“She responds to paranoia He responds to loyalty” Meg about Shelli/Clay

POV Holder: Clay Next POV July 25th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 27th
HOH Winner Team 1: Jackie HOH Winner Team 2: Vanessa
Nominations 1 : James & Liz Nominations 2: Clay & Becky
Battle of the Block Winner James and Liz Next HOH/ Next BOB July 30th / July 24th
Original Nominations: Clay and Becky
Current Nominations: Jason & Becky
Have Nots Shelli, Clay and Steve

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-29 15-08-15-649_jpg
Clay, Jmac, and Austin are exercising.
James, Jason and Meg are sleeping
In the kitchen
Jmac – By the time I shower and Shave it’ll be nap time again..
Liz – what a life

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-29 15-28-18-788_jpg
3:28pm Clay trying to get comfortable in the have nots.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-29 15-43-02-790_jpg

3:39pm Bedroom Meg and JAson
Meg giving Jason some pointers in what to say when campaigning for votes. He’s planning on going to Clay and Shelli tonight. He’ll also talk to Austin.
Meg telling him they (Clay, Shelli, Vanessa) are worried about jackie
Meg says when she was in the DR she realized “She responds to paranoia he responds to loyalty”

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-29 15-50-48-779_jpg

3:41pm Vanessa and Jackie (These two tell each other a lot of BS)
“Agreeing” they all have the same targets. Jackie is going to talk to Austin and Liz and try to ease their minds. She thinking they are the only ones she has to worry about.

Vanessa says she’ll tell her if people are targeting her
Jackie will do the same.
Vanessa says it’s OK if Jackie tells the other side she’s targeting her to help her cover her game. As long as she really doesn’t target Vanessa.

Vanessa says she feels bad for Jason
Jackie – I Feel if anyone deserve to be there it’s him.. we all deserve to be here for different reasons.
Vanessa says just watch they get out of Big Brother and Jason is a multimillionaire with an online clothes store.
Jackie – He’ll be good… we’ll all be good

Jackie asks what Austin and the twins are going to do. Vanessa says she’s not close to Austin that way. She knows the twins will do what Austin wants.
Jackie – what does Austin want
Vanessa – he’s emotional
Jackie – like a James
Vanessa – could be..

Vanessa says Austin is on his second wind right now he doesn’t want to ruffle any feathers. “He might go for Steve”
Jackie – really.. he would go for him.
Jackie though they were close. Vanessa says Austin can’t stand Steve.

Vanessa says she had bug bites all over her face. Jackie has them to it’s from the cheese room.
Jackie – it’s a mosquito
Vanessa – is it one or a bunch… if it’s one we should get it..

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-29 16-12-25-750_jpg
4:11pm Liz rubbing Austin’s arm

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-29 16-41-10-329_jpg

4:38pm James and Steve playing chess..

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-29 16-42-25-026_jpg

4:41pm Bathroom Jason, Meg and Jackie
They decide to have a early game of bowling tonight. Jason says everyone has been hidden away today.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-29 17-05-29-082_jpg

5:05pm kitchen

Vanessa asks if they are allowed to right on cards or make notes. Jason explains what people have done in the past. Says they won’t let you write anything down just dots, no numbers.

Vanessa says she has the worst headache tonight.

(It’s slow)

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Save Tom Brady!

Like...I'm a Dolphins fan!

He’d be right at home in the big brother house cause he is the biggest LIAR and CHEAT there is! Fuck Tom Brady!!!


@like I’m a dolphins fan. Don’t hate on the greatest QB to ever play the game! Lol

Hell no

You ARE NOT the greatest QB that ever played the game if you CHEATED on the way to “greatness”.

Like...I'm a Dolphins fan!

How about that perfect season? Oh ya…they got caught cheating then too!


Joe Montana is the Greatest QB of all-time. If he had played in this QB-Receiver dominated era, his numbers would go from Top 20 of all time to Top 5. Plus, 4 rings. He’s the Dr. Will of the NFL. “Joe Cool”


Anybody notice on tonight’s episode it was “how will the house react when both twins enter the big brother house?” Maybe it’s because I’m an English teacher, but that leads me to believe that two outside twins are entering….I know there is a lot of speculation on Johnnie Mac….just saying…


That speculation was before BB17 even started. Maybe you should watch Big Brother before commenting

Liz is thinking of Jeff in that picture.

Well, there was speculation in here just yesterday so maybe you should read more comments.


How does Jason expect to be saved when his group is waking up at 4pm! Shelli and Clay already discussed things with Vanessa, if they would of been up they could of seen them walking into the HOH room and Meg could of gone in thus preventing that conversation from happening!


Nothing short of mystery votes can save him now


Hey David, it’s “could’ve” not “could of”


If you want to be proper about it you should have actually written “could have”. You know, if you were the grammar police or something.


Could’ve is a perfectly acceptable contraction of ‘could have’. If you’re going to correct grammar policing with more grammar policing, you should’ve gotten it right.


I am sorry, English is my fourth language so I am still working on correcting my grammar.

Pinocchio Obama

Vanessa made a tough call but I think it was right. Jason is toast.

Johnny Mac is doing a good job of staying under the radar.

This season seems to be heating up and so far I think the drama is just beginning.


Does no one realize Jason is relying on Meg (genius) for how to save himself and people are rooting for these idiots

Leave a Reply to: Wtf

I know right, he should totally be using all the great wisdom he’s picked up from reading BB advice comments from people who like the same type of players as him.

Or maybe he should just sleep til 4pm.


You put a lot of faith in meg who still thinks that clelly will keep Jason who sleeps and can’t keep his mouth shut when awake. He a degrading a**


Frankie Grande ALERT!!

He was on the The Talk today doing a gossip segment and the discussion question was about something that you could do over. The hosts all said their piece and then at the end of the segment he said he wishes he could go back on Big Brother again and said “You know, Allstars” and looked over at Julie…and Julie said, “yes, we’d love to have you back!” I really hope he doesn’t come back.

Frankie's a fart face

I think I’d be done with Big Bro for good if he came back. Him and his donut licking sis are horrendous!

Expect the unexpected.

You just admitted to watching a segment with Franky Grande.

I just admitted to reading an entire comment about him.

Mind blown.


At least now it seems like Liz is actually into Austin


Maybe. I’m sure reality is fuzzed when you’re in the Big Brother house. And I’m sure, whether she is super into him or just wants to be his friend, it’s probably nice to have company regardless. I dont think most normal people could go months without the touch and cuddles of another human. I know I couldn’t.


Did any one hear about that dentist whom killed that beautiful lion ?


Yeah, that man is a huge scumbag.


I read that he has killed half of Noah’s Ark. A real heman.

Do unto others

What goes around comes around!


Lions kill people every year. Who cares? That lion ran into a better predator.


Wow! I wanna be friends with you! It’s a lions natural instinct to kill for food. They don’t do it for sport, and take the skin and head back to their den to put it on the floor and wall as a trophy!!!

Zoo Twist

I’ll see what happens in Milwaukee before I make a judgment.

I think that’s what happened to this weeks takeover twist. They were going to promote their new series, but the lion escaped and is terrorizing Milwaukee now.

Cindy Withanesse

You’re an idiot.


They should use the takeover to do the MVP twist for a week. Let America vote and get Shelli on the block. LOL.


Normally I don’t mind production interference but this time the underdogs that we love so much have to dig themselves out of the situation they are in. Shelli and crew are playing a good game, now what needs to happen is Jackie and James better win HOH and destroy the 6th sense, on their own without production throwing them a bone.


They did that one year didn’t they? And Amanda kept going up.
I wish they would do it again. I’m sick of watching Shelli and Vanessa run the house.


Yknow I feel like I could like Shelli because she is actually playing the game, but this whole sorority tampon sisters and being fake as fuck, I cant…


I agree with you about Shelli being fake. If she was real and not concerned about the cameras so much, I could respect her game play.


Yeah,Shelli is a real gem… if ya like cubic zirconium lol-fakeness at its finest. ????????????

BB17 fan

Did anyone notice the night Shelli was taking off her make-up (before she reapplied her night-time make-up) that she was mad at Clay because she didn’t want to walk over to him and let the camera’s see her in between face spackling? Seriously, she doesn’t realize there are camera’s behind the mirror she is looking in to do her ritual. She actually pointed to a visible camera in the corner and said, “I don’t want the camera to catch me looking like sh*t”. She then turns toward the mirror where the camera behind it got a full on close up of her..!! Too funny. If she wants to look fake with her make-up on that’s fine, but please stop with the fake crying about sending DaVonne home. Then she fake cried again when she sent Audrey home. Does she think we viewers are stupid? I think she is going for America’s Favorite Player. BTW, I just love JohhnyMac.

young jameson

I think the best part of everyone changing their votes to save jason would not be actually saving jason, but vanessa/shelli/clay/austin panicking. We always talk about how interesting the game gets when the huge alliance starts breaking apart, but it would be so great if the other side actively separated them.

waka waka

I never like/love houseguests, and likewise i never loathe them. I mean how could I, i dont know them and this is after all just a game. Some of the players that other people want to see leave, i actually dont. I dont have a problem with Vanessa, Shelli, or Clay. However, nothing would excite me more than to see them fall apart. Not necessarily get evicted, but just see the three of them play against each other, because theyre really strong players.

The biggest downside of last season, was that when it FINALLY got down to the big alliance, there was no big fallout, they just seem to exit out one by one in the SAME EXACT fashion. I dont want this season to be the same way. I want to see people battle it out to stay.


So, your a floater?


you must be high.

Rado High Test

Type here:

Blue “Post Comment” Box

Teri B

TOTALLY agree with you. And I was bored to tears last year. I mean, how obvious was it SO early on that Derrick would be the winner? Yawn.


BB’s recent seasons arent as entertaining because they have more or less followed the same path. One alliance dominates, while everyone else is unsuspecting and slowly but surely everyone leaves and the person we did not want to win, wins.

I actually really like this season, because despite some weak players, there are some really strong ones. I actually dont like them, but i like to see the game being played, so i am somewhat satisfied.

But i need to see some sort of power struggle between two sides. Some of my favorite seasons (S4,S5,S6,S11) are the ones where the house is split, none of this unanimous vote bs.


Exactly, that Y I loveRachel Reilly from the beginning , she didn’t fit in with the click, and she fought extremely hard to make it to the end, and she payed ATTN to who was a click. Even though America hated her voice (was kinda annoying), but JohnnyMac have an annoying voice also. But RR is a pure example of a somewhat outcast fighting weekly to the end. I still don’t understand why Meg, James and Jason don’t see Shelli/Clay is n an alliance with Vanessa/twins/Austin. Seriously unless they win something they will be gone within 3 wks.


Ha – Liz touching Austin’s muscles while blindfolded – so she can imagine it’s someone else!

Chill this Town

OK. enough. stop with “Jason deserves to be here”. why does he deserve to be there? he loves Big Brother and has a bad financial situation? that is not at all the requirements to be labeled as deserving….sigh.


I don’t think Jason “deserves”, to be there, but I most definitely don’t think he should be a wasted evictee, either. What big move is he at this point? If Vanessa is as big of a player as she THINKS she is in her diluted over stimulated brain, and making moves solely on “what is best for her game”, she would be going after a threat that will be harder to get out in the long run, not Jason…


I don’t know why people are hating on Vanessa and Shelli. Yeah, they’re fake and lie out their backsides, but that’s Big Brother. I would much rather them stay in the game as opposed to having to see Austin on my TV again. He makes me throw up in my mouth when I have to hear his voice.


Just finished watching CBS’s version of BB In Wonderland. You have to feel sooooooo sorry for Vanessa, having to put up Jason. {everyone throw themselves on the floor here and cry and pound your fists} I would love CBS to show the true side of Vanessa “the demanding “LOYALTY” , “if someone lies to me” {obviously Austin is exempt from that rule}, “the other side is talking, how dare they”.
I wish everyone had the live feeds, this garbage that CBS passes off as the truth has got to go!! My husband does not watch the live feeds, and he can’t understand why I am swearing at the TV!


oh that’s funny, I would catch myself yelling Lying B***h the whole hour.


Just watched primetime BB17. I
fast forwarded through the Bullshit… which meant that I basically watched the entire episode in 3 minutes. What a load of shit…talk about creative editing!!!! Making Austin look like a poor love struck Casanova instead of the stalker douche bag he really is. Oh and I love Vanessa, Shelli, and Clay appearing so caring and uncalculated. I just threw up in my mouth.

Chill this Town

watching old seasons I really wonder how any of it was allowed to happen. if we got an edit of BB7 All Stars by the current people at BB, they would edit Will and Boogie as compassionate and caring.

its just not real, and its frustrating as I loved watching people who had no problem saying “I lie” “suckers” “get it in and see her voted out on Thursday”

its like they fell in love with the Ian type of player, and decided to toss out anyone who plays the game with any sort of….well anything other than rainbows and happy dances. now we have lame alliance names, lame competitions and no real strategy showing up on TV because its too “cut throat”.


Welcome to the PC world we live in! No losers, but, in reality, it’s only created real life villains…………

Mina Harker

Anything that can make Vanessa paranoid and Shelli spazz out is ok in my book. Even if the othes don’t succeed, it’ll shake those suckers up. And a suggestion to all the players, some more so than others: complacency is a dangerous thing. Don’t take anything or anyone for granted in the house. Now excuse me, there’s a full moon that I want to enjoy.

Vanessa's conscience

Yes Jason will be ok back on the outside but he still deserved more of a chance as opposed to Austin who just wants to get him and Lizard to jury so he can score!

Shelli's Bro

Seriously sis, your obsession with me is just weird!

BB Truther

Two things have become painfully clear… Becky is a “smoke bomb” … and James is a “stink bomb.”

Austin's nasty!

Austin aka Judas Freak! Just when you think he can’t get any creepier, BAM! Got the whole banged up gothic, Mad Hatter thing going on!

House of Morons

Lizard does a really bad snow job of trying to convince everyone she doesn’t like Austin “that way”!

Just saying

Feel like I wasted an hour watching the show tonight when i coulda been watching the weather channel instead!


Don’t blame me for your big arse zits!


Tehe,tehe, it was me!!! I was in her beenie!

Team Edward

I think Shelli just comes across as fake on tv. Maybe editing, maybe not. She reminds me of the girl in HS who would look down on you for not having a nice car. Also, her facial expressions irk me.

Good player though.

Austin's fur

Steve needs to go! He might be nice but he’s just so freakishly odd it’s almost worrisome!

Austin's fur

Come on thumbs down peeps, I meant that in the nicest way, sort of. I mean he’s really odd and the whole him with the camera thing was just so Wall-E meets Steve. However, he may put a glimmer hope Jason’s way if he oddly enough strays from house vote. Then again production may be the one telling him to.


Did anyone see the episode tonight? why was Steve happy when Becky was in misery? I did not get that at all.. it kinda weirded me out

Turd Central

Wow it’s soooooo exciting watching one side get picked off one by one! I know Jackie, Meg, Jason and James were slow getting to the dinner table but come on! We know production has a hand in the pie so they need to do something so all of us out here don’t go to bed early!


Jason, Meg, James, and Jackie still in bed sleeping while Shelli, Van, Becky, and Steve study in HOH and Austin and Liz ninja study together
Jason, Meg, James, and Jackie laying around making fun of Steve and insulting others like a bunch of Jr High kids while Shelli, Van, Clay, Austin, Liz and Steve Strategize and Plot the minions demise in HOH
The Players or The Clueless clan
Who should go out first?
Good riddance to Jason and I hope Jackie is next

Turd Central

Even tho you’ve stated the obvious, still makes for boring tv in my opinion. Unless they start turning on each other sooner rather than later. I’m down for that!


I watched tonight’s episode… what was up with Steve’s comments about wanting Becky out and happy that she was so distraught over losing the pov competition?!?! Was that to plant a seed that Jason may have a chance to survive this week? (Not that I believe it…)


Very well could be. Didn’t think of that.


There still wouldn’t be enough votes

Come to Play the Game!

After watching the CBS BB I have to say that I found Steve’s DR interesting. He was happy to see Becky suffering. I know Becky has said that she would target Steve (why?) If Jason has a shot they could get Steve and why not target Liz’s vote?- her and Julia playing both sides- and then have Meg, James and Jackie=5 votes for Jason to stay. That would equalize the power and buffer the twins against an easy pick off. Unfortunately Jason/Jackie/Meg/James have written Steve off and Jackie has allowed personal feelings against Liz to shut that attempt down. I fear Jason is done for.


Becky’s been targeting Steve because she knows getting Steve out would chip away at Vanessa and the longlostrelativemance’s numbers. Then during a double eviction, when BotB is not present, a big move can be made to take out a major player. Take off the rattletattletail of the rattlesnake, then go for the kill.

Chill this Town

31 thumbs down, and up… on a comment simply asking for SOMEONE to make a legitimate case as to why Jason DESERVES to be in that house.

31 thumbs down and not a single response. Ill let the silence speak for itself. he hasn’t done anything that puts him in “deserving” category. but I often forget that people actually believe a bank account total should change how far you go in the game.

I'll respond

When it’s down to who’s deserving more, him or Austin, definitely Jason hands down! It’s Austins hairy butt that shoulda been up there as planned! We all know he just wants to get to jury with Lizzzzuhhhh so he can dip his wick!!!! I know he farted around before but I think he would definitely be more entertaining than Becky. However, Becky’s a nice girl so either way just hope something interesting happens soon or I’m gonna have to start watching Lachay’s Bar on A&E and I really don’t want to! Shout out to Simon and Dawg for their hard work keeping us informed!!!! 🙂


Wasn’t Jason the one saying that Jace was using emotional manipulation to make them feel sorry about him. Jace saying that he did not have money and gave up everything to be in the BB…

It's still early, but it's kind of late here.

You went out too fast again Audrey.

There’s now 51 thumbs down and a comment.


so Jason deserves a spot more than Austin? why though? Jason has arguably done FAR less in this game so far. Austin is the weakest individual in BB history, but he has still talked more game, made more alliances…what has Jason done? he likes big brother, and he doesn’t have a good job to go home to. I am failing to understand how he didn’t have a “chance”. he had a chance, he turned down the block like he was offered a form of the Bubonic Plague. he ignored obvious alliances in the house and told everyone every piece of information he ever got. yet he “deserves” to be there? those are some seriously low requirements for deserving to be in the house.

Slim Jim

I like JMac alright but dang he’s got that whole drunk dentist/Bobcat Goldtwaith DR thing going on big time! Oh and too bad he can’t seem to hook up with Becky. I could stomach that showmance better than I can with Shelly and Honeybutt and Austin and Lizard!

Sylvester the cat

( in total lisp )Steven’s a puss!


The more you hate, the more I like.


it’s nice to see production is trying to help meg and Jason.
the idea hit her in the diary room.
yeah. usually happens when the people in diary room say it directly to you. and demonstrate with sock puppets.


Could Steve vote to evict Becky? In his DR he clearly demonstrated disdain for her.

Very Clever

I didn’t think of that. You might be onto something there!!!!


Many twists the house has not!!!


will somebody please put shelly an clay or vanessa on the block
can people tell when the three of them always together for the big news happen
get shelly clay or vanessa on the block I wish Austin an liz can make a deal with Jackie an meg
an target shelly clay vanessa next week with Jackie an Austin hoh


So tired of the Turd Heard rallying in the HOH!


Does anyone know who the smokers are this season? Just Jason?

I'm Pissy too!

Yeah I think so. When Jeff was in I think he did as well but not as much.


Vanessa has bummed some smokes from Jason.


Ok, so half of the comments i just read have absolutely nothing to do with BB SMH!