Battle of the Block Winner James and Liz Next HOH/ Next BOB July 30th / July 24th
Original Nominations: Clay and Becky
Current Nominations: Jason & Becky
Have Nots Shelli, Clay and Steve

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-29 01-26-24-103

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12am Hammock Steve, Shelli and Clay. Steve tells them he thinks there will be one more eviction and then jury will start. 11 people left = 9 person jury with 2 finalists. After this week there will be 12 people left. The first person to go home during the double eviction will not go to jury and the next person will. Steve says there will be one more eviction to survive before jury. Shelli says which it will be the one you win. Meg comes out and says they got alcohol. Shelli says the havenot’s are over here avoiding the alcohol. Meg says we decided whoever’s havenots next when they get alcohol gets to hide it throughout the house and everyone has to go find it. Steve leaves. Shelli says I love our friend Steve. Clay says he and Vanessa were talking .. who would you want to leave first Johnny Mac or Steve. Who would you pick. Shelli says Johnny Mac. Clay says yup! Shelli says I think he’s the same in terms of Becky in the sense that he’s sitting the prettiest in the house and is mentally and physically competent. Clay says Vanessa said she was throwing out little quizzes at Johnny Mac and he was getting them in 30 seconds where most people wouldn’t get them in 30 minutes. Clay says that couple right there (Becky & Johnny Mac) could be the strongest couple. Shelli says you’re so right. They’re floating under the radar because they have protection from both sides. Clay says if it comes to the point were we’ve got heat we might have to pitch that. They talk about Becky not wanting to be seen as a couple but as individuals. Clay says they’re the first ones he would wont to target once it gets down to it because of that. Shelli and Clay join the others around the hot tub.

12:05am – 12:45am Hot tub – Vanessa, Jackie, Meg, , Johnny, Steve, Austin, Liz, Jason, Becky and James are all sitting in a circle. They decide to pass the orange around and if someone drops it they have to take off a piece of clothing (James’s rule) or tell an embarrassing story. Meg tells an embarrassing story about seeing a guy for the first time and throwing up. She says he held her hair back and everything. She says the next day he wanted to know when he could see her again. She says there’s something wrong with a guy that sees you throw up and wants to see you again. Shelli and Becky say if a guy can’t handle you at your worst he doesn’t deserve you at your best. They toss the orange around again and Meg drops it again and tells a story about thinking she would have a one night stand and but ended up balling and leaving because she didn’t know the guy. Jason drops it next and takes off his shirt. He says you’re not hearing any embarrassing gay s*x stories. Becky drops it and tells them how when she is about to kiss a guy she gets nervous and runs away. Liz drops it. Liz says she did a “rip and dip” (slept with her guy and left) and then did the walk of shame to where Julia was with her guy but she wasn’t there so she had to continue her walk of shame for another mile in her heels to get home.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-29 01-41-45-826

1:05am Big Brother blocks the feeds to tell the house gusets that they’re getting locked in at 6:00am for the HOH set up on Thursday! James, Meg and Jason comment on how they’re going to stay up till 6am now until the backyard closes. James and Clay go play a game of pool. Meanwhile Jackie and Jason are on the backyard couches. Meg joins them. I can’t wait for her to realize that Clay is party boy because he is. Meg says I can’t wait for her (Shelli) to realize that he (Clay) is way crazier than she is. Jason says he loves it because he has no choice but to love it. I think she knows, she’s just lying to herself. Jason says this lockdown might be my only saving grace. This lockdwon might save me. I might be able to convince these people (Shelli & Clay) that its endurance and they need to keep me. Because I will win and I will not put them up. That’s my only option. Its so not going to be endurance, I know its not but I can make people believe that. Jason tells Jackie I hope you know its not a shot against you.. I know you have to vote for Becky. I hope that doesn’t make you sour at all. I would be just as loyal to you as Becky is to you. Jackie says oh I know. I want it to pan out which ever way it does. Jackie says they’ve probably already secured their safety with Becky to make this happen. Jason says I know where your loyalties lie but I hope you don’t tell her (Becky). Jackie says no. Jason says I need to make her (Shelli) freak out. I can’t do it tonight, I’ll do it tomorrow night. Shelli will self-implode. She will crazily combust. Jackie says you just need to push the button.

FLASHBACK and re-watch any moment on the live feeds: Big Brother 17 live feeds

1:30am Jackie tells Jason in all reality you’re better for my game than Becky. How do we get the numbers, its either Clay & Shelli or Steve & Johnny Mac. The four of us (Jackie, Jason, Meg, James) need to go to them and make an alliance with them. Jackie says do they (Steve & Johnny) want to be trash bags and be sh*t on for the rest of the game? They’re just used for numbers right now. Meg tells Jackie that any strength Becky has, you have. Meg says I don’t trust going up to Steve and Johnny Mac. Jason says I think the best bet is going up to Shelli and Clay and scaring them into thinking they’re the targets and that its going to be an endurance that I would win and I would win and keep them safe. And I would actually, probably stay good to that. James joins them. Jackie says I will vote for you (Jason) if you can 100% convince me you have the votes. Jason says We need to convince them (Shelli & Clay) that Liz & Austin will come after them. We need to break up that group so Shelli and Clay will come over with us. Jackie says I love Becky but we need the numbers. Jason says because she’s floating to that side. They’re scooping her up. James says she know she owes them. Jason says I’m not doing this till tomorrow. We need to scare Shelli & Clay. The only other option is Steve & Johnny. Steve might vote for me anyway if he is that random vote and he always votes against the majority. Let’s hope America loves me more than Becky. James says I was only supposed to get 2 votes against Jeff and then I got 4. They comment on how 1 of them might have been Liz (it was Liz & Steve). Jason says I need to get Shelli alone and then let her transfer it. Jason says the only thing I have against Becky is she told me who she would put up if she wins HOH.. Steve & Austin. Jason says he believes Steve is America’s vote. Meg says Jackie needs to talk to Shelli & Clay too. Jackie says if I talk to them it could work but if it doesn’t I’m f**Ked. Meg says they’re terrified of you. Meg says it would kill my game if I talk to them. Jason says nothing would kill your game. You’re their Victoria. (LOL) They would still chop me and keep you. Jason says you have to let them know that as loyal as I am to you, I will be to them. Let them know that I am your puppet. Let them know I pulled in Day and brainwashed that bit*h. Jason says this is all I have. That’s why I’m all scared. Jason says they have to know that I will kiss their feet and feed them grapes. And that Jackie won’t come after them. Jason says maybe you talk to them first, Jackie talks to them second and I talk to them third. Tell them anything you want about me. Tell them I’m the dumbest motherf**ker to ever be here and you’ve been feeding me everything.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-29 02-55-52-593

1:45am Havenot room – Shelli tells Clay that Jackie doesn’t even make eye contact with me any more .. its weird. Clay asks really?! Shelli says I notice it when we’re all sitting around laughing. If she does catch my eyes she will look away smiling. Its weird, like I didn’t do anything to her. Clay says I wouldn’t worry about it. One of us wins we put her up and she’s gone. Clay says even if Jackie wins we convince her we need to get out the twins before jury because they’re not going to vote for ya’ll. Period, so you need to get them out. Shelli says that Vanessa told her that Clay has such a good social game. Clay and Shelli head to the hammock.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-29 03-16-33-649

2:10am Bathroom – Jackie and James are talking. James says my game is definitely better to keep Jason over Becky but its going to take an act of congress. I’m not saying it can’t be done, this is big brother and people have thought they were dead in the water. Jackie says they flipped on us, lets f**king flip back on them!! We’re f**King stronger! We can’t sit there and f**king like.. James says steam roll on us. Jackie says sit here with their di*ks in our mouths. Like come on!! Lets stand up for ourselves and throw down! James says yeah! Yeah I’m definitely down for throwing down! We need to win HOH! Jackie says and we will after that. James says we can’t do sh*t till we win. If any of us win, they’re f**Ked! I don’t even mind going for a big swing. Jackie says but I don’t want to ruin my game over this if it fails. James says we have to have factual evidence to make things turn. Jackie says I’m not going to ruin my game to save 1 person but at the end of the day they did it to us, so why can’t we do it to them. James says if Becky stays will she ever come for you, would she ever vote against you. Jackie says that’s the question.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-29 03-43-00-401

2:20am – 2:55am Hammock – James comes out to talk to Shelli and Clay. James is talking about his daughter and step-son. Clay asks why didn’t it work out with the mother. James says it was a one night stand and she got pregnant. We tried to make it work but we just couldn’t make it work. James says the baby’s momma said she was so hard on him to make him never want to have a one night stand again. I try to be a good father but at the end of the day I haven’t been the best either.

2:25am Kitchen – Jackie tells Meg I hope James isn’t with them. I just talked to him about how we can do this and then he ran outside and started talking with them (Shelli & Clay). Jason says I’m going to go see right now. Jason looks and sees James is talking to Shelli and Clay right now. Meg says worst case it wouldn’t even matter any ways.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-29 04-00-29-353
3am Bedroom – James, Jackie and Meg are talking. Jackie asks James should we drop it? James asks what? Jackie says what we were talking about. Jackie asks will it ruin our games? James says if we swing and we miss it puts her (Jackie) in a bad position and I don’t know what its going to do with me and you (Meg). James says we’re going to have facts and come at them with facts. We would need to come at them like Becky said this about you. Meg says that’s not how I would play it. Jackie says I know we have to be careful, I look like a f**King a$$hole doing this. At the end of the day Jason wouldn’t want to ruin our games. Jason joins them. Meg finds the zucchini condom prank in her pillow. Steve pulls it out and throws it on the bed asking what the white stuff is. James picks it up and throws it at Steve. Jackie says he made me squirt the lotion. Steve asks wait so its lotion? Jackie says yes, what did you think!? Steve says well you never know with James.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-29 04-10-20-427

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I can’t decide which group i can’t stand more….

Austin, Clay, Liz, Shelli, and Vanessa from this season


Carolyn, Dan, Rodney, Sierra, Tyler, and Will from Survivor: World’s Apart

It’s a tough one…

Larry Hoover

DAN THE MAN had some great one liners


Yeah, that’s a tough choice. I would go with the Survivor people because of some nasty things that were said plus they were not bringing us good TV. At least Vanessa’s antics are entertaining.


Definitely the Survivor: WA people were worse, while The Sixth Sense are being highly obnoxious at least they aren’t making personal attacks on people like they did and nobody is calling people’s mother’s whores and saying that you don’t have anybody that loves you back home.


If you took Sierra out of that group of Survivor people (she never did anything too terrible), I would definitely say they were worse.

Worlds Apart was one of the worst seasons Survivor has ever had, largely because pretty much everyone in the final 7 (except Mike and maybe Sierra) were mean spirited, horrible people.


Ewww! Group number 2 by far.
Dan and Rodney alone are far more annoyingbthan everyone in the BB house combined.


Not tyler!!!


Steve is such a rat.

Andy Herren

I disagree, i hold that title!!!!!

Ronnie Talbott

Me too!!!!

Come to Play the Game!

Finally! Meg and Jason getting in the game.


Too little too late, me thinks.


In complete utter shock at how hard core Meg went to bat for Jason. I am talking from a Meg standpoint-acting clueless & down for a great time at summer camp to actually putting some effort into it. Definitely late in the game but better late than never. Have not seen shit from Meg so I am taking it all in with total shock.
I honestly believe that Jeff leaving hit her but not as hard as her sidekick Jason leaving her to fend for herself. That is why Meg lost it so hard when they blindsided Jason. Welcome to BBMeg, glad ya showed up. Not saying this changes things or that she will be a killing comp machine but glad to see her go all in for Jason.


Yes, I want these guys to get a break! So tired of listening to Vanessa ramble on and on….
And, tired of Shelli, Clay and Austin’s “power trips” …especially Austin ~ what a LOSER!


I taught my JASON was giving up but no, he is making things happen. Since i hope bb would do some twist, but for real, they are not doing sh*t, my JASON is finding ways :’). And my queen jackie and queen meg, you go GIRLLLL. Ohhh and not forgeting james also but he better not f*ck it up. In my opinion, going to the mom and son team(Clay and Shelli) is a good choice, since they are always paranoid and crazy. Steve and Johny Mac scares me cause i seriously think they cannot be trusted, and will betrayed JASON, MEG, JACKIE AND JAMES. They are that good people. For beauty and the beast( Liz and Austin), they can cheers when my JASON stays, suckersss. If Becky stay, I will died in boredom and tanning madness, I mean for god sakes, evict her.


Well if Jason is indeed evicted you may have time to pick up a book or study hooked on phonics.

Group hug!

Now now Dan, be nice! Bblover is just excited! 🙂


Please BB God’s FLIP the house. Wake up Clay and Shellie…Vanessa and Austin will pick their teeth with you. Vanessa has surrounded herself with threats ie:twins, 2 showmances, a rat all so that she can have “targets” as allies to divert attention off her. She kills me with “if you lie to me” and god forbid someone is working with someone. She is a vile person.


Omg, Vanessa has meatshields that she can use to get further? Totally unacceptable! And she goes after the people on the other side and the people she can’t trust? What a horrible thing to do!
Look, I would like a power shift as much as the next person, but actually having a strategy doesn’t make someone a “vile person”.


Too bad they all d on have the Adderall advantage. I’ll say it again…she’s vile.


Initially I was all about Van-she did a great job the first few weeks keeping the house guessing where her head was at in the game. She is strategic, clever, manipulative etc…all good game play aspects. But here is what people hate: Don’t come like a boss bitch, then give bs lame excuses saying it’s a “house decision” or pull up lame, weak excuses about catching people in lies-using the pathetic excuse of stating as fact that Jason is lying about Day & phone booth( using a weak excuse to put someone up instead of owning your choices). She wants Jason up cool, own that choice.
Van going on a witch hunt & using delusional lies as fact is vile. Yes people lie & manipulate others in BB house,but when you hold yourself as holier than thou, when you are the one lying, scheming & manipulating others, while putting others on trial makes you vile-don’t be a hypocrite. These are issues that make some people view Van as vile. I respect that she is playing the game,but own who you are & not call others out for doing stuff that you are guilty of doing. Just saying…


wow i can’t believe people still don’t get it. she is not a hypocrite. she knows she is lying as much as the others. it is her strategy to appear like she doesn’t and is a straight shooter. after 17 seasons some people still don’t get it lol.


I wouldn’t call her vile. She’s just really manipulative and persuasive. But that’s how you get ahead on Big Brother. At least she did offer to help Jason any way she can when she gets out. I don’t think she’s a horrible person.


Next post I want to be reading that Meg is telling Jason, James, and Jackie that she was working on Shelli and Clay. Meaning they’re still targets, but was trying to get in their head. Not her going back and saying nothing about the conversation, meaning that she actually would STILL be willing to work with them. Work it Meg.


That’s what I was looking for!

liz one nighter

i wonder if austin was super hating when liz says she did a rip and dip. it means shes easy as a door knob but austin isn’t getting any of that. loser. he pisses me off so much. hes a gross ogre who thinks he looks like ryan gosling or justin timberfake. hes a strait bum wannabe.


If Jason stays… wow.

Canadian Kevin

I like the play Meg just made. I don’t like that Shelli and Clay are going to pretend to go along. I think Meg and Jay might be in a worse spot than they suspect – Jackie too.

I hope the “other side” can actually flip shelli and Clay.

I’m sick of the same people having power.

As much as i like watching johnny mac, if he’s with that side of the house, iw ant to see him go down along with them.

Yay underdogs!


Yes, that was really slick that they would bring megtoria in, to make her feel special ~sarcasm.
I dont think they are the brainiacs they think they are, and that plan will backfire.. She will feel even more betrayed by them. They all need to be willing to fall on a sword for their group, or they will never make it. They will be picked off one by one if they continue to be afraid to hurt their game. CANT YOU SEE YOUR GAME IS FUCKED ALREADY?! However, the only thing that will keep jason is either a twist, or somehow shelli and clay all of a sudden feel threatened by vanessa… I dont think the latter is possible at this point. *sad face*


you are so right!!

Flipping Unreal

These bozos still can’t even figure out who’s in an alliance FFS! Listening to them strategize is like listening to a group of 1st graders try to explain the Iran Nuclear Deal. Confusing, painful and ultimately hilarious.

Jackie: “We should ummmmmmm flip the house!”
James: “Yeah, flip it.”
Group chant: “Flip it, flip it, flip it.”
Jason: “But how do we do it?”
Jackie: Let’s go to the people that tricked us in the first place!”
Meg: “Hooray, we’re saved”

I adore watching these people get played. I have always rooted for the underdog, but I can’t remember an entire group being this belligerently clueless. Jackie is by far the most ridiculous and appears to have two settings – completely invisible and enraged baboon.

I really like Jason but he should have dumped this merry gang of misfits weeks ago. At this point a happy face helium balloon would provide about the same level of strategic analysis as Meg and she’s his closest ally! If sending her to talk to Clay and Shelli is his Hail Mary he honestly deserves to go.


I cannot stop laughing – that dialogue exchange was perfect! But…have to disagree with you on one small point: Jackie does have a middle setting – she has some smarts and some leadership. Most importantly, she doesn’t all-in-buy in to anybody’s BS, Vanessa included.

Man Up

No, Jason, you don’t throw the HOH. Then you end up in the same spot. Good grief, you win it and take the knife out if your back and return it to one of their backs.


Meg looks like cupie doll!

jake from state farm

Meg sort of has bird legs. But she has one of the most beautiful mouths I have ever seen on a woman. I can’t stop staring at it.


What are you wearing, Jake from State Farm?

Honey's Undercutt

Meg is Molly Ringwald’s Andie in “Pretty in Pink”, pouty lips quivering as she’s crying over poor bestie Ducky’s (Jason) Demise- all the while wanting Blaine (Clay) to take her to finale night~ but he will dump her, because she’s “on the wrong side of the (house) tracks”~ but when will she get pissed and finally play the game by not giving a s#%* about what people think so she can show up finale night as a soul survivor just to show them “They didn’t break her”?


I think Meg is ADORABLE! Pretty, bubbly, bright and fun!


I think Shelli and Clay are going to think about it but idk if they do vote and keep Jason ans Jason Jackie James and Meg go after Shay that will be stupid because that can be there only chance to have votes cause the rest of the house is against them.


Let’s see how “Operation save Jason” goes.. I like both Becky and Jason, so at this point either is fine IMO. I think Jason would be a better ally for Jackie, James and Meg only because he’s more open about where he stands. Nobody knows where Becky stands and for that she could go this week.


Meg looks yummy! She is not a very good gamer but she looks damn good rocking her tight shirts and bikini top. She also appears to be super sweet which also does not help her game. I can’t believe she said she would target Steve. She should know that her “side” needs Steve and John if they have any chance of breaking up the other side. She still seems clueless that Clay, Shelli, Vanessa, Austin and Liz are super tight and clearly working together. Jason as a super fan really disappointed me with his motor mouth and not making use of information.


Jackie: “Let’s fucking get them! Oh u want me to do something that may piss Vanessa off? Oh well I’m not ruining my game for this” LMMFAO! Jackie will do nothing! Status quo.

Meg: “Let’s get Shelli n Clay to flip. Oh you want me to talk to them. I can’t do that. I’m too afraid. You guys do it”
Meg will do nothing! Status quo.

James: “Well it sure would be nice if Jason stays but that other side is strong as hell. I am not gonna end my game to keep one person” James will do nothing. Status quo.

This is why these fools are where they at. They just wana play summer camp house and hope others do things that will help them to stay longer and play pranks and laugh and talk about sex they never get outside the house. Cuz none of them have ANY GAME!


1000% agree!

AKA Twistin' for the win!

I hate to agree with YOU, but you are absolutely right.


This is a good move, but I still want Becky to stay. This move is going to hurt Jackie a lot…


OMG, it is not looking good for my JASON :'(
It seem the mom and son duo (Shelli and Clay) are not buying the bait. They are smarter than I taught. This is because of they want Johnny Mac and if Becky is gone, then Johnny Mac alson gone. Curse you Johnny Mac. My queen Meq keep trying, can’t imagine bb17 without meg and jason together. My Diva JACKIE, I think she can play a big role in saving my JASON. Make a freaking move. Ohhhh james please try to create something here. Hmmmmmm. I can’t stand beauty and the beast( Liz and Austin) cheering their drinks on my JASON. I hope they still cheers if Jason stays, suckersss. #SAVEJASON.


Mom and son duo (Shelli and Clay) – LMAO!




for the love of BB flip this house!!

send Becky home, nobody gives a rat’s arse if she stays!

I am not Jason’s biggest fan but really he is more entertaining then Becky zzzz


Something tells me Jackie has had more then her share of d—– in her mouth. This should just be business as usual for her.


I’m so glad Jason is going to try to campaign tomorrow. You can’t claim to be a superfan and then lay down and die as soon as your nominated.


Actually, when he was blind sided, he oviously knew he was the target – AKA huge threat. By Jason going out swinging right out of the gates, it reinforces what some potential swing voters are thinking, and makes the hoh decision credible. If he lays low and appears weak and hurt, it plays on emotions, and it also provided opportunity for Becky to feel safe and admit who she would target. Although, I think he hasnt played a good game up to this point, I never thought, for a second, he wasnt going to campaign.

BB Drafter

I am not getting my hopes up that Jason stays. I believe Shlay will still vote him out.


I can’t believe Jackie, first she says she wants to throw down, then she is worried if this fails it will ruin her game……………..WHAT GAME.

Still think they should feed Austins ego that flipping vote would make him legendary BB player. They could still play both angles hoping that one of them works. Timing is important they should try this tomorrow before the live vote so people don’t have time to compare notes.

Foreal tho

Maybe it’s me, but instead of working clay and Shelly, the two that they know was behind Jason’s nomination, I think they should work Liz and Austin. No one would see that coming.


I like how Jason feels stupid for helping Vanessa study for the HoH comp. Like she wasn’t fucking studying without him? Please. Vanessa may go down as the best mental comp player we’ve seen. They mostly involve memory and she’s incredible with handy mnemonics.


I think my absolute favorite thing this week besides clay and Becky losing bob was Vanessa saying how production is getting pissed at her changing targets constantly and that they are trying to do a tv show. They can’t keep up with her either. She is playing the game for sure. Just all over the place. I wish Jason could stay. I do find him entertaining. Even tho I do like Vanessa I’m dying to see how she reacts to being on the block. She spazzes being hoh. Really enjoying this season so much more than last season and the follow the leader game. Following Vanessa is fun to watch because it certainly is not a direct path.

AKA Twistin' for the win!

What would be IDEAL is if Jason, Jackie, Meg or James staged a conversation where whoever is whispering to the other how Becky was saying to Johnny Mac that as soon as this week is over, she is targeting Clay and Shelly and that Vanessa was on board with it because it was Shelly who wanted her on the block, so that either Clay or Shelly can overhear it. They (the 4 of them) should go over the story and beat it to death until they are all straight with the details. Clay and Shelly would be so paranoid they would vote Becky out. They would be too paranoid to go to Vanessa because this (lie) wouldn’t have been told to them directly but one they overheard and because trust is so tenuous in that house, this would be an easy win for the under dogs!!!!!

Damn! I wish I could send telepathic messages…this would so work to flip the house!!!!! Quick…someone tell production!!!!!


Is it just me or does Shelli reminds you of Donkey from Shrek? Just saying……

Run Clay!

Actually Clay looks like Donkey a few feeds back, picture with the pore strip on his nose!!!! Shelli and Clay are The Horse and Donkey show for sure!!!!


Jason’s plan won’t work, but at least he is trying something. Good for him.
Why are all the hg already worried about double eviction. They act like it’s going to happen next week. I always thought there were at least 2 jury members before a double eviction.
Shellie is still in this game. She can’t leave. If she does, so does the drama. Can’t wait to see the two Titans, Van and Shel, fight it out.


Pretty embarrassing that the vast majority here support the smug snug crew. The biggest bunch arrogrant floaters who thought they had the game stitched up while they endlessly laughed and laughed and laughed in the the Purple room. And they were also mean spirited. Making fun of Steve.

What a bunch of cry baby w@nkers. You and them need to go back to the summer camp.

Meanwhile the fans who are into the game aspect of BB e.g what the whole show all about have no problem supporting the people who have been making alliances, connecting with lots of people and working their socks off with huge amounts of game talk.

The Online Big Brother community need to just suck it up.

AKA Twistin' for the win!

Well! Thank God you are NOT a part of our community!!!! hmmmmph!


By far the best part if this post is watching Shelli and Clay squirm! Shelli is going to start falling apart and Clay won’t save her!!! Awesome. She is so fake


I feel Becky deserves an increase in the rankings this week. This week is the most I have seen of her and heard her talked about in the feeds


This season could have been so good but the BOB ruined that. Now it’s a snoozefest and I don’t see how anyone can prevent a steamroll at this point. Even if “the other side” wins both HOH, Vanessa, Shelli and Clay have a lock on the finals, a twin and Austin, or even Steve would leave and these dummies will still believe that they can work with Shelli and Clay. Even if a power or hand up from production was given to one of these underdogs, they wouldn’t know what to do with it, they would probably use it to take out Steve. Very depressing.

another name

It was nice to see Meg make an attempt. I wasn’t swayed by her argument, but it was nice to see her try.
Why didn’t I buy her argument? Imo, the plots and promises that come out of the mouth of someone who is not on the block just shows where allegiance lies. How many times did she say Jackie says or Jackie will or Jackie won’t? Way to telegraph that this discussion has been previously rehearsed or set up.
Okay. If i’m going to get to brass tacks here: I think overlooking Steve and John in deference to Clay and Shelli is just more of the foolishness that got the small alliance into its current predicament of being the small alliance. They think Shelli and Clay are the head of the snake. They think John and Steve are useless floaters with votes for sale. So of course, try to charm the head of the snake that bit you instead of trying to scoop up the floating jetsam.
Just not convinced that sending in Meg as point man is really the way to go.


They’d never succeed in getting Steve and John’s votes. John’s not voting out his closest ally, and Steve’s not supporting the people that constantly talked bad about him. And since Jason’s bridge with Liz and Austin has been pretty burnt, Clay and Shelli would be the last ones they’d be able turn to.


People would have said the same thing about Dan before he staged his funeral. Good game play can produce dramatic results. They made a mistake being cruel to Steve, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t now appeal to his sense of gamesmanship. As a BB fan it would foolish of him not to realize that this is an opportunity to consider, as would have to ponder which group would take him the farthest. He should realize that he is expendable to either group, so it’s a matter of using logic to decide the most likely scenario in either case. As for John, I thin he’d be tougher to flip but maybe he would also be willing to sit down and consider his position with each end of the house. Jason at he least should be working them since he has nothing to lose.


I love rooting for the underdogs…when they try that is. It’s one thing to be a floater, but an intelligent floater keeps up with status of the house. They drift with the power people to gather information and they meander by the other side of the house to see what’s what. A floater has to have an idea of what’s going on so that when it’s time to cut Ned’s head off you got the guys behind you. (GoT reference)

My frustration is some of these people finally woke up from hibernation ready to play but someone’s been up all season hoarding the toys. Now instead of getting the Transformers you got the lousy Go-Bots.


Jason needs to go. He’s not funny. He says the same stuff over and over again. Becky is a much smarter and athletic person If she’s not entertaining enough for you. Hold on. Not every one needs to be loud and obnoxious. Saving Jason at this time will fail and only make thins worse for the so called underachievers I won’t Miss his big mouth and attempts to be amusing Becky is a class act. Give her a chance. She and Johnnymac can do it characters don’t usually win go underdogs!!


Do you guys really think Jason will say? Come one that’s funny, no shot he’s staying clay and Shelly will not let that happen.

Chill this Town

Jason took too long in his ridiculous mourning stage.

its over. and to be honest…its obvious J-Mac likes Becky…so why not leave her in there for the one guy providing consistent entertainment on CBS?

sorry Jason, your time has come. I appreciate the effort w/ endurance competition and all that, but you just took too long feeling sorry for yourself and blaming the other side pissed off that your piggyback gameplan fell apart.


My prediction: Jackie/Meg/James try to flip Clelli today and it fails miserably. Jason goes home Thursday, their failed attempt to flip the house not only alienates Becky and JMac (Clelli will definitely give them all the details) but it gives Sixth Sense concrete “reasons” to nominate those three. Now its the whole house united against Jackie and James and one of them goes next. I’m really looking forward to when Sixth Sense has to turn on each other. It would be sooner than later except the rest of the house are sheep being led to slaughter. You can only dominate a game like this if A) your alliance is really good at this game B) the rest of the house is equally as bad.


I miss when Big Brother was actually fun to watch… there is one alliance… what the hell is wrong with these people. You know what would make this show better? Go back to when it was just 1 HOH and no BOB. Ugh…


What I like about this hot mess of an “alliance” (Jason, Meg, James and Jackie) is that they are genuine and have so much fun together. I love to watch their interactions with each other on the live feeds-its comedy gold. Austin and Liz were so pissed last night watching Vanessa, Becky and JMac sharing drinks at the kitchen counter, laughing and having a good time with Jason, Meg, Jackie and James. They wanted Jason to be humiliated and ostracized this week . I think that’s why Jason strategy has been what it is. Van and Austin and others excepted him to have some sort of meltdown and he’s’ not giving them the satisfaction. Im still hoping that this blindside is just a ruse by production to light a fire under Jason when he re-enters the game later on. Im hoping a few other evicted hg’s and Jason are going to be part of an America’s choice vote (twist) for one to re-enter the game. All that Jason has been through + his popularity should guarantee him a chance to return. I can hope.


Well Jason has to pretend that he believes he has a chance to stay,which I’m sure Production has warned him about. Every week closer to eviction,there has to be a sudden burst of activity, otherwise there wouldn’t be much to put in Weds BB episode. I think we all know that Jason is a dead man walking.

Meg’s attempt, though noble,does nothing more than creates sound bites since Shelli/Clay will not change their vote. Jason, the leader of the Forlorned Four (James/Jason/Jackie/Meg) waited far too long to start scheming.


I feel like there is less content in these feeds since Audrey left 🙁


I finally got to see Jackie show up,win HOH, even though dethroned,but finally noticed she was in the building. But honestly after her one liner: We can’t sit here with Dicks in our mouths-love her on that alone!!!!! I was crying reading the headline to the post…crying! Thanks Dawg, seriously thanks! Made my day!!

Ash J Williams

I love how they say Johnny is sitting the prettiest? Ummm he was on the block about 5 times, whether or not a bunch of liars said that he was safe, im sure he was still having anxiety and stress every time having to trust them. It helped him yes, but it also helped them!

Maybe they need to put Shelli on the block so she can cry about it and sulk and see how it feels. At least let Jason make it to jury. Not for pity vote (wellllll lols ) but because hes funny. I would totally rather finish out the summer watching Jason making people laugh and being funny instead of that giant screech acting like a manchild and being too cool for school while hanging off of Liz in the jury house. Nooooooooooooo!

I personally would vote out Becky…Shes nice and all but….Meh


Please bbreakfast give Shelly van and Liz tape to cover their mouths they open their mouths and I want to spew!

Go Meg!

Well fart in my mouth and call me Meg!!! She did a total 360! I can’t believe it, she’s finally playing the game! I was really hoping that Jason wouldn’t just roll over and die or that Meg, James and Jackie wouldn’t let him. Meg made a strong case point to Shelli and Clay tho they haven’t bought it BUT if Jackie will talk to Shelli and then Jason himself, I think there’s a good chance they might be able to turn the buggy around!!! Hoping they can because I would much rather have Jason stay over Becky. I like Becky, but her game play sucks!!! She tries to stay too far under the radar. Jason’s got more personality that makes for good tv in my opinion, and even though his, Meg’s, James and Jackies game play was nil before they are now FINALLY ready to take the bull by the horns and fight. I really hope it’s not to late and they all can convince “Chelli” to flip. It would bring some much needed excitement to the game! I really hope Jason stays! Please production we know you tamper from time to time, so PLEASE throw Jason a bone!!!