JMac “Everyone tries to involve you in their problems but you have to step back & say this doesn’t involve me”

POV Holder: James Next POV Aug 1st
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 3rd
HOH James Next HOH Aug 6th
Original Nominations: Shelli and Clay
After POV Nominations: ?
Have Nots Austin, Liz, Julia

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-03 09-54-37-236

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9:45am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. In the comic bedroom – Steve is whispering to the camera. Steve says James would be a fool today if he put me up but I would not be surprised if he did. Shelli and Clay were trying to get him to use the Veto but .. Becky comes into the room and Steve says Nighty Night! The cameras switch to Johnny Mac sitting out in the backyard alone.

Austin tells Liz that Clay and Shelli were trying really hard for me to go talk to James last night. They were sad and begging me really hard. They wanted me to tell him that Shelli and Clay would throw the HOH next week. Austin says that James said that he was keeping the nominations the same. It was very awkward. Big Brother calls Austin out for not having his mic on. Austin says good night. Liz laughs and says good night motherf**kers!

Storage room – Clay runs into James and asks are you going to give me a yes or no? James says its a toss up.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-03 10-08-02-124

10:15am – 10:35am James tells Johnny how he was up till like 5:30am (More like 7:30am) trying to get to the bottom of the shenanigans. Johnny asks do you know what you’re going to do? James says yeah. The more I investigate the more I find out. Johnny says you don’t have to tell me anything. I’ll find out at the meeting. Clay and Shelli made a mistake but do the people they were rolling with deserve to be up there as well. The whole thing is they want to work with me now but I thought we were working together. They left me in the dark. Come to find out they were all rolling together for weeks. James says no matter which decision either one will have a negative outcome. Johnny says yeah every decision we all make will have a negative outcome. Problem is we have to send someone home or quit. Not everyone is going to have done something. James says they would have had a better chance telling me all this before than waiting until right before the veto. Austin joins them and the conversation ends. James tells Austin that they came to him trying to save their lives but as far as what we talked about everything is good. Austin says okay thanks. James leaves. Austin says this sucks. Johnny says don’t freak out because it sounds like stuff is going on. Austin says he doesn’t want to get blood on his hands. Johnny says you have to. If I knew everyone was coming after my crew I wouldn’t care! You could be as clean as you want people are still going to come after you. No matter what you do. Austin says that’s true. Johnny says just make it count. I really think they had our backs man. Austin says I know I think so too. Should I talk to them one more time? Johnny says its not our fight. Austin says Its just sad you know. I want to help some how at this point. Johnny says everyone tries to involve you in their problems but you have to step back and say this doesn’t involve me, you know?

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-03 10-33-42-263

10:40am – 11:55am Backyard – James tells Austin that SHelli and Clay told me a lot of things last night but I just want to know that we don’t have any grudges going forward. Like when Liz put me up. Austin says you were never the target though. James says they told me you told Liz to put me up. Austin says that wasn’t the case and that’s why I came down to tell you. They kept wanting me to come up and talk to you and Liz didn’t want me to. I’m trying to be helpful and .. James says the thing I got is that you owe them because of their votes. Austin says I owe a lot of people. Now its a new game and everything’s been reset. James says that’s what I thought too and just wanted to clear the air. I meant everything I said. James says I like you and you have never done me wrong. James says I don’t know how Shelli is going to react. They might be cool or they might go on the war path. Austin says I’m ready for it. James says you me and Clay/Shelli had a good understanding that we would relay info back and forth but it was pretty much just me reciprocating it. I can’t fault you for it, I can’t fault Vanessa for it. Austin says they say they have my back but do they really. James asks other than them voting or you what else have they done to help you out. James says you’ve got a good team rallied around you .. Meg and Jackie will go to bat for you. Not sure about Becky but she is close with Jackie. James says the only one you might have to worry about is Clay. I don’t know how he is going to act when Shelli goes home. Maybe we can smooth it out with him after 2, 3 days after she’s gone. Jame says I have no quarrels with you. Austin says after this week I owe you.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-03 10-41-57-241
Havenot room – Austin tells Liz the conversation he had with James. He tells Liz that they (Shelli & Clay) hinted that we’ve all been working together for a while now. Austin tells the nominations are staying the same. They’re (Shelli and Clay are going crazy.

In the bathroom – Meg tells Shelli that the Austin things we kind of expected and it was just too little too late. Shelli says I just wish I never said any of that now. Shelli so I got pushed into going against myself. That’s what I have to live with. Duped into being someone I’m not. Meg says I think you were mixed with the wrong things, set up a little bit by people. Shelli leaves to lie in bed with Clay. She tells him she wish she hadn’t said anything at all and feels she was duped by both sides of the house. Meg joins them. Shelli says what I don’t understand is why he (James) had to go talk with Austin. Meg says I swear to you that I did not know that. I would never tell anyone what happened in that room last night. Shelli asks why does he have to tell them. Meg says I don’t know why he would. We were all on the same page about that. It would be no benefit to tell that information. Clay says there are going to be some words exchanged! Shelli asks with who. CLay says James! Shelli says I don’t know if he did. Stop! Shelli says James might have been saying something totally different, please do not explode. Vanessa joins them. Shelli asks if Austin knows? Vanessa says if he does it didn’t come from me. Shelli says I just wish I had never done that. Vanessa says tell me everything you told him and I will do as much damage control as I can. Vanessa says I can tell you that Austin isn’t a vindictive person. Shelli asks should I come clean to Ausitn? Vanessa says absolutely because James is going to use it to divide us. We don’t want to make an enemy out of 3 people.

Bathroom – Meg tells Shelli and Clay are pissed because they just saw you talking to Austin. James says that’s their f**king paranoia that got them there in the first place.

11:20am Big Brother blocks the feeds for the veto ceremony.

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I can’t get over Meg’s glasses. They make her look so idiotic. Why would she do that to herself and why does nobody tell her they are so fugly.


it’s a shame the first comment has to be from some idiot, here to knock people on their looks. they have fashion forums on the web. duh. go take your opinion there. moron.

How Could You

Oh my what an atrocity. A damn shame. How dare these scoundrels.

Flintstone Feet

The nerve of these people, they should be tarred and feathered.


I am not sure why Meg gets so much hate. I think she is super cute and super sweet. She may not have the best game plan but she doesn’t try to be something she is not. At least she is 100% real. No fake hair extensions, no fake boobs, no fake lashes, doesn’t put her makeup on with a putty knife. I don’t hear anything foul come out of her mouth (twins swear like sailors) I don’t recall her talking too much crap behind anyone’s back either but I could be wrong there since I do not have the feeds

Fun Bobby

THANK YOU for taking the time to call people idiots and morons. Every comment section needs to have a judgmental bully.


Says the person who’s screen name is “Audrey’s Crazy Eyes”…..


the nic speaks to her state of mind, and actions. i have nothing bad to say about audreys looks. she is a great looking person.

Fun Bobby

Yeah, but those glasses were very stylish.

In 1977.


Still Team Johnny Mac and Becky! If Becky doesn’t get exposed she could potentially be sitting pretty and even better if she goes against Vanessa.


lol good one, i almost thought this was a serious post.

Flintstone Feet

Hmmmm Like exactly how serious are we talking?

Guy From Canada

Thumbs down for Becky, thumbs up for Johnny mac here!


Becky is a smoke bomb @-;—-

oh yeah

Thumbs up if Becky’s super hot
Thumbs down if Becky’s super hot


Average at best. I am not sure what you consider a “smoke bomb” but give me Meg over her any day of the week. Her big naturals look 100 X better then Becky’s plastic ones. Not bad for a girl who was hit in the face with a train I will give her that though.


I’m with you 100%.


Wow Clay, how’s stupid are you? James won’t budged or give in. You screw with James and now you want to work with him. That’s pathetic, Shelli is going home. Good Job James!!! You did the right thing.

Canadian Kevin

Not sure Shelli IS going home. They all know that James wants shelli to leave, but Vanessa told the twins and Austin that they didn’t have to vote the way James wanted, fuck him, i believe was the quote.

Shelli might be freaking, but she might not be going.

Guess we’ll see who everyone else wants to work with; though i’ll say this – Shelli won 2 HOH’s, and almost won more – Clay hasn’t done anything except act like a rat.

If the houseguests want to keep someone who can beat them – they deserve to be beat. Which is what will happen if Shelli and/or Vanessa stay in this game any longer (since Vanessa has 3 HoH’s)

Double D

Austin the floater. Jmac, Becky and Steve have done more than Austin. They’ve all been pawns

Yo Yo Yo

GO James Go.


squirm, chelli, squirm.



I agree!! Just have to say that I was excited to think (for just a bit) that Austin might go up. I do not like his personality, actions, or characteristics.

Biker Girl

Johnny Mac is so dumb. People like him because he’s funny but he has NO CLUE what’s going on inside the house.


I disagree. I don’t think he’s dumb, and I don’t think he’s all that funny, although I think that’s what he’s trying to be as a distraction. I think he’s biding his time & waiting for the fallout to settle. Hope he doesn’t miss his timing to act by waiting too long.


Damn JMAC is clueless as to how quick Clelli would cut him to save themselves. I like JMAC but how can he be that clueless? These people he keeps defending have made him throw comps, tell him how to vote, & jeopardized his game for themselves. How do you trust that?


Is he clueless? I saw this differently. He was talking to Austin and he knows Austin has been working with Shelli/Clay so he’s telling Austin what Austin wants to hear. In the same conversation, JMac said he wouldn’t mind getting his hands bloody to protect the people he’s working with, yet I don’t see any blood at all on JMac’s hands this week. To me, that means he knows exactly what’s going on. He’s tight with Steve, Becky and Clay and he knows Shelli is the target, so he’s got no reason to get involved in the drama – his people are safe – and Clay being a free agent works for JMac’s game.


I really hope that Johnny Mac now knows that they are NOT working as a team and that the six nonsense was just using him.


RECIPROCATING………The word of the week in the Big Brother house!!! Haha


RECIPROCATING…….The word of the week in the Big Brother house!!! Haha

Wordz of Wizdom

RECIPROCATING……….The word of the week in the Big Brother house!!! Haha


press post comment once only please! freak’n annoying spammer.


Why are you being rude to other posters today? Off your meds? Or are you unhappy with how the game has unfolded this week?


because i can. no and i am quite happy with the unfolding. stupid.


I agree. You are stupid asshole!


Not everyone realizes it takes a little bit for the comments to actually show up on the site.


Big Brother rule #1. Don’t get in a showmance. Big Brother rule #2. Don’t win a lot of competitions!!!

Chill this Town

the secret is to be in a “showmance”…one that is real in the other person’s mind, but not yours.

heck even Dr Will says its one of the most important weapons in BB.

the problem is people think it means being tied at the hip and married. Shelli and Clay for example have never kissed, show no real signs of affection and yet still think they are in some sort of relationship. its comical. those who succeed with BB showmances are those who are realistic about it IMO.


Gotta remember that some of these people are in it to be on TV. Winning is secondary. At least initially.


Rule #3: Never show your hand; always watch what you say.
Rule #4: Keep your friends close and your enemies closer


My Big Brother Rules:

1) NO Showmance: Showmance’s will always make you a target. They not only mens up your game but also everyone around you. You also run into an Austin/ Caleb situation, they don’t want your crazy butt but will take your gifts given them… like protection. No Showman has gone to final two together.

2) Never Trust the Preacher Man with a Bible in his Hand: Some of the most ruthless and underhanded players in Big Brother History have been the person leading the prayer circle. If some one acts as though they are morally superior and play the cleanest game, justify their actions with it was the most moral…. watch out history has shown that is the biggest scumbag in the house that would sell their own Grandma out to win… ruthless.

3) Social Social Social: Work on you social skills before entering the game… especially if you have physical weakness or you are not the smartest person. Lovable can get you far…. smart and lovable can get you farther.

4) Pretty is as Pretty does: Pretty people are always a threat unless they are sweet and Pretty. If you are a nice godlike you will go far… charm with out all of the ego. Look at BB History and the most successful of the be autiful people…. Cody, Drew, Jordan and that other guy who I can never remember his name… even Jeff a post game winner. Nice and humble be beautiful people go far … duoche, A hole, arrogant, rude and stuck up… bye.
There are exceptions DR Will… but for the most part Clay without Shelli if he pulls out the charm… will go further than you think. He will go right back to Golden Boy if he says something like “It hurts to loose Shelli, we were close… at at the end of the game I can’t be mad at anyone because it was just all game and we did it to other people. I can only make amends now and become a better person.”… pure gold, he will be safe.

5) Know when to Win and Know When to Loose: Big Brother only has two out of the gate winners… and only one that played Hard from Day One… that is Rachel Riley…. and her win was mostly productions save of her and Jordan at a crucial moment. For the Most part BB Winners won when they had to most.

6) Do Not Play Based on What People are Going to Think Outside the House: Yes, do not forget you are filmed at all times and say something or do smoothing that will get you into Real World Trouble… but do not walk around afraid what the Live Feeders are saying about you or how you are portrayed. We are going to dislike you anyway. We are going to count all the times you go to the bathroom and not wash your hands, We are going to think you are an A-Hole, We are going to call you stupid and filth… come on you know it is going to happen especially if you play hard. Do Not Stop yourself from doing a move because you’re afraid of what we will think…. We think your an asshole… duh.

7) Don’t Go In If You Can’t Handle It: Listen I am a huge Die Hard BB Fan… that is why I would never ever go into that House and it would drive me bat shit crazy and I would never make it to my first goal of going to jury. I like my alone time, I am a picky eater, I hate other people touching my things or wearing my clothes and PLEASE NOTE THIS WILL SOUND HORRIBLE BUT IT IS JUST HONESTY AT IT”S WORST HUMAN NATURE: I love my heterosexual relatives, coworkers and friends…. but the idea of being trapped in a house with NO Gay time or other gay people, having my gay family around me… I can not imagine it. That would be the worst part for me… 24/7 Heterosexuals and not feeling 100% Safe with them…. nightmare. It is most my own baggage than theirs… I have been fag bashed and made to feel it was my fault, I had a few straight friends dump me when they got into a relationship… I also hate to say most of my relationship with straight people outside of 1 friend and most of my family it is one sided for the most part.
So I will admit I would never go in that house. It’s Important to know yourself.


Lots of truths in that post. Has a gay or African-American ever won BBUS or been in final 2? They always seem to get voted out early. This season was the most diverse I’ve seen yet though. However, only Vanessa’s still there.

james the man

goo James, if they keep pestering you just take down clay and put up vanessa and let the hags battle it out!

I'm officially DONE with johnny mac

I really liked him in beginning, and was hoping he might make it to top 3.

He’s been a huge let down the last couple of weeks. Birds of a feather flock together. The fact that he’d shed a tear for that couple was a complete turnoff.

Sorry, johnny mac —-> u are DEAD to me!!!!!!

:: frets ::

I survived last seasons BB

I like the way James has stood strong all week..I hope Jackie or Meg gets HOH Thurs and the beat rolls on

If Clay and Shelli were smart they would’ve gunned for Vanessa as the leader of the plot to evict James, instead they wanna throw Steve up…………..POOR move


Thumbs up for Jackie. Thumbs down for Vanessa.

TorontoVegan (the real one)

Johnny Mac may be oblivious to what is actually happening in the game, but he is smart enough to let people fight their own battles. The smartest comment made in the house so far was made by Johnny Mac during that conversation with Austin: “Everyone tries to involve you in their problems but you have to step back and say this doesn’t involve me, you know?”. Austin should take Johnny Mac’s advice and just back off and be grateful his alliance (Liz & Julia) wasn’t put up on the block.


Shelli: “So, I was duped by both sides of the house.” …….. yup! They learned from you!

Bob Cobb

Meg….SHUT UP!!!


Why is the POV ceremony listed as Aug 2nd?

Just Mauid

Shelli says she got pushed into saying what she said in the HOH room last night; duped into being someone she’s not. Does she ever take responsibility for her own actions? She had a hand in all of the prior evictions but is so immature when the tables are turned. She certainty acts like she’s 13, not 33.


Not my circus, not my monkeys!!! JMac has a good approach.


Love seeing Clay and Shelli squirm and try and save there pitiful selves. Clay is no more attracted to Shelli in a romantic way as he pitches for the other team… Trust me… Takes one to know one. Shelli…. Another basket case.. Only using Clay in a way to benefit her and help her with her dirty work…..she’s stupid if she doesn’t see it. They sure do feel entitled and can’t be trusted as they’ll throw anyone UTB…. Rooting for Vanessa…. Only one with a brain other than James! James is a smart game player…. Not afraid to get blood on his hands and knock out the big players. I don’t understand why most of the HG are afraid of the so called big players??? Get them out. You got enuff pawn votes or scardy-cats to give you the votes then knock them off and worry about the floaters and pawns later!


James did not use veto….


Excited for the rest of the week if noms stay the same. We know who James & crew want out but who will Vanessa push for and will she be successful?

another name

I’m surprised.
After looking at the events and the way my mind is working i’m surprised to learn that of the three: shelli clay and vanessa, I would prefer to have vanessa in the house.
That shocks me. I’m pleased that nominations have stayed the same. not because I like her so much as I really dislike clay and shelli so much more. didn’t know I disliked them that much more than Vanessa.
Go ahead and hate, i’m feeling a bit disgusted with myself about it too.

AKA Twistin'...

LOL!!!! Your ending sentence made my day! LOLOL!!!!!

AKA Twistin'...

The thing I like about James’ HOH reign is that he never forgets himself and when he makes a decision, he generally sticks by it no matter what they throw at him. I do think, however, that he is going to have to cut Meg loose. She is going to be more of a hindrance than a help to him, trying to play middle ground which is what she is doing. She now wants to be friends with everyone in case Clelli prevails this week. I don’t like wishy-washy and IMO, that’s what she is. You can’t be pissed at the people who got your boy out and now that they are in danger, try to coddle that relationship too. She really needs to pick which side of the line she stands on because right now, she is reminding me of Becky – a snitch and at the end of the day – a snitch gets sold out.

Go James. I’m patiently waiting for the POV meeting. Fingers crossed that if ANYTHING changes, it’s Vanessa occupying a seat next to Shelly. The damn end!

AKA Twistin'...

Just saw the update…he did NOT use the Veto! Woo hoo!


I’m afraid Johnny-Mac is this Season Donnie just without the beard….he is loved by all..but really isn’t very observant to anything regarding the game. He also trusts too much in people that consider him expendable.


If you think of the BB house as a big tilt-a-whirl ride…Clay and Shelli sitting in the middle…’s pretty clear who gets squashed every time the ride turns. Meg is inching toward that middle spot herself and I think it’s because she is circling Clay… feed off his bones if Shelli leaves.