Jason “That would be using production as strategy so I don’t know why that would be allowed.”

POV Holder: Vanessa Next POV July 18th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 20th
HOH Winner Team 1: Liz HOH Winner Team 2: Shelli
Nominations 1 : Jackie & James Nominations 2: Jason & Johnny Mac
Battle of the Block Winner James and Jackie Next HOH/ Next BOB July 23rd / July17th
Original Nominations: Jason & Johnny Mac
Current Nominations: JohnnMAC and Audrey
Have Nots Jackie, Audrey, JohnnyMac and Becky

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-22 09-18-13-876
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8:50am Jason and JMac are out on the backyard couches. Jason says I gave ya’ll miserable and ya’ll didn’t want it. So now they’re going to keep pressing that damn button throughout the night till you’re miserable. Just act like you’re miserable. Johnny asks you want me to be miserable next time? Jason says yeah maybe then they’ll be like mission accomplished. Jason says says just pretend, I know nothing makes you miserable. Just pretend. Jason says that Liz has been miserable since the third time we’ve done it. Johnny says okay I’ll be miserable and sad. Johnny says its way worse than gronk party. Jason agrees. Jason says he checked in the DR for Jackie when havenots would end and they said Friday. You started Saturday, you end Friday midnight. Honestly though if I was you and they were putting me through this sh*t and being a havenot where they’re letting someone cheat on the rules. My a$$ would have been done eating. Full stop! I would have been like, so how many hours do I have to be in here (DR) till you let me eat pizza?! Johnny says we’ll we can end it for her in a day. Jason says the way I get questions about it makes it sound like its not that serious (Audrey). But then that would be using production as strategy so I don’t know why that would be allowed. Johnny says I don’t know what is going on. She doesn’t ay anything to us. All I can say is that she’s done this before to a milder extent. Johnny says the only other time he remembers is Amanda Hansen. Johnny says first time someone doesn’t attend the veto meeting. Jason says the only other time was Jocasta but she was saved. Jason says after seeing a random name on Jackie’s mic it makes me think someone here is an a word (alternate). Not that it matters because we’re all here now. Johnny wonders if there will be a punishment with every battle of the block? Jason says no I don’t think so. Wearing the costume is fine its that they’re getting us up throughout the night to dance like monkeys. Jason heads back to bed.

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9:50am – 10:15am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Becky joins Johnny Mac on the backyard couches. Steve comes out looking for his necklace. Johnny Mac says he thinks he saw Jason with it. Steve heads inside looking for it and asks Clay/Shelli if they’ve seen it. Clay tells Steve to stop taking it off and leaving it places. Steve says he took it off to go in the pool because the rule book says not to wear jewellery in the pool. Steve continues searching. Johnny mac tells him its around, we’re not going anywhere. Steve says but the backyard is. If we weren’t getting locked inside soon I wouldn’t be as worried. Johnny goes to workout with Austin while they still have the backyard. Becky, Clay and Shelli talk about working out and yoga.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-22 09-55-00-869

10:25am Austin, Clay and JMAC workout.

Clay and Shelli talk on the backyard couch. Clay asks what I brought up last night.. do you think we should do that? Shelli asks what? Clay says Jason & Meg. Shelli says and John & Jackie too. Clay says yeah. And asks should we bring up the final 4 thing? Shelli says at least open up that line of communication and see what they think. They’re the ones that said it. Clay asks would Meg tell James because that’s all I’m worried about. Shelli says I don’t know if she would. Clay says I think she would. Shelli says just ask them and see how the conversation goes or how she feels about it. Again its not our idea is their idea. Clay says we have to be careful being loyal to too many people. If I do win, there won’t be many to put up. Shelli says it looks like he (Austin) might be the target this week. Clay says yeah theres are 3 targets in front of us .. Austin, Liz and Steve. When she (Julia) comes in then.. Shelli says we have to start targeting people within our group to make it not look obvious. Like he (Austin) would have to be the one we do that with since people are already saying his name. Becky joins them and the conversation ends.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-22 10-34-15-966

10:35am – 10:50am Shelli asks if Audrey has talked at all. Becky says no she said thank you when I put down the food but that was all. Shelli says it just so sad. I guess she’s going to do that till Thursday. Becky says Audrey did a good job of freaking people out when they were on the block and making them think they were going home. And now she’s on the block, she’s not a havenot anymore, the lights can be left off during the day, you don’t have to attend meetings, you should have meals prepared for you. Which I did for the first 36 hours because I didn’t know about the medication but I am like OKAY you’re not medicated. They did not say at the meeting Audrey is sick and cannot come …it was Audrey has opted out. So it wasn’t medical because they would have deemed it medical otherwise. Its hard because when I’ve seen Meg and Jackie be picked on by her when they’re on the block and now when she’s on the block she cant walk or talk. We don’t have people waiting with pitch forks out here. We have a lot of people wanting to talk to her. Wanting to be nice. Showing that the house is here if she needs it. I find myself constantly going back and forth being like you signed a contract too and wanting to be kind. It’s like you were not kind and forgiving to those before you.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-22 10-48-59-085

11:20am – 11:35am Johnny asks do you think Audrey is going to try anything or is she down for the count? Clay says I don’t think so. It will be interesting to see if she even shows up for the meeting tomorrow. Johnny says this is the best thing she can do, just not say anything. Clay agrees.

12pm – 12:30pm Shelli joins Clay by the hammock. Clay says its exactly why we have to stay extremely close to that side because if they win 2 weeks in a row .. Austin’s gone, Liz could be gone. Shelli says well shoot my idea of the four some doesn’t work any more. (Clay, Shelli, Meg and Jason) Shelli tells Clay to touch on it with them to see what they think. Shelli says we’re going to have to do whatever we can to protect Vanessa. Clay says we just have to win. Shelli asks who would you put up? Clay says Becky. And maybe Austin to make it look like we’re not with him. Shelli says that would be really bad. She says Jason made a good point you don’t want to piss off the twins because they’re two votes in jury. Clay says obviously Becky and Jackie but that’s scary. Shelli says you can’t put them up together. Definitely can’t put up Johnny again. We can’t do that to him any more. Clay says we only have Becky, Jackie or Steve to put up. Shelli says it dangerous to put up Steve .. we want to stay in good with him. Jason joins them. Shelli says we were just talking about the conversation we had last night about the twins and Austin. Jason says I think that might be the plan for next week? Clay asks who would you put up? Jason says well Steve came to me for a 1 week deal but he doesn’t want to win HOH so that’s a one sided deal. Jason says Jackie was thinking it would be good to backdoor Austin but I think it would be better to just put him up. These comps aren’t going to be made for him. I would put him up with Steve. Becky joins them.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-22 12-17-50-211
12:20pm In the kitchen – Liz tells Austin that Audrey is acting like a baby. I’m not playing any more. She is an embarrassment to our cast. Austin says stand up and cast a spell on all of us ..like I curse you.

12:25pm Big Brother blocks the feeds.

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I survived last seasons BB

I truly wonder how Audrey was cleared as a Contestant. I kinda believe had it not been for the Caitlynn Jenner story and all the publicity it got, that Audrey would not have made the Cast, for psychological reasons

If this is the case, that would truly be pathetic on the part of BB Casting and Brass. It victimizes not just Audrey but the whole group of Players

I hope I’m wrong on this one


Who do you think casting is? FBI profilers? Have you ever worked with someone and heard of a crazy story about them, then be like “I cant believe it, they seems so nice?!” Ya, she obviously knows how to play the system. She’s a manipulator. Period. No mental illness, just an emotionally abusive person. If she had a mental illness and started hearing voices or wanting to hurt herself, then she would be gone, no question. Having a temper tantrum, and being sad, IS NOT A MENTAL ILLNESS!


You do know that mental illness encompasses a lot more than just your stereotypical “hearing voices” right?You also have to remember that Audrey even talked about her chemical dependency. I doubt she’s talking about taking Flintstone Vitamins.


I believe you are right. The bad news is the spin the media will take on it will not be positive and my try and harm the transgender community. She is seriously playing like a hurt party and trying to get pity votes to stay. I just don’t know how someone can sleep that much. Remember a couple days ago she was asking for Zanex? Makes me wonder of she is faking it for pills.

Like...I'm Jackie

Audrey is a master manipulator. This is all part of it. She was caught in all her bullshit. This is her last ditch effort to get sympathy from everybody. My friends ex husband said over and over to anyone that would listen he wanted to kill himself. Guess what? That bastard is still alive and he convinced people that my friend was the evil one that threw him out. She’s not crazy.

I survived last seasons BB

You bring up a valid point..Perhaps She is just manipulating,perhaps not..The lack of eating,social activity and panic breathing are signs of clinical depression which is an illness though..Either way.. the heart of My post was if others also thought CBS picked Audrey based on the Caitlynne Jenner buzz and not based on Her being a solid Candidate for the game ?


A valid point for sure. One thing though, clinical depression doesn’t come on “overnight”; it’s a slower slide than that, and can be an even slower rise back up.


I hope Audrey isn’t laying low and waiting to pull out the coup d’etat or diamond power of veto. I would be worried on Thursday if she gets happily ready and smiley for the live show. But I guess the public should find out on tonights show or the beginning of Thursdays live show.

Eric CA

Mr Wizard wonky Big Brother Powers require they are won, voted on by America or HoH… Audrey has none of those things…. production can’t just give Audrey a power, the would, but I guess they did not see this coming so they had no time to rig one. My guess is someone is coming back and that someone is Audrey… by an Overwhelming Vote Audrey return to the Big Brother House… something like that.


Curious if they have recently called her to the DR. Do you know?


I think they are as done with her as everyone else is.


I don’t believ her issues are psychological. I mean seriously she didn’t start to show any signs outside of being paranoid until she was sure she was going on the block and going to be evicted. They’re many others like her that cope with that everyday and don’t behave the way she is game or not. I believe she either thought because of her situation she held an advantage and who knows maybe BB played that card with her look at all the favors they’re allowing for her when know other house guests get them.or she’s just spoiled. If there were psychological reason BB would get her help and help would continue to check on her. Besides that five hour missing in action she hasn’t been gone that long to DR sessions. I think at this point CBS is trying to save face because she is transgender and is afraid of any potential backlash from the public if do anything different other then what they’re doing. It’s nothing wrong with Audrey. Even Becky said production said it wasn’t medical.


Audrey should been gone by now!!!!


Ok, there are 3 pieces of luggage sitting in the storage room. The person in the blanket does not look like Taudry. Can anyone look at that still shot any closer?


Completely understand Jason’s frustration. I am a true believer that when you sign up for something, you deal with it because you put yourself in that position. Audrey is milking the hell out of this. Production keeps telling the hg everything is fine with Audrey & if Audrey was having some extreme break down they would def let her leave. I mentioned this in another post that Audrey is humiliated that she is getting the boot. She realizes she messed up & can’t talk/lie/manipulate her way out of it. I am sure she feels even more insecure that this took place on tv. What she does not seem to be that upset about is her behavior. I would feel mortified by myself if I behaved the way she has. She is carrying on like she is being tortured & dying. I fully believe she loves the fact everyone is attending to her like the victim she loves playing,but like the spoiled brat she truly is, she rather mope, pout, not talk to people etc. She is making herself look way worse than just being put up for eviction. It’s horrible that she is allowed to ignore rules that others are forced to play by. Audrey is pathetic & she should stay hidden under blankets to keep the shame buried deep. Definitely can’t wait till Thursday because I am tired of the Audrey pity party. I am curious how they will edit all this for tonight’s show.

Twistin' for the win!

You are so on point with your analysis – you NAILED it! Audrey is a fake. If Production gives her some sort of power to stay when this week was a no-takeover week, I truly will quit watching and being a fan because I won’t be able to trust the authenticity of the actual game. It would stop being a social experiment/ game and start being a scripted weekly show to me. It would completely destroy the enjoyment I get out of watching the weekly shows and feeds, reading the blogs, and going back and forth with fellow fans of the game. It is actually hard to stomach what they are allowing right now; her walking around in a blanket like a lunatic, grunting and heavy breathing, failure to interract in a decent way with the other HGs, negating the rules (have-not), lack of teeth brushing, showering and general hygiene practices…all because she is a sore loser?

It is borderline ridiculous. It is also ridiculous that people are attempting to blame it on her meds and being a trans. If this is the case, shouldn’t we expect other public transgenders to start flipping their shit publicly – i.e. Caitlyn. Quite honestly, Audrey is a poor sport trying to use her life choices as the reason she’s a poor sport. You REAP what you sow and she was NOT a good player or a good person to the other guests. What sticks out in my mind is her lying on Jason that almost got him booted… No – this chick is faking hoping to pull a fast one. Let’s hope the fast one is a quick eviction meeting so we can get to the business of the next HOH, because, quite frankly – I am sick and tired of reading about this woman and find myself skipping 85% of the posts just to find one to read where she is not the topic.

Thanks for your post…you done good!


Shelli kissed her brother last night I mean Clay up in the HOH Shelli got a thing for her brother


Eeewwww! Yeah, watching their little childlike romance blossom is not very interesting. A bit boring actually. Wish they did not get much camera time. Praying that tomorrow the game will turn up a bit.


Shelli kissed her brother…and she liked it. The taste of his cherry chap stick.


I keep checking back in expecting Audrey to be pulled from the game. WTH CBS?


I may have missed this because I don’t read this site as often as I should, nor can I watch the live feeds…

But what is going on with Audrey where everyone saying they should pull her from the game? Or the mental illness thing? Is it all because she lied? or am I missing something here?


I may have missed this because I don’t read this site as often as I should, nor can I watch the live feeds…

But what is going on with Audrey where everyone saying they should pull her from the game? Or the mental illness thing? Is it all because she lied? or am I missing something here?


She got caught in her lies and got in a big argument with Shelli and Clay and then had a breakdown and spent over 5 hours in the diary room.
She was put on the block after the veto was used but she never even showed up for the ceremony. All she does is lay in bed and not talk to anyone.


At this point I am just really sick of CBS and Audrey… Do they realize what kind of precedent they are setting by letting Audrey do whatever she wants even though she is an havenot?? IDAF if she is a transgenger, she is a houseguest before anything else and it is simply not fair to the other people in the house. So next week if one contestant becomes an havenot and decides not to follow the rules what is CBS going to say?? These guys truly ruined the game now, just get Audrey the hell out of the house or punish her for breaking the rules. Her sitting in her room and moping around does not make me feel bad for her and if she had a physiological problem then she should have never been in the game


I think production is just as fed up with her BS as everyone else. At this point , its obvious she’s going home for good so why not let her break a few rules along the way. Its better than having her holed up in the DR and delaying the show schedule until she gets her way. I feel like Audrey is holding BB hostage and I cant wait until she leaves. What I don’t get is why people on twitter and other sites feel that the hg’s owe her something. They don’t have to interact with her or bring her food. Audrey is not in a hospital and they are not orderlies. Apparently production also informed them she “opted out”—illness was never mentioned. Watching this whole thing unfold has taken the show somewhere it did not need to go. I’ve never seen anything like this. Over it already– its too much.


LOL what if she refuses to leave the House after she’s evicted? Since it’s a “live” show, will CBS show Security removing her from the House? Can’t wait for Thursday!


LOL! Tomorrow’s live show ratings are going to be off the chart. It’s funny how the drama is not about who’s leaving but HOW ! Cant wait!!


No I disagree, I just think that CBS is scared to take any actions agaisnt Audrey because she is a transgender… When have you ever heard of an houseguest skipping veto ceremony to sleep and mope??? When have you ever heard of an havenot being able to eat regular food(without slop pass)???? When have you ever seen people sleep whenever they want??? Even if you are not nominated you are required to go, so why didn’t she attend the meeting???? Im telling you that later the season someone is gonna be a havenot and decide to not follow the rules. I would like to see what CBS would say about that.


And CBS is afraid the LBGT will file a lawsuit. Liberal Hollywood lol


Oh please, they’re not that shallow. Plenty of LGBT people are sick of Audrey.

Guy From Canada

Apparently Amanda Hansen from a previous big brother was the first to skip as stated by Jason (before I started watching)

Jim Lahey

I cant remember exactly but I think she was hypoglycemic and fainted. That’s the only reason she was allowed to skip, I think.
Jenn (Evel Dicks season) shes the one who cried about her picture on the wall being “ugly”? she ate cottage cheese and an apple and a cookie ect ect when she was on slop and said she didn’t care about the penalty. They sent her packing anyway.


i feel cbs could step in and impose punishments of being forced to sit out comps for not participating as a have-not, and other things that would not affect audrey’s position (as she’s going home), but would in most cases encourage people vested in working towards staying to following the rules even when it looks likely they’re going home with the hope of changing minds. i dunno, on the flip side if that were the punishment maybe someone could try to claim i can’t even compete as hoh so why not vote out the other guy or use it to deflect being a target, but it’d at least be something to address the current situation.


If I was Transgender, Audrey is the last person I would want “representing”!

what a fail and waste of an eviction. Just send her packing NOW.

Twistin' for the win!

It just occurred to me – she made a big deal about being the “first transgender in the house!” Bet the bitch will be the last!


I’m not an advocate of the LGBT community, but I hope this isn’t used to disqualify other transgenders from competing. Audrey is an individual. Just like Donald Trump isn’t all conservatives Audrey isn’t all transgenders. I’m sure they can find some that are not going to turn into Gollum.


Can you imagine Zach from last season with these people this season? Damn maybe he could have made this season interesting.


That’s a big Amen, Ricky.


Too funny


What a great thought! Zachary Attack would never leave Taudry alone in there. He was so vocal and would have toyed with her constantly. He was terrific to watch.


Ugh…I typed Zach and iPad corrected with Zachary.


That would have been awesome!!!


Bring Zankie back!!!!


I bet the BB casting crew is very surprised JohnnyMac is the most popular HG.

He just grows on you. lol


Audrey’s really taking Jeff’s eviction hard. Buck up girl, he’s swimming in poontang outside the house.

Twistin' for the win!

I’m hoping you were being sarcastic about her taking Jeff’s eviction hard – the bitch is taking her OWN pending eviction hard.


Self pity is also a way of being manipulative.

Get Gronked

It’s too bad this didn’t happen last week. We could have had a Gronk Pity Party!

What is going on

Would BB really hire an extra to play for Audry if they thought something was wrong. I thought they would just tell the HG that she left and that there would be no eviction. Jason is good when it comes to noticing things. But why would the name be on jackie’s mic.

another name

way off topic i’m sure. I was slow to start with this season. didn’t watch or see any of the pre-season stuff.
Audrey Jace and James have mug shots?
And Audrey and Jace’s arrests are from the same county in Georgia?
oh. learn something new every day.
how did I miss that?


If I was a have not I would not eat the slop. I would tell production that it’s not fair that Audrey just got out of being a have not because she’s having a little temper tantrum and I’m going to eat what I want when I want as long as she does also.

Austin's Glasses

When is anyone going to find out that Shelli and Clay are playing both sides?! It’s annoying that Clay and Shelli think they are gods and it pisses me off more that everyone treats them like one also!


where is the takeover!?
Is “whack street” this weeks takeover?
Or is the takeover that’s there isn’t a takeover this week and they’re messing with us?
Did they cancel the takeover cuz of Audrey?
Anyway. Looking forward to tonight’s episode and what spin they’re gonna put on the entire situation this week.


this whole Audrey business is getting on my last nerve. If I was in the house I probably would have been nice for like 8 hrs then be done with her. If she wants to eat she can get up and make it herself. She reminds me of my kid when she throws one of her tantrums. It is complete BS she is not on slop anymore and doesn’t have to go to meetings. I do know this… If she survives tomorrow or comes back as a fan favorite this season I will stop watching this show.


Instead of kicking Audrey out for breaking house rules, let her stay hidden away until Thursday and just quietly shuffle her out the back door just before live taping begins. She also broke or did not follow rules and therefore is void of all payments due for time in the house. She came, she saw, she leaves with nothing.

Bunny Slipper

So what happens if Audrey refuses to leave? Do they just leave her in the have nots? Keep bringing her food?


With Audrey hiding away and not living by the house rules, the best penalty is to have her stay in the house; Thursday night, just before the live show begins, have her quietly leave out the backdoor (no TV time, no interview). She also signed a contract to play, if her actions are in violation of said contract, then her payment is void.

She came, she saw, she leaves with nothing.


hey someone else already said that a couple posts up

….. oh wait it was just you posting the same thing twice

Just a player

So by looking at all the pics of austin and liz laying together and i am 1000% that liz is NOT into austin…i cant find one pic where she is turned toward him…..its always him turned toward her and her facing straight up. The best is the one on this post of them sleeping!!! He is chokeholding her and it looks like she is straining back to not feel his arm lmao!! Im gonna get bad karma cuz i cant wait till she flips on him. We might get audrey part 2!!! Austin will make a good ghost lol

Big Daddy

Why is anyone surprised by Audrey’s behavior? It is not like she didn’t warn us all on at least 3 occasions, including in her initial interview with Jeff before entering the house, that her personality was like that of Dexter Morgan.

is it just me

Dexter had the decency to fuck off and dissapear


To be fair to the other houseguest they should at least give her penalty votes.

Wannabe Slash

Austin Is going to win HOH and send Steve home. This will send a message to the rest of the house, he’s not afraid to pull the trigger on such strong players. Then both the twins will have the pleasure of sleeping with a stud.


Why are the houseguests not talking about the fact that there has been no twist announced so far this week? Their complacency in having Audrey on the block and having enough votes to evict her I fear will bite them in the rear end. It’s early in the season, but what a twist that would be!!! Can’t wait for tomorrow night.


Someone on Evel Dick’s twitter sent him a photoshop picture of Audrey. Julie Chen interviewing her on a gurney she is covered in a blanket with an I.V drip and hoodie and sunglasses. lol


Does anyone know if CBS has stopped allowing flashbacks? I don’t have the icon on my page.


I am interested to see how BB and Audrey handel the eviction. will julie still interview her or will Cbs just let her walk out the back door. Will Audrey show up to the eviction. It is not fair to the other HG to let her eat regular food and skip meetings. I can see Jason pulling the regular food card when he is a Have not. I hope she just comes out and takes it well as to not hurt her image any more.