Shelli “I hate my morning voice!” Clay “I like it! MMmm.. its so raspy. It sounds like a man.”

POV Holder: James Next POV Aug 1st
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 2nd
HOH James Next HOH Aug 6th
Original Nominations: Shelli and Clay
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots Austin, Liz, Julia

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-02 10-50-59-656

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9:30am – 10:30am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. The house guests continue to sleep…
10:50am Shelli wakes up and says that she’s irritated that no matter what she does the cameras are on her. I need some sunglasses. Clay asks do you want to get started? Shelli says she wants to know what time it is, get some sunglasses and enjoy her porta potty. Clay says whatever you want I’ll get it. Shelli says I hate my morning voice right now. Clay says I like it, MMmmmm.. I like it! its so raspy. It sounds like a man. I like it when a man talks to me like that! Shelli says stop it. That’s so weird.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-02 10-51-52-506

Big Brother tells Vanessa “Shine that armour squire! Vanessa puts in a valiant effort to shine the armour and Big Brother says good job squire!

11am – 12:15pm Backyard – Shelli starts her Stab, Clop, Slash routine again.. She’s at 1607 and needs to get to 2400 before the 24 hour mark is up. (It started at 9:30pm last night.) Clay asks her if she has any embarrassing stories from high school. Shelli says that she’s too tired to think and talk. Johnny comes out and asks where Shelli’s at? Shelli says not high enough … 1650.

Clay tells Shelli “I’ll make a deal with you .. if you finish this I’ll take you to Ireland.”
Meg joins them and sees where Shelli is at and says at least you know you’ll make it.
Clay tells Shelli “After 13-14 hours you still look good.”

11:45am Shelli reaches 1700.
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Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-02 11-25-58-554

12:35pm Clays tells Shelli that anther reason they wouldn’t use the veto is that they could argument that there might not be another option to get one of us out so they’re going to take it now. So that’s why I say.. big brother blocks the feeds. Just to put them at ease. You saying that you could put up Becky might make them okay with that. Shelli says yeah.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-02 12-36-46-183
1pm Bedroom – Steve talks to Vanessa. Vanessa asks how Shelli is doing. Steve says tired and hot. Vanessa suggests maybe she needs a bucket of cold water. Vanessa comments on how brutal the punishments are this year. Steve and Vanessa talk about how this is the biggest cast ever with 17 people. Steve says that he was so far out of his comfort zone.

1pm – 1:45pm Shelli takes a cereal break.. Shelli tells Clay that it disgusts her how many opportunities he will get outside of the house. You’re 23 and have already done so much. Clay asks why? Shelli says I’m scared you’re going to change. Clay says my mom wouldn’t let that. (LOL) You’ll have just as many opportunities as I will. Shelli says no I’m old news. It makes a difference how old you are. Clay says I’ve already sacrificed my own game. Shelli says I wish you wouldn’t. Clay says I already have. I wouldn’t do that for someone I didn’t care about. I’m a realist I wouldn’t do it unless I thought you didn’t have a better shot than I did. You’re better at the comps. You’ve proven you can win. That’s why they want you out. If one of us does leave that target is so much smaller. Clay says if they save us this week .. we could even volunteer to go up. The chances of them winning are so slim. It just shows we’re not a threat to them. I’m almost so positive they’re not going to win. I’m willing to take that risk to say that. I’m telling you if I stay and you leave I’m going to be a loose cannon by choice. I will let it know that some people better win every single challenge or their a$$ is going up on my end. Shelli starts back at her chopping and stabbing..

Clay tells Shelli it doesn’t go unnoticed how well she’s handling this punishment.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-02 13-00-09-052

2pm Shelli reaches 2000 of the 2400 goal. Shelli takes a break. Shelli, Clay and Becky lay on the lounge chairs in the shade.

2:10pm – 2:25pm Jackie takes a shower but has to keep the helmet on if she’s not washing her hair.

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Creepy Clay.

OMG Clelli!

I knew that Clay like Audrey!


When Shelli was wearing squirrel costume with the hard big tail and Clay said Shelli’s tail is making him hot and he cant stop staring, I knew he was into Chicks with Dicks… Go Clay!!!!!

Lemon balls

For nothing else other than how creepy that title sounds , both should be evicted this week


I watched that conversation and thought it was a joke – they were both laughing through the entire exchange. I think Clay was just trying to make Shelli laugh.
In other news…when did Becky become (in her mind) the best strategist in the house? Seems like she did nothing for weeks, then last week when Clay/Shelli used her to get info, some little switch flipped in her head and now all she’s doing is talking game like she’s got it all figured out. Hell, even Vanessa (the best strategist in the house right now, though I’m hoping JMac will show some us something soon) and James (the most fearless of the group) don’t pretend like they’ve got it all figured out.


Shelli says I hate my morning voice right now. Clay says I like it, MMmmmm.. I like it! its so raspy. It sounds like a man. I like it when a man talks to me like that! Shelli says stop it. That’s so weird.

OMG Gaydar says Gay…. These two have no passion… that is a classic Hillbilly Gay Beard Situation… He turns her on because he looks like brother and She is like a masculine Mommy Figure… LOL


I don’t even have gaydar and I’m hearing bells…


Clay is gonna thrash Shelli’s brothers ass. I knew that boy was a salad tosser….


Except salad tossed refers to women you idiot!!


ummm tossing salad is rimming… it isn’t really gender specific…. both sexes have a sphincter.
tossed salad
The act of licking the anus and the area between the sex organs and anus, which is covered in a sweet liquid or syrup.
When done in prison, the reciever is dominant; the one doing it is submissive.

verb. to toss a salad
tossing a salad.
The big man told his prison bitch to toss his salad.
-Urban Dictionary


Well tossed….
I mean well said :/


Lol learn something new everyday…


LOL! I Love Steve for saying that!


Clay has said a few things that have had gay undertones, and Jason said he thought Clay was gay especially after he commented on how Jason had a nice butt. yesterday I posted that I believed he was gay and this was a staged relationship but I got voted down. Go figure.


I’ve said it for weeks… he used to check Jeff out all of the time in BR during shower time.


Oh yeah well well I said it before you all said it, like way before, soooo

"Things That Make You Go Hmmmm..."

OMG! I saw a couple of GIFs & photos where Jeff was the one checking out Clay as he frolicked around in his undies…guess that’s why it didn’t work out between Jackie & him…


ew…… im not gonna judge though, whatever floats their boat..


You already judged by saying “ew”.


Knew that guy batted for the other side. Wonder if shelli knows?


I think she does…. it’s all game no passion.


When someone takes drops a deuce…do you think a gay dude gets turned on by this? Clay is always next in line when someone blows up the bathroom or hanging out there


Eric..If Clay really is a George Michael wannabee, the gay guy who makes the ladies swoon, he really needs to get the sunglasses. I can see a future Vegas act for him and Jason…George and PeeWee’s Big Adventure!!


I have to say… it is not entirely Clay’s fault he is pulling this farce of a Love Affair. That kid is a good looking guy that plays football at Texas A&M… of course he is having a fake showmance. For gods sake that kid is from Texas. It’s really common to have a beard when you are a guy like Clay that is not out yet. There have been a crap load of clues… what happens is when you are away from your usual environment things slip and even when your forget all of the cameras. It easy so much to keep the duality in your life if you are in the same place…. step away from that place and all of the people you know…. the cracks show.

My sister was in love with a gay man… when he came out she was shattered. That is why when I realized I was gay I vowed to never do that. It’s not malicious in intent just can be catastrophic afterwards.

The biggest one of all… I do not care what any of you say there is not a heterosexual man alive that would sacrifice $500,000.00 for a woman he has not ever kissed… it is all a scam.

GeekSquad McGee

I don’t think Clay is really trying to blow his game up. It’s the same as when he volunteers to go up as a pawn; he knows full well the idea will be rejected and that he’ll end up looking good for trying.

Using the excuse that Shelli has a better chance at winning, is subtly putting a bigger target on her back, while making him look like a hero in the process.

Clay’s not as stupid as people make him out to be.


I hope that’s true, because he doesn’t seem to be very bright. I would think that any guy would slam on the brakes if a girl he was interested in told him that he looks exactly like her twin brother.


I agree I think he must feel pressure to act and portray himself a certain way given his background and Clay doesn’t owe it to anyone to be honest or not, he can do what he wants but they are so over the top about their devotion that whether they are real or fake, people are turned off by it. It’s their personalities and their smugness together that are off-putting. Funny, when Clay interacts with others by himself, I don’t mind him at all but I find Shelli unlikable with or without Clay.


There’s that old saying, “The only thing that comes out of Texas is steers and …….”


My hat is off to you EricCA – I know of men & women who have lost their hearts to someone who was not honest with them and caused a lot of pain and humiliation. Thank you for being you.



share the joy

gotta love shelly having to do all of this…BIG HAPPY SMILE


Brittney’s last year was more admirable and way harder…. Shell is merely repeating a series of repetitive motions that requires less skill… not particularly difficulty. That and they bent the rules and let Clay sleep on the outside couch with her… by the way that is a rules breach they can only sleep in the bedrooms…. unless you are the person that is locked out for a punishment like this or locked in another room.

OMG Clelli!

Penalty vote may put her over the top!


Absolutely Brittnay’s was so much harder! And she even lost a toe nail!! I wish they would have given Helli the same thing…


She is the ultimate house diva & that is why her having to do this punishment is sweet, besides the fact Clelli lost veto comp!




Shelly is not a good sport, neither is Clay. They have pit people on the block and acted rather arrogant. But when they are on the block, the world has ended.
Funny how Clay and Shelli think they are America’s favorite couple. Austin thinks he and Liz are America’s favorite couple. It is just weird.


Quite the opposite. Once again Meg, Jackie (and to a lesser extent James) are no good sports at all. The usual routine of bad game players: once they are in power, they make fun of the ones on the block in immature high school style while having a crush on one of them…. I just cant.
Especially Meg. Not entertaining, not a good game player, constant whining, just get voted out, please. Meg an Jackie have done shit in the game (like Jason before) and just sulk over game moves that were being made last week without them. When they luckily stumble into power, they immediately make it personal again, instead of strategizing, getting to work and invest in connections to people like Steve for the upcoming weeks.
I like a good powershift in BB, but I just can’t bring myself to root for this terrible group. Had they been in charge so far, I guarantee you, everybody would hate them by now. But for that they would have needed to DO SOMETHING, win comps, play a social game, whatever. Instead, they let others run the game and always complain afterwards. And apparently most of the viewers agree with them. Astounding.


Couldn’t agree more. Year after year I seem to like the people everybody else hates. Dan, Derrick, Shelli/Clay/Vanessa. I’m so confused as to how this always happens. I’m a huge fan of BB and like people that are actually playing the game. I’d think other BB fans would too. But I’m wrong. I just don’t get it. Why would you like Meg, James, Jackie, or even Johnny Mac and Becky for that matter(side note: I do like those 2)? They’re just coasting along.
Meg- hasn’t won shit(except a BOB that was given to her) hasn’t made any strategic moves or alliances.
James-Dumber than a box of rocks. Jackie- Dumber than James. And her laugh is flat-out annoying. All of them haven’t done anything in the game, barely even make it on the weekly shows. Then you have Shelli, Clay, Vanessa, Austin, And Liz/Julia who have won week after week, made strategic moves, alliances, and are actually playing the game. Why would you hate them so much? I really don’t get it. Even with this HOH that James won and Jackie and Meg are taking advantage of is going to waste which just proves my point even more that they have no idea what they’re doing. Instead of actually using this HOH to further them in this game they’re just worrying about this one week and getting Shelli out. Do they not realize whichever one stays is going to be gunning after them? And they’re not even trying to do anything about that. They’re completely wasting this. They know a double eviction is coming up. If they were true Big Brother plays they’d be up there making deals and an alliance(s). I see James being the next one evicted. Bc he’s too stupid to try and save himself and Meg will be the Victoria of this season and dragged to the end. And these are the people you all like? WOW!


Clay is just being lead around by the nose . The twins and Austin haven’t done dick. They’re just numbers for shelli and Vanessa.


I completely agree for the most part. I couldn’t get behind Dan a few years ago for personal reasons, his use of religion really bothered me, and it affected my perception of him. However, I loved him his first season, if only because of the Americas player incident and nomination roulette. The halls of big brother history are littered with players who were excellent at the game and hated by fans, with the people you mentioned as well as Dr Will, to some extent Mike Boogie, Dick and Danielle, Brendan and Rachel. I loved watching Derrick play last season, the most consistently dominant showing in the history of the show in my opinion, yet so many hated him. However, I also love he underdogs who don’t have an alliance that is consistently in power. Watching them fight week to week to stay in the game even when the cards are stacked against them is awesome, which was why Dr Will’s first season was so entertaining despite being so primitive compared to today’s standards. This season, however, is proving to be a bit of a bust in some respects. I can’t bring myself to root for the underdogs for the exact reasons that you stated, they continue to have little to no game play and what little they do have is poorly executed. Shelli and Clay on the flip side, are taking the fall for the extremely sloppy game play by their alliance members over the last few weeks, including Austin blowing up his alliance’s game multiple times, Vanessa not being able to keep her mouth shut and choosing to not run with the plan, and topped off with her breaking her word and pinning it on “the house”. As for j mac and Becky, I hope they stick around a few more weeks because I get the feeling that j mac has some serious game play chops in him, and I want Becky to have a week where she isn’t quite so naive with her power.


You aren’t taking this very well, are you?


It’s only one week, the power will flip back to the real players next hoh. The floaters are bound to get one every once in awhile:)


50 thumbs up. Usually the underdogs are the cool people. This year it seems like it’s almost the opposite, with the exception of Shelli and Clay. The Twins throw some shade at Jackie, but not at nearly the volume and magnitude of the snippy ADC. It’s just weird that the underdogs are just so unlikeable.


Can’t speak for other fans but for me, I don’t like the untouchable, diva attitudes that accompany the side of the hosue that is stronger and therefore winning. And the attitudes of entitlement when they are finally nominated is off the charts.
I think James did the best thing nominating one of the strong couples in the house even though the 6th Sense seems to think he should have nominated his allies. Let’s face it: it is a huge move and now is the time to do it.
Meg won’t do it and Jackie has potential but is not using this week while her ally is in power to build and strengthen ties to JMac, Steve and Becky who are still free agents.
Don’t think Austwins are the powerhouse folks think they are: Austin stumbled into an HOH which he was more than happy to give up, Julia has not won anything and Liz only won that BoB because no one told her the plan to throw it which in turn started this bloodbath.
So for me, it isn’t about hating on a winning side, it is the sportsmanship that goes along with it.


I think shelli is tired and worn out. Bye Shelli, Can’t wait to see you and julie chen.

TorontoVegan (the real one)

Shelli will be exhausted when she finally completes that task. Hours of swinging, poking and chopping will take its toll on her, and she will need some time to recover. Mental and physical fatigue may affect her performance in the next HOH comp (if she somehow manages to avoid eviction this week).


I’ll give credit to Shelli for taking this punishment like a champ. But I still can’t wait to see her go.


Kind of, but its not like they have anything else to do. And she probably has a 50% chance of remaining in the game so he has to be positive.

TorontoVegan (the real one)

Shelli really has no reason to believe that she will be evicted this week. Clay has asked for everyone in their alliance to vote him out, and everyone agreed to honour his wishes. James has made it clear that he wants Shelli to go this week, so it would be smart if Vanessa, Austin, Liz and Julia stuck to the plan and voted out Shelli. Recent events have proven that Jackie, James and Meg are no longer in a forgiving mood.

Captain Crunch

Shelli is mad because the cameras are always on her, what did Shelli think she signed up for..? Its big brother you’re filmed 24/7, if she didn’t want cameras on her maybe she shouldn’t have signed up to be on the show, she’s so insecure about her looks.


Shelli is there for stardom. She doesn’t want to be filmed without extensions and full make up. A couple of the others are the same. If Van’s eyes get any blacker, she looks like a racoon


shelli probably didnt sign up for the show, she was casted for it.


Well, tonight (or Wed) on CBS with you bawling uncontrollably will trump any lack of makeup on the feeds!

I think Shellie realizes there is no realistic day-to-day real world relationship with Clay outside the house (there is no practical real world possibility). But realizes her short summer fantasy with Clay might be over.

BB17 fan

I hope she gets to around 2200 and then her and Clay go for a nap. They oversleep and it’s 9:30 when they wake up. Shelli gets 2 penalty noms because she didn’t finish. I know Vanessa’s reasoning for keeping Shelli but Clay isn’t going to win anything. Does Vanessa really think Shelli will stay loyal to her? Shelli and Clay both go with whoever is in power. They have been playing both sides of the house all summer. It was apparent when Shelli tried to claim she didn’t want Jason to go when questioned by Jackie.


Shelli’s penalty is she can’p play in the veto next week if she fails to Finish…. hopefully that will be must because she gets evicted.


The reason Van works v rather Shelli stay is that Shelli will go after James,is a comp beast, pretends to be social with people & the ultimate train is Shelli will solely rely on Van (more than Clay,he was skeptical of her at times) & can take Van further in the game. That is the only reason. Let Van be pitted against Shelli-then Van would turn on Shelli fast & get cut throat. If James was smart,he would use veto on Clay & put up Van. Van has Austin, twins,jackie meg,& Steve-bye Shelli!


Not a showmance fan…..Austin and Liz are too gross and very strange. Austin lingers around waiting opportunities to be near her or interact in any fashion. Liz will regret toying with him. He is a bit on the looney side. Manipulating circumstances.

Jace says

I’M MELTING, melting, melt…


Clay & Shelli are going to tell James that Steve is going to come after him
well I hope James goes it good to know. Now I have 9 people coming after
me. I guess I only have Meg , Jackie and myself not coming after me.


dang, why do all the cute/good looking guys gotta be gay or bi? at least we now know why clay and shelli havent really kissed or done much else, aside from the twin brother look-a-like thing. its obvious clay is and/or might be playing for the same team.


Austin is creepy? Did you just hear what clay said? Unbelievable… And what did Steve say? Really… Guy just can’t catch a break. Are we watching the same show? STFU


Austin get the creepy card because of how he looks…. it also does not help that he is forcing himself on a girl that is repulsed by him. (Please Note: Outside of Julia and Vanessa and people who watch the show and live feeds. I am not sure it is public knowledge… unlike Beast Mode Cowboy and Amber last year.)… Liz flirts with Austin and pulls him along so who is worse Austin or Liz?


Respect to Shelli for handling the punishment like a true champion and competitor. She so deserves to stay, hope she does and gets much further in the game.


Exactly. Strong player and so far running shit without apologizing, tough to handle for some fans. Just like last years winner Derrick wrote “I know Shelli is not at the top of the “favorite list” for most people right now but lets be honest. That’s because she’s running the house. You know what they say; ‘It’s lonely at the top.’ ” Lol. I’m enjoying the little Shelli haters, so cutesy how they just can’t handle it.

GeekSquad McGee

Shelli isn’t running anything anymore. Her game is to be decided by the whim of Vanessa which changes like the wind.

James completely ended her short-lived reign. If she stays, with Clay gone, she’ll never be nearly as influential as she was. She doesn’t have nearly as many ties as Vanessa does.


Lol, knew this would come…that’s why I wrote “so far”. Maybe “up to now” would have been more precise… 😉 Let’s see if she can adapt. She has definitely proven that she is one hell of a competitor and can win comps, so she should be able to save herself. But of course protecting herself by convincing her allies AND her enemies to keep her because she will always be a huge target before others would be even better. I think she is capable of coming up with something, plus, the twins seem to be loyal to her, too. Looking forward to see her trying, at least she is constantly playing the game one way or the other. “So far” I miss that in most of the other houseguests. Cheers.

GeekSquad McGee

We’ll see what she does. She’s a good player, but she’s second best at most.

Ever since Vanessa came into power, one gets the sense that she could always get Shelli out easier than Shelli could get Vanessa out. Since they started working together I feel it’s always been the case that if they suddenly turned on each other, Shelli would lose.


Agreed. Vanessas game play was better than Shellis.


Vanessa is the real boss, shelli is a very close second.


Yep, that’s why I think they won’t cut each other just yet, unless they really have to in order to save themselves or to win later in the game. They are too powerful together and they know it, they still need each other to go further for a couple of weeks. Vanessa may have always wanted Shelli for herself in the game, without Clay Shelli depends more on her and the rest of their alliance.


I guess james gets a free pass with the crappy shit he’s said. WOW


It’s official clay is gay or bi.


omg, shelli is breathing heavily. she must be evil satan!!!


There must be a lot of butt ugly and broke ass live feeders. To have this much hate for Shelly and Clay it has got to be that it is painful for most live feeders to look in the mirror. Also the love for broke ass skids that play this game from live feeders is astonishing, “I hope they win, they deserve the money.” Why do they deserve the money? Because they have never applied themselves at anything and work as a clerk in a grocery store. If Shelly and Clay go the broke ass live feeders will switch their venom to Vanessa and Jmac. “Why does Venessa think she should win, she is loaded from being a successful poker player” or ” I hope Jmac doesn’t win he is a dentist he has enough money.”


Me thinks thou doth protest too much……and you left poor pitiful Austin out……mmmmmm

AKA Twistin' for the win!

RJ, you are always yapping. Sit your ass down somewhere with your broke-ass, live feed watching self. You are extra….and it’s irritating. If you’re not a fan of the show you wouldn’t be commenting so angrily. So…again I say, sit your ass down.


Adore ya, well said. The hate is real!


I agree that the hate is unnecessary. I understand that people think they are arrogant, lie, blah, blah, blah.. But people are acting like they kill puppies with all the personal hateful attacks. They are playing a game and unfortunately have to lie in attempts to further their game. At least they aren’t saying racist remarks like the BB15 cast or talking trash about others. I think we should just stick to talking about their gameplay and not personally attacking others and name calling. Just my thoughts.


Did you forget JMAC has still a huge amount of debt to repay-school loans/interest? He is just fine to go get that check! Unless you want to repay it for him lol-j/k. Regardless,Clay is a mindless idiot without Shelli telling him what to do & said it himself: Shelli is the better player & she is. Nobody(feeders) likes her stank ass diva tude. She is not nice but nasty! For feeders it’s about game play indeed but if you think people would rather a nasty person with game play win, sadly mistaken. Clay loses huge respect to allow selfish Shelli to stay in the game & have himself taken out. No respect in that at all. Jason or any other person evicted would have gladly stayed,but Clay wants to punk out over some girl he just met…? Please, his parents are probably screaming thru the tv at what a mistake he is making. You say Clelli are great game players but for Clay to punk out says the opposite. Next time go on the bachelor if ya want to find love. This is BB!


How do you know this whole asking people to vote for Shelli is not a game move? You all should wait and see what happens before you all flip shit on him.


Right on RJ.


I’m confused is Clay gay or bi? Why does he likes Shelli? Clay remind me of Cody and Shane, both with questionable taste in woman. Why can’t Clay just kiss Johnny Mac in spin the bottle, I would die in peace.

GeekSquad McGee

I feel like BB always casts these closeted dudes in hoping for a surprise gaymance to start up, but they never take the bait.

ie it just me

who cares?
why are people acting like they discovered the caramilk secret speculating if clay is gay or not its totaly irrelevant if he sometimes feels like a nut and sometimes he doesn’t

someone commented about broke people earlyer. its weird that i somewhat see the same thing. in general people who are successful in life also tend to be succesful in the game. vanessa doesn’t need the money but she is trying hardest of anyone there to win. Dr Will didn’t need it etc etc. It does not apply to all the winners but it does to an extent as success is not only measured in monetary terms. Players who are brokeass tend to not do so good in the game as in real life. Guess that work ethic that successful people have counts for something.


Excellent observation. I so agree with you and would like to add that I can not believe the amount of hate and bad comments there are this year. In my opinion none of the HGs deserve any of this. One side is playing well so for that they deserve mean comments? The “other side” has mostly done nothing all season but throw comps and act like they are on vacation and for this they are loved? No one this year is as disgusting or hateful as some past players have been. Maybe people just NEED to be mean. BB fans have sure changed.

Linda C

I agree….I don’t really dislike any of the players. Vanessa gets on my nerves, but she’s probably the best player there. I just want to see things get shaken up a little to make the game more interesting. When one side wins everything, it’s not fun to watch. It would be like watching one team win 50-0 in the Super Bowl..what’s the point???


Preach. “act like they’re on a vacation” haha that is so true! But of course it’s all strategy by these evil masterminds as we will find out by the end of the season.


i would agree and disagree about why the majority of BB winners who do well in the game is because they have successful careers in RL. this show although it is “live”, we dont really know how much its actually scripted and/or if production(DR) does in fact have complete control on who stays and who goes home. majority, if not all of reality TV isnt actually real, it is very heavily scripted. it wouldnt surprised me one bit if this was the case with this show as well.

its just my opinion on the matter, i’ve known plenty a people, poor and rich. you would be surprise to find out which one actually does have a better “work ethic”. i hope by “work ethic” you meant honest, not lying, manipulate your way to the top.


You betcha!!


Spot on RJ. Amen to that.


Omg the snake venom has already gotten to Vanessa’s face bro


Maybe Clay is the new Cody from BB16, Cody IS sooo gay He posed in gay magazine as underwear model. His instagram is all him or him with other guys, or him in underwear. Maybe these people are all closet gays..


Hmm….Clay…..Clgay…… I would love to hear Jason’s or Audrey’s opinion. You guys (and I guess Clay too…..) are dropping too many hints and now I am starting to question this instead of this just being a throw away joke. Shellie big sister/mom figure or he really likes her? (He seems to be trying too hard to portray something in front of the cameras)

More the reason for Shellie to leave and see how Clay really plays this game.

Im not gay, but now even my gaydar is blinking (based on a few friends of mine that are gay). Damn you guys!


I think the most telling thing is that clay tells Shelli I’m blowing my game up so you can stay .. Shelli says you shouldn’t do that .. Clay says it’s done and she just clams up .., like ok I mean if it’s a done deal then fine… Lol damn this guy is getting played and has no clue


Perhaps Clay’s gesture is not as magnanimous as he wants it to appear. Shelli has a better chance of winning than Clay so maybe he is hoping that Shelli will split her winnings with him, or at least give him as sizeable portion, all without working for it.


That GIF of Vanessa tho! I’m dying!!!

bb17 patrol

cody or clay which one is gay, bi, or straight

Backseat Driver

Do we care…..does it matter? Big Brother is a game played out in a house, on TV, everybody gets paid.


the big twist is as I said before , they are all LGBT . those two are gross and should be thrown out on morale clause alone . who says you remind me of my brother and then wants to snuggle . who say I love your man voice in the morning to a women , gross. that boy aint right !


I’m loving it!!
Those two are like “Where did we go wrong?”
You dimwits could have cruised to jury… and one of you could have least gotten into the Top (Last) 3.

But you guys thought you were better than the rest…. GOT ‘EM!!!

The Wizard of Oz

Seeing Jackie in that costume this morining cracks me up.

Better Than Last Year

Can someone explain how JMac is still at the top of the poll?

Jackie's thong

Good question! Seems like this season the fans have checked out and the pod people have taken their places and are choosing to support non gamers and floaters. Look for a final 3 of Liz, Becky/Meg and Jmac . With another Andy floater type winner in…Becky..or kill me now…Meg.


Personality. Goofy laugh. And the only one that realizes they are on a silly reality show. (Although the tears last night by JMac conflict with this theory).

is it just me

because some people vote repeatedly using various names this is why nobody takes online polls seriously at all


Off topic, but BB Takeover? Production just dropped this 3 weeks ago despite the premiere saying “each and every week….”. Everyone agrees that not imagining this, just went away and dont hear about it.

Anyone heard why it was dropped (from Jeff S, Macrae etc??). Just wonder if anyone heard anything more formal (such as the season didnt need it etc).

First time BB dropped a planned and publicized twist. Just curious.


I was watching the live feed of James and Meg. I can’t believe it……..they are still so clueless. They actually think that they are safe with Vanessa, Austin and the twins. I give up…….they are truly hopeless!!!!! Vanessa has gone back on her word twice. In order for them to realize that she is not for them….Vanessa please tell them. {Put the viewer out of their misery} They probably won’t believe you anyway. Has BB ever put 2 more clueless people on the show????


Because he’s “cute” and talks like Kermit the Frog. Other than that I got nuthin’.


“Shelli tells Clay that it disgusts her how many opportunities he will get outside of the house”

Such as what?? A few have had minor success outside the house (Jeff S, Rachel, Dr. Will), but their minor BB-related success was because of their personalities and observational abilities. Clay (so far) hasnt exhibited much personality or much marketable interest. He is a good looking 23 year old but so?

Shellie wont earn a dime as well. For what would she?

Truth is very few accrue any financial benefits from being on BB (I am good friends with two, and have had discussions with a few others). You are occasionally recognized if you were in a recent season, but its really hard to monetize on this.

Only thing I can say to Clay, is dont be too much of a douche bag.


Ok what the heck is going on? So Liz is up talking to Meg and James basically throwing out clays plan to have himself voted out…. Sooooooo the rest of the 6th sense isn’t on board with that idea? Cause if they were wouldn’t they, yah know just keep it to themselves? Lol

oh my

Is steve for real? Or is it an act? How would acting like he’s disturbed benefit his game though?


Just goes to show how insecure as well as selfish Shelli truly is. This dude is giving up his game & she is still not seriously injecting about him giving up his game for her. All she goes on about is all the opportunities he will have after the show. Really?
Clay asks her if the role was reversed whether she would be out there cheering him on/waiting on him hand & foot(during this punishment) the way he has done: She states in this exact post about how she would lay in bed & enjoy the extra space in bed all to herself. I believe she would not be as invested to support him as he is towards her. Typical selfish Shelli. I am not taking away from Shelli’s game play nor hating on her ability(as some people seem to imply feeders being a bunch of haters of Clelli- Its her stank ass tude that makes it hard to be a fan of Shelli) to win comps or her social game but rather disgusted by her nasty attitude she displayed the entire time she has been in the house.
Clay is ignorant to this fact. Yes, the game makes people act some what different due to the environment,but it also sheds light on their true character & Shelli has snapped on Clay for no reason at times, freaks out about cameras,has this need to look perfect,puts him down,even when complimenting her when she is not at her best. That is a genuine quality you would want in someone. Shallow, selfish Shelli-Please House, send her home!

Valentina Corleone

You make a lot of very good points about Shelli’s shortcomings and her short-sightedness regarding on how she comes off to the viewers. The thing for me is just how UNLIKEABLE she is-she just doesn’t give off an warm vibe. To me, she is cold, calculating, vain, shallow – need I go on? That said, given the opportunity, she would probably do well in some form of show business.


ohhh tough guy clay is gonna bully everyone that votes out his Boo give me a break Clay its big brother your not in there to get a girlfriend I’m actually surprised you look and act like a mans man lmao . And another thing James would kick your WR ass out of the house. folio johnny mac


Is there an update coming or what?

love bb

I knew clay was gas by the way he dresses


Shelli is almost done

Min O'Pause

Damn if this isn’t another soap opera. Those always turned hated nasty characters into choir boys and angels. It’s the most common theme in any soap ever.

Min O'Pause

Just curious…do ya think Shellac really supports herself selling handmade jewelry outta her apartment or do ya think she’s selling somethin’ else? Or….did she divorce some guy with major bank and take everything but his balls?


It is approx. 4:45 pm BB time. Did I miss the POV ceremony?

another name

a few hours ago clay told shelli they had to pick a side.
when she said we did in response, he said but we still played the others.
Shelli said no, we failed that’s why we’re in the position we are now.
This exchange tells me everything I need to know in terms of which of the two has more of a grasp on the game. I may not like her, but at least see her as having more insight into reality than him.
during tonight’s episode I watched clay and shelli. I watched clay look for the cameras and whether or not they were zooming and moving every time there was a hug / peck on the cheek so that he could be looking into the camera every time. not saying. but yeah just saying.
I still believe that any deal james thinks he’s making this week, any alliance he thinks he’s making, and the result of his big move… not going to help the moment he and Jackie aren’t hoh, they’re on the block.
On the episode when James revealed to Meg that he was going to nominate clay and shelli straight up, they included oncoming train noises. way to waste a sound effect that could have been used for becky’s nom. sheesh. I am wondering about part one of shelli’s meltdown. the pre-nom hissy fitting is missing. instead it was made to look like clay is steering the ship. and no Austin talks with james yet. none. i’m confused about how they’re trying to edit this week.


No worries kiddies….when Mrs. Ed (Shelli) gets voted out on Thursday….a new girl will win’s Claysie heart…and thats Meggie. Clay was much closer to meg in the beginning before Mrs. Ed came along anyways…She will be watching from home when Meg and Clay fall in love on T.V.

Signing off,


Hey Dawg and Simon
I think it would benefit people to look up aspergers syndrome and then maybe they would understand Steve…it is a mild form of Autism. Knowing this about Steve makes me proud of the job he is doing…


So a few things: people like j mac for his personality and shockingly accurate grasp of the game for basically being a floater this first few weeks. He’s funny, smart, and just charismatic enough to get the love, and his grasp of the game shows the possibility of an extremely talented gamer down the line.
Second, just because clay and Shelli don’t spend all their time making out doesn’t mean that he’s gay. It shows that they’re both focused and working to advance their games together, even if it hasn’t worked out the way they planned. A few years ago, Amanda and McCray spent all their time making out, getting too comfortable, and before they knew it they were on the block together. I don’t watch the feeds and am only really keeping up this week trying to figure out how the sixth sense basically imploded on itself that they aren’t showing on tv. But from what I understand, Shelli and Clay have been keeping their heads in the game for the most part rather than in trying to suck each other’s faces off. Their relationship may have started off as possibly romantic but they have turned it into something useful and powerful in the game and have chosen to focus on the game and clearly that makes clay gay. I don’t get it, why do people say they want to see people do whatever it takes to win and then hate the people who do whatever it takes to win year after year