Shelli “I know you’re young, why don’t you want to sow your wild oats?”

POV Holder: Vanessa Next POV July 18th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 20th
HOH Winner Team 1: Liz HOH Winner Team 2: Shelli
Nominations 1 : Jackie & James Nominations 2: Jason & Johnny Mac
Battle of the Block Winner James and Jackie Next HOH/ Next BOB July 23rd / July17th
Original Nominations: Jason & Johnny Mac
Current Nominations: JohnnMAC and Audrey
Have Nots Jackie, Audrey, JohnnyMac and Becky

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-22 03-13-04-887
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12:05am Backyard – Clay tells Shelli that she is a stone cold fox, ambitious.. he says and the list goes on and on. He says other people have been a let down to him. Shelli says you know we were put here for each other. That’s a fact. He says if I was with someone else and they cheated on me then clearly I wasn’t doing my job and they weren’t the ones for me. Shelli says see you later! Clay says exactly. Shelli says I know you’re young, why don’t you want to sow your wild oats? Clay says its not gratifying for me to go out, bring someone home, sleep with them and then kick them out. I don’t find fulfilment in that. I go out with the objective to be with good people. I don’t want a rando. When girls do that I think about my sister. I hate strip clubs. I’ve wanted to pull the girls aside and be like what are you doing? I know how these guys think. They don’t respect you.

12:05am – 1:15am Big Brother blocks the feeds.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-22 03-26-39-843
1:15am Austin and Liz are talking in the hammock. Austin says that it was the best move to take out Day. Liz says I don’t even feel bad about it. She had such a bad attitude. They’re happy she went home. Liz says and now Jason is a completely different person. Austin sees Steve and says he just has to have something in his hands all the time. Austin asks what the f**k are you really like this? What I don’t get is are you really that inept with menial tasks. Like are you really not flushing the f**king toilet!? Liz says I know that is so embarrassing! He is such an idiot. Austin says and like in the kitchen he can’t even make a sandwich. He is such a mess, mess, mess. He’s fine but does he have to be so annoying. Does he have to walk around while we’re all in the HOH room.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-22 03-29-49-942

1:20am Steve comes over to ask Shelli if its okay if he goes to tell Audrey about her (Shelli’s) speech about how she encouraged everyone to be nice to her. Shelli says she wouldn’t mind and says that’s very sweet of you to ask. I tried to check on her earlier and she didn’t want to talk to me. Clay says I did too. Steve says I spoke to her briefly. What she is doing right now isn’t healthy. This is outside of the game at this point and that’s why I’m getting worried. Shelli says I agree with you and I really commend you for this. Steve asks do you think the best thing to do would be to leave her alone? Shelli says I think it would be amazing for you to check on her. I think its wonderful. I tried to check on her earlier when she was asleep. Steve asks do you want to come with me? Shelli says I don’t think she wants to talk to me. Steve says because you put her up. Shelli says I am going to try and talk to her again tomorrow. Steve says its just a terrible way to go out. Steve goes to check on Audrey but realizes she is asleep and so is JMac so he turns around and leaves the room.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-22 03-35-54-533

1:35am – 1:55am James, Austin, Liz, Clay and Shelli head into the kitchen to eat.
Clay and Shelli head up to the HOH room. Clay heads down stairs and into the bathroom. Meg notices he farted and says oh my god you don’t want to do it upstairs but you’re okay doing it in front of me. James says because you’re Meg. Clay heads back upstairs.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-22 03-52-25-199

Meanwhile Jackie, Jason, Meg, Becky and Steve are sitting around the hot tub. Steve asks who is the most hated house guest of all time? Maggie (BB6)! Meg asks did people not like Andy (BB15). Jason says he’s a rat. He defended Amanda the whole time and then flipped on Amanda at the end. At least even if America hated Amanda maybe he would have left with a little more respect. But them he flipped and united all the floaters that no one cared about and then took that to the end. Everyone just looked at him like you’re a rat. Everyone had been approaching you for weeks and weeks to try and get Amanda out and you were constantly telling on them. Andy was in every room in on every conversation. He had the most information. That’s why there’s a million gifs with rats and Andy’s face on them. They talk about Steve and all the similarities he has with Ian Terry (BB14). Jackie says I’m not anyone. Jason calls Liz the Porsche (BB13)of the season. She’s just here to hang out in bikinis, duh. Steve says that Meg is the gerbil of season 9. Jason says she’s not even a housemate. No Meg’s the Britney Haynes of the season.

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Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-22 04-08-43-897

2:10am – 3:15am Backyard – Jackie and Jason are talking. Jackie says no one knows what Johnny is up to. Hopefully he would just put up the people that put him up. Jason says John’s just laying in the paint waiting for a cheque. Jackie says see those are the people that like .. I love them to death and you’re like oh their like Jesus they’ll never go home but its like those are the people that will go home too. Jason says he will have to go home eventually. Jackie says if you’re having someone here fighting for it I would rather vote to keep them. Jason says he really wants to get to jury. He just really wants to make money off this because he’s in debt. Jackie says we all are I guess. I know I have zero dollars right now. Jason says I’m not in debt, I’m just at zero. Jackie asks it looks like we’ll make it to jury. Jason says we’re doing pretty well. Jackie says and if the twins do come in we’ll target them. Jason says if the Austin thing doesn’t work next week, then there’s Steve. Jason says whoever gets up there is going to target the twins. Jackie says that’s why I need to get rid of Austin first because he’s going to fight. Jason says he’s not as much of a beast as he would like to think he is. Jackie says he’s a talker and isn’t afraid to lie and do sh*t and f**k sh*t up. Jason says I don’t think he able to do it flawlessly. He lied to me one time and I was like yup look at his eyes. Jackie says we can do this if we all stick together. Top 7. Jason says Shelli, Clay, Meg, James, Me, You, Becky. Jackie says I like it. Jackie says we just need to start getting them out. Vanessa joins them and they talk about all the drama Audrey has caused. Jackie says she has to go. Jason says after we can wipe our hands clean without her here manipulating everyone’s games. They end their conversation and head to bed.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-22 04-33-39-279

5:10am “Get into the backyard its time for the Whack Street Boys!” Liz “I’m so pissed!”

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Buh Bye Audrey

At least the “other side” is talking about an alliance now. They just haven’t figured out that Shelli and Clay are playing both sides. Who will catch on first?


Vanessa or Jason


Clay’s gonna rethink about sowing them oats when he finds out Shelli doesn’t have any tread on them tires…queef city


Shelli is 33 years old…Clay is 23 years old…

This is hardly a Mrs. Robinson situation. You’re an idiot.

Wannabe Slash

Austin Is The Only Real Man In The House!!!!!!!


When is that? when he’s painting his nails or crying b/c his ‘girl’ is talking to any other male in the house? or maybe when he’s whining b/c his girl isn’t in the house? I can’t wait to see his reaction when he finds out the woman of his dreams voted out the guy he’s now calling a stalker.


oh wait, I misspoke….she DIDN’T vote out the stalker, she wanted him to stay.

Icky Ricky

It’s still GROSS!!! Any time it’s reversed with a man being 10 yrs older, women talk about how gross it is. I believe in this NEW WORLD “Equality”…….so women can now get equal hate. IT IS GROSS!!!!!!!


No. Its usually gross when it’s somebody as old as a grandparent and a 20 something. 40-something and 30-something isn’t a big deal to anybody. It’s because of the maturity of a young twenty-something and a thirty I something that makes it off. As for “gross,” the fact she compares him to her brother is what makes it gross.

Ms Anthrope

Wow dude, i don’t know what world you’re living in, but in the real world it’s been socially acceptable for men to be with women 30+ years younger for decades. Yeah it’s rather disgusting but it happens all the time and hardly anyone says a word. On the other hand, women get called cougars and many derogatory names for dating younger men, so it’s a giant double standard. If Shelli wants to get with Clay, all the power to her. It’s long past time women started to get equal treatment and not get put down for it.


I dunno If you we’re talking to me, but I’m not a dude. Lol. My SN is from last year, and based on Derrick’s whining. Second, I really do think it has to do with maturity. I’m 36 and my husband is 30, and we never get that reaction. However, if I were 30 and he 23, then people would react that way. The fact that today’s society expects our youth to be idiots well until they are 26-27 is what causes an age gap to become noticeable. Back in the day, you were married, kids, and expected to behave as an adult by the time you we’re 18.

Ms Anthrope

LOL @DealwithitDerrick, i just liked your comment and no i wasn’t talking to you, i was replying to Icky Ricky. Reading some of the comments on here i feel like i’m back in the dark ages in regards to attitudes towards women. So glad some people on here are modern in ideals and support equality. Congrats, i’m sure your hubby is awesome and age is just a number. If you are on the same maturity level than why does it matter?


It doesn’t, as long as you are on the same maturity level. That is what I was trying to say. The fact is that a human’s brain doesn’t fully mature until they are 25. Early 20’s and 30’s in a relationship are way different from 30’s and 40’s in a relationship. It is just a fact. And I don’t think guys are different. When you see an older man with a considerably younger female, the stereotype is that he is a pig, and she is a gold digger. There is no double standard because both situations are criticized.

dearest derrick

Well it makes sense why your defensive


Is this reading comprehension thing getting to you? Because at no point was I “defensive” or “defending” anything. I was theorizing on why the “age gap” is such a problem for people. But keep on keepin’ on, keyboard warrior. lol


Wow these cougars or cougars to be, are gettin pissed bro, seriously.
Speaking up for there pouncing.
Nobody comes between them and their house boys.


Awwwww…. poor baby. Online dating not going too well for ya? Lol. Or did a Mrs. Robinson break your fragile little heart? You know…there are plenty of Anonymous posters on this sight, but yours always manges to stand out because your butthurt just seeps through your comments. Lol


Derrick, Whoa there buck a roo the comments sound like they got to you. Deep breaths. Pay attention to more happier comments if any. Getting a rise out of you is gravy on there mashed potatoes.


My grandmother was a teen and went to see that movie. I had to ask her about a ms Robinson situation. So before my time. I see how you would be sensitive.


I cracks me up that Shelli won’t kiss Clay. It reminds me of Greg Marmalard and Babs Jensen with the latex gloves at the drive-in..

Tim D

Excellent Animal House reference!


Yes, it’s awesome to see the other side talking strategy and getting closer to an alliance. The question is will that side stop throwing the HOH? Generally speaking, it’s better to let the earlier HOH’s go, but this season people came out playing hard from jump and the Clay/Shelli/Vanessa/Austin side has only been in control because 3 of those 4 have been winning HOH. Meg, Jason, James, Jackie – time to step up…

another name

I’d bet steve will let it slip to vanessa once clay and shelly try to ratify the clayshellijohnsteve deal.


I really liked Liz at first and I’m slowly starting to hate her thanks to her relationship with Austin. He’s rude, gross, ignorant, annoying, and insane. He needs to be evicted before Jury. I’d rather watch Audrey wrapped in blankets and breaking rules than Austin trashing Steve and obsessing over Liz. Gross.


Austen’s hate for Steve is disturbing. I’ve seen lots of houseguests over the years not like someone, only natural but this is on a whole different level. The way Austin had talked about Steve from the beginning is just sad. Steve can’t even walk around the house, if Austin had his way Steve would just sit in the corner of the room and not move. Who does Austin think he is? The arrogance of Austin and Clay makes me want to vomit. The day these two on the block will be awesome, put them up against each other to make it even better.


I’m praying for a Johnny Mac HOH where he puts up some combination of Austin / Clay / Shelli. I do want to see Julia enter the house just because I think it’ll shake things up, but damn… the other side of the house needs to hurry up and start working against that crew. I don’t want to see them steamrolling through the rest of the season. Clay’s arrogance is incredibly annoying. I know Audrey brought a lot of her issues on herself, but he always talked down to her like he was her father and she was a child, it irked the hell out of me.


Would like Johhny to win too (anybody other than 6th Sense-less, or any derivative thereof),but I’m afraid he’ll just cannibalize the outsiders instead of going for Clay/Shelli/Vanessa/Austin. Partly because he really has no strong competitors from the other side that might help him survive taking on that side of the house.


I totally agree. What got me the most about Austin’s statement there is that it bugs him when “Steve walks around when we’re all up in the HOH”. Like Steve shouldn’t be taking note of that fact, like he’s somehow not allowed to be observing what other large groups are doing. That would be BB rule #1, yes? I wishwishwish that Steve would have the confidence to let (at least) JMac know that Audrey was telling the truth about the 6th Sense, and then JMac could talk to Becky, etc. Then, they’d be able to form at least a 1-week push to get Shelli\Clay\Van\Austin in the BOB and on the block…with Austin gone next week. Or Liz, but I’m thinking maybe Liz might be playing Austin and might be just fine with having him gone. Her and Julia could then align with Becky\Jason, etc., and maybe even “out” Vanessa\Clay\Shelli.

Beast Mode Cowpie

Believe it or not I think Austin might be jealous of Steve. I might be getting the twins mixed up here, but I thought it was Liz who said early on that she normally likes nerdy guys. On BBAD the other night I saw Liz and Steve having a conversation in the backyard and it was borderline flirty. It surprised me. Now I read how Austin is trashing Steve and acting just like he did towards Jeff after catching Liz under the covers with him. Austin is pretty possessive so could it be that he is trying to squash any kind of friendship between Liz and Steve?


I like Liz and Julia both (from what I’ve seen so far that can change) . But especially since Liz gave a brief indication of what her strategy was with Austin during the sister switch last week. I think sometimes what they say in conversations and do in strategy sometimes isn’t always what is going on in their heads due the current circumstances in the game. They seem to overtalk and sometimes overplay. That’s where the DR sessions shown can help . If she got physical with him that would be a different story though. As for Austin, he does sound pathetic at times and he’s territorial. But it’s not he’s stalking Liz like Caleb who was also very chauvinistic and disrespectful in Amber’s face with his little lady Me Tarzan you Jane mentality. Liz giggles and plays herself down to get on his level like it’s emotionally mutual to get what she wants. I want to see if she turns on him behind his back like a black widow spider or if she stays loyal to him when and if her sister comes in.

Like...I'm Jackie

I am growing tired of the kardashian wanna be with her…like…winey ass voice. It’s hilarious how she thinks she’s hot shit.


Jackie looks like the devil

another name

I’ve been trying to decide if she sounds more like Chandler’s girlfriend Janice from friends or Fran Drescher in the nanny…


I totally agree…Kardashian wannabe LMAO! I don’t think Jackie’s all that attractive either. I think Becky blows all of them away – she’s a beauty!


Becky for President!


She is annoying in that respect, I agree, but she’s got some smarts and a good BS meter for the ones in power, so she’s important that way. Let’s see what she can do about it. The Khardashian wannabe vibe is spot on.


I think that shelli and clay are playing both sides but they both are starting to get frustrated with how Vanessa is a sticking time bomb and always has something to yell about. Plus they both said they wanted to get Austin out to. So i can really see them start to drift to the side with Jason James and Meg. And next week its going to be Austin Vanessa or Liz because everyone is agreeing on that except pretty much those 3 and Steve. I want final 7 to be James Jason Clay Shelli Meg Becky Jackie and after that idc who wins


Meg is no Britney Hayes.
Maybe if we seen the flying vagina.
But I don’t believe she’d have the plumpness to compare anyway.


Love Britney Haynes. I always thought CBS should have hired her to do the BB interviews rather than Jeff Schroeder.


No JMac? I would replace James with JMac.


PS – I can see Clay and Shelli drifting to the other side too. Vanessa was an early favourite of mine, but she’s lost me with the over-reactions and the need for controlling micro-management.


I was beginning to be a fan of Vanessa too, be she got a bit too Helen-ish when she was HOH.


maybe I should be on Team Clay (with him being bi?) but have we ever seen such a BORING (good looking) house guest? zzzzz


I agree Clay is boring and very vain. As for good-looking, no way! Cody and Caleb are good-looking, Clay is just average. JMHO


I think letting the twins come in is a half way decent play for most of them. They are already playing with them, so they know what they are getting. Their other options would be an already evicted houseguest (which, they still might do, who knows). I mean, would you rather have Jeff (Jackie would, but that is it), or Audrey? I know CBS would love to send Audrey back in, but for the HG… I dont think so. Nothing worse than working hard to get someone out only to have them come back (Judd was probably the exception to this rule).

I also agree they need to get Austin out first. He will protect the twins. But *ALL* of this is predicated on *WINNING*. Jackie/Jason/Becky/Meg/James/JohnnyMac *NEED* to win both sides of this next HoH (like need to win like they need air to breathe) They can talk all they want about grand plans all they want, if they dont win, they cant enact them.

I guess since I am rooting for Clay (Gig’Em) I dont mind the game Shelli/Clay are playing right now. To be honest, most of the HG’s are playing a decent game. Everyone but Becky seems to be getting involved, trying to work with people, trying to get their bases covered. Lots of Social aspects going on by most of the HG’s right now. I find it interesting. I know a lot of folks like the drama, I dont. I like the strategy aspect. And OF COURSE there is lying, it is Big Brother. To quote the “esteemed” Mr. Grande: “It’s Big Brother, STOP telling the truth!”

Anyways, that is my .02 worth.


Becky is just there to give me wood bro…

is it just me

there’s nothing wrong with getting on the Clay train and as of last night we now know it stops at all stations

It is amusing how people dislike him because he lies. Ummm yes thats the point of the game. Don’t hate on the guy just cause he lies better then the the person you might have wanted to root for. He is by far the most tolerable guy in the house. He doesn’t call women hoes and bitches, he doesnt constantly talk about sex, he is loyal to his partener, does not stalk anyone does not hide and has a backbone to stick up for himself. I agree he might not be mr excitement but compared to the other men in the house its hard to find real reason to hate the guy.


I do not think people do not like him because he lies. They do not like him because, when someone else lies, he complains about liars(see his conversations with Shelli)


it’s annoying how they assume that if the twins don’t come in, it will automatically mean that jury member gets a 2nd chance. that is a really stupid way to play the game, assuming there is any sort of comeback. just like assuming there is an America’s player, then finally cluing in that oh, i guess it isn’t Audrey so there isn’t one. duh.

this season has a different set up of twists, you can’t play based on thinking that if twins enter there is no comeback, plus HGs in the house voted people out, why would any of them be on board with one of them coming back in the house. it seems like it would benefit everyone if someone who is already ‘in’ the house, i.e. julia, comes in. it makes easy targets to put both of them on the block, only one can come down.

austin really is annoying me as well, and i didn’t think i would say that ever. i think it is odd that he really believes jason is going to come over to his side when they break the news about the twins, i mean, that is pretty clueless about what is going on. both him and liz need to start actually spending more time with these people, instead of isolating themselves or getting into patterns. the only benefit of the chat is that he tells jason that it is final 10 that Julia will come in, not 5th eviction. that way they are more likely to continue to target austin, not the twins

clay/shelli still are blandly doing stuff that i dislike, and yet i don’t dislike them, i just don’t like them anyway.


They infer it based on the length of the season. The fact production has planned to bring in Julia if Liz lasts means production has an extra eviction in the schedule. If Liz goes there’s an HoH, PoV, and eviction time period not getting used. It would be easier to bring in an already evicted HG’s to fill in that spot than rearrange the time schedule to ignore the extra spot.
I doubt they will bring in anyone pre-jury though because that would mean they’d have to sequester and pay them to sit around.


Call me crazy but I would love for Jackie to win next HOH or the one after that and surprise us all. If she gets Austin out of this house, htne I am rooting for her to win this.
sorry not sorry.


If it is endurance comp then she has good shot at winning, based on her performance in the very first HOH comp.


Ricky, no personal slight against you. This is more a general observation and in good fun. I can’t stand the phrase “sorry not sorry”. So condescending and passive aggressive. Who has a quick and clever comeback for that phrase?


Austin is a creep but Liz deserve…

I love Jason but he lost the track about the hg´s game status. If they don´t break Vanessa-Shelli-Clay trio one of these will win, and the other side seems not realize that. Jason you are a big fan and you don´t have any solid…im over about this random convos…
At this moment i don´t know who i root for…

Canadian Kevin

I didn’t like seeing Jason planting seeds against JohnnyMac.

That kind of sucked.


Was that Jason? I’ll have to re-read it; I thought it was Jackie. Either way, I don’t like it. JMac is my favourite, and I reallyreally want to see what he’d do with an HOH.


Steve is probably the most weird hg of all time


Nah, That would be Austin hands down!


Anytime a 40 year old women goes after a 20 something year old boy that is wrong on so many levels. Shelli is nasty and should be ashamed of herself the way she is showing herself on TV. SHAME ON YOU SHELLI, SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!!!!!


Shelli is 33. Clay is 23. I’m sure no one would have a problem if their ages were reversed..


Oh I very much would have an effing problem. I have 2 daughters, if some weak chicken shit, that wants to control the relationship because he’s 10 years older and can’t handle a relationship with someone there own age tells me that the Bastard is immature and weak. When speaking to a woman of the same age, there tiny balls retract into their gutless self. They turn into a thumb sucking bitch!
But that’s just my opinion.


I think it depends and which age range we’re talking about…and of the individuals themselves. Nobody would have an issue if say, Clay were 30, and Shelli 40. Also, some folks in their 20s can be ‘old souls’ and can be equal partners with an older person. It all depends.


Nobody is thinking Clay is an old soul.
Straight up laughable.


I said “some folks”; I wasn’t meaning Clay specifically.


My poin, exactly!


I have a daughter as well. However, when your talking about the age between a 2yr old and a 10 year old… Man, they seem like worlds apart… But as they get older and older, and out of school, the age gap disappears.
Once you reach the age of 21 (In my eyes, its 18+ where I live), you’re an adult… and get to make grown up choices. Your brain has developed, and with a good upbringing (tools) you should be able to assess your situation, and change it if you need. Clay is not special needs, he is not a child; therefore, he can make his choices as he sees fit, without being scolded or judged. If you want to be like Austin and be creepy, paint your finger nails, and have the alias Judas… Go Hard! Even though I think Vanessa is a train wreck on too many meds… that’s her choice, not mine. Its Audrey’s choice to be a self centered lunatic…. she is an adult. And its the people around them that have a choice if they want to cater to the behavior, or not. Although they make me cringe, they have every right as an adult to express themselves. Too each their own.

Butters Mom

Shelly is 10 years older than Clay… not 20 years. They aren’t doing anything physical as far as Im aware. They are playing a game and Clay is an adult and responsible for his own actions… I havent seen Shelly going up to Clay’s hoh room staying in his bed… .


Umm Shelli is 33 yo


That’s right shame on you Shelli


It’s a showmance folks. Shelli not looking for after show relationship with Clay. She wants to be an actress. Not raise a husband.


When did 33 become 40 and 23 become 20? Clay is all over Shelly it’s not the other way around she hasn’t even allowed a kiss as far as I can see. She’s the one talking about how he needs to go and explore and have a life he’s young and he’s the one thinking he’s in love. How do you say SHAME on you? She hasn’t done anything to deserve that in regards to her relationship with Clay.

Who Cares

Interesting not one comment on the fact that Austin is 30 and Liz is 23. That because it is only seven year age difference vs 10? Or because he’s male and the older one?


Everybody has been calling Austin a creep and a perv…and so have I, and the age difference is one of the reasons I call him creep and a perv.
So there it is there


I love how Jackie says “I need to get Austin out” You Jackie do and will do nothing. And you only speak about this to try and get people off the scent of you doing nothing. You want to continue doing nothing and slide through this game without anyone noticing. Not happening mush mouth.

Jackie makes Meg look like a genius and that’s not easy to do. Jackie is perhaps more dumb than Clay..and that is very sad.


No. Shame in you!! If the guy is older no one care!! But the iverse situation all the hipocrits stand up!! If they like each other is all that matter . he is an ADULT!! Seems every one are open about tangender now but about something só trivial like age difference its all about critized…what a dumb


Austin, Liz, and Vanessa look like there going to be bitter jurors. Austin going to be like u lied to my face about putting me up so for that u not getting my vote. Liz is going to vote for who ever tells her she looks pretty on finally night. and Vanessa going to be the emotional of them all and she going to tell everybody about her deal she had with the person at the end. even thou its the most one sided deal ever she going to be we had a deal u want nominate me ur friends want nominate me you’ll use the POV on me. if im on the block and you’ll campaign for me and u said you’ll throw the veto to me if its me and u on the block. and you’ll take me to the end but I don’t have to do none of that for u and u agreed to it.


Austin is the Caleb of this season. He is obsessed with Lizia. It’s creepy.


Clay and Shelli kissed for the first time last night and went under the covers to cuddle I think. They also admitted they want more with each other when they leave the house.


Wow, I was totally wrong about them. I want to see her brother’s reaction to Clay’s face.


Yeah, I thought it was more a friend vibe too, but hey, feelings grow (bad and good) when you’re in somebody’s company 24/7. I hope they keep it “dignified” for their sakes when back “outside”.


jason if you just replace james with johnny that would be a great final 7. shelli and clay are bad but i feel like austin, liz, vanessa and julia all need to get taken out first. they are worse


Can NOT stand anything about that haughty narcissist Jackie. Must be LV show-girl mentality that every HG is beneath her. She’s just a nobody LOSER lookin for stardom through CBS and she really thinks she’s somethin. Would love to see her gone before jury


The fact that they compared Meg to goddess Britney is sickening


If they ever have an All Stars season…Britney Hayes has to be in it…love her


Clay tells Shelli, “I am sowing my wild oats as well as exploring my Bi side. That is what drew me to you so quickly. When you have your long mane in (hair extensions) you remind me of Mr. Ed.”


Don’t forget her horse teeth. Naaaaaaaaaa!


Austin = the dumb Rasputin


soooo gooood that I spilt coffee on myself while laughing
I call him Creature From The Black Lagoon but I like yours better

Desirae's mom

Did I miss something. ????? or are the have-nots drinking on BBAD last night. ????


I’m pretty sure JMac and Becky were in the pool at the time, but Jackie maybe (?) Audrey was…you know.

another name

Jackie says she’d rather keep someone here who is fighting for it. waittaminute.
by her logic Jace should be in the house and Jackie should be sitting at home.
wouldn’t pin my hopes on this braintrust that decided Austin is the brains of the other alliance anyway… but d’oh.

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production I got a good final 4 team
here my though
showmance vr showmance
Austin an liz vr shelly clay
man that whould be real good
I don’t think that never happen before
so many people want Austin gone
so many people respect shelly in the game
so many people friends with clay in the game
so many people want liz out of the game too
you see what I mean it whould be good if this happen
that’s why I thinlk Austin an julai should win this hoh


It kind of happened in BB All Stars with Will, Janelle, Boogie, and Erika. Of course it was obvious then that the showmances were strategy. But still, a showmance filled final four did happen.


So many people dislike your comment

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… I have a twin?
I left for physiotherapy right after my Jackie comment when that comment went up and my brother was at work. okay. it’s all good.


Shelli and Clay really improved their position this week by talking to Jason.

They should be the biggest targets in the game but now they’ll be able to pivot to either side of the house next week and probably stay off the block.

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hey what do all think the next hoh will be


Few questions because I’m genuinely curious.

1) Why all the hate for Austin? Yes, he likes/stalks/creeps on Liz. Yes, he is meat head Rob Lowe and he seems like a decent dude but reading everywhere people seem to hate the guy. Is it because he has a gf at home? Or is it because the dude would literally give up his whole game to be the meat shield ie, Caleb?

2) Where is Shelli and Clay’s allegiance?

I thought it was with the 6th sense alliance but it seems not to be with Clay saying he wanted to get Austin out. BTW, I think that’s a horrible game play move on their part if that’s the case. I think it would be smart to keep him around as a target.

3) And lastly, I think they’re NO likable people in the house this year besides JohnnyMac. It’s so weird because usually there’s a clear divide within the players and I like one side or another. This year, I don’t care.


1) Not everyone hates Austin a lot of people like him. There’s a vocal bunch that don’t like him and that’s what makes it appear like he has no fans.
2) They are playing the middle and will lean towards who has power. The only person I think they are 100% with ride or die is Vanessa.
3) I find the entire house likeable this year Some more than others but generally a good bunch in my books.


I really don’t get all the Austin creeper/stalker comments. Liz openly admitted she is “hoeing” herself to keep her and Julia there. If someone you like is flirting with you the way she is with him, you’re going to be doing the same back. She’s very good at what she does so I don’t get why he’s the creep when she’s taking advantage of him and the fact that he’s apparently a pretty gullable guy for believing what she’s throwing out there is real. I know it’s a game but not a fan of the kind of game she’s playing with him. Karma will get her tho.


I only have something to add to 1): Austin comes across as arrogant, entitled, and extremely young for his age, which is mostly shown through an inFLATED ego about his intellectualism, and his over-romanticism and cluelessness over Liz. He is entirely dismissive of those he feels are weak (Steve). He’s just not likable in any way for me…and I wanted to like him. He’s been a disappointment so far, big time.


I like Jason, but he smokes like a freight train. I bet he has some serious dragon breath lol.


I totally agree on the Dragon breath.
But he’s been in the BB house.
In the outside world I’m sure he has Dragon/penis breath.

Audrey's Holy Spirit

And I shall continue to live on forever happily ever after big brother. As the first ever houseguest to sit out a power of veto ceremony.

Twistin' for the win!

Ok…is it me or does anyone else have issue with Steve ASKING Shelly if it’s ok with her to talk to Audrey…? When the eff did Shelly become the CEO of that house? She is a good player, I will give her that, but when did she instill in them they have to go through for her about everything and why are they acting like sheep? Especially the BB historians. This surprises me the most. For Jason (my fav) and Steve to have so much knowledge about the history and antics of the previous seasons and guests, and NOT be using that to their advantages is beyond my understanding. They both should be kicking ass in the strategy department in such a way that it doesn’t matter who is in power!

As for Shelly/Clay – I look at Clay and think to myself – you are two years older than my son. There is no way I would want him caught up with a female 11 years his senior. He has zero life experience at this point and next year, won’t even think the same way. Shelly has enough experience to know this. She should refrain from taking her relationship with him any further because SHE is the one who is going to be hurt and embarrassed. When Clay gets out of the house, his boys will be slapping him on the back for hooking up with an older woman and “hitting that” but his mother is going to set him straight real quick. There will be no – outside of the house relationship for them that is lasting. I don’t have a problem with the age difference when BOTH are at a mature age, but Clay is a kid, point blank. – He just got out of high school and college for pete’s sake and probably doesn’t even know how to balance his party/responsible life. When he comes to, he will see this as an experience with an older woman and that’s it. She isn’t long relationship/marriage material for him…he just doesn’t know it yet.


Yeah, that bugged me too, but more because Steve felt he “needed” to ask, i.e., cowtowing. PS – I think they should not be giving Audrey any attention at all. Ignoring sulks and tantrums works with young children.


I don’t think Steve was asking permission to talk to Audrey but rather asking if it was the right thing to do. Steve isn’t the most socially adept individual so he’s relying on Shelli to let him know if it’s a good idea to talk to Audrey. Steve doesn’t want to upset Audrey and have her come and strangle him with the blanket. He knows he is not a good judge of another’s emotional temperment so he wanted to run it by someone else first.


That makes sense too.

Twistin' for the win!

Hmmm….you’re right. I hadn’t thought about it that way. It does make sense…I guess… (admitting this grudgingly! LOL) 🙂 Good point.


This is cut from the summary above:

“Steve comes over to ask Shelli if its okay if he goes to tell Audrey about her (Shelli’s) speech about how she encouraged everyone to be nice to her.”

He was just asking Shelli if it was OK with her if he told Audrey what Shelli said. Which is the proper and polite thing to do.


Agree about Jason and Steve having knowledge of previous seasons that they should be using to their strategic advantage instead of showing off by sharing everything with everybody.

As far as Shelli/Clay goes, not even sure why anybody would be having conversations about relationships with strangers they know on a very limited basis. It’s one thing to acknowledge mutual attraction,but it really gets in the way of game play. If the connection is genuine,table it and re-visit on the outside. I’m not a fan of showmances at all. Otherwise I’d watch those cheesey shows like ‘The Bachelor’.


Well then. Coddled much? This is half the reason why some men are so immature. I’m 25 and by 23 I had two university degrees and a job, and was on the way to buying my first home. Sure, I partied in university, but assuming a 23 year old man is supposed to be out sleeping with women is so immature in my mind. Good on Clay for not treating women this way. Nice to know there are still men who were taught how to treat women.

skeptical onlooker

I decided to watch Audrey’s Big brother interview.
Well…she comes off as cool, calm and strong. She was going to infiltrate the guys alliance…oh…and win the whole shebang.
She will..she says…be like no one else. She will be AUDREY. Janelle..and Rachel. ( except, of course..better 🙂
She won’t let anyone know how REALLY smart she is. How STRONG!!
Oh, Snap!!! ( and I don’t mean that…her..umm…well..whatever. 🙁
But…strong is not the description that comes to mind.
I….apropos her telling Vanessa..* that she doesn’t like leaving the house….*
She can go hiking, kayaking, camping.etc, etc, etc..( as per interview)…when she’s back home.
I’m thinking Audrey wasn’t being too truthful. eyeroll.
And…QUITE a difference…all made up and then transitioning into the Ghost of Xmas past.
I hope she gets help. Because..this has to be mortifying. It’s going to be around forever. And..she doesn’t deserve that. It’s cruel and unusual punishment.
I think Audrey’s being lying to herself…and had unreal expectations. She built castles in the air…believed she was the queen of all she surveyed.
Delusions bring disappointment. And..those castles crumbled into quicksand. What eill be the most difficult or her…I how she bullied people. Gloated over the evictions….and crushed the dreams of contestants…with lies. Just because she could.


And that feeling of mortification is the reason I feel for her a bit. Yes, she’s the architect of her own faulty tower (to use your analogy), but this is going to follow her for a while. Thank you, Internet.

skeptical onlooker

* Fawlty Towers*. SO hilarious!! That show still makes me laugh 🙂

Just Mauid

Dawg has just overtaken Audrey in the “favorite HG poll”. Go Dawg!


She has grunted. Surely she’s gone to the bathroom…in the bathroom, right?


That makes you more popular than a sweet little ‘ol bear cub.


This is Great!
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Rational Mind

I think Austin has a problem with Steve because he sees himself in Steve. Before steroids. Austin had said previously he was homeschooled and somewhat of an outcast, hence the alter ego, the hair, etc. it’s sad to me the way most of these people are treating Steve. I think it’s pretty clear he has some form of Aspberger’s or something similar. This atmosphere has to be extra stressful for him.

Right on the money

Simon, Dawg, wouldn’t it be a blast to change Audrey’s pic to the Ghost of Xmas Past (thank you, Skeptical Onlooker for that one!)..Just saying 🙂


Clay is being very careful with his pronouns, “its not gratifying for me to go out, bring SOMEONE home, sleep with THEM and then kick THEM out.”

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half of the Austin and steve stuff is an arrangement between Austin and steve.
steve told Austin to keep making the creepy comments so nobody realizes that they have a game connection.
the other half? the constantly holding things… he is relying on props. a lot. like there could be a montage of steve with something in his hands that could go on for days as a slideshow.
I think he’s doing it on purpose. just not sure what the purpose is…
some of the private things Austin says are pretty rude in regard to steve. given. some of them are part of the Austin steve plan. where do you draw the line? (probably at saying steve’s a target).


I’m going to need Liz to stop talking about Day and saying that Day had a bad attitude. I know she’s just trying to make herself feel better for voting Day out after she saved her ass the first week but she needs to stop.


I think Clay is going to be quite surprised by Shelli. He is going on the premise that she is a “Georgia Peach”. She has told him that she is just not playing BB…… Hint, Hint {she is playing you}, he told her she is a stone, cold, fox. Yes, Clay, you said the words, but you are not believing them. She is cold, and hard as nails, and Clay you are thinking she is a “fox” in terms of looks, honey, you should be thinking in terms of sly, and sneaky. Shelli and Vanessa have both talked about “A Woman should Win this year”, that does not include you!!! You are being used, Vanessa wanted to use Austin, LOL, instead she got a Whiney, jealous little girl!!


Ya know, i am not knocking Shelli and Clay’s “thing” they got going on, but it does seem a bit creepy on some level. I guess it’s because there’s a double standard on the woman being older, but she just seems WAY more mature than him. I’ll think she’ll break his heart. There is kind of a coldness and phony-ness about her that i find quite unappealing. But whatevs! If Clay is into it, so be it!


Clay all I gotta say is got get sheli btws ur soooo hot awesome job both clay and shelli go fuck ur self James and his crew