James “That’s just scratching the surface!” Steve “He’s going to thrash her right in the p***y!”

POV Holder: James Next POV Aug 1st
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 2nd
HOH James Next HOH Aug 6th
Original Nominations: Shelli and Clay
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots Austin, Liz, Julia

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-02 01-50-50-454

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1:30am Liz comes out of the diary room with a big brother card and says House guests your friends on the live feeds want you to play spin the bottle. James says finally! I say even if its a guy you have to kiss them!! Austin says I’ll just spin it to who I want it to be on. James says me too. I’ll spin it to Liz and you’ll spin it to Meg. James says if it lands on you we’re going to have to kiss! Liz says yeah what if you land on Julia… Oh hell no!! Shelli hits 700 and does a round through the house with the ringing the bell. LIz says if you don’t want to kiss someone then kiss them on the cheeks. Clay says I haven’t even gotten one from her yet! Meg says that Shelli is the squirrel (head) and who ever lands on it will come over and kiss you.

James kisses Steve on the cheek

James kisses Jackie

Austin kisses Liz

Steve kisses Jackie

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-02 03-03-02-991

2am – 2:20am Bedroom – Steve tells Vanessa that tonight would have been his 6th and 7th kiss ever. Steve says that was not Clelli’s first kiss? Do you think it was!? (Yes that was their very first kiss not on the cheek) Vanessa says it was definitely Liztins. (Nope this was their first kiss when Austin ambushed Liz). James congratulates Steve on his 3 kisses. Steve says I’ve never kissed a guy. James says yeah that was a little intense. Steve says I thought I was going to have my first kisses in college and not in the big brother house. Jackie says I wish we had alcohol though. Steve says this was a much bigger deal to me than anyone else. Its just to me I’ve been so sheltered that I’ve never done something like that before. Vanessa says but its good for you. Big Brother says shine that armour squire! Vanessa says that she couldn’t do it because it would have been disrespectful to her girlfriend. Steve comments that Vanessa, Austin and DaVonne were the only people walking into the house with a relationship. Steve says he wants a relationship like that. Vanessa tells Steve he needs to sow his wild oats first. Steve says I don’t know what that means. Vanessa says experiment a little, grow, live a little. You don’t want to get into a relationship like I’m in until you’ve had more casual experiences. Steve says define casual experiences. Vanessa says go on dates with different girls. Vanessa says I feel like you have to go to a strip club or something. You need to break the seal. Jackie comments on how she kissed the whole house tonight. If I didn’t think this day could get any weirder. James says you’re a good kisser Jackie. James comments on how Steve wouldn’t kiss him on the lips. James says we’re going to break Steve out of his shell. Steve says I was broken out of my shell tonight. James says we just scratched the surface. Steve asks what more do you want to do?! What would be under the surface James says going in for a real kiss, then tongue action, then nibble on her ear, neck, then soft caress kisses. Steve asks how red am I?! James says that’s just scratching the surface Steve and then you’ve got to slam her. Steve asks may I quote my fraternity? He’s just going to thrash her right in the pu$$y! Vanessa says see that’s what makes me wonder about you when you drop the p word. Jackie says I think thrash is scarier word!
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Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-02 03-24-44-237

3:10am – 3:30am Shelli reaches 1000!!! Liz, Julia, Austin, Becky and Steve are all dressed up and do a parade through the house with Shelli as she rings the bell. After Shelli gets right back to her swing, stab, chop routine. At 3:13am the pole for the chopping one breaks. Becky runs to get the first aid kit to fix it. They try to fix it but it breaks again after 3:30am.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-02 03-09-11-545

3:35am – 3:50am Big Brother blocks the feeds to fix the rod. The feeds return to Shelli continuing her routine.

3:50am – 4:05am In the bathroom – The feeds return to Clay and Liz in mid conversation. Clay is talking to Liz. Clay says he never said names but said that he would target us out of the house. Clay says the only person that doesn’t want blood on his hands is Steve. Clay says would you rather Steve go home and not into jury or have Clay and Shelli here who will always be a target. Liz says Shelli needs to get this sh*t done tonight so she can talk to him (James) tomorrow. It was bad f**king timing, let me tell you! Clay says I know but the later we talk to him the better. We will talk to him tomorrow for sure. Clay says say that Clay and Shelli are alone, they aren’t with anybody. Liz says Vanessa is with Jackie so she can’t go up there and scheme. Clay says say that Steve did want you (James) out of the house a little while back and his comps are going to start coming up. Clay says hopefully ya’ll talk to him be before we do so it will already be in his head. Clay says Next week will be double eviction and they won’t win it. Austin joins them. Clay says we have a shot at him using it. That’s all we’ve got. Its our last hope. Clay leaves. Liz tells Austin the Clay is going to go up and throw Steve under the bus. Telling James that Steve is coming after them. Austin says that’s not going to work. The problem is Steve never says anything about anyone. It will look fishy. I think the best strategy is to tell James about Becky selling them out. But that won’t work either because that will show we’re all working together. Clay joins them. Clay says if James brings up Steve you can tell him he is coming after them. Clay says that they can tell James that Steve is the biggest threat at this point in the game because memory competitions are coming up. Steve said that he’s going after that side. If it doesn’t present itself then don’t do it. Don’t try to talk to him unless he comes to you. Clay leaves. Austin says well sh*t that’s easier that we don’t have to do it unless he comes to us. Austin says its not going to work. One of them are still going to go. I’m just worried he is going to tell us which one will go. Vanessa says we shouldn’t do what he (James) says. Liz says James wants us to vote with him. He wants Shelli to go. Austin asks Do we do that? Liz says I don’t know.

4:18am – 4:30am Shelli makes it to 1200. Shelli starts ringing the bell through the house. She tells Clay his kingdom is safe. Austin and the twins then do a half time show for Shelli making it to 1200 out of 2400. Shelli says it took me at least 6 hours to get half way. So I’ve got another 6 hours to go and that’s with no sleep, and trying to do it in the sun.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-02 04-20-22-285

4:40am Havenot room – Liz fills Julia in on how Clay wants them to mention to James that Steve is coming after him if he asks them. Liz says we don’t want to do it though because we don’t want it to look like we’re working together.

4:45am – 5am Backyard – Clay tells Shelli and that he was in the office and asked Becky and everyone else if they were on board with backdooring Steve and voting for us to stay. Everyone is on board with it. Steve comes out and reiterates that he is staying up all night with Shelli to support her doing her thing. He said that he promised himself last year when Brittney had to do it .. that if he was in here he would stay up all night. Clay, Shelli and Becky tell him he doesn’t need to stay up all night. Steve says he’s still going to do it. Steve leaves. Shelli asks Becky do you think there is any possibility James will put up Steve? Becky says she isn’t sure. James is sweating bullets which ever one of you stays will be gunning after him. James has been asking people if they’ll take out the other one (Shelli or Clay) during double eviction. If you give James a really good deal that you’re not gunning after him, then he might do it. Clay says he gave us his word and then broke it .. now he feels like sh*t .. so how will he believe that we would keep a deal with him? Becky says she’s not sure. Steve joins them again. Becky heads to bed.
Steve says he had his first cry in the diary room the other day. Shelli and Clay asks what happened? Steve says I’m nervous about how long this is.. I just want to talk to my mom! I would do anything for a phone call.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-02 05-01-31-380
5:05am – 5:30am Becky comes back and asks Steve if she can talk to SHelli & CLay. Steve says sure and leaves. Becky tells Shelli that James wasn’t super tied to the contract because it was obvious you were about to fall. Becky says James is NERVOUS about double eviction.. that is your edge. Shelli asks but why then would he keep both of us? Becky says I don’t know. Clay says we’ll make a deal with him to work with him and not go after him. Clay says if you vote one of us out you won’t get our jury vote. If you keep us you will get both of our jury votes. Becky says that’s a good angle. Becky tells them James’ group never even considered anyone else. Becky tells them that they were always the target. Becky says if James does go for it don’t believe it if you (Shelli) are still on the block. They still might flip in that last 24 hours. Becky tells them that they (James, Meg, Jackie) have no idea where Johnny Mac’s loyalties lie. Shelli says just as a side note you and Johnny are so good with us. Becky tells them how they’re good with her and how she just talks with the other side to get info. Becky says that Vanessa is good at being a chameleon, she can be friends with anyone she needs to that week. Becky says Vanessa doesn’t only blend in with groups, she has a hand in their game. She has a heavy influence. Becky heads to bed. Shelli says poor Steve. Clay says I know I hate doing this to him. Shelli says I love her (Becky) and Johnny .. I want to marry them. Steve joins them again. Steve tells Shelli to go get her sword.

5:30am – 5:45amShelli starts her sword routine again…
Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-02 05-27-52-690

8:20am Shelli completes 1600. She only has 800 more to go.

Nap time…
Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-02 09-19-27-514

9:30am – 10:35am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. All of the house guests go back to sleep…
Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-02 10-36-57-265

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Over the Top Big Brother

Shelli and Clay <3

Canadian Kevin

I love them too.

Love them suffering what they have put everyone else through.


I don’t heart them but I’m also a little sketchy on why so many people want to hate them.

People really want to see Austin and the twins dominate the game? They want more screentime for Becky? They aren’t getting enough of Vanessa’s blue beanie?

Not sure people are really thinking this through.


Is anybody thinking what I’m thinking…the backyard is smelling like flounder with all that running and sweating Shelli is doing.


Take Clay off the block.
Put up Vanessa or Liz.
Shut this save Shelli shit down.
If nessa goes, fabulous.
If Liz goes, a couple has been broken up…
Ultimately…at the end of the day Shelli will definitely go home against those two. I’m 90% sure :/


They shoulda had the witch run in a Pentagon


Going by your posts, you sure are a MISOGYNIST- don’t know what that means? – look it up!


Agreed! Ppl forget that Austin screwed his allies & yet NO one has mentioned it this week. Chelli haven’t done that. Why are they getting crap for Vanessa’s decision? She miss leads the hg by putting Jason up.. James is being dumb! It should be Vanessa n Austin not Chelli! Be smart hg! Chelli is a bad move especially w them being a package duo for votes vs one! We shall see. I’m a fan of Chelli.

TorontoVegan (the real one)

Shelli and Clay may not be horrible people, but they do come off as smug and entitled. They really need to remember that no one in that Big Brother house owes them a darn thing.


Lol ridiculous double standards again. So nobody owes Shelli and Clay anything but they owe everybody else all kinds of things? Even people outside their alliance like Jason, Meg, Jackie etc. Plus it is very interesting how obsessed the haters on here are with Shelli and Clay, attributing them with all kinds of behaviour and personality traits. In psychology we call this projection.

Chill Town

Wow you are really invested in this season. You need to take a breath and relax. Nobody is projecting Shelli’s narcissism or entitltlement, that’s all her own doing. Clay is a boring lifeless corpse in the house who nobody thinks about and Shelli just sucks as a person. Having a negative opinion on a houseguest isn’t hating if everything they have done themselves has warranted such opinions.


i can’t seriously think that Austwins could dominate anything, let alone the game


now i kinda want both clay and shelli to stay although i dont care for them. here’s why i want them to stay:

1. the house (except james, meg, jackie) all are trying so hard to keep them safe.
2. i think unless jackie or meg (lol) wins the next hoh, james is gonna go home (unless he wins pov).
3. i would laugh so hard if somehow “save clelli” works and becky or steve ends up going home since vanessa’s side wants becky gone and shelli’s side would sacrifice steve.

how funny would that be if steve or becky goes home? they want to keep the power players in the game and they really deserve to go home next.

yeah, i want this “save clelli” to work now that i think about it.

what is up w all the crying by houseguest? i would be so happy that i’m not in danger of going home. yeah, keep scheming before the veto ceremony you idiots.


I am not a Clay and Shelli Fan…. I would NOT go as far as hating Scaylli… I would say I do not care for them.

1) I can not stand when people walk around the house feeling entitled in the house… especially when they had a hand in squashing somebody else BB Dreams of making it to Jury. It is the nature of the game people go home… and if you have broken your word in the past…
(a) First HoH putting up Audrey, to Da’Vonne a single mother.
(b) During Vanessa’s HoH Shelli said “You don’t have to keep your word with Jackie, you do not owe her anything.”- Shell.
(c) In front of everybody in the house agreed to put up Austin and then had a hand in getting Jason out… a key hand because it all hinged on Shelli and Clay’s approval. “…I have to run this by Shelli and Clay, I can’t go forward with this unless they are OK with it.”
(d) Did Meg and Jason’s have any really effect on those two…. No… because it was just a game move. The question is considering that one of their primary reasons was to make sure Becky did not go home…. her team mates should really start to notice how Clay and Shelli have been building a side alliance with Johnny Mac and Becky (2 Comp winners… strong comp competitors.) So when it comes to jury it is not 4 against 2 it is 4 against 4 with them having the stronger competition Team.
(I)This is something their 6th Sense Alliance should take not at.. no matter how Double Evictions go down their team members are going to be in Jury… at this point it should be considered… once jury starts Clay and Shelli are NOT working with them. (The Johnny Mac and Becky move is just good a good game move… I will applaud them for how well that makes them look as players.)
(e) They started to kick Vanessa under the bus before Jason even left. One of Shelli’s biggest beef’s was “… “We” worked so hard to build those relationships on the other side of the house and now it is “Us” who is going to pay the price for Vanessa’s decision.” They saw this coming. They probably wanted Austin or Vanesa out this week and not have one of them at Double Evictions and the Jury stage… it’s obvious. (Not a bad move again.
(f) They guilted their team…. yet they have no problem scum bagging Steve… because he i not as good as them. Let’s face it they know James hates Steve because he is a Nerd… so offer the bully the nerd. Classic

I have an issue with people that sit around and talk about their moral and ethical superiority and they play the game just as sleazy, lying and underhanded as other people do…. in some cases a bit sleazier. Also romantics please do not be fooled that act of Clays’s vote to evict me, that was just emotional manipulation much like Dan’s Funeral… it is not real. These two are not in love, they have NO real passion for each other. In a year they will not even hang out with each other. This is not Love it is Big Brother. If it was love Shelli would have begged Clay to stop saying he was going home for her… she would have not done that Knight is shining armor routine… it’s a scam by two people who are just as slimy and sleazy as any of the rest of them. Even more sleazy than most.


I was Team Clelli till about 5:30am when they decided to throw Vanessa overboard to go ride or die with Becky the Rat and JMac. Now they are dead to me.


They have been working on that side alliance for weeks now. They have been kicking Vanessa, Austin and the Twins under the bus for weeks also. Keeping the eyes off of them. It came obvious to me when they started to work hard to protect Becky the last two evictions. I noticed when it came to talk to Johnny Mac or Becky that was all done by Shelli and Clay.
I will not fault them for using the 6th sense to control nominations… for a few weeks my only frustration with Vanessa is that she makes moves that benefits her teammates more than it does her… Jeff was more about Austin than her and Jason was more for Clay and Shelli, because of Da’Vonne and it kept Becky Safe.

My guess is that the Becky and Johnny Mac was an end game strategy. There will be 9 people is jury one is a disposable… leaving 6th sense and JMac and Becky.
Vanessa, Austin, Julia and Liz are (4) then Shelli and Clay are (2) and alliance with Johnny Mac and Becky makes Shelli, Clay, Becky and JMac as a (4)…. Johnny Mac and Becky are two of the strongest competitors in the game. If you look at it like that way, it is reasonable.
So how would an Austin, Liz, Julia and Vanessa vs. Shelli, Clay, Jmac and Becky look. It is easy to see Clay, Shelli, Becky and JMac run right through the other side. The house has had 3 sides for a few weeks… JMac and Becky are just two of the most overlooked houseuests in house even though they have won competitions.

I am not saying that these are bad moves…. the bad move was more in the lie they told last week that made them a target this week… I will say I have a dislike for convenient morality and entitled superiority.


Side note Meg looks cute in that hat


HOpe James doesn’t buy what they’ll sell him. There’s no way he’ll target a ‘potential’ threat Steve over obvious threats that have won HOH for the past 4 weeks and taken out James’ side.

Shelli and Clay are the bigger fish……for now.


James should save Clay and put Vanessa on the block. One of the stronger people will go home and not be in jury.


Yes, but sadly both Jackie and James think Vanessa is workable and they’ve both already said they won’t put her up. Their back up plan if one of Clelli won the veto was to put up Liz. So hopefully, if they are smart they’ll do that. BUT that is only if he finds out Clay will be the one going home. And SHUT UP Shelli saying he “publicly lied to her.” Ohhhhhhhhh as opposed to secretly lying to her.. Oh that’s right… that’s WAY better. Back stab vs. Straight Shooter! I hate her. Please, I will literally kill myself if she is still here next week. Her and her ugly horse teeth.. Go gnaw on some hay Shelli!!

is it just me

i literally don’t think you know what literally means
if you do then dude relax its just a show bro, no need to kill yourself over it


The problem is Steve & Becky are loyal minions. Steve & Becky are not playing their own game. They will be sacrificial lambs for the slaughter. Frustrating to watch them be so loyal.

Jay A

I hope they try something involving backfiring Steve like James would fall for that heck of anything James could use it as ammo to show that his so called alliance is loyal to him.


IF james falls for this crap he deserves to go home next week. but i dont think he will




Um Steve, that isn’t a good way to get a girl to like you. That sounds painful. Just saying. Your mom is probably cringing right now. Choose your words carefully.

james should make this deal.

bring up shelli clay infront of becky and steve and jmac. and tell them well let u stay but u gotta spill the beans on all the scheming van and the twins are doing and u make alliance with us and go after them and we put up van and u gotta throw them under the bus big time so she goes home ur five votes are here. thats the only way to do it and that will make them have to defect cause austin and twins will hate them after for ratting out. i would take that deal would anyone else?

pisses me off

i hate how 6th sense even thinks that steve will go up . it just shows how ignorant those goofs are.


Sooo, so arrogant and cocky. Do these idiots not know they are the villians at this point and that the feedsters hate them? I can’t wait until they get out of the house and read how much we hate them.

is it just me

you does not = we
just because you feel a certain way don’t assume we all do im sorry to break it to you but your opinion is just that and does not reflect we as a collective


Just look at the various online fan polls. It is just you.

is it just me

sorry if i do not put much credance into pols where the same person votes under 30 different screen names because it somehow makes them feel important


Does anyone think it’s possibly the problem with Becky could because of the train she has some type of
trauma that affects her thinking.


The thing with Becky, she is really perceptive! She is the only one that has Vanessa figured out. In fact I think she may be the one that gets her out. I hope so anyways, because the rest of the house guests seem to be blind to her game.
She reminds me of a child… One minute she say something profound, and then 10 seconds later she does something stupid.


Becky’s target is Vanessa. She is still hoping she can get Shelly to throw Vanessa under the bus so James puts her on the block. She doesn’t want to do it herself because she knows it’s dangerous to openly target her. She is staying close to Shelli and Clay hoping they’ll stay and she can work with them, or work with whoever stays.


I hope James tells Steve that they are throwing him under the bus and are willing to sacrifice him. Steve can expose them and join his side.Hope this happens and backfires, so the other side will gain a number. James is going to know that they will try anything to stay and are grasping at straws! Meg should also tell James, that Clay is trying to get voted out so Shelli can stay .Tell Vanessa that he has to put her up and that she is not a target, but he needs a guarantee that Shelli goes home.


This is exactly what the Lame Sense did. Put Meg up to “make sure their real target went home.” If James was paying attention, he’ll do the same thing. But like he’s said before, he just wants one of them to go home.

Canadian Kevin

Yeah, both Meg and Jackie have to tell James. I know James thinks shelli is the bigger threat (she is) – so hopefully that will get him to put up either Liz or in a perfect world, Vanessa against shelli.

I like the idea of Vanessa up more, but he’s already stated that a replacement might be Liz – whereas he’s told Vanessa she wasn’t going up.

I don’t like how Clay and Shelli keep going on about James breaking his word; ignoring the fact they did the same thing last week to get Jason out.

Apparently it’s ok if THEY do it, or Vanessa for that matter – but from anyone else, it’s an arch betrayal.

Their heads are so far up each others asses, you can’t tell where one ends, and either of the other two begin.

Jason was right in his assessment of all three.


Shell broke her word in her first HoH when she promised to put Audrey up as the replacement nominee and then put up Meg so her target Da’Vonne would ho home… before jury. In the most heartless manner possible forcing Da’Vonnes own ally James to vote to evict her… karma. James should remember this and force Julia and Austins votes the same way…. just saying.
Never call yourself a Saint win you are really a scumbag… That is why peoples all time favorites are Evil Dr Will and Evil Dick… and it is why Ia will always say that they are more honest and ethical players than some of the Saints or people that tried to act like Saints. In Big Brother sometimes the Villains are more loyal and heroic than some of the people who got the hero edit and walked around like they were better human beings. Watch the Seasons… it will blow your mind when you see it.

Dr. Will

Thanks for the scumbag comment, I beg to differ but it’s good to know you are still obsessed with me. Maybe it’s not the villian’s who are admired and liked the most from the show but actually the best at playing the game. I’m sorry you’ve been a fan of the loser pack from the games history but the game is based on lying. If you have a conscious in the house, you’ll lose, if you want to play a loyal trustworthy game, you’ll lose. If you throw every comp, openly target alliances, accept every deal offered (honoring none), lie, deceive and stab not it the back but rather directly in the chest of your fellow houseguests, you not only WIN BB but you get remembered and considered the best to play the game. I’ll take that rather than being the most loyal or trustworthy houseguest ever. I’m in no way an Evil Doctor but a rather amazing Doctor, if you need work we are open for you. Villian not exactly, Puppet Master exactly!


You’re not a real doctor that actually saves people’s lives are you? I thought your specialty was cosmetic plastic surgery ie: face lifts.

hes scared

james will be too chicken to put up van. he thinks they are on good terms but regardless she gonna put him up. this just gives an excuse to do it. if meg wins hoh and then james again that will be so money


That would be the most beneficial if they make Van feel threatened. Whenever that happens she loses it & will show where her loyalties lie: to herself! That will def send Shelli on out because Steve is the most loyal to Van more than Clelli. If they can open Steve’s eyes stating Clelli has thrown him under the bus plus making Van go up as a pawn to allow her to feel threatened,the others will save Van over Shelli. Save Clay & put up Van to seal the deal on Shelli going out the door. Best game move by far. James putting up a twin will not get the job done. A twin would def go home. Don’t think James’s is willing to go that far(pouring up Van)but hope Jackie keeps James on track to follow thru on their plan or it will all be in vain.


And that way if it backkfires and Vanessa gets voted off. He can always say that was always the plan to Backdoor Vanessa and he couldn’t say anything because it would have got back to her and she might have been able to get out of it. Then he could say he was sorry to have put them through that but it had to be believeable. That way they might not go after him so soon. Saving clay might be the only way to get Shelly out because right now he is tugging at everybody’s heart string by throwing himself under the bus.

home that was always the plan. Saving Clay and putting up Vanessa maybe the only way to get out Shelly since h


Disregard that last bit.


That would totally work (the fib that Vanessa was the target all along). Unfortunately, I believe that James feels he’s “in better” with Vanessa, so it won’t happen unless someone brings him something “big” about her. For me, I’m perfectly happy with Vanessa going over Shelli, as long as one of them does! The vote would be quite interesting: Voting Vanessa out: JMac, Jackie, Becky, Clay, Meg (might be a wildcard re wanting Clay for herself). If the Aus-twins are truly “in” with working with James, then all 3 of them vote Vanessa out as well. The Aus-twins need to decide whether they’re freaks n’ geeks or 6th Sense. The only vote to keep Vanessa might be Steve, and if he thinks he’s the only vote, he might vote with the house. I would prefer to see Vanessa gone this week over Shelli, but it’s a long shot.


Sorry about that repeat comment. I’m an old lady, it took me an a half hour to post it. I got dizzy and my hands went numb.


And that way if it backkfires and Vanessa gets voted off. He can always say that was always the plan to Backdoor Vanessa, she was the one that put up jason and he couldn’t say anything because it would have got back to her and she might have been able to get out of it. Then he could say he was sorry to have put them through that but it had to be believeable. That way they might not go after him so soon. Saving clay mightiest be the only way to get Shelly out because right now he is tugging at everybody’s heart string by throwing himself under the bus.

home that was always the plan. Saving Clay and putting up Vanessa maybe the only way to get out Shelly since h


Let’s kill this 24 hrs and get Nessa away from Jackie..so she can direct these idiots. It’s like watching a crew of elementary school students on a field trip when Vanessa isn’t around.

Jackie’s forced fake laugh is officially the most annoying pathetic laugh in BB history. Can we just shoot her now and save the eviction of her in a few weeks for someone else?

This week feels forced. Let’s get this over with so Vanessa can steam roll Meg Jackie and James next week.


AMEN!! Ready for Vanessa to take back control next week and do some house cleaning. Here’s hoping James gets the boot next week.


As soon as James hears about vans betrail- her ass is on the block! Very well may be by-by van van this week.


I agree about Jackie’s fake laugh. Makes me want to open a vein and fill it with rubbing alcohol.

Castle Guard Shelli

Did Clay just tell Liz that him and Shelli should stay because they are not a threat since they only have each other and nobody else? I’m done.


Liz is dumb enough to fall for it, even after she KNOWS they’re working with Van and Austin, why can’t J/J/M see that the whole house is against them, with every one willing to save Van they should realize she’s the one that’s really running the house but for what ever reason they can’t see that


Oh! My fair Queen(Shelli) tragedy has struck, while you were outside slaying dragons. I have fell in love with the Maiden Meg and though has opened my eyes and do not wish to fall on thy sword for thee! Parting is such sweet sorrow my love, but thy thinks you protest to much!


Whoops! Though should be Thou


Hey Dawg.

wanted to ask.

is it true that Clay is rebelling against the production and not wearing his microphone just so he could get a penalty vote?


Many thanks for the work u put up!

Go James

The only way both can stay is if they out the sixth sense alliance and sen Vanessa home. That’s it. Forget Steve and forget Becky getting put up.


I love how Shelle and Clay don’t hold “loyality” to the same level as a “word”… It’s ok to bite off your nose to spite your face, but hey, he didn’t stick to his word… What freaking loyality does James have to them? James was the first HOH to go for the throat, kudos to him! His gameplay is good ‘ole front door classic BB, the BB game play we loved, but haven’t seen in years! They are do double sided and delusional. Go home Shelle/Clay!


I agree, for this week. But remember in the first week, James was HOH and Jace was a backdoor eviction.


First evictions are really hard, especially when the alliances are not as visible as they are now.


My brother used to be very shy, until he met a girl and got married. As soon as he met that person he outgrew that awkward stage.Hope that happens for Steve. Vanessa is really giving him bad advice that he needs a stripper all he needs is someone to love him for himself. Steve needs to meet the right person. A stripper is not going to give him what he needs, his first time should be special!


I know! That was horrid advice! Maybe that’s what she did?!… She even said she was attracted to men, but women relationships work better for her. She figured this out by having cheap 1 night stands? I wonder how her girlfriend thinks about that statement? She disgusts me.

Triangle of Love

What do you think Vanessa’s 23 yo g/f is doing in that Las Vegas Mansion every night ?


Getting her tongue-in-groove on I imagine.


It is actually really good advise… In my family all couples that married the first person thy ever dated had marriages that made a “A Nightmare on Elm Street” look like a Tender Love Story of a Misunderstood Groundskeeper and a Teenage Girl… seriously that bad.
The people that did sew some wild oats had a better idea what they wanted in a partner and a much better relationship, because they did not have that nagging “What else is out there.”… It is good advise, I know my partner is the best guy for me because I kissed all those toads in Bears clothing.


James needs money for his daughter. He gave up the chance at getting the $5000 prize, so he could get the veto. He isn’t going to change the nominations. He’s going to keep Shelli and Clay on the block to make sure one of them leaves.


He should have taken the five grand. He didn’t need the POV to send a target home.

Long-term he would’ve been better off throwing it to Vanessa or Jackie and putting some blood on their hands. James is funny and a tough competitor but strategically he is terrible.

Taco in a burrito

I hope James realizes that because of all the punishments going on now (Vanessa shackled to Jamie. Shelli sword fighting and clay watching)is a good time to campaign and talk with people especially Austin and the twins about sending home Shelli

Yo Yo Yo

Why is everyone so against Steve? Why is he such a threat? Shelli and Clay will toss him under the bus now and from what I can see, he has done nothing but support them.
Shouldn’t they go after Austin first?
I get he is extremely quirky, but someone should wake up and scoop him up as a vote. That’s what they did last year with Victoria.


He isn’t a threat. He’s just a warm body that Clay/Shelli feel they can easily get rid of to save Shelli. This is how they regard everybody in the house.

Indian's girl

Don’t you that steve has a crush on Shelli and would do anything to keep her?

Cindy Withanesse

how in the hell is john #1 in the poll of faves? this moron is a narc just like becky and has his tongue so far up clay and shelly’s ass. he’s not funny, he’s not entertaining….i don’t understand all the love people are throwing his way! i can’t wait to see this loser leave the game.


Don’t sweat it kids, King James has this week all under
control. Shelli will be leaving Thursday….Audrey had a
dream about it 🙂

If Shelli Stays

I WILL BE SO PISSED! honestly Clay grow some f***ing balls, telling people to vote you out instead of Shelli!? so pathetic. I miss players like Dan Gheesling & Mike Boogie who would do ANYTHING to win the money & actually play the game. Clay & Austin are unbelievably pathetic & should get an automatic BigBrotherBoot for not playing the game for anything but their showmance. Talk about LAME! I hope Shelli goes home and maybe Clay will remember why he went onto Big Brother in the first place.

….and Austin…. just needs to go


Clay right after that started to Shelli that they need to get Steve put up as a replacement nominee and they are now moving on that… Do NOT be fooled that was an emotional manipulation, much like Dan’s funeral. All part of their true love scam.


As it stands now the only way Shelli goes home is with Vanessa sitting next to her. James only has two votes he can count on to vote his way.

The mist is strong with Vanessa.


I don’t know about that. It would all depend on how Aus-twins vote. They KNOW Vanessa is head honcho…and might take the opportunity to get rid of her. Who would beat her in F2 as it stands right now? No one. It could be that only Steve would vote to keep Vanessa.

Canadian Bacon

I wouldn’t mind having to “polish” Jackie.


James needs to be filled in on Clay campaigning to leave. They are going to throw Steve under the bus big time, and Vanessa won’t like that, I think she really does want to take him far but doesn’t want that to be revealed to anyone this early. When the bus with Steve’s name on the bumper heads up to HOH, James should pull Steve aside and tell him that Clelli, Becky and John are driving buses over him to get him put up as a replacement. This might cause Steve to vote against Shelli instead of Clay. I really think that Steve needs Shelli to go because as long as she is in the house, Vanessa will work with her – this is bad for Steve’s game. Steve is Vanessa’s parachute, Shelli and Clay have Becky and John ( tho I’m not sure anyone in the house realizes this because JMac and Becky are almost invisible in the house).

As much as I like seeing Clelli on the block together, the only way that Shelli is going home is if Vanessa is on the block next to her. This is a problem for James because he seems to want to work with Vanessa and that won’t happen if he puts her on the block. Either way, the only way James is not on the block next week is if Jackie wins HOH ( or Meg, but I don’t see her winning anything anytime soon). Whatever James does, he will be a target next week, so he might as well make the big move. I keep hoping that JMac and Becky realize that it will be much easier to pull Clay in and work with him that it will be to work with Shelli. Clay needs to be told what to do, Shelli needs people to do what she wants. But it seems like they both prefer to keep Shelli. I had hopes that JMac was just laying low and would surprise us with mad game once jury stage starts, but watching him cry yesterday I lost all hope of that happening. WTF??? Shelli put him on the block and asked him to throw the BOB twice, and she was a big part of Vanessa doing the same to him. I don’t get the loyalty to someone who has shown several times that he is disposable.


James literally has to do nothing and keep the norms the same. Anything for this nauseating cuddlemance to end. And no guarantee that if it stays Clay and Shell that Clay is going. After the POV ceremony there will be four full days before eviction and one or both will realize they need to forge new relationships if they want to progress. So a lot can happen. Maybe Clay will even realize Meg is more fun and age appropriate for him.

(Austin John and Steve might realize they are better off with Clay as bros, as Shellie is more likely to bond with the ladies. And Meg and Becky would also have their eye candy without Shellie around. James and Jackie hate Shellie. So Clay going is not a done deal vs Shellie by any means)

Team Edward

I said it once and I will say it again. Steve is one awkward boy.

So stupid

Really! Most of you people who hate Shelli and Clay are obviously wannabe floaters! Yeah lets hate the people who are actually playing the game and winning comps while loving the people who don’t play the game. Sitting there running their mouths and laughing. So cool. Oh James made a big move alright no a big move would have been the strongest guy in the house with one if the twins or Vanessa. That is 3 votes right there 3 strong alliance and Vanessa in 4. But breakup the rated G showmance? Big move not!! As we have seen Clay might be hot but he is not good at comps. Meg teally that high in the polls??!! She hadn’t done a single thing so again a floater is a fan favorite. I want the people who play the game relatively honestly to win (there is no complete honesty in BB) james totally went back in a deal now most HG will see his word means crap. Johnny Mac love him and he is paying the game. This is the first year that I’m super pissed about BB and the stupid floating asses. Rant over! Peace!


Winning competitions in the game of Big Brother is over-rated. One of the best players of all time was Dr. Will. There was never a competition that he didn’t throw, he won Season 2 and came 4th season 7 (Boogie couldn’t have won it without him). Dan won once and came second in S14. He only won competitions when he needed to. He especially didn’t try to win in the early game.

Winning competitions early on makes you a target early on. You make enemies, and by the time Double Eviction happens, you have made yourself a DE candidate. Many of the people that are running things pre jury went home during double eviction.

If you look at the people that were strong prejury, I can’t think of anyone that managed to make it to the end and win, except maybe the Donatos – but they had help from America’s Player. That’s why the Brigade deserves props, because they didn’t even try to win competitions until they were against each other. And 3 out of 4 made the end because they were smart enough to use their parachutes in power to do their dirty work. That’s why 3 out of 4 of them made the end. So what if Brenchel could win competitions, their social and strategic game sucked, and that’s why they didn’t make the end game.


Not so much fun when it’s your hamsters getting punk’d, is it? ROFLMAO!


By that you are also saying Shelli and Clay’s word means crap… because they made a crap load of deals that they have gone back on… to quote Shelli to Vanessa “You don’t have to keep your word to Jackie… you do not owe her anything.”


Never mind spin the bottle. We want to see a BB version of strip poker!!!


So long Shelli!! Sixth sense are no more.

oh my

Meg likes clay. Gross. I’m hoping clay goes home so meg doesn’t embarress herself.


Meg has been drooling over Clay from the start. Jason isn’t the real reason she wants Shellie gone, she wants Clay. How I would love to see Clay out instead of Shellie just for that reason.

shelli go home!

SHELLI go HOMe….what are they waiting for if Clay really wants to go out of this game, then tell him that he can go home next week by volunteering to go on the block next week and vote him out right after HER….EASY


go home Shelli


I still think the only sellable option is convince James to put up Liz. Telling him that not only would he be breaking up the trio of Liz/Julia/Austin but also breaking up two pairs, Liz/Austin and Liz/’Julia.
Of course James thinks he is really good with Austin now and he would have to be convinced he is not. James would also need to be convinced that he has no chance with Julia anyway because I think he is hoping he does.


If Liz goes up, Liz goes home. Keeping the threesome off the block gives 3 votes. If one of them is up, you only have 2 votes and need to find another one. Maybe James doesn’t know it, but that isn’t going to be easy. The only way is to either convince the twins and Austin that Shelli needs to go, or to pull Clay down an put up Vanessa.

Backseat Driver

Is Steve really weird or does anybody here think he’s possibly just putting on an act (whatever the goal is…)?


During these punishments, James and Meg need to be with the twins as much as possible and reinforce why Shelli needs to go. If they can convince Liz, she will convince Austin and I think Julia is smart enough to realize that Shelli is bad for her game. Meg has done some work on Clay, but he is irrelevant right now, she needs the twins. Just because they say they will vote Shelli out doesn’t mean they will. Things can change so fast in that house. They need to be bffs with the twins this week, and beyond if they don’t want to get picked off after this week. There are plenty of good game reasons why Austin, Liz and Julia should want Shelli out over Clay, so James, Jackie and Meg need to c-block any conversations with Vanessa, Clay and Shelli. As soon as Jackie’s task is over, she also has to suck it up and hang and have fun with the twins and Austin. They are the key to whether Shelli or Clay goes. Austin is too afraid of Vanessa to do anything without her permission, but I think he also sees Shelli as a bigger threat to his game. He has to know that Shelli without Clay means that Vanessa could bail on him. As I said, if Liz is convinced, the other two will follow. The odds are better that they can win the next HOH if Shelli goes, and the only ones that would be pissed at them is Clay and Vanessa (probably Becky too). I also think that they could easily peg the “hinky votes” on Becky, Steve and maybe JMac.


Chelli are smug and entitled alike like Breanchel, you just can’t rub the HG the wrong way, Aldo going back on deals too many times and expect them to continue to do your bidding . Chelli being split up is exactly what they deserve.


Waiting to see Shellin go home and for her to watch Meg and Clay together.


So it’s leaked that Shelli is BEGGING production to start jury a week early. She goes to the DR and does this. Thanks feedsters for the much appreciated leak. Love you all! Please…that wouldn’t be fair. She didn’t care about Jason not getting jury. Screw her….and Btw….Clay is going to hook up with Men or Becky as soon as she’s gone. Sorry boo…Lmao

Indian's girl

I think that Steve has a huge crush on Shelli and would for sure vote Clay out over her.

Only in Canada

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Steve is looking for a surrogate mom. Not a love interest. Any of the women who gave him a nurturing hug would have him until the end. Thing is, neither Vanessa nor Shelli is there to nurture. They are there to win! James should know that and pit them against each other. That would make for a great few days for the fans. Imagine the level of drama with those campaigns happening. Production…..plant the seed for great ratings and hero status with James.


When do you think Jury will start?