“Vanessa will start to attack the Austin group before us, They stopped talking game together”

POV Holder: James Next POV Aug 1st
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 2nd
HOH James Next HOH Aug 6th
Original Nominations: Shelli and Clay
After POV Nominations: ?
Have Nots Austin, Liz, Julia

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-02 14-27-01-209_jpg

2:27pm Vanessa shines Jackie’s armour while Jackie takes a sh1t

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-02 14-42-35-548_jpg

2:41pm jackie stands guard as Vanessa showers

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-02 14-59-04-516_jpg

2:41pm HOH James and Meg

Meg saying Shelli has done 2000 battles she’s exhausted and is taking a nap.
James- when’s the veto ceremony
Meg – tomorrow
James brings up Vanessa asking him if he’s keeping the noms the same
Meg – she thinks you are going to back door her

James – Shelli was the brains of Clay
Meg – Hopefully we have the votes for it, we need two more for sure
James – how many do we need 5, You, Jackie, Becky, Liz.. You’re having doubts about Liz
Meg – not doubts..
James- they said they are fully onboard
Meg – ya they probably will be
JAmes- Liz and Julia have been primary supporters of Shelli
meg – Just recently.. I’ve never seen them interact in the house
Meg – I feel like JMAC will keep clay
James- ya, the whole thing I don’t want to do is steer off the plan.. that’s why we get mad at people for changing plans
Meg – I think it’s a good plan still
James- the whole thing to get the couple out .. go from there..
Meg – I’ve been thinking of next week
James- what do you mean
Meg – if it’s a double eviction you use that opportunity to take out a big target
Meg wonder if it’ll be smart to take out Austin and the twins. They need four votes, “WE have Becky and Jackie on our side”
James – where will Clay lay after the dust settles..
They agree Clay will be close to Meg. Meg thinks Clay is pissed off at Vanessa
Meg asks Him if she wins Veto can she be the renomination. James say no.
James wonders if the twins will got after Steve if they won.
Meg thinks they should make it clear to Austin and the twins they want to work with them.
James doesn’t think it’ll be hard to get them out in the late game because they are not good at comps.
James says Meg has a really good chance to beat the twins in Competition. Meg agrees she’s got a better chance vs the twins than Clay and Shelli. James hasn’t seen much of Austin in the competitions.
Big-Brother-17 2015-08-02 14-58-37-520_jpg

Liz joins them.

Liz says Clay came down to her and told her to vote to Keep Shelli
Meg – he said the same thing to me but now he’s been making it a point coming up and saying PLease don’t tell anyone I said that to you

Meg – I’m sorry we have to look at this game wise and Shelli has won 3 HOH’s, Clay will be easier.
James – Shelli is the brains without Shelli… she’s been running his game
Liz – word on the street they are going to come up here and try and get Steve backdoored.
Liz explains shelli and Clay will come up here and tell them the memory competitions are coming up and they have to get rid of Steve because he’ll dominate them.
Meg – those comps are later anyways they’re will be plenty of chances to get steve out.

Liz says it was crazy that James took the POC over Money.
Jame s- I told Austin I wasn’t going to put y’all up
liz – you’re a man that sticks to his word you could have taken Ireland and 5 thousands dollars.
Meg wants them to have a plan going into the double eviction.

Liz says she’s going to starts Jedi Drilling.
Liz – I told you we would vote with you just tell us your agenda

Liz and Meg comment on Clay being a “baby” only 23 and Shelli is old at 33. They thinks If Shelli knows Clay is throwing away his game she’s being selfish. James wonders what Clay’s family is thinking since like them all Clay sacrificed so much to be on the show.

Liz says Clay and Shelli will tell him exactly what he’ll want to hear. She believes if they stay this week they will come after James’ side regardless.
Liz says Shelli and Clay suck up to whoever is in power says Vanessa won 2 HOH’s and she’s been buddy buddy with her.

[envira-gallery id=”125684″]

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-02 14-44-07-552_jpg

2:42pm Liz and Julia
Liz says Austin farted and denied it then put her hands on her, “Just admitted you farted bro.. I smelled the rotten eggs”

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-02 15-16-49-883_jpg

3:14pm James and Meg HOH
Meg – We gotta be good with Austin and the twins
James – that’s 3 f***g votes
Meg – As long as they don’t think we’re coming after them they won’t come after us
Meg – the one person we’ll lose is Becky..
Meg – We’ll have Steve, Clay Johnny Mac (To get out)
James is worried if Steve wins the HOH
Meg says Vanessa will run Steve’s HOH, “Vanessa will start to attack the Austin group before us”
James agrees says She’s already threw a shot at them
Meg – they’ve stopped talking game.
Jackie and Vanessa joins them…

Jackie laughing says she can’t talk any game with the punishment because nobody will take her seriously.
Becky joins them in the HOH… CHit chat …..

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-02 15-26-22-053_jpg

3:20pm Honeycuttz, Liz, Austin
(Shelli is finishing up the battles)
They’re about about Still controlling the votes this week.
Liz – Meg was staying,., She thinks you want to go over Shelli..
Liz – James wants to keep you over Shelli
Clay – I know he does
Liz – really sticky situation they see her more as a threat she’s won a lot

LiIz – Oh my God I love you
Austin – don’t bring attention
Liz – With a heart..
Shelli – what in the world
Liz – Shelli.. Oh my god
Austin – Clay you pay for that
Clay turns around and smiles
Feeds cut

(It said “I Love you heart S”)

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-02 15-24-22-475_jpg

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-02 16-05-31-618_jpg

4:04pm 2100 done 300 more to go

4:12pm Most of the house is watching Shelli complete her last 300 battles
Shelli asks James if she can have a HOH shower after this. James says certainly it’s all hers.

[envira-gallery id=”125695″]

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-02 16-23-08-490_jpg

Meg – Punishments are no joke this week
Clay – Looking hot
Shelli – Feeling hot

Meg – Shelli you killed this bro

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-02 16-23-37-495_jpg

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-02 16-31-14-817_jpg
4:30pm James has a note from production

James – Behold Behold to all big brother people…
We want to see you use all four photo booth frames to show us how you can transform from Beauty into beast. In frame one give us your sweetest mug in frames two and three make your pretty face get a little uglier each time the shutter closes. By Frame four you should be in full ugly face beast mode for the live feeders.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-02 16-37-46-581_jpg

4:34pm Clay and Shelli
Talking about ways they can get Steve nominated this week.
Shelli – the things we do have in our favour is he’s afraid..
Clay – he’s terrified.
Shelli – we made one mistake.. there’s still chance we can mend those bonds together
Clay – we’ve never done them wrong
Shelli says they have both done each other wrong.. now they can move forward.

Shelli says it makes sense the message would be up there for her because she’s been outside all day. They never saw the complete message so are unsure who it was sent to. They just say a S

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-02 17-19-16-610_jpg


Shelli is done 2300.. just 100 more to go

See what they can’t show you on TV!

Watch the next week of the live feeds for FREE!

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This post is a little after the fact but just wondering if anyone noticed that on last weeks show when they featured Johnny Macs family..his twin Donny was nowhere to be seen. Do you think there will be some sort of twin twist down the road? Also thank you Simon and Dawg for all you do! You’re the best.


Yes. I wondered about that too, thought I had just made up that he has a twin. I did see a long time ago that the twin’ s twitter is being monitored by a friend now too… wow, I’d be really surprised if it was kept secret all this time by CBS. Would be fun though.


Agree Alicia…his twin is identical I think more so than Liz and Julia. At one point a while back Johnny stayed real isolated and I could swear they had switched for a day…hair was a little different. Anyway I think something will happen soon.


He doesn’t have a brother called Donnie, that’s a fake twitter account


“Vanessa shines Jackie’s armour while Jackie takes a sh1t”

Truly the game has started…


Pack your Bags Shelli………you’re going to jury (Just kidding). You’re going to see Julie Chen. Have fun with Day & Audrey!!!


Sadly, if James doesn’t replace Clay with Liz, Shelli isn’t going anywhere. I will be so sad if this seasons man candy goes home before jury…


I agree, I don’t think she is going. I really think Meg, Jackie, and MAYBE one or two others will be the only ones to vote her out. The rest will either save her because they know she would be a better ally or some will keep her just because that’s what clay wants (jonnymac, Steve, Becky).
I don’t really care which one of them goes, I just don’t see it being her.

Beast Mode Cowpie

The vote will be close indeed. I think Becky will vote out Shelli because I think she has a crush on Clay. Meg is crushing on Clay too. So if Shelli goes, I look for Meg and Becky to start battling it out for Clay’s attention. James needs to make some stronger allies. If Jackie doesn’t win the next HOH I’m afraid he is in trouble (unless Vanessa wins and keeps her deal with him; I guess that is possible). I don’t want to see James voted out after such a ballsy move this week, but his teammates are W-E-A-K


Now that it has settled down to a more individual game (single HOH) I think they will see this as an opportunity to take out a major player with little to no chance of blowback to anybody but James, and they will take it. I think Shelli is as good as gone.


Man Shelli and Clay are so screwed.. and I’m loving every second of it. They have 0 shot at getting Steve nominated. Only chance they have is Vanessa at getting nominated, but pursuing to get rid of Vanessa is a dangerous game. If word gets back to Vanessa, they are done. They will lose whatever support they had left of Vanessa, Liz, Julia, Austin. Honestly, if Shelli/Clay want any shot at staying they need to take that risk and throw Vanessa under the bus.


i’d like to see James ask Van to be a pawn, he could say he did it for her and he knows Clay is asking every one else to vote him out so having Van up against Shelli insures them Shelli would go BUT sadly that won’t happen

BB ever

omg, poor Jame,s you are the man but you don’t have smart ppl to help you out. Meg is useless fool .


james isnt a smart cookie either, he actually believes vanessa is going to target austin/twins before targeting him.. im excited for next week to see who wins HOH and who james alliance puts up on the block should they win HOH again. vanessa is golden with these group of idiots. i think the only one smart on jame’s alliance is jackie, she can tell vanessa isnt fully trust worthy.




Liz spilling the beans to James/Meg and Clay/Shelli has me rolling. Clay/Shelli realize that she’s just trying to ensure her Julia and Austin don’t go up as renoms.

Shelli has said she would consider working with James moving forward because in her words: “they’ve done us wrong, and we’ve done them wrong.” I can’t believe it’s taken Shelli this long to admit to her own backstabbing. They should try to solidify something with James, and get someone else put up (ideally Vanessa). I just thought of the votes with Shelli vs. Vanessa, and either could go which would be a huge boon for James/Jackie/Meg.

If Vanessa left (with JMac, Becky, Meg, Clay, and Jackie voting to evict her) James/Meg/Jackie could get closer to Austin/Twins for not nominating or BD them. JJM would also potentially create a bridge with SC for saving them, and allowing them to be in jury together. Plus Vanessa whines occasionally about not wanting to be separated from her GF fro seven weeks. Well you know where the door is.

If Shelli left (with Austin/Twins, Meg, Jackie, and Steve voting her out) then JJM could try to target Vanessa and Steve during the DE as a means of getting closer to A/Twins.

But in truth AJL is a three headed beast that’s going to have to be separated at some point. Ideally I’d like to see an outcome this week where the Silent Six alliance is utterly obliterated, and Vanessa is exposed as the new person who’s got a hand in every cookie jar.

Just to clarify

Please don’t mix these buffoons up with the silent six from BB14. That alliance formed to defeat a strong competitor (janelle) and spawned the quack pack. Those people were smart enough to target an actual strong competitor and knew when to cut bait, if you will.
If Vanessa and the Austwins plus Steve could think things through they would:
Join james and co. & vote out shelli. This leaves clay scrambling. They then would have earned the trust of J/J/M at least temporarily. And could go after jmac and Becky and clay. Then they flip on J/J/M and set them selves up for F5. Vanessa and Steve could easily defeat the Austwins.


The Silent 6 was a sham alliance that were scheming against each other as soon as they formed. Ian informed the other 4 that Boogie and Frank were coming after Dan and Dan and co got to them first. That was the Quack Pack and that was a genuine alliance. The Sixth Sense has done way more damage than the Silent Six and have only started to fracture when pressure from without the alliance began to bear on them.


Everyone seems to be forgetting about Freaks n Geeks
Austin, Vanessa, Julia, Liz, Steve
Vanessa formed that because she already knew that Clay n Shellie would
throw her under the bus… Which is exactly what we have seen this week.
Shellie is just an iffy number to Vanessa now … totally disposable besides
being a jury vote… So Van will be walking a fine line with Shellie
So if Freaks n Geeks get past next week they control the votes

oh well

slowly accepting the fact that meg, james, and jackie really don’t have a chance after this week if jackie doesn’t win hoh bc meg damn sure won’t


Thanks for this hilarious headline, made my day! Meg the old mastermind is at it again.


Meg sure has a great understanding of the house, doesn’t she…


so its safe to say liz is pretty much done with clay and shelli. by going up there to prep james for what those 2 plan to do .


Liz literally ran and told Clay/Shelli what she told James/Meg (minus the incriminating part about throwing Shlay’s Steve idea under the bus). Liz only cares about not getting herself, her sister, or Austin nominated.


Liz, Julia, N Austin are just buying time till Mondays POV ceremony
They are telling James that they will vote the way he wants
But, once the POV isn’t used because James is clueless
Liz, Julia, (sorority sisters with Shellie) n Austin will vote Clay out.
It should be a 7-2 vote against Clay on Thursday with Jackie n Meg
the only ones voting to save Clay … They are so clueless


I do think that James, Jackie and Meg are not out in the clear yet. The house is scrambling because the outsiders got into power, but I think that unless Jackie or Meg wins the next HOH, the next eviction will be quite straightforward: Jackie and Meg as nominees and James as backdoor option. James would frontstab people, but the rest are getting too used to backdooring.


I’m loving James, Meg, and Jackie as the underdogs, but their grasp of the houses dynamics is troublesome to say the least. They need a miracle to not get targeted in the DE. There’s still a lot that could happen this week.


I see one of the twins going home before Austin if they or Austin don’t win double evection


the question will be if clay and vanessa stick together after this week. If shelli goes home i dont see vanessa sticking with clay, i always thought she only was with him because of shelli but if shelli goes i can see her ditching him and trying to make a final 4 with austin and the twins. if shelli stays vanessa and shelli will stick together but they may be alone as it seems like liz and julia anyway are done with them and if thats the case austin will be with them.


vanessa isn’t the type to ditch anyone to send them over to the other side. ditching clay is the last thing she would do. she may not want to use him, but she will keep him close as the only one loyal to shelli blahblah, she voted to keep shelli, blah blah, she worked hard to get steve on as replacement blah blah. she will not lt him go, that would be crazy.

and yes, meg, i mean, all this time and you don’t get that vanessa is glued to jackies side for 24 hours might be the reason she and austin and twins haven’t had much to say to each other. i mean, come on. seriously?

somehow i don’t think james is delusional about what will or won’t happen, i don’t think he is that invested in which one goes, just that he ensures one of them goes. his main goal is to break up a couple, then it is probably 60% wants shelli gone, 40% clay. either way it is a winning move for him. he’s not deluding himself that whoever it is left behind isn’t going to come after him right away. i am not entirely sure he expects to last out past this week, i think he thinks he’s been on borrowed time for a while, lol.

a guy who thinks that isn’t afraid to make bold moves, cuz he is no longer afraid of being a target. he already knows he and meg are number one targets with an overwhelming numbers on the other side. best case scenario he lasts out another chance to win the following weeks HOH, but imo he fully expected to be put up and voted out if he didn’t win this HOH, and he fully expects to be put up and voted out next one. this is his only opportunity to stay another week, and potentially have enough deals on the side that if anyone other than clay wins he might stick out another week.


I do find it ironic that the 3-girl alliance of Davonne, Audrey and Shelli may actually end up not even making the jury!


I agree with you but I don’t think Shelli ever wanted that alliance. I am not sure why they tried, probably the three most strong willed women in the house. It’s a tie between that and that 8 person alliance as shortest/most fake.

I think Austin may sway back closer to Vanessa/Steve if Julia gives him a harder time.

He will also do something to make the house evict him (save Julia or Vanessa) after Liz gets voted out and (preferably to save Julia) to buy more alone time and brownie points with Liz.


I am so angry that Venessa didn’t get any heat what happened last week and that it off sale on Clayton Shelley. I think Venessa is a weasel Even more upset that pathetic Liz is already backstabbing Shelly and Clay and they’ve saved her butt this whole game

Ohio fan

Too funny .some of these players sure can dish it out but when it comes back on them…they think they didn’t deserve it….it’s just wrong to be treated this way…..lol……ok.


I’m kinda confused as to why the age difference between Shellie and clay is so gross? I mean c’mon, I’m 26 and if James Marsden, whose 41, gave me the time of day then I would be ALL over that! I get if people find her annoying, but I don’t think the age difference is nearly as big of a deal as everyone is making it. For example, sexy Adam Levine and his wife, behati, are 10 years apart and no one gave them a hard time about it. Again, I get that Shellie is annoying, but hey, if I have a body like hers at 33 and I can snag a hot 23 year old then why the hell not? More power to her to be able to snag such a young hottie!!!

Min O'Pause

Age schmage. Ol’ Min here thinks that I might snag me a 28 yr.old and you know what they say..”How many times does 28 go into 56? As many times as he wants!”


I don’t know why so many think Shellie has a hot body. At 33, after having one child, my boobs didn’t sag like hers… she needs to get some good support for the girls before they are down to her toes! When she lets her hair cover her face she looks ok but when she pulls it back you can see she isn’t aging well. ???? honestly, I have seen much older women with much better bodies and who look younger than Shellie. Just sayin…

Min O'Pause

Laws of gravity effect everyone in time. The only way I can get beads at Mardi Gras is to lift my skirt.

Ohio fan

Too funny…these players that dish it out sure doesn’t like like when it comes back on them !

B-bad owl

Just finished watching tonight’s episode. Noticed that they completely skipped over Steve’s influence in Vanessa’s decision to nominate Jason. And just showed him to be the butt of a joke by James.
Vanessa was wavering about not putting Austin up last week until Steve talked to her about Derrick last season, deciding not to allow Caleb to be kicked out. Don’t get rid of someone you know is on your side.
That talk also is having a big influence on Vanessa wanting to keep Shelli over Clay. Keep the stronger ally. The one that can win comps.
I hope Steve realizes he DID influence Vanessa, and in 2 more weeks uses that to send Shelli out. After that, it will be hard to get rid of her.
Just wish the edited program would show Steve in a better light.


I get the feeling Steve will be portrayed as the dark horse/snake later on because he says a lot of weird things (like the p&$$y thrash comment). I don’t think he’s weird, but he’s not really that presentable on TV right now. Out of all the HGs, he looks more like he’s in a real dorm, while the other HGs look like they are on Big Bro (even James primps, and he’s just fixing his visor and hair repeatedly in a ver particular fashion).

He also does this cutesy voice “hey Julie” which is….a bit displeasing because it’s really fake and off for a 20 something dude/person to use a chipmunk voice. I think he acts saccharine sometimes and plays up the virginal thing too much.

This seasons nightmare finals are Becky, Meg, Steve. I really don’t like it when the votes are between who did the most between people who were lazy.


Thank you Simon for the “Becky slip” hahahaha



If the noms stay the same, looks like Clay is gone. I really don’t know why James hasn’t even thought about putting Vanessa next to Shelli. There’s talk about Clay getting the votes to send him out, it’s not a secret or anything. Don’t get me wrong I can’t stand Clelli, but I’d rather her leave than him.


I so wish for both Shelli and Vanessa to be on the block, with Vanessa going home, but know it’s unlikely. I wonder if James would listen to JMac about Vanessa?

Hope I can post this Simon and Dawg

comment image


Dont get too excited- its facing downtown LA not the studio. Nothing to do with Big Brother.


Shellie pretty much summed up her personality– obviously it was for me! Uh why? Couldn’t someone whose name begins with an s, hence “love-, s ” be for someone else? Geese she is so…


If the Jackie, Meg, and James alliance goes after Steve next week, they deserve to be obliterated. The Austin trio is way to powerful of a voting block to leave in the house when only 4 votes are needed to evict.

another name

James and his think tank believe Vanessa is alone in the game as the extra spoke in the clay shelli dynamic and the Austin twins dynamic. they consider her a waste of an hoh nomination so far.
even with knowledge of the large alliance from Audrey and their own conversations before Jason’s eviction… they still believe they can scoop away and build themselves an alliance.
Have they tried to solidify with the outsiders yet? the steve and john underdogs. no. they want to take out the big dogs (the ones they think are leading the alliance) to become the head of the big alliance built behind their backs.
Imo, they might make jury, but without back to back hoh wins, they’re in an indigenous watercraft traversing excrement filled water without a propulsion device.


Clay and Shelly’s best chance is to expose Becky as a rat to James and the rest of their group. Take out the rat, we will forgive you for nominating us..yadda yadda yadda. Steve gave them this idea, but they are too stupid to do it.


Vanessa told them that was their best play originally
Clays response was NO!
Clay has cut some sort of deal with every player in the house even more than Shellie
That is why he is so determined to throw all the comps … Clay is a wussy
During the POV comp Clay keep telling Shellie they need to throw it. Bad move!
Clay is not a good game player at all … one of the worse I’ve seen
He deserves to go on Thursday … off to Ireland without Shellie lol


Yes, Clay is a terrible player. However, Steve gave Vanessa the idea. She didn’t come up with it on her own. He told a story about Annie’s eviction (Rachel’s season)..he said Annie was evicted because she was playing the middle and would be a vote for rachel or brendon. Of course, Steve changed the details because he wants becky nominated for his own benefit.


Hail Mary tomorrow morning looks like James won’t bite! From or good friends at production Van and friends switch to Shelli by Monday night. Simple really evict Shelli Van gets 500K. We won’t know for sure til Wednesday late or Thursday AM what’s really gonna happen. A lot of celebrating when the target switches to Shelli. We’ve been lied to all season.


im not going to be shocked if shelli stays over clay should nominations stay the same. shelli staying will confirm to them that they are alone, or that they are dumber than bricks for trusting the “other side”.

i cant wait to see when/if vanessa wins HOH and puts james up with meg/jackie for eviction. even if vanessa doesnt win, anyone else that isnt james, meg or jackie will nominate them because vanessa will take control of their HOH by making a fake temporary alliance.

Chill this Town

oh meg, time for you to return to your role on Farscape as Chiana, because you are miscast in the game of Big Brother. can only hope she doesn’t slide to the end as a non threat.

and Clay…seriously I am so freaking glad I am not your brother. I would be waiting to kick you square in the you know what If you throw your game away to save shelli. had clay won POV…we are talking Marcellus level dumb in terms of a POV


Kudos to James for making a big move but he can make it an impactful one also if he makes further moves.
To me, worst case scenario is he leaves noms the same and Clay goes home. Yes, you have split up a couple but Clay is the expendable half of that duo. Shellie remains and she then hooks up with Vanessa who is low man on the totem pole with Austwins and Clelli.
Shellie and Vanessa then pull in the free agents Steve, JMac and Becky who all have ties to/allegiance with 6th Sense members.
However, if he removes Clay and replaces him with either Liz or Vanessa (doubtful about Van since she offered him a sweet deal but he can always say it was if he did not nominate her and he needs her in that seat to ensure Shellie goes home), not only does he get a power player out, the 6th Sense is forced to choose sides within their ranks.
Hoping with the tidbits of crumbs and clues Liz is dropping (and maybe a nudge from Production), James can figure this out.


What James does not realize is in actuality
he is doing the other side a favor by helping get rid of Clay
Clay has way to big of a mouth and no loyalty
The other side knew that Shellie/Clay had to be split up sooner than later
If Meg (lol) or Jackie do not win HOH next week then
either Jackie or James will be gone


Shelli is going, not Clay. In BB, if someone is pleading to be sent home, it is an obvious ploy, and the other one goes home.


I think at this time people take Vanessa as closest to Steve right now (and not even close close) and that she burned a lot of bridges with Austin/Twins and Clelli. I think they are right and wrong, I don’t think Julia and Liz care about her much now.

Becky, Meg, Jackie don’t like her, but they don’t think she is even the biggest brain. They see Steve killing memory comps, are you kidding me, Vanessa and John’s academic histories are more impressive and poker/studying dental Med require great memory. Just because he looks nerdiest doesn’t actually mean he is the smartest.


I don’t see Austin, Lisa and Julia having any loyalty to Shelli if she stays, and any loyalty to Vanessa will waver if she teams back up with Shelli. Shelli/Clay are throwing everyone under the bus, and Liz went to James specifically because of this. They will have to know that Shelli will be Vanessa’s number one till it gets down to the end. I got quite the chuckle the other day when Vanessa told them NOT to talk to James without her present. Can’t get over the gall of this girl. She is so afraid people are going to make deals without her, yet does exactly that without them present. Get a backbone people and throw her ass out the door. What Shelli/Clay are doing is much worse that what Austin did in jeopardizing the alliance.

brotalk to human dictionary

Assuming power of veto is not used tomorrow, who is it smarter for the housemates to keep?
Liz, and Julia already stated they don’t have a connection to Clay.
Austin: his initial plan was Austin with a house full of women.
Vanessa: closer to Shelli. thinks Clay is less of a thinker. Thinks Shelli will remain the target.
Steve: disgusted with Clay’s lack of campaigning. Superfan thinking someone giving up is wasting the opportunity.
That’s five. No need to continue.
Vanessa can sway these people, for the most part, these are Vanessa’s army. The twins already agreed they’d cut Austin before Vanessa. Steve talks the most game with Vanessa. I still see this as Vanessa’s call. She’s laying low and chained to Jackie for the day: doesn’t mean she isn’t going to be pulling the strings tomorrow. Of everyone in that alliance: who is the most dangerous to cross? Vanessa. She took out Jeff and made it look like Jeff’s own fault. She almost took out Austin in the same way, and now has his loyalty for saving him (derp???). She got the crosshair trained on Clay and Shelli when they tried to put the target squarely on her. She’s still not considered a major threat. I’m thinking James may be hoh, but Vanessa will decide who goes home.
If Clay is stupid enough to not use the opportunity he has with both Vanessa and Shelli unable to campaign today in order to secure his own place: he should go home. So why isn’t he? Chivalry? yeah, I don’t buy that. At first I thought he was playing dead to get off the block. Part of me still believes it. The other part thinks that he knows his only clear strategy, playing the middle, is dead. He was set straight that playing the middle wasn’t an option anymore by Shelli this afternoon. He doesn’t have a back up. So he’s partially giving up in hopes that his supposed chivalry will get him positive spin for future opportunities post eviction. Given his golden edit, production interviews would endorse such a thing.
Given the current situation, and lack of plan by Clay and Shelli to back stab Vanessa at this time, I don’t see her ass on the chopping block tomorrow.


I believe Shelli will see SHE has to make a big move and later tonight she will go to James with the truth about the alliance, sell out Becky, or one of them will go home.
Shelli has to be smarter than to think that James would fall for a Steve ambush, he’s the weakest player in the house. Anything short of targeting another big player/alliance, James won’t bite!

Biff Tannen

I get why people don’t like Shelli and Clay (I’m not a huge fan of them either), but at least they’ve been playing the game. Meg and Jackie didn’t even start paying attention until Jason got voted out. So, while I’m fine with either Shelli or Clay leaving, it’d be cool if Meg and Jackie would spare me their sudden interest in Big Brother. Also, could they (all of them) cool it with how much they “sacrificed” to be on the show? Going without a winter coat so that your kid can have one is a sacrifice. *Choosing* to leave your part-time job in your early to mid twenties to work on your tan and meet Julie Chen for thousands of dollars even if you don’t win the show isn’t a sacrifice. It’s a blessing. This isn’t The Hunger Games. /rant


It was funny when James asked about cutting deals at the beginning of the HOH competition and everyone else, especially Shellie and Clay, looked so very smug! I wonder if they remembered that he asked twice and they basically laughed at him. They should have realized that there was a chance someone not in their huge alliance would win. Oh well! Haha!


The only way I see Shelli leaving is if she is sitting next to Vanessa. I don’t see James making that connection. If he puts anyone else next to her she will stay. James has 2 votes he can count on, Jackie and Meg. Becky might vote out Shelli to get her shot at Clay.


Just now Clay was talking sh!t about Vanessa for not informing them
about something James said today
Hey Clay … Vanessa has has been stuck to Jackie for the last 23 hrs
So Clay wants to talk game in front of Jackie?
What dumb^ss!


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